20190826 ~ The G7, Day Three

The primary presser from President Trump/Macron. Presser starts at 6:22 in video. Transcript follows. Bi-Lat videos added. Thorough exam of Melania’s red dress.

Here is President Trump’s solitary 30 minutes of his presser.

Here is the link to the transcript from the Presser: Link


White House video of Biarritz, “Thank You, France.”

Here is the Bi-Lat with President el-Sisi of Egypt (rotating head of African Delegation this year):

Here is the Bi-lat with Prime Minister Modi of India:

Here is the bi-lat with Merkel of Germany:

Included below is the Schedule for Day Three of the G7 in Biarritz. We will also include the transcript from President Trump/Macron presser when it becomes available. But first, we have to talk about this red dress.

My mom was a model in her youth, and she used to say, “Never be afraid to wear RED!” Well, no one wears red like FLOTUS Melania Trump.

red 3

Red 2

And some killer Ruby Slippers………….

Look at the back of this dress, and then notice where everyone else’s eyes are looking.

Red 1

And who decided to force the wives, in heels, to walk on pea gravel? THAT person should be fired, asap. Guaranteed it wasn’t a woman who thought up the staging location. Too easy to roll a heel and break an ankle.

Okay, okay…… on to more important things…. like ruling the world.

Well, we can’t really tell how it is going in Biarritz, can we? Most of the photos show our POTUS looking disinterested, peeved, too warm, and impatient. Yet, we KNOW a photo is no way to judge a situation for accuracy or temperature in the room, and the media vitriol is at warp speed, and we can’t trust their photos. The only smiling pics of President Trump we’ve seen are the ones with Cousin Boris.

Prime Minister Abe and President Trump took center stage this afternoon to announce an “Agreement in Principle” on the trade deal between Japan and the USA. The media actually complained because it was “sudden” and they didn’t have time to get situated. SMH, the media thinks they are more important than the leaders.

Formal signing of a JUSA expected to occur at the UN General Assembly at the end of September. Trade Ambassador Lighthizer looked happy. Apparently, the deal is very good news for our farmers and involves industrial equipment importation (keeping in place auto tariffs), and a further agreement on E-commerce.

The African Delegation, Modi from India, Al Sisi from Egypt, and the addition of others was interesting but we’re left wondering….. why are they there? This isn’t the United Nations. It’s not the G20. What is Macron doing? Check out Abe’s face. Abe seems to always know exactly what is going on. He’s a good leader.

U.S. President Donald Trump poses with African leaders after the family photo at the end of the expanded session at the G7 Summit in Taormina

The whole thing, the agenda, the location the attendees, lack of formal attire for evening, it …. just…. seems …. “off”.

Here is the schedule: 

♦ 2:30am EDT / 8:30am CEST – THE PRESIDENT participates in a bilateral meeting with President Abdel Fattal al-Sisi of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Biarritz, France

♦ 3:05am EDT / 9:05am CEST – THE PRESIDENT departs the Hotel du Palais en route to the Centre de Congrès Bellevue, Biarritz, France

♦ 3:10am EDT / 9:10am CEST – THE PRESIDENT arrives at the Centre de Congrès Bellevue, Biarritz, France

♦ 3:15am EDT / 9:15am CEST – THE PRESIDENT participates in a bilateral meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel of the Federal Republic of Germany, Biarritz, France

♦ 4:00am EDT / 10:00am CEST – THE PRESIDENT participates in a G7 working session on climate, biodiversity, and oceans. Biarritz, France

♦ 6:00am EDT / 12:00pm CEST – THE PRESIDENT participates in a bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister Modi the Republic of India. Biarritz, France

♦ 7:00am EDT / 1:00pm CEST – THE PRESIDENT participates in a G7 working lunch on digital transformation, Biarritz, France

♦ 8:45am EDT / 2:45pm CEST – THE PRESIDENT participates in the G7 closing session, Biarritz, France

♦ 9:30am EDT / 3:30pm CEST – THE PRESIDENT participates in a joint press conferencewith President Emmanuel Macron of the French Republic, Biarritz, France

