Grey Swan Event Flock – Why Nothing Can Stop What’s Coming

There is a guy on Hillary’s side, who saw Trump coming – like a sky filled with bombers – but nobody listened. He published his theory of the “danger” of a Trump victory on May 26, 2016.

While the author, Ross Douthat, didn’t exactly realize what Trump was up to, nor the fact that Trump was going to win, nor even WHY Trump was going to win – he was remarkably close, compared to most of “left-world”. I don’t think Douthat realized that (1) he (Douthat) was not actually looking at the right gray swans, and (2) TRUMP was the one generating the gray swans, through intellect, cunning, love, and sheer hard work.

Douthat believed that, rather than by one, big, unforeseen cataclysmic event – i.e., a “black swan” – a string of uncertainty-generating random-ish events could “accidentally” put Trump in the White House.

The reality is that Trump – grabbing and working HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of gray swan OPPORTUNITIES – coalesced them all into a comfortably large margin of tiny wins, including unforeseen victories in multiple swing states, to become the 45th President of the United States of America.

This “gray swan” view of the world – the idea that the world can be changed by a stream of perhaps uncommon but not rare events – is key to two things – both of which have high impact in my life:

  • The Plan, as in “Trust the plan.”, as in Q.
  • the slow, steady work of the “event people”, as I call them – but you might know them as “the Deep State”, or perhaps the people who killed Jeffrey Epstein, JFK, RFK, MLKJ, Ron Brown, and many others.

Trump’s path to 2016 victory could actually be viewed as part of “The Plan”, and I would certainly view it that way. But that is just the beginning, in my current opinion.

“The Plan” is actually much bigger than Trump.


So how do I know this?

Because I believed Q when he said “You have more than you know.”

[C]oats Before [D]eclas
Q!!mG7VJxZNCI1 Aug 2019 – 1:22:36 PM
[C] before [D].
[C]oats before [D]eclas.
The month of AUGUST is traditionally very HOT.
You have more than you know.

Q’s last post before 8chan was shut down by the enemy

So – where do I begin? How about Q Day – August 17, 2019?

Harry Lime
August 17, 2019 at 05:17

The Bob Lazar interviews are fascinating. He claims to have worked at Area 51 on alien spacecrafts and he is very convincing. The technology he describes is kind of mind-blowing.
This body language dude is a little goofy but he does a decent job of analyzing the interviews. It takes a few minutes to get going…the actual interviews start around 2 minutes and fifty seconds into the video…

[see video below]

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Now, I’m going to repeat that video here, but I will just preface things by saying that learning about Bob Lazar was a kind of “gray swan event” for me. It’s a predictable but uncommon critical event. It was evidence meeting a mind that was uniquely ready for it.

It was “UFO stuff” hitting me as edge science with which I was somewhat familiar.

I have traditionally avoided “UFO” stuff. Yes, at various, sporadic times, I’ve read bits and pieces with a kind of curious, almost morbid interest, but INVARIABLY I get to the point of being “turned off” by the cult-like, phenomenal nature of it all. Too many crazies. Too many new-agers. Too many – as Bob Lazar puts it – BAT SHIT CRAZY people. They seem like very nice people, but they also seem very crazy – much more than I could possibly be myself. It makes me start to think that NONE OF IT IS REAL. And yet the idea that it’s NOT REAL simply flies in the face of the most basic scientific and even (strange yet important) religious logic.

What this is, is actually rather profound. It is direct evidence of the psychologically unsettling nature of the ET problem – a demonstration of its power. It may even be a demonstration of how little we understand.

Many people who follow the field do seem like curious, interested, investigatory people. Some also seem like honest witnesses who have had legitimate odd experiences, which are temptingly explained by equally odd theories.

But some people – who blithely talk about hundreds of abductions – well – I simply have my doubts.

ALTHOUGH – when I approach the problem from a technological standpoint – I could see how CREATING such people would not only be possible, but also very useful. It would be the ultimate living disinformation – and, ironically, it protects its own creation – the mark of truly MASTERFUL disinformation. You have to BELIEVE the person about some initial encounter to explain why the rest of what they are saying is NOT TO BE BELIEVED.

Kinda evil, when you think about it.

I don’t doubt ALL of the “abduction” stories. The Barney and Betty Hill story, I believe strongly. I will come back to that, at some point, if only because I HAVE TO COME BACK TO IT.

I’m not even sure I really WANT to believe. Aliens are kinda scary. Indeed, I have actually been a DEBUNKER at times. I’m particularly good at debunking moving and reflected lights. The first time I solved a “reflected light UFO video”, I was ECSTATIC. I felt “better than Snopes”, because I debunked with absolutely no agenda – neither “confirmation bias” nor “debunking bias” (and trust me – nobody ever talks about “debunking bias”, or “anti-confirmation bias”, but it is VERY REAL). Seriously, I would have LOVED for that light to have been a real UFO – but I proved the other side because THE TRUTH HAS NO AGENDA.

The trouble with Bob Lazar, however, is that not only was he very believable – what he said made sense to me in ways that go way beyond why almost anybody else on the planet would believe him. I simply have hidden knowledge matching up to his story.

Bob Lazar began to solve nearly all the mysteries of my life in ONE VIDEO. This one. As I will explain in a moment.

If you want to go back and see all the comments that fell out of this video, go to the following link:

My first comment, however, will give you a flavor of the rest:

August 17, 2019 at 06:03

OMG – I just stopped playing this at 16:24, where they’re talking about element 115.

This connects to all the crap that happened around the time I underwent MK.

He says something about the island of stability stuff. THAT was the stuff that got me into trouble in the early 1980’s. I noticed MISSING THEORIES. Based on my understanding of history of science and science itself, I told my professor that there seemed to be missing theories in nuclear physics. It was a logical argument. Based on some existing theories, and the details of how they had originated, it was almost impossible that certain other similar theories didn’t exist – and yet there were no known theories of a certain type.

At that time I wasn’t particularly suspicious – I thought it might just be some kind of interesting historical “phenomenon” – like a random void in science itself (which is a very cool concept in information theory – how does one CREATE or MAINTAIN a void in information?) But I didn’t know WHY it would be missing. I didn’t think that there was any reason to hide theories in that area. These are general science theories. There was not even a popular IDEA that some general theories were “off-limits”. People in science ASSUMED that certain TECHNOLOGY might be classified, but the idea that the most BASIC SCIENCE might be classified – THAT was unheard of back then.

Well, based on what this guy is saying, he is talking about stuff which would be elegantly explained by the theories I thought were missing. I know exactly what he is talking about, and he would have known exactly what I’m talking about.

Which is another tell. This guy acts just like a lot of scientists I’ve known. Just like normal. Just like he was in the lab next door explaining his stuff.


But his case also explains why they were interested in using MK on scientists, and presumably experimenting on it at the time. If you can keep their secret stuff compartmentalized, it can be protected. This guy (and maybe others) had gone off the ranch, and the military had a security problem. So they HANDED OFF THE PROBLEM to the CIA to deal with MK experiments. Which (from my point of view) are to some extent successful and to some extent not.

And everybody is still interested in these problems.

But OMG – I am so happy that:

– the class of theories I thought should have existed actually exist
– the theories work
– they would explain the island of stability
– there IS an island of stability
– elements in that island of stability create cool tech

HOLY SHIT! This stuff is REAL!

OK. Now I know why Cankles is in trouble!

She gave this shit to China! Without permission!

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Now – I’ve already modified my thinking on some of this, and things now make EVEN MORE SENSE. And that is why I am now talking to you all.

After I saw this Bob Lazar YouTube video, I decided to drop by a bookstore and see if I could find any of the Bob Lazar DVDs, as well as any other information on “alleged” alien propulsion technology, or “alleged” (or “fake science” “real”) information on higher post-actinides like element 115, now known as Moscovium. Information – disinformation – I can use it all.

I was VERY specifically looking for what I might call “REAL ALIEN STUFF”. I wanted things that were being dismissed along with the entire category, but were very likely real. Other stuff like Bob Lazar. Things that might seem bogus to most people, but would have the STENCH of awful reality to me.

And, OH, brothers and sisters, DID I FIND IT.

What I did NOT expect, was how utterly seamlessly this stuff integrated with all of the following:

  • my parents’ lives
  • my life, including childhood, education, and employment
  • history of science, including stuff that is rather obscure, but of which I have personal knowledge
  • the “real” history of the United States that I have pieced together after dumping fake news, fake entertainment, fake science, and fake history
  • the Q revelations
  • my personal readings and extensions of the Q revelations
  • the alleged “alien-free” Q history revealed through the following video:

Now – I want to be VERY careful here. I could mention or better still EXPLAIN many specifics from this book, and HOW they integrate with the things I described above. And, indeed, I WILL do that at some point. It will be very convincing. But CONVINCING YOU ALL is not what I want to do. I would prefer for you all to simply MAKE UP YOUR OWN MINDS.

