20190822 ~ The Patrick Byrne Interviews

Patrick Byrne was the CEO of Overstock until today. We’re bookmarking these interviews.

An interview with Sara Carter started the buzz. Here is Sara’s article about Patrick Byrne: Link

Here is the first interview with Patrick Byrne from a few weeks ago:

Patrick Byrne with Martha McCallum:


Patrick Byrne on CNN with Andrew Cuomo:

Patrick Byrne on Fox Business:


Event covered by CNBC:


And finally, you need to see this. I’ve known two people like this in my life. One of them was Gunner’s first girlfriend. These people are very special and need to be protected, bubble-wrapped, because they see the world differently than we do.

Patrick Byrne has crazy good autistic skills. He can look at a deck of cards for a few minutes and repeat the cards back, in order……. He’s one of THOSE guys.


There is much to digest here.


240 thoughts on “20190822 ~ The Patrick Byrne Interviews

  1. Brilliant call Daughn.
    This guy is beyond smart.

    Flep put his interviews at the top of his News brief.
    This obviously struck us all as HUGE news.

    I think he’s going to come out okay in the end.
    Who else gets Warren Buffett as their mentor from the age of 16?

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    1. Oh, and he still owns a good percent of the stock in the company.

      I’ve been searching for interviews of him from this year because I saw one and I found his thought processes to be fascinating. He’s currently working with countries around the world to leap-frog past the “stock-market-central-bank” model of finance to something that ties crypto to real property.

      Here’s the philosophic foundation he’s promoting (looks pretty good, would like to seem something about virtue/morals/character somewhere…)

      Here’s a 15 minute talk he gave earlier this year…

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      1. I think the virtues/morals part of the equation you’re looking for lies in his phrasing of farming. Land tilling. That implies something QUITE different than modern industrial farming. It implies something much more akin to Gene Logsdon, Wendell Berry, and the man who developed “pastured poultry” in a rotation scheme with rabbits, cattle, and hogs as rotational crops on grassland. All these men share something in common: respect for the land, respect for the family, respect for the community, a strong spiritual life.

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        1. Amen. Yes, I love land too!

          Now that I’ve been pondering the question, I believe that the virtue in this model is that the participants don’t all have to have it.

          You get integrity from the blockchain, not individual ethics.

          In a similar way to the way our Constitution was built. Starting with the basic assumption that checks and balances are required due to human nature.

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        2. Think that is “Land Titling” (as in assigning land titles (i.e., land ownership) since Land is a fundamental part of Capital creation and can only be equitably done under the Rule of Law.

          See him explain that in the video above at about 2:22.

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    2. Being idiot savant autistic or just plain fucking brilliant in one area is no predictor of intelligence/street smarts in other areas. The autistic spectrum crowd have ocd and limited social skills so they may be great in their area and clueless as everyone else in others. Case in point. Newton. Like sir Isaac Newton, lost all his money in the south sea bubble. A Ponzi scam. (Before ponzi)

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      1. Very true.
        People in that 150-170 IQ range almost always have sociability problems and need a “medium” (a good friend who serves as their way to communicate with the world at large who also protects them.)

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        1. Reminds me of when our son had his liver transplant. My husband was busy w/ people on the phone, texting, & sometimes in person while I was bedside &/or updating on our son’s condition via blogs. He definitely enjoys the social side more than I do!

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        2. My brother is IQ 200+ and had NO Street Smarts. As Mom use to say. He was very easily lead.


          The connection to Buffet (His ‘mentor’ or ‘Leader’) tells you he is being USED!

          Byrne is the INSURANCE POLICY that PROTECTS Hillary, Fusion GPS, Perkins-Coie and the DNC!


          By including Hillary in the surveillance. Remember that the ‘Mid Year Exam’ aka Hillary’s server scandal was happening at this same time so token surveillance of Hillary would not be unexpected but would have nothing to do with politics.


          -Republicans wrong, Democrats did not dream up the investigation, it was the FBI and was politicized


          So the Cabal is willing to toss the FBI under the bus. Their actors within the FBI have been neutralized so what the hey?

          So tell me WHY wasn’t JEB BUSH and Bernie Sanders under surveillance???

          We were SUPPOSED to have a ‘choice’ of Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton in 2016.

          From Sundance:

          ♦Byrne names FBI Agent Peter Strzok as the person giving the instructions.

          ♦Byrne names: Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump as the four candidates under FBI surveillance, and/or inside an operation consisting of political espionage.


          From Sundance

          Jeb Bush Meets With Rubio, Kaisch and Cruz to Review “Stop Trump” Plans…
          Posted on March 9, 2016

          Interesting. Jeb was always the GOPe candidate. The 2014 road map was constructed exclusively for Jeb. At least 12, perhaps more, of the original candidates were part of Team Jeb….

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          1. Have been mostly offline 24 hours. First time I heard hildabeast was named, this became a smoke screen to protect hildabeast and her ilk..

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          2. Just a theory/brainstorming:

            What if Byrne is right? What if, as former NSA guru Bill Binney declared, POLITICIANS DO NOT RUN THE COUNTRY—INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES DO!!!

            Then it would make total sense to find blackmail dirt on any candidate who could possibly win the presidency in order to control the Oval Office—including Hillary Clinton. Why not Jeb Bush??? Papa Bush was CIA Director ’76-’77???

            That said, I have to say that your scenario has also crossed my mind—I am simply trying to put different angles out there—food for thought.

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            1. At first I also thought it odd that HC was in the mix, but within 30 seconds I came to the same conclusion. DS needed to be able to control her. Blackmail is the way to go with HC. HC would push the left wing extremism too fast for DS, and us natives would become too belligerent to her tactics. DS wanted to control the boil of the Republic.

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            2. Anyone who thinks a Country is run by Politicians is not in touch with reality. Until DJT was miraculously elected POTUS, the evil and corruption that drives the Gov’t was visible only to those in offices. That is not limited to US.

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          3. Something is off with Byrne . He is being used again because Barr is getting to close to Hillary and who knows else.
            I guess in his scenario that leaves ( possibly) Jeb and papa Bush the connection to CIA?

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      2. He may have been trusting of someone that shouldn’t have been trusted, but she found the right string to pull to motivate him to engage.

        And he may have been slow to put it all together, but his coming out with it all is evidence that he now has put together the puzzle.

        The beauty of this is he is well respected by other non-conservative, non-religious tech people.

        He’s going now be another cultural spectrum #WALKAWAY influencer.

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    3. Be sure to see loooooooong post over on OT about Patrick’s (EPIC) battle with cancer, which against ALL odds he won. ~~~Something very very special about this guy… Good idea to be praying for him…for truth continuing to come out.

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      1. Something very very special about this guy…

        Yes just like Ruth Bader Ginsburg

        She had three cancers in 2 decades. That sounds like the cancer started in the colon and SPREAD to the pancreas and then to the lung. In 2009 she had pancreatic cancer SURGERY. At that time as few as 10% of patients have their pancreatic tumor cut out and and no more than 5 percent overall survive five years. Again with the Lung cancer SHE HAD SURGERY.

        David Rockefeller had SIX heart transplants.

        Byrne has ALSO battled cancer 3 times, and fought back from the brink of death at least once. SEE: http://www.wired.com/business/2014/02/rise-fall-rise-patrick-byrne/ (I do not have access)

        As Wolfie and I discussed a day or two ago, that fits in very nicely with CLONING! Another option is 23 & Me or other DNA testing facilities are on the look out for really good DNA matches and if you are a good match you get ‘harvested’ The last possibility is Anti-cancer medicine NOT available to the Peons and Serfs.

        IF Byrne via his mentor Buffett had his life saved (His father died of cancer) then the Cabal OWNS Byrne.

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        1. I forgot to mention…
          WHY BYNE…

          …On a more professional level, Byrne has spent 10 years squaring up to the wolves of Wall Street, journalists, analysts and banking cartels alike, all in a bid to erase the corruption and manipulation of the current financial system. This is despite, or maybe because he runs a company that is publicly traded on Wall Street. No mean feat you might say. You might even question how one single figure could try to take on so many and hope to win. The task is too big for one alone. That may be true, but that’s how he started, alone. However, over the years, Byrne has built a trusted network of colleagues, who, like him, will not be swayed from their path.

          He has both seen the the “zombie apocalypse” (his personal term for the next great recession) coming and warned those he can of its impending arrival. More than that, he has shared his belief that bitcoin may be able to help staunch the bloodflow when the zombies start biting.

          “Someday, either zombies walk the Earth or something close to that. Bitcoin is the solution.”

          What is Bitcoin?
          “… a cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is stored and exchanged securely on the internet through a digital ledger known as a blockchain.” Founder: Satoshi Nakamoto a pseudonymous person or persons who developed bitcoin, authored the bitcoin white paper, and deployed bitcoin’s original implementation.

          Isn’t an INTERNET DEPENDENT cryptocurrency EXACTLY what the CABAL WANTS???

          They KNOW the Fiat currency now in use is probably going to implode — at least according to the ‘economic collapse’ sites — They Tried to push people especially small businesses into using credit cards only via Obamacare but that was rescinded when Sam’s Club and other wholesalers SCREAMED about the paperwork required IF their business customers used cash or check.

          So bitcoin is a GREAT solution especially since the people the most want to corral are in favor of it.

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          1. The 72 hour rule….

            The more I let this all sink in, one thing comes to mind—it all feels too good to be true—Byrne The White Knight!

            “Isn’t an INTERNET DEPENDENT cryptocurrency EXACTLY what the CABAL WANTS???”

            Damn! That RED FLAG is big enough to cover an aircraft carrier!

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        2. The last possibility is Anti-cancer medicine NOT available to the Peons and Serfs.

          I suspect this has been going on for some time. It’s staggering to think that life-saving cures are being kept from the people and that the privileged ones are okay with partaking of something not provided to others. I suppose it’s possible that the patient isn’t aware they’re being given something *special*, but the medical powers that be would know. Those with ends-justify-the-means thinking believe that some humans are expendable while others are more valuable.

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          1. “Those with ends-justify-the-means thinking believe that some humans are expendable while others are more valuable.”

