Light In September

Hot August is coming to a close, and – well – it was HOT. At least, in my opinion it was hot.

It started off with a GREAT Trump rally….

At which point the wicked Cabal responded like it always does.

Which resulted in 8chan being shut down and Q being DEPLATFORMED.

Kinda. As in “kinda not really, but WHATEVER, you caballies.”

Look to the NORTHWEST for Q…. and Q+

But then I saw this….

Which led to certain realizations….

Confirmed by others….

Which prompted me to ask some questions….

How Many Innocent People Will You Allow THEM To Kill, To Make YOU Give Up Your Guns?

….Which made me also ask some questions about what in the hell these people were REALLY trying to do….

F5: FBI False Flag Failure Forum

….and THAT made me understand their GOALS – their rather INSIDIOUS GOALS – which of course needed OUTING in a very bad way….

Top 10 Reasons “Red Flag” Laws Are Bad for America

….and once I realized that the BIGGEST goal was inhibition of our SPEECH – well – I just rammed a CONSTITUTION-SIZED poison pill down that DRAGON THROAT….

Speech-Protecting the Red Flags



We weren’t born yesterday.

Knowing what I know about how these people “grease the wheels” with MK, and seeing that they pulled off an airplane-wrecking chain of extraordinary incompetence in multiple people to make sure this guy “committed suicide”, I realized that we are up against WORLD-CLASS CAPABILITIES. This is WAR in ways that go beyond any kind of criminal activity this world has ever seen before, in my humble opinion.

These people pull off whatever they want, and leave a trail of plausible deceptions behind. It is, quite literally, “the event people” I keep talking about.

So at this point, I’m thinking that MAYBE whatever MK tech these people are using must be WAY beyond 1981 stuff. But that thought just sits there, unable to compute.

Then, for completely different reasons, I get blown away by THIS VIDEO:

This video, connecting secret nuclear and alien tech to science I was innocently interested in via the public sector, explained in a very general but still-mysterious way, WHY bad things started happening to me at a certain point in time. I had no clue that I was wandering into stuff that was going to get me into a LOT of trouble. WEIRD STUFF was definitely going on. I am STILL not sure how it all relates, but I definitely know it’s all connected.

So I run out to get a Bob Lazar DVD, which I cannot find, but I come home with something else:

….and THAT prompts me to realize that things are somewhat different than I thought, but in other ways a lot like I suspected. Prompting me to write THIS….

Grey Swan Event Flock – Why Nothing Can Stop What’s Coming

And just as a kind of aside, I should probably mention that the title image:

….was taken from here….

….and is very likely related to newer Cabal scanner tech discussed here….


Ah, yes. HOT AUGUST. And yes. August was kinda hot.

But I think there is going to be a LOT of light in September.

SO – I have to start off with a question.

Is there anybody who wants to begin doing a DAILY THREAD one day a week? The available days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Let me know if you want to do this A.S.A.P., because I’m going to begin preparing September’s daily open threads, on all the available days not covered by Wheatie and T3.

Now – WHY am I doing this? Well, the bottom line is that this last month has shown me WHY I need to be working on BATTLE POSTS every month – not just once in a while. I need to engage the other side promptly and strongly. And in order to write those battle posts, I need to have time away from creating and posting on the open threads.

Thus, I will again be creating “placeholder” Open Threads, before the next month begins. I may try to add a bit more diversity to these posts, but they are too good of a “thing” to pass up, and I need them! Quickly!

So – there you have it. Let’s bring MAJOR light to the darkness in September!


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  1. This picture here is just….pure gold:

    In the fog of the immediate aftermath, I would have sworn that there were some other pics too, that showed one or more other shooters.
    But I have been unable to find them since then.

    Has there been any ‘official’ acknowledgement or statement of this photo above?
    I haven’t seen anything…but I may have missed it.

    And if this Pattern of False Flag Events is any guide…then perhaps we should be on the lookout for something happening in the next few days…

    Because apparently our good guys are going to release some Very Incriminating and Embarrassing evidence of the Enemedia’s racism, hypocrisy and bias against conservatives.

    The NYTimes is trying to get ahead of it:

    I love these Battle Posts, boss.
    Using boiler-plate posts for your daily open threads is fine by me…if no one steps up to volunteer to do some of those.
    People can add the current event and miscellaneous stuff in the comments.

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    1. Whoo-boy, these people are SCARED!

      The meat of the article, in one sentence:

      “But the material publicized so far, while in some cases stripped of context or presented in misleading ways, has proved authentic, and much of it has been professionally harmful to its targets.”

