Cornered Opposition: Understanding The History of Dragon Fuckage with The Eagle

If you want to play in the big leagues, you have to know what strategies the other side plays TIME and TIME and TIME again.


Knowing that the FAKE NEWS is actually on China’s side helps.

Knowing that the FAKE NEWS has been there a LONG, LONG TIME helps even more.

Playing long ball against the TREASON-FUCKS in our own communist press takes nerves of steel, but when you wait for THEIR delicious melt-downs, when the WINNING comes home, it’s worth it all.

And then they go home and have a sad.

Sorry, BABE. No uranium today. Not for YOU, China, OR “Russia”.

Put some Formula 1619 on it, you socialist RACIALIST creeps. Trust me, it WON’T WORK.

Welcome to realpolitik. Where WOLF MOON lets them all have it, as FUTURE PROVES PAST, and every single communist crime they committed is dug out of the grave and thrown on the sidewalk for photographs.

OK. Let’s get on with today’s lesson.

Today we are going to dig up CHINA’S BODIES – and in particular, STEFAN HALPER.

What is happening right now, is that CHINA is DESPERATELY trying to play the SAME GAME that it played VERY SUCCESSFULLY against Richard Nixon, and was NEVER, EVER called on. DRAGON LADY in PANDA MASK *NEVER* had to pay the piper for what she did to President Richard Nixon.

A clean getaway.

WELLLLLLLL – almost a clean getaway. Thanks to the fact that we now fully understand the NIXON TAKE-DOWN MODEL, we are still saying PRESIDENT TRUMP, and will continue to say PRESIDENT TRUMP for QUITE SOME TIME. Long after 2020. Maybe even long after 2024.

China in the 1950s and 1960s was generally weak on a global scale, but they had a variety of USABLE BAD CARDS, and what they did was to simply take their time and play their hand of low cards to a straight flush which BEAT NIXON’S FACE CARDS.

Here was China’s bad hand:

  • military weakness was not immediately threatening
    • not globally threatening
    • locally winning (Korea, Vietnam)
  • China had takeover leverage in THREE nations of Indochina
  • China-Vietnam divide false meme willingly parroted by American press
  • engaging China means that “the West won” (sugary heroin disinformation)
  • Skousen (“The Naked Communist”) advice against China trade now mocked
  • China deal as “rescue” of Nixon is parroted by American press
  • China had NO obvious influence in the West – zero suspicions
  • Western press actively supports Marxist memes yet swears it doesn’t
  • globalist diplomats and Kissinger are “all in” on deal – cannot buck the herd
  • CIA faction hidden alliance with KGB allows internal pressures and plots
  • serious Soviet infiltration of FBI allows even more internal pressures and plots
  • secret West-coast brain-washing program utterly undiscovered
  • large population allowed many mythical propaganda memes
    • huge market – make money in China
    • cheap labor – make money in China
    • population bomb – WEST MUST ENGAGE
    • China can be tempted to capitalism against the will of the CCP
    • Chinese students – risks unseen by Marxist-influenced US academia

China did what China always does – a WAR OF INFLUENCE WITH AN AMERICAN FACE.

China never loses face, because only AMERICAN TRAITOR FACES do any losing.

Kinda slick, ain’t it? This is why the American traitor faces need some bitch-slap.

The REALLY BIG STICK that China carried was the Vietnam war.

Yes, even though it wasn’t Nixon’s, the combination of useful idiot protesters and FAKE NEWS could make it HIS FAULT.

Slick, isn’t it? This is why TRUMP tells the FAKE NEWS to go to hell from the very beginning. He NEVER allows them to get leverage.

The Vietnam War was basically created by the CIA, against the will and advice of the best and brightest in the American military. It took many years for most of us to see the CIA’s real hand in their PLANNED FAILURE OPERATIONS, but there you are. JFK saw it, after he was CORNERED by his own CIA on Bay of Pigs, and was then wised up, after the fact, by the military. Sadly, JFK paid the price of knowing that the CIA needed work, but also thinking that they would just let such work happen.

RFK was also involved in this conversation, per whistleblower / leaker / discloser Col. Philip J. Corso. Do the math.

These people do NOT play games. As long as they think they can get away with it for long enough, it is ON THE TABLE.

The sickest part? BLAME THE VICTIM – a communist specialty. The military knew that it had been suckered into a losing, political war, but the worst part is that their frank talk about it would end up being leveled against them by the same communist press that would help China and Russia take out Nixon shortly thereafter.

It’s rather sad that our military didn’t understand how to fight a largely political war against our communist enemies back in the 1960s, but the truth is, the military was not ready to fight THE ENEMY WITHIN.

They are now. When I watched a line of generals in a Senate hearing let Manchurian Candidate McCain berate them for not “taking the bait” in Syria, I KNEW that we had finally overcome that deficit.

Many more politically oriented people like me have always felt that WATERGATE was China’s big leverage on Nixon, but Pentagon insider Col. Philip J. Corso, with security clearances up to MAJESTIC levels (meaning UFOs with bodies) during the Kennedy administration, believed that VIETNAM was the big stick that forced Nixon to cut a deal with China.

I am starting to believe him.

(There you go – today’s press in 1969, milling around the communists who brainwashed them.)

I remember the ONE black girl in my class warning us about cultural Marxist brainwashing through music back then, and nobody would listen to her, because we could not believe we had already been brainwashed. I look back on it, and she was like that poor girl in the final scene of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Yet here I am now, WOKE AS ALL HELL, dropping megatons of TRUTH on their communist mind-fuckery.

See? That’s the great part of our current situation. It’s never too late to wake up from socialism. And best of all, the CURE is VIRAL.

Back to Nixon.

Watergate, using CIA bait malfeasance and useful idiots in FBI, along with a duplicitous, partisan, yet self-deluded press as mouthpieces – thinking themselves non-partisan heroes – set up Nixon just like they would TRY to set up Trump, years later.

Corso was right. VIETNAM was the big prod to get Nixon into China’s forced negotiation, all lovingly arranged by the CIA. But WATERGATE was both the FINAL INCENTIVE and the coup de grâce.


