20190825 ~ The G7 Day 2

Biarritz is a pretty place, but nothing compared to our FLOTUS.



Here’s the photo we’ve been waiting for.

Trump Bojo

Personal note: I’m incredibly bummed. Italian Conte is present at the G7 and it messes up the vote. He resigned. Thought for sure Salvini would be there instead. Big Bummer.

Nonetheless, Merkel and Conte are on the way out. Macron keeps trying to play host, and assuming he is the one who runs the world. He looks like the 110lb geek who invites the Crips and Bloods over to his house to check out mom and dad’s new pool. He’s fixin’ to get rolled….. he just doesn’t know it yet. Tusk is barely hanging on and keeps shaking his finger, and Merkel……… well…..

Here is the Schedule for today.

♦ 2:15am EST / 8:15am CEST – THE PRESIDENT participates in a working breakfast with Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Biarritz, France

♦ 3:20am EST / 9:20am CEST – THE PRESIDENT departs Hotel du Palais en route to Centre de Congrès Bellevue, Biarritz, France

♦ 3:25am EST / 9:25am CEST – THE PRESIDENT arrives at Centre de Congrès Bellevue, Biarritz, France, the primary venue for the G7 Summit.

♦ 3:30am EST / 9:30am CEST – THE PRESIDENT participates in the G7 Working Session on the Global Economy, Foreign Policy, and Security Affairs, Biarritz, France. [NOTE: This is the economic segment of the summit requested by the U.S. delegation – keep an eye open for very specific remarks to the audience by President Trump.]

♦ 5:15am EST / 11:15am CEST – THE PRESIDENT participates in a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan, Biarritz, France

♦ 6:20am EST / 12:20pm CEST – THE PRESIDENT participates in a bilateral meeting with Justin from Canada, the Prime Minister of Canada, Biarritz, France

♦ 7:00am EST / 1:00pm CEST – THE PRESIDENT participates in a G7 working lunch on inequality, Biarritz, France. [To reflect their global magnanimity Emmanuel Macron has selected sustainable algae cakes as the menu. /kidding]

♦ 9:00am EST / 3:00pm CEST – THE PRESIDENT participates in a G7 working session on the G7 partnership with Africa, Biarritz, France

♦ 10:35am EST / 4:35pm CEST – THE PRESIDENT participates in an unusual pull-aside with Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia [Not a G7 Participant?] Biarritz, France

♦ 10:55am EST / 4:55pm CEST – THE PRESIDENT departs the Centre de Congrès Bellevue en route to the Hotel du Palais, Biarritz, France

♦ 11:00am EST / 5:00pm CEST – THE PRESIDENT arrives at the Hotel du Palais, Biarritz, France

♦ 2:00pm EST / 8:00pm CEST – THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY participate in the G7 extended partners program, Biarritz, France, [This is usually a cultural program for summit guests]

Day Two Schedule Concludes

You know what? Let’s forget the econ, Iran, China trade/hacking, Putin, DPRK, and climate change/gender pronoun/uber feminism…….. and let’s call the G7 what it is.

It’s a RETIREMENT PARTY. Time to show the globalists to the door.

We could decorate a little. 


And we’re going to need a cake. 

ret 3

And party favors for the guests.


Let’s have a send off for the old guard and wave goodbye to their ideas rejected by the people. Please make sure to use your whole hand and not just your middle finger.


We should wait on the new guys! Truth is, anything these 7 “leaders” agree to, won’t hold water in 6 months. Why waste time?

It would be a perfect troll for President Trump, but it’s true. The war has changed.

Gear up the jukebox while we’re all in the south of France, and let’s dance a little.

ret 6






148 thoughts on “20190825 ~ The G7 Day 2

  1. Lol! You win. It is a retirement party…a really bad one. But at least some guests are gracious. Once you posted their schedule it just was going to be a lost weekend. Unless something significant happens, im guessing lots of tweets from POTUS. Hes got to be bored.