~ Day Three G7 Concludes ~

♦ 10:35am EST / 4:35pm CEST – THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY depart Biarritz, France en route to Anglet, France, Biarritz, France

♦ 10:50am EST / 4:50pm CEST – THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY arrive at Biarritz Airport, Anglet, France

♦ 11:00am EST / 5:00pm CEST – THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY depart Anglet, France en route to Bordeaux, France. Anglet, France

♦ 11:40pm EST / 5:40pm CEST – THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY arrive at Bordeaux–Mérignac Airport, Bordeaux, France

♦ 11:50am EST / 5:50pm CEST – THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY depart Air Force One (C-32) en route to Air Force One, Bordeaux, France

♦ 11:55am EST / 5:55pm CEST – THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY arrive at Air Force One, Bordeaux, France

♦ 12:05pm EST / 6:05pm CEST – THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY depart Bordeaux, France en route to Washington, D.C., Bordeaux, France

♦ 8:10pm EDT – THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY arrive at Joint Base Andrews, Joint Base Andrews

♦ 8:20pm EDT – THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY depart Joint Base Andrews en route to the White House, Joint Base Andrews

♦ 8:30pm EDT – THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY arrive at the White House, South Lawn

We should wait to hear from the Boss and get his take on the meeting.


PS – Things that make you stop and scratch your head.

Two things: Whoopsie Daisy!


135 thoughts on “20190826 ~ The G7, Day Three

  1. Daughn, who is the black guy in the white caftan in the first picture? Also, any thoughts as to why Mrs. Justine from Canada isn’t on site? Last picture is so poetic, don’t you think? POTUS magnificently standing there with his fabulous red tie, looking magnanimous and happy, surrounded by all the others reaching in towards him, with Justine from Canada to the far right looking jealous as hell. P.S. Melania’s red shoes, though! Killer!!!

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    1. You raise two great questions, OlderWiser.
      We all want to know where Mrs. Trudeau is not present.
      If anyone else has definitive info, please let us know.
      #2, I will look for the names of attendees are try to figure out the caftan guy.

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      1. Somehow I think the refauxgees are being discussed and/or put forward, as well as “aid” for Africa (as if they haven’t gotten enough of that already; and, what about the white folk being sacked, raped, stabbed, killed, pillaged, and burned out of their farms in South Africa???? Eh??? ). Time for another boycott like we all did back in the days of Apartheid, only in reverse. Except, in this case, the “apart” bit means DEATH, which it didn’t mean in the first case.

        Merde-Kun is poison-on-the-hoof. She has more power and influence than we see, and is a vicious witch in back room negotiations. She’s a fatter (but no wiser) version of Hill-the-BEAST…

        [Cue the “Music Man and “No fatter but wider girl for me]… She’s safe from the “attention” of all the moslem refauxgees coming up from down south and killing and raping our women (and sometimes men and animals!).

        I wouldn’t doubt the guy is from Somalia or Kenya. And I wouldn’t be too surprised, considering all the surprise “guests” that Omar and “brother-lover” show up, too… It’s as is the deep state are gathering up all of the enemies of the USA into one place to embarass VSGPDJT.

        Maybe the USA should ask for reparations from Europe (and Germany) for WWI and WWII… I hear there’s still a ton of money owing… just imaging correcting that for today’s dollars…

        Buh-Bye Angie and Macaroon, and your ship of fools…

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        1. IIRC some idiot President FORGAVE the debt the European countries owed the USA.

          Speaking of Europe and Debts, if you have not read Congressman McFadden’s Remarks in Congress before he was assasinated, I suggest you do so. It is very enlightenning. It seems Europe has been raiding the US piggy bank for almost a century!!!

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          1. I’m fairly certain that the authority to ‘forgive’ sovereign debt between govts is not vested exclusively in POTUS.


      2. Daughn – Thanks! You are the best. Also, who is the mysterious blond woman seated next to Trump at the luncheon. Anyone?