            AMEN TO THAT!
            Straight from a Fabian Society Co-founder:

            “The moment we face it frankly we are driven to the conclusion that the community has a right to put a price on the right to live in it … If people are fit to live, let them live under decent human conditions. If they are not fit to live, kill them in a decent human way. Is it any wonder that some of us are driven to prescribe the lethal chamber as the solution for the hard cases which are at present made the excuse for dragging all the other cases down to their level, and the only solution that will create a sense of full social responsibility in modern populations?”

            Source: George Bernard Shaw, Prefaces (London: Constable and Co., 1934), p. 296.

            “Under Socialism, you would not be allowed to be poor. You would be forcibly fed, clothed, lodged, taught, and employed whether you liked it or not. If it were discovered that you had not character and industry enough to be worth all this trouble, you might possibly be executed in a kindly manner; but whilst you were permitted to live, you would have to live well.”

            George Bernard Shaw: The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism and Capitalism, 1928, pg. 470

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        3. “Yes just like Ruth Bader Ginsburg”

          Or like Stephen Hawking, with the ALS for 50+ years.

          h/t Sadie Slays, on the Grey Swans thread.



  2. Byrne Notice may be an autist, but he strikes me as a chump. Butina had him swearing up and down she was a poor misunderstood girl. Multiply useful idiot walks into a shark tank. Fredo has that look on his face, like “YUP. I got me a LIVE ONE here…”

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    1. It’s interesting that he uses the phrase…”I was trying to yenta her in…” several times.

      In the context there, his use of “yenta” probably means ‘matchmaker’.
      Why use that word?

      Yeah, but an awfully WILLING chump…and eager to Include Hillary In With The Other Victims of the ‘political espionage’.

      Warren Buffett is a bigtime friend of the Clintons.
      Bigtime. Friend.
      Haven’t ever bothered to research it…but I would imagine Buffett’s various companies benefitted greatly from that friendship.

      I dunno about this, boss.
      But my first instinct is to give this the side-eye.

      We already Knew about the spying on Trump-Cruz-Rubio, so he’s not giving us anything new there.
      The way he makes “Hillary” the first on his list of the spied-upon is just…very suspect.

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      1. Found it hilarious Cuomo said the word (fugazzi), Italian slang, only a week after the Fredo incident.
        I still use the word “yenta”….. too much time in NYC and Miami. The words/Jewish slang have crept into my conversational vocabulary.

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        1. Ah…okay, “yenta” is just not a word that I hear very often, being out here in the flyover plains.

          This guy Byrne seems to be trying awfully hard to get ‘his story’ out there…

          Since it puts Hillary into the ‘victim-of-being-spied-upon’ list, his motivation can’t be because he’s worried about being Arkancided like Epstein.
          Or…is it.

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          1. If I step back a little bit and gt out of my won bubble of what we’ve been chasing for 2yrs, it starts to make sense…… even more sense.

            Of course they would accumulate info on Hillary as well. They thought she would win, after all. Makes sense to have an ace card on Crooked Hillary, yes?

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            1. Yes…
              But they could’ve easily had moles and plants within Hillary’s team….people who could have access to even more stuff than the govt spy team would’ve had access to.

              And if Hillary won…how would they keep it hidden from her that they had used govt spies to spy on her?
              Seems like a big risk to go that route.

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              1. TL;DR:

                It is VERY important to understand that ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE removes the need for “orders” in a conspiracy.

                Long Version:

                Wheatie – I had a thought on this last night – and then worked it out a bit this morning. Think of it this way.

                Hillary is NOT the head of the “infestation”. She is just “the designated 2016 winner”.

                Hillary is NOT the head of the Deep State. She is just the designated next POTUS occupier.

                How does Hillary never have a smoking gun? She never holds a smoking gun.

                Why do all Clinton “obstacles” seem to get removed? Because somebody knows they are there.

                How do the Clintons never get caught “ordering” crimes? Because others do the ordering.

                How would somebody know what her obstacles are? Because they are LISTENING.

                This is not about a PERSON holding power – it is about a SECRET PARTY HOLDING POWER.

                Hillary never has to figure out and order a “solution” as long as people “just fix this shit now” for her.

                The COMEY SIDE – whatever that is – has been staying one step ahead of Clinton trouble from LONG, LONG AGO.

                So this makes sense, if we look at it using CONSPIRACY THEORY, which says that “poles” are not true singularities.

                Hillary is not the ORIGIN of the orders that protect her. She is the FLAG around which the Comey FBI rallied to protect the Deep State Government from those it feared.

                It is VERY important to understand that ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE removes the need for “orders” in a conspiracy.

                In a sense, explicit “orders” become a kind of LEAKAGE – a kind of unwanted current flow – they become EVIDENCE of information connection which has to then be denied by MORE special corrections. However, if you have GLOBAL INFORMATION UPTAKE and ALIGNMENT OF PURPOSE, then there is no need for orders and there are NO FINGERPRINTS.

                Some of this is J. Edgar Hoover’s creation (see Corso’s Roswell book), which was basically taken over in his aftermath, IMO.

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            2. I suspect that Øblowhole was having Hill-the-BEAST watched, to make sure that she remained Øbozo v3.0 rather than Hill-the-BEAST v1.0 (or 3.0, when you consider that Hill-the-BEAST wore the pants back in the Billary White House – seems Bubba was always losing his)…

              Anything “crypto” can be broken, and invisibly, so that said blockchains are actually spliced or monitored (say, duplicated, as one would a port). With total e-currency, all material evidence disappears. As will most of us Normies’ money.

              The amount of disinformation coming out now is staggering. We have elections in two states here in Germany, states FULL of our Deplorables (AfD), and the left/Greens/beet-red left are scared out of what little wits they have.

              Then look at the stunt they just pulled in Italy (and previously in Austria). They’re pulling out all the stops.

              It’s about time to STOP THEM…

              OK, I need another cuppa covfefe (maybe with some “Irish” or Kahlua in it to wake me up and calm me down [and see if I can avoid being an oxymoron at the same time])…( but I went to ‘SC, tho…).

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            3. I find it hard to believe that, if Hillary had been spied on too, she would not have been screaming that see, it was the Russians and she was a victim and stop picking on her, etc. She would have to have known by now, with all the investigations that have gone on and all her allies in positions of power in the 3-letter agencies. But not a word from her camp. Highly suspicious.

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            4. Yup. Basically what I said upthread. DS want to slow cook the Republic, HC is so hot to trot to Trotsky fame, she would try to boil us too fast and incur rebellion. She would need to be controlled. Blackmail is something she would understand.

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              1. What if Byrne was actually moving $$ (block chain) for the FBY/CYA covert operations?

                He choked up terribly about the Wal-Mart shooter. What if he had been moving funds to certain entities to facilitate whoever spun up the shooter? Something is very strange. I’ve been thinking about this off and on all day. I don’t think he would’ve done it if he knew what the funds were going for. But I bet he has been putting two and two together and seeing connections that go far beyond just romancing that Butina chick.

                Why would he bring up that shooting when it was supposed to be about the Russian spying operation?

                He said he knew a lot more than he should. I think Byrne has been traumatized.

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      2. here’s another way to think about that word….. “she’s a yenta, you date her and the whole world will know about it.”

        So when he says he tried to yenta her, he means tried to talk her into something.

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        1. In the first video with Martha MacCallum, at the 10:33 mark, he says…
          “I was trying to yenta her in with some senior foreign policy thinkers…”

          So you can watch that and decide for yourself.
          But yeah, it’s like he was trying to talk her into something…but also trying to hook her up with those “foreign policy thinkers”.

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          1. Lol..I saw that. Not the precise way to use that phrase but if you said that to me, I would get it immediately.

            Fascinating guy. I loved Fredo’s look back at him too.

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      3. wheatietoo
        When he Byrne says “he wanted to yenta her in” I understand in that that he wanted to talk he into ..
        Maybe I am not comprehending properly .
        Yes it is strange that he used yenta.

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        1. yenta is defined as persuade to move… gently.
          cajole, bring along, no evil intent, nudge
          has a physical component to it
          you could not yenta someone over the phone
          more like talking someone into leaving a bar when they’ve had too much to drink, and placing your hand on their shoulder

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      4. I was eager to learn what others here thought regarding this story, which when I first heard it something didn’t sit right with me. I get more suspicious of him and his story as time goes by. For one thing, just ask yourselves, who does it benefit? Who does it protect? Answer to both questions–Obama and the Clintons. How convenient. Also, how convenient it just happened to pop up right now when things are starting to get interesting for certain people that some of us want to see prosecuted, namely, the Clintons and Obama, whom this character just happens to like. Or maybe it’s just all the pot smoking that went to his head.

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        1. I am not seeing how this would protect either HRC or Obama. So what if she was being spied on. One of countless Americans that DS has spied on.

          It doesn’t minimize her crimes or the fact that her campaign was participating in the coup.

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          1. It’s to change the narrative from a “Hillary spied on Trump” narrative to a “Strzok was the errand boy for these terrible XYZ Deep State people in FBI HQ and the °bama administration to spy on poor victim Hillary. Oh Noes!” narrative.

            Though I think, as I wrote in an earlier reply to you in this thread, the script may have been written to drag Buffet’s name into FISAgate for the first time, as a warning shot to him.

            Byrne has to have enough mental horsepower to realize that much, even if he’s a chump. Maybe it’s Rodham, rather than the White Hats, who is using Byrne to burn his rabbi. After all, she can exploit fear of Arkancide. They can’t.


  3. Why in the world would the FBI go to a guy like him to help with an espionage operation? That just doesn’t make sense to me. I find it hard to believe that they go out and grab up civilians for their operations. Why would they want him involved? The more civilians you drag in, the more likely you’ll get caught.

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    1. He’s perfect. He has close to a photographic memory. Perfect recall, even though he has to look at it for a while.
      Once, Gunner’s girlfriend read a 243 page manual on the bus (way home from a math competition). Several days later we joined the panel of school kids to make amendments to the manual. We were all finished when she spoke up with several more edits……
      ….. from memory, she even cited page and paragraph for spelling and grammar mistakes.

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      1. That was my Mom.
        She skipped a grade by having a girl who had studied all year long recite to her the facts she needed to pass the exam just before she walk into the test. The school had not even told her she was going to take the tests!

        And yeah, DON’T PLAY CARDS with her!

        She was also very, very sweet and funny and literally COULD NOT SEE EVIL. Perhaps that is why she was taken so young at 62.