This is why the commies have been absolutely DESPERATE to get Trump into a war. Nothing has worked, because we KNOW how the script works.

Watch China on Hong Kong. Just keep an eye on it. It’s THEIR problem, but they will try EVERY TRICK IN THE BOOK and use EVERY SHILL in America to make it OURS.

Imagine – just IMAGINE – the mistakes that are simply waiting to be made by China.

Aren’t you glad we have TRUMP in the White House? Yeah.

Back to history.

It’s important to see who shows up in Watergate.

You know, I could swear that SOME WOMAN WHO LOOKS JUST LIKE THIS ONE took a bunch of Chinese money. Maybe I’m mistaken, but I COULD HAVE SWORN.

But that’s just for starters. Let’s get CLOSER TO NIXON.

Stefan Halper?

You mean the same CIA Stefan Halper who set up a combination LEVERAGE and DISINFORMATION campaign to influence, herd, and corner Ronald Reagan on behalf of Bush, Sr., during the Carter-Reagan transition? Who tried to “dirty up” spotless Ronald Reagan?

Stefan Halper?

You mean SPYGATE Stefan Halper, who tried to corner and FRAME Candidate and then PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump?


Which is not to say that SpyGate is an actual thing, since Wikipedia, to which I will never again donate, says it’s all just a “conspiracy theory”.

Stefan Halper?

You mean, Stefan Halper, who actually KNEW Bill Clinton back during his “slightly rapey” London days? (Most people theorize that London was Slick Willy’s FIRST rape, for those who are new to Bill “Beelzebubba” Clinton.)

Seriously – Stalin’s communist psychopath Lavrentiy Beria sleeping off one of his pedophilic secret police Russian schoolgirl rape-fests could not dream up this gang of nogoodniks.


Stefan Halper?

You mean, Stefan Halper, who tried to infiltrate Trump’s CHINA TEAM by going through Peter Navarro and the State Department?

And no – I am NOT kidding.

Of course, the evil Axios tried to pull REVERSO on this, and make it look like the hoodwinked Navarro was trying to undermine Trump. NASTY.


Stefan Halper?

You mean Stefan Halper, who traveled through China to visit Tibet (how in the hell did he arrange THAT?) in a kind of “Western bona fides” way during Bill Clinton’s administration?


Stefan Halper?

You mean Stefan Halper, who set up George Papadopoulos with DIRT to frame Trump, provided by Alexander Downer, the former Huawei board member?


So yes – THIS Stefan Halper – with all this FUTURE PROVES PAST “China history”, just happens to be the SAME Stefan Halper who was ONE EAR AWAY FROM NIXON – with that ear being a rather familiar name – JOHN EHRLICHMAN.

Now – I need to explain that I could have SWORN that I found a very clear WEB PAGE LINK between these two names back when the name “Stefan Halper” first appeared, but I simply CANNOT find it now. It’s not in my bookmarks – it’s not in my screenshots – it’s not in my history. I cannot find it on the internet using any search engine. So let’s just assume that I may have been wrong.

Nevertheless, it is possible to show in a straightforward fashion that Halper worked under Ehrlichman. I can’t connect Halper to Ehrlichman in one link, but I can get close.

Before working for Cambridge University, Halper worked for the White House from 1971 to 1977. He served under both Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. He was domestic counsel and assistant chief of staff during that time.

Though there was nothing illegal about ex-CIA officials uniting to put a former CIA Director in the Oval Office, the paper said “there are some rumblings of uneasiness in the intelligence network.” It specifically identified Cline as one of the most prominent CIA official working openly for Bush, noting that he “recommended his son-in-law, Stefan A. Halper, a former Nixon White House aide, be hired as Bush’s director of policy development and research.”

After earning his doctorate from the University of Oxford in 1971, Halper quickly ascended, serving on the White House domestic policy council for President Richard M. Nixon and then in the Office of Management and Budget before being tapped as an assistant to President Gerald Ford’s chief of staff. According to a document from Ford’s presidential library, part of Halper’s job was assessing domestic political candidates, such as Jimmy Carter, for high-ranking staffers in the West Wing.

The Stanford and Oxford-educated Halper started his career in government in 1971 as a member of President Richard Nixon’s Domestic Policy Council. The foreign policy expert served as the Office of Management and Budget’s Assistant Director of Management and Evaluation Division between 1973-1974. Halper then served as an assistant to all three of President Gerald Ford’s Chief of Staffs — Alexander Haig, Donald Rumsfeld, and Dick Cheney — until 1977.

Halper’s first wife was the daughter of the prominent former CIA analyst Ray S. Cline, who worked alongside President John F. Kennedy during the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 and mentored Halper, introducing him to associates in the intelligence and political worlds, according to numerous people familiar with their relationship.

After earning his doctorate from the University of Oxford in 1971, Halper quickly ascended, serving on the White House domestic policy council for President Richard M. Nixon and then in the Office of Management and Budget before being tapped as an assistant to President Gerald Ford’s chief of staff. According to a document from Ford’s presidential library, part of Halper’s job was assessing domestic political candidates, such as Jimmy Carter, for high-ranking staffers in the West Wing.

WOW! There is a TON of sparky smoke, but where is the fire? It’s like I can’t even find his JOB or his BOSS under Nixon any more.

Let’s go back to Wikipedia and see EXACTLY what they did to hide the Ehrlichman connection. I don’t remember FOR SURE where I found the connection, but let’s begin with Halper’s page.

Halper began his United States government career in 1971 in the United States Domestic Policy Council, part of the executive office of the president, serving until 1973.[6] He then served in the office of management and budget until 1974, when he moved to the office of the White House chief of staff as assistant to the chief of staff where he had responsibility for a range of domestic and international issues. During this time, Halper worked as an assistant for three chiefs of staff, Alexander HaigDonald Rumsfeld, and Dick Cheney. He held this position until January 20, 1977.[6]

You will notice that they link up to the United States Domestic Policy Council – a bit of a waffle, since if you follow that link, it says the organization began in 1985. Very “Snopes”. This is the infamous “date” cover-up. You have to read more deeply to see that – OH YEAH – an organization by the same name existed less officially under Nixon, who began it.