  2. Q is still available, there just isnt an aggregate to find posts.
    FLOTUS sends very good messages though.
    I wonder if China will have another bank collapse soon.
    Having all these other countries there is wierd, but Macron is wierd and thinks hes the second coming of Bonaparte.

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  3. Just woke up to this red hot humdinger of post!! Thanks Miss Daughn!! Ooohh la la, Melania!!, How do you type “shreet shreer”?!?! (Whistle language😉😊)

    To top it off, Trump and El-Sisi meeting on the sidelines!!!! What a presser, Military, Trade, China, NK, Iran, Japan, etc.. We have all the cards, We’re the big piggy bank that everyone’s been robbing!! Now that’s how our VSG makes lemonade out of Macron’s G7 lemons!!

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  4. Daughn – I am mystified why Macaroon invited all the others. I have multiple theories, but I can’t really pick one yet.

    Here are some contenders….

    – create enough “buzz” that the American buzz-seeking media cannot claim failure on Macron’s part

    – give French surveillance the opportunity to cash in on interactions they would not get otherwise

    – in that regard, force Trump into interactions that Macron wants to eavesdrop on

    – churn up some IOUs from these tag-along nations for providing them opportunities

    – psy-op on Trump to “sell globalism” as a desirable

    – position France and/or the EU as a coordinating power surviving the fall of UN globalism per se

    – sell Trump on the idea that African cultural power France is important in Trump’s future plans

    – appeal to Trump’s populist side for some reason – likely globalist

    – distract from Boris Johnson and Brexit

    Love this meeting, nonetheless! If Macron has to get some kudos, so be it!

    A lot of good pix over at Paris Match!

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    1. Excellent list. I see Macaroon’s actions through the lens of France’s post WWI desire to keep Germany in check. I think France’s fear of German ascendancy is a huge part of the drive for the League of Nations, the UN, the EU, Climate Change, the Euro, unfettered Muslim immigration into Europe…

      With the demise of the Paris accords, Brexit and the pushback on the Muslim invasion of Europe (and, coming soon to a theater near you, PDJT’s push to massively rearrange global finance), I think Macaroon is thrashing about for some mechanism to ensure that keeping Germany in check relative to France is on the table.

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    2. I know something was lost in the translation French – English, but I felt that Macron believes the power from his name (Emmanuel – god with us). A small, insignificant, corrupt globalist trying to tell others what to do without tripping in his wife’s panties. At the end of the closing presser with DJT, Macron used the poor choice of terms by saying that he would depart and “allow” Pres. Trump to hold a press briefing with American reporters.

      He clearly was trying to orchestrate influences which only served his agenda (and lapdog Justin) by inviting select others which blindsided several G7 participants. Justin of Canada said on gov’t network, CBC, that he is not in favour of Putin attending future G8 because of his continued aggressive bad behaviour and he was not like minded as the rest of the group. However, when asked about Iran, he mildly denounced their bad behaviour and nuclear aspirations but he felt that they should attend…….whiskey tango foxtrot

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  5. Ruby red slippers on the anniversary of the Wizard of Oz opening, the movie was full of symbols regarding harm to children. Her wardrobe is a constant flow of Q messages. My favorite is still the snake skin heels in the grass, saying they are snakes in the grass!

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      1. Well Senegal used to be a French ‘colony’…and France probably still considers it “theirs”.

        From this article below:

        “France is the leading investor in Senegal and its number one trading partner. France posted a trade surplus totalling €834.2 million in 2016.”


        They have recently discovered oil and gas fields there in Senegal.
        Methinks that France has it’s eyes on those.

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  6. Did our VSG President give us a Q-Sign?

    It looks like he did:


    Notice how PDJT is the only one who doesn’t have his hands clearly in sight…
    And notice how he has his chair slightly askance.

    All the others have their chair-backs in a position that is parallel to the table’s edge.
    Our President is the only one who has his chair positioned differently.

    People are saying on twitter…that they see a “Q+”:
    “Reading from (POTUS) left to right, I see Q+”

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  7. “The whole thing, the agenda, the location the attendees, lack of formal attire for evening, it …. just…. seems …. “off”.”

