Dear KMAG: 20190824 Open Topic

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This Sino-Slapping Saturday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA-KMAG-KAG world.

Free Speech is practiced here at the Q Tree. But please keep it civil.

Discussion of Q is not only allowed but encouraged. Imagine that! We can talk about Q here and not get banned.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here in the January 1st open thread. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven that Wolf has created for us.

Remember – your greatest gift to President Trump is FIVE WORDS:



Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


For your listening enjoyment, I offer this composition from Ivan Torrent, titled ‘Glimmer of Hope’:


Visual descriptions for our dear Zoe, and for anyone else who may find them helpful:

Header Image: Is a view of a lone Knight on a white horse, slowly approaching on a pathway leading to a gigantic Tree. The enormous Tree is the size of a skyscraper, with a gnarled trunk and huge branches. There is a rough hillside in front of the tree…so we cannot see the base of it. Some stone ruins are off to the side of the Tree.

In the distance are some other gigantic Trees, which give us an idea of the scale of the one that the Knight is approaching. It is a sunny day with blue sky overhead and there are fluffy white clouds in the distance.

Second Image: Is a set of arched doors that come to a pointed arch at the top. One of the doors is slightly ajar. There is ornate scrolled iron-work on the doors at their hinges, that covers quite a bit of each door. A large metal circle serves as the handle on one door…the other door has a metal gate across the lower half.

There is a stone path and a couple of stone steps in front of the doors. Ivy and green vegetation are growing all around the door frame. Above the top of the doors, is a stone carving of a circular emblem of some sort. Sunlight is streaming down on this stone emblem and onto the steps leading up to the doors.

Third Image: Is an open lounge with a view, filled with comfy-looking couches and over-stuffed chairs. There are lanterns all around, on the tables, on the guard rails and on out of the way places on the floor. There is a round free-standing stucco fireplace, with a warm-looking fire crackling within it. Large branches serve as supports for the ceiling, with cross-branches forming the structure for the ceiling.

Forth Image: Is President Trump in a windbreaker jacket, with a furrowed brow and a sympathetic smile on his face, as he visits storm victims.


The Storm is here.


Some may not enjoy it.


But us Deplorables are loving the shit out of it:




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    1. This is complete and total insanity….as well as several other recent Bills in Parliament. BC human rights commission has reputation of being so far left that they run into their own butts They are insane…ask Dr. Jordan Peterson and Mark Styne and many many others.

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    1. Duchess I watched the video included in the post from yesterday about Madeline McCain and Ghislaine Maxwell!? You were right. There was a lot more to it. And I would have missed it.

      Thanks again.

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  4. IMO, it’s fine if corporations want to develop “green energy” powered transportation and electrical generation to compete with traditional fossil fuels energy. But, leave out the government subsidies. If Green or Renewable Energy is so much better, make it pay its own way and demonstrate by action how it can save money and the planet.

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    1. hubby told me about this stunt…what a scam and nothing but rich brat with too much money and time on her hands…a flotilla of support craft with her…2 private jets on the way with 8 people on board so they can crew the boat back to Europe! Trying to tell us how to live!!! Ugh…good post Andy, thanks. Hows you?

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          1. BTW, I just saw the trailer for this upcoming movie today. I guess I’ll just have to bread down in November and see it at a theater rather than wait for it to come to RedBox DVD rental.

            It really appeals to me since I’m a long time Ford guy.

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            1. Thanks for info. Originally called GT “40” to indicate measurement from ground to top of roof at 40″. Have you seen the spike in cost of these recently?


  5. About the 3:13 mark of POTUS’ departure presser last night – there was this, and I listened to confirm.

    3:13….Since my election the Dow is up from 16,000 to 25,000 so don’t tell me about 600 points”
    Go home to Mommy!!!

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    Michael Youssef, Ph.D.
    Aug 24, 2019

    turning from tarshish obedience & surrender jonah relationships
    If God Is In Control, Why Is My Life Such a Mess?

    Read Jonah 1:17 And the Lord appointed a great fish to swallow up Jonah. wAnd Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights.

    Jonah 2:10 And the Lord spoke to the fish, and it vomited Jonah out upon the dry land.

    Jonah’s prayer from the belly of the fish is honest and genuine. He doesn’t try to cover up his past failures; instead, he acknowledges his circumstances and seeks to restore his relationship with God. In repentance, Jonah desires to once again worship and serve God. “I said, ‘I have been banished from your sight; yet I will look again toward your holy temple'” Jonah 2:4

    Praising God in the midst of tough times is the secret to victory.

    Jonah also shows us how to fill our prayers with praise for God, no matter the circumstances. It is easy to praise God when we have received a blessing or when things are going well, but it is often a struggle to praise and thank God when we are surrounded by a dark storm. Yet, praising God in the midst of tough times is the secret to victory.