      This leads me to another REALLY interesting thing I have noticed over the past few months, regarding the NYT, specifically, but also the Washington Post.

      I don’t subscribe, and I get a limited number of articles I am allowed to view every month. After that, I hit the pay wall. I usually run out of articles about two weeks into the month.


      When there are articles like THIS one, which they NEED everyone to read for their own purposes, I CAN READ THEM, no paywall.

      Does this happen to anyone else?

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      1. I could have sworn I noticed the same thing, but I wasn’t counting articles closely, so I couldn’t definitively make the accusation.

        I was *positive* that I had pay-walled out, but then there seemed to be new articles coming through, for no apparent reason. Earlier, I had figured it might only be OLD articles allowed past the paywall, so I scratched my head, because it seemed to be NEW ones they were letting me see. I just assumed that the pay-wall lifted by some logic I was not understanding, but there was a nagging suspicion that they were in reality SELECTING what got past the paywall.

        So I’m definitely thinking you are right here.

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        1. Wolfie,
          I posted two comment HERE and HERE about STANLEY GREENBERG: OUR HIDDEN ENEMY

          The second one especially should be of interest:

          Here is a foreign source speaking of Public Manipulation IN 2004!!!
          Motto: “Before becoming history and even before taking place, a lot of major events are prepared in laboratories”

          Medgyessy’s cabinet spokesman has confirmed that the government has signed a contract worth 15 million forint (118,000 euros/145,000 dollars) with two companies whose executives worked on former US president Bill Clinton’s election campaigns, Greenberg Carville Shrum (GCS) and Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research Inc.

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              1. A VERY GOOD DISCRIPTION…

                The New York Times writes that Greenberg “acts as a sort of people’s truth squad,” while Republican pollster Frank Luntz says “Stan Greenberg scares the hell out of me. He doesn’t just have a finger on the people’s pulse; he’s got an IV injected into it. He’s the best.”




                …Stan offers frank, smart, and real-time insights into campaigns, political trends in the US and globally and into our uncertain economic future. He has an insider vantage point into moments of great change and bold leadership.

                Greenbergs corporate clients include Boeing, Microsoft and other global companies.

                Stans new book with James Carville Its the Middle Class Stupid! is a spirited and serious appeal to the country to put the middle class at the center of our politics and national agenda.

                Stan and James founded Democracy Corps, the leading organization providing in-depth research and strategic advice to progressive groups, candidates and leaders. When Karl Rove listed in The Wall Street Journal 10 steps to regain the Republican majority, step one was to create a Democracy Corps.

                Stans book, Dispatches from the War Room: In the Trenches with Five Extraordinary Leadersled George Stephanopoulos to conclude, No single strategist has done more to lay the foundation for modern progressive politics across the globe.

                He conducts the bi-partisan polls for NPR, The LA Times and the Bipartisan Policy Center.

                Stan has featured in award-winning documentaries, including The War Room and Our Brand is Crisis.

                Stan conducts polls for the Israel Project in the US, Europe and the Arab world, as well as the Nobel-prize winning campaign to ban land mines and the for NGOs dealing with climate change, aging, womens advocacy and political reform….



                Funny how most people do not even KNOW about the existance of Stan Greenberg.

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      2. Yes, but it’s rare. I normally never voluntarily navigate to the NYT website, unless an article of interest is mentioned by conservative allies or blog hosts who I read and respect. Truth be told, most of the time I cannot access the linked articles due to the paywall blocker. But this one was published without the paywall for me to access and read to the end.

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    2. This picture here is just….pure gold:

      Yes, it was an amazing break. I knew that photo was going to disappear soon, so I snagged a copy right away. But like a lot of things, I didn’t recognize the value immediately. Later, after doing the analysis of the other photos of the patsy, which were getting HUGE disinformation on NOT being the same person (shades of Hillary double disinfo, which I’m very familiar with, and know how to fight), I dug into this third photo, and proved to myself that it was ALSO the same suspect. And THIS information matched witness ADRIANA, who got past the fake news filter because she was speaking in SPANISH, and the “on-site narrative control” could not squelch her testimony fast enough. The whole thing being very “Sandy Hook” in terms of narrative control.

      In the fog of the immediate aftermath, I would have sworn that there were some other pics too, that showed one or more other shooters.
      But I have been unable to find them since then.

      If you do find any, let me know. Either people dressed only in black, or the patsy dressed as above, or pictures of them together. Also any interesting witness statements. But be careful. YOU will definitely be targeted with disinformation on this. REACTIVE DISINFORMATION.

      Has there been any ‘official’ acknowledgement or statement of this photo above?
      I haven’t seen anything…but I may have missed it.