I am stealing a page from Q, and asking you all to simply READ THIS BOOK and prepare to have your minds blown, by what amounts to “future proves past” on this 1997 book, which was itself relying on “future proves past” about 1947, 1962, and the surrounding years.

I believe that this book may have been part of PLANNED DISCLOSURE. Even the TIMING (50 years after Roswell) seems to have been part of the deal.

Now – it is important for me to address how this stuff affects – or more importantly does NOT affect our little site here.

We have a wide range of MAGA opinion here, across the entire spectrum of both RELIGION and SCIENCE. I am not going to try to “convince” anybody of things they either don’t believe, can’t believe, or don’t want to believe. However, as a free speech site, I will be discussing a lot of things which – AT ALL TIMES – some people absolutely WON’T BELIEVE.

That’s OK. It works that way for everybody. You can say what you think, and you WILL let others say what they think – without denigration or artful inhibitions – other than the first time, which will be the last time. Disagreement is fine – we cannot increase our understanding without it. Open disagreement is better, because if it’s not shared, what use is it? But we will have to let each other say disagreeable things, as I will explain momentarily.

I personally think we’ve done really well on this front – the art of enlightened discussion of hot topics – but this is going to move into new territory.

I am going to state the following in a “future proves past” way:

What is coming – which cannot be stopped – will shake up “what we know” and “how we know it” in profound ways.

However – WE – who are able to discuss BOTH science and religion FREELY – are uniquely prepared for this “rough ride”.

Those who can understand the future from the vantage points of both science and religion will have a much easier time moving into that future. Those who refuse to use one tool or the other will have far greater difficulties dealing with the future.

When I say this, I am including people who oppose either religion or science, but actually know something about what they oppose.

You will not have to give up your beliefs. You will have to re-understand them. You will have to SEE YOUR OWN BELIEFS DIFFERENTLY.

The curves of a changing reality will simply be too steep to allow people to remain exactly where they were before, absent running into the mountains and living in a shack, where CHANGE cannot find them.

In fact, it is imperative that you not give up your beliefs. The FUNDAMENTALS of those beliefs are important. Their being shaken up is an opportunity for opponents of those beliefs to make you “switch worldviews”. DON’T FALL FOR IT. That is my advice. The “hasty jump” is rarely wise. Maybe NEVER wise.

Now, I’m going to close by going back just slightly on what I said. One impression I got from the book is this:

America was blessed with WISE LEADERSHIP in both Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower. We are once again blessed with such leadership now, in President Donald J. Trump.

So with that, let The Q Tree Book Club begin!


266 thoughts on “Grey Swan Event Flock – Why Nothing Can Stop What’s Coming

  1. The UFOs are secret military tech.

    The “alien abductions” are MKULTRA fuckery.

    Whatever will be presented to us as an “alien” was probably cooked up in a cabal laboratory somewhere on Earth.

    Globalist Hollywood has a monopoly of influence on molding opinions about aliens. Ask random people their opinions on aliens and most will reference one Hollywood blockbuster or another. It’s all to sell the lie that aliens exist at all. The alien meme was pushed as means of hiding the cabal’s secret activities and agendas from us.

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    1. I have to admit that the TIMING on Roswell (1947) makes me think that an alien crash is an extraordinarily good cover for integration of captured Nazi technology (Operation Paperclip), though I tend toward “AND logic” on Nazis and aliens, due to observations of RATES of achievements in “fake science”.

      The idea that we allegedly don’t have moscovium here bugs me. That it is formed only in special stellar circumstances seems plausible as an explanation, but it still bugs me. There is enough FAKENESS in Fake Science that I could believe there are some very big lies in play, e.g., about the existence of moscovium ores on Earth.

      I do agree that there is ENORMOUS brainwashing about aliens. ENORMOUS. I also think that the idea of aliens is used as classic disinformation for a variety of reason, and by a variety of players. That said, the appearance of foo fighters and the Roswell incident at the time they did fits in SO WELL with certain technical theories I have, in which aliens are a reality, that those theories get boosted no matter what.

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      1. Let’s go on a brief tangent about secret Nazi agendas and Hollywood brainwashing. The way the textbooks, media, and Hollywood tell it, the only thing the Nazis did during WWII was put Jews in concentration camps. The deepest they ever delve into the Nazi’s obsession with the occult is Indiana Jones buffoonery and over-the-top gore in Wolfenstein video games. We don’t hear about the Satanism, the work on flying saucers, the Antarctica obsession, and so. I WONDER WHY.

        (Indiana Jones–made by Steven Spielberg. Think of how much that ONE MAN has molded the world’s perspective on aliens and WWII. Hell, it’s in his damn name: SPIEL.)

        Yeah, Roswell, 1950s flying saucers, Kecksburg (that name!)…secret Nazi technology.

        So where did the Nazis get it from? Among the theories: Aliens, Vril women channelling demonic entities, the hidden human civilization inside Hollow Earth. My theory? It’s all ancient technology that the cabal has been hoarding from before the Deluge. “Ancient Aliens” is mere cover for the technology-advanced civilizations that were here before us and whose history they try to hide.

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        1. Had I not seen for myself how EASILY science can be controlled from the top, I would not believe it possible to hide tech from the masses, but it’s just too easy to DIVIDE or FAKELY UNITE humans and rule over them – and that includes scientists. TOO EASY. The Climate Change hoax proved it to me. Scientists are generally WEAK MINDS and can be misdirected using herd techniques.

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          1. Take a concept like black holes, for example. All of the “science” we know about black holes is comes from a handful of men with Stephen Hawking providing the bulk of the research. Yes, Stephen Hawking—the man known for visiting Epstein’s pedo island and for being the only man in the entirety of human history to live with ALS for over 50 years. THAT Stephen Hawking. The point I’m trying to make here is that a lot of this science we take for granted came from a small number of questionable men like Stephen Hawking. They can make up whatever shit they want and sell it to us because what are we going to do to stop them? The vast majority of the population doesn’t understand science at that level. The few that do and would openly challenge it are quickly forced out of academia and blacklisted. And the plebs like me who say, “Hey…the origins of this theory are kinda suspicious” are kept in line with shame tactics like “you’re crazy/uneducated for even thinking this.”

            (OF COURSE the occult cabal would want us believing that there’s something out there capable of destroying all of light. Very much in line with their beliefs.)

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            1. [begin quote]
              All… we know about black holes… comes from a handful of men with Stephen Hawking providing the bulk of the research. Yes, Stephen Hawking—the man known for visiting Epstein’s pedo island and for being the only man in the entirety of human history to live with ALS for over 50 years. THAT Stephen Hawking.
              [end quote]

              Wow, Sadie.

              I have long been suspicious of the black hole stuff, but kudos to you for linking the scientific and philosophical problems with it directly to Hawking and to no fewer than three methods of the banksters for controlling him (carrot of access to underage kids, stick of underage kid blackmail, and carrot of life extension via elite medical technology,) as well as to motives for the banksters to actually want to control him like this.

              There is a class of theories in 20th century physics that all date from the age of the early “Progressives” (actually, regressives) or later, and that have the characteristic that each of them is said to be understood only by 6 men, or by some other small number, in the entire world.

              These theories, and the awe in which they are held, have always bugged me. If a theory can only be understood by such a small group of specialists, some sort of obscurantism must be involved, or it is so overcomplicated, or so in defiance of the facts, that the proponents don’t understand it well enough themselves to explain it to anyone else.

              For reference, here is a timeline of the political/economic turning point in modern social regression:

              1912 sinking of the Titanic

              1913 castration of the state governments vis-a-vis the federal government, i.e. direct election of United States senators

              1913 establishment of the Federal Reserve

              1913 income tax

              1914 to 1918 WWI

              1915 Mexico, under Venustiano Carranza, becomes the 1st nation w/ a Marxist head of state

              Oct 1917 Bolshevik putsch, Russia becomes the 2nd nation w/ a Marxist head of state

              1924 (at the latest) Bolshevik Russians begin interfering in American presidential elections

              Mar 1933 Josef Stalin sworn in as General Secretary of Communist Party (i.e. effective head of state) of the USSR

              Mar 1933 Adolf Hitler sworn in as Chancellor of Germany

              Mar 1933 Franklin Roosevelt sworn in as President of the United States

              Nov 16, 1933 United States under Roosevelt becomes 1st major Western nation to diplomatically recognize Bolsheviks under Stalin as the government of Russia

              1939 (1930 in East Asia) to 1945 WWII

              WWII made government funding of science and technology the overwhelming norm.

              The rise of Stalin, Hitler, and Roosevelt made WWII possible.

              The Federal Reserve made the rise of Stalin, Hitler, and Roosevelt possible.

              The Federal Reserve and the income tax together put enough money at the disposal of Congress to enable government funding of science.

              And Q has claimed that the sinking of the Titanic made the Federal Reserve possible, by killing all 3 of the greatest American industrialists who were opposed to it.

              So what physical theories are in this class, dating from the “Progressive” era, or later, and digestable only by small elite corps of experts?