    Even when we don’t feel thankful for the circumstances, we can praise God for who He is as our sovereign, almighty Creator.

    Prayer: Father, help me remember to praise You, even when I am in the middle of a storm. You are worthy of all my praise, no matter my circumstances. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

    “Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God” (Psalm 42:11).

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  7. Email from Laura Loomer minus the money begging parts…..

    This was HUGE news this week!

    Earlier this year, I filed an anti-trust lawsuit against Google, Twitter, Facebook and Apple over censorship of conservative voices.

    The case was dismissed in March, but my attorney, Larry Klayman, filed an appeal with the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

    The legal teams of these Tech Goliaths attempted to have the case summarily dismissed, but on Wednesday, the court issued an order granting the appeal . . . and now we’re headed to court!

    It’s crazy to think that I sued four of the largest companies in the world – at once – and now we’re heading to a three-judge panel in Washington.

    You and I both know how the Tech Goliaths have silenced me and many other conservative voices over the years.

    There’s no denying it – but when you have unlimited resources like Google, Facebook, Apple and Twitter, it’s much easier to get away with just about anything . . . like digitally exterminating half of the country simply because they voted for President Trump.

    They’re arrogant and believe they are unbeatable.

    It reminds me of David versus Goliath.

    I’m no David, but I know that the attorneys for these Tech Giants as well as the liberal Mainstream Media are laughing at me just as Goliath laughed at David who challenged him with nothing more than a staff, a sling and a sack of stones.

    But they can laugh. Because I know, like David told Goliath, “this battle belongs to the Lord.” It belongs to you and me as we stand for what’s right.

    And Larry and I will be flying up to D.C. soon enough to prove to three judges that the largest tech companies in the world have sought to manipulate the political landscape and American culture by silencing me and other conservatives.

    When we have the court date, I’ll be sure to let you know so you can join me.

    I personally can’t wait to be in the gallery as Larry presents our case to the three judges in D.C. as a gaggle of attorneys for the Tech Goliaths try and spin their way through what’s been obvious to all of us.

    I’m determined to take this all the way to the Supreme Court if need be.

    Thank you so much for all that you do . . . and stay tuned for news about an entirely different legal case that I’m pursuing against a member of “the Squad”.


    Laura Loomer
    The Loomer Project

    P.P.S. My other case against CAIR and Twitter remains active. I’ll be sending more news about that very soon.

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    1. Anyone who thinks President Trump doesn’t work extremely hard for U.S. citizens is out of their Fredo mind.

      President Trump is well accustomed to working long hours and making difficult decisions. He is well tuned to the rigors of whatever job he takes on.

      Cuomo is just your average loony liberal who can’t get over the fact Hillary lost the election.

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  8. AAANNNDDD from
    First: article about 2 women, U.S. citizens who live In QUEENS, convicted of domestic terrorism:
    “Two women plead guilty I plot to commit terror attack in US”
    They pled Not Guilty when first nabbed, then the evidence became overwhelming against them. They wanted to kil American LE and military. One of the women posted her online manifesto about being a “martyr” and that suicide by terror attack “guaranteed entrance into heaven” (Islamic heaven)
    Second: Credit to The New York Times: JOE WALSH, so-called “Republican” who is going to try and primary POTUS in 2020, is courting GEORGE CONWAY into taking a “senior position” in his “campaign”.

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    1. Color me skeptical about the guy receiving a “dossier” saying RBG passed 24 hours ago. (Just that word is suspicious.) Who would be circulating it? If Repubs, why would they be passing around a dossier instead of announcing the truth about the death and getting on with the things that must be done after such an unfortunate occurrence?

      As for the Dems “trying to create a contingency plan” to keep POTUS from nominating another justice, we all know they will try anything, so that’s not news. And we also know that any plan involving covering up a death and using a body double is out of the question. This is real life, not a movie.

      Regarding their trying to get “another Christine Blasey,” how can they know whom to get or even what gender when they don’t know who the nominee would be? (And why doesn’t this guy know that her last name was Ford?) I have no doubt they’re working on every contingency (for Amy Coney Barrett, a male nominee, etc.), but there’s no way to know at this point what tactic would be best.

      I hope people on our side are not so desperate for bombshell news that we become gullible and subject to being conned.

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  9. Imagine your teen is on the Cross Country team. They run miles in loops around town. And on one of those loops, going over a bridge, a “homeless” transient stops him and then attempts to throw him off the bridge.
    SHE didnt succeed, but now this opens up liability concerns for the school, supervision of a minor, etc.

    Thanks Guv Newsom and leftists.

    “A woman was arrested after she assaulted two high school boys and tried to push one over a bridge in the Ladera Ranch area Friday, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department said.

    Stephanie Redondo, 23, is seen in a photo provided by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department on Aug. 24, 2019.

