Dear KMAG: 20190824 Open Topic

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This Sino-Slapping Saturday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA-KMAG-KAG world.

Free Speech is practiced here at the Q Tree. But please keep it civil.

Discussion of Q is not only allowed but encouraged. Imagine that! We can talk about Q here and not get banned.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here in the January 1st open thread. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven that Wolf has created for us.

Remember – your greatest gift to President Trump is FIVE WORDS:



Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


For your listening enjoyment, I offer this composition from Ivan Torrent, titled ‘Glimmer of Hope’:


Visual descriptions for our dear Zoe, and for anyone else who may find them helpful:

Header Image: Is a view of a lone Knight on a white horse, slowly approaching on a pathway leading to a gigantic Tree. The enormous Tree is the size of a skyscraper, with a gnarled trunk and huge branches. There is a rough hillside in front of the tree…so we cannot see the base of it. Some stone ruins are off to the side of the Tree.

In the distance are some other gigantic Trees, which give us an idea of the scale of the one that the Knight is approaching. It is a sunny day with blue sky overhead and there are fluffy white clouds in the distance.

Second Image: Is a set of arched doors that come to a pointed arch at the top. One of the doors is slightly ajar. There is ornate scrolled iron-work on the doors at their hinges, that covers quite a bit of each door. A large metal circle serves as the handle on one door…the other door has a metal gate across the lower half.

There is a stone path and a couple of stone steps in front of the doors. Ivy and green vegetation are growing all around the door frame. Above the top of the doors, is a stone carving of a circular emblem of some sort. Sunlight is streaming down on this stone emblem and onto the steps leading up to the doors.

Third Image: Is an open lounge with a view, filled with comfy-looking couches and over-stuffed chairs. There are lanterns all around, on the tables, on the guard rails and on out of the way places on the floor. There is a round free-standing stucco fireplace, with a warm-looking fire crackling within it. Large branches serve as supports for the ceiling, with cross-branches forming the structure for the ceiling.

Forth Image: Is President Trump in a windbreaker jacket, with a furrowed brow and a sympathetic smile on his face, as he visits storm victims.


The Storm is here.


Some may not enjoy it.


But us Deplorables are loving the shit out of it:




298 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20190824 Open Topic

  1. Ol’ Wolfie was wanderin’ out late one night
    Jus’ howlin’ at the moon with all his might
    He was joined by Bella and Boris, too
    And you’ll never see such a loathsome crew

    Well, they saw this thing comin’ out of the sky
    It had the one long horn, and one big eye
    Wolfie was a-shakin’ and startin’ to pee
    “That big flyin’ thing is comin’ for me!”

    It was a one-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple Wolfie eater
    (One-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple Wolfie eater)
    A one-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple Wolfie eater
    What a strange sight to see!

    Well he came down and he lit in a tree
    Wolfie screamed “Bella! Boris! Please help me!”
    The other two smiled then they laughed outright
    ‘Cause only Wolfie’s on the menu tonight

    Wolfie said “Big Purple, let’s make a deal.
    These two guys here would make a better meal.”
    He said “I’m particular, how I dine.
    I only eat Wolfies ‘cause they taste fine.”

    It was a one-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple Wolfie eater
    One-eyed, one-horned flyin’ purple Wolfie eater
    (I like Wolfie snacks!) Flyin’ purple Wolfie eater
    What a strange sight to see!

    Then he swung from the tree and lit on the ground
    His big purple tummy makin’ rumblin’ sounds
    He took a bite of Wolfie, then spit it out
    “That’s the worst tastin’ Wolfie without a doubt!”

    Then he flew away, and what do ya know
    Wolfie saw him last night on a TV show
    Wearin’ black glasses and lookin’ highbrow
    “That Wolfie bite changed me. I’m MAGA now!”

    It was a one-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple Wolfie eater
    One-eyed, one-horned flyin’ purple Wolfie eater
    (I hate Wolfie snacks!) Flyin’ purple Wolfie eater
    Still a strange sight to see!

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      1. Wasn’t my doing – but NOT SEEING IT in the spam bucket was. I was off on a B-2 Mission, dropping a STEFAN HALPER “Fat Boy” model atomic bomb on CHINA. Just got back!

        Love your title, Wheatie!!! 😀

        “This Sino-Slapping Saturday Open Thread….”

        Gotta get out of my flight suit, and THEN I shall read this poem!!! ❤

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        1. Oh, there is no end to the ‘goofiness’ in this tree – just when I think I have a secure branch and sound footing – there I go – landing on me bum, again – laughing – Geesh!!!

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    1. Hahahahaha! Oh, carl! There is no limit to your ‘creativity’ – I am still laughing – a welcome reprieve to a sad, lamenting week – Thank You, sincerely, carl!

      God Bless You!!!

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  2. Wheetie!!! We ARE LOVING …THE SHIT OUT OF IT!!!!!! POTUS tweets today…EPIC…AF!!!! DYING!!!! Gloves OFFF!!! FED is going DOWN! China–Adios! MERICA WINS!!!!

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    1. For Marica!

      For Winning at the G7!

      For Winning against Chinese backstabbing!

      For Hong Kong!
      For North Korea!
      For Mainland China!
      For Taiwan!

      For the U.K.! For Brexit!

      For France! For the Gilets Jaunes!

      For Italy! For Brazil!

