Dear KMAG: 20190826 Open Topic

This Merry Warrior Monday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA-KMAG-KAG! world.

Yes, it’s Monday…again.


But it’s okay! We’ll get through it.


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For your listening enjoyment, I offer this composition from Audiomachine, titled ‘The New Earth’:


Visual descriptions for our dear Zoe, and for anyone else who may find them helpful:

Header Image: Is President Trump, waving from the platform at the top of the entry stairs for Air Force One. First Lady Melania and Barron are behind him, and are entering the plane…but our President has paused to give us a wave. He has a furrowed brow and a slight smile on his face. It’s a sunny day with blue skies and fluffy white clouds.

Second Image: Is a moving image, a gif, of a polar bear with his head and shoulders down on the ice. He is pushing forward with his hind legs. He looks tired…but is pushing himself forward, even with his front half down on the ice.

Third Image: Is another gif, which gives us the view of being in flight through some craggy mountains and rock formations. As we approach a large promontory, we see a small triangular shaped opening…and we are headed straight for it. We fly right through the opening! On the other side, the view shifts to us looking at the small craft that we seemingly were piloting…and it appears to be a futuristic-looking little space craft.

Forth Image: Is an image of President Trump walking by himself along the portico outside the White House. He has his head down and looks deep in thought. This view of the President is framed by the branches of the trees growing alongside the White House, that the photographer made this shot through.



253 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20190826 Open Topic

      1. I went to the link t3 to look for the lamp post taken down that has the surveillance camera 🎥 … good for,them … here’s a stunning picture of the umbrellas ☂ being used for protection against the cyanide mixed in the tear gas canisters ..

        Facts About Cyanide – CDC
        Cyanide is a rapidly acting, potentially deadly chemical that can exist in various forms. Cyanide can be a colorless gas, such as hydrogen cyanide (HCN) or cyanogen chloride (CNCl), or a crystal form such as sodium cyanide (NaCN) or potassium cyanide (KCN).

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  1. Paul Joseph Watson has posted some videos of intense fighting:


    If the ChiComs handle this like they did with Tiananmen Square…then it will show that the whole ‘Trade With China’ thing has not worked the way we were told it would.

    The Globalists told us that ‘Trade With China’ would result in the Chinese govt treating it’s citizens better…and lead to more democratic reforms there.

    Has it worked?

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    2. Tiananmen Square took place over the course of many many weeks. Hong Kong hasn’t even started yet by comparison.

      We pray oh God for the peace and safety of Hong Kong – please move and intervene, protect Hong Kong in this hour. Show your might and glory for all the nations to see.

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  2. nikkichico7 August 25, 2019 at 18:55
    Thank you t3 for today’s post, I look forward to them each Sunday … it comforts me in this storm …

    For those in Christ, as our days press on,
    The darkness in life leads to His fair dawn.
    And though it seems our troubles never cease,
    Those angry storms will give way to His peace.

    Life’s Stormy Seas

    The storm is outside, the sea billows roll,
    But we venture from the port.
    We’re at the storm’s mercy, we’ve no control;
    It’s upon God we must resort.

    The ship of life sails a dangerous course,
    And how she pitches and rolls.
    Temptations and trials come from all sides,
    To ensnare our very souls.

    She corkscrews down deep into a trough,
    And over the crest she goes.
    We travel through the dark valleys of life
    To the light in God’s repose.

    The next big roller comes way too fast,
    A mountain of foam and green.
    But true faith in God can move mountains,
    As God has ever foreseen.

    A fearsome gale strikes from the port quarter;
    Weather decks are under water.
    God uses the unplanned events of life
    To mold us – He is our Potter.

    Our prow digs deep into the next wave;
    Green water sweeps over everything.
    All could be lost, we’re at His mercy;
    Faith grows when we can do nothing.

    We’re missing charts, they’re all out of date,
    We rely on One that’s greater.
    We’ll steer His headings, and sail His courses,
    With Christ our Navigator.

    Now it’s helm a lee, let the wind take her.
    With Christ as our figurehead,
    Stopping the slings and arrows of life,
    And leading us where we dread.

    A lighthouse shines from the rocky shore,
    Guiding us through the storms of life.
    We follow His Light through the darkness,
    To see His face in the afterlife.

    Rocks and reefs rise to gut our frail ship,
    But Christ is our Pilot Escort.
    He’ll bring us safely through the harbor shoals,
    To dock at our promised port.

    As we plough through the fierce seas of life;
    We, so blemished and flawed,
    God molds us and shapes us for His glory,
    And we give the glory to God.

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    1. This landed in the Spam Bin, Carl.
      No idea why.

      Love this new poem!
      Great work…and so very well said!

      Thanks, Carl!

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          1. I find it extremely interesting that Carl’s posts NEVER get stuck for me any more – although they DID early on. Right after Carl started posting here, I had to release multiple posts. Not now any more. But on YOUR threads, he’s back in some box.


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        1. Couple weeks ago, there were three deer sitting under the pecan tree, barely 40′ from my backdoor. Bucket spotted them, and they stood up.
          I’ve never seen her run back to the house so fast. She makes a lot of noise, but wow, was she overmatched!

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          1. …and, of course, inquiring minds want to know, the word “pecan” has two meanings depending on one’s pronunciation:

            1. An item -in days gone by- that resided under the bed;

            2. A delicious nut grown throughout the South and enjoyed the world over.


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          2. Wow come runnin back with her tail tucked , she knew better.My dogs are rez dogs they dont know better lol.
            What I would give for some pecan rounds to split and soak for smokein, here in Cali it is beyond expensive. ..

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  3. C’ONT…..

    August 25, 2019 at 21:54

    Looks like it’s gonna be Pocahontas.

    This is really no surprise, is it? After all, dims LOVE proven hypocritical liars like Fauxahontas. Birds of a feather flock together, etc.

    But something tells me it’s still too early to make this kind of call.