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    2. Fall guy. Famous profession in the acting field, taking the risks for the more valuable actor. Later distorted into the guy left without a chair when the music stops.

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    1. As always, follow the wives.

      Why is Cheatin’ Pete’s wife still working in a position of authority in the government?

      She is RADICALLY conflicted.

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  4. He appears to believe what he is saying but he is a liberal and a capitalist. Does he have a menral health history or see a therapist, I mean, gandler? Which direction can this go? Is he truly a whistleblower who sees the shootings as syptoms of strife or is he a manipulated tool of the ds? He went to BARR in April. When did they appounce the deeper look at who started everything?
    And who offered him $1 billion? Whos money? That not Iranian bribe money its big league.

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    1. True.
      April 5th and again on April 30th, seven hours of interviews.
      On the billion dollars bribe, “I was offered what amounted to a billion dollar bribe” = sounds like NOT cash but more like and “in kind” offering.
      And he claims there is another whistleblower — watch Cuomo’s face when he says it. It’s a golden moment.

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      1. April 2019 is when the Mueller Report was released…and the hopes of Impeachment were dashed on the rocks.

        April 17th, I believe.

        Hmm…Crypto Currency is sort of made to order for making payments that you don’t want to be traced through normal money trails.

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    2. SD has a very good article on him today. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/08/23/details-behind-patrick-byrne-allegations-of-fbi-political-espionage/

      Byrne claims to be a Libertarian. As to his mental health, he’s probably got a 150+ IQ. I see him referenced as an autist and a circulating video indicates he has a near photographic memory. He states he waited to go to Barr because he wouldn’t be a whistleblower while Sessions was AG. As for the $1b, I think he’s talking about a bribe they offered to “drop” the SEC investigation of Overstock which was headed by non other than Strokz’s wife.

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      1. Yes, SD has several really good articles on Byrne. The premise of “Muddying up” a Republican with proximity to Butina makes a LOT of sense.

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    3. Last interview I saw (w/ Fredo), was not as clear about attempted bribe. He inserted the word “believe” which he had not done in previous interviews. “…I believe I was offered….” does not speak with same confidence as “I was offered”. Not as convincing as required for me. Interview is all subjective, and notice POTUS’ legal spokespeople are not jumping to the pump but approaching it cautiously. We’ll see what role it plays as indictments unfold.

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  5. With what has gone on in our govt I can see somebody wanting to get his/her story out in the public before somehow you end in prison…who doesn’t sound crazy after being used by the evil ones? Carter Page always sounded nuts too.
    Barr needs to make a statement

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    1. “Barr needs to make a statement”


      And a responsive statement would be extra super duper 😁

      It’s so sad to watch modern ‘reporters’ at press conferences, it’s like they’ve all been lobotomized, or had their brain switched with Abbey Normal.

      That’s why it’s so easy for DJT to hold those ‘chopper pressers’ and go on and on (and on), because he knows there won’t be any real questions, just direct naked attacks ending with the voice going up a little at the end, which is the only way you can tell it was proposed as a ‘question’ rather than an accusation.

      If I was a news editor, and Bill Barr was going to give a press conference, the LAST person I would send is the regular WH correspondent dope.

      I would send a lawyer. A good one, to fence with Mr. Barr. Someone who would recognize Barr’s invariable non-responsive ‘answers’, call them for what they are, and redirect, until a legitimate answer was forthcoming, or until Mr. Barr’s refusal to answer was clear to everyone, revealing that Mr. Barr is hiding something.

      But instead, the best we can possibly hope for is some moron shouting repeatedly “Didn’t Denmark fight with us in Afghanistan?”… like the NBC reporter, who was standing right next to the microphone and making stupid and irrelevant attacks in the form of questions for 35 minutes straight.

      If DJT had decided to interrupt the ‘chopper presser’ to strangle that goon, not a jury in the world would have convicted him.

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  6. “Patrick Byrne has crazy good autistic skills. He can look at a deck of cards for a few minutes and repeat the cards back, in order……. He’s one of THOSE guys.”


    Autistic skills, or learned mnemonic skills?

    Someone who is autistic wouldn’t have any reason to hesitate from card to card, he either knows it or he doesn’t.

    Someone who is using a memory tool would have to pause in order to go through the mental routine, to access whatever ‘mental room’ he assigned to each card, and make sure he didn’t already ‘say’ each card previously.

    Seemed like he was demonstrating a memory trick he learned.

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    1. ‘Savant’ may be the better word for this guy.

      A savant is not necessarily autistic, just in possession of an exceptional skill or ability.

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      1. Could be.

        It just seemed very much like a parlor trick, or the kind of ability one can learn to do. I have seen courses in this stuff, and if I remember correctly (!), the trick to recalling a long list of items was to imagine something very familiar to you, like your house. Each room in your house is assigned a consecutive number, e.g., from 1 to 30 (including bathrooms, attic, garage, closets, etc.).

        The numbering should not be random, but should begin at the front of the house and move toward the back, or from the top to the bottom, or from the bottom to the top, but not random.

        Once your numbering is in place, and you can visualize each ‘room’, and each room has its own number, then you can begin the ‘trick’, i.e., memorizing a list of items… or cards, for that matter.

        Each card would be assigned to a ‘room’ in your mental ‘house’. So ‘Ace of Spades’ is on the front porch. ‘King of Diamonds’ is in the front hall. Two of Clubs is in the bathroom off the front hall. You visualize each one, in order, according to the order or number assignment you have given the ‘rooms’ in your mental house.

        When it is time to recall the list of cards, you go through each of the ‘rooms’ in your mental ‘house’, and because you visualized each card IN its own room, and because the rooms are already numbered, you can ‘recall’ all of the cards in the same order as you looked at them.

        It has been a long time since I paid attention to this stuff, so I’m sure I have some of the details wrong, but there are well-researched and effective methods of quickly storing ‘data’ in the human mind in such a way that it can be easily accessed at a later time, simply by organizing your memory into some kind of database, as opposed to random access.

        From my very much non-expert observation, it appeared (to me) that he was using some kind of memory trick to do what he did.

        I am also predisposed to being skeptical — because deception is so ubiquitous… 😁

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        1. The method is called “the Palace of Memory”. Greek and Roman orators, attorneys, and so forth used it in ancient times to deliver long speeches without notes, in the days before teleprompters, PowerPoint, earphones, and radios.

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      2. Probably a better description. I would think autistic people would shy away from running an internet business. I don’t know him at all however. Judt saw what you saw.

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    2. edit / correction: I should have phrased the second sentence as a question:

      Someone who is autistic wouldn’t have any reason to hesitate from card to card, he either knows it or he doesn’t, correct?

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  7. One thing for certain, Bryne is helping to take the Russian Hoax business further into the mainstream where the low information types haven’t been giving it the time of day. I’d say let it be a their hook while all the other cards get laid on the table. There’s plenty of big reveals coming and whether or not his big reveal pans out I don’t think it will make a huge difference if this is just some smoke operation once all the cards start to get on the table where people will finally get to see what’s what.

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    1. Rewatch the CNN portions and then tell me what you think.
      What he seems to be saying is this:
      Repubs are wrong in that we believe the Russia hoax was dreamed up from nowhere.
      It was more like political espionage/weaponized Intel actors operating on a broad scale. He kept telling his connection about Butina and what she was doing to various people in Repub circles and was “jumping up and down” about particular conference (Don Jr and potentially meeting Trump) and asked his connection if they wanted Byrne to take her away for a weekend…… Connection said no.
      By Dec of 2015 he was “suspicious” if they were compiling a grenade, letting it happen, only to “pull the pin at a later date” and “spray paint” the Repubs/Trump with the taint……. then Byrne shrugged his shoulders as if to say……. that’s exactly what they did.

      And the Hillary “blackmail” makes sense as well. That woman is power hungry like we’ve never seen before. Dirt on Hillary, especially how she would have won the election, would have kept her in check.

      It’s slightly different that what we all thought it was….. but it’s certainly plausible.

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      1. I took their spying on Hillary also as a means to keeping her out of trouble as she navigated the campaign season. Identifying her errors, and providing coverup and cover before they became public.

        Protective scrutiny if you will.

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        1. Either keep hildabeast out of trouble, or simply a smoke screen…any info on hildabeast to a round file of sorts. Truth in the pudding here may simply be what, if anything was kept on hildabeast and how was it filed. How was the info used, if used at all.

          hildabeast angle is a red herring in my mind.

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      2. Yes, this definitely seems like an early start to fabricating a Russian Hoax that could be installed into any candidates campaign,an early insurance policy they planned to use and did but just not here because they couldn’t get it to work. While this Byrne affair is postage stamp size compared to all the rest we know, it is there at the start of the election cycle. The idea being to troll someone they could call a Russian spy in and out of selected campaigns to see who they could hook. They use Bryne by selling him some idea about needing to maintain election integrity. In fact they may have deluded themselves or certainly others into thinking that this is what they were trying to do. Regardless its the box they try to put Bryne in and selling him on the idea that Hillary was under this same Russian threat, a lie told to him, further cements things to anyone getting involved including Bryne who seems to be still under that delusion. Maybe now that he’s less involved in his company he’ll give all this more thought and start to take a bigger look at the whole Russian Hoax.

        As far as black mailing the black mailer I’m sure there was some of that. I’m sure the FBI would love to have some protections from Hillary least she push them into things they think they shouldn’t be.

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        1. Now comes the question is this Bryne affair is going to be used in an effort to explain away the entire Russian Hoax? Are they going to try to sell America on the idea that this was all an innocent effort in maintaining election integrity in an effort to try to “save the institutions”? While people read into the Russian Hoax will see through any such effort, a lot of what the rest of America sees will depend on the official reveals coming out the Justice Department via, Barr, Horowitz, Huber, Durham and the Senate.

          Neat trick if they can pull that off. Personally thinks there’s too much info out there to fool everyone.

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  8. In the FBN Bulls&Bears video…Byrne is wearing a red cap with “Make America Grateful Again”.
    🤨 WTF?

    And with a Grateful Dead logo between “Grateful” and “Again”.
    Is this a message of some sort?

    He gets choked up (really?)…and says that he feels “responsible” that people are going on shooting sprees.

    He’s laying it on kinda thick there…
    Claiming that he’s doing this for completely altruistic, patriotic reasons.

    And the whole ‘reason’ he waited so long to come forward with these revelations…is because he was waiting for someone like AG Barr to be at the DOJ?