Sneaky. Screen-shotting this time:

Well, can we link STANFORD LAW SCHOOL GRAD (cough, cough) Ehrlichman with STANFORD UNDERGRAD (cough, cough) Halper WITHOUT help from Wikipedia?

He does appear in a variety of government documents in the 1970’s, if you dig around:

However, nothing comes up during the Nixon years.

But if we do go looking for the Domestic Policy Council in other places, we can definitely see that the head honcho was Ehrlichman:

In late 1969, White House reorganization substantially weakened the Council for Urban Affairs by subsuming it under John Ehrlichman’s Domestic Council, and, in June 1970, it was terminated by Executive Order 11541.

So these Nixon insiders are calling it the “Domestic Council”, and are saying very clearly that the BOSS is Ehrlichman.

Let’s compare THAT to Stefan Halper’s own words, on “Stef’s” own site:

“Domestic Council”! Exact same “insider” abbreviation. So HALPER worked under EHRLICHMAN.

So we have PROVEN that Stanford grad John Ehrlichman was the top boss of the White House office that hired Stanford grad and *covert* CIA agent Stefan Halper in 1971.

Kinda light on details during those Nixon years. Particularly that critical 1971-1973 timeframe when I strongly suspect that having a covert CIA man in an illegal domestic operation underneath John Ehrlichman – a trusted fellow alum – ready to plant “whatever” – would have been very useful in making sure Nixon fell.

And, just to put a finer point on the “school chum” thing, take a look at Ehrlichman and Haldeman, both UCLA ’48 grads, both FRIENDS at UCLA, both Eagle Scouts, both Christian Scientists, etc. I mean, the CIA simply HAD to know what they were doing here.


Do I think that the WORM Stefan “Stef” Halper wormed his ChiCom-assisting ass up high in the Nixon White House – even if only by bubbling his uppers with disinformation? To say nothing of leaving a few goodies laying around? Hmmmmm. Gotta think real hard about that one.

Let’s just say that the IDEA that Stefan “Covert CIA Operative Apparently In An Illegal Domestic Political Operation” Halper might have been involved in Watergate seems somewhat plausible.


Anyway, while I was digging, I did find something useful. A guy who seems to have been screaming about the treasonous take-down of Nixon for years.


You will notice that there are NO Chinese faces here, in any parts of this story.

So let’s add some now.

THIS is Sun Tzu. The war was over before the first battle.

So how do you beat an enemy that has almost 50 years of CURRENT advantage?

How do you even beat a culture with a military history that that goes back 5000 years?

Interesting problem.

Maybe somebody knows the answer.


121 thoughts on “Cornered Opposition: Understanding The History of Dragon Fuckage with The Eagle

  1. Wow…great work, boss!

    Sooo much to digest here.

    That Patrick Byrne guy speaks/reads Chinese…did you catch that?
    Just another one of those things that make ya go “Hmmm”.

    “Racialist” <– such a good word!
    It's a perfect word for all the race-baiters and Loserfarians who accuse people of being 'racist' to shut them down.

    And…to your question:
    "How do you even beat a culture with a military history that that goes back 5000 years?"

    With a Space Force?

    And also with millions of pissed-off Chinese people who are sick and tired of being under communist rule?

    The Chinese people are not our enemy.
    It’s the ChiComs who are.

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    1. Interesting about Byrne. Definitely “Hmmmmm.”

      In the language wars, I choose to go on offense, and differentiate “racialists” from “racists”. It’s a word we can win with.

      I choose the Mychal Massie definition of racialists: people who make EVERYTHING about race. The ones who scream “racist” about everything.

      These “1619” people are textbook “racialists” under this definition, which has been active since the 1990’s.

      They also hate being called racialists. They know they are not “racists” by their own definition, but they know that they COULD be made to be something else, in their obsession about race.

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      1. They hate being called “racialists”?

        Hah. I’ll bet they do.
        All the more reason to call them that!

        The fact that they hate it means that it is spot on.

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        1. Exactly.

          FAKE NEWS is now actively trying to equate “racialist” with “racist”, which it may or may not be, depending upon one’s view of language and history, but that’s OK – WE CHOOSE to use it to describe these race-obsessed communists, who PRESERVE and FOMENT racism (their definition) with their own racialism (our definition).

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      2. Man how did Albert Mohler’s pandering to these SJW idiots end up in a post about Nixon and China?

        DANG, it’s almost like someone was running some kind of plan to infiltrate the Southern Baptist Convention with the intent of throwing the 2020 election or something…

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        1. Keep in mind Wolf – during the SBC annual meeting in June… oh man the dirty… Someone submitted a resolution to the committee in opposition to Critical Race Theory…


          Does 1619 make more sense now? Make all the SBC feels teh guilty and cowardly succomb to the racialist steamroller?

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            1. Make them vote ChinaDemocrat; if not that just make them not vote…

              That was what Zack Exley wanted – as we discussed with Daughn and JD Hall went public with at P&P…

              Strategy deployed AND working…

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              1. “The enemy is using Christ’s teaching against us.”


                It is not Christ’s teaching that is the problem.

                If people knew their Bibles, and stuck to their guns according to what God’s Word says, what could the enemy possibly do against us?

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            2. “The Christian church has been turned on its head.”


              Or does it turn itself on its head?

              Every doctrine, every practice, every tradition, every creed for which there is no Authority in God’s Word is error, by definition.

              Error is opportunity for subversion.

              But even without intentional subversion, over time, error begets error. For example, if people ‘add’ some thing to worship that is found nowhere in Scripture, it may (should) get resistance from those who know better.

              But if those who resist this addition are overcome, and the error becomes part of that congregation’s worship, the next generation will view that error as ‘correct’, or ‘tradition’, and eventually that error will become the foundation for some other error.