      For the Deplorables and Irredeemables!

      For the “populist, nationalists, stupid nationalists” who are in love with their own countries!

      For Free People Everywhere!


      Encore 2 – One Day More (Live)
      Les Misérables – 10th Anniversary Concert Cast
      Les Misérables: In Concert at the Royal Albert Hall
      INgrooves, The Orchard Music (on behalf of First Night Records); LatinAutor, PEDL, Warner Chappell, UBEM, LatinAutor – Warner Chappell, CMRRA, and 9 Music Rights Societies

      “DEPLORABLES UNITE” – (Do you hear the people sing) Trump Anthem – REUPLOADED FROM 1 MILLION VIEWS

      Do you hear the people sing?
      Singing the songs of angry men?
      It is the music of the people
      Who will not be slaves again!
      When the beating of your heart
      Echoes the beating of the drums
      There is a life about to start
      When tomorrow comes!

      Will you join in our crusade?
      Who will be strong and stand with me?
      Somewhere beyond the barricade
      Is there a world you long to see?

      Then join in the fight
      That will give you the right to be free!

      Do you hear the people sing?
      Singing the songs of angry men?
      It is the music of the people

      Who will not be slaves again!
      When the beating of your heart
      Echoes the beating of the drums
      There is a life about to start
      When tomorrow comes!

      Will you give all you can give
      So that our banner may advance
      Some will fall and some will live
      Will you stand up and take your chance?
      The blood of the martyrs
      Will water the meadows of France!

      Do you hear the people sing?
      Singing the songs of angry men?
      It is the music of the people
      Who will not be slaves again!
      When the beating of your heart
      Echoes the beating of the drums
      There is a life about to start
      When tomorrow comes!

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    2. POTUS tweets the real news and it’s driving the Lefties, Malignant media crazy. At midnight last night, he told them to look up the “Emergency Economic Act” of 1977 to find out if he has the “power” to do what he’s doing.

      They’re in meltdown mode. I believe the reason why the media is so distressed – isn’t only because of their ideology, but because when the dam breaks – their participation, their own behaviors – either in the effort to take out our GOP candidates, and/or their decadent lifestyles – connected to Jeff Epstein are going to be revealed.

      It’s fear driving the narrative. Nothing but fear. (Well, and lots of hate…)

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      1. These people are STUPID!!!

        They wanted to concentrate power in the Executive…

        …but unlike CONSERVATIVES, they NEVER stopped to think…

        “Hmm, what would happen if the other political party got power??”

        These people are STUPID!!!


  3. I strongly recommend this article from the WSJ warning about unsafe products for sale on Amazon. Lots of children’s toys full of lead and cadmium, products falsely labeled “FDA approved,” unsafe helmets falsely claiming government certification, and so on.

    Folks, please do your research before purchasing stuff. It’s worth paying extra to buy from a reputable company and trusted vendor.

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    1. “Folks, please do your research before purchasing stuff. It’s worth paying extra to buy from a reputable company and trusted vendor.”

      Of course, you mean someone besides Amazon…

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      1. Both Walmart and Target offer free two-day shipping with no membership fees. Not claiming they’re perfect and don’t have their own issues, but if you need basic stuff delivered quickly, it’s the safer option these days than Amazon. Make your special or expensive purchases at smaller businesses that specialize in whatever you’re purchasing.

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          1. I received an Amazon gift card last year. Found a cheap t-shirt that I liked from a third party seller. I checked the seller reviews—everything looked okay. Even had “USA” in the company name. So I order my shirt. The next day, I get an email saying that my shirt shipped from the UK. WTF? The UK? There was nothing in the product or seller description that indicated the shirt was coming from out of the country, and if I had known that, I wouldn’t have ordered it at all. It took two weeks to arrive in the mail. Bonus: The UK city where it shipped from is known for its high concentration of Muslim immigrants. I can’t prove anything, but…

            Anyways, the point here is that you can’t even buy a simple $5.00 t-shirt on Amazon anymore without encountering this BS. I know there are far worse Amazon horror stories than mine, but this is just ridiculous. I refuse to buy anything from Amazon anymore unless I get a gift card and don’t have a choice.

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            1. I had more than 1 similar story. Mine were from China and Canada. I had one that kept cancelling the item. I just use amazon as a last resort. That clear good customer service disappeared a few years ago.

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            2. Same thing here, Sadie….description says out of warehouse in LA…..then after 3 weeks I get a package from China.
              And another scam…you may see the same woman’s top for about half the price as in a popular catalogue, but it’s a cheap knock-off with inferior fabric straight from China. I wasted about $135 recently learning that lesson. Slow learner, I is!

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              1. THIS CRAP isn’t going to go on indefinitely!

                MADE IN USA, need to hold it in my hand before I buy or CONFIRM the outfit is LEGIT and has a generous return policy.

                Cutting Amazon out as much as possible!

                Strange thing is it shouldn’t be that difficult. I survived the overwhelming majority of my life WITHOUT buying jack diddly from Amazon books.

                Heck, most of my online book buying I did from back in the day.


  4. Holy shit…

    From the Wikipedia:

    “In the United States Code, the IEEPA is Title 50, §§1701–1707.[3] The IEEPA authorizes the president to declare the existence of an “unusual and extraordinary threat… to the national security, foreign policy, or economy of the United States” that originates “in whole or substantial part outside the United States.”[4] It further authorizes the president, after such a declaration, to block transactions and freeze assets to deal with the threat.[5] In the event of an actual attack on the United States, the president can also confiscate property connected with a country, group, or person that aided in the attack.”