              A.) Einstein’s theory of General Relativity (not all relativity, but only Einstein’s take on relativity of bodies under acceleration.)

              B.) The philosophical approach considered de rigueur for quantum theory (not all of quantum physics, but just the Central European, Kantian, anti-Aristotelian philosophical basis that quantum physics has been stuck with since the 1930s.)

              C.) Big Bang cosmology. The Big Bang 1.0 was actually a creative and completely praiseworthy attempt at understanding, when it was first proposed in the early 20th century, and when it was but one of a number of competing models.

              As new data became available throughout that century, however, every major new batch of data forced it to be altered in the direction of greater complexity, and decreased understandability.

              So, as with the pre-Copernican theory of epicycles for explaining planetary motion, there is not one Big Bang theory, but a whole sequence of them, each one bulkier and less wieldy than its predecessor. And all of them lie wrecked by contact with unfriendly empirical observations, except for the latest behemoth, whatever it is.

              The history of the Big Bang approach to grasping the origin of the cosmos is thus rather like a line of progressively larger whale carcasses lying strewn, in sequence, along the top of an ocean reef, all bleeding from wounds inflicted by the coral. At any given time, there is just one pod of even larger live whales, each gazing at what will be its own eventual fate, once enough new coral grows to pierce its flesh as well.

              And, just as epicycles ignored later theoretic developments, such as those of Kepler and Copernicus, that simplified both the conceptual framework and the math, and eliminated the need for arbitrary postulates, the Big Bang ignores our modern understanding of plasma physics and celestial electromagnetism.

              Born in an age when gravity was considered to be the only long-range force to control the interactions of heavenly bodies with each other at a distance, the Big Bang is obsolete now that we know enormous electric currents and magnetic fields pervade the plasma of space at the interplanetary, interstellar, intergalactic, and intercluster scales of distance. And electromagnetism is an enormously more powerful force than is gravity.

              D.) All the obscurantist, “secret sauce” theories, based on imagined entities that are defined as not being observable. These theories are the bastard offspring that result from trying to mate physical reality with C.) above, while not causing hemorrhage. And usually they are attempts to cross C.) with B.) and/or A.)

              The various secret sauces include Black Holes, Cosmic Super Strings, or whatever else is the latest flavor of the month. Some of these things (e.g. black holes) may actually exist. But, if so, we should certainly remain humble, for now, in attempting to describe their exact characteristics, as they are both far away and invisible.

              Hawking Black Hole theory, of course, is anything but humble, claiming as it does to expound upon the details of the unobservable portions of black holes of all sizes and types, and at various stages in the evolution of the universe. All this while marrying the most unfamiliar and counterintuitive aspects of Einsteinian General Relativity with those of quantum physics. (The theoretical axioms at the base of Einsteinian relativity are known to be logically incompatible with those of quantum physics.)

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              1. Excellent comment tying it all together. Don’t have much else to add other science has morphed into the worst aspects of medieval organized religion where a handful of gatekeepers control the knowledge and tell the illiterate masses whatever best fits their agenda.

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              2. The Name of the Rose

                That’s the role in society that the cabal identifies with, and the type of society that they aspire to live in. Just with better sanitary facilities.

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        2. “Let’s go on a brief tangent about secret Nazi agendas and Hollywood brainwashing. The way the textbooks, media, and Hollywood tell it…. The deepest they ever delve into the Nazi’s obsession with the occult is Indiana Jones buffoonery…. We don’t hear about the Satanism, the work on flying saucers, the Antarctica obsession, and so. I WONDER WHY.”

          Since I reject the supernatural, I don’t think the occult ties into anything in the real world. But some people, like the Nazis, believe in the occult, and therefore it is worth studying, because their belief definitely affects their actions. And understanding them is important, in contrast to how, as you so correctly point out, our knowledge of them is channeled by the usual suspects into well-worn ruts.

          ‘My theory? It’s all ancient technology that the cabal has been hoarding from before the Deluge. “Ancient Aliens” is mere cover for the technology-advanced civilizations that were here before us and whose history they try to hide.’

          I have long been fascinated by the idea of ancient knowledge that was lost. But I’m sceptical that sophisticated technology preceded the era of our historical record. I would need more evidence.

          Nevertheless, there certainly were technologies (e.g. electroplating of gold, Antikythera navigational computer, pattern-forged blades,) in the ancient world that later perished.

          But considering how something as mundane as the ancient Roman craft of producing filigreed jewelry did not survive Justinian’s Plague’s aftermath, the Last Great War of Antiquity, and the Saracenic wars (which overlapping events can collectively be called the “Dark Ages”,) whereas the ancient Indian craft of filigreed jewelry did survive until now as a living tradition, makes me sceptical some caste or association could retain much knowledge from even deeper in the past.

          Or, to take a more recent example, consider how the techniques for making Stradivarius violins or other elite Renaissance instruments died out.

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          1. Take a look at the curious case of Puma Punku sometime. Granite rocks weighing several hundreds tons were moved many miles, very precisely cut, and then stacked together with no mortar like puzzle pieces. Scholars claim they don’t know how it was built since the official narrative claims humans only had rudimentary tools at the time. Funny how the scholars claim that about a lot of other ancient ruins. They’d rather have conspiracy theories proliferate about extraterrestrials coming to Earth and moving a bunch of rocks around than simply admit that maybe these ancient cultures had the knowledge and technology to build these ruins themselves.

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            1. Very interesting case. I don’t recall hearing of it before, but I have seen mind-bogglingly large cut stones from the world of the Incas with my own eyes.

              Are you familiar with Dwarka? It’s a coastal temple city in Gujarat, western India, that allegedly has been rebuilt farther and farther up through the ages.

              The earliest ruins are said (I can’t affirm this claim myself) to lie offshore in water so deep that, if they were in fact originally built on dry land, they must date from before the melting of the glaciers of the last ice age.

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        1. Yes. If Lazar is correct that there IS a stable trans-actinide isotope, then one of the following has to be true:

          – it’s an isotope of 115 which “official” discoverers have not investigated and/or released data about

          – it’s one of the released isotopes, but they’re lying about the half-life or the basic stability

          – it’s actually a different element, and Bob Lazar was given 115 as “barium”, so to speak

          I am somewhat loathe to actually look at the question too deeply, because I suspect that the answer is highly classified.

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            1. I peeked at some more “hidden” Lazar stuff on the web. I am more convinced than ever that he’s for real. He knows correct things ALMOST NOBODY knows. There are some fascinating implications. The universe is even more beautiful than I thought.

              It even explains a bit of the “alien agenda” / “heavenly agenda” – the parts that “our faction” would call good, if certain exo stories are to be believed. Really amazing stuff.

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              1. For starters, check out the Bob Lazar / element 115 threads on Above Top Secret (forum) and look for comments by John Lear, of the famed Lear family. He was apparently one of Lazar’s witnesses. The conversation was around 2007.

                The scientific views are “correct” (and better than most on 115) within the limitations of known science, and Lazar’s secret knowledge appears to be correctly stated by Lear. All of it conforms with stuff I know and they don’t, and where there is matching of secret stuff, it is extremely convincing.

                I’m getting a serious science jones from all this 115 talk. Part of me wants to STFU, but I’m also seeing it as a very neutral way to alter fake science for the better, as well as facilitate disclosure while adopting a non-subservient but respectful view toward “our elders”.

                And I’ll just throw this out right here. Smart exos would realize that growing wild science is a way to let random intelligence find new ways to get past roadblocks. I’m thinking that’s part of the logic of this whole deal, viewed short-term. Viewed long-term, it’s clearly design.

                And what roadblocks am I thinking of? Like – OH – maybe limitations surrounding 115. Lear has clearly absorbed Lazar’s viewpoints, and Lazar clearly absorbed his briefings, and the information in those presumably came from negotiated “trinkets for travelers” swaps. So Lear’s finality on 115 may be grounded in reality, but a lot of great science comes out of simply trying to scale the numbers of WHY 115 “is the way it is, and that’s it – accept it.”

                Assuming, of course, that all of the information is correct, and not partially disinformation.

                Very exciting stuff, in any event.

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    2. Great article.

      Personally not “science ” smart.

      That said, I cannot dismiss existence of aliens…be they living entity of sorts from elsewhere or AI from elsewhere. The latter created by living entity from elsewhere.

      Admittedlt, I don’t know what I don’t know.

      Like, the, ‘ I don’t want to believe. I want to know”.

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      1. The technical stuff in the Corso book about the nature of the Roswell bodies is really fascinating, and closely related to what you say about “being created”. The extreme adaptation to space seemed to argue, according to Corso, that they were BRED, CREATED, and/or genetically engineered for space flight. A bit like the navigators in Dune. That is a surprising detail. I found all of their scientific thinking about what they found EXTREMELY realistic and plausible. If it’s a hoax, it’s a damn good one.

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            1. I intend to read it, Wolf.

              One modest suggestion I offer is to make sure any copy you read was printed on paper prior to your becoming well-known in the blog world. Protection against tailor-made evil influencer attack.