              Extrapolate the process over a hundred years, or 500 years, or 1,500 years. Over and over again, on as many subjects as you can think of. You could easily end up so far removed from the Christian church of the 1st century that it would be unrecognizable to a 1st century Christian — and more importantly, unrecognizable to Christ.

              And if that’s not a problem, then I don’t know what is.

              If we do only what God’s Word actually says — not more, and not less — we are protected from error. But that can’t happen unless the whole congregation knows their Bibles. Because if you KNOW your Bible, you will RECOGNIZE when something isn’t right.

              That doesn’t mean one must be a Bible scholar, or a trained professional clergyman (btw, there is no Authority for a separate ‘clergy’ in Scripture…). You only have to FAMILIAR enough with Scripture to NOTICE when something isn’t right.

              It’s similar to music. For example, we may not know every word to Hotel California by memory (especially if the song isn’t playing when you’re trying to remember the words), BUT — if you heard someone singing it (e.g., a cover band), and they ADDED some line to the song, it would stick out like a sore thumb, it would smack you in the face, you couldn’t NOT notice that they just put their own lyric in there where it didn’t belong!

              Likewise (although less obvious), if they SKIPPED a verse of the song, you would almost certainly notice THAT, too.

              It’s no different with Scripture, except that the ‘song’ (i.e., the Bible) is a lot longer than the average 3.5 minute rock & roll song.

              But if you have read the Bible at least several times, chances are you’re going to notice when someone asserts something that isn’t IN there, and if you don’t notice it, SOMEBODY else will, if everybody in the congregation is familiar with their Bible.

              We don’t have to be perfect or have perfect knowledge, we rely on each other — so if one of us misses it, someone else will catch it.

              But that only works if the congregation, everybody, knows their Bible.

              Not by memorization (although that’s great for those who can do it), but by being familiar enough with the Bible to recognize when something being taught or practiced isn’t right, because it isn’t ‘in there’.

              So back to the original comment, “The Christian church has been turned on its head.”

              That sentence is phrased in such a way that the church has been ‘acted upon’, as though it was some external force that has ‘turned’ it on its head.

              Maybe so, but it could never happen if we didn’t allow it.

              If we stuck to the Manual, if we didn’t do MORE than the Manual (the Bible) says, and we didn’t do LESS than the Manual says, then how would it be possible to turn the church on its head?

              The short answer is, it wouldn’t be.

              It’s so… simple.

              But I can say it a thousand different ways, and it won’t make any difference, because most people just can’t hear it.

              It is very similar, in a way, to the whole ‘red pill / blue pill’ concept.

              You can’t ‘make’ someone take the ‘red pill’. All you can do is let them know it’s there, whenever they’re ready, if they ever are.

              But until they do, they won’t see or hear or understand.

              Or to say it another way, they won’t have eyes to see or ears to hear.

              Like Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’. You’re not getting through it.

              And there’s nothing I can do to change it… and that’s very frustrating and depressing sometimes!

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          1. “Keep in mind Wolf – during the SBC annual meeting in June… oh man the dirty… Someone submitted a resolution to the committee in opposition to Critical Race Theory…


            Does 1619 make more sense now? Make all the SBC feels teh guilty and cowardly succomb to the racialist steamroller?”


            They are using our own error against us.

            Don’t think of it as a ‘judgment’ or a criticism, but from an opportunistic standpoint.

            If there was no annual meeting or ‘Convention’, they couldn’t have gotten away with it — because there would have been no opportunity to corrupt.

            If there had been no resolutions accepted, they couldn’t have gotten away with it — , they could not have gotten away with it — there would have been no opportunity to corrupt.

            If there was no ‘resolution committee’ to submit resolutions too, they couldn’t have gotten away with it — because there would have been no opportunity to corrupt.

            Why do these opportunities to corrupt even exist?

            Look at the pattern and example for the Lord’s church in Scripture, the pattern and example of the 1st century.

            Where is the Authority (command, example or necessary inference) for an annual meeting or convention?

            Where is the Authority (command, example or necessary inference) for members of the church to submit resolutions?

            Where is the Authority (command, example or necessary inference) for a resolution committee?

            Do you see?

            If there is no Authority in God’s Word for these things to be part of the management of the church, then why are we doing them?

            If we were NOT doing them, we would not be giving the enemy an easy or soft target to subvert, would we?

            What you described above could not happen where I am a member. Literally could not happen. Every congregation is autonomous, as in Scripture (and in the 1st century), so there is no ‘convention’, annual or otherwise… there is no centralized governing body of any kind that exercises any control or Authority over other congregations — expressly and specifically because there is no example of pattern for that type of organizational structure in God’s Word for the Lord’s church.

            If there was, we would do it.

            There isn’t, so we don’t.

            There are no ‘committees’, because there is no pattern or example for such a thing. Imagine the can of worms ‘committees’ necessarily opens up?

            Who has authority to create a committee?

            Who goes on the committee?

            What are the qualifications to be ON the committee?

            How are committee members chosen?

            The answers to these questions and many others won’t be coming from Scripture, they won’t be coming from any pattern or example or command in God’s Word, it will have to be 100% made up by Men.

            And it has always, always, ALWAYS been the doctrines, commandments and traditions of Men — that which cannot be found anywhere in God’s Word — that provides the entrance for corruption and sin.


            From the beginning.

            Is it possible for Man to improve on God’s design for His church, to do better than what God has done? Man may have the audacity to attempt such a thing, but does Man have the wisdom, the knowledge, the perspective to do better than God did?

            If the answer is ‘no’, then why are we doing it?

            If we look at everything our church does, and ask a simple question — can I open a Bible and point to book, chapter and verse for the Authority to do this thing? — I think many people will be astonished at how often the answer is ‘no’.

            If we cut all that stuff OUT, all of the things for which there is no Authority in God’s Word to be doing in His church, we would remove a tremendous volume of opportunity for the enemy to corrupt.

            Like closing and locking the doors.

            If we do things according to God’s way, then evil has to defeat God.

            But if we do things according to our own doctrines, commandments and traditions of men, then evil only has to defeat Man.