    Thank you, Daughn…it has seemed ‘off’ to me too.

    Macaroon is a slithering, slimey little snake.
    There is no telling what sort of sabotage our President and his team has had to contend with behind the scenes.
    In ways large and small.

    Choosing that location with the pea-gravel was I think, a petty little bit of sabotage done with the hopes that they would get a photo op of our First Lady stumbling on the uneven ground, in her high heels.

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    1. I see Emmanuel Macron as a “MicronMan” (visualize Adam Ant) a small super hero, inconsequential – really, compared to Superman and Batman, but MicronMan wearing pink tights where his primary weapon is smelly cheese.

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  8. Bwwhhahahhaaaaa………….. I do love my President.
    In the Merkel presser, he’s already talking about having the G7 at Doral Country Club.
    Location to Miami International
    Conference facility
    block off 50-70 rooms for each delegation, and press facilities.
    many acres to spread out.
    It’s perfect.

    And Trump owns it. Talk about HOME FIELD advantage.

    I used to have lunch there, at least once a week. Played the course many times, before the President bought it.
    A G7 before the election in Miami, at Doral, would cinch Florida!!!!!!

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  10. Thanks for the update…learned that POTUS and FLOTUS are returning to DC before going back to Poland….my bad, trying to make the month end earlier!
    The bilaterals are interesting…surely people like Modi would have arranged with Team Trump prior to arrival so not a complete surprise.
    I’m certain the take-always from this entire G-7 are most revealing and educational for the entire Trump Team. IMO, Macron ends up looking foolish for all his little behind scenes maneuvers.
    Also notice how the American MSM are trying to distract from the success as much as they can. One Brit newspaper reported that FLOTUS “pushed the boundaries “ of First Ladies attire with the Gucci cocktail dress she wore on Saturday night, Really?
    And the sudden MSM push on Trump’s mental instability while he’s away …psychiatric opinions on Sunday news and leaks about using nuclear bombs on hurricanes….all part of a plan. They are evil, evil people!

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  11. Hmm…”52,000 gun parts from China”.

    That’s a lot of gun parts.
    I wonder how long that has been going on…

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  12. Returning to US before Poland surprised me. I suppose, Denmark being dropped left a couple days open. Suspect Melania will skip the Poland visit. Looking forward to announcements from Poland. At the expense of merkel and EU.

    Had hoped for a US/UK agreement. Guessing that is a stick EU weenies can fret about as the EU thinks they are going to screw UK as Brexit is going to happen. Surely like Boris Johnson straight away speaking out.

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    1. kalbokalbs
      “Had hoped for a US/UK agreement. Guessing that is a stick EU weenies can fret about as the EU thinks they are going to screw UK as Brexit is going to happen. Surely like Boris Johnson straight away speaking out.”
      Is Johnson not a socialist?
      I see UK like I see Germany .

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      1. No, the socialist is Jeremy Corbyn, and he’s only slightly to the left of Stalin…

        Probably all of Corbyn’s toy trains were made by Marx…

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        1. I guess I mixed them up but Johnson is not a conservative?
          He is UK blessing or problem we will see 🙂


  13. I think the timing of the announcement of the Japanese deal was intended to offset the news from China on agricultural products. This fits with the theory some of us expressed here last week that the Japan deal has been done for a while.

    It looks like the cabal is trying to tank agricultural futures prices so as to hurt US farmers and weaken their support for PDJT. PDJT seems to have a counter ready every time.

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    1. The Japanese deal on American agriculture removed the last arrow in the quiver from China.
      Stick a fork in China, they’re done.

      Now, I want MOAR……… now, like Steve Bannon suggested, it’s time to give them 72 hour to remove all their shit from the South China Sea.
      We have them on the ropes……
      …….. now is the time to push HARDER.
      NOT time to relent.