      I have not seen anything, but I did make a statement immediately after I started doing blow-ups of the photo, that I was ready for whatever lies were forthcoming, and looking forward to watching the murderers stumble on those.

      And if this Pattern of False Flag Events is any guide…then perhaps we should be on the lookout for something happening in the next few days…

      YUP. Unless and until there are massive ARRESTS or SUSPENSIONS within the FBI, I’m just assuming they’re organizationally on Hillary’s / China’s / Obama’s / the “UN’s” / the enemy’s side.

      They will keep attempting to set up patriots, hide their assistance to and protection of Hillary, and work to return this nation to Stalinist Democrat control.


      Because apparently our good guys are going to release some Very Incriminating and Embarrassing evidence of the Enemedia’s racism, hypocrisy and bias against conservatives.

      The NYTimes is trying to get ahead of it:

      Glad that there will be HEAT on the WICKED FAKE NEWS.

      Yup. Governmedia. They NYT and the FBI are just part of the hidden UN-imposed Obamanation.

      ALL PROPAGANDA. ENEMY PROPAGANDA. Both weaponized against the American people.

      I love these Battle Posts, boss.
      Using boiler-plate posts for your daily open threads is fine by me…if no one steps up to volunteer to do some of those.
      People can add the current event and miscellaneous stuff in the comments.

      Good! It looks like Daughn is volunteering to help (see below), and that is guaranteed to lighten my load for sure. HOWEVER, I want to be sure not to impose too much on her – we need HER battle-posts, too!!! 😀

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      1. My opinion: I greatly appreciate all the work people put into the daily threads. At the same time, I don’t need every day’s daily thread to convey a message. I would be fine with a simple thread with just the date on it and the rules or whatever you want said every day, and just let commenters take it from there. There are so many other quality threads that have substantive information that I don’t need it in the daily thread.

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        1. Good!!! I’m not alone on this! 😀

          I think a lot of people are exactly like this – they appreciate the work, but it’s not absolutely necessary. Thus, I’m hoping that we find some happy medium!

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          1. A different Daily thread each day IS NOT NEEDED Boss, we are NOT CHILDREN and therefore can handle making the daily thread unique each day all by ourselves. 😉

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      2. Wolf..for sure there was at least one picture of a man in black taken inside the mall. It was on here somehwere…i need to get busy with some things right now but will definitely look for it later

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        1. Good! I think I know the picture you are talking about!

          Are there any known DEATHS from inside the mall and not Walmart? The reason I ask is that I believe that, in strict analogy to the terrorist attack in the mall in Kenya, this event was used as cover for a TARGETED KILLING of somebody. Who that is could be anybody – even a “secret” LE death, or an informant (i.e., one that is inconvenient for the FBI, cartels, DNC, Clintons, etc.)

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          1. I don’t recall any deaths being reported at all from the mall. The parking lot that possibly was between or adjacent to WalMart though.
            It’s curious..this is definitely the WalMart shooter standing behind the lead guy. Did they both walk through Dillards to stir up chaos & confusion? We know that there has to be video of whatever they did there but..not a word in the official narrative.
            The witness accounts of men in black..

            Could be a targeted killing but the entire aftermath was anti Trump, anti gun, anti immigrant…the border narrative. They got what they wanted and it’s frustrating because this one would be easy to prove who came in the store, who was in all black but WalMart playing along and the FIB and other agencies too.

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  2. Hey, I’m up for a standard Daily Thread, list the rules of conduct, no running with scissors, etc. Those can be scheduled far in advance. It would free you up to do more battle posts or whatever else you need to explore.
    People look forward to Wheatie and Triple T on the weekends (I know I do).
    If you want me to put together a standard, vanilla-type post for Monday-Friday, just let me know.
    You still maintain editorial control, so we would be safe.

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          1. Let me get this in writing! Are you saying you’ll take Thursdays? It would be most awesome! And “Night Before Daughn” is a great theme! 😀

            If you’re up for it, I’ll send the author invitation tonight!

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              1. It’s actually not much harder than posting comments. The interface is almost the same, except you can basically edit a long string of “blocks” that are like individual replies, and turn into paragraphs, tweets, videos, headers, or images.

                I’ll send an invitation now….

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              2. No, you do not need another computer. This is totally independent of hardware. It MAY depend on your email address, but I almost can’t believe that. I have NEVER seen that before!

                First, let me RESEND THE INVITATION. Try clicking on the SECOND invitation coming in just a moment. It will be sent within one minute AFTER this reply is posted.