            And Man is easy for evil to defeat.

            God is not.

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            1. Take a look at the tweets I just posted on today’s open. They’re about a NYT promoted tweet on an article linking SUGAR and AMERICA to SLAVERY. It’s just WEIRD.

              I had a breakthrough in looking at these people.

              They are “taking on sins without forgiveness”. It’s CREEPY once you realize what they’re doing.

              This is the work of mind control. I swear – that is what this stuff is. It’s MASS MIND CONTROL.

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            2. HEhe I like your thinking. The reality is that many SBC member churches are drawing the same conclusions and are leaving the convention. Membership by the local church body is voluntary, after all!

              The problem is that the leftists know they are going to lose members. They’ve already weaponized a sex abuse scandal against SBC churches via the newspapers and they’ve already fired shots across the bow that they’re going to go after independent (unaffiliated) baptist churches as well.

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              1. “HEhe I like your thinking. The reality is that many SBC member churches are drawing the same conclusions and are leaving the convention. Membership by the local church body is voluntary, after all!”


                That is good to hear, the answers for how the Lord’s church is to function and how it is structurally organized are all right there in the New Testament.


                “The problem is that the leftists know they are going to lose members. They’ve already weaponized a sex abuse scandal against SBC churches via the newspapers and they’ve already fired shots across the bow that they’re going to go after independent (unaffiliated) baptist churches as well.”


                It will be much more difficult to go after individual unaffiliated congregations, because they can’t all be tarred with one brush, as the enemy can do when they are all affiliated.

                If the enemy comes at them on the local level, all they have to do is stand on the truth of God’s Word and not yield.

                Let God’s Word do the heavy lifting. Nobody defends God better than God, and His Word.

                Whenever someone attacks ME for doing what God’s Word plainly says, what they are really doing, ultimately, is attacking God. Their argument is with God, and they can never win that argument, but they might (possibly) ‘win’ an argument with me, so that’s what they’ll try to do.

                That’s when I say “It truly doesn’t matter, at all, what I think about ‘___fill in the blank___’.

                I’m not God, and I didn’t make the rules. If you have a problem with God or His rules, then you really need to take that up with Him, and leave me out of it. In the meantime, until He says differently, I’ll be following Him — not you, m’kay? You have a good day now, you hear?”


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              2. The other interesting thing about the autonomous nature of the Lord’s church, by pattern and example in Scripture, is that it protects the Lord’s church.

                It’s like independent ‘cells’.

                If the enemy takes one congregation out, the others continue on their mission, unaffected, without any need for contact from an ‘umbrella’ organization. Their orders are already known and contained in the Bible.

                Conversely, in a human model or pattern where there is an ‘umbrella’ organization that has authority over all of the congregations, if the enemy can take out the ‘umbrella’ organization, it wipes out everybody.

                Or if the enemy infiltrates the ‘umbrella’ organization, subverting it, that subversion is pushed down into all of the associated congregations that are subject to the authority of the ‘umbrella’ organization.

                If a church is organized according to the pattern and example in Scripture, that could never happen.

                If the enemy infiltrated the church at Corinth, causing it to apostatize, the church at Ephesus would continue on unhindered. If the enemy got to the church at Ephesus, the churches at Thessalonica, Thyatira, Laodicea, etc. would continue on their mission without pause.

                If they were all under the Authority of one ‘umbrella’ organization, then the church could be ‘decapitated’ if the enemy can take out (or infiltrate, or subvert into apostasy) the one main ‘umbrella’ organization.

                The head of the local church congregation is Christ, not some man or group of men in a far away place.

                And Christ cannot be decapitated!

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    2. If you still have young kids, I would recommend you have them learn a tonal language in that “magic period” (roughly 2-7) when they can learn languages like a native and have perfect pitch. I’ve tried to deal with Mandarin as an adult and have been an abject failure. Accordingly, I tend not to comment regarding people’s fluency with Chinese, ’cause I can’t hear it.

      That said, I’m intrigued that Patrick Byrne speaks Chinese. There may be a tale behind that.

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      1. Wonder how many languages Baron Trump speaks?
        When Dad transferred to New Orleans, in my new school, French and Latin were mandatory. I was a little jealous of the other kids, since they had French from 1st grade.
        Never forgot that disadvantage.
        Flash forward.
        You’re going to laugh. We had a Ukrainian physician in town, immigrated to the USA and somehow ended up in Mississippi. She wanted to be a practicing physician here but had several years of additional study/not sure about details/qualifications to get through.
        The brother of a girlfriend had fallen in love with her. He married her, but she was unhappy. She could only get a job at local nursing home for minimum wage and was looking for something else to do.
        I jumped.
        Gunner was about 18 months old.
        I hired her as Gunner’s “nanny”, although we were all here, most of the time. I told her to bring her books, study outloud, and teach my son to speak/read/understand Russian.
        That lasted until he went into kindergarten.
        Flash forward.
        Between 10th-11th grade, he was nominated for a STARS program, run by grants from NSA for high school kids to take univ classes in “desirable” languages – Russian/Mandarin/Urdu/Farsi, etc.
        NSA pays full boat and “probably” tags the kids to follow them.
        Univ of Washington headed up the Russian program, but they were looking for children of Russian families now settled in the USA, where Russian might be spoken at home. Full blown interview required. Second year would have taken the kids to the International Space Station launch facility — in Russia.
        Sounds cool, right?
        Gunner had not touched Russian since a toddler – sailed through.
        You’re right Dep, it comes back.
        There is something magical about those early years and imprinting a foreign language.

        Gunner ended up doing the Mandarin course instead – and today, he curses well in Mandarin (haha), and he helped me a lot with the biz in China. I could not work out 8 weeks of a hotel/lodging in Seattle area, and he was too young to rent a car/etc.

        Liked by 5 people

          1. The MAGIC AGE is 12.

            Languages learned before the age of twelve are learned without an accent.

            I only lived in Westchester county for 5 years 9 to 13 but THAT is my accent and has been ID as such more than once by people who specialize in that stuff.