    Not saying it won’t prove true, but if there is one thing we know for certain it is that the DNC is pulling all the strings, and whoever wins the dim nom. will be the person the party bosses want, not necessarily who dim voters want. The dim nom. is and will be RIGGED like a 10-string puppet. And let’s not forget that the MSM is BOTH the PR arm of the dim party as well as HIGHLY coordinated.

    Net net…If Warren is doing so well right now it’s because that is what the party bosses want.

    Let’s keep our powder dry and don’t waste time or ammo attacking her. If she is the new front runner, the other nominees will attack her for us. Let them rip each other to shreds while we watch and take notes for later use.

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    1. I can’t believe they would be STUPID enough to run her. But I said “STUPID” and there are no limits to that particular asset in the Democrat party, are there?

      Honestly, I really think she is going to get sabotaged. “Bernied”, if you will.

      They know she is too compromised already to take the nomination.

      It really makes me sick to my stomach but looking at the field I really think Kamala Harris is the chosen one.

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        1. The Democrats are Morally Bankrupt.

          We need to repeat this early and often.

          People may “know” this to be true but it isn’t a deep seated knowledge that informs their understanding yet.

          The result is that the Dems keep parading out the same moral hypocrisy, virtue signalling, and baldfaced lies over and over again.

          Warren is 100% guilty of it – projecting her own moral duplicity onto Trump. Kamala is every bit as vile, literally doing whatever it takes to get power to serve her own ambitions, not for anyone else.

          The only reason the Dems win in the court of public opinion is that they use the outrage trap to convince people that they are championing morally righteous causes!

          So never hesitate to point out the truth, say often, say it loud, say it boldly:

          The Democrats are Morally Bankrupt.

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    2. I find it impossible to believe Warren is drawing crowds of that size. She does not have exciting ideas and is not charismatic. True Pundit has an artidcle about Kamala Harris bringing about 40 people to a speech she made in D.C. to cheer when she made points in her speech. Dems will lie and cheat. This bears watching.

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        1. You remember that comment from the Bernie campaign worker? When we did the big post on Justice Democrats? She was well heeled and active in CA politics for about 7yrs before Bernie ran.
          And she was specific.
          Bernie campaign was completely clueless, and totally incapable of organizing an event. She was part of the team and received no notifications until a day or two before.
          DNC/Hillary people were fine with the Bernie turnout and they pushed it, knowing Bernie would cave to Hillary and the voters had nowhere else to go.

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          1. Oh, now THAT is a good catch! So they really ARE going to use this woman like Breadline Bernie, to corral would-be Trump voters! And she will CAVE to the chosen one ON CUE. And the chosen one can be OBAMA IN A SKIRT.

            OMG – this is awesome. It’s a REPLAY. Same strategy – a TRUMP ALTERNATIVE who will go down in some specified way.

            Maybe Kamala-Poca. Poca Liz takes the “great white dive” at the appropriate time, and comes in as VP.

            They likely LEARNED from their mistakes last time.

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            1. The DNC this time has no power and no money. The leftists are flush with cash, but all controlled outside traditional channels.
              Lots of backroom deals being made, too
              We should watch for them.
              Bloomberg said he would spend 500 million targeting gun control.
              Steyer is willing to spend 100 million
              And we haven’t even gotten around to Obama for America, Soros, and Valerie Jarrett’s rolodex.

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    3. I’m starting to agree with the people on this thread. WHY would Poca Liz get that many people? It just seems unreal. The others barely get anybody. And Warren is getting TRUMP-LEVEL CROWDS?

      Something very weird here…..

      Let’s say it’s $50 a head. 15,000 people would be a mere $750,000. That is ONE HOUSE in a Dem Elite neighborhood. That is really just doubling the cost of a rally.

      So yeah. I can see it. They CHEAT.

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      1. It seems impossible that an organized pay-to-attend scheme could happen without somebody noticing. It also seems impossible that out of the blue she gets supposedly 12k people to come.
        the whole thing defies logic

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        1. Good point. Let’s redefine the options.

          How did Bernie get big crowds?

          Answer: He had a strong ground game. He energized young college folks. He figured out how to communicate with THEM. It’s well documented, he used an app called “hustl” to send SMS messages to everyone on their list. NOT BROADCAST – ENGAGEMENT MESSAGES. They were SO CLEVER – give these Marxists props. They send messages to core supporters that sounded like they were personal messages.

          “Hey, I saw you signed up on the Bernie list! We’re doing a neighborhood walk. Wanna join?”

          Sounds direct and personal right? YES – and it was broadcast astroturf style.

          The genius here was they hooked these people in with engagement. Hustl allowed ONE person to send SMS to HUNDREDS of people, TRACK the responses, and RESPOND to each individual as if it were it’s own convo! One person could literally direct HUNDREDS of people.

          Friggin’ brilliant.

          DIG OPPORTUNITY: If someone wants to find out WHO all on the Bernie team defected to Warren, it’ll prove this out.

          So let’s say Warren uses the same playbook. They look at their roster of people – a torn out sheet of spiral paper with half a dozen names scribbled on it in pencil. OK? The old Bernie team says, hey dang, all these people are in Oregon and Washington. Let’s pull a Hustl on these guys to coordinate our ground game, and we’ll stage a HUGE rally in Seattle!

          And guess what? By a strange coincidence, the ripes ground for finding Warren supporters is… Seattle.

          Could cash payments be involved for recruiters? Oh you betcha. I doubt they’d be that concerned about potential SEC violations.

          I’m betting the DNC strategic operatives think Bernie is washed up but found their polling data that Warren was highly thought of in the young person core demographic. They needed a Bernie 2.0 and Warren fit the bill to wrangle in the votes. PLUS Warren is FAR more pliable by the Uniparty aparatus than rogue Bernie was.

          Warren is going to corral the young youth vote just like Bernie was used for in 2015-2016. Then she’s going to (willingly or unwillingly, TBD) pass over all her youth voters to Kamala after the nomination, and as ground troops for the 2020 general election.

          All of the above is speculation of course, but in the spirit of lively discussion, prove me wrong 😉

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          1. I have a flashback of Some Dude telling us Bernie took the money in exchange for giving Killary his database of supporter info. So did DNC abandon Sleepy and decide to give info and app to PocoHauntUs??