    3. Sadie, I absolutely agree with you, and I have tried to warn people about what I think will be the great delusion, and unless one’s trust in Christ is rock-solid, in which case I think the Lord will give wisdom to withstand, people will fall under the powerful deception, which will appear incredibly real.

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      1. When I was a teenager, my Christian neighbor told me that if I ever saw an alien that I should immediately drop to my knees and pray to God. I mocked it at the time (I wasn’t a good teenager), but the advice stuck with me. And you know what? I now believe that’s the absolute best way to handle such a situation. Pray to God for guidance/protection/help from whatever is being unleashed on us.

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        1. Bingo Sadie! I read a book many years ago about what aliens really were, and I wasn’t surprised in the least when the author bluntly said they were entities, evil ones that would bring about the great delusion so do not be deceived. The bible warns us about this great deception.I pray for wisdom and discernment every day.i realized long ago that our reality is all an illusion,fake to the core designed to keep our minds enslaved.its like I have told my kids on occasion ,what would you think or do if you saw a giant nephilium walking down the road? Same thing with aliens what would you think or do?

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  2. FWIW
    Many years ago I say a ‘UFO’ with a couple other cavers. (Witnesses were Engineer, Chemist & NY state geologist)

    We were watching a meteor shower in the boondocks south of Albany NY. We saw a bright light a pear and start moving at random. Then tree jets were scrambled out of Rome Airforce Base to chase the thing.

    It made several right angle turns and then took off leaving the jets looking like draft horses racing a Formula 1 race car.

    Fast forward to this spring.

    We met a guy (very well educated son from Chicago Mafia family) Once he realized we were scientifically trained and would not blow him off the discussion got really interesting.

    1. He discribed the same type of UFO I had seen.

    2. He then discribed experiments by the Airforce using computer assisted turns. They found those ‘right angle turns’ at speed KILLED PEOPLE. He discribed the technical stuff but I can not remember it.

    3. He mentioned agravity field as the way to deal with those ‘right angle turns’ ….

    I really wish I had tape recorded that discussion and we had spent a lot longer with him. However my non-scientific friend was getting very bored.

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    1. Answer below! I got nailed by the “falling reply” thing.

      Very cool that you saw a UFO!

      Yes, I can imagine that a rapid turn would be the same as hitting a brick wall from one direction and getting hit by a plane from another.

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    2. A friend and I delivered a rather large newspaper route in the 60’s. One evening when it was very dark out but the sky was clear, we both watched as a distinct bright light which, we thought, must have been an object of some sort, moved very quickly in the sky, “hovered” (remained motionless) at a point, and then moved quickly again at an angle. The phenomenon lasted a couple minutes, and the “object” appeared to be flying a series of triangles in a particular area of the sky.

      My friend and I estimated that the object was flying over the Niagara Falls Air Force base which was about 20 miles away. We went home and actually called the air force base, talked to somebody, who knew nothing.

      We discussed the phenomenon for a few days and forgot about it.

      Years later I brought the subject up and my friend flat out denied that it happened. Now, anyone can believe what they want to believe, but I was stunned by his denial because it was so distinct of a memory. And my friend was not the sort who would have denied it because he was embarrassed. For instance, he genuinely believed in the existence of devils and diabolical spirits and would say so to anybody.

      My friend was one of those modest people with an incredibly high IQ, and it was not surprising to me that he was an intelligence officer in the Marines. He also had another friend who had been an intelligence officer and who subsequently worked for the government by traveling all over the world and doing things he refused to specify.

      What was my friend’s motivation in denying what we saw? Or was I having a false memory ? (NO, I was NOT).

      That is my UFO experience.

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      1. That is really interesting. VERY interesting.

        I have three theories on it.

        FIRST – I believe you that this was a very distinct thing he would almost certainly not forget. But let’s just leave that as a diminishing possibility. I say that because I was once accused over and over of having said something, and my response to this friend / acquaintance was always “no way in hell did I say that”! BUT – and this is interesting – a long time later, he was able to remember WHERE and WHEN I said it – the exact place – and what we were doing. And then BOOM – I remembered it! And I remembered WHY I said it – which was somewhat stupid, but I could immediately explain it, because the WHOLE MEMORY CAME BACK. So just leave that weird possibility that the memory got papered over – perhaps by a later “belief” that “I don’t believe in UFOs, and I’ve never seen one”. Not true, but the BELIEF hides the memory.

        SECOND – he may be protecting his career. Depending on WHERE HE IS in the intelligence chain, particularly if he IN THE PAST was polygraphed on LGMs or UFOs, and did not recall them, AND he happens to be at a level which DENIES ET, and that sees ET belief like conspiracy theory belief, as a weakness or security risk, then he may very well be protecting his career.

        THIRD – and this could be part of his actual career – if he was MKed as part of his job, and they were interviewing him about ET exposure, and he told them, then they could have suppressed the memory for some reason – possibly because he may have to present a persona that is utterly vanilla on ET stuff, or a “disbeliever”.

        So when you say “he’s in intelligence” and “he’s denying” – well, it’s a mystery as for the specifics, but it’s not a mystery that it happened.

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    1. In for a penny, in for a pound, eh?

      Lights in the Sky & Little Green Men: A Rational Christian Look at UFOs and Extraterrestrials Paperback – June 1, 2002
      Hugh Ross, Kenneth R. Samples, Mark Clark

      This is my go to book for anything broadly falling under the category of “UFO”.

      As an astronomer Hugh Ross is very familiar with atmospheric effects and phenomena that are often misrecognized by untrained observers and identified as “UFOs”. Many reports have extremely sensible explanations.

      Part of the reason that they are misreported as “UFOs” is because of the increased plausibility of science in the popular worldview. In other generations, lands, or eras they would have been identified as banshees, fairies (the dangerous kind), or even as gods.

      That said, astronomers are notriously scrupulous observers. Astronomy is still one of the most deeply invested observational sciences, whereas many others are theory or mathematically driven. Collections of observational data can be analyzed, but not all observations fit the categories of known phenomena. Ross defines these as “residual UFOs”, or “rUFO”.

      Do a quick DuckDuckGo search and you should be able to find some helpful information, including video recordings with Dr. Ross.

      The cliff notes version, for those who want to jump into the most controversial (and of course the most dismissable) is that a certain segment of rUFO encounters demonstrate the characteristics of intelligent beings with interdimensional capabilities. (This nicely provides a common explanatory framework for ancient and legendary accounts as well as contemporary.) These beings are not “aliens” as we normally think of them. In Christian theological terms they might be best described as angels, either heavenly or fallen.

      Worth noting, is that a large number of these encounters seem to have occult elements mixed in. For example, the people reporting were occult practitioners, or were up at unusual times of night, etc. It seems particularly interesting that these rUFO encounters, regardless of what part of the world they are reported, occur mostly between 2AM and 3AM when humans should be sleeping but are susceptible to occult activity. It suggests that the encounters are far from random but highly interested in specific forms of human interaction.

      “Aliens” as we popularly understand them – extra-terrestrial beings from the Moon (1910s-1920s) Venus/Mars (1930s-1940s) or other star systems (1950s) or galaxies (1970s) (they retreat farther and farther from Earth as near sites become less plausible for sustaining life) – simply do not exist. The Anthropic principle has virtually ruled out the possibility of life anywhere in the known universe except on Earth. Dr. Ross has a table in the back of the book (which is out of date – the newest table is at least three times longer) which shows all the characteristics necessary for advanced life to exist and flourish. This, combined with the impossible distances of intersteller much less intergalactic travel requires makes a definitive case that aliens do not exist, and could not have visited earth even if they did.

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      1. The interdimensional ideas USED TO strike me as a kind of intellectual cop-out, but more and more they seem reasonable, and that interspatial is just a special case in multiverse, which was clearly a concept in Christ’s recorded thinking. HOWEVER I think that interspatial makes more and more sense as a reality with (1) the unanticipated EXTREME abundance of exoplanets, and (2) more sophisticated ideas about time and relativistic travel.

        Thus, I tend to follow “AND logic” on interdimensional and interspatial, while being skeptical about many reports to begin with.

        I see a rather seamless integration of what some would call “the occult” and others “just plain evil” across all intelligence. To me, it’s as much a part of science and math as it is a part of religion. I believe that materialistically isolated science – basically “fake science” – was specifically created to hide ideas of intelligent evil as purely “supernatural” and not “real”.

        Likewise, the REAL aspects of black witchcraft were hidden behind a purely supernatural front, liberating witchcraft from actual physical criminal suspicions.

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        1. Wolfie,
          The guy we were talking about also suggested interdimensional and the UFO I watched certainly popped up out of nowhere and Just ‘disappeared’ after the jets started chasing it.

          DANG, I really wish I had recorded that conversation. (Hubby got him into a lot of physics and he certainly knew his stuff.)