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    1. Yep. It shouldn’t be Bellevue in Biarritz, it should be the “Bizarre Ritz”, the Bellvue Hospital in NYC…

      And that torquenut from Italy shouldn’t be there at all. Nor should Merde-Kuh (though AKK is more of the same, IF she gets to be Kanzlerin) nor Tusk, who is more of a husk than a tusk. Tsk-tsk…

      Whadaa buncha maroons… Hmm. Macron and the maroons (excepting VSGPDJT, of course)…

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      1. Salvini not attending surprised me. Lost opportunity, me thinks.

        Four of Seven Nationalists – President Trump, Abe, Salvini and Johnson.

        And, three globalists that insist on their countries losing bigly – merkel, macaroni and twinkle toes.

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        1. Skews the vote.
          Conte can’t resign one day and then represent Italy on a world stage in the same week.
          This is nuts!
          Das ist NUTZ!

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          1. Kinda like the Lyin Ryan gambit of remaining speaker after announcing his retirement…with intent to continue to poison the well for Potus.

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            1. Well, I think it’s a matter of authority, in some respects. Not truly understanding (nor all that interested) in the political parties of European nations …. I think Salvini is the head of a political party, and as such wouldn’t have any authority to speak for the country.
              It would have been the same sending Boris to represent the UK last time…he had not yet been elected PM so therefore May still was the representative of the UK.
              Hopefully, he WILL win the upcoming elections and his populist voice will prevail…but, you can bet there will be a lot of $$$$ spent against him.

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  2. Well, heck – let’s have a fashion show! Dresses and heels for the ladies – BULLPUPS AND BAYONETS FOR THE BOYS!!!

    But hey – it can’t be all rifles – how about some peek-a-boo with “las pistolas”?

    And then, we can finish off with a BAD TIE and FAKE EYEBROWS!!!

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  3. OK – last call!

    And there’s MOAR with the fabulous DAILY MALE! 😉

    “‘I’ll never forgive my sister, no matter what’: Savannah Chrisley defends her father Todd Chrisley over claims he tried to extort his daughter Lindsie using her ‘sex tape’ to force her to help cover up accusations of tax evasion”

    Oh, wait – never mind that one…

    First Ladies fashion face-off in France: Melania Trump wears THREE dresses as Brigitte Macron dons a $3,000 custom Louis Vuitton dress for G7


    And then check this out (COUGH, COUGH) 😉

    French soldiers can’t keep their eyes off Melania Trump as she radiates in $650 Calvin Klein dress on the way to the G7 summit


    OK – that’s enough for now! Good night, all!

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    1. Thanks, Wolfie!

      I had been trying to get a better look at those silver heels that FL Melania wore, and that Daily Male article had some fairly good pics of them.

      Those running shoes that Brigitte wore…had wedge-heels!
      In other words, they were height lifting running shoes.

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            1. I noticed them when our VSG was in the UK, too.
              Or…some variant of the same rifle.

              The British military were holding similar rifles in those ceremonial events that our POTUS attended.

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            1. Oops, sorry, I didn’t see your comment… Probably the FAMAS (infamous?) are all they could lift, if they have to put them above their heads 🙂

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      1. They were mom shoes. Built for comfort and to decrease the risk of falls in the elderly.
        I read that micron showed up uninvited to bend Potus ear at an unscheduled lunch. Potus made nice afterwards but oh to be a fly on the wall. Sushi chefs aspire to that level of expertise with a knife

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    2. Those Vichy militia boys are a disgrace, beginning with their facial hair and extending into a complete lack of discipline. Not just one but two of them were oogling FLOTUS. They have zero self-awareness in the presence of high dignitaries, and anywhere else these are “supposedly” the best of the best….unless in France, obviously.

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      1. Seriously, though, I have witnessed ACTUAL (non-parade) armed soldiers in action in Paris, in what appeared to be some kind of stealthy public operation, and it seemed very professional. My wife didn’t even see them. I was, like “Wow. Three guys with guns. They were this close to us. Out of nowhere.” She was, like “What are you talking about?” I still don’t think she believes me. I would have taken a picture, but it was all too fast. They were almost disappeared by the time I got my camera up.