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            1. It would be hard to say if it’s a DNC op as you suggest or if it is the same team from the Bernie crew moved around.

              Again, everything I suggested is speculation, but it does fit the facts.

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          1. Crowd experts say that’s not 12,000. Her last event also drew thousands – on a college campus, on the “Quad” those campus quads don’t fit 10,000, but they can make for a good supply of attendees.

            I think this is phony – else they’d have video clips and soundbites. Seattle, but where and what event? MSM would be pushing this 24/7 and I haven’t seen that – just these same still pictures.

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    4. If it does turn out to be Pocahontas crossing the finish line at the DNC convention, prepare for some exciting frivolities as President Trump totally humiliates her both on stage and by tweets. And his rallies will be incredible as well.


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      1. Guess we need to concentrate on PTrump because I’m sure that people were saying the exact same thing about Trump’s rally attendance in 2016. They underestimated his support by thinking like I do about Warren…

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      1. Saw seals and otters on vacation but no itty bittys. Funny seeing them around 8 am, wrapped in their kelp blankets and only 1 in the raft was awake and playing. Like kids up for Saturday cartoons…

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    1. Oh my goodness, this is perfect timing…we just got the call we have been waiting for and I see the beautiful gif of mom and baby otter. Thanks Giloo.
      DH grabbed his bug out bag to go downstate and stay with and then bring our youngest grandson up here tomorrow. DIL just went into labor. Prayers please.

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        1. Yep. Just face-timed with him. He was sleeping and even my old singing voice didn’t wake him. Not even Yabba-Dabba-Do Said the Monkey to the Chimp song. Lol

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    1. Wowzers, powerful segment! Everyone needs to watch that. No wonder the Dems are scared. No wonder the Big Tech Left wants to control social media. They are friggin powerless when people learn the truth!

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      1. you’re welcome, wheatie….hoping for that …and/or …maybe just peter out ! or stay at a Depression…depends on the dry air + wind shear fx.

        been a very wet HUMID soggy summer down here in margaritaville.

        ruined a couple pairs of flip flops. 😦

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        1. Maybe we’ll get lucky with a Cool Front…that punches it’s way all the way down to the southern coast.

          Cooler air tends to tame these tropical storms.
          So that’s what I’m hoping for.

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  4. Latest tweets from our VSG POTUS:


    And this one here, he’s doing that thing he does when he starts ‘complimenting’ an enemy:

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    1. This is where the Never-Trumpers (Anti-Trumpers) and the MCM don’t get it AND/or don’t care and lie anyway.

      The Chinese culturally need to save face!

      The best way to REPOSITION what it means to “save face” by making the face-saving moves to DO THE RIGHT THING.

      Trump has REORIENTED what the winning moves and losing moves for China are.

      It’s like Team U.S.A. got a new GM and coach and decided that it made sense to put a defensive line in the game.

      China just hasn’t accepted that the game has completely changed.

      MCM+Anti-Trumpers are sitting in the Home team stands but cheering for the away team.

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      1. Here’s the deal.
        Once they blink, push harder.
        Expect to see this from President Trump.
        Don’t let them up off the mat. We’ve come too far and it took too long to get here.
        Wind them up, push Xi to the brink.
        Get the concessions in the South China Sea.
        Start adding a NEW list of wants and desires.
        Make them sign on, in writing, to the WTO — so the quislings in France can’t scream.
        One thing for sure, take away their “developing nation” and “most favored nation” status.

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        1. I love it 😉 Personally, I don’t see WHY they can’t save face by just responding favorably to our asks!

          It’s no skin off our nose if they decide they DON’T want to save face.

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            1. The ungodly are at it again, wheatie – ‘the prince of the power of the air’ and his minions want to disrupt our ‘connection’ with God – imho

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            2. I believe that WordPress has labeled certain things as SPAM, depending on the HOST.

              Twitter images are NOT covered by this algorithm.

              So one way to publish here is to do the blessing image as a TWITTER POST FIRST, and then post either one of two things here – the TWITTER POST or the URL of the TWITTER IMAGE.


              Twitter Post URL:


              Which without the asterisks does this:

              Twitter Image URL:


              Which when corrected to this:


              And then without the asterisks looks like this:

              TRICKY, but WORTH IT! No SPAM BUCKET.

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    1. Colossians 3:23
      “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;”

      Colossians 3:24
      “Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.”

      King James Version (KJV)

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  5. As I recall…the nastiness and viciousness started with the Clintons and their ‘War Room’ back in the 92 election.

    It was headed up by that snakehead known as James Carvel.

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      1. Yep.
        I remember thinking at the time…”They’re waging war on *us*, we-the-people.”

        The Clintons wanted power and were willing to use ‘any means necessary’ to get it.
        They’ve never cared about the country.

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    1. Please share more your insights from ’92 🙂

      From what I can see, the vindictive against Goldwater was the genesis of it. We’ve always had tough cycles, like Dewey vs. Truman, but the hatred against Goldwater was extreme.

      Then Nixon vs. McGovern metastasized the Dems anti-American anti-war stance. They linked two different ideas – nobody liked the war (who does?) but they used it as trojan horse poison pill for spreading anti-Americanism.

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      1. AMEN! People can see it now. It was all one giant, glorious communist plan.

        The Fake News assisted in the JFK post-MURDER propaganda – “Glasses” Cronkite helping to create the CALM the SOVIET COMMUNISTS and the AMERICAN ALLIES needed for the “you will shut up and accept our control of your government” bullshit.

        FAKE NEWS propagandized against any “reaction” to the Soviet-imposed peaceful response to their ASSASSINATION of our President through KGB-CIA.

        Their FIRST ACT of control after murdering JFK was the elimination of Goldwater from acceptability. They killed JFK fair and square to force corrupt FATTY Johnson (who would accept FAKE CIVIL RIGHTS to create the socialist welfare state) and the Vietnam War and the ensuing culture war on us, and we were ordered to TAKE IT.