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    2. Beyond the Cosmos: What Recent Discoveries in Astrophysics Reveal about the Glory and Love of God Paperback – June 22, 2010
      by Hugh Ross

      Note that I haven’t read the 3rd edition. I’m sure it has some major improvements over the earlier editions I read.

      In particular, WLC was extremely critical of many of the ideas and philosophies that Dr. Ross presented in the book. I read WLC’s remarks thoroughly and compared them with the book. I believe WLC makes a number of strong, important, and valid points. But in the end I think it provided opportunities to sharpen a manuscript that probably just went over most people’s heads. Not many people would have been in a position to provide the level of feedback that WLC delivered.

      This books goes into the extra-dimensionality of the cosmos. If you have trouble thinking outside the box, this won’t be the book for you, because Dr. Ross will force you to think outside the tesseract. Stretching our thinking beyond three dimensions into multiple spacial dimensions and two-dimensional time will be a challenge if you aren’t used to thinking in those categories.

      (For the record, I do not believe time is two-dimensional. My view of time is basically Aristotelian.)

      Dr. Ross also goes into detail talking about contradictions, paradoxes and antinomies.

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      1. Oh my goodness. I have to get his book. Thanks Michaelh. DH and I often speak of the other dimension(s) heaven, hell, etc. People think of heaven as a place, rather than a dimension. When you think of God as I AM, your angel being in heaven but next to you, etc. scripture isn’t a mystery.

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          1. Thank you michaelh. I had no clue. I dabbled in a bit of apologetics, but just enough to explain the Catholic faith and general Christianity.

            Is WLC an apologist for Christianity in general or for a specific denom. From what you’ve said, he sounds like he is general.

            You sure make great comments. Thank you.

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            1. He primarily argues in philosophy, philosophy of science, and cosmology. Very much a “mere Christianity” type of person. But incredible depth and breadth of study, and very sharp in debates. He’s fairly comparable with Peter Kreeft who I’m sure you’re familiar with.

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    3. Dr. Ross has been very controversial in Evangelical circles. The popularity of people like Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis, and the Institute for Creation Research, has made it challenging due to a high degree of dogmatism about the age of the earth. The young earth creation proponents have a history of attacking other viewpoints as either contradicting scripture or undercutting the authority of scripture. For his part Dr. Ross has done a very good job of weathering the storm with great patience and I respect him for his unflappable character. It would have been easy for him to focus the rest of his life on studying quasars but he chose a different path instead.

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      1. Ultra-literalists are definitely not the future of religion. They’re happy – which is fine with me. I see beauties which I understand – they see beauties which they understand. I see no need to dissuade them or disturb them, as long as they don’t force me to believe what they believe.

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        1. I know Fundamentalism and the wooden Biblical literalism quite well. I try not to rock the boat too much – generally in my experience they are good people with their hearts in the right place. Yes there are also Fundamentalist churches that are spiritually abusive as well, I know that all too well. People who want to read the Bible for what it says and not what they want it to mean to them, lacking much training, will fall into literalism. What ends up happening is that they interpret the scripture in a wooden manner, stilting the words and in fact reading their own presuppositions into the text.

          It is complicated because the radical leftists have been at TOTAL WAR against the science of interpretation for decades. They proposed all those crazy relativist hermeneutics that were completely untenable. This is when people were reading Derrida and thought that loving the text meant that the text was just a wax nose you could impose any shape to find the meaning you want. In Law, this is where we get the cadre of people who blithely declare the Constitution to be a “living” document – which in reality means that the text of the Constitution is dead because the meaning is whatever they impose upon it.

          For the Fundamentalists, the seminaries were the bad guys in this battle, partly because frankly so many of them gave up even a pretense of being Christian in any meaningful sense. You could graduate Yale Divinity School and be a practicing Wiccan for all intents and purposes. Even the supposedly Evangelical seminaries were theologically adrift, such as Fuller’s staunch avoidance of “inerrancy” by any means necessary, which lead them to go neo-marxist and finally full blown SJW, turning out anti-Trump graduates watching every twist and turn of the Mueller investigation with baited breath… I know one in particular who was posting updates on LIFELOG as he was reading the Michael Wolff book! That’s the kind of think that won’t age well, looking back on your life and what you did for the Kingdom…

          The problem of course is that wooden literalism is how cults form. (JWs are the textbook example of this.) They really want a Grammatico-Historical Hermeneutic in the tradition of Antioch, but to the untrained layperson they only know the word “literal” vis-a-vis “symbolic”, so it becomes very much a black and white issue to them. You are either a literalist or you are against the Bible. This Manichean dichotomy informs much of the Fundamentalist thinking, us versus the corrupt world, so Biblical “literalism” becomes a litmus test for fidelity to scripture and ultimately fidelity to Christ. That’s why the argument about the age of the earth is so fierce – it has become elevated in people’s minds to the level of being with Christ or being a heretic.

          So generally I try politely to side-step the issue 😉

          Until someone posts about UFOs and throws a wrench in the works…

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        1. Dr. Ross and Reasons to Believe have a lot of other books that are worth looking into, a lot of good material on cosmology. Very informative and rich with insights – especially if you end up talking with the Stephen Hawking types and need to bring them back down into reality.

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          1. Good to know. The only people I ever knew who had zero belief were were Mensa types and they sadly couldn’t drop their pride long enough to open their eyes. I just pray for them for grace.

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            1. LOL yes I know what you mean! Talking intelligently about cosmology or general philosophy is a great way to get inroads with them. The trick is to make sure to leave them with questions they have to figure out for themselves. I’ve known people that had some intellectual riddle stuck in their head for two years they tried to puzzle through. That’s just how these kinds of people are, even if it doesn’t make sense to the rest of us. Give them a Rubik’s cube and they’ll spend forever on it until they master how to solve it.

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    4. Breaking with a different set of thoughts and comments.

      If we accept certain theoretical gaps in our understanding of physics, a few areas jump to mind:

      * Unified theory of gravitation
      * Interdimensionality
      * Quantum Phsyics
      * WLC has pointed out some problems with our current theories of physics of space and of time that are due for correction.

      This is NOT surprising. Science history shows many times where scientists were not open to new views and it stifled scientific progress. An obvious recent one was the battle between “steady state” and “big bang” models of the universe – physicists were philosophically (and emotionally) committed to the “steady state” model and it held back cosmological discoveries in the early part of the 20th century. A closely related problem, was Einstein’s theories of relativity, which were revolutionary in large part because they required decisive breaks with the scientific philosophy of the time. Even still it didn’t stop Einstein from trying to cheat his way through the system – he got called out on his “cosmological constant” to make a fudge factor for implications in his theory that were somewhat uncomfortable…

      Jumping forward to present, to echo Wolf’s sentiment, I want to ask a simple question: Precisely how did the Chinese suddenly become world leaders in the field of quantum physics? OK, I’ll just leave that… over there… WAY over there…

      That said nation-states have AWESOME technological capabilities. We really have no idea because there hasn’t been a conflict since WWII that tested the technological limits of two highly scientific adversaries… partly b/c of the history of how THAT situation turned out…

      So most people don’t even see it.

      Highly Capable Fighter Drones, EM warfare, massive skyward projection systems (Radar+Visible+Infra), in addition to the points above – there are many possibilities hidden in plain sight.

      Combine that with theatricality and the power of concealment. The ancient magicians, even for all their desperate dabbling in occultism, with their knowledge of alchemy, combine the magician’s craft of theatricality with the small things they learned to make. Fireballs seemed to appear from their cloaks like magic. Today we think nothing of infantry ducking and throwing grenades. But the magician’s craft in warfare, combined with clever use of concealed technologies, in the framework of psychological warfare operations, on a chessboard in which multiple domains of warfare are conducted simultaneously in a full-spectrum of hybrid offensive operations, means that most people will be blind to what can be conducted against them.

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  3. I can’t speak to ANY of the scientific things because I’m too dense but on a practical level or a reasoned can anyone not see the images from ancient carvings from tribes and cultures that had no common link, not remotely geographically connected…that all had similar oral history of gods descending from the heavens. There are stone carvings, cave paintings of (air)crafts, outer garments that look very much like spacesuits .

    How can this be dismissed? Am I nuts?

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    1. I don’t think you’re nuts. I don’t think THESE PEOPLE were nuts, either. I tend to think we are being confronted with stuff that cannot be understood with science or religion alone, or even with both, using solely the “historically local” views of each other BY science and religion. I.e., current religion is not capable of describing the situation in much the same way that current science is incapable.

      I’m not saying that what we know is “wrong”. I’m saying there is “next” there. AS PREDICTED. More by religion than by science, in many ways.

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      1. I almost tend to believe that religion’s explanation of ascensions and immaculate birth and going to mountain tops for divine instruction, etc is the same thing as the scoffed at UFO explanations.
        Seems mighty close in appearance to me.
        Whether it’s angels or aliens…have we been designated too backward to be told the truth in clear easy to understand terms?