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  5. August has been awesome.

    Betting President Trump makes major headlines at G7…much of it at the expense of Germany, France and EU in general.

    US/UK trade and Poland wins.

    No rallies scheduled. Hoping for a couple in September.

    Winning is wonderful!!!

    G’nite all;-)

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  6. U.S. to reopen Greenland consulate
    World Aug 23, 2019 5:12 PM EDT

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration is planning to open a U.S. consulate in Greenland for the first time in decades amid increased strategic and economic interest in the Danish territory.

    The State Department says in a letter to Congress that reestablishing a consulate in Greenland is part of a broader plan to increase the U.S. presence in the Arctic.

    A copy of the letter was obtained Friday by The Associated Press.

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        1. Saw this great comment, couldn’t pass it up:

          “This land is your land
          This land is my land
          If we need more land
          We’ll just buy Greenland!”

          –Donald J. Trump once again demonstrates he improves everything he touches, including the songs of the late Woody Guthrie.

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    1. “Denmark’s elites are not indicative of their people’s attitudes toward the US. In fact, we were in Copenhagen in 2015, and the many shops and restaurants were flying the American flag. They are better friends to our nation than the Trump Derangement infected press.”

      “Perhaps it is time for good people of Greenland to vote for #Dexit?”

      Was Greenland “for sale” when the Chinese were shopping in 2017?
      Posted by Leslie Eastman Thursday, August 22, 2019 at 5:00pm

      A “stable genius” and his military commanders obviously recognized that a competitor who is failing to negotiate fair trade agreements and who has been expanding its military presence in Asia through island building wants to acquire real estate and airports next to American interests in North America. This is clearly a bad deal for our country.

      Fox News analyst Tammy Bruce provides further background on the situation, and demonstrates why it sure looked like Greenland was for sale. [ * ]

      In 2017, Greenland’s prime minister flew to China and asked, as the Journal reported in February of this year, “Chinese state-run banks to finance the new commercial airports, including a big one for one of the smallest capitals on earth, Nuuk, which can now be served only by propeller planes. The bankers were interested, people at the meetings said, so long as a Chinese company constructed the airports.”

      Reports indicate this action was triggered by Denmark refusing to help.

      Then-Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis was not happy and convinced Danish officials to fund the infrastructure, sidelining China. This was an effort by China starting in 2018 and only ending when they officially withdrew in June of this year. For those who look past their shallow view of the United States and the administration, one would know it’s no coincidence that the president’s remarks on Greenland became public just two months after we successfully fought off China in their latest swing at the North American island.

      As Tammy notes, the Danes are keeping Greenland as a giant nature preserve. This substantially limits the wealth-building options of its residents.

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    2. Another reason Greenland is strategic – From our friends at CommiePedia:

      GIUK gap

      The GIUK gap is an area in the northern Atlantic Ocean that forms a naval choke point. Its name is an acronym for Greenland, Iceland, and the United Kingdom, the gap being the open ocean between these three landmasses. The term is typically used in relation to military topics.

      The GIUK gap is particularly important to the Royal Navy, as any attempt by northern European forces to break into the open Atlantic would have to be made either through the heavily defended English Channel, one of the world’s busiest seaways,[1] or through one of the exits on either side of Iceland. As the British also control the strategic port of Gibraltar at the entrance to the Mediterranean, this means Spain, France, and Portugal are the only Continental European countries that possess direct access to the Atlantic Ocean that cannot easily be blocked at a choke point by the Royal Navy.

      ^^^ THAT INCLUDES any Soviet I mean Russian Naval port!!! Even Crimea or an imaginary warm water port!

      Another bad day for Putin… aww kinda makes you wanna feel sad for the guy, huh? NAW!!!

      Go Boris!!! MUKGA!!!

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    3. Zion Lutheran Church, built in 1779, stands on Disko Bay in Ilulissat, Greenland. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

      A short history lesson from Pat Buchanan:

      MAGA Idea!
      By Patrick J. Buchanan | August 23, 2019 | 4:49 AM EDT

      To those of us of who learned our U.S. history from texts in the 1940s and ’50s, President Donald Trump’s brainstorm of acquiring Greenland fits into a venerable tradition of American expansionism.

      . . . While Trump’s diplomacy in the Greenland matter was not as deft as Seward’s in acquiring Alaska, the attitude exhibited would not be unfamiliar to many of the great men in our history.

      And the cancellation of Trump’s state visit to Copenhagen aside, this issue of Greenland’s future has been tabled. It is not going away.

      After all, China, the aspiring superpower of the 21st century, has exhibited an interest in this largest island on Earth, strategically located between Europe and America, amid the Arctic and Atlantic oceans.

      Methinks the Danes are headed for interesting times.

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    4. Evidence of a severe solar storm in 660BC uncovered in Greenland’s ice suggests there were much more significant solar storms in the past than we previously believed. Could a severe solar storm, and not a Carrington event, be a worst case scenario?

      Sounds like a job for the Space Force!

      Radioactive particles from huge solar storm found in Greenland
      Discovery raises questions about emergency plans in place for severe space weather

      Traces of an enormous solar storm that battered the atmosphere and showered Earth in radioactive particles more than 2,500 years ago have been discovered under the Greenland ice sheet.