              3. OK – I just sent a fresh invitation to your USERNAME and not your EMAIL. Try the NEW invitation, and see if that works. If it does not, then please reply and give me the EXACT and COMPLETE text of the rejection, with any personal information (including email address – DO NOT SEND ME THAT IN THE OPEN) redacted using “X” for each character of the email address.

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              4. Excellent! I already have a post scheduled for THIS Thursday, but I can move it if you would like to try this Thursday (meaning tomorrow night). Otherwise, your first post would be NEXT Thursday, September 5, and it would be scheduled for 00:01 AM Eastern Time on Wednesday night, Thursday morning.

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              5. Next Thursday the 5th would be better
                me thinks. Is there a format you’ve put together for the main part of the open topic thread? understand I would get to you sometime Wednesday so you could edit it and bless it with your expertise.

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    1. Thank you VERY kindly! I think “Daughn threads” on one particular night would be very popular – and that’s a great way to start out.

      Wheatie does 2 days a week, but she worked up to that (Saturday first, then adding Monday), and T3 is holding at one night (Sunday), wisely seeing that it is still a bit of a drain.

      SO – if you can pick a day (T, W, Th, F) that looks good to you, we can start out there. That’s just 4 posts for September, but it’s a big help to me!

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      1. I’ll take any day you want me to, but I’m thinking Friday might help most.
        Wheatie has Sat + Mon (sorry Wheatie, I knew that, love you polar bear on Monday’s).
        That might leave your long weekend clear.
        Whatever you need, boss.

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        1. Yes! Friday would be best! I was hoping you’d pick that one! It’s also a popular daily – a great choice. I had even left it open as I work on my other September posts, in hopes that you would pick it! 😀

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  3. From a friend—Very good read…
    Political Forecast: Stormy Weather Ahead
    1. Fred Stevens, a welder, and Joe Frisco, a bartender, neither of whom went to college, will have to pay off the student loans for Eric, an Art History major, and Emma, a Gender Studies major, because they cannot get jobs. (Elizabeth Warren).
    2. Yusef Hussein, who killed 23 children by bombing their school, will be allowed to vote from prison. (Bernie Sanders)
    3. Grace Thompson, who worked hard for 47 years, must give up her employer furnished medical plan and join the National Health plan. (The whole slate)
    4. La’Darius Washington, who has never had a regular job, will receive a monthly income from the federal government to spend as he pleases. (Amy Klobuchar)
    5. Billy White, age 16, who has trouble with subject/verb agreement in English class, still has trouble with fractions in math class, and thinks Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court will get to vote. (Kirsten Gillibrand)
    6. Stan Billings, an avid deer hunter, will have his semi-automatic rifle (fires one shot each time you pull the trigger) taken away, or go to jail, because it looks like an AR 15. (The entire slate)
    7. Sven Johannson, whose grandfather immigrated to the US in 1953 will have to pay reparations to Sha’lyndia Jefferson because she THINKS her great-great-great grandfather MIGHT HAVE BEEN a slave. (Cory Booker)
    8. Thomas Finch, who is an ambitious and motivated adult, cannot get a job because he doesn’t want to join a labor union. (Kamala Harris)
    9. Sammy Thomas, a farmer, will no longer be able to haul his crops to market in his 3/4 ton diesel pick-up, but will have to make 43 trips in his Toyota Prius. (The whole slate)
    10. The population of the US will become 76.4% Hispanic because all of the existing border wall will be torn down. (Beto O’Rourke)
    11. NONE OF THIS WILL MATTER BECAUSE THE WORLD IS GOING TO END IN TWELVE YEARS. (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & most of the candidates)

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  4. Heads up on a Victor Davis Hansen article in American Greatness found this morning on the Lucianne website. Talks about killing the Hydra (Trump)…all the old talking points about POTUS and refuting them one by one. I thought it was a great article and good ammunition for our side as we try to red pill.

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  5. Battle is probably the right word, but it’s worth looking at how the networks to put us over a barrel got established.

    I ran across a post yesterday on Reddit/Conspiracy that contained links to a series that has been blacklisted using G. Edward Griffin style dot collecting on the networks of sex trafficking rings, blackmail parties, journalism help, and more. There are links embedded to the stories used as source material. IMO, they are ABSOLUTELY worth reading even if the only people who escape being linked to the whole thing beginning with the mob during prohibition in Canada prior to ours are Jack and Bobby Kennedy. The FBI has been up to its neck in all of it since the 1940s. The C_A since before O$$ during WWII even. All of the same people started doing the bugging, blackmail using honey pots and more before World War II. It wasn’t Edgar Bronfman who started it all, but his father. The data points light up the matrix.

