Dear MOAB: YYYYMMDD Open Topic [exemplary daily post]

[NOTE: Everything after this in square brackets is me as the IMPETUOUS EDITOR. Don’t put any of the square bracket [] stuff in a post. It’s just us talking – MKAY?]

[RE the TITLE: Dear KMAG, Dear MAGA, Dear KAG, or Dear KAG! is required, followed by a colon, a space, the date in YYYYYMMDD format, including zeroes in months and days, and then the words Open Topic. All this stuff is REQUIRED for searching, listing and display reasons – we worked it out as a group a LONG time ago.]

[RE using the BLOCK EDITOR: I like it – don’t be afraid of it. I will convert your post to blocks if I ever edit anything – it just makes my life easier, and will ease your fears of it.]

[RE the FEATURED IMAGE: Please add one. You get the featured image offering in the right hand window if you put your cursor in the title. Feel free to pick something from our huge collection of existing images, or just add one. You can SEARCH the images with text, and it REALLY WORKS NICELY. Try “Trump” or “Melania” or “Pepe” or “Gab”. WordPress will CROP the image automatically across the center, widely, to create a header image. Sometimes this produces cool effects. The Wolf Moon logo will appear, centered in the image, when you preview the post. I don’t care how it shows up. Some folks try to game the image itself so the logo placement looks cool – others ignore. Your choice. If the placement accidentally informs you that Melania Trump or James Coburn is in the Illuminati, I urge you to talk back to the semi-pseudo-randomness of picture composition’s intersection with computer graphics algorithms.]

[RE Categories and Tags: Please consider adding some. They are in the right hand window when the cursor is in the title. I will likely add categories and tags if they are not there when I edit a post. You may add new ones if you need them, but there are many there already.]

[RE THE INTRO: Feel free to depart from this stuff. It’s just a suggestion.]

This EXEMPLARY SOME KIND OF CUTENESS NAME_OF_DAY open thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA / KAG! / KMAG world (KMAG being a bit of both MAGA and KAG!).


[OPENING IMAGE: not a requirement, but looks kinda cool. Captions can be cool, too.]

[BOILERPLATE: feel free to change it, but we want to communicate the basic idea that we have free speech, with notable and necessary exceptions, which are discussed in the January 1st daily thread.]

You can say what you want, comment on what other people said, and so on.

Free Speech is practiced here. ENJOY IT. Use it or lose it.

Keep it SOMEWHAT civil. They tried to FORCE fake Orwellian civility on us. In response, we CHOOSE true civility to defend our precious FREEDOM from THEM.

Our rules began with the civility of the Old Treehouse, later to become the Wolverinian Empire, and one might say that we have RESTORED THE OLD REPUBLIC – the early high-interaction model of the Treehouse – except of course that Q discussion is not only allowed but encouraged, and speech is considerably freer in other ways. Please feel free to argue and disagree with the board owner, as nicely as possible.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here in the January 1st open thread. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven.

[OPTIONAL STUFF BEGINS – please feel free to keep, change, delete, whatever!]






Our movement

Is about replacing

A failed


Political establishment

With a new government controlled

By you, the American People.

Candidate Donald J. Trump



Also remember Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.



So here we are. After a month of HOT AUGUST, we hope to see LIGHT overcoming DARKNESS in September.

Be part of it. Bring your wisdom, your talents, your opinions, your investigations, your prayers, and your hopes to this thread.


And don’t forget….

Where We Go One, We Go All.





[Remember that you can use bold in captions.]


[Consider media, music, GIFs, and all kinds of entertainment. Consider multiple images. Consider WHATEVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT. Because YOU’RE THE AUTHOR.]


88 thoughts on “Dear MOAB: YYYYMMDD Open Topic [exemplary daily post]

  1. Does everyone get to see this or just me?
    This is a terrific primer, Wolfie, thank you.
    I won’t stray.
    Gotta tip my toe in the water, first.
    Thank you.

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      1. I’m getting the image of a BAND….


        *** 2019 WORLD TOUR ***





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          1. Thank you! I was looking for this, or at least a larger version of your cropping. Google was unable to zero in on this image or any other pieces of the original, when I went to “visually similar”, but I think it got many from the same artist and time period.

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    1. Yes, this was inspired by a query for directions from trumpismine (MR. Trumpismine) who has Thursday nights starting NEXT WEEK.

      BTW, Daughn – do you want to start THIS Friday or NEXT? Either way is fine – I have a placeholder up now, but if you choose this Friday, I’ll simply “edit my post forward” into my night (Tuesday) in October or November. I’m doing massive “post production” tonight!