      Scientists studying ice nearly half a kilometre beneath the surface found a band of radioactive elements unleashed by a storm that struck the planet in 660BC.

      It was at least 10 times more powerful than any recorded by instruments set up to detect such events in the past 70 years, and as strong as the most intense known solar storm, which hit Earth in AD775.

      Raimund Muscheler, a professor of quaternary sciences at Lund University in Sweden, said: “What our research shows is that the observational record over the past 70 years does not give us a complete picture of what the sun can do.”

      The discovery means that the worst-case scenarios used in risk planning for serious space weather events underestimate how powerful solar storms can be, he said.

      Also: *

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    5. A closer look at the military implications of China’s presence in Greenland for Denmark and the United States.

      Noteable, concerns about Huawei’s presence in Denmark…

      How a potential Chinese-built airport in Greenland could be risky for a vital US Air Force base
      By: Aaron Mehta
      September 7, 2018

      WASHINGTON — With less than 60,000 people spread across more than 830,000 square miles, Greenland relies heavily on air transport to move supplies and people up and down its coast.

      So when the local government issued a solicitation to build three new airports, the move made sense from a business perspective. The project would be expensive, but would improve commerce and make life on the island easier for its residents.

      Then a Chinese company — owned by the government in Beijing, and once blacklisted by the World Bank — put forth a bid, and a simple request for proposals transformed into a project with international diplomatic ramifications.

      Denmark, which has final say on national security issues involving Greenland, objected. The government in Greenland then insisted China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), which has succesfully worked on large infrastructure projects around the world, would remain one of its finalists for the projects, setting up intense negotiations between two governments.

      All this comes as officials across Europe are raising alarm over whether Chinese economic influence on the continent is becoming a national security problem — with Danish officials specifically worried that the partly-government owned company’s interest in Greenland could have a lasting impact on a key American military base located there.

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      1. Didn’t the ChiComs just “withdraw” their offer to build this Airport in Greenland?

        I think they did…like, two days ago.
        The blurb about it mentioned that it was a part of the Belt & Road initiative that the ChiComs are trying to push countries into.

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        1. Yeah, take a little necessary action here, while taking another little necessary action there… now that the cat’s out of the bag of course they want to play coy.

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    6. Our climate change friends think there will be no polar ice three decades – but if it were true it would have some fascinating shipping implications…

      The Arctic Shipping Route No One’s Talking About
      By mid-century, a Transpolar Passage will open across the Arctic Ocean via the North Pole. Few countries are preparing for this reality except China.
      BY MIA BENNETT 2019-05-08 15:39:44

      Due to Chatham House rules, I can’t quote anyone who spoke in the workshop. I can say, however, that during the session, it quickly became clear that talk of the Northern Sea Route’s potential was starting to seem passé in the face of rapid climate change in the Arctic. The shrinking and thinning of sea ice is happening faster than scientists thought possible – so fast that now, it’s not just the Northern Sea Route or even the Northwest Passage that people are talking about. They’re talking about a trans-Arctic passage cutting straight across the North Pole.

      As climate change accelerates and the Arctic Ocean reluctantly exchanges its year-round ice cap for merely seasonal cover, a transpolar passage is likely to open up by mid-century, if not sooner. If Arctic sea ice disappears even for just one summer, as the comprehensive 2009 Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment notes (p. 34), this would spell “the disappearance of multi-year sea ice in the central Arctic Ocean. Such an occurrence would have significant implications for design, construction and operational standards of all future Arctic marine activities.” In the absence of thick multi-year ice, which can be up to five meters deep, any water that refreezes would take the form of much thinner, more navigable seasonable ice.

      In other words, forget needing nuclear icebreakers. Within the next few decades, in summer, it may be possible (even if insurance companies and the Polar Code still mandate polar-class, ice-resistant ships) to sail in a regular vessel across the top of the Earth.

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      1. A similar analysis…

        The Arctic Ocean may be the world’s smallest and most shallow, but this by no means negates the region’s geostrategic significance.
        By Trivun Sharma On May 23, 2019

        The melting of the Arctic sea ice has coincided with the discovery of energy deposits as well as the development of the technology needed to access those resources. These developments have caused the members of the Arctic Council—states with territorial claims in the Arctic—to pay increased levels of attention to the region.

        . . .The Arctic plays host to substantial natural resources. A 2008 report released by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) estimated that the Arctic holds around 1,670 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, 44 billion barrels of liquid natural gas, and 90 billion barrels of oil—the vast majority of these being offshore. As more territory becomes accessible, excess reserves of gold, zinc, nickel, and iron already found in part of the Arctic may be discovered. From the connectivity perspective, the two major sea routes that permit ships to pass through the Arctic run along the Russian and Canadian coasts, i.e., the Northern Sea Route and the Northwest Passage.

        . . .The paper further estimates that 15% of all Chinese trade will be through the Northern Sea Route. The optimization of the NSR will result in a significant rerouting of the world shipping lines and would have a drastic impact on the usage of the Suez Canal and the Malacca Straits to reach the Southeastern and East Asian Markets. According to CPB research, roughly 8% of global trade currently transits the Suez Canal, and it is estimated that level would be reduced by two-thirds once the Northern Sea Route becomes fully operational. To illustrate, from 2008 to 2012 the average number of commercial ships transiting the Suez Canal each year was approximately 15,000—the re-routing of vessels through the NSR, according to CPB research, would reduce that number by 10,000.