    Is this the Cabal’s way of making us have doubts AG Barr?
    And also of course, to make Hillary into a ‘victim’, which is just too convenient if you ask me.

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    1. I am very sceptical why he over emphasizes Hillary so being also spied.
      A few weeks ago he came out the Russian “spy” Butima was taken advantage off and now claims she was at the heat of it.

      I think he fears being Arkancided, so he must walk some of his comments back.

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      1. Sorry
        This happens when you type while you don’t read what you typed.
        The edited version should read:
        I am very sceptical why he over emphasizes Hillary also being spied upon.
        A few weeks ago he came out that the Russian “spy” Butima was taken advantage off and now claims she was at the heart of it.
        I think he fears being Arkancided, so he must walk back some of his earlier comments.

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      2. Hmm…come to think of it…I don’t remember Byrne mentioning “Hillary” before today.

        He mentioned that he ‘knew’ a lot.

        But I don’t think he mentioned Hillary in his earlier revelations.

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        1. Byrne reveals different things in each interview.
          In the CNN interview he specifically said he was part of the group who helped set Hillary up for blackmail.
          THOSE details would be juicy, because he was personally involved.

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          1. I noticed that.

            Is he tailoring his story for each interviewer and their audience?

            Liars tend to do this…embellish their story for different audiences.

            I dunno, maybe I’m being too skeptical.
            But this just has an air of desperation to it…as though the Dems/Cabal are trying to get ahead of what is coming.

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            1. I found ZERO inconsistencies…. which would be incredibly difficult for a normal person over 3 venues…. if they were lying.
              Funny you mentioned it, Wheatie, I went back to check and was looking for it. Weird, huh?

              More like different questions being asked by different people. And yes, it is typical for the first interview to reveal, X, Y, Z, and then by the time he gets to the third interview………. he spill that “Z” is Comey.

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              1. …and he revealed earlier that orders came from “Y”, Peter Streyk and “X” was McCabe. I would be interested to learn details of what it was in the Senate hearing about them (who?) beating up on whom (nominee Barr?) and exactly when it happened with what else was going on, that was so powerful as to prompt him to step up with story to Buffett?

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      3. To be honest, I am skeptical of everyone nowadays. I think we are so deep in the false reality the gov’t has plunged us in for so long, that we need to question everything we see and hear.

        That said, my gut tells me Byrne’s tears were real. Whether from fear or sadness or a combination, most men don’t choke up on tv unless emotions are running very high. Byrne also, like most men, choked back the tears, I.e., he didn’t dramatize the moment.

        Just my two cents.

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        1. I’m skeptical of Byrne’s motives. His response to the question about his business affairs which ultimately would lead to the use of a new monetary system was over the top. (way too defensive).

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    2. The hat wearing in the Fox interview is sooooo typical.
      When they meet new people, they want to be liked, one of the group, but they don’t know how. Social awkwardness, often blurting out something not normally said in polite company.
      The gasps of air, pauses, to calm his mind and put into words what he is thinking, because his brain is racing, all of it makes sense.

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      1. Yes, he is revealing things that are shocking, troubling, scary. He talked about having known this stuff for awhile but not being able to say anything.

        Of course a narrative is being advanced, but I think poor Byrne is another Carter Page type. He’s socially awkward but smart enough to figure out he was being used…and what happens when you become a liability.

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      2. Applies to DJT as well, except he doesn’t need to pause all that much – he repeats what he just said to cover while he’s thinking about what to say next.

        Very few people (if any) can deliver a smooth coherent monologue to an enemy trying to find nuggets to quote. DJT is a superb leader but he isn’t perfect. IMO, his “less than” moments have no real value to me.

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        1. Yes, quite similar to PDJT. During the campaign, I marvelled at how Trump could digress for 20 minutes to tell a story but still wind around to his original point.
          It was fantastic.
          Rare for someone with an IQ like Trump to have good social skills, but it does happen. Look at Netanyahu or James Woods. They do become impatient, however….

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      1. That is what I was thinking.

        There was no reason to surveil Hillary for blackmail material. Their boy Epstein had ALL the blackmail material on that family that was needed.

        Surveil Hillary to keep her out of trouble? Sure

        Surveil Hillary as part of the Midyear Exam aka going through the motions? Yeah, I can see that.

        Surveil Hillary for political reasons as they did President Trump? HECK NO! Why bother all the strings were already in place so no need for more.

        The fact they brought in a CIVILIAN and a libertarian that was getting a Proctology exam by the government, tells me this was a SET UP. AN INSURANCE POLICY just in case Hillary AND JEB BUSH lost.

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        1. The Hillary under threat talk was most likely used to get Bryne to cooperate in a false construct about how he would be helping out to maintain election integrity and for some reason he’s still under that delusion or he’s being used now in an effort to spin that to “save the institutions”.

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        2. Hillary and her team we involved in the fake Russian golden shower story.
          How is she a victim of the deep state? Is Byrney the sacrificial lamb who offers himself to a fake story to save Hillary?
          Did he make a deal he is off the hook for something we do not know for his story? All these stories have some truth but in the truth is the deception?
          Just speculating.

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  9. Before I go further in the reading the comments, just want to say – thank you for noticing that there was more to Patrick Byrne than people were understanding…

    Last night, I caught CTH’s post on him, and almost all of the comments were negative – disbelieving – while I hadn’t had experience with people like him, I thought the commenters didn’t get the “kind” of guy he was. Sure he’s all over the place, brilliant people like him often are – they don’t fit in our view of the world, they don’t navigate it the same. I went to bed thinking, don’t they realize that he’s one of those big techi success guys – and they move in our world a little differently.

    Anyway, that’s my initial take, and I’m delighted to find your post this morning – you picked up on, and defined Patrick a little more clearly.

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      1. Or took advantage of him….then and now? Wonders if he had an earlier involvement in paring him up with the FBI and this Russian girl.

        Speaking of the Russian girl. Innocent or all knowing or combination of the two.. Thinks if she was idealistic enough she could be controlled from Russia with out her knowing better, which helps her to sell herself to Bryne.

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        1. Interesting thought. This guy Byrne was a bit of a chump. But I think he’s a bit like Papadop – a chump who wakes up in the middle of a op that is trying to take advantage of him. Only Papadop woke up a heck of a lot smarter.

          This is why I call Butina an “enthusiastic amateur”. She has the strong patina of reality because it’s real. But she had a fucking HANDLER giving her ADVICE. She’s an informant – JUST LIKE BYRNE.

          Rule number one in a real conspiracy – EVERYBODY USES EVERYBODY. Informants get used worse than anybody.

          Stupid smart Russian girl experiencing gun / spy magic is not what even SHE thinks she is. She is being used to DESTROY GUN RIGHTS WORLDWIDE. She’s a CLASSIC useful idiot. The Russians used the hell out of her, but now play her differently for the embarrassing exit.

          Byrne literally messed up everybody’s good thing by running to the FBI. This chick was supposed to be a MISSILE sent into the NRA to take it down along with Trump. WHOOPS – too bad. FBI got caught. Russia got caught.

          People on our side need to learn to play out these set-up scenarios to see what the other side is TRYING TO PULL OFF.

          As soon as I saw “Russian pro-gun girl backed by handler working her way into the NRA and toward Trump”, I knew it was time for the biggest eye-roll in history.

          She ASKED TRUMP A QUESTION at some freedom forum. OY VEY!

          But no – Russia is on Trump’s side! 🙄


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          1. Reread Sara Carter’s article and tell me what you think.
            Imagine that Butina is not 25yrs old – more like 40yrs old (take a good look at her). And imagine she was being groomed for leadership in Russia.

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            1. OK – this is really plausible. I mean, we’re definitely talking “nested Russian dolls” with that idea, but – well – that’s Russian reality.

              Let’s say she was set up as “controlled opposition” (on gun rights vs. Putin), or even just seduced into a kind of controlled opposition thing. She could even be a big MK success story – totally oblivious to her deep purposes in her cover persona.

              One reason to think that is the Sara Carter article, but then follow the link to THIS ARTICLE but don’t adopt their conclusion – look beyond it – look how they are likely WRONG in saying she wasn’t really a spy.


              Let’s say that her cover for “deep spy” is “amateur spy / informant”. She CANNOT break her cover by going after obvious targets – which explains why she passes them up all the time. But I think the [white hat or neutral] FBI theory that she was using SEX makes sense. I think she was likely SLEEPING with a lot of guys, but they were all (except Byrne) keeping mum on the sex. So she is probably sleeping with “cover handler” Torshin, b/c he’s on Russia’s version of the FED – gotta keep him in line with hottie pix – right? CANNOT PASS THAT UP if you’re Putin – so yeah – there is MUCHO REVERSO on this stuff.

              Oh, I like this idea. AMATEUR as cover. And she has proven organizing props, but that question she posed to Trump was WAY too professional – that was Bezmenov smart (media being his old cover), so yeah – this woman is a spy playing bad amateur maybe spy as her cover.

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      1. Didn’t they say Einstein was brilliant but wasn’t very “polished”? 🙂 It’s like their brains operate on some higher level.

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          1. AMEN to that!!!

            I MUCH rather visit a hardware store rather than a fashion boutique. I probably spend triple the amount on tools compared to what I spent on clothes in the last ten years.

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            1. You are fortunate that we’re all friends here because that statement lends itself to eliciting all sorts of fashion snark and barbs. 🙂

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              1. “… all sorts of fashion snark…”

                Wouldn’t matter I go for the ‘eccentric look’ Gimme Cap or Cowboy hat, braids, cowboy shirt and jeans. Dress up is fancy cowboy shirt and black jeans. 🤠

                Like I said I rather buy a Sthil saw or weed wacker than a dress. 🤣

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        1. Even when these geniuses get sucked into spy world, and get wise, the ones who stay devoted to truth can never get beyond certain limits.

          Edward Teller is a classic example of this – often claimed to be “paranoid” b/c he got so wise – and he shows up as a “limited denier” of Bob Lazar – limited b/c there is something in him that just can’t go balls-to-the-wall lying his ass off about not knowing Bob and Bob never worked there, etc.


          NOT a sucker for socialism. Totally read in on the exo stuff, IMO. Reading Corso makes sense of Teller.