    Most of it is technically heresay, and there’s a number of people I really wish were not named as having had sex parties, etc., but it is what it is. One can have a change of heart. At the same time, Bella Dodd did tell us that the communists instilled plants in not just the U.S. government, but the Catholic hierarchy, and that comes out. It’s a name I didn’t realize before now, but makes sense.

    And then there is conformation of a Neon Revolt piece or two on Mena, Arkansas, from last year. That’s where Iran-Contra was staged, apparently.

    All I can say is hold on. This is going to be a rough ride for a lot of people. A lot of “heroes” either aren’t or have the sorts of faults that had them owing the really bad guys favors.

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      1. Maybe so, but those articles were sourced.

        As more and more details are filled in, I’m seeing three maybe four distinct efforts that seem to have melded in the 1940s. One was mob related, and is a follow the money sort of thing. One via the Foster/Dulles family and the State Department coupled with the C!A. Then there was J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI. Just about all of them were into luring public figures into sexual blackmail. And then there was the little detail that the Dulles brothers’ grandfather, former Secretary of State, invented not just nation destruction, but lobbying.

        And that didn’t come from the site I included.

        Frankly, I’m not taking sides. Just observing as things go on.

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        1. There is much truth in those articles. And what you are saying fits in perfectly with the FBI framing MLKJ, which I believe they did. The problem was that Hoover was losing his touch fighting communists. Too much knee-jerk was making his game predictable. And the mob had TONS on him. Thus, his approach to MLKJ was all wrong, and the commies played the FBI like a champ to do their work for them, and clear a path through King, ultimately with King being gotten out of the way.

          King was an obstacle to the race-based law that the Communists needed. Nothing like using the FBI to take care of their problem. Their evil genius on full display.

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            1. AND logic for the win. Both are true, although Hoover was arguably better at the latter.

              Hoover was notoriously paranoid of communist infiltration and control, but (and this is a common sin in the anticommunist camp) he was also notorious for thinking HE was the only person equipped for the job, and hence he used this as a self-deceptive justification for his own power-grabbing.

              Hoover was readily manipulated by PERCEPTION of King. King was, unavoidably, surrounded by communists, who could play up their own presence to inflame Hoover, but King resisted their influence, and this is extremely clear in his philosophy. King attracted people of all races and political stripes to his movement because he understood how to maintain its *actual* purity. Had Hoover trusted King, he might have understood the communist provocation plans, which played Hoover AGAINST King, in hopes of ANY of the desirable (for them) outcomes. DIVISION is what the communists needed, and they got it, until the point where DECAPITATING the movement by false flag made ultimate sense. Control of the movement fell into TWO dirty hands – King’s disorganized and compromised inferiors, and the Soviet-backed Democrat party. “Color-blind” solutions were BURIED WITH KING.

              Hoover feared communism, but he didn’t understand it enough to know when to NOT fear it.

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            2. Blacklisted by History by Stanton Evans has a lot of info on how J. Edgar provided wiretap recordings and other data to Truman, Eisenhower, Joseph McCarthy, various AGs, and others who needed to know about the Communist infiltration of the time. Other books on the infiltration cover this, too. Lots of good FBI counterintelligence casework. Try John Barron’s books for an overview, but heaps of new info came out after the Great Renaming of the USSR (what others are pleased to call “the fall of the Soviet Union”.)

              Rep. Martin Dies (D-TX) on HUAC, and Sen. McCarthy (R-WI) on the Government Oversight Committee used the data to inform themselves, and led campaigns to fight the Communist corruption. The others, not so much.

              In fact, Truman and Eisenhower both turned on the White Hats, and slammed them publicly.

              AGs given full cases of evidence by the FBI counterintel guys (they had everything) refused to prosecute, reminiscent of Lynch/Comey regarding Hillary’s email. (Future proves past.)

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              1. My point was really that, regardless of whom in the DOJ hierarchy was responsible for letting Hillary off in 2016, there was a mountain of evidence she had committed felonies and betrayed our country, and yet she still got off.

                In the 1940s and 50s, J. Edgar’s boys similarly collected mountains of evidence against some of the Communists in the American government, of both high rank and low. They also collected it against civilian Americans and against Soviet personnel (NKVD & GRU spymasters pretending to be embassy or consulate diplomats) who carried clandestine orders and stolen US secrets to and from these US government officials.

                Yet the FBI agents who did the hard work to get this evidence saw that it went nowhere, and even had to read news accounts or listen to radio broadcasts of Pres. Eisenhower disparaging the work of the McCarthy subcommittee.