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      1. Got a few things to wrap up before we ( wife and puppy ) head up to camp. Family are meeting us up there for the Labor Day weekend.
        See ya’all Sunday God willing and will get to work on 1st post.
        Thanks Wolf

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      1. I keep telling people that the block editor is AWESOME. It has a few little quirks, and you will note that WordPress is constantly tweaking the code, so you have to update your own little games with it all the time, such as how you copy URLs, etc., but it does some things REALLY NICELY.

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    1. Let me know if / when you’re interested in taking a daily thread. When that happens [which could be RIGHT NOW!!! 😀 ], I will either give you mine, or Wheatie can hand off one of hers, if she wants (her choice).

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        1. OK – holler when you’re ready! Right now, it would be Monday or Tuesday, most likely.

          Daily threads are easy, because you REALLY don’t have to write about ANYTHING – they can be placeholders, where you just pick some nice images that speak to you at that time.

          ALL boilerplate, if you so desire. But fresh images are enjoyed by the crew, and easy to add, or select from our massive index.

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    1. No – this is for everybody! I have a stealthy motivation here – I’m TROLLING FOR FUTURE AUTHORS by making people think authorship is something within their capabilities! 😉

      But yes – it is primarily for the THREE new Daily Thread volunteers – Daughn, Dep Pat, and trumpismine!

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        1. What it does is basically shares the “object-oriented” system of the editor with the author, so that you can “declare” what a thing is, and let WordPress give you powerful assists that come with the “strong typing” of a declared object.

          My biggest hint: a “paragraph” is sometimes the best place for a LINK, instead of putting the link all by itself as an “embed”. Just type “LINK: ” and then paste the URL, and it goes in as linked text in the paragraph, instead of a “link”/”embed” block.

          Note that if the link is Twitter or YouTube, it will turn into a “block” for each of those, which shows more than a link.

          Understanding this different treatment of a simple web link “explains” blocks well.

          I find that blocks really let me be “artistic” with the overall post. I love to add separators, headings, lists, and other little gizmos, in addition to paragraphs, images, videos, etc.

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  2. Latest email from Laura Loomer:

    “Your Travel has Been Restricted by Facebook”

    That could be the notice you get in the mail sometime in the future.

    Months ago, I wrote about the Tech Giants secretly building a Chinses-Style “social credit system”.

    Just like your credit score monitors every financial move you make to assign a score, your “social credit score” will be compiled from your online actions – what you say, who you associate with, who you vote for, and, in the case of at least Twitter, your “off-line” actions as well.

    While I’m already the creator of the #StopTheBias movement to end discrimination and censorship of Republicans on social media . . . this is ONE THOUSAND TIMES WORSE.

    And it’s one of the reasons why I’m running for Congress with your support.

    When I’m in Congress, I’ll put an end to digital extermination.

    The “social credit system” has already been implemented by the Chinese Government.

    Our future may look like China’s OR WORSE very soon. Just imagine . . .

    Having a loan for a new car denied because your Facebook friend was recently arrested.

    Being informed that your child or grandchild has been rejected from attending a private school because the child’s father liked too many pro-gun memes on Twitter.

    Excitedly preparing to go on vacation when your airline reservation is cancelled because you commented on a Facebook post critical of the TSA.

    Your shock when you get a knock on the door from law enforcement because Siri overheard you jokingly say, “you’re killing me!” to your spouse.

    Now consider the personal humiliation you would face when – just like in China – your name, picture and address appeared on your town’s online “Black List”.
    It may seem unbelievable that America would move to a Communist style social credit system . . . but here’s the dirty truth . . . it’s already here.

    For the last decade, financial lenders, specifically those operating in “high risk lending” communities, have been experimenting with and using social media profiles of credit seekers to determine loan qualifications.

    Seventy-five percent of employers in the United States use social media as part of their hiring process.

    Facebook was one of the first to jump on board and patented a product that would give creditors backdoor access to social media profiles in order to assess a loan application.

    America’s social credit system isn’t coming . . . it’s already here.

    And I’m running for Congress so that the residents of Florida’s 21st district have their privacy respected – and Facebook, Twitter, Google and Apple don’t become our digital overlords that determine our worthiness in society.

    Social Media Giants have worked for years to restrict our Freedom of Speech by silencing voices like mine that don’t fall in line with their socialist views.

    But behind the scenes, they’re working just as hard to erode any privacy that still exists in the lives of Americans – even if it’s just a thought you explore with a Google search.

    Help me get into Congress and let’s stop this madness.