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  10. I quit watching the MacCallum interview 7 minutes in after the narrative was established. This is some sort of cabal S.O.S. From who to who is a good question, but there were too many red flags right off the bat to believe this guy. A photographic memory would make him perfect for this job of establishing this particular narrative. He can keep the lies and stories straight.

    The point here is not just to victimize Hillary Clinton in the eyes of the public, but to demonize the people Byrne blames for his “involvement.” And here’s a question: if the FBI wasn’t all that involved, why say the orders came from that chain of command? They wouldn’t have. He’s saying men in black descended on him, and yet blames the FBI? I have no problem believing that what is in the public realm from that whole group is a tangled pack of lies, but other than McCabe, I’m still holding fire on who is on which side, and who flipped. Note also that that group has gone quiet while the Scaramucci intermezzo has been going on. Not buying that account.

    Warren Buffett? Seriously? Talk about deep state, or at the very least agnostic on the topic. No one makes that kind of money pretty much purely in the stock market without being one of them or at least knowing what the score is. IIRC, he’s also big on some of the transportation companies. He was also the one who said “green” energy doesn’t make sense without government subsidies because it isn’t cost effective.

    And then Overstock itself…how is it still in business after all the shorting? That was a dot I didn’t connect before now, but IIRC, and when my internet quits dying on me I’ll double check, I’m pretty sure the IPO was shorted. Is Byrne an asset and Overstock was his cover?

    And then a name like Patrick Byrne and he’s using words like rabbi and yente…sure.

    Sorry, not buying it as sold. Too many indicators that this is a coordinated narrative sell ahead of really bad news, especially if the responses on the interviews are essentially boilerplates and no “nitty gritty” details were given.

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    1. Did you notice Byrne’s eye-blinking?
      He was doing a lot of eye-blinking in those interviews yesterday.

      I wondered if that was normal for him…so I watched other videos of him…and No, he wasn’t doing the eye-blinking in those.

      Could this guy have been MK’d to do this?

      And yeah, he apparently has a savant-level ability to memorize things.
      That would make it easy for him to memorize a Script.
      And at times…it does seem like he’s struggling to ‘stay on script’.

      He also seems to take care to mention Hillary’s name ‘first’ in the list-of-the-spied-upon…as well as mention her name without the others.

      In the Bulls&Bears video, he gets choked up when talking about “people killing each other” and going “to see his Rabbi”…
      I wonder if that was the emotional trigger that was used on him…making him feel like he Had To Do This because he was “responsible” for people killing each other?

      While he was choked up he said…”So I went to see my Rabbi. You know who that is… Who’s my Rabbi? Who’s my Rabbi, David?”
      As though we’re all supposed to know who his ‘Rabbi’ is.
      That was kinda weird.

      And this narrative that he is offering, portrays “guys at the top” as some sort of ‘rogue agents’ who were acting on their own.
      First he says they’re “not FBI”…but then, they actually are FBI.

      Did you notice the looks on the faces of those other guys in that Bulls&Bears video?
      They looked like they were having trouble following his reasoning.

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      1. I didn’t pay that much attention to the eyes. I was listening to the words he said. Frankly, I can’t sit through all the videos, especially when they repeat the same thing and the interviewee won’t answer questions.

        The whole thing just set off my radar, especially when a number of MSM online outlets did stories on it, but the aggregate sites don’t carry the headlines.

        And there are enough people calling BS on these boards, that there’s a good chance it is. As for being MKed…don’t know about that. I have a feeling Byrne might be an asset that was activated or something.

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      2. The other thing, I looked at his Wiki page. Some things looked “off.” Can’t put my finger on it, but it starts with a degree in philosophy. And this guy ends up a CEO of a publicly traded company? Okay, super smart people, sure, would have the ability to be well versed in multiple areas, but all together it’s just off.

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      3. That “rabbi” interchange made Byrne look like an idiot. As did the red hat. As did the only coherent aspect of his statements – – BUY from Overstock!

        If Byrne’s judgment as reflected in these videos is an accurate picture, then we can know with confidence that the story he has to tell is probably useless, at best, except to the people he “exonerates.”

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      4. I have a bit of a different take. I was intrigued when Byrne went after Jonathan Hunt that smarmy little shit who I have always despised.

        I don’t think he was MKd. I think they sold him a bill of goods and he bought into it…until he didn’t.

        I see a guy who woke up just as he was being thrown overboard and is now paddling toward shore as fast as he can.

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        1. Tends to agree. They created a fake box and inserted him into it. Part of the box was telling him Hillary was being threatened as well as the other candidates. When he started to see out of the box the Russian Spy woman became less of a good idea thus they didn’t try to capitalize on it because they couldn’t trust what Bryne would say and thus tied her off and locked her away separate from the greater Russian Hoax story.

          So what did he start to see? I think he saw how Russian spy girl was being set up as a bomb in a game of political espionage.

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      5. I agree, the blinking eyes were unnatural but that could be just a nervous response. When he choked up on the shootings I figured he was overwhelmed with guilt for his part in the espionage and for betraying the country and furthing division among the citizens. I thought the memory lapse trying to recall the name of his Rabbi was really weird for a guy with photographic recall. Why did he insist on David identifying Buffet as his Rabbi?

        Suspicious cat appeared when he lumped Hillary in with Rubio, Cruz and Trump reminding the viewers that she was a victim too. THAT makes me wonder whether the timing of this whistleblower is being used to get ahead of a narrative for something big about to drop. If Buffet was his mentor (handler?), who is totally in for HRC, what is really going on?

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              1. I respectfully disagree.

                He is acting according to a script, like in a movie. Whether Black Hats wrote this script, or White Hats wrote it, or (bare possibility) Byrne wrote it himself, we can discuss. But I’m fairly certain we won’t be able to come up with enough verifiable information at this point to be sure who wrote it. My personal inclination is “undecided, but leaning towards White op, while in no way lionizing Byrne”.

                If you don’t believe me that it’s a script, please go back to the line where he 1st uses the word “rabbi”, and watch from there to the last mention of Buffet.

                He’s talking about other, very important, matters of Russian spying, Strzok, FBI, girlfriend, Obama Administration, etc., and, for some reason, he keeps “interrupting the narrative” to deliver these asides about his “rabbi”.

                This is what I elsewhere referred to as his multi-stage rollout of Buffet’s name.

                Stage 1: my rabbi

                Stage 2: rabbi in Omaha

                Stage 3: you know who I’m talking about? [Baits Asman into saying “Warren Buffet”]

                Stage 4: I’ve known him since I was 13…

                Stage 5: he calls my office and leaves voicemails, “Have Byrne call me. This is his rabbi.”

                Stage 6: he told me “You have to come clean..,”

                [I watched it live, then once more that day, and not since. So my quotes may really only be paraphrases, and the order might be slightly off in unimportant ways.]

                At first, it seems quirky, fitting in with his reputation as an eccentric millionaire. Then the script aspect begins to swim into view.

                Byrne wants to make absolutely sure we remember that it is specifically Warren Buffet that is advising him, that the advice is to do the right thing, and that Buffet’s advice is extremely important to Byrne (i.e. like a father’s.)

                He does this by using the multiple interruption technique heavily, to force us to pay attention to what is, to us, at first, a time-wasting TANGENT, while we are trying to stay focused on the juicy details of the PAYLOAD, fresh dirt on our big-name enemy, Strzok.

                He also does it by using the guessing game format, thus forcing us to divert our attention from the juicy PAYLOAD onto what we think of as the TANGENT.

                “Rabbi” is Hebrew for “teacher”. Specifically, a teacher of Holy Scripture, faith, morals, and law. Or a spiritual advisor, someone to whom one is devoted. (“Teacher” in ancient Sanskrit/modern Hindi: “guru”.) He uses this particular word, “rabbi”, at least 3 or 4 times, so we can’t unhear it.

                “Omaha”, also down for repeated mentions, elicits “the Sage of Omaha”, none other than Warren Buffet himself. NOT Bill Gates, T. Boone Pickens, Les Wexner, Richard Branson, or any other big-shot billionaire investor. Warren Buffet. Remember that name. You’ll be quizzed on it later.

                And remember the city, Omaha. Middle America. Wholesome. Waves of grain. That way, in case you DO forget the name, Warren Buffet, in spite of Mr. Byrne’s most plaintive entreaties not to, you will be able to use “Omaha” as a helpful mnemonic to remember the name.

                And when Byrne first mentioned his rabbi, and then nudged you ever so helpfully to guess who that might be, perhaps an image flashed briefly in your brain of a neighborhood in the Tri-state Area, or in South Beach, or in Broward County. Or West Hollywood, or the San Fernando Valley, or Brookline, MA. Or even Skokie, Illinois. No, silly you! Omaha.

                And how will you ever remember Buffet’s name, if you forget the urban mnemonic Byrne so thoughtfully provided you?

                Here’s how: Omaha, Nebraska, is not known for the large size of its Jewish population. So if you do happen to forget it, just think of prominent American municipalities in which you would naturally find a prominent American rabbi. And then, for the mnemonic, visualize the one zebra in a corral full of horses.

                Or, more to the point, one grey swan in a flock of white.

                “Used to leave voice mails for my staff” implies casual famiarity. Plus, implies staff can confirm this. It’s not just he said/he said.

                “Met him when I was 13” implies he’s like a father to Byrne. Met him early in Byrne’s formative years, plenty of time to imbibe his excellent moral teachings and other wisdom, etc.

                In short, he is disguising what, for him, is a major PAYLOAD to deliver to the Fox Business audience, as a mere TANGENT.

                If we eventually find that this is, in fact, a White Hat script, then I’m 100% certain we’ve just gotten a clue that Buffet is tied into Russiagate/FISAgate somehow. This would be our first such clue, no?

                OTOH, if it’s a Black Hat script, we’ll know that Buffet is trying to get himself off the hook, as well as promote a narrative that Hillary Rodham is a victim, that the guilt falls squarely on Strzok and on other specific names in the FBI HQ, and that rank-and-file FBI, let alone Rodham, are innocent of the “politicized” wrongdoings of these few in leadership.

                In either case, it now seems likely Buffet’s name will be exposed by DECLAS. Though I’ve never liked him, I, for one, didn’t know that before.

                When Byrne named Rodham as a victim, I suspected something was off almost immediately.

                But the fact that Byrne is yet another prominent CEO to resign makes me think this could be a White Hat op, after all.