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      2. The Climate Prophets have Spoken!

        Some good info to counter the standard eco-leftist talking points about Amazon rainforest fires and alleged loss of the Greenland ice sheet.

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    7. And in this corner, fighting for the cause of social justice warriors everywhere, the featherweight who can topple Donald Trump, The Prime Minister of Denmark…

      Mette Frederiksen: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

      Mette Frederiksen, 41, is the current Prime Minister of Denmark and leader of the Social Democrats who made headlines this week after President Donald Trump postponed a meeting with her due to her having “no interest in discussing the purchase of Greenland”. . .

      1. She’s the Youngest Prime Minister in Denmark History

      2. She Supports . . . Anti-Immigrant Policies

      [N.B. they describe “her left-leaning economics and right-leaning immigration policies” – not happy with the migrant situation]

      3. She Has a Plan to Cut Denmark’s Carbon Emissions 70% by 2030

      Frederiksen has pushed the party’s economic and climate change policies far to the left.

      In fact, climate change has become her number one priority. In an ambitious agreement the new government pledged to reduce carbon emissions by 70% below the 1990 level, a massive increase over the previous target of 40%.

      The new roadmap was agreed to by Social Democrats, the centrist Danish Social Liberal Party, the Socialist People’s Party, and the Red-Green Alliance. In a statement, the left-wing alliance admitted the target would be “particularly difficult to reach” but that “the world and Denmark are in a climate crisis” and that limiting global temperature rise is “not just the right thing to do, it’s also the most economically responsible one”.

      4. She’s Engaged to Director Bo Tengberg

      [ woohoo… ]

      5. She Started Her Career in Politics at a Young Age

      . . . “She has been preoccupied with political matters since she was six/seven years old,” he said, adding, “I have never doubted that Mette, if she wanted to, could go all the way.”

      Mette became an official member of the Social Democrats’ youth branch at 15 and was appointed to her first position in parliament as Employment and Justice Minister at 24.

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    9. And a collection of various links…

      Trump on Denmark’s Response to Greenland Idea: ‘All They Had to Do is Say No …’
      By Patrick Goodenough | August 22, 2019 | 4:27 AM EDT

      President Trump’s Greenland New Deal vs. Democrats’ Green New Deal socialistic scheme
      By Pamela Geller – on August 20, 2019

      Trump Hammers “Nasty” Greenland PM; Knocks NATO Spending
      Profile picture for user Tyler Durden
      by Tyler Durden
      Wed, 08/21/2019 – 16:45

      Trump Notes Denmark Isn’t Meeting NATO Commitment as Spat Over Greenland Intensifies
      August 21, 2019 Updated: August 21, 2019

      Greenland seeks to break silence around child sexual abuse

      The Coast Guard and the Greenland Patrol

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    HR 838 TAPS Act – Constitutional Review

    by KrisAnne Hall, JD

    The text of the TAPS Act is not the solution to gun violence many members of Congress are professing it to be. The unlimited and arbitrary authority this Act bestows upon a bureaucracy of 24 people, combined with the language of double-speak and contradictions creating loopholes allowing completely unsupervised and unchecked authority is reminiscent of the Sedition Act of 1798.


    The TAPS act will create a brand new bureaucracy under the authority of the Department of Homeland Security. A non-elected bureaucrat is authorized by Congress to appoint 23 other non-elected bureaucrats to invent the authority for federal and State government agents to “identify individuals who are exhibiting patterns of concerning behavior” and then to “manage” those Americans.

    The sole purpose of this bureaucracy of 24 will be to create State and federal policing bodies ruling over the perceived behavior of the American people- KGB-style agencies not only monitoring the behavior of Americans, but also functioning as judge, jury, and executioner.

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    1. Oh yeah…this is bad.
      Very bad!

      The next thing would be to establish a ‘National Registry’…which has been a wet dream of the DemaCommies for a long time.

      A National Registry would be very bad, too.
      The Dems floated a Bill to do this back in 2009, when they controlled both houses.

      You bet I’ll sign that petition.

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  8. Verse of the Day

    “And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”
    2 Corinthians 12:9 (KJV)

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      1. I see God’s power displayed regularly by my special needs son. In his weakness God’s power is very strong. It’s a beautiful & humbling thing to witness regularly. In his developmentally challenged state he is blessed to have a child’s pure faith & he regularly “sees” God with an unveiled face. This shows a bit how he proclaims Jesus as Lord:

        Here’s an example of the kind of “Psalms” he writes to the Lord–I love his pure heart of love on fire for Jesus!!!

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        1. How beautifully expressed, Val – you are blessed to have him – even though many would say otherwise – God has given you a gift through which you can see Him!

          God Bless You for sharing!!!

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    1. God’s grace is sufficient!

      I had an 8×10 plaque made by Holy Land Stone that sits prominently in my kitchen inscribed:

      God is in Control
      . . . and His Grace is Sufficient, so . . .
      Keep Looking Up

      It’s a great reminder!

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      1. Ah – hope we do not have a ‘Proverbs’ thing – used to happen – anything with ‘proverbs’ got dumped – expect ‘Sunday’ to land there, too – * Sigh * Thanks for helping!!!