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  14. Meanwhile, Secretary of State Pompeo:

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    1. The vultures started pissing me off. Was it Hallie Jackson who accused POTUS of having next years G7 in FL so he could personally make money off it? He set her straight, he’s losing $3-5 Billion plus opportunity costs being our President. Had to tell her 3x, only ONE question! Another suggested the same about the UK deal, or is POTUS gonna stick it to em? They couldn’t make up their minds. Then that little black girl called him a liar. Wishing I was there to smack her! They were sooo disrespectful. I’m glad he stopped when he did, I don’t see how he tolerates those brats! And not to go unnoticed, little Jimmy shouting at the end “You didn’t answer the question about climate change”. Oh yes he did, He doesn’t believe in it, 🎤 drop and walk away!!

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      1. Get’em!!!!!!!
        Heck, I’m in line right behind you.
        Homefield advantage, in this case REAL home field, is incredibly important diplomatically.

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        1. It reminds me of the first time President Trump went to DAVOS.
          It’s one thing when you walk into a room full of billionaires as the leader of the free world.
          It’s another thing ENTIRELY, when you’re the leader of the free world AND a billionaire.

          We’ll call it “Advantage +”.

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        2. Just wanted to drop the info that Ms Hudson @ the Women for Trump meeting mentioned. Stephanie Grisham, who replaced Sarah Sanders as White House press secretary, is a real TIGER that makes Sarah look like a kitten. She said that Sarah did great handling the press but Stephanie is dynamite….

          So it should be interesting when President Trump ALLOWS the White House press to go back to the White House Press room…. Who knows, he may just have moved it to another building. 🤣

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  15. This is amazing –
    Okay we’ve invited Scott Morrison, Aussie Pres to the USA in September
    Germany also gets an invite – retirement party?

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  16. Climate Change
    President says he’s not about to give up the incredible wealth, which he helped to unleash, in the USA.
    Windmills not working so well.
    President says he’s made more environmental impact statements than any other President or VP – he wants common sense environmentalism.
    Said he was an environmentalist.
    Said, “I know more about the environment than almost anyone” ——- which is the statement the press will cull and twist, and use to shame him.
    In context, it was fine and made perfect sense.

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  17. On Boris Johnson
    Trump, “I’ve been waiting for 6yrs for you to be Prime Minister”
    Boris is a little skittish about Trump, the press is getting to him.

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  18. President Trump was complimentary of Macron, being polite.
    Macron is CLEARLY using the G7 to prop up his own poll numbers, talking about Bridgette’ popularity.
    Big news, it was Macron’s idea to invite Iran to the conference – but he “informed” President Trump the whole way.
    Nah, it was a back door play.

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    1. Potus is almost invariably courteous towards roadkill. Like ancient cultures respecting their kills spirits. He talks nice but carries a big stick. Hehe smiles as he kills…..do I need to go on?

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      1. He’s been exceptionally measured on this trip.
        The media, just when you think it can’t get worse….. it gets worse. Gotta be that NYTimes article.
        Someone, anyone, please tell me why Acosta had a front row seat?

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        1. Easier to bitch slap if within arms reach. You’ve never waved the flip flop at a kid in the back seat who’s just out of reach?

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          1. Mom never waved it. She pulled over onto the side of the road and USED IT….

            The last time — very vivid memory— was on the Bronx River Parkway. It was used on my brother. 🤣

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            1. That’s the way. You only waved it whilst trying to reach the kid. My sister found a flip flop in a joke store attached to a stick like an old fashioned flyswatter. Sibling envy resulted


    2. Thinking about it, I bet that’s why the little Macroni weasel snagged POTUS for the unscheduled lunch, to “inform” him about what he’d done.

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        1. Oh summer colds are awful … hang in there, chicken soup add that to your menu, and maybe a hot toddy … they’re supposed to help, if they don’t you won’t care .. lol .. 😛

          How do you make a hot toddy for colds?
          Today, there are many different variations of the recipe, but most include whiskey or bourbon, a sweetener, woody spices, hot water, and a slice of lemon. Here’s how to make a classic hot toddy. Pour hot water into mug and steep tea for two to three minutes. Remove tea bag and add honey, whiskey, and lemon juice.Sep 6, 2018
          Town & Country Magazine › news


          This sounds pretty good … hmmmmmm 🤔


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          1. Daddy’s Hot Toddy.
            4 Shots of Bourbon
            One lemon, juiced.
            about 1/4 cup of honey
            Microwave for about 40 seconds on high
            Take with 4 Bayer aspirin and go to bed.