    The boys, part of Capistrano Valley High School’s cross-country team, were running on Crown Valley Parkway between O’Neill Drive and Jardines at about 4 p.m. when the woman assaulted them, authorities said.

    Deputies responded to the area after multiple callers reported someone trying to jump off the Crown Valley Parkway bridge. When they arrived, they found that the woman had grabbed one of the boys and tried to push him off the bridge safety railing, Orange County officials said.

    The boys managed to fight her off and were not seriously injured, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

    “Thankfully the juvenile victims and witnesses reacted swiftly, and no one sustained serious physical injury from this incident,” the Sheriff’s Department said on Twitter. “This is an important reminder of how quickly a situation can escalate and that personal safety should always be top-of-mind.”

    The woman, described as transient and identified as 23-year-old Stephanie Redondo, was arrested on an attempted murder charge and booked into an Orange County jail, officials said. Her bail was set at $500,000, according to county inmate records.

    Redondo’s arraignment was scheduled for Aug. 27.”

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  10. I hope this ends well.

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  11. Thank you wheatie or today’s post, I enjoy the pictures, they are wonderful … I’d love to be in their midst … comfy inside too .. oh LOVE the door …

    God bless you sweetheart .. ❤️ .. 🙂

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          1. Hi Filly!
            It’s good to see you…you’ve been missed!

            There has been a problem lately with comments landing in the Spam Bin.
            So maybe that’s what has happened to some of yours, too?

            Anyway, don’t be a stranger.
            I hope you’ll see your way to come back and join us again.

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    1. Hmmm. Could keep the Mozzies tied up for a while, what with him trying to “clear the planet” and them trying to put the planet under Sharia Law…

      Watch out for those clams, volcanos, overts, withholds, engrams, and that fellow Xenu. Maybe you and the Mohammedans can have a BBQ at the “Wall of Fire”… Set your e-meters on rare, very rare, because with LRH, NOTHING is well done…

      R.I.P. Lisa McPherson…



    All Zero quotes~
    No nation, however large or small, wealthy or poor, can escape the impact of climate change. Rising sea levels threaten every coastline. More powerful storms and floods threaten every continent. (10 yrs ago)

    The science is beyond dispute and the facts are clear. Sea levels are rising. Coastlines are shrinking.

    [W]e’ll continue to see rising oceans, longer, hotter heat waves, dangerous droughts and floods. (7yrs ago)

    Barry said that about seven years before he spent $15 million for a home on … the ocean.

    The Obamas are literally investing $15 million in the fact that Global Warming is a hoax

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    1. Just think of how much we all are spending (collectively) for the same thing…

      Speaking of collectively, that $15 Million is probably our money, too…


  13. Mom sues county for giving her minor son sex change without her consent
    July 24, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — The Minnesota mother whose son was maneuvered through a “sex change” by county officials has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review her case. She is charging the government with usurping her parental rights when its agents provided her son with transgender services and narcotic drugs against her wishes.

    The Thomas More Society petitioned the High Court Wednesday on behalf of Anmarie Calgaro, arguing that Calgaro’s due process rights were “trampled on” when St. Louis County and its referred health providers “ended her parental control over her minor son without a court order of emancipation.”

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  14. Major suspicious cat alert!!!!
    This is the first time I read this. Molly will remember the woman on Cironadi island that suppisedly bound then hung herself after killing a millionaires child.

    The exact same team that drew those conclusions are the ones investigating Epsteins death. San Diego royally screwed up tge McStay family murders also(look that one up).

    This is unbelievable.

    “On July 13 of 2011, Rebecca Zahau was found dead outside the Coronado home of her boyfriend. She had apparently been hung from a second-story balcony. Her wrists and ankles were bound, and she had a shirt stuffed into her mouth as a gag. She had suffered four instances of head trauma, and a knife was found at the scene with her menstrual blood on the handle. The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department ruled her death a suicide.

    Oddly, Zahau’s family has long questioned the ruling, which Sheriff’s spokesman Ed DeNile called “as plain as the bloodied, broken, but not criminally suspicious nose on your face.” So it is perhaps not surprising to hear that members of that family, as a corollary to their recent announcement of a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Zahau’s killer, expressed dismay at the news that the same team of investigators had been called in to help with the case of Jeffrey Epstein. The wealthy sex offender, pedophile, and alleged trafficker was found hung in his cell on August 10, after allegedly telling a friend he had compromising information about prominent, wealthy, and powerful former associates.

    “Am I the only one taking crazy pills here?” asked Zahau’s cousin Amory Zahau-Zapruder, apparently echoing a scene from the Ben Stiller film Zoolander. “You get another case where there are signs of strangulation prior to hanging, and you call in the same clowns who pulled a Colonel Klink in San Diego?” But officials with the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York where Epstein died said they “saw nothing” amiss with the unprecedented collaboration”

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