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    3. That is some funny stuff — they don’t seem to be surveying the perimeter very well after having been entranced by FLOTUS.

      I hope the US Secret Service was making up for their slacking.

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      1. “I hope the US Secret Service was making up for their slacking.”


        Our Secret Service?

        Probably up to their eyeballs in booze and hookers, 10 minutes after touch-down.

        If there’s one thing the Secret Service knows, it’s how to party. 👍

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        1. I doubt that on POTUS’ watch. None the less I’m sure Trump’s personal security detail was also up to snuff and doing their proper job.

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  4. I was glad to see this and learn that our President and First Lady got to fly across the pond on the 747, instead of the smaller 757 that they had to use in order to land at the airport in Biarritz.

    I’ve been giving the side-eye to the choice of Biarritz as the location for this G7 Summit…
    Because logistically, there are probably better locations.

    Our President’s travels overseas, usually include a contingent of vehicles, choppers and the cargo planes necessary to transport it all.

    I’m sure this location with it’s smaller airport, gave our President’s logistics team some headaches.

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    1. As per RMC (French talk radio), Macron chose Biarritz as a favour to Francois Bayrou, the MP of the region.

      Bayrou has his own political party, MoDem, but the two men are close politically and Bayrou briefly had a position in Macron’s cabinet.

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        1. It was picked by Empress Eugenie in the 19th century. One of her favorite places.

          Before people vacationed in Palm Beach or Cozumel or Maui or Ibiza, it was one of the first elite seaside resorts.

          She was Spanish by birth, from southern Spain, so the climate was a bit more friendly to her than it would have been in Deauville or the other great stations balnéaires in Normandy, which were the other early beach cities for the well-heeled.


    2. Surely some logistics challenges. AF has dedicated lift for POTUS on a moments notice. AF C17 can land most anywhere. I did notice President Trump riding in an extended Tahoe, IIRC. Not his traditional limo. Thought that odd.

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  5. “and let’s call the G7 what it is.

    It’s a RETIREMENT PARTY. Time to show the globalists to the door.”



    And not just any door, either.

    There are some doors in Gitmo they should really see.

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  6. “Let’s have a send off for the old guard and wave goodbye to their ideas rejected by the people. Please make sure to use your whole hand and not just your middle finger.”


    After we’re done waving, can we make them run the gauntlet?

    How about stocks in the public square?

    I understand that tar and feathers, an unlikely pairing in most circumstances, are an excellent combination when mixed with corrupt politicians.

    Or do them like Roman war pigs. I’ve always been curious to see that.

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    1. “Is that the NATO Ambassador?”

      Nope…that would be Kay Bailey Hutchinson.
      I had to look it up. Heheh.

      And it’s not the deputy NATO Amb either; that is a guy.

      Been trying to find out who that woman is…but so far not having any luck.

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  7. The hilarious part is there’s not a single person waving to him from behind the camera.

    He’s like the guy looking at his watch in the old Sears catalogs, or the other guy pointing at something off in the distance, while modeling clothes.

    And you know — in your bones — that Trudope would absolutely wave like that for the cameras, to no one, for the optics.

    He is exactly that shallow and contrived.

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    1. If they think that’s fashion, it’s a faux pas to show the hairy leg. We would never hear the end of it if we caught a glimpse of Pres. Trump’s leg between his pants and socks.

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    1. My brother put a video of this under my nose. Yes, they were talking, but I was drooling over the staircase.

      Seriously, if the world leaders want to be heard, the venues need to be more plain, not that gorgeous.

      I need a vacation. The travel p*&% is getting to me.

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    1. Seriously doubt President Trump would ever let any of these imbeciles speak to Iran, for America.

      macaroni speaking to Iran would be, OK, we surrrender.

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  8. Ohhhh, wow, our Buddy Heshmat Alavi is reporting a plane from Tehran just landed in Biarritz.
    On board, who knows, but the plane belongs to Foreign Minister Zarif.
    WTF is Macron up to now?