                Since Buffet was a previously unknown element in FISA, this works better to stink him up with the scandal than to exonerate him.

                These last 2 points incline me to tentatively think “White Hat script”, which does not imply Byrne is off the hook.

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              2. Ok I just watched it again. He has two motives: to preempt stories about his unfortunate involvement in the coup, and to protect his own life.

                He was name-dropping to link himself with Buffet’s authority and power. He went to Buffet because he was afraid.

                You don’t go to someone like Buffet without knowing he’s gonna pick up the phone and find out what the hell is going on. Buffet may be involved, but I would surmise just from Byrne’s story, that he went to Buffet for H.E.L.P.

                Byrne himself said he was a tool. I think the only script was to let certain people know that he has a powerful friend…Warren Buffet, who has lots of contacts in D.C.

                From all I can tell, Byrne was naive. He got burned by DS. Imagine figuring it out. Imagine if you had moved money for what you thought was a white ops, but now you know is black ops…and that innocent people are being killed.

                And I think he got permission to go public.

                Regarding his shenanigans with Butina, sorry but a honey pot works…over and over and over as history tells us. Guys lead with the wrong head a lot. 😁

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              3. And really, who is surprised that Stzrok was involved?

                Also, I am only surmising that there was some involvement with moving $$. That is the real interesting tidbit that Byrne disclosed. He actually cried about the El Paso shooting. That is the one very strange note in the interview as I see it.

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              4. “He has two motives: to preempt stories about his unfortunate involvement in the coup, and to protect his own life.”

                Ok, that sounds very plausible. What seems harder to swallow (for me, at least,) is that it’s his message to the public, pure and simple, that buys him all that. Especially the part about protecting his own life.

                I would tend to assume that it’s the deal he cut to say exactly what he said, the particular theatrical way he said it, that netted him the whole life policy.

                “He was name-dropping to link himself with Buffet’s authority and power. He went to Buffet because he was afraid.”

                Yes, but dropping a name that powerful cuts both ways, especially if Buffet is already involved. Reflection over the past couple of days, plus just now perusing Gail Combs’ light summer reading samples above, about Buffet, Gates, coal, cattle, and BLM, makes me highly suspicious that Buffet in fact is a player for the Dark Side, and even that he might be up to his Adam’s Apple already with ropexxxx, err, with remorse for some small role he may have played in the plot against Mr. Trump.

                “Imagine figuring it out. Imagine if you had moved money for what you thought was a white ops, but now you know is black ops…and that innocent people are being killed.”

                Maybe remorse is one of Byrne’s chief motivations. Yes, you are quite right that we must consider that.

                But it doesn’t explain what Buffet’s motive was for okay’ing the script, if in fact he did. The rabbi either signed off on this, for some reason, or he was just stabbed in the back by his own mentee. (Sorry, my knowledge of Hebrew or Yiddish doesn’t extend to the word for “student” in a rabbi- student relationship, which would have added some happening flavor to this reply. 😁)

                “And I think he got permission to go public.”

                Yes, I’m quite certain of that.

                Question: From whom?


      6. Byrne does not seem to be to honest because if he was he would not have been leading the Russian woman on.
        He did not know if she was a spy? Sees amateur or not have truth problems that is the gig to deceive.
        Unless I know different I am having a wait and see agitate. Barr has seen many things I am sure he is not going to be mislead. In all tings there is a shred of truth but one s=needs to sort out what is truth and what is deception.
        Just my thoughts on that.

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      7. “And this narrative that he is offering, portrays “guys at the top” as some sort of ‘rogue agents’ who were acting on their own.
        First he says they’re “not FBI”…but then, they actually are FBI.”

        Ah, but Wheatie… he keeps saying we shouldn’t blame the FBI. And he keeps saying something mysterious about a dark force being involved.

        What if he’s hinting the mysterious dark force emanates from a certain suburb in Virginia? And what if he believes X, Y, & Z are natives of that town? (“Sector chief”, iirc, being lingo there for a particular rank of local.) And that they were merely using clown makeup to paint the letters “F.B.I.” on their faces, so that they could blend in more easily with the Quantico folks?

        See? He could be telling the truth here, if you read between the lines. I’m not buying much of what he is selling, but dark force makes a lot of sense, if interpreted that way.

        Why does he beat around the bush? It’s against the law to reveal the identities of clowns. So, for legal reasons, people often use euphemisms to describe to the public what they know or suspect.

        An example would be when Julian Assange, under house arrest in England, set up a meeting with Eric Schmidt of Goolag, and dear Eric showed up with 3 other people, all of whom turned out to have either current or “former” ties to the State Department. Assange then wrote an article about this meeting that, while never mentioning Virginia or its suburbs, prominently mentioned this “State Department” aspect, “State Department” also being the name of a style of facepaint popular among clowns who travel overseas.

        But that particular euphemism would not make sense for Byrne to use, since his oblique reference is not to the common clowns who pretend to be diplomats, but to the really funny type of clowns who pretend to be domestic law enforcement officers.

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    2. 100% agree, DP, on your conclusion.

      After watching the interviews, it was my totally subjective reaction that each bit of “information” was Narrative detail. I was prepared to believe Byrne going in, even knowing he “exonerated” Hillary and the FBI, but the logic of what he said, detail after detail, sounded too much like story telling and not at all like truth.

      Suffice it to say, there was zero coherence to what Byrne was saying, other than the “exoneration” of Hillary and the FBI.

      Byrne may be (or have been) a chump, as Wolf suggested. Whatever he is/was, I highly doubt he will be seen as helping to bring justice, and probably the opposite.

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  11. https://www.coindesk.com/overstocks-blockchain-war-naked-shorting

    From the article:

    Byrne is a remarkable man. A doctor of philosophy, a Marshall scholar, a savant who can remember the order of a deck of cards years after seeing them, Mr Byrne has made it a personal mission to end naked shorting.

    Surviving three bouts with cancer, several clinical deaths and recently returning from an “indefinite leave of absence” due to complications from Hepatitis C, it is clear – nothing will deter him.

    DP comment: given all the recent discussions we’ve had…really? Hep C? That’s a sexually transmitted disease. Has a cure been found, ’cause I thought that was one you had to live with.

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    1. I just did a search on Hep C…and it looks like, Yes, it can be cured now in about 90% of cases.

      The virus can be transmitted through cuts or lacerations on the skin, as well as by sexual contact.

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  12. This is not on the subject.
    Gmail blocked all my subscriptions to conservative blogs. And I cannot unblock it because they don’t show it. And google doesn’t help ether… I still got my subscriptions to conservatives on YouTube, but probably not for long…With this blog I got lucky because World Press in my bookmarks…So far its hot August for us, supporters of our beloved president.

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  13. The Warren Buffet “mentor” connection: Byrne’s father was CEO of GEICO, which company was then bought out by Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet).
    My gut impression from the videos I saw above:
    Patrick Byrne is an intelligent person with some “issues”. He appeared nervous and disorganized to me.
    He may be somewhere on the Autism Spectrum; my guess is that it mat be some type of Asperger’s Syndrome. (I’m not a neurologist but have known people who have Autism and Asperger’s)

    I think Patrick Byrne has discovered something that has made him afraid of his life — and whatever he found out has caused him to come forward. This, from a person who has fought cancer, etc., indicates to me that Byrne believes his life is in danger from an OUTSIDE force — like the DeepState/ClintonMachine/foreign entity.
    I think Mr. Byrne would be well advised to avoid “Ft. Marcy Park” — walking alone on the street at 5AM (“Seth Rich”) — flying in private/chartered aircraft — doing bench-presses at the gym — etc.

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  14. AHHHhh Yes Warren Buffet.

    Back to my notes… or rather Tony Heller’s websites:

    Remember NO OIL PIPELINE from Canada?? Well OH!bummer’s good buddy Warren Buffett owns the rail line that transports that oil instead.

    Warren Buffett is Betting Big on Coal

    The bullish case for coal isn’t based on trends in the U.S., though America will play a huge future role as a supplier. Asian demand is the key….

    On November 7th, [2011] a fleet of nine private jets touched down in the sleepy town of Gillette, Wyoming. Population: 30,000. Two of the world’s wealthiest men were among the arrivals. They stayed only one day, and refused to give any interviews. They were here for a very specific reason and saw something that one of them called “fascinating…
    one of the men was Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-A) (NYSE: BRK-B). The other was his bridge-playing buddy, Berkshire director, and fellow billionaire Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft (NasdaqGS: MSFT). The purpose of their surreptitious trip was to visit the Black Thunder Mine, owned by Arch Coal (NYSE: ACI). Black Thunder is the single largest coal mine in the U.S. with an annual output equaling 10% of total U.S. coal production….

    Coal’s not dying — it’s just getting shipped abroad

    From Sierra Club: Warren Buffett’s Coal Problem: — To run his coal trains, the billionaire investor needs to seize land from a bunch of Montana cowboys. That’s not going over very well. WELL, WELL, well that certainly explains some of the actions of the BLM [Like burning out ranchers] now doesn’t it?

    BLM Burns Ranches and Destroy Cattle, but Ranchers Get Charged with Terrorism

    …. a video of the BLM starting prescribed fires in July, something that normally doesn’t take place at that time as the animals the ranchers care for are usually eating the very grass that the BLM set on fire. However, the video shows that the BLM didn’t just burn grass. It killed and injured cattle, burned homes and destroyed other property. The video of land burning by BLM picks up around the 3:10 mark below…..

    Not only did they [BLM] start the fires, but as the video shows, there was no one tending to the fires at various times. Not only that, but as ranchers attempted to make a fire break with water trucks and equipment, the BLM agents were building a fire around them! In fact, video captured BLM agents lighting fires within 100 feet of the corrals and those taking the video! Talk about deliberate terrorist acts!

    But BLM won’t be held accountable for their actions. No sir. It’s the ranchers who are terrorists for setting fires at the proper time of year to try and deal properly in the maintenance of the property, and when a judge finds that they aren’t terrorists, but lit the fires, he still sentences them to time in prison!….

    Pass this one and let’s get the word out about this injustice! Also contact those who are sworn to uphold the law, not be the puppets of tyrannical government and share with them the video. It is vitally important and time is running out for the Hammonds!