                There were no trials for crucially important cases that they had worked that they had assumed would lead to trials.

                I think the corruption of the FBI Counterintelligence Division may have started right there.

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              2. Yes, this is a critical point.

                And this is where understanding Q level and *above* is critical. Ironically, NUCLEAR is at the center of all of this. How “they” view us is critical here. I believe that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were viewed by some as a kind of failure – emergency – a bit of burning and pan-sticking in the pot, so to speak. I imagine politics and more were at stake – hence the risky assessments of nuclear technology undertaken – and then a comedy of errors, as skyfall just makes things worse.

                THIS, I believe, is where there were ripple effects that basically made Truman and Ike lose sight of the communism problem, and start worrying about new ones – which ironically could not be shared with the world. All stupid in retrospect, but TRUMAN was the one with the foresight – “HOW DO WE TELL THE WORLD?” But Ike – IMO he was the one with the real plan. But people on the outside didn’t know.

                Corso brings up crucial aspects of the COUPLING of the Soviet problem with the other problem – and how the latter led to strange bedfellows in the former. Frankly, I think Cankles is still using that in her “Muh Russia” collusion accusations.

                What happened recently – unsure. Much lore, nothing certain, but something is there for sure, because too much is explained by machinations and shifting alliances off the portion of the playing board that we are allowed to see.

                Corso’s addressing of McCarthy solved all my riddles. Chapter 15, pages 223-229 – everything you wanted to know about why Hoover and McCarthy stumbled. Corso basically schooled young RFK in the after-the-fact analysis of McCarthy’s mistakes. I don’t necessarily agree with Corso – or rather what I can reconstruct of his viewpoint from the clues he drops – but I think we all agree that McCarthy could have played smarter, even if others were the ones who massively dropped the ball.

                I’m starting to see why Hoover began trying to trade for “other” information from the Army, and Corso in particular. He *KNEW* that he got screwed on problem 1 because of problem 2. He wanted to know the lay of the land.

                Interesting. I think I just figured out China’s game with Iran and nuclear. They’re pinning Trump against chess pieces nobody can talk about, in imaginary space. Nuclear “deals” that are off the open table.


                Well, tough luck, China. Wolf Moon can talk about whatever he wants. And the CHICOMS deserve to PAY for this shit.

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              3. All pretty fascinating guys. See what one can learn off this site? Y’all are great! Sure wish I had more time to pitch in but too much drilling and family stuff needs done, for now anyways. Thanks everyone for all you put into this place 👍

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  6. Wolfie — I’m glad you stated flatly that this is war. Our enemies know that if things go kinetic, we will kick ass. Unfortunately, they also know (because Obama published our doctrine) the “gray zone” things that we will allow our enemies to do without responding kinetically.

    And with the lack of reporting on activities in the gray zone, we are also getting the implicit message that these things are not very important. These things are massively important, and we need folks who see the patterns to sing out “hey, this ain’t right.”

    We also need to consider the range of our replies. We are being conditioned, in many cases from a very young age, to believe that only barbarians respond kinetically to gray zone provocations. And yet our life experiences teach us that everyone has a right to self defense. As we see these encroachments increase, we need to be deliberate, but less predictable in how we respond.

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      1. Sun Tzu says “All warfare is based on deception” and thus to win you must both “know your enemy and know yourself.” Our enemies are winning because they are able to deceive us, and this prevent us from knowing them.

        Most of us only have this vague sense something is wrong (like a splinter in our minds, to steal one of my favorite terms from the Matrix). We can’t see exactly what it may be, but you can. We value your stewardship of this place, but we have trustworthy people here who should be able to help with that. We need you to teach us how to see.

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    1. I think part of it is that we are all very much hoping that the white hats have it all gamed out and we might escape the kinetics.

      That said, the fact that there is willing opposition to leftists in the streets (Proud Boys and others) shows me that kinetics could happen depending on events.

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    1. You forgot the twin pairs of 12-foot Sub-sub-subwoofers in the back of the room, for Q’s BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOMs and other BOOOOOOMMMMMs. A BOOM room, so to speak (er) 🙂

      (Oh, and the 250,000 KCMil power cable coming in to power it all 😀 )…

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    1. Yeah, that’ll do 🙂 Wolfm00n will need to move his walls out a bit… (walls? where we’re going, we don’t need walls 🙂 )…

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  7. Now put all of the August happenings in the context of the recent announcement about RBG’s health.

    1) Cabal finds out that a Supreme Court battle for RBG’s seat is going to happen sooner than expected.