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    2. Have you ever looked into alt-history theories? There was probably an advanced (human) global civilization—more advanced that our current one—that was wiped out in the Deluge. It would explain the similar legends, imagery showing technology, and so on. Cabal would rather have you believe it was “ancient aliens” than have the truth come out that they’ve been hiding this history and technology from us for millennia.

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      1. I took a two minute look into alt-history and came up with this vid. Very convincing.. My question would be..who/what is this Cabal that would or could span eons of time with one keep mankind ignorant ? Why? Is there no higher power that can thwart them?

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        1. The simple answer to “Why?” is to hoard power for themselves and keep the rest of us enslaved. This child raping, child sacrificing, evil-worshipping cabal that we’re dealing with now has been around for millennia and knows damn well what happens when people realize how sick and evil they are. Gotta keep everyone in the dark and overworked so that nobody can figure out what the cabal is up to and challenge their power.

          And as for the rest…it’s all boils down an eternal battle of good vs. evil. The details are probably incomprehensible to us.

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        2. I’m watching this video w/ a leaning toward a young earth creationist’s viewpoint (not solidified in my thinking)…so…in the order they are shown in the video…

          Artifact 1 iron hammer w/ wood handle could be a pre-flood (Noah’s flood) tool that was preserved in flood sediments. I believe that some creationists believe that the layers of earth’s sediments were primarily formed from the cataclysm of Noah’s flood…so that hammer would be more along the lines of 5000 years old from a “young earth” viewpoint…the handle turning to coal…my husband discovered how to turn wood into coal over the weekend when he buried a smoldering campfire & later the dog dug up some of the remnants & the wood had turned to “coal”…he was very excited about the survivalist possibilities for water filtration from this accidental discovery.

          Artifact 2 stone doll found about 300 feet down in digging for a well. Could also be in a flood deposit, see above. Could have been dropped into an ancient well & traveled deeper via the underwater coarse to be discovered when the more modern well digging occurred…

          Artifact 3 strange man-made bell found encased in coal. If these coal deposits are also by-products of Noah’s flood as above then this could be an object fabricated before the flood & surviving encased in flood sediments that eventually hardened into coal…

          Artifact 4 Coso artifact “sparkplug” encased in a rock that was thought to be a geode. This item appears to be of more modern origin than the other 3. Could it have been encased/encrusted with mineral deposits like the modern yet fossilized fedora?

          Artifact 5 called grooved spheres appear to be created by humans & could also have been buried in the Noaic flood…

          The main issue with all of these items is the “dating” techniques employed for their locations. I believe young earth creationists have sought to show that various “dating” techniques are extremely flawed, but I’m not well-versed enough in that subject to go further. All items but the “sparkplug” are likely from ancient times. The sparkplug could have been encased by the geologic processes that have caused fossilization of modern items…None of these appear to “prove” the existence of aliens, imho…

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          1. “Scientists” tell us:
            This “Item” is how ever old….

            How do you know that?

            We found it in the so and so layer of rock.

            How do you know how old the rock is?

            We found this “Item in it!

            Circular Logic abounds in “them” 🙂

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          2. Valerie, thank you. You always have an interesting take on things. I also tend to believe in a young earth creation, and the preflood earth fascinates me. I’m reading a book, which is from a very different evolutionary viewpoint, called How to Invent Everything. It is stretching my mind into all kinds of directions, though viewpoint of author different from mine.

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  4. Q: “The month of AUGUST is traditionally very HOT.”


    The month of August ALSO starts to get very SHORT after the 20th or so, and today is the 22nd.

    So if you were planning on doing anything that would be ‘HOT’, or a ‘boom’, or even a ‘tick tock’, we’re running out of August.

    Unless Q meant NEXT August, of course…

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  5. Wolfie! I just read the 1st chapter…And was Fascinated!!!!!! Not Sure where –And Relgion–My Religion falls into all this…But I will absolutely read with an Open mind…I didn’t even think I would like reading it..But it is engrossing from the 1st page !!!!And I like the idea of it helping us to understand The Great Awakening…
    Appreciate this POST!!! Thank you!!

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    1. You are most welcome, and thanks for reading! I know you’ll like it. “Patriots in control”, “Trust the plan”, “Nothing can stop what’s coming”, and many other Q ideas just pour out of it. Why that is – I leave for everybody to make their own minds up. Maybe it’s just the military mindset. Maybe it’s MOAR.

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  6. Brought the book. Will do my homework
    From draw and strike for those camping at the bit

    It cannot be stressed enough how vital it is that Trump has started flipping the courts, especially the 9th Circuit.

    He tries to change Flores a year ago, the court STOPS him. The activist judges wouldn’t let LYNCH change it.

    But they are gone now.
    I talked about this several times over the past two years, how there were LEGITIMATE REASONS Trump and Co. had to take it slow on bringing about immigration reforms as well as making the decision to finally begin rolling up the SpyGate plotters.

    Trump **must** have the courts.
    It’s not even debatable.

    Without these courts having flipped, going early would have wasted an awful lot of time and resources and tipped his hand about a lot of things.

    It’s better to wait until the battleground has been prepared & then lure the enemy onto it.
    I’ve spent two years pushing back against narratives that were essentially demanding that Trump do a suicidal banzai charge straight into the guns of the entrenched elite classes’ defenses, **especially** on SpyGate.
    “If he has it all, what’s he waiting for?” people have been asking me for 2 years now.

    **THEY** don’t see any reason for Trump to wait. They think he should have declassified it all & hit the plotters with indictments back in 2017 or 2018.
    I’ve explained a lot of this narrative was based on **fear** that the Mueller SC was going to do serious damage to this President, so it simply mystified these people why Trump refused to ‘fight back’.

    They rejected my counter-narrative that Trump was in no danger whatsoever.
    So a lot of the **urgency** that Trump **must go now** and lay all his cards on the table was driven by a false narrative that Mueller was closing in for the kill & clueless Trump was making all the wrong moves.

    In fact, Trump was making all the right moves.
    Trump knows all kinds of stuff that you and I don’t. So if he’s taking the patient, strategic, long-term approach, people running around like chickens with their heads cut off screaming for him to ACT NOW TO SAVE HIMSELF, just maybe there’s something these people aren’t seeing.
    There are a whole lot of things Trump is now / can now do this year, where if he’d tried these things back in 2017/2018 he’d have gotten nowhere, the courts would have blocked him immediately.

    He’s in no danger of being removed from office or forced to resign.
    In fact, he’s very likely going to coast to a massive landslide victory in 2020 and get the second term.

    And all of a sudden courts are handing him major victories.

    Too many people bought in to DNC MEDIA NARRATIVES about how much danger Trump was in.
    These people are now reduced to tweeting at me endlessly about Dan Coats or Chris Wray, two supposed traitors that Trump just couldn’t spot or deal with.

    I heard all kinds of convoluted explanations about why Trump leaves Deep State saboteurs in key jobs.

    I buy none of them.
    Those folks still can’t figure out why Rosenstein got that heroe’s sendoff from the DOJ. They still think he was a snake.

    The look at the CURRENT SITUATION Trump is now in, and they can’t tie it the careful strategy of the past 2 years.

    It’s kinda amazing.
    Now, as I’ve said before, some people are going to end up adopting the narrative that Trump is just the LUCKIEST SON OF A BITCH in the world.

    He literally f’d up every top appointment at the DOJ, FBI, CIA, St. Dept. etc for 2 years by putting saboteurs out to get him in power.
    I’m telling you right now: IT’S NOT LUCK.

    Butthurt people who got it wrong that can’t admit they got it wrong will have to say it’s luck.

    But Trump isn’t in the position he’s in now because he’s just that lucky.
    Let me show you 1 of the times I explained this over the past 2 years.

    Here’s a column of mine way back in January where I discussed the key role the courts were going to play in Trump’s long term strategy:

    Trump Continues to Prepare the Battlefield
    People claiming Trump needs urgency and to move quickly right now as if Trump’s in any real danger are misreading what’s actually happening.
    Here I discussed the ‘court phase’ of Trump’s strategy.

    I focus here mainly on the Supreme Court, but flipping the federal appeals courts is also key to Trump’s plans moving forward with a lot of his agenda; on immigration, on SpyGate and many other issues.

    Remember how the script for 2019 was **supposed** to go when these political elites were writing it back in 2017 and 2018.

    Trump is supposed to be well on his way out of office by now, either effectively sabotaged to the point he can’t govern or facing impeachment.
    Trump’s poll #’s are supposed to be at historic lows at this point.

    He’s supposed to hemmed in by the courts, who were to block everything he is trying to do.

    Mueller is supposed to have cause massive damage to him as impeachment hearings get underway.
    Look around.

    Do you SEE any of this happening?

    Because I sure don’t.

    I see Trump’s poll #’s CLIMBING above where Obama was at this point in his first term.

    I see courts -even the 9th! – handing Trump major victories.

    Nadler’s ‘impeachment hearings’ are a joke.
    I see Trump holding MASSIVE rallies that break attendance records.

    I see declassification happening one drip at a time as more and more judges get confirmed & flip the courts.