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        1. Always happy to help, Duchess.

          And yeah, I don’t know if it’s a ‘Proverbs’ thing…that word is not in text, and you’d think that the algorithms wouldn’t be able to pick it up on a graphic.

          It’s weird.
          And a mystery as to why it keeps happening.

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          1. Well…we almost got through 6 days of the week before we hit a foible – who knows – a touchy thing for sure – it used to be ‘proverbs’ that would not post – now – it is something else – lol

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    1. There is concerted effort to destroy what is considered ‘art’ in our world – there is a plan – I cannot locate the actual ‘plan’ – however – what is illustrated above is part of that plan – to present art devoid of form or expression – the ‘art of the obscure’ – I call it – it is blatant psychological re-programming – imho

      Liked by 5 people

      1. Wolfie,


        I have including several of the surounding goals since the Communist have achieved those goals too.

        18. Gain control of all student newspapers.

        19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

        20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policymaking positions.

        21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

        22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”

        23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”

        24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

        25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

        26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

        27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.”

        28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”

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            1. Norman Mattoon Thomas – Socialist Candidate for President numerous times – predicted the Democrat Party would adopt the socialist agenda – in 1944 speech – and look what has happened – hook, line, and sinker!!!

              Norman Mattoon Thomas: Socialism and the DNC.
              A leading American socialist, pacifist, and six-time presidential
              candidate for the Socialist Party of America.

              The Socialist Party candidate for President of the U.S.,
              Norman Thomas, said this in a 1944 speech:

              “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism But, under the name of “liberalism,” they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation,
              without knowing how it happened.”
              He went on to say: “I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate
              for the Socialist Party.
              The Democrat Party has adopted our platform.”

              “The problem with socialism is that you eventually
              run out of other people’s money.”

              ~Margaret Thatcher~

              The democracy will cease to exist when you take from those
              who are willing to work and give to those who are not.

              ~Thomas Jefferson~


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      2. And do you notice that nothing like that EVER gets graffitti on it? Just like cigarette, liquor, and gambling ads, anything promoting bad behaviour is exempt from the grafitti-taggers’ spraycans…

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Locally, a “sculpture” that the people really don’t like has been spray painted to look like dominos. Some kids actually spray painted “this is ugly” on it one time. It’s been improved with a flock of pink flamingo lawn ornaments thanks to a local radio personality. And one summer, there was a couple who were meeting inside it for conjugal relations. As one woman interviewed on television put it, “S-E-X, baby, live.” There was a federal judge who used to stop court to watch. That was at least 20 years ago.

          And it is still taking up space downtown. The first time I saw it, I asked my mother what was being built.

          Liked by 1 person

              1. Someone should put the number “22” somehere on it. Like Truman Capote’s character’s address in “Murder By Death”…

                22 Twain…


    2. So is a lot of modern architecture, with a few exceptions. Not much of it is inspiring at all. Even the religious efforts. It’s like the group decided Dali was the pinnacle and they decided to deconstruct him.

      And in music, Philip Glass??????? John Adams??????? The St. Louis Jesuits?????? Gag me.

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        1. Orchestral, oratorio, opera and Broadway anymore are pretty much wastelands, musically speaking. The best orchestral literature is coming out of film scores.

          Church music…fortunately, there’s a few hundred years worth of traditional literature to draw from, but we’re all waiting for the spirit of the 70’s to pass on to its reward along with all those aging hippies in Portland who foisted their crap (and that is a technical term in music) on the rest of us.

          Pop…it’s hit and miss, but it always has been. Same with jazz.

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          1. One of the biggest problems with Art History is that we have done SO LITTLE to recognize how 100% of our artistic tastes have been PERVERTED INTENTIONALLY by communism and neo-marxism! It is no surprise that so many people don’t want ANYTHING to do with “art”. Even the “art” museums getting into the “art of the street” – graffiti exhibitions! No one is talking about it to speak of, the RED ELEPHANT in the room. The GOOD the TRUE and the BEAUTIFUL has been 100% replaced by the EVIL, the LIE, and the HIDEOUS UGLY.

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            1. Truthfully, much of what we now consider to be great art was commissioned by wealthy patrons. It was executed to their tastes, and preferences which were often about fashion moreso than anything else (see Picasso in Paris, he knew what he was painting was crap). In the US, anyway, the wealthy commissioning and purchasing crap at outrageous prices are into perversions. That’s part of it.

              Funny, I went to Crystal Bridges in Bentonville, AR, to see Alice Walton’s collection which is comprised of American art (mostly works not considered to be major), and was rather stunned that there is nothing religious there. Nada. Being Catholic, art is a part of the celebration of the faith. Of late, the beauty that is really supposed to be in the art has been disfigured, after a fashion, and a lot of what is called art today is really not complementary to God’s creation.

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      1. DPatriot: And music! I cannot bear the so-called music everywhere, including in church. Ugly! Depressing! And, so few people know how to sing or to play an instrument. I could write an essay on this! “When The Lord returns, will there still be music upon the Earth.”

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  9. I apologize, wheatie – I have been remiss in thanking you for all of your ‘tree’ visions and posts – truly remarkable – how you take the ‘Q Tree’ theme and project it out to us in so many innovative ways – I am in awe of your talent.

    God Bless You abundantly for all you do for us here – I am grateful to have reconnected with you – You are special!