            Of course the earlier languages are learned the better. My German teacher’s kids got French from one set of grandparents, German from another Italian from mom and English from dad. So they grew up knowing four languages.

            Liked by 2 people

      1. There was such hatred of Nixon spewing from them it was awful to listen to the news. So much sounded “off.” Add to that the protests! Wow, one couldn’t escape the vitriol.

        Liked by 5 people

        1. It was MASS MK. If you own the media, and people have it as their baseline of reality, you can do almost anything. PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT.

          Mix in what Gail said about Kent State. It was a CONTROL EVENT. It was a FERGUSON of its time.

          Liked by 5 people

            1. The media controlled EVERYTHING people thought. When they said “we can’t talk openly about communism in America – to do so is un-American” – they cleared the playing field for the Soviets, except militarily. Political communism had free rein.

              After JFK, when they created a “hidden subtext” of “We can’t say the Soviets did this – it might start a nuclear war” – again, they made a part of reality “off-limits”.

              When they said “The Birchers are irredeemable – the Minutemen are irredeemable – Barry Goldwater is irredeemable” – we accepted the mind control.

              When they said “You cannot talk about the occult as reality except through OUR portrayals in Hollywood movies – where WE set the level of fiction” – we accepted the mind control.

              ALL PSYCHOLOGY.

              So you see – even SIMPLE REALITIES were “off-limits”.

              The media EVEN WEAPONIZED THE SILENCE ON UFO to tilt more toward THEIR purposes than the military’s. Very cunning.

              Liked by 4 people

              1. I remember it quite well. By 1972 the only access to real news for me anyway wound up being Review of the News, the precursor of The New American mag, a JB publication. That became suspect for me when I got a strange phone call from a friend of a friend who turned me onto the Review. The friend of a friend made racist and anti Jew innuendos and I turned her off fast. But first she invited me to a meeting of sorts, but something about it sounded cloak and dagger.

                Liked by 1 person

        1. To me, the story of how two EAGLE SCOUTS got twisted into serious legal trouble is astounding – yet this exact script of control through generated legal scandal (probably using better technology) was run roughly 10 years later in the CA3 scandal. So I’m suspicious just of the STARTING scenario.

          I believe that Nixon was under EXTRAORDINARY surveillance by both the CIA and [manipulated Hoover] FBI, and that is how the Deep State / CIA could generate SCRIPTS to bring him down.

          Nixon tried several times to make the CIA BTFO by threatening (to the right people) release of JFK “Bay of Pigs” information, which most regarded as code for “JFK assassination” info. His empty threat did not work. I suspect that his resignation was partly about “staying alive”.

          I am starting to realize that modern MK is most likely a MARRIAGE of old occult / cabal techniques with more and more science, and ultimately finished off with abuse of a skyfall technology – what amounts to “alien direct interface wireless”.
          This is straight out of the Corso book. The alien tech is as elegant and as “normal” and “natural” as a Walkman headset. It is a “must-have” for any intelligent species. The CIA had to be all over it, to meet up with their MK tech.

          BTW – 5G seems preparatory for deployment of early forms of the tech, which is presumably “natural” in this universe. I believe that some of it can be used crudely with our existing infrastructure as a test-bed, and is actually being used for black-hat ops. Right now that serves as an advantage to those who hold the hidden tech.

          I feel sorry for the “sensitives” on 5G – eventually better tech will help them, but right now, the patent medicines of next-gen EM tech all contain mercury, so to speak, and everybody wants to cure the syphilis of “next tech envy”, regardless of consequences, for themselves or others.

          And just think – WATERGATE – like all the other generated scandals – connects all this stuff, deep behind the scenes.

          FAKE HISTORY hid so much.

          Liked by 4 people

          1. The late Chuck Colson talked a lot about the Christian Science (CS) connection. It’s rather understated, but the short version is that the CS background downplays the reality of evil – so they don’t think of evil as a real thing. It was a MAJOR blind spot in their worldview – one that allowed them to get PLAYED to do stupid things. Don’t recall all the details or where it was recorded, but I have since come away with the distinct impression, coming from an insider’s insider, that CS and it’s faulty thinking was the overarching problem that led to everything else. It’s hard as an outsider to CS to understand this, because it has so little in common with mainstream Christian practice that you can’t use your Christian background at all to understand CS or how CS people think.

            Liked by 4 people

            1. My pastor (R.I.P.) used to say a couple of things quite often. His response to most any question of “how can they do that” was ‘mankind has a sin problem’.The other thing I often heard was, if you aren’t following God/Christ, then you’ll follow anything and anybody.

              The longer I live, the more I understand those two sayings of his. I miss him immensely.

              Liked by 5 people

            2. That’s brilliant! Colson was right there for Watergate, so he saw those CS bros get played. I’ve actually seen SMARTER and more reality-of-evil-cognizant Christian types get edged into trouble by the sharp players, simply because of lack of familiarity with the actual intelligence of evil, so if THAT is the CS issue, it makes tons of sense.

              I knew a CS-raised guy who got sucked into really bad stuff, but years later he seemed to have gotten out of trouble via the school of hard knocks.

              Rough world out there. Sometimes good has to play rough and stand hard and firm, no matter what the left throws at it. But no matter what, the TRUTH is always the right ally. ALWAYS.

              Liked by 3 people

            1. I will have to “curate my bookmarks” there. I will have an article touching on it again at some point fairly soon, so I will try to add some good links there.

              My thinking on it comes from 4 places:

              – my limited experience with the technology in 1981, much of which is based on analysis of those past events using newer open source knowledge to try to understand my experiences and recollections

              – the open source stuff that seems sound and congruent with what I know personally

              – reasoned speculation using the above to determine what was likely part of occult “real-craft” that the Nazis gained and exposed, and that all the big players now possess

              – what I am able to infer from alleged alien technology


      1. I was wondering about that pic, too. Didn’t VSGPDJT’s uncle work for/with Tesla? And what if VSGPDJT has papers or infos on some of the inventions/theories/knowledge that Tesla had???