    You’re about to see a reelection campaign like nothing else that has ever happened before.
    Democrats use of lawfare stymied Trump on a lot of things the last 2 years, but the tide is turning.

    Trump’s patience is going to pay off.

    By this time next year, August of 2020 we’re going to have seen some astonishing things.

    Having to wait will have been worth it.

    Oh was going to mention: the ONE TIME Lynch & the Obama admin. did something on immigration that made sense, changing the Flores Agreement because it caused the # of illegal family units coming to the border to drop by over 40%, the activist judges on the 9th leaped to stop it.
    And I’m pretty sure Obama/Lynch did this knowing that the courts would immediately reverse it; then they could say “Oh well, we tried!” and give up.

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    1. Thanks OZZY I read this too!! About the only thing going on right now….Oh..And Sarah H Sanders is joining Fox and Friends!! I’ve been missing her!!!

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        1. This lil post is definitely on the WILD SIDE Sylvia!!! It’s a bit slow in the “news dept…” Really appreciate Wolfie writing this up!!

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    2. Ozzy, I’ve said much the same thing, that people need to be patient, but lately I’ve had to fight cynicism creeping into me. Thank you for reminding me what I have believed all along. We must not get discouraged, it is so hard to wait. Only part I’m not sure about is Rosenstein.

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    3. Big Big thank you Ozzie, what you posted helped me. I do believe our VSGPT is all you said I am thankful and RELIEVED … he’s got this … and I bought more popcorn 🍿 today .. 😃👍‼️

      I appreciate your words .. 🙂

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  7. Wolfe, the curves of my reality began changing once SD put a name & explanation (Uniparty; secretly-funded loyal opposition) to my unsettling ongoing puzzlement as to why even when Republicans win, We the People never seem to win.

    It forever changed both me & my way of assessing information, humans & phenomena. NOTHING is as it seemed.

    I have zero knowledge or understanding about which you write, but my ticket on the roller coaster is for a non-stop excursion. Because we have no other choice.

    I will read the book!

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      1. Great to see you here, Sylvia 😘😘. Stay rested & healthy, my friend. You got lots on your plate, and we’re keeping you with us in the Wolf Den Spirit! 💞

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          1. Sylvia,

            Thanks for keeping PHC company and his spirits up. It is not something I am cut out for although I think of him often.

            We each have our strenghs and weaknesses so we all should do what we do best.

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              1. Sylvia, so good to see you here, and please do give PHC my regards and best wishes. We all think of and pray for him. Thank you for all you do to keep his spirits up.

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  8. I love a good book recommendation! I’ve been searching for one on this topic for a while now and have always held off because there are SO MANY out there for sale I never knew where to turn.

    I’ll be buying this one for sure and digging right in. Thanks, Wolf!!!

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  9. I’ll wait for the reviews.

    Just in the way of information, this book was published by Pocket Books, which is a subsidiary of Simon & Schuster, itself now a subsidiary of CBS. Anything “conspiracy” related published by one of the big houses in NYC needs to have that considered in the open mindedness. It’s not just television programming, “news,” movies, music, etc., that shapes the culture. Books do also, and in the 20th century American publishing was NOTORIOUS for pushing social agendas with who and what was published (Upton Sinclair, Herman Wouk, John Steinbeck, Ernest Hemingway, Faulkner – and then there were the play writers).

    And I’ll just say this, science SHOULD be about the pursuit of truth. That being the case, religion should have no issue with it, so long as the goal is the pursuit of truth without disturbing God’s order. In fact, some of the biggest names in the history of science were themselves clergy and lay religious, including the father of genetics (Father Gregor Mendel, Augustinian monk), the priest who first posited the big bang theory (Father Georges Henri Joseph Édouard Lemaître, Jesuit), Albertus Magnus, chemist, who we know as St. Albert the Great (Dominican friar). I could go on. The idea of extra-terrestrial life needs to pursue that same truth, and given the track record of the New York publishing world that really is a tool of the cabal, I’ll wait for the reviews.

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    1. DP!
      And I’ll just say this, science SHOULD be about the pursuit of truth. That being the case, religion should have no issue with it, so long as the goal is the pursuit of truth without disturbing God’s order.

      Agreed!!! And appreciate your honest skepticism regarding the publishers and their agendas!!

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      1. And now that I’ve thought about it more, the stuff that was allowed to be published on what the cabal is/was really up to, the entire print runs would be bought up the day they were available, and disappeared. These books are still available.

        Hate to be a cynic on books since I’m an avid reader, but….

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        1. I am, TBH, very surprised that:

          – the book is still available
          – the book is as scientifically solid, Q-conforming, and politically believable as it is
          – the book is in a new June 2017 printing now

          I am well aware that “significant” books which might annoy the cabal generally don’t make it into a 20 year reprinting. However, I am beginning to think that both sides NOW want disclosure – they just want it under THEIR TERMS and THEIR CONTROL. This book is, IMO, disclosure neutral, vis-a-vis the two sides and their allies.

          This book DOES NOT seem to cover certain “cabal-critical” technologies – or if it does, not at dangerous levels. No mess – no need to clean up.

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  10. I am excited at the prospect of the Overton Window becoming larger………..everything happens for a reason. Thank you for sharing Wolf, and especially for allowing me to hang out around here.

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    1. It’s interesting! From what I can see the science is very sound where they understood the basic nature of the technology immediately, but on one item, they are really guessing how it worked, and the science was likely not fruitful until somewhat later.

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  11. Just an FYI. Before I buy a book, I like to read the reviews. I pay special attention to the critical reviews. Especially with UFO books, the vast majority of reviews always seem to be positive and uncritical. So I qued up the critical reviews. Quite a few reviewers mentioned the fact that Corso in later interviews said that his co-author had put stuff into the book that wasn’t true and that he totally disagreed with. No mention on which things. So I would advise some caution.

    Another reviewer mentioned the fact that several of the things that Corso claim came from reverse engineering alien technology were already being worked on in the private sector long before Roswell happened. Another reviewer said this:

    “Almost too good to be true – a government department set up to evaluate and distribute alien technology to large corporations in order to reverse engineer. Apparently this is how we acquired fibre optics, lasers and stealth technology. After reading X Descending and Project Beta, this reads like government misinformation to perpetuate the alien myth. I’m not saying that I don’t believe in UFOs and aliens – this just reads as a little “too good to be true”.

    This is not an attempt to discourage anyone from reading the book. Just a word of caution about accepting anything at face value. Personally, I’m very skeptical of ETs, but not EDs (extra-dimensionals). If you believe the Bible, then you know that EDs have always been here, just in a different realm. Also in the Bible, there is to be a mass delusion in the last days. This could very well be it. And I wouldn’t doubt that the cabal, Satanists all, are right in the middle of it.

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    1. I totally get that! I actually don’t accept everything Corso (or his ghost-writer) think, although as far as most of it is concerned, we are on the same page.

      I didn’t look at the reviews at all. I did what I do for most science books – dig in randomly and evaluate the science and thinking in test cases by my own standards. There was very little if any fluff here. I hate fluff!

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  12. “Just a word of caution about accepting anything at face value.”

    This is always wise advice regardless of what you happen to be reading or watching…even more so today than ever before.

    We can’t even believe in our own government’s official reports…or what we see every day on the so called “news.”

    Thanks for digging through the reviews, Linda. I plan to read it with a healthy dose of skepticism while seeking any nuggets that can be useful. I expect some of it will be over my head. In any case I’m sure I’ll be entertained while doing reading it and learn a few things along the way. That’s all I ever ask for in a book.

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  13. You know Linda…That’s a very interesting take regarding “putting stuff in…” I read the first chapter…Book is coming on Saturday…Maybe the Alien Part was “added by the editors/publishers”…to make it more Juicy… Maybe the UFO was actually a 1947 type Drone? hmmmm

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    1. Ha ha ha! Who knows, right? However, we do know that the nazis were working on aircraft that look very similar to what our current B2 bomber looks like, as well as some that were more saucer shaped. I’ve seen photos of those. And some of the people brought in under Operation Paperclip were working on them. That’s another reason I’m skeptical that this supposed craft that crashed was alien.

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    2. The “alien part” is pretty much the whole story. Trust me – that was not added. The whole thing centers on a radar-visible craft that crashed in a thunderstorm, piloted by small humanoid beings, who were partially ejected or escaped from the craft, and what things were actually recovered and farmed out for reverse engineering. Army got the loose items and the bodies – Air Force got the vehicle.

      No way the ghost writer added the whole book! 😉

      The authors are basically saying “What any smart scientist or military person would predict should have happened, actually happened.” Then Corso provides a lot of interesting details.

      ASSUMING THERE WAS ACTUALLY AN ALIEN CRASH – “normal” stuff allegedly happened.

      I would be very interested to know EXACTLY which parts NOT by Corso were added, although I have a pretty good idea from reading it.