    Railroading Racism: Warren Buffett vs Northwest Indians

    Warren Buffett’s financial and political clout, from Wall Street to the White House, has created a hubris in the “bomb train” magnate matched only by his partner in crime, Bill Gates. As Buffett and Gates rake in millions from shipping Tar Sands bitumen and Bakken Shale crude, however, a storm is brewing in the Pacific Northwest, where the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI) are fighting Buffett’s Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF)–which hopes to cash in big on Crude Zones in Washington State….

    On January 8, 2015, Lummi Nation, also an ATNI member tribe, requested that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reject an application by BNSF and SSA Marine to develop a major coal export terminal at Cherry Point–home to an ancient Lummi village and burial ground, as well as prolific Salish Sea crab and salmon fishery, that benefits many Coast Salish First Nations in Washington and British Columbia. As Washington tribes fight Buffett and the fossil fuel exporters, sowers of interracial discord are already on the fossil-fueled payroll.

    George Soros is not about to be left out.
    Is George Soros Betting on the Long-Term Future of Coal?

    …The EIA and others see coal export volumes declining, domestic U.S. demand remaining questionable, and intense competition from natural gas continuing.

    A funny thing happened on the way to the graveyard for coal companies though – one of the industries greatest detractors, George Soros, appears to be stepping in as a supporter.

    Soros, whose $24 billion fortune is built on successful trading, appears to have purchased several million dollars’ worth of stock in coal producers Peabody and Arch Coal according to filings…

    ….it’s possible that Soros is simply looking for a short-term bounce in beaten down coal stocks that have been left for dead. After all, the stocks of virtually all coal mines now trade for a fraction of what they did only a few years ago…..

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    1. And then there is the NASTY story of Antelope Valley…

      Warren Buffett unlike Al Gore was still holding onto wind and solar… in California. For example the Antelope Valley project (solar) supposed to power 400,000 California homes is under a 20-year power purchase agreement with Edison International for “well-above-market prices.” He got that project at bargain basement prices as it bankrupted. I imagine Buffet expects the Greenies in California to be the last hold outs as the scam fades.

      Los Angeles, to make room for that Solar farm, sent inspectors around Antelope Valley and tossed everyone out of their homes and made them dismantle the house to boot.

      By Mars Melnicoff Thursday, Jun 23 2011: LA County’s Private Property War

      Antelope valley is now home of Warren Buffets Solar farm SURPRISE!



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      1. So Patrick Byrne’s MENTOR is this nasty piece of work Warren Buffet who USES the GOVERNMENT to run ROUGHSHOD over the people in his way???


        Either this guy is too naive to be real



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        1. Like Soros, Buffett is someone to keep an eye on. He is WELL connected to the Cabal as I showed above.

          The ‘Gold Coast’ is at present getting over run by dope addicts, illegals and feces. The sane members of the middle class is leaving the area in DROVES….

          The Chinese, who have been buying propety in the area like crazy, are now looking at a recession….

          If you get a major epidemic of any number of nasty diseases people will pack up and abandon their property OR the Chinese owned rentals. A realtor, is in the right position to give those people… OR THE GOVERNMENT, VERY LOWBALL offers for those properties.

          Since Californicate is making single family homes illegal, those properties, once the place is cleaned up, are worth MEGA BUCKS!

          Buffett is a very savvy opportunist. Look at what he did with COAL.

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          1. Thanks Gail. Buffet was also outed by Abby Johnson as a donor to Planned Parenthood – it was up to that point a hush hush secret.

            But let’s look at the real estate game in California. Phase 1 is jack up the prices. Phase 2 is crash the market. Phase 3 is swoop in and take all the property in a “steal”. Phase 4 is PROFIT!!!

            Massive price swings manipulated for profit, nevermind who gets hurt along the way.

            Phase 1 has been accomplished, but you could just wait and see how high you can push up the market prices. There’s no hurry to push the button on Phase 2 because, well, the higher the better.

            All the crazy environmental restrictions, housing restrictions, open space laws, massive Silicon Valley recruitment, water restrictions, makes a lot more sense to limit develop artificially and drive up real estate prices.

            There’s LOTS more, but I’m not a Cali resident or a real estate expert.

            So when does Phase 2 start? Well, Phase 2 is already in progress, being staged.

            Taxes are through the roof. Laws aren’t being enforced. Sanctuary madness is in full swing. Massive vagrancy and homeless being unaddressed. Widespread drug abuse encouraged by needle programs. Environmental filth being left unaddressed. Criminality in plain sight. Impossible for families to live or for children to be safe.

            When the crash is triggered, someone is going to make a boatload of cash. Buffet would seem to be the primary beneficiary.

            Why not? This same strategy worked GREAT for the coal industry. Drive it to the brink of DESTRUCTION and buy it all up at firesale prices! Block all other viable energy alternatives (via pipelines). T. Boone Pickens would be proud. He tried a similar scheme to make a killing on wind subsidies, natural gas, and aquifer water.

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            1. Boatloads of cash. Chaos = Opportunity.
              Firmly convinced the 2008 event was coordinated and have never waivered.
              Why did the USA back up Euro banks first?

              This evening, a former US Attorney and General Counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee under Bush Admin was on a panel. He detailed the information which Byrne brought to him in 2005 about a plan to crash Wall Street. It led to a much larger organization and about 200 were indicted and about 100 went to jail.
              Ever since then, the boys on Wall St had scores to settle and sued BYrne, and went after his companies.
              Fast forward to the actual crash, and they left him alone, dropping their lawsuits.

              Weird huh?

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            2. A couple minor points:

              The spread of DISEASE and artificial epidemics/plagues is a major detractor, a good Phase 2 opportunity.

              Also remember that where there are large amounts of vagrants and homeless, when people start moving out, they start “moving in” – taking over vacant properties, destroying them, making them filthy, vandalizing… all the more for fire sales…

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  15. Whole lot of shiny things being chased…

    Smoke and mirrors bs.


    If this is simply a diversion to keep Barr and IGs investigating through election…

    Surely Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Comey in this insurance policy of sorts.

    hildabeast angle is red herring. Rather sure if that is pursued it’ll be a rabbit hole with no earnest effort to harm hildabeastt.

    Far smarter folks and well informed folks can untangle Rockefeller, Rothschild…play. If any.

    hussein surely aware…played the complicit useful idiot he is.


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    1. Certainly is bizarre that it finally showed up on CNN.
      Interesting though, if you go back and read Sara Carter’s article from July 26th, there were SEVERAL journalists in the room in NYC for his first sit down interview.
      Three hours, all videotaped and on the record.
      Yet. Sara was the only one who ran with it.

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      1. Yes, I do need to look into Sara Carter’s article. Sara high on the credibility list.

        The biggest part I have issues is hildabeast. IF she was spied on, it wasn’t for the purposes Cruz, Rubio and President Trump. Wondering, was Jeb not being named an over sight or he was not targeted?

        hildabeast angle is part of an insurance policy, to protect the FBI/IC crimes. Clinton Crime Family, Clinton Foundation has got to be easy pickings to locate crimes with sufficient information to successfully prosecute.

        IMHO, all of this corruption goes beyond typical names bandied about…McCabe, Comey, RR, LL, ValJar, Yates, Strozk, Page, Clapper, Brennan…more schmucks in DOJ/FBI/IC… hussein knows. Chyyna? Powerhouse families…Rockefellers, Rothschilds…

        Also believe it coming out is part of the feed Barr and IGs new stuff, so investigations are endless…delaying indictments, arrests…

        All of that said, August is awesome;-) Eight more hot days in August!

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          1. Yes. It is odd, Sara and John Solomon seemingly always have the scoop.

            Wonder how much they are chasing leads, or being fed information. Either way, seems to be pretty accurate.

            They all rate some amount of scrutiny,

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              1. Rather sure they are being surveilled.

                Question for me is, is it good guys looking for leaks?

                Or more likely, bad guys looking to plug leaks and stymie justice.

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  16. MOAR INFO:

    Even Overstock.com Chairman John “Jack” Byrne, the father of CEO Patrick Byrne, wants his son to give up his fight against bankers, investors and journalists who the younger Byrne claims are trying to purposely deflate his company’s stock price.

    In an interview with CNET News.com, Patrick Byrne acknowledged that taking up the issue, which has made him one of the nation’s most controversial executives, has prompted his father to consider stepping down as chairman.

    “I’ve never expected him to (understand) this fight,” said Patrick Byrne of his father. “He’s been making noise about stepping down.”

    Jack Byrne was quoted on the Wall Street Journal’s Web site on Thursday as saying that “Patrick and I have had some wonderful times together on Overstock, but we’ve also had some stormy times. I’d rather keep my relationship with my son than be the chairman of the board…I don’t think it’s a wise idea to be chairman with a headstrong son.”

    The younger Byrne said that his father “thinks this is too much of a distraction for me” and disagreed with his father’s assessment, but did admit that he has been distracted at times….

    Here is the Warren Buffett connection.

    From WIKI: “John J. Byrne (July 11, 1932 – March 7, 2013) was an American longtime insurance industry executive who was CEO of GEICO, White Mountains Insurance Group and Fireman’s Fund. He also served as chairman of Overstock…

    …He then moved to Travelers and was eventually promoted to executive vice president in charge of life insurance operations.

    After being passed over for president in 1975, Byrne quit to become chief executive of GEICO, then a troubled Washington, D.C. auto insurer. GEICO sold insurance directly to low-risk drivers, but had begun to lose money after underwriting riskier drivers. The company’s shares had declined and regulators wanted to shut it down.[3]

    Byrne fired more than 1,500 employees, reducing the staff to fewer than 6,400, and closed 23 sales offices. It also stopped writing policies in several states.[4]

    GEICO had a turnaround as a result of these measures, which attracted the attention of investor Warren Buffett. He bought a position in the company and eventually his Berkshire Hathaway acquired the company. He has called Byrne the “Babe Ruth of insurance.”

    Byrne’s son Patrick M. Byrne bought a 60% interest in the Internet retailer D2: Discounts Direct, changing its name to Overstock.com. The elder Byrne served as an Overstock.com director from October 1999 until October 2002, and then rejoined the board in June 2004. He was elected chairman in October 2005….”

    John J Byrne Died March 7, 2013

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    1. OK what I am seeing is John J Byrne was the one with the BUSINESS SAVVY NOT PATRICK. This is why Patrick considers Warren Buffett his mentor.