    Liked by 7 people

      1. Good Idea, lady – but, oh – what gift would even be appropriate for such a talent – I ask you? We will have to gather the family together to discuss this – for it is such an important undertaking – we must choose the ‘right’ gift – oh, my!!!

        Liked by 1 person

          1. There was a question mark on your post – so I did not see the pic until wheatie posted – odd – I think posting pics is dependent upon what ‘computer’ device you are using – tried to help someone – but, they did not have a mouse (?) – an iPad maybe – so my instructions did not help – are you posting from a laptop – I can help – if not – I have no clue…

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            1. I have a desktop, and hubby helped me the other day. I copied the wrong “address” with this one, which is why it didn’t show except as a small box (link). Duchess, I still think of my “mouse” as a having “stuff in it”! LOL Hubby shakes his head.

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              1. LOL – you are funny, lady – it took me a while to get used to it – and it eats batteries, too – but, hey – we must adjust somehow – btw – everything has ‘stuff’ in it – satan is ‘prince of the power of the air’ – so he puts ‘stuff’ in everything – however – God can smash his plans to thwart our efforts in a nanosecond – God is still in control – I take comfort in that – * Smiling * – cannot shake my head – like hubby – because I understand – lol

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    1. President Trump has the SUPREME COURT BACKING HIM UP not to mention the 14th Amendment.

      Anchor babies, birthright citizenship, and the 14th Amendment — This goes into the Supreme Court cases ALREADY TRIED finding babies of foreigners NOT Americans.

      Babies Don’t Provide Anchors! « Publius-Huldah — This goes into the actual words of the WRITERS of the 14th Amendment and their thinking.


      President Trump NEVER takes a legal stand without KNOWING THE GROUND and THAT HE CAN WIN.

      (It also makes me think RBG is on her way out and President Trump KNOWS what blackmail material the Seep state has on Roberts.)

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  10. The Amazon has NOT had a ‘record’ number of fires this year.

    WUWT has charts and statistics from 2003 to the present:

    ‘Conclusion: Amazonian fires, using very current NASA data, show a decline over the record, and are nowhere close to a record so far in 2019 …

    ‘Postscript 3: The NY Times claims 2019 fires are way up, over 2018. That is correct. What they don’t say, is that about 1/2 the years BEFORE 2019 are higher, and about 1/2 are lower. Cherry picking of the first order.

    ‘Postscript 4: Nick Stokes points out that one province is at record levels of fires. True, its just under record levels today. But that means that the rest of the entire region must be UNDER average (2003-present). Looking at each region in the Amazon Basin, that is indeed true. Santa Cruz and Amazonas are above average, the rest are at or well below average. Result? The entire region is very nearly at the MODIS average for this time of year.’

    Liked by 7 people

      1. Nick Stokes is a CAGW promoter. Anthony does a good job of revealing the actual facts. (I have not hung out there for years but I doubt that has changed.)

        On a side note. Lord Monckton who contributes to Anthony’s site was told he was diabete. He told the doctor’s NO he would not take the medication. He changed his diet. tossed the carbs, increased his roast beef, butter and cream. Next test showed pre-diabetic and the third NOT DIABETIC.😁

        (I was really worried when Hubby started the first part of that story.)

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        1. Thanks again, Gail – much needed information to keep in mind when analyzing current events – most people are not aware of what is really going on – how long this plan has been in the works – how they never give up on the idea of total world control – it is exhausting but, we must not give up the fight to prevent them…

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  11. Silicon Valley trying to suppress media sources not of the Left. NBC doing hit jobs on Epoch Times, and Facebook hiding advertising for the print version of Epoch Times.

    Liked by 7 people

      1. We’ve love the print version. I simply can’t sit at the ‘puter and read extensively, and therefore miss a great deal. I believe “New Media” is going to find out that print versions are still quite viable – most people want to read a little more than superficially, and print helps them do that.

        PS Since they’ve pushed computers so much in the schools, including online textbooks, the kids aren’t learning as well. Reading and turning pages, perusing, underlining, flipping back and forth, is interactive learning – and the mind absorbs much more.

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    1. Well that explains WHY the First Representative of Palestinian elected to the US Congress wanted to be IN ISRAEL as a RALLYING POINT.

      Bibi and President Trump really dodge a pie in the face with that one. Now they just have to dodge the real bullets.

      Random thought:

      What would have happened if TWO US Congress women were in the thick of the fighting AND WERE KILLED by Israelis??? Given the Jihadists comittment to suiciding in the name of the Moon God I would not put it passed them to have this as the plan. After all they are mere women and the Palestinians would have ZERO problem making sure they were killed.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I bet you’re right. Also I felt that the trip was a set up but wasn’t sure how/why. Your theory makes perfect sense to me even if they weren’t killed..the entire optics with plenty of White Helmet footage ( probably already filmed )..oh yeah

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  13. Latest tweet from Ron/CodeMonkey:


    This 👆 is his first tweet since these two:

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  14. ’tis the Season…latest track (heavy black line) for Inv 99L

    shifting ever so slightly east w/ each update…Cat 2 = latest intensity forecast.


    Debbie Downer ❤ /s/

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    1. Yeah, here she is…in her own words:

      Like they really care about “the children”.

      These people are for infanticide…and they have the nerve to talk about “the children”.