    Laura Loomer

    P.S. Several of the scenarios mentioned above have already happened. Swat teams have raided homes due to alerts by Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. Loans have been denied because applicants associate with the “wrong” people online. I even had my own online account with Chase Bank suspended because of my pro-Trump views. The Chinese-Style “Social Credit System” is already in play in America – get me into Congress to help stop it.

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    1. ..what only Siri and Alexa, facebook ??
      What do we have to do to insure our privacy ??
      ..electronically Frisk our family, friends, guests at sight??
      Lock their cellphones up in a tinfoil wrapped safe until they are ready to go home ??

      How in the H3LL can this social credit plan NOT be an infringement on free thought and speech ??

      This “idea ” has to be completely destroyed. OUTLAWED !!

      Anyone who works to create or facilitate it EXILED to Chyyynna, .. or simply set adrift alone in a rowboat in the middle of the Pacific.

      I’m glad to hear Larry Klayman is working with Laura .

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        1. Funny, for the last few hours I’ve been looking for orchestral stuff for “my” day of daily posts, and I’ve been trying to find the ones that actually show the orchestras. John Williams is notorious for wearing out the brass and strings. Elmer Bernstein, apparently, is too. WOW. I mean, there are no 100+ bar stretches of rest.

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        2. Great tune for a great movie. I saw it as a kid on a Saturday with a large group of other paperboys who were treated to it.

          Thanks…pleasant memories. Paper boy making bucks and earning prizes…Santa Cruz Boardwalk (when it used to be family fun), Disneyland trips…;-)

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      1. The percussion cap was a great development for these single shot cap and ball rifles.

        Major improvement over the flintlock guns.

        Then, along came cartridges and that was the next major improvement.

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      2. One of the most amazing things to realize is that a large percentage of modern weaponry are knock-offs of stuff originally produced in a home shop attached to a mini-mansion in Ogden, Utah, that was listed as “for-sale” in 2011 for $350,000 — .

        All these congressional idiots hyperventilating about assault weapons and extended magazines and short barrels and rapid-fire…….this was all originally manufactured by a guy in his home shop (and test-fired down a hallway in his basement) with no plans — because he invented it, out of his head. John Moses Browning (PBUH) is responsible for the classic M1911 pistol, the water-cooled M1917, the air-cooled M1919, the M2 heavy machine gun, the Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR), and the Browning Auto-5 (first semi-automatic shotgun), and many, many more. Again, these were initially created in his home shop, in his house, with reasonable tools that he personally owned.

        Gun control nuts not only have to suppress knowledge of why the Founding Fathers created the Second Amendment (after having just fought off the #1 military in the world using firearms [and cannons!] they had in their barns), they also have to suppress knowledge of metalworking and manufacturing techniques. JMB made his first firearm at the age of 13 and got his first firearm patent at the age of 24.

        And that is part of the evil of pushing manufacturing to China. There are damned few machinists left who could reproduce JMB’s work given a print — and fewer still who could invent it.

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        1. Yes, Browning was amazing.

          This REMINDS ME of something. An interesting point that will prove to be a bit “future proves past” later.

          I knew somebody who was an admirer of Browning as a KID. That’s unusual as hell. That’s why I remember it.

          People thought that was somewhat remarkable. He, likewise, understood weaponry from the inside out – a kind of “x-ray vision” for how firearms worked. When other kids were drawing “keep on truckin'” graffiti on their notebooks in class, he was drawing meticulous diagrams of firearms in a kind of “see-through” state in operation.

          He wanted to be a mechanical engineer and a weapons designer. It was his dream in life. Could have done it, too, but a weird combination of things destroyed and derailed him utterly, during a disastrous first year of college. Cultural Marxism, writ large, but many smaller aspects of it, sneaking in to destroy him. Potent forms of cannabis, most of all. ONE useful idiot who targeted another idiot who snuck in the Thai stick. But people talked about it. It was one of those “Wow – did you hear?” downfall stories.

          Eventually the firearms kid recovered, but never as an engineer. He switched to “cabal sciences”, so to speak. It’s a miracle he survived at all.

          I take note of this, because his case mirrored, in many ways, the “language super-guru” “non-diaper Russian learner” who died in a one-car accident before college.

          Such losses, so early.


    1. This is my favorite print of a painting I bought many years ago. It shows two frontiersmen in the wilderness setting up a fish trap in a creek when along comes a huge grizzly bear who takes umbrage with them fishing in his grocery store. The man with the flintlock muzzle loader has but once chance to dispatch the bear and knows he’d better hit it in a vital organ or else. And one has to ask, is his powder dry? Is the flint going to fire?