        They RAN OVER ME with their little Affirmative Action SUB-PLAN, just like they RAN OVER MLKJ, which had to begin through Johnson, so in a weird way what they did to me was tied to murdering both Kennedys AND Martin Luther King, Jr, and of course the MK attack on Reagan at the same time they went after me.

        “Do as much internal damage to our political enemies in the United States as possible, while advancing Soviet interests.”

        The supreme IRONY of war against Orwellian Communism is that “peace” really is WAR with these fuckers. But that world can be played HONESTY against them.

        You want “war is peace”, COMMIES?




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      1. Carville….


        DATA DUMP from my notes. (old links again)

        Facts do make it easier to win arguments. Unfortunately, most people have the attention span of one sound-bite…

        In advertising it is called the The seven second rule: “Their whole message is all given in the 1st 7 seconds – the prospects’ problem, their solution, their guarantee, and the cost. They have supporting evidence that follows…”

        This is why the warmists use attention grabbers like Hansen’s flooded NYC. It gets people’s attention within that critical seven seconds. It is also why we have in general been losing the PR war on Global Warming. We are amateurs and they have hired top professionals like Stan Greenburg, husband of Ms. DeLauro (D) CT who gave the USA the Food (un-Safe) Modernization Act of 2010.

        It helps to research the opposition especially since most people have never heard of Stan Greenberg.

        Whether you want to win your election, lead your country, increase your bottom line, or change the world, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner can help you find the answer,” GQRR states on its website *

        Stanley Greenberg

        Greenberg’s work for private sector organizations – including major corporations, trade associations and public interest organizations – focuses on managing change and reform…. Greenberg has conducted extensive research in Europe (particularly Great Britain, Germany and France), Central and South America (Argentina and Brazil), and Africa (South Africa). He specializes in research on globalization, international trade, corporate consolidation, technology and the Internet. For organizations, Greenberg has helped manage and frame a number of issues – including education, school financing, American identity, the economy, environmental regulation, international trade, managed care, biotechnology, copyrights, privacy and the Internet….

        Greenberg has advised a broad range of political campaigns, including those of President Bill Clinton and Vice-President Al Gore, Senators Chris Dodd, Joe Lieberman and Jeff Bingaman; Governor Jim Florio and gubernatorial candidate, Andy Young; former Vice-President Walter Mondale; and a number of candidates for the U.S. Congress. For many years, he served as principal polling advisor to the Democratic National Committee.

        Greenberg works jointly on private sector projects with prominent Republican pollsters in the United States – including Fred Steeper (pollster to former President Bush), Bill McInturff and Linda DiVall – to bring a bi-partisan focus to public issues….

        From another source:

        Greenberg provides strategic advice and research for leaders, companies, campaigns, and NGOs trying to advance their issues in tumultuous times.

        His political work has included serving as lead pollster and strategist to the campaigns of President Bill Clinton, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Bolivian president Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada, and South African president Nelson Mandela….

        [Old wording was: “As a hired gun strategist, Greenberg—a seasoned pollster and political consultant—has seen it all. In his memoir, he recounts his work with President Bill Clinton, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Bolivian president Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada, and South African president Nelson Mandela.” – GC]

        Greenberg has been described as “the father of modern polling techniques,” “the De Niro of all political consultants,” and “an unrivaled international ‘guru’.” Esquire Magazine named him one of the most important people of the 21st century. The New York Times writes that Greenberg “acts as a sort of people’s truth squad,” while Republican pollster Frank Luntz says “Stan Greenberg scares the hell out of me. He doesn’t just have a finger on the people’s pulse; he’s got an IV injected into it. He’s the best.”

        “…He is also a strategic consultant to the Climate Center of the Natural Resources Defense Council on its multi-year campaign on global warming….

        Greenberg writes for the Democratic Strategist:
        And also formed Democracy Corps:
        And is linked to the London School of Economics (Fabian) Third Way philosophy
        (note the Carville Greeburg logo at the top)

        (Check out what the “Third Way” actually is and you will find the UK’s Tony Blair, The USA Clintons, and the WTO Pascal Lamy all behind the LSE “Third Way” —

        Greenberg, Carville, Shrum directed Campaigns in 60 countries link

        Globalization and middle class prosperity by Stan Greenberg

        Even the democratic Underground doesn’t like Greenberg Carville Shrum “Regarding Carville and dirty politics“

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      2. Here is a foreign source speaking of Public Manipulation
        Motto: “Before becoming history and even before taking place, a lot of major events are prepared in laboratories”

        Medgyessy’s cabinet spokesman has confirmed that the government has signed a contract worth 15 million forint (118,000 euros/145,000 dollars) with two companies whose executives worked on former US president Bill Clinton’s election campaigns, Greenberg Carville Shrum (GCS) and Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research Inc.

        Stan Greenberg provides strategic advice and research for leaders, companies, campaigns, and NGOs trying to advance their issues in tumultuous times.

        The fascinating “war room” memoir of a political pollster and how he helped forge the agendas of five high-profile heads of state

        Greenburg — He is definitely the power behind the throne of many countries.

        “…He is also a strategic consultant to the Climate Center of the Natural Resources Defense Council on its multi-year campaign on global warming….” *

        From reviews of his latest book:
        The fascinating “war room” memoir of a political pollster and how he helped forge the agendas of five high-profile heads of state

        “As a hired gun strategist, Greenberg—a seasoned pollster and political consultant—has seen it all. In his memoir, he recounts his work with President Bill Clinton, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Bolivian president Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada, and South African president Nelson Mandela. Through his experiences aiding the leaders in pushing their visions for better and clearer domestic and international policies, Greenberg offers an insightful examination of leadership, democracy, and the bridge between candidate and constituency. This captivating tale of political battlegrounds provides an inside look at some of the greatest international leaders of our time from the man who stood directly beside them.”

        Greenbergs Memo for Monsanto: actual text

        Very good article on GMO crops. Mentions Greenberg.