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      1. If they’re blindsiding VSGPDJT (typical French politics), they will regret it… and I’m certain that VSGPDJT knew of the meeting with Macaroon, and of the amba$tard from Iran flying in as well…

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        1. I’m getting the idea that Zarif was a surprise to the American delegation.
          And Macron is wandering around, saying he has been empowered by all countries of the G7 to issue a statement to Iran.
          He’s worse than Napoleon.
          Trump response is, “No comment.”

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          1. Maroon HASN’T been empowered by all seven countries of the G7, if VSGPDJT doesn’t know about it (or even if he does).

            This is going to blow up in Macaroon’s face. Maybe it will bring down his “government” as well.

            Stupid frog’s a$$…

            Of course the richest families in the world are in France, so I’m not surprised the French would pull a stunt like this. I hope President Trump puts a 1000-percent tariff on all things French.

            Speaking of hospitality, it reminds me of this gem:

            An American tourist is visiting London. As he walks, he feels “nature’s call”. He searches and searches, but does not find a toilet. Ever more desperate, he enters a tiny street, looks for a narrow and darker place, beside a tall wall and starts to unzip. Suddenly from behind somebody taps his shoulder. He turns around and sees a policeman there.

            “Sorry sir,” says the policeman, “it is forbidden to urinate in public places.”

            The American apologizes, tells him that he had no luck in finding a toilet and just couldn’t hold on anymore.

            “Follow me, I will help you,” says the policeman. He guides the tourist towards a gate in the wall and shows him the way inside. The tourist is amazed, as he sees himself in a gorgeous garden, full of flowers, arrangements, bushes and trees. The policeman leads him to one of the trees and says, “You can pee here without any problem.”

            The American does the job, and after he finishes, asks the policeman, “Tell me, is this what is called British hospitality?”

            “No,” answers the Policeman, “we call this the French Embassy!”

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      1. NO DOUBT…. Trump has already deployed COUNTERMEASURES.

        That tweet about Presidential Emergency Powers may have been a shot across the bow to Macaroni.

        I’d love to have an excuse to take emergencies members against his maladministration.

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  9. Agreement on farm products, industrial tariffs (auto tariffs remain in place), and e-commerce.
    Will be signed at UN meeting.
    Per Lighthizer, opens up another 7 billion in farm products to Japan market…..
    big deal

    So, 36 hours ago, China broke promise, reneged on deal and put tariff on farm products/soybeans.
    Today, Trump just sold farm commodities to Japan.
    President Trump is the best salesman for the USA!

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      1. I remember our guide in China, who was raised in the NE area of the country told us her mother (both parents were doctors) fed her crickets for protein when she was a child.
        Unfortunately, even if you live in rural areas and can grow food or chickens/pigs, etc. you do not own the land and you are obligated to give so much of what you produce to the government. And, neighbors spy on neighbors!
        If you live in the many massive over-crowded cities, well now you are in big trouble. The government is ruthless when it comes to care of the population…it won’t be pretty. North Korea, any one?
        Just my observation and opinion from visits…i’m sure there are others here with far more personal knowledge of the situation.

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  10. Daughn, Your article absolutely has me in stitches…cracking up…;-)

    A beautiful day in America…MOAR winning….EVERYDAY! Addictive in a happy way…MOAR please.

    God Bless America!

    God Bless President Trump!

    (Now to read all the posts above;-)

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  11. HA HA!!


    Emmanuel Macron said Sunday that G7 leaders had agreed joint action on Iran with the aim of defusing tensions and opening a new negotiation with Tehran. But Donald Trump denied that this had happened.

    The French president said on Sunday that G7 leaders had agreed joint action on Iran with the aim of defusing tensions and opening a new negotiation with Tehran.

    “We agreed on what we wanted to say jointly on Iran,” Macron told LCI television. There is a message from the G7 on our objectives and the fact that we share them is important, which avoids divisions that in the end weaken everybody.”

    “Everyone wants to avoid a conflict, Donald Trump was extremely clear on that point.”