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  3. Wow – what a day of outstanding posts & topics. QTreepers are The Best!!! Looking forward to MOAR here in the Den, and mucho gratitude to all of you helping Wolfie keep this place rockin’. 💞💞🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  4. Okay Wolfboss, I have one scheduled for Friday. September 6. already.
    One question.
    Do you want it to come out at about 12:05 eastern time?
    Just asking.
    Take a look at it and tell me what you think.

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  5. Hey boss…are we still trying to conserve space on the Media File?

    I’ve been trying to recycle images that are already in there, rather than upload new ones…and trying to keep my new uploads to a bare minimum.

    We’re at about 34.3% space used now.
    What happens when we reach ‘Full’?

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      1. Hey, DePat…are you going to be taking Wednesdays?

        I uploaded a Camel pic one time, for a ‘Hump Day’ daily that I was working on, to quickly throw up when Wolfie was busy somewhere doing something.

        He showed up though, before I posted it…so there was no need for it.

        Here’s the Camel pic, if you wanna use it sometime:

        You can access it by using the Search feature in the Media File.
        Just type in “camel-e…” and it should pop up for you.

        This one is already off-centered and cropped for use as a Header pic…or “Featured Image”…so that the Wolfmoon logo is to the side of the camel.

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    1. Yes, we are now at 34%+ – but our rate of increase has fallen DRAMATICALLY due to heavy recycling by you and me, so I have hope. We WERE skyrocketing. Now it’s much slower.

      We DO need to teach the n00bs all about….


      I may do a post for the authors, explaining good tactics for recycling images, or you could do that, too.

      When we reach full, we will likely follow one of several plans I’m thinking of right now, but not revealing yet. However, I will try to delay that moment as long as possible.

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      1. “I may do a post for the authors, explaining good tactics for recycling images, or you could do that, too.”

        Probably would be better, boss, if it was coming from you.

        Also need to caution people about using ‘recent uploads’ that others have uploaded for posts that are scheduled to drop.

        Wouldn’t want to see someone use pics that the original uploader hasn’t published yet.
        Whomever uploads an image first should be the one who gets to use it first.

        Good Rule of thumb is…’If It’s Been Used Before In A Post Then It’s Fair Game’.

        The further back in the Media File that an image is, is a good indication of the image being ‘fair game’.

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        1. WP will resize them…stretch the smaller ones to fit, or crop the larger ones equally from all sides.

          If I’m trying to use a smaller one, I check the ‘Preview’ to see if the image is blurry when it’s enlarged.
          It’s different with each pic…but sometimes the blurriness is too much, IMO, so I don’t use it.

          That’s a good idea about using URLs for other images, instead of uploading them.
          I haven’t tried that…but I will.

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            1. Yeah, WP will auto-stretch for the Featured Image.
              But I haven’t been able to manually stretch anything using the Edit Image tools…those seem to be for cropping only.

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            2. Loose-ratio resizing always looks bogus to me, so I invariably crop what I need. Just get a 1400×500 *RATIO* image cropped out of whatever you like, and you’re good.

              You can also use to merge pictures into a collage. That was a great tip in the answer to Sadie’s question about a collage maker. PhotoCollage has a 15:5 (1500×500) image size option, which basically creates a perfect header with just a little chopping at each end (1400×500).

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        2. Yes – URLs is a good way to add images while saving space, although if the image link goes bad, so does the image. Just something to consider for CRITICAL images that the text may depend on years from now.

          Also, using URLs is “hot-linking”, and offends some hosts, such as CTH. I would avoid hot-linking to CTH. I would also avoid using any ORIGINAL images from CTH, even if downloaded.

          Note that another way to add images is to put them YOURSELF on a site like imgur, and then use THAT URL on WordPress.

          Now – about SIZE….

          WordPress has a nice algorithm that just “handles” header images in a very cutthroat way. It “cuts” a 14:5 (roughly) width-to-height image right out of the center of the image and uses that for the header. It shows the WHOLE IMAGE in the list on the homepage, but then it creates a header automatically from that.

          What results, looks like this:

          So what I tend to do is IMAGINE if the central slice of a tall image has the properties I want, or else I may CROP a header image to very close to 14:5, so that it just fits right into the header.

          Note that if your header image is too thin, the algo cuts the CENTER section out.

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          1. This is helpful. Thanks.

            BTW, for me, CTH is OVER, as in OVER. Don’t worry about me hotlinking. I have so much Celt in me, Greenland will turn green again before I grace that space. And don’t think I can’t do it. I walked out of my home parish over a professional dispute with the music director and didn’t walk back into the place for almost nine years.

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