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      3. More on Rosa Delauro and hubby, They sort of reminds me of vampires…

        Weathiest Members Of Congress [Adecade or so ago]
        John Kerrey (D) $900 Million
        {Side Note: John Kerry met his wife Teresa Heinz at an Earth Day rally, and they married a year after her husband, Sen John Heinz [of ketchup fame], died. Teresa inherited control of the Heinz charitable trust, and completely changed its focus from its previous charity work to environmental causes. She is chairman of the trust now, and she is an AGW believer. Teresa is a billionaire, so if it seems that John Kerry is a sock puppet, now you know why……

          Herb Kohl (D) $315 Million
          Jay Rockefeller (D) $275 Million
          Nancy Pelosi (D) $268 Million

        …Moving fast……The Clintons amassed nearly $169 million in the past 10 years of “public service”.

        Working for the Clintons isn’t bad either…..

        But the entry that really sent my Democratic strategist friend ballistic was the one for Rep. Rosa DeLauro, the Connecticut Democrat. La Rosa–tied for #48 on the Richest list–gets the lion’s share of her wealth from her husband–Clintonista pollster and campaign strategist Stan Greenberg. Says Roll Call, “DeLauro’s primary asset is a 67-percent stake in Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research Inc., a Washington-based firm run by her husband, Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg. Her share in the company nets the Representative $5 million to $25 million. She has a partial stake in two other polling/consulting firms. The first is Greenberg Research, of which she and her husband own 100 percent, and Sun Surveys, in which she owns a 60 percent stake. Neither of these is as lucrative as Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, however.”

        My bud the political warhorse snorted, “Hell, she first ran for Congress she didn’t have a dime–I was one of her biggest contributors. And Stan Greenberg, who worked for me back when he was starting out, used to have holes in his socks!” Noting that Congressional wealth is usually closer to the higher than to the lower estimates on the disclosure forms, my dour Democrat gasped, “That means they’re making around $50 million! These people shouldn’t be running Democratic campaigns!”

        So, if you want to know why the national Democrats seem, in this campaign, to have a tin ear where touching the hearts and minds of the working stiffs is concerned, think about this: the three partners in the Democracy Corps–Greenberg, James Carville, and Kerry’s chief message-shaper Bob Shrum–are all multimillionaires. And yet their counsel–proferred in an endless series of free Democracy Corps memos distributed to the party elite well before and during the presidential primaries, whose content (or lack of it) they helped shape–is taken as gospel by Democratic liberals feverish for victory. Well, as the old Texas populist Maury Maverick Jr. used to say, “a liberal is a power junkie without the power.” 

        I wonder where those millions amassed “during public service” came from, don’t you???  Perhaps from corporations interested in manipulating the public and instituting Corporate favorable law?

        Liked by 2 people

        1. There are a TON of unanswered questions about John Heinz’s death.

          And all of them point to nefarious deeds…

          Need to get that swift boat floating on the Styx, eh, Kerry?

          Liked by 1 person

  6. Long Beach port…is that the California port that China ‘owns’?

    ”52,000 gun parts from China” <— That seems like a lot of gun parts.

    I wonder how long that has been going on…

    Fentanyl…gun parts.
    Sounds like Pres Trump has plenty of reasons to invoke that 1977 law with regard to China.

    No wonder the ChiComs are suddenly trying to make nice.

    Liked by 9 people

    1. Here you go from wiki:

      In April 2019, Orient Overseas (International) Ltd. announced that it would sell the Long Beach Container Terminal business to a consortium led by Macquarie Infrastructure Partners for $1.78 billion.[24] The federal government demanded the sale of the terminal after a 2018 review by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States[25]

      DP comment: Orient Overseas is a ChiCom front.

      Liked by 4 people

    1. Fight fire with fire!

      These pansies can’t take the heat!!!

      Never forget what these people did to Roy Moore, to Justice Kavanaugh, and MANY OTHERS.

      Mining their pasts to the point of looking up their HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOKS!

      Then they weaponized that information in the most disgusting and vile ways possible!

      These people are SICK!

      The best way to demonstrate is to show the public who these people really are.

      That’s what they’re really afraid of: Having the mask ripped off their sanctimonious lies! Having to account for what they’ve said and done!

      They will ATTACK and DESTROY people without any remorse! But you bring it back on them, they cry “foul”!

      Think Dan Bongino – No, this is war. New rules: We win, they lose.

      Liked by 9 people

      1. The new Nazis need to be fought and annihilated~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

        . (2009 article)

        One common misconception about Nazi Germany was that the police state was solely a creation of the authorities and that the citizens were merely victims. On the contrary, Gestapo files show that 80% of all Gestapo investigations were started in response to information provided by denunciations by “ordinary” Germans.

        “There were relatively few secret police, and most were just processing the information coming in. I had found a shocking fact. It wasn’t the secret police who were doing this wide-scale surveillance and hiding on every street corner. It was the ordinary German people who were informing on their neighbors,” wrote Robert Gellately of Florida State University.

        Gellately discovered that the people who informed on their neighbors were motivated primarily by banal factors – “greed, jealousy, and petty differences,” and not by a genuine concern about crime or insecurity.

        Liked by 7 people

  7. It’s International Dog Day!

    Liked by 9 people

    1. …. LOVE LOVE LOVE … 💓💞💕💘💖💗💝💘💗💗💕💕💞💓 … 😍😘👍❤️♥️

      <iframe title="vimeo-player" src="

      Don’t know if it will play, video from National Dog Day site … 🤞😐🤚❤️

      … guess what⁉️⁉️ … I might get a …. Dog‼️‼️‼️‼️ … one of these days … when we’re out of this house … this tacit consent is qualified by “they’re messy, and a lot of work but …. “ it’d be my cough/cough … job heh heh … I ventured a small dog to help exercise the cats … heh heh …. it’s a ways off but dh was skeptical about the cats and they won dh over … 😎 … bwahahahahaha .. ‘er …. yay 😀👍 … to infinity and beyond .. 😜

      … patience is a virtue .. 😐 ..


      Liked by 8 people

      1. … uhhhhhhh

        Would have to disguise him/her as a chihuahua with a glandular condition .. 😞
        … but … but … the papers plainly say “chihuahua” 😀 ..