    But Trump denied this. “No I haven’t discussed that,” the US president told reporters on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Biarritz, France.

    This contradicted Macron who shortly beforehand had said the G7 countries “agreed on what to say to Iran”.

    Trump said: “We’ll do our own outreach. But you can’t stop people from talking. If they want to talk, they can talk.”

    Macron, who has taken the lead to defuse tensions fearing that a collapse of the nuclear deal could set ablaze the Middle East, met Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Friday. The aim was to discuss proposals that could ease the crisis, including the idea of reducing some U.S. sanctions or providing Iran with an economic compensation mechanism.

    Macron appeared to backtrack on his own team’s comments later, saying there was no formal mandate from the G7 leaders to pass a message to Iran.

    Highlighting just how difficult agreeing on concrete measures between allies is, Macron said the leaders’ views had converged on not wanting Iran to acquire a nuclear bomb and ensuring peace and security in the Middle East.

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    1. For Macaroni, “defuse tensions” means easing sanctions and importing Iranian oil into France, to the empowerment of the Mullahs.

      Total sick cynical manipulative deceptive lying ploy.

      Don’t worry. They can talk. TRUMP WILL ACT.

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    2. “Macron, who has taken the lead to defuse tensions fearing that a collapse of the nuclear deal could set ablaze the Middle East, met Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Friday. The aim was to discuss proposals that could ease the crisis, including the idea of reducing some U.S. sanctions or providing Iran with an economic compensation mechanism.”


      It’s like one long stream of consciousness lie.

      The ONLY thing in it that MIGHT be true is “Macron… met Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Friday.”

      Everything else was lies.

      1) Macron hasn’t taken the ‘lead’ in anything; he can’t even take the lead in dealing with the problems in his own backyard, much less in Iran

      2) there are no ‘tensions’ to be diffused, there is only money, with lots of people trying to get it

      3) the ‘nuclear deal’ was a fraud from the start, everything about it was a lie, especially Hussein’s part

      4) as if Macron could give a rat’s @ss if the Middle East was ‘ablaze’… he doesn’t even care if his OWN cities are on fire

      5) the only ‘proposals’ the treasonous and corrupt Western leaders have is to give Iran whatever they want in exchange for lucrative contracts and kickbacks and money and money and more money. They’re CRIMINALS.

      6) Macron doesn’t have any power to reduce U.S. sanctions, contrary to the delusions of his apparent fantasy life…

      7) it’s amazing how concerned all these corrupt European governments are about Iran… there must be a hundred other countries in the world in desperate need of attention, and yet every socialist government in Europe is myopically focused on Iran… I’m sure their ‘interest’ is completely altruistic…

      Just criminals in expensive suits, ALL of them…

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      1. “the ‘nuclear deal’ was a fraud from the start, everything about it was a lie, especially Hussein’s part”

        “it’s amazing how concerned all these corrupt European governments are about Iran… there must be a hundred other countries in the world in desperate need of attention, and yet every socialist government in Europe is myopically focused on Iran… I’m sure their ‘interest’ is completely altruistic…”

        It’s very instructive to cross reference your thoughts re Iran and Europe here with those of Wolf Moon in his recent post on the history of China’s abuse of the US with respect to Vietnam, Watergate, Russiagate, Stefan Halper, etc.

        Remember that France gave shelter for years to the rabid Shi’ite leader Khomeini when the Shah had kicked him out of Iran. (70s, maybe late 60s as well?)

        Also remember that during Khomeini’s overthrow of the Shah, Khomeini’s Shi’ites were allies of the USSR-backed Iranian Communists… er, right up until the moment when they weren’t, and began rounding up all the Communists they could get their hands on, to kill and/or torture for information. (1979.)

        For a decade or more now, Iran has clearly been the crazy, rabid, rogue, hermit kingdom on China’s western flank, just as Norkistan has been the crazy, rabid, rogue hermit kingdom on China’s eastern flank.