    2) Cabal targets Mitch McConnell knowing darn well that he’ll fill the seat ASAP. Mitch McConnell is hidden from public sight with the explanation of “shoulder injury.” White hats probably have him somewhere secure.

    3) Leftist terror campaign activated, i.e. mass shootings, weird Walmart threats for a week, ANTIFA Portland protest that was essentially a commercial for recruitment. Most assumed it was all meant as a distraction. Maybe the real purpose was to establish, recruit, train a Leftist terror network for when the Supreme Court battle begins.

    Liked by 9 people

          1. And, for the Euro globalists, November 9 (9th of the 11th) is the 9.11 …

            But they’re perfectly happy to use multiples of 3, 6, 11, 13, and 18 (6+6+6) for their deeds…

            Numerology is expressly forbidden in the Bible (one of the few sins actually called out), which is why the Satanic elite love to practice it…

            Their symbols will be their downfall…

            Liked by 4 people

              1. That’s why it’s good to have a copy of the CRC Handbook…. there’s a formula or data in there for anything (and everything)…

                (best paperweight I ever bought 🙂 )…


  8. The cartels look to be getting a hiding

    Lonestar @Lonestar
    @IndiaMaria _ I’d like to see us go all in with an offensive against the Cartels. We CAN do this from a practical standpoint anyway. Yes, it’d be messy and costly. But I think the rewards outweigh the risks. We’ll need CONSISTENT political leadership to shut them down, however. And don’t think the Cartels don’t know this, too. Could be why so many narco-dollars are spent buying politicians. Especially democrats.


    IndiaMaria @IndiaMaria

    I know what you mean.

    But honestly, I think we will employ the “ISIS Model” of extermination.

    We will cut of their money laundering networks (already in progress), and then disseminate the …wait for it….THE GCC COMMANDOS.

    Arabs LOOK like Mexicans. Some cartel guys were begging for asylum recently. Maybe Commandos already on the ground?

    Like @ThomasWic has detailed, they can operate in ways we cannot.


    Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic
    @IndiaMaria @Lonestar

    1 of 2

    There are some astonishing videos of Hezbollah-connected South Americans being killed in perfect operations that last no more than 90 seconds.

    The reason the Mexican cartels didn’t intimidate each other is that after each atrocity, someone took credit, thus goading the others to retaliate.

    No level of butchery could avoid the inevitable retaliation.

    They skinned each other alive, disemboweled each other alive, and so on.


    Thomas Wictor
    @IndiaMaria @Lonestar

    2 of 2

    In June of this year, simultaneous attacks on cartel members were carried out in Agua Prieta, Naco, and Nogales.

    The Mexicans concealed the number killed, but the state Department issued a travel advisory, and the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office for the first time warned Americans that a “significant level of violence” was taking place.

    Nobody knows who did the killing, but they got some of the most well-protected cartel members.

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  9. In Daughn’s G7 Day 2 thread, scott467 left a terrific post criticizing the Euroweenies and questioning, in particular, the Iranian minister’s sudden arrival in Biarritz:

    I replied to Scott as follows, connecting his issues with Iran the Euro globalists to what Wolf had written in his recent battle thread on Chinese malfeasance:

    [quoting Scott]
    “the ‘nuclear deal’ was a fraud from the start, everything about it was a lie, especially Hussein’s part”

    “it’s amazing how concerned all these corrupt European governments are about Iran… there must be a hundred other countries in the world in desperate need of attention, and yet every socialist government in Europe is myopically focused on Iran… I’m sure their ‘interest’ is completely altruistic…”

    [my response]
    It’s very instructive to cross reference your thoughts re Iran and Europe here with those of Wolf Moon in his recent post on the history of China’s abuse of the US with respect to Vietnam, Watergate, Russiagate, Stefan Halper, etc.

    Remember that France gave shelter for years to the rabid Shi’ite leader Khomeini when the Shah had kicked him out of Iran. (70s, maybe late 60s as well?)

    Also remember that during Khomeini’s overthrow of the Shah, Khomeini’s Shi’ites were allies of the USSR-backed Iranian Communists… er, right up until the moment when they weren’t, and began rounding up all the Communists they could get their hands on, to kill and/or torture for information. (1979.)

    For a decade or more now, Iran has clearly been the crazy, rabid, rogue, hermit kingdom on China’s western flank, just as Norkistan has been the crazy, rabid, rogue hermit kingdom on China’s eastern flank.

    The more astute and honest foreign observers have noticed just how the nicely every twist and turn of both Mullah and Kim-dynasty nuclear megalomania and belligerence have dovetailed with whatever the Chinese Communist Party wanted at the moment. And how the Chinese leaders have stepped onto the world stage as elder statesmen, intervening time and time again to calm down the otherwise intractable North Korean regime.