            It tastes horrible, but it works.

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              1. Whew … for sure it knocks you out, that’s how you get better. I’ve never had bourbon 🥃. DH was given a bottle of wild turkey bourbon for Christmas from work. It sat in the hall closet for years until it was given to a woman I worked with who liked it. She wanted me to bring it into the workplace from my car but I got her to come outside so she could put it in her car. There was an unfriendly undercurrent to that company … I did not trust anyone due to bad experiences with them. It felt real good to put them in the rear view mirror … whew, real good.

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            1. “…It tastes horrible, but it works….”

              Yes it sure does! Grandad died of the Spanish Flu so every time one of use sneezed, out came the Hot Toddy & vicks vapor rub. I never had a bad cold or the flu until I hit college. Drinking age was 21 so I had a grad student I caved with smuggle me the makings of a hot toddy.

              Those Hot Toddies may be why I never drank alcohol except when I was sick. To me alcohol = YUCK!

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  19. And who decided to force the wives, in heels, to walk on pea gravel? THAT person should be fired, asap. Guaranteed it wasn’t a woman who thought up the staging location. Too easy to roll a heel and break an ankle.—– Thank you daughn!!!!! The voice of reason!!!

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      1. “Phony climate change was” all about trying to convince the Serfs to give up their ‘luxuries’

        This is the load of Bovine Feces straight out of the mouth of Maurice Strong:

        In 1992, As Chairman Strong told the UN conference at Kyoto…

        “It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class, involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work place air conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable.”

        The same propaganda was repeated by WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy…

        “climate change negotiations are not just about the global environment but global economics as well — the way that technology, costs and growth are to be distributed and shared… Can we balance the need for a sustainable planet with the need to provide billions with decent living standards? Can we do that without questioning radically the Western way of life? “

        It was then ‘presented as a health issue’ by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee as the excuse to ram radical changes down the throats of Americans.

        That committee came up with the recommendation that America Should Adopt a ‘Plant-Based’ Diet. It recommends taxes on dessert, trained obesity “interventionists” at schools and worksites, and electronic monitoring of how long Americans sit in front of the television or computer. The new Food Safety Modernization Act and Obummercare will be used were to be used as the weapons to ‘transform’ American dietary habits. to a more sustainable pattern of eating.

        However it has nothing to do with health. There is certainly a lot of information in the scientific literature that shows humans need meat especially early in life if the brain is to develop fully. For example: Role of red meat in the diet for children and adolescents

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        1. These people seem to have no idea how reality adjusts itself to determine WHAT is sustained and what is not. It is not THEIR decision.

          Some of us want EVIL to be the thing which is NOT sustained. All we have to do is let the SYSTEM WORK.

          Moving Muslims around like IDIOTS is not how to make the system work. It’s clearly SABOTAGE.

          So WHO is sabotaging the system?

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  21. WINNING!!!


    The Trump administration has refused to join other G7 countries in signing up to a “hate speech charter” which would have taken direct aim at American’s First Amendment rights.

    According to Reuters:

    The United States did not sign up to a charter against online hate speech at the G7 summit for legal reasons, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday after the end of the meeting.

    “We formalized an agreement for the first time with several Anglo-Saxon and European platforms and with support from nearly all (G7) countries,” Macron told reporters after the summit, which was held in southwestern France.

    “We had a very good discussion with the United States, which for legal reasons was not able to formalize the agreement on this point,” Macron said, adding he was hopeful it could be done in the coming weeks.

    So called “hate speech” laws are more often than not designed to tackle politically incorrect opinions, rather than any actual criminal behavior.

    The United Kingdom has excluded Islam critics from the country on “hate speech” grounds, and Australian liberals recently tried to exclude author Raheem Kassam from the country using similar laws.