      You see this all the time. Someone who is a brilliant inventor/scientist who gets royally screwed by his ‘business partner’ In this case I think the ‘screwing’ is much more sophisticated. The Cabal wants something and they can see Patrick as a way to get it.

      What do they want? To get RID OF PHYSICAL MONEY!

      WHY because with a physical money supply you can have an underground economy.

      The USA under OH!Bummer? We had an estimated TWO TRILLION DOLLAR Underground Economy.
      Think how much tax revenue and SALES were lost because people cut out the big boys.

      And yeah the Cabal DID NOT LIKE IT!
      What America’s $2 Trillion Underground Economy Says About Jobs

      IMF — Economic Issues No. 30 — Hiding in the Shadows : The Growth of the Underground Economy

      The underground economy in the United States: Estimates and Implications

      Investopedia — How the Underground Economy Affects GDP

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  17. Melissa hodgman, stzrok’s wife, was just in the news for fining a Russian cryptocurrency company. Uses blockchain. I dont undestand what that is, but the mentions of bitcoin and blockchain in re to Byrne are curious timing.

    “SEC fines Russian firm for failing to disclose paid-for ICO reviews

    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said on Tuesday that it has fined and settled charges against a Russia-based ratings firm for failure to disclose payments it received to publicize digital asset offerings of issuers it had rated.

    WASHINGTON: The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said on Tuesday that it has fined and settled charges against a Russia-based ratings firm for failure to disclose payments it received to publicize digital asset offerings of issuers it had rated.

    The regulator said that ICO Rating had not admitted or denied the SEC’s charges but had agreed to pay a nearly US$269,000 fine for the so-called “anti-touting” violations committed between December 2017 and July 2018.

    The firm also agreed not to break those rules in the future, the SEC said.

    ICO Rating did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

    The SEC has previously issued specific warnings about the promotion of cryptocurrency online fundraisers known as initial coin offerings (ICOs).

    It is aiming to crack down on the array of ‘ICO agencies’ that offer crypto issuers active followers and posts on social media platforms such as Reddit and Bitcointalk. These can attract investors, given the lack of conventional financial information available on cryptocurrencies.

    Some research houses accept payments in the cryptocurrencies they are analyzing and may give positive ratings for a price. Often the payments are not disclosed, a violation of securities law. Reuters reported on the phenomenon last year.

    “The securities laws require promoters, including both people and entities, to disclose compensation they receive for touting investments so that potential investors are aware they are viewing a paid promotional item,” said Melissa Hodgman, a director in the SEC’s enforcement division.

    “This requirement applies regardless of whether the securities being touted are issued using traditional certificates or on the blockchain.”

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  18. I just had a random thought.

    Gill mentions “Melissa hodgman, stzrok’s wife, was just in the news for fining a Russian cryptocurrency company.”

    Cryptocurrency seems to be Patrick ‘love’ What if the surveilance was ALL ABOUT payments in Cryptocurrency???

    The Cabal would certainly want to know if Trump. Marco and Cruz were getting illegal funding from foreign countries since it could be used as blackmail.

    They would ALSO want to know if GREEDY HILLARY was getting payments in Cryptocurrency because they would want to make sure she STAYED BOUGHT.

    Patrick would be ‘allowed’ by the Cabal to disclose the surveilance but NOT what was being surveilled.

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    1. I hereby nominate you to exclusive use of Top Branch Perch. Your ability to retrieve and share info is amazing, equaled only by sundance (maybe). You should be blessed by the Q-tree and revered for your contributions to elevating the rest of us.

      Don’t ever change. Or leave.

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      1. Thank you.

        I have no plans on leaving.

        I only left Tony Heller’s because I fugured President Trump’s election was important to the squashing of CAGW scam. Now my intent is to fully support MY President any way I can.

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  19. Former NSA guru Bill Binney said in an interview about a year ago (unfortunately I cannot remember which one)—that the White House does not run the country—the intelligence agencies run the country!

    If true, then it would make sense that Hillary Clinton would also be spied on because she was expected to win. CONTROL the Oval Office!

    If true, then Obama was also controlled. Birth certificate??? Gay??? Etc……

    Why would Jeb Bush not be included? George Bush Sr. was already part of the Cabal.

    This would shine a whole new light on Schumer’s “intel agencies six ways to Sunday” comment!

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    1. This would also explain Brennan’s role in all of this.

      If this theory is true—the fact that the Cabal were forced to MANUFACTURE dirt on President Trump—shows us just how squeaky clean The Trump Train truly is!!! The Cabal would be pulling their collective hair out in frustration and disbelief that a billionaire has no skeletons to dig up!

      Btw, that does not mean that organizations like the DNC are not part of the Cabal—explaining their take down of Sanders for their chosen “easy to control” puppet Hillary Clinton.

      This is all just off the cuff brainstorming at the moment……

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    2. Perhaps Jeb was the original chosen candidate—not Hillary—explaining why in April 2015 the NYTimes would come out with the Uranium 1 scandal on Clinton. BUT!!! They did not see Trump coming to take out their chosen Cabal member Low Energy Jeb!

      This forced the Cabal to SAVE the candidacy of Hillary Clinton—explaining James Comey’s “no intent” exoneration of her.

      I just gave myself chills thinking that this is plausible!!!

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      1. JW what about if as you said “Hillary was not supposed to win” but Jeb was supposed to win.
        Hillary promoted Trump as first because she thought he was easier to beat. Once Jeb was out she went full out to defame Trump. The Russian thing I believe Jeb stated and Hillary took over. To me it looks when Jeb lost the primary he worked with Hillary and the Intel stepped in to get Trump out, I cannot shake the feeling that papa Bush was behind the CIA to get Trump.
        I could be way off sadly I am to much right brain.

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      2. “I just gave myself chills thinking that this is plausible!!!

        Unfortunately VERY PLAUSIBLE.
        Think John McStain…. BARF 🤮
        Think Mittens Romney… GAG 🤢

        So it is VERY likely they would stick us with Jeb the Twig.🤕

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        1. Besides, after 8 years of Soebarkah, it was the RepubliCON Party’s/Bush family’s turn again to hold the presidency. The tradition is for it to alternate between DS candidates from the two major parties.


          Kennedy(D), got out of line there a moment, 🎯187, replaced by Johnson(D)->

          Nixon(R) CIA sting operation against him, (not sure how that fits into this schema,) replaced by Ford(R)🎯🎯->

          Carter(D), national destruction too fast and obvious, upset wave election->

          Reagan(R*)🎯, too popular and successful, had to lower citizens’ expectations back to normal->

          Bush,Old(R), mission accomplished->



          Soebarkah💍(D), national destruction too fast and obvious, upset wave election->

          Trump(R*)[Q has reported or hinted at various assassination attempts in the past, more than against any other president, but these have not been reported publicly]

          Or, in terms of years elapsed, by party affiliation:

          8R->8D[🎯187]->8R[🎯🎯]->4D->8R*[🎯]->4R->8D->8R->8💍D->?R*[various 🎯, per Q]

          Symbol key:
          D=DS Democrat (1 got out of line)
          R=DS RepubliCON
          R*=non-DS Republican patriot
          💍=ringer, damp squib foreign stand-in for American president
          🎯187=domestic assassination, accomplished
          🎯=domestic assassination attempt, unsuccessful
          (Other 🎯 have been reported against Nixon, Soebarkah, and others, but the attempts listed above could have succeeded, and were not sympathy stunts. If anyone knows of others that should be listed, please let me know.)

          Whew! That’s 67 years of American history in a nutshell. And for most of that 67 years, you’d have been called a nut if you stated plainly what was going on.

          [bratty, whiny, high-pitched, desperate voice, full of phlegm] See?! In 2016, it was Jeb’s turn! Trump messed everything up, and stole Jeb’s place!


      1. The name of that huge wrench?

        The Orb Network, the most brilliant first strike in human history. Before the Deep State even knew DJT was going to wage war, he defeated them with one swift move.

        Because the Orb Network is run through the military departments of the various countries, it operates in parallel to the existing Five Eyes Network AND exclusively independent of it. A neat part of the new network is that there are a couple of additions to the lineup that never worked together before.

        Five Eyes was obsolete the instant the DJT put his hand on the Orb. This is one reason DJT is able to easily outwit all the foreign entities aligned against the USA. He gets the real intel from The Orb Network, not from CIA, and it has been so since that moment the heads of state laid hands on the Orb.

        The hunters are now the hunted. The puppetmasters are now the puppets.

        Ain’t it beautiful? Brings tears of joy and admiration to my eyes.

        Liked by 8 people

        1. I tell you, this Sixth Eye / Orb plan is straight out of the Corso Roswell book. One of the hum-dingers there is revelation of just how badly the CIA was compromised, and how it was always trying to thwart America’s military from inside America.

          “Sixth Eye” had to be a deep plan – and why Brennan and CIA/CNN/WaPo/Bezos tried to kill it with the Khashoggi Deception.

          Liked by 7 people

          1. Wolf! It seems to me that we have discovered the “missing link”.

            The more I think about this—the more credible Byrne becomes IMO. I do not even think that Obama was in control of this—Obama was being CONTROLLED!

            I believe Bill Binney! Intel agencies control the World! UNTIL somebody came along that they could NOT control—President Donald J. Trump!

            Liked by 6 people

            1. Goosebumps 😉

              “And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth.”

              Revelations 5:6 King James Version

              Seven Eyes = Perfect Knowledge

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  20. Now that the excitement has died down a bit..this is a common sense thought

    Liked by 5 people

    1. It is pretty obvious he is trying to paint Hillary as a victim and to CONTAIN THE DAMAGE TO THE FBI ONLY‼️

      The problem for the deep state is The UK — Steele ( MI6) + Robert Hannigan (GCHQ) & Australia & Italy & the EU in general getting dragged into TRYING TO OVER THROW a US PRESIDENT‼️

      Wars are FOUGHT over that type of interferance from a foreign country.

      OH, and back to the idea of Pat Byrne’s ties to Cryptocurrency being important, I just ran across this tweet in my notes:

      NIRP stands for Negative Interest Rate Policy

      St Louis #Fed all but confirms the plan to ban physical cash and replace it with digital money. This means the complete loss of privacy with NIRP to follow next. https://t.co/eHCfNWJoTF
      — David Brady, CFA (@GlobalProTrader) April 24, 2018

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