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      1. ” “And therefore you have to be ready to throw a punch—for the children we need for ‘pleasure’ sacrifies and experiments.” — Speaker Nancy Pelosi

        You just have to add in the rest of her thought…


        1. I am not comfortable with this at all – they present it as something wonderful – helping you do something your body cannot do – but, with someone else at the ‘switch’ – made me think of those ‘guns with darts’ to induce a hear-attack in an unsuspecting person – leaving no trace – this technology troubles me – man is continuously trying to not just ‘play’ God – but, be God – not for me – I will trust in the Lord to ‘fix’ what is broken in me!!!

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  17. I put this up on another thread but I wanted to repeat it here as we gear up for the election season:

    What happen in 2018 was the question.

    I think there was a lot of voter fraud.

    EVERY SINGLE CLOSE RACE and even some that were frist declared for the Repub went to a democrat! Hopefully that is being quietly taken care of.

    Also I think President Trump actually wanted a DemonRat house.

    In the first two years he was FIGHTING WITH HIS OWN PARTY AND LOSING — This is a very bad look. If he has to fight with Congress it is best to fight against the Democrats and NOT the Republicans. He can not afford having the voting population thinking no matter WHO they put in office their wishes are ignored. link

    Look what is happening. The DemonRats can not get thru any of their idiotic bills but they sure are LOUDLY PROCLAIMING how Anti-American, Anti-Israel, and down right crazy they are.

    President Trump is a long range planner. He would lose the house IF it gave him:
    1. A Strong Senate that confirms JUDGES and cabinet picks (like Barr)
    2. GOT RID OF Lying Ryan
    3. GOT RID OF useless RINOs
    4. Energizes the base to VOTE in 2020.

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    1. With that as background….

      I went to the Women for Trump event. The talk was by Bethany Hudson.

      THEY NEED VOLUNTEERS and HELP!!! Not just knock on the door, phone call help but people with organizational ability like daughn. AND they are HIRING…

      The best idea to come out of the meeting was by my local organizer. (With something added by me.)


      I am making this up based on what we know:

      1. Infanticide of living babies vs Heartbeat bill
      2. An Open Border +FREE Medical & College for Illegals all paid for by YOU vs Strong Border
      3. Illegals and youths free to commit crimes vs Equal Justice under the law
      4. Shipping Manufacturing and Jobs to China vs bringing Good Paying Manufacturing jobs back to USA
      5. New Green Deal……

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    1. God forbid they actually talk about policies and issues that matter to our nation! No…it’s got to be fluff, like new made-up words that will never be used.
      Intellectual midgets!

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  18. This is going to be interesting:

    Trump Admin Is Considering Using Amazon Echo And Apple Watch To Determine If Citizens Should Own A Gun


    “The Trump administration is considering a proposal that would use Google, Amazon and Apple to collect data on users who exhibit characteristics of mental illness that could lead to violent behavior, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

    The proposal is part of an initiative to create a Health Advanced Research Projects Agency (HARPA), which would be located inside the Health and Human Services Department, the report notes, citing sources inside the administration. The new agency would have a separate budget and the president would be responsible for appointing its director.

    HARPA would take after Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, which serves as the research arm for the Pentagon.”

    NOTE:“The White House declined to provide the Daily Caller News Foundation with a statement but sources told WaPo that Trump has reacted “very positively” to the proposal — it is unclear if he has seen the Safe Home idea.

    Google and Amazon have also not responded to the DCNF’s requests for comment.”


    From the FAKE NEWS WaPo article:

    “Trump has reacted “very positively” to the HARPA proposal, according to a person with knowledge of the discussions and has been “sold on the concept.””

    WaPo article is loaded with COMMIE AGIT-PROP from their “secret sources” (I WON’T link it).


    I WILL provide a link to Susan Wright Foundation(deep dive, anyone?):


      1. It looks like President Trump is drawing out the Lefties to put out NASTIER & NASTIER anti-Constitution, anti-rights stuff so voters can SEE what they actually stand for.

        He did this with DACA and took away that talking point. Now he is doing the same with the first and second amendment infringement.

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  19. Interesting to ponder. More details at the link on who some of these people are. Almost as interesting is who is NOT on the list.

    15 Former Spooks Who Work At CNN And MSNBC Now

    James Clapper, director of national intelligence under President Obama.

    Andrew McCabe, former FBI deputy director. CNN announced on Friday that McCabe would serve as a law enforcement analyst.

    James Baker, former FBI general counsel. Baker, a CNN legal analyst, left the FBI in May 2018 under a cloud of suspicion.

    Josh Campbell, former FBI aide to James Comey.

    Asha Rangappa, former FBI special agent and leading collusion conspiracy theorist.

    Steven Hall, former CIA Moscow station chief and outspoken critic of Trump.

    Phil Mudd, former FBI and CIA official.

    Susan Hennessy, former attorney for the National Security Agency.

    Samantha Vinograd, former adviser to the Obama administration’s National Security Council.

    James Gagliano, former FBI supervisory special agent. Gagliano typically discusses breaking news stories regarding active shootings, terrorism incidents. He has been an outspoken critic of both James Comey and Andrew McCabe.

    John Brennan, former CIA director.

    Frank Figliuzzi, former FBI assistant director for counterintelligence.

    Chuck Rosenberg, former chief of staff to James Comey and administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

    Malcolm Nance, former Naval chief petty officer.

    Jeremy Bash, former CIA chief of staff.

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