        The more astute and honest foreign observers have noticed just how the nicely every twist and turn of both Mullah and Kim-dynasty nuclear megalomania and belligerence have dovetailed with whatever the Chinese Communist Party wanted at the moment. And how the Chinese leaders have stepped onto the world stage as elder statesmen, intervening time and time again to calm down the otherwise intractable North Korean regime.

        China and Russia have both sold nuclear and ballistic technologies to the joint Nork/Iranian/Syrian a-bomb and missile programs. Germany and other European powers have also sold technology to their programs.

        Now M. Maquereaun, and probably the other pro-globo EU leaders, arrange for Iran to suddenly send a rep to Biarritz, apparently à l’insu de (behind the back of) M. Trump.

        Let’s think this through, looking at it from the perspective of knowing how much subversion China was able perpetrate in the West, (and presumably in the Mideast) starting no later than the Nixon administration.

        Let’s keep in mind China’s strategic insight from Sun Tzu’s writings; their tradition, from the Asian board game go, of thinking in terms of surrounding enemies, rather than advancing toward them, as in chess; their cultural Marxism; and their patience for long-term solutions to their chosen problem of how to dominate the world.

        Is it possible that everything we have seen, American humiliation in Indochina, Watergate, Nixon’s ouster, Church Committee hearings, Khomeini’s finding shelter in France, ouster of Shah, Shi’ite vs. Communist (i.e. pro-Soviet/pro-Russian) Iran, formation of the EU, rise of industrial China, Rodham in WH as FLOTUS, deindustrialization of the US and Europe, rise of nuclear and ballistic missile-equipped Iran and North Korea, Rodham driving for return to WH, fentanyl, global migrant crisis, Soebarkah’s occupancy of the WH, everything, shows the hidden hand of China, or an alliance between China and the globalist bankster set?

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      1. Yep. Japan gets the elevator, China gets the shaft…

        Maybe they could call the agreement “Husks for Tusk”… (even Tusk’s own people hate him)…

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          1. Hi GA/FL!

            I hope and PRAY that things are going better for you, your daughter, and your family, and that GOD, the chief-chief-chief-CHIEF doctor of all heals your daughter, and guides the doctors and staff. GOD Bless…

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  12. We need a meme for this one.
    Trump to Boris, “You’re going to screw over the EU”
    Boris to Trump, “No, you’re going to screw over China”

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  13. I would love it if they all went home!

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    1. anyone wanna speculate on who assigned this little frenchtwit the job of “surprising” our Lion…1st w/the unscheduled Breakfast, and now this?
      Are we to think of him as so grand, the yellow vests deserve to be snuffed?
      that’s my working hypothesis…
      oh, what a poor judgment call!
      underestimating our President seems to be a virus of sorts.

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    2. Jacobs: “Major Macron curveball—he invited Iran official for surprise visit to Biarritz, move that risks infuriating Trump admin.”


      You reporter people… it’s like you’re all on drama meds, or something.

      There’s no need for infuriation.

      All that happens is DJT adjusts the amount of pain Macron will feel UPWARD, maybe taking it from a ‘5’ to an ‘8’.

      What point is there to being infuriated?

      Just increase little Macaroni’s pain.

      That’s all.

      No fury required 🙂

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    1. If a little kid walked up to Mrs. Macron and gave her a helium-filled balloon, she would just slowly float away…


    2. I wonder if the First Lady likes the fiery Basque food, made with the famous Espelette peppers?

      Basques in that part of the world are known for their distinctive cook, like Cajuns here. All the celebrity chefs on the Spanish cooking shows are Basques.

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  14. This was a beaut of an OP, daughn. Hat’s off…

    Macron prancing around like Justine is humorous – and harmless. He’s trying to show his many clueless citizens his leadership skills. If he remains in the role, he’s Teresa May in terms of power and influence on the world stage. Nada.

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    1. If Trudope gets any more feminine, he’s going to be mistaken for a woman who cross-dresses as a man. He’s right at the tipping point.

      Probably sits to pee.

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  15. Our president is a gentleman. He greeted Merkel.

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    1. Didn’t see Trudeau’s wife there, either. Maybe she had to get the children settled into the new school year.
      Thought it special for Conte to give his young son this memory…good father.