    China and Russia have both sold nuclear and ballistic technologies to the joint Nork/Iranian/Syrian a-bomb and missile programs. Germany and other European powers have also sold technology to their programs.

    Now M. Maquereaun, and probably the other pro-globo EU leaders, arrange for Iran to suddenly send a rep to Biarritz, apparently à l’insu de (behind the back of) M. Trump.

    Let’s think this through, looking at it from the perspective of knowing how much subversion China was able perpetrate in the West, (and presumably in the Mideast) starting no later than the Nixon administration.

    Let’s keep in mind China’s strategic insight from Sun Tzu’s writings; their tradition, from the Asian board game go, of thinking in terms of surrounding enemies, rather than advancing toward them, as in chess; their cultural Marxism; and their patience for long-term solutions to their chosen problem of how to dominate the world.

    Is it possible that everything we have seen, American humiliation in Indochina, Watergate, Nixon’s ouster, Church Committee hearings, Khomeini’s finding shelter in France, ouster of Shah, Shi’ite vs. Communist (i.e. pro-Soviet/pro-Russian) Iran, formation of the EU, rise of industrial China, Rodham in WH as FLOTUS, deindustrialization of the US and Europe, rise of nuclear and ballistic missile-equipped Iran and North Korea, Rodham driving for return to WH, fentanyl, global migrant crisis, Soebarkah’s occupancy of the WH, everything, shows the hidden hand of China, or an alliance between China and the globalist bankster set?

    Liked by 8 people

    1. THIS. You’ve spotted it. The TAKE-HOME message is simple, but NATION-SAVING:

      There is a Chinese Iran strategy, and they HIDE IT underneath the Russian/Soviet Iran strategy and the Euro/Globalist Iran strategy. This means that EVERY move coming from Iran needs to be evaluated as an extension of Chinese global domination strategy.

      Notice how China plays two – maybe three faces to Israel, and USES the American-Jewish-Israeli “oddly coupled” differential axis to parry all three into confusion.


      Trump has vision into the economic end of things, and I’ll bet he saw the OTHER ChiCom hand there.

      Liked by 8 people

      1. Thanks for the kind words, Wolf.

        It’s a busy news week, but I’d really appreciate it if sometime you expanded on what you said here about Iran, Israel, and the American Israel lobby.

        It’s a fascinating topic, and very important to our country’s success, as well as to Israel’s.

        Liked by 4 people

        1. Yes – complicated, too. But this whole thing is starting to make sense in a “Q” way. I can see why Q and the patriots hold the views of the problem that they do. They SEE the complexity. They’ve carried knowledge from WWII to the present day. I did, too, but in a strange and different way.

          Liked by 3 people

      2. We’re also seeing the genius of our VSG in the creation of ‘The Orb’.

        It was one of the first things that he did, just a few months after getting sworn in.

        King Salman and Prince MBS hate Iran with a passion.
        So they are natural allies in that regard.

        The ChiComs have been in bed with Iran…so by extension, that makes them the enemy of the Salmans.

        Liked by 3 people

    1. Sorry it took me all day to get to you on this – I needed to make sure that trumpismine was set up and committed for THURSDAYS.

      I now have TUESDAY or WEDNESDAY open. You can start with tomorrow or NEXT Wednesday – whichever you prefer, if you pick Wednesday. If you pick TUESDAY, then next week would be the first.


            1. I have actually gotten into the habit of 00:01 EASTERN time, which will look like 11:01 PM of TODAY for you. I can also force it out or correct it if there are any problems. Wheatie is also Central Time.

              People seem to like the “midnight” releases, so that they can time their schedules to put stuff near the beginning of the next day’s post and go to bed.

              I will check your post after you schedule it to make sure everything looks great.

              Liked by 2 people

              1. It’s all good! I added some categories and tags – just obvious stuff from the post. The scheduling worked perfectly – it was set to go live at 12:01 AM Eastern. I found it in Drafts, instead of the scheduled posts – presumably b/c you didn’t do the FINAL scheduling. Just FYI on that – nothing wrong. Just helpful to understand how the buckets work. Unless a scheduled post is listed in “scheduled posts”, it won’t automatically appear. But that is where it is now, so all good!

                Liked by 1 person

  10. Wolfs, just want to tell everyone here – I am so grateful you and they do such extreme figuring-out, ‘spaining, and getting-us-ready. The LIGHT is coming onto cabal’s secret things.

    Liked by 1 person

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