        Dress this one up to look like a yorkie … 😃👍

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  8. 700WLW, The Bill Cunningham Show, Sunday 25 August:
    Bill Cunningham stated unequivocally that the COMMUNIST CHINESE GOVERNMENT has a 4-point plan to defeat POTUS in 2020 and have a spineless leftwing Democrat in the Oval Office in January 2021.
    Apparently the Communist Chinese are ready to pour Billions of dollars into the Democrat 2020 efforts.

    Liked by 9 people

    1. The CHIComs want a Democrat POTUS and so do the islamofascists

      Liked by 8 people

    2. “Apparently the Communist Chinese are ready to pour Billions of dollars into the Democrat 2020 efforts.”

      So THAT is why the DNC went down to MEXICO looking for ‘donors’ Much easier to launder money that way.

      Liked by 8 people

    3. They can try that bullshit, and I don’t care. They will LOSE.

      It is if they try to go beyond this action, where I become “concerned”, shall we say.

      We must have a plan to utterly CRUSH CHINA AND THEIR AMERICAN COMMUNIST ALLIES UNDER DEVASTATION if they dare to attack our POTUS physically.

      I make no bones about that.

      The assassination of our leaders is no longer tolerable.

      There will be no JFKs this time.

      There will be no RFKs this time.

      There will be no Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk with elevation of Diane “ChiFi” Feinstein this time.

      There will be no Martin Luther King, Jr. this time.

      There will be no MK ATTACKS THIS TIME. NONE.


      They can kill US – the innocent nameless civilians – but if they kill our leaders, then I say there must be DEVASTATION.

      If there are such attack….

      If there are any more of these orchestrated communist murders….

      If they try to change world events at the top….

      Then I pray that every one of these pieces of SCUM hangs from their own personal lamppost, that CHINA BURSTS IN FLAMES OF RETRIBUTION ON COMMUNISM, and that communism – indeed all forms of progressivism and socialism – descend into MILLENNIA of UNSPEAKABILITY.

      That COMMUNISM be buried right next to NAZISM.

      What they did to Kennedy – what I know they did to Kennedy – is worthy of destruction FAR GREATER than any justice they shall ever see.



      Sorry. Wolf is pissed. His inner child who cried about President Kennedy RAGES AGAINST THEM.

      Liked by 6 people

    4. Hmmmmmmmm.

      That sorta-kinda sounds like “collusion” or Foreign Interference in DOMESTIC POLITICS AND ELECTIONS.

      Same thing the DEMONcRATs accused the Russians of doing…

      Klintoons at it again…

      Hell almost isn’t hot enough for them…..

      Liked by 2 people

  9. Turkish Apple user comments on his problems with Apple… belies a dangerous possibility…

    Why a trillion dollar Apple sucks on brand loyalty?

    “In conclusion, I can extend the faults of this trillion dollar company/brand but Apple has Ego too. Apple doesn’t deserve to carry its sticker logo which they put in new product boxes on a surface that I own. Because now they run a digital prison for users like me. They should ask. “Why?” OK. They don’t need my money for a couple of devices but as we saw Nokia disappeared from the market in a very short period time. iTunes is losing it’s portfolio to other membership based video or music companies like Netflix and Spotify. If an easy integrated, well designed and reliable alternative enters the market I’m sure people will think like me. If Huawei succeeds in these issues then we can see its success in a few years.” [emphasis added]

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I guess I’m kind of dense, but my son got a MacBook Air, which had those stickers in it, and I’m still wondering “What’s the point of these?”… Did Panini run out? We still have Veggie Tales and Trader Joe’s stickers left over from 20 years ago… we DON’T need any more 🙂

      (“We’re the Pirates, who don’t do anything, we just stay home and lie around…”)…

      Liked by 3 people

      1. It’s a sick marketing trick. Some ppl care about brand and image, these are the same ppl who think driving a BMW or Mercedes proves something to the world.

        Liked by 2 people

  10. Cuppa Covfefe said yesterday:
    “Yep. Seems like we’re experiencing a “Mental Minimum” before we have a new solar minimum (Eddy Minimum?).”

    NO!!! A Landscheidt Minimum!! Why should socialists like Leif Svalgard get to name the Minimum they say will not happen??

    Long 2014 internet conversation about Solar Minimum….
    <a href=" around Here

    Gator69 has a degree in geology and worked at a SMALL bank. I have had many interesting discussion with him. He really knows his stuff.

    From Me near the end….

    …What was interesting in the bash fest was [solar physicist] L.S. was asked who funded him and the reply was US tax payers. He works at Stanford University, home of Paul Ehrlich, the author of The Population Bomb who co-authored a couple books with Obama’s science Czar.

    That link has always made me wonder just what his objectives were at WUWT, aside from squashing any talk of “Its the Sun what Done it Gov.” and getting A.W to ban ‘undesirables’ like the ‘slayers’ the word Landershiet,[actual spelling Landscheidt] tallbloke, steve [aka Tony Heller]……

    WUWT has good stuff but thanks to certain people like Leif S. it became ‘Controlled Opposition’

    From WIKI: “…In 1989, Landscheidt forecast a period of sunspot minima after 1990, accompanied by increased cold, with a stronger minimum and more intense cold which should peak in 2030 His work on solar cycles has been cited by global warming skeptics to argue that observed warming is not anthropogenic and will soon be reversed,…”

    (The page now seems to be ‘erased’)

    New Little Ice Age Instead of Global Warming?

    by Dr. Theodor Landscheidt (Bremen, 1927 – May 20, 2004)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sorry, I was going by memory there, and the name that popped up was Eddy. You’re right, it’s Landscheidt.

      The proclamations from the “Halls of Svalgard” soured me a bit to WUWT, I must say. And I’m not too sure that reclassifying sunspot numbers and groups made things better. As far as the sun not affecting the earth’s temperature, maybe Leif should go out and noon, and at midnight, and compare the two…

      To paraphrase Bill Murray’s character in “Groundhog Day”, it’s gonna be cold, it’s gonna be grey, and it’s gonna last the next three decades (or so)… Only question is when it starts. There are already papers out saying that the flip from “normal” to “little ice age” or even “ice age” can be just years or tens of years. Best to be prepared. (Those papers were in a bunch that Kenneth Richard posted on NoTricksZone a while back).