        Hmmmmm. (the sound of a 2**n-1 KVA transformer “induced” by a remote source…)… Boy, would that turn Angie’s “Energiewende” on its head. Funnier still, with the tech coming from a genius from Eastern Europe….

        Liked by 3 people

        1. Yes, Uncle Trump was the one who went through the Tesla papers all confiscated from his apartment when Tesla died. And then, the papers disappeared or were classified and disappeared. Uncle Trump was in the midst of it all.
          Uncle Trump was also the one who warned young Donald, so seriously, about nuclear weapons. That imprint took hold, for sure.

          Liked by 5 people

          1. There is a lot that Trump’s uncle could have passed on without violating his oaths. Sometimes it is just the right attitudes and principles that make everything else easy to figure out later. And we want no less for our children and our neighbors’ children.

            Liked by 4 people

      1. This thread IS a stupendous work Wolfie. It is blowing me away. This should be brought to the top or second from the top of the site for weeks. There is so much here, and so much yet to be uncovered if it hasn’t been scrubbed.

        Liked by 3 people

        1. Thanks, Jane! ❤

          I suspect that it will get the attention it needs from the right people. TIMING is everything. I have commented on the Spygate Gang having a lot of ties to China, but NOW it seems interesting at levels that should interest everybody.

          Liked by 3 people

  2. On the Q&A link about the Halpers’ visit to Tibet, Stefan says they were guests of the Chinese government. Gosh. Why them, one wonders:

    ‘STEFAN HALPER: We traveled out to Tibet in the late 1990s. We were actually guests of the Chinese government, which was an interesting thing. They were trying to show us around China and get us to think positively of China. But when we got to Tibet, at our request, we encountered a situation which was absolutely horrific. The Tibetan monks, the monasteries, were under tight surveillance. We found we could not have conversations with monks, even on the stairways, which weren’t being recorded, both audio and video.

    ‘We sensed a real fear amongst the population in downtown Lhasa. We slowly began to realize that the Chinese had systematically proceeded to deconstruct Tibetan society. We were deeply affected by that. You have to acknowledge that the Chinese have put a great deal of money into Tibet. The assumption has been “well if we [China] improve the material well-being of these people, they will sort of move away from their culture and accept China as the motherland.” This is what has not happened.’

    Liked by 10 people

    1. Yes – that really stands out, doesn’t it?

      One of the things that strikes me about Halper here, is the resemblance, overall, to somebody who I was almost positive was being *used* by the ChiComs. There is an uncanny similarity. But in Halper’s case, being a professional spy, I don’t really know if that can be used as a determinant of which side he was playing for, or at least, playing for MORE than the other. So he’s still somewhat enigmatic to me on THAT score.

      Liked by 7 people

  3. Awesome ATTACK history lesson Wolf!
    Once you see it, can’t be unseen.
    Future proves past.
    This is No time to allow MCM induced wobbliness in our midst treeps , brush it aside, FOCUS !, FWD !,.. ADVANCE!!

    .., as Our VSG President enters his Lions den.

    Offer prayer to our Almighty for his success .


    Liked by 12 people

  4. This is absolutely fascinating history, Wolf. Honestly, I feel like such a naive dope…and I consider myself somewhat more curious and educated about geopolitical issues than the average person. In fact, I have a difficult time to find anyone in my immediate circles even remotely as interested as I am…which says a lot of about our general population. And, it’s such a complex subject, with layers and layers, it’s not a casual conversation to have.
    It’s a stormy day here and I have forwarded your post on to a few whom I think may be sufficiently intrigued to sit down and digest the content. Outstanding research, Wolf!

    Liked by 10 people

    1. Incredibly eye opening the insights here at Q Tree. Some of it I surmised, but couldn’t factually connect the dots. Much of it oblivious to, until well written articles patiently connect the dots.

      Articles like this and many on this Q Tree are great examples of why our Bill of Rights must NOT be infringed.

      The Great Awakening spectrum is incredibly broad and numerous levels across the board.

      Liked by 6 people

    2. We have been living in a wind disheveled spider web of for so many decades, I think the normies just throw their hands up in the air and hopefully pray. There is too much, too deep, etc for the average working man to understand or even look into. It’s designed that way so normies just accept what their rulers do to us and country. Devil likes a house of confusion.

      Liked by 7 people

    1. Is Joy Villa not the woman who accused Cory L. of sexual harassment ?
      She is an opportunist and I do not trust her.
      Where are her benefits to attach herself to the deplorable movement?

      Liked by 2 people

            1. I suffered through her spiel and yes she made some good points we all knew and now her being Italian decent makes it official. Chris Como is Fredo 🙂

              Liked by 2 people

  5. Holy smokes wolf! You really pulled a lot of it together with this piece, thank you! Dealing
    with commies in Europe and Asia, our President must literally have the weight of the world on his shoulders. We’re awfully blessed to have him fighting for us.

    I’ve been wondering for a while how we get the massed brainwashed to start thinking critically about things. Cultural Marxism really sucks and we’ve pretty much all been affected and influenced by it. Maybe a mass revival or Great Awakening?

    Liked by 6 people

  6. Thank you, Wolf for this amazing research and dot-connecting. Understanding the actual past – not the carefully constructed version – does clarify what we are facing today. Sunlight so bright!

    It occurs to me that THIS is why the break occurred with OT, and why we dust off and get back in the saddle. You and your stable of posters & commenters have unique, valuable contributions that never would have been fully realized or available to us under the format OT where necessity dictated short comments that were often lost in meaningless yak yak in comment threads.

    The evolution of our Trumpian Warriors is here; it’s succeeding; and you are one terrific leader! God Bless you.

    Liked by 7 people

  7. Erlichman and Halper.
    It changes EVERYTHING.
    Love to Mrs. Wolfie, and thanks to her for patience while you were compiling all this info.
    Bookmark this one!!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yeah. THAT was a mind-blower. Originally, I was shocked by two things – his early connection to Bill Clinton, and his being connected to a “dud” transition scandal at the start of Reagan. That was LIGHTNING striking a second time, and THUNDER in the distance. I saw the word “Nixon” – and where most people would say “party stalwart”, I said “did lightning strike THREE times?” When I discovered the connection to a Watergate name, at the perfect time, I was STUNNED.