    Strict hate speech laws would necessarily infringe upon the First Amendment rights of ordinary Americans, and would likely fail the constitutional test in a Supreme Court hearing.

    French president Emmanuel Macron has been directly pressuring private companies to sign up to his government censorship charter. Reuters also reported:

    France, which is hosting the G7 summit in Biarritz, was initially hoping to make social media giants sign a so-called “Charter for an Open, Free, and Safe Internet” on Friday, according to the official program.

    However, the ceremony did not take place and Europe 1 radio said U.S. President Donald Trump had put pressure on the platforms’ chief executives not to sign the pledge publicly. Washington later denied any such pressure.

    France’s junior minister for the digital industry said on Saturday the signing had only been delayed and would take place on Monday.

    “The initial idea was to make the platforms come to Biarritz and until now, the United States was against the signature of this pledge,” Cedric O told reporters.

    “Diplomatically, it was sensitive to make U.S. platforms come to Biarritz and sign something while the American president wasn’t there,” he said, adding that Google, Facebook and Snapchat were among the platforms due to sign the charter.

    “There’s no doubt on the fact that the social networks will sign the pledge,” Cedric O said.

    In Washington, however, a senior Trump administration official said the U.S. government did not have a position on the initiative and had not pressed U.S. companies not to sign.

    In fact, the opposite had occurred, the official said.

    “There certainly was no pressure from us,” the official told Reuters. “We heard from a couple of companies that they felt bullied by France to join.”

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    1. LEGAL reasons, my arse!
      Leave the people alone and quit censoring them.
      It’s NOT right in a free society.
      Have a buddy in Greece right now (yeah, I’m a little jealous), but he is having a heck of a time with the censorship there.
      It’s WILD.

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    2. I’ve been expecting something like this…ever since HusseinO gave away US control of the internet.

      As long as the US had control over the internet, the internet was governed by our 1st Amendment.

      When Ozero gave it to ICANN, the internet became under the control of Globalists and the UN…which includes Islamists.

      Sneaky. Sneaky. Sneaky!

      This “hate speech charter” would also apply to protesters!
      These countries where the Yellow Vests are out in the streets, could use this to arrest the protesters for the crime of ‘hate speech’.

      Back in October 2016 people said…”Oh wheatie, you are overreacting about this. It’s going to be okay.”

      But I knew that this would come into play at some point.
      These totalitarian cabalists are desperate to control what is said on the internet!

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      1. If I’d a known you back then, I’d a backed you up. You are ever so prescient Miss Wheatie. 👀 I’ve seen you in action many times, and it’s one of the reasons I’ve followed you every since! Glad you’re on our side!!! Love and Hugs 😘❤️🤗

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  22. So here’s the reporter that called POTUS a liar at the presser. She works for PBS. This isn’t the one I was thinking of. There’s another one (can you believe🤭) that does same thing. She’s younger, with curly hair. She used to hound Sarah. If POTUS made a statement 2 hrs ago, then things developed, and Sarah gave an update, she’d call him a liar for not sticking to his original statement. As things change, so do thoughts and opinions. Used to drive me nuts, I still wanna smack her!! We can line em ALL up (except OANN‘s Emerald) and slap em Three Stooges Style. Who’s with me?? Better bring gloves, line will be long😉😜🤩


    Liked by 3 people

    1. Perhaps these are the correct tools for ‘slapping’ the press.


      There are a lot to choose from….

      However they too, have a right to free speech even if it is mostly LIES so that remains a day dream. (Which are ALSO protected by our right to free speech.)

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Wow Miss Gail, those might leave a mark!! 😄😄
        Free speech, BS!! They dog that poor man, 24X7. It’s bad enough they do it at home, but Internationally is beyond ridiculous!! They have no respect, no values, no sense of decency, know no boundaries. Beyond hateful, rude, and juvenile, I find them rather embarrassing to our Country.
        Reminds me of Lavrov to Andrea Mitchell, “Where are your manners, Who raised you??”

        Liked by 2 people

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