      Liked by 1 person

    Michael Youssef, Ph.D.
    Aug 26, 2019

    turning from tarshish jonah sin god’s will

    In his book of devotions Morning and Evening, Charles Spurgeon wrote, “[T]he first thing God requires of His child is obedience.” But human nature often rebels against obedience.

    The Bible is full of examples of individuals who disobeyed God. Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. Lot’s wife blatantly looked back to see the destruction of Sodom. Jonah refused to go to Nineveh. Moses struck the rock, instead of speaking to it as God commanded.

    We all can remember incidents when we have disobeyed—whether it was against an authority figure, a law of the land, or a Biblical principle. Most likely, we even remember our punishment or the consequences we suffered. The act of disobedience brings guilt, sadness, and shame.

    There is no long-lasting pleasure in getting our own way. It brings grief to our heavenly Father because He longs for us to walk with Him. Our disobedience separates us from Him. Yet God extends His grace toward us even when we disobey His Word. Therefore, our response should be to seek His forgiveness with a repentant heart and to learn from the consequences of our disobedience.

    What about when we face a hard decision? Do we do what we know is right or what we want? The choice of obedience is blessed with a heart filled with joy and peace. No matter how you may be ridiculed or how hard it may be to follow God’s guidance, obedience is its own reward.

    Jesus lived a life of obedience. His earthly ministry was to do the will of His Father. However, He did have a choice, and He said, “[N]ot my will, but yours be done” (Luke 22:42). The Lord desires our obedience, but He doesn’t force us to obey. The choice is ours. Commit your life to Christ. He will enable you to walk in obedience.

    Prayer: Father, thank You for making me Your child, a co-heir with Christ. I know that You have given me a new identity, a new life that rightly requires me to put off the old self. Forgive me for the times I choose to disobey You, Lord. Help me walk in Your ways. I know they are good and right and lead to You, my eternal reward. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

    “And this is love: that we walk in obedience to his commands” (2 John 1:6).

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  12. UPDATE ON BABY BOY: THE STORK LANDED EARLY MORNING THEIR TIME ZONE. Thank you all for your prayers. Big brother is bouncing off the walls according to DH. Our son and DIL little family is now four here on earth, plus the three in heaven.

    Liked by 15 people

      1. Thank you Nikki. I am so teary eyed. Gratitude. God is good. After all DIL has been through and finally learn her thyroid is culprit, and her scrupulously sticking to her special AIP diet, all I can keep thinking is thank Him the kids didn’t give up trying also. Praise God. I

        Liked by 5 people

            1. Yes I do too … makes your heart sore so many hurting out there. 😔💔

              2 Peter 3:9 American Standard Version (ASV)

              9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some count slackness; but is longsuffering to you-ward, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

              I’m so very happy you and your family are showered with His blessing with you’re brand new grandson … ❤️

              Liked by 3 people

              1. Hugs back for all your prayers.
                Grandpa ( DH) just phoned . He is punchy, giddy from no sleep and the exhilaration of meeting new grandson and watching big brother hover over little guy. Should be home in maybe 5 hours. Wish I could have been there. Will go down there when the parents and newbie get home.

                Liked by 3 people

          1. Lot’s better. Still have those stubborn swollen glands but their are smaller now. Seeing an Endocrinologist this week. The arthritis and diabetes is something I’ve had to deal with for several decades now. So that is taken with a grain of salt…God is Good.

            Liked by 6 people

          1. Thank you Holley.
            Eventually God puts them all where they need to be in the construct. Some kids love each other in ways we don’t know or see, but God knows.

            Liked by 4 people


    In China, scoring citizens’ behavior is official government policy. U.S. companies are increasingly doing something similar, outside the law.
    A parallel system is developing in the United States, in part as the result of Silicon Valley and technology-industry user policies, and in part by surveillance of social media activity by private companies.

    Liked by 5 people

  14. Now he is in China! Yikes!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Yep. So the ChiComs are behind this. Quel suprise…non!

      History will look back at Roosevelt and Truman for having wasted on of the best opportunities to neutralize China. Macarthur was right, despite some folks issues with him….

      Also remember that Satan is referred to as a Dragon. China as well. A match made in Hell…

      Liked by 4 people

  15. Alright folks, what is this “nuking hurricanes” thing really about? Something this outrageous is obviously code for something else, and it must be pretty important if messages are being exchanged this boldly in public.

    Scoop: Trump suggested nuking hurricanes to stop them from hitting U.S.

    Liked by 6 people

      1. I was just going to say that. Crossfire Hurricane getting NUKED is what the Klintoons, in particular Hill-the-BEAST and the DEMONcRATs are worried about.

        Anymore, I have to wonder, are people SO STUPID as to believe nuking a hurricane would do anything positive? Has our science education (and critical thinking and logic) descended that far???????

        Almost makes this plausible (Common [rotten to the] Core):

        The First Car Designed Using Common Core Math

        Liked by 6 people

        1. I did a post one time about how much power is in a hurricane, expressed in units of the number of nuclear weapons of a particular size. The power of a SINGLE hurricane is very impressive. I think this was in relationship to disinformation from the left.

          OK – I found the tweets:

          Liked by 3 people

    1. Sadie – I figured it out – it’s a THREAT. They’re about to indict McCabe!!!

      Trump is going to NUKE Crossfire Hurricane.

      Liked by 6 people

      1. That is BY FAR the most plausible explanation for the story and the responses.

        Their coding is also TOO CLOSE TO THE TRUTH. The decode seems about as plain as day on this.

        Probably plainer the better to make the point – wake up all the gremlin underlings that the hammer is about to fall.

        They don’t care about exposing their comms when it’s time to sound the alarm.

        Be alert.