      Liked by 7 people

  8. This makes so much sense on soooo many levels. When I was in H.S., I got very interested in China and read everything I could find (which wasn’t a lot then) on China plus I read most of Pearl S. Buck’s books. The Mao-ists had so many 5 or 7 year pograms that were utter failures and did drastic harm to their land and society. Even though they tried to re-educate their population, they still look at events in a very long term fashion, “generational”.

    Manipulation has been a hallmark trademark of the Chinese for centuries. Just look at how the different oriental ethnicities that conquered China became absorbed into the core culture. I remember in one of Buck’s books she talked about that, that the conquerors eventually were themselves conquered by the core Chinese, and it was a philosophy being taught. So the Chi-coms have applied that approach to Western Civilization.

    There may be a question of who Halper was working for or thought he was working for, but do not doubt, he most likely has been manipulated by the Chinese, as I’m pretty sure Byrne has too, by somebody not in the forefront of things.

    But being Chi-coms, they still do stupid things, especially when some sunlight shines on their doings. They have poisoned their land, are in the process of de-nuding the oceans (or trying to), and now that they are exposed for all the global manipulation, they are reacting in a very stupid manner, and will end up hurting their own people horribly. It may end up being something that we might shed tears for them over, but it is their OWN people, and we must let God sort it out in the end.

    BTW, EXCELLENT article and putting together a lot of information from unrelated sources!!!!

    Liked by 7 people

    1. Thank you!! BIGLY!!! 😀

      And AMEN on all your points. Great comments.

      BTW, I thought Xi’s redoubling of atheism as a requirement for party membership – well, it’s ultimately unwise, IMO. I was shocked by such “mid-range” thinking – unless he has swallowed that line for a very specific alliance. Did he have any choice? Interesting question. If it’s a short-term or mid-term tactic to shore up the party, it’s a desperate one, IMO.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. IMHO, I think that there are 2 components to the atheism aspect. First of all, it’s spiritual in nature. Secondly, the Chicoms do NOT want their country “corrupted” by western thought any more than it already is, and which I’m pretty sure they associate with Christianity.

        Liked by 6 people

        1. Christianity is an Eastern religion, WRT to the Roman Empire. But to China that distinction doesn’t mean anything. Christianity is alien to every culture anywhere it goes.

          BUT China had a lot of exposure to Christianity for centuries. There is a LOT of lost history of Christianity’s penetration into Asia and it’s impact on China and even other religions… some of the strands of Buddhism were influenced by Christian ideas that had penetrated Asia.

          What happened is that the Mongol hordes destroyed SO MUCH civilization in Asia that much of Christianity’s impact and growth in Asia has been lost to history. We have plenty of recorded history of the period but very few have done the research to tell the story.

          Liked by 6 people

          1. My in laws had friends who worked in a Christian school in china. They were Lutheran. I have a real Chinese cupboard in deep read with birds painted on it. I love the piece and use it as a bar. I heard many stories about their experience in China through my husband. Sadly I never met them.

            Liked by 4 people

  9. Real quick:

    An old friend was a married student on the GI bill AT KENT STATE!
    He was in his mid twenties and had one child. He was IN THE RIOT…

    What was the riot ACTUALLY ABOUT? The town WOULD NOT LET STUDENTS VOTE. Now remember this was when voting age was TWENTY-ONE so these WERE VIETNAM VETS!!! Or grad students. These were young adults NOT living with Mommy & Daddy in the summers. The town WAS THEIR REAL HOME.

    So They call out the national guard and some one starts the shooting (Commie Agent Provacatur???) and UNARMED STUDENTS ARE DEAD!

    What to do What to do…. COVER IT UP!!!

    First change the story to a riot about the Vietnam WAR and not about the town DENYING THE VOTE TO VETERANS.

    Second have ANOTHER RIOT to show the college students were ‘dangerous’

    They picked my laid back midwest Engineering-Ag School.

    Mom, ~1000 miles away, called me in a panic, was I OK? ….

    She had to tell me about the BIG Riot on the main campus…

    I was there from 7:00AM to 5:00PM All I saw was a bunch of engineers catch a hippy and give him a hair cut.

    So my roomate called her INSTATE parents and got…

    We tried the girls across the hall who were instate and got…

    I have never believed the news ever since.

    Liked by 9 people

    1. I forgot to add. I check a few years ago. That riot at my school has been ERASED from histiry. Not even the school has info on it. Only on ‘riots’ that occurred much later. (With farmers and engineers you just don’t GET riots.)

      Liked by 8 people

      1. A friend of mine and I organized opposition to the communist takeover of our campus in 1972, including the occupation of many buildings and the acquiescence of the administration. We were completely successful under circumstances which were objectively stunning in their results. The events were so bizarre according to the usual understanding of how things were supposed to happen, the news really should have been national and historic.

        Alas, if one were to rely upon the sources I have searched, it never happened. But I do have a scrapbook which proved it happened.

        Also, there is a (highly primitive) video of interviews taken at the time, which was put up only several years ago. I had no knowledge it existed until I stumbled across it. Why and how it was posted, I do not know.

        I exchanged an email or two with the guy who did the video, and it turns out he became a reporter for the Star Ledger. He told me the administration confiscated many other hours of video he took, and never gave the video back.

        I am interviewed three times in this video, and besides the fact that I was a really handsome guy, which I was 100% unaware of at the time, the video is hard to understand because it lacks context, but it DOES provide images of what was happening:

        Liked by 5 people

      2. I re-watched this video, and I am only in there twice, very briefly.

        I assure you, the opposition was a more than equal factor in this attempted communist take-over and propaganda event.

        And if you watch the video carefully, the communists are admitting defeat indirectly. Their defeat was far more decisive and definitive, and McGill, contrary to their presentation, assisted them as much as he could.

        Liked by 4 people

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