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  16. “LATEST: Inside Macron’s plan to control #G7 and lecture Trump on climate.

    Normally aides able to listen in to leaders’ chats from an adjacent room. Not this time.

    Macron wanted frank talk; pointed everyone to the bar. Including guy who doesn’t drink.”


    Good Macron, we’ve needed this ‘frank talk’ for a LONG time.

    You’re either completely insane… or you are a criminal of a scale so vast that you would deceive the entire world — upending the lives of literally billions of people — for filthy lucre.

    Or you could be both. You could be criminally insane — which you probably are.

    And every sane person who has spent more than 5 minutes investigating the bogus claims of the climate religionists knows it.

    You sick people are gaslighting the entire planet, no different than if you were trying to convince the world that the sky was made of marshmallows.

    That’s literally how insane your claims are.

    And it’s only coincidence, I’m sure, that ALL of the plans you want to implement to ‘save’ the world from your poorly constructed — every single one of them — result in concentrating maximum government power in the hands of the few, and maximum wealth to the few — coincidentally, all the same people who are pushing for ‘globull warming’.

    You’re like a bunch of professional bank robbers trying to convince the world that banks aren’t safe, and we should all hide our cash under YOUR mattresses.

    That’s EXACTLY what you’re doing.

    And you act like nobody can SEE exactly what you’re doing.

    You look like idiots.

    Arrogant, greedy, self-centered idiots.

    ALL of you ‘glo-bull warming’ bastards.

    You’re criminally insane.

    And another coincidence, you just happen to ALL be Leftists and/or globalists. From the fake ‘scientists’ in the Leftist Indoctrination Hatcheries (formerly known as ‘universities’ until you destroyed them), to the corrupt politicians, bankers and Puppet masters, to the street-level cultists who use fascist violence and intimidation tactics — exactly like Hitler’s brownshirts — to silence opposing views.

    You made up an entire pagan ‘new age’ religion, propped it up with hilariously bogus ‘science’, with the corrupt ‘scientists’ having been caught REPEATEDLY manipulating data or just making it up, in order to match their religious belief in ‘globull warming’.

    But you didn’t stop there. Oh no. All that effort would have been for nothing, if not for the financial fraud component, and your ‘carbon credit’ scheme.

    Hey asshats… we NEED carbon. Especially carbon dioxide.

    Suppose your glo-bull warming fantasy came true. Suppose global temperature rose at least 5 degrees, and the icecaps receded, and the sea level rose. What’s the DOWN side?

    If it ever actually happened, it would be gradually, not overnight.

    WORST CASE scenario:

    1) sea level rises a few feet, slowly over a period of YEARS, if not DECADES

    2) there’s no danger to anyone who can move faster than a tree, you idiots. People who live and work on the coasts have YEARS to move further inland

    3) this would cause a construction BOOM like the world has NEVER seen — all over the world. There would be zero unemployment, ANYWHERE, and…

    4) you better HOPE there’s plenty of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, so the FORESTS can grow, because it’s going to take a lot of raw materials to rebuild cities on coastlines all over the world.

    5) hundreds of millions of people, all around the world, who live a little further away from the current coastline, will become wealthy overnight, thanks to the REAL ESTATE BOOM that will result from investors and businesses buying up the “new” coastal property

    6) the warmer climate (and extra carbon dioxide, hopefully!) will dramatically INCREASE the amount of land around the world which can be FARMED to grow FOOD

    Where’s the DOWN side in ANY of this, Macron?

    I mean, besides the inconvenience to your crime syndicate, causing you to have to come up with some other new scheme to rip people off?

    It shouldn’t even be called ‘glo-bull warming’, it should be called what it really is, ‘Global FRAUD’, and you should all be strung up by your ankles in the public square like Mussolini.

    Now dance for me, Emmanuelle.

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    1. edit / correction: “And it’s only coincidence, I’m sure, that ALL of the plans you want to implement to ‘save’ the world from your poorly constructed FRAUD — “

      Liked by 2 people

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