        Liked by 3 people

    1. Steve Goddard (Tony Heller – correct me if I’m wrong, Gail) just shredded those claims.

      The so-called fire areas are actually clearings, that have been treeless for some time. More CAGW madness, an agenda in search of a crisis…

      Liked by 1 person

  16. WUT?????????
    Went from ZEROmph to about 200mph when I saw this one.
    Russia is spending 164 BILLION dollars in project located in the Arctic.
    Okay, that’s it.
    Denmark needs to get off their buttocks and turn over Greenland, asap.
    THIS is a report from “Moscow Times”, which means it is the projects they are willing to admit to.

    Liked by 7 people

    1. Looks like Walsh is welshing on his obligations.

      Typical RINO…

      Maybe the Sergeant at Arms should put him in irons and demand payment immediately… then again, it he’s a “representative”, who, in fact, is he representing? Deadbeat dads, perhaps? Scofflaws? Ne’er-do-wells? Perhaps he should actually WORK FOR A LIVING in order to pay off his debts…

      Liked by 3 people

    2. If he does a good enough job bashing President Trump in the primary race, either CNN or MSNBC will hire him once he loses. He probably already has a secret contract with one or both media and they will furnish him with talking points and lies to campaign with.

      Liked by 4 people

    3. As a retired paralegal, I can’t describe the hatred I have for child support laws and CS judges. I’ve lost count of the times that clients have cried when I told them what the order amount would be. I never knew anybody who wasn’t financially slammed by these orders because they had no relation to the spending habits of the family BEFORE divorce.

      Originally designed for drive-by sperm donors to be held responsible for their spawning behavior, they somehow got into divorce actions where the father never abandoned his kids.

      Having said all that, they are real and this guy is an idiot for pretending that it wouldn’t matter that he flaked on his. I hope he gets smashed because when he was in Congress he could have sponsored bills to correct the worst parts of the child support laws. There’s actually a federal law entitled the Deadbeat Parents Act.

      Bonus question: How many wealthy guys do you think are behind on their child support?


  17. Ristvan’s take on the McCabe situation:
    ristvan says:
    August 26, 2019 at 5:09 pm

    “Some observations that might be unpopular with some here. Take with salt anything NYT or DiGenova says, because if a criminal matter it by definition was leaked whether or not true, and Deep State leakers have motives.

    1. It is not unusual for prosecutors to kick an indictment decision back to Main Justice, especially when there are political ramifications as here. Another example was Jeffrey Epstein in South Florida. Sec. Labor resigned over it despite Main Justice involvement per Deshowitz, Epstein’s lawyer at the time.

    2. If you read all the reporting, the McCabe perjury case was muddied up by Lisa Page’s leaked grand jury testimony that McCabe had official FBI power to communicate, and therefore no reason to lie anout ‘leaking’ to the IG. Whether true or not, it is a confounding jury factor.

    3. Never again means finding the big fish guilty. McCabe is important, but this is not his only or biggest sin, and he is only a medium sized fish.

    IMO we will know whether Barr is bondo or PDJT’s chosen means of effectuating ‘Never Again’ with the twin tracks of IG Horowitz on FISA and DA Durham on EC predicate. The former traps Comey and Yates. The latter traps Brennan and Clapper. Those are big fish.”

    ristvan says:
    August 26, 2019 at 6:01 pm

    “Depends on the evidence trail. Rolling up little fish to get big fish is when little fish personal testimony is crucial. Mafia Omerta stuff.
    I think not so much the case here. Very sloppy Spygate with lots of indelible evidence—Strzok Page emails, Kavalec notes, Steele/Ohr written interactions, Mifsud CIA asset, Page FBI asset, and so on.”

    Liked by 3 people

  18. Note:
    The left has drudged up a 2017 lawsuit settled by Doral for bedbugs – to “stop Trump from profiting from the 2020 G7” meeting. Of course, the WORST thing you can do to a hotel is claim bedbugs or fleas.
    I once had a wild young millennial leftist, who worked for state version of EPA, post a review of our B&B and claim she found bedbugs. She got into a fight on line with Big T, and had never stayed here.
    Fortunately, she used the first available photo on Google for a bedbug, found on a piece of luggage.
    I proved my claim and had it removed…….. but it took MONTHS, and hours and hours of paperwork.
    Of course, settling a claim is NO indication of guilt at all. Bigger the company, the faster they are prone to settle.

    Well, guess what?
    Today, the second floor of the New York Times was closed……… because of….. bedbugs.

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  19. covfefe
    Citizen Free Press has a report on what the Google whistleblower found regarding covfefe. It shows that it’s an actual Arabic word that means “I will stand,” that Google purged it from the Arabic dictionary so people would not be able to see that Pres. Trump used a real word, and that when they didn’t work completely, they took further measures to make sure it got done. It is astounding, if true, and the whistleblower has the documents to back up his story. They wanted Pres. Trump to look bad or maybe even crazy so the 25th Amendment could be implemented.

    Liked by 7 people

  20. ??????????

    Liked by 5 people

    1. What is the definition of “overthrow of the US government”? Is it using your company and funds to facilitate the blowing up of buildings? (That didn’t overthrow the government.) Is it trying to take out a presidential candidate by using intelligence agencies to circumvent our laws? Or trying to make sure one candidate wins over another, negating our election process and many people’s votes? Is it working to take down a sitting US President?

      As bad as those things are, I consider overthrowing the government to be “fundamental transformation,” as in efforts to make America subservient to a global order, to change our Constitution (2nd Amendment, etc.), to advocate against the Constitutional mandate to protect our citizens by protecting our borders, etc. To me, many in government have been actively working to overthrow our government for decades. It’s not armed insurrection and is incremental, but it’s a takeover all the same.d

      Whatever the definition of overthrowing the US government is, I think that trying to take down a president should apply.

      Liked by 5 people

    2. TBH, the only thing I saw on that Twitter account that I can trust as more than wishful numerological disinformation is the retweet of Posobiec saying the NYT confirms McCabe’s case going before a grand jury.

      Even the tweet about tribunals is misleading as hell – he’s talking about KSM and Nazi saboteurs, not the Cankles Crew.

      Liked by 3 people

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