      The parts that the ghost writer did PRIMARILY were most likely the fictional dramatizations that he used to weave together second-hand recollections, information from old conversations, etc. It’s very clear that Corso was intimately familiar with the standard Roswell story, and he states this several times. Certain nuggets are clearly from Corso and embedded in the larger dramatic story – both the main one at the beginning and smaller repeats. But I am thinking that the ghost writer may have included details from the standard Roswell mythos – things NOT witnessed or remembered by Corso himself, as having been heard from Trudeau or others.

      To me, that’s not a biggie. It’s the details of the reverse engineering program that are of interest to me. That’s where I’m hoping to get a lead on the tech. Things that may have been MISSED. That is all straight from Corso. If anything was added there by Birnes, I would be very surprised.

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        That triggered another 1/2 memory from that conversation I had….
        The guy said the right angle turns were needed for evasive maneuvering …
        There was some other detail I just can not bring up on passive defense…
        But he indicated there was MORE than ONE TYPE and they were hostile towards each other. That might explain the crash.

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        1. The right-angle turns are actually a tactic from nature. Watch a squirrel evade a cat or dog which got a good jump on it. The squirrel won’t run straight for a tree – it will run hard several feet away as if going past it, so the pursuing animal opens up into a full sprint, but then the squirrel will make an almost perfect right-angle turn straight to the tree. The dog or cat simply cannot make the turn. If it tries, it may actually injure a limb.

          There is a lot of “exo political lore” on the alien types and their attitudes toward us and each other – I don’t have any real faith in it, but I am constantly checking it for “fit”, and some of it seems to work pretty well. In particular, some of them are reputed to be rather amoral, and I could see them backing pedophiles, commies, bloodlines, “whatever” – basically using corruption to achieve control.

          There is an enormous amount of “bad human” and anti-military propaganda coming through the Cabal right now – that strikes me as truly “foreign” control stuff.

          I love to rant about “pencilnecks” – I have a personal beef there, but the fact is, I’m pretty non-interventionist. Which – if Bob Lazar’s briefings were correct – means that the ZR type are interventionist as can be.

          Shake ‘n’ bake. Yeah. We’d like a word with the cook! 😉

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      2. Wasn’t there a relatively recent release of “alien/ET” files on an international level? Does any of that material correspond to stuff in the book? Has anyone published something since that governmental dump that comprehensively investigates & incorporates material from those files against known “legitimate” writings?

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  14. W – thank you so much for this post which, to my way of thinking, explains “the great awakening.” I’ve ALWAYS thought it was much more than election shenanigans.

    My perspective on this comes from the archaeological point of view (Indiana Jones, anyone??)

    I was so fortunate during my biz career just after getting out of the Army in the very early 70 to read the first editions of Eric van Danigan’ and “CHARIOTS OF THE GODS.”

    Why is this important here? Well my biz travels took me all over the world, but most importantly to South America to the sites he describes BEFORE THE TOURIST RUSH BEGAN.

    I stood in the “Puerto del Sol” in Tiahuanaco before tourists and actually before all the current excavations were completed. I walked freely by myself amongst the ruins of Pumapunku just beside Tiahuanaco and my friend and biz associate flew me in his plane over the plains of Nasca before the tourist invasion.

    Of course we visited many times Machu Picchu and environs.

    I will never be convinced that these extraordinary sites were the work of locals some (at least) 10,000 years ago. OK, 3500 years ago. Not happening.

    My perspective underwent my own “Great Awakening” back then with my personal conversion to the what I now consider are our God of the Universe.

    As a practicing Catholic, I find no friction in my beliefs and those of the order of the universe. Much like Galileo Galilei I do not believe that we’re the center of “everything.” We’re simply a part of God’s greater plan.

    It has been postulated that there are more galaxies in the universe than there are stars in the Milky way galaxy.

    Think about that.

    And He created it all.

    So why would He have not put in motion events where others “created in His image” would not have visited us in the past (and now!) simply preparing us for His “Great Awakening?”

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    1. Thanks for your reply, Red! 😀 (And a big WHEW, too!!!)

      I knew we had a really DIVERSE site here, but I didn’t think we would be 100 replies into this post before I would find somebody else who had substantially similar views to me on ETs (or EBEs, as they were apparently called in the Pentagon, per Col. Corso). Indeed, I think this really belies the idea that QAnon followers are ready to believe anything. The fact that most of us seem to be SKEPTICS on ETs is really surprising to me! I’m both kinda proud of it, and just a wee bit alarmed, too! 😀

      Now, I have to say that I am not necessarily connecting this to Q disclosure in any way. But it COULD BE CONNECTED. But that is not exactly “in our purview”.

      I have no idea if anything regarding ETs will ever be disclosed in our lifetime. HOWEVER, I think this stuff that IS going to be disclosed / exposed is guaranteed to be downstream of any alien stuff. Reading Corso, assuming it’s TRUE, it looks like the world militaries pretty much pushed back most of the aerial stuff around bases, or rampant abductions and mutilations. What that tells me is that THEIR EMERGENCY INTERVENTION HAS MOVED FROM MILITARY TYPE TO ESPIONAGE/INFLUENCE TYPE. Which was presumably there all along.

      And the question then becomes how COMPROMISED some people are.

      More than anything, this is connected to MY CASE. I could NOT explain what the CIA and foreign operatives were doing, messing with my life, UNTIL I read what Corso had to say about the fact that “alien” got subsumed into “foreign” in terms of compartmental technology investigation and other forms of “discreet handling” matters.

      OMG – even the way Corso claims that CIA was DOGGING .mil folks – good grief – I saw it with my own EYES.

      I could NOT explain my stuff totally based on nuclear. But “alien” is a different story. Corso’s tale just walks in and solves EVERYTHING for me.

      All of a sudden, ALL of this stuff made sense. ALIEN is totally connected to NUCLEAR starting at foo fighters in New Mexico, and the whole thing *from my perspective* begins to make sense. Where I was, where my parents had been, what I was working on, what my parents had done or worked on, WHO I was thrown together with, the bizarre things that happened as a kid – ALL MAKING SENSE.

      And the clincher is the Soviet/Russian stuff. OMG. What Corso says about that validates everything I either knew of figured out.

      There seems to be EXTREME intervention in nuclear (wait a minute, that’s Q clearance – dozens of levels below Majestic) – is the tiny group that Q is in actually up at or near Majestic?

      All starting to make sense.

      I tell you one thing. If this blog gets shut down pronto, I’ll know I’m RIGHT.

      JUST SAYIN’….. 😎

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    2. Wow, Redlegleader…you’ve seen Puma Punku?

      That is sooo cool!

      Puma Punku is the most fascinating ancient site that we have discovered so far, IMHO.

      There is simply no conventional explanation for how those carved stones came to be there…as well as the level of technology that would have been required to construct them.

      It’s like traditional archaeologists are afraid of studying that site.
      Mainstream archaeology has had that site on ‘ignore’.

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      1. There is so much technological knowledge that has been lost, even with our own lifetimes, it is really impossible to catalog.

        I’m quite confident that if tested for intelligence, ancient people would have greater intellectual capacity on the whole than their contemporary descendants. They did pretty well building all the ancient wonders and plenty of other things without the advantage a four function calculator.

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          1. Which is silly and demonstrates peoples ignorance because they were no different than we are today and just as smart, minus all the distractions but theirs was a world of discovery. Not that ours isn’t but so much has been discovered its become impossible to be an expert in all.

            What saddens me most when reading through histories is to hear of all the different large and small libraries in the world being destroyed time after time.

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  15. I read a great book years ago, and for those who have trouble reconciling science and religion, I highly recommend it.

    It’s call “The Language of God,” written by Francis S. Collins. He is a religious scientist.

    I myself have never had a problem with integrating science and religion. I just think most scientists and mystics, like all human beings, have an imperfect understanding of concepts which are really just too big for the mere human mind. So, we all bumble along, in our human way, some leaning on science, and some on religion, which I believe are both the same thing in different words.

    I am open to any and all possibility, Wolfmoon, and I have downloaded the book to read as I can. Thanks for sharing your life experiences with us.

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    1. I had no trouble with reconciling science and religion.

      How do you explain calculus to a four year old or the mechanics of flight to the uncontacted tribes in South America?

      You don’t.

      You have to use concepts and language the people understand.

      The Garden of Eden?

      How about Africa at the end of the last Ice Age when the Holocene was hotter and Africa was much wetter?

      The Deluge?

      How about the catastrophic draining of ancient Lake Agassiz during the Younger Dryas?

      Most humans settle on coastal lands and rivers and lakes. Therefore the draining of Lake Agassiz would be cataclysmic. There are certainly stories of ‘The Flood’ in many cultures not just the Judeo-Christian.

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      1. I’ve generally suspected that The Flood was the filling of the Mediterranean once it reconnected to the Atlantic. I’m sure the occasion was memorable.

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  16. Wow. What an epic post, Wolf…and thank you so much for making it!

    Been fascinated with Space since I was a little kid observing ‘falling stars’ for the first time.
    I mean…to a kid, stars are one of the constants in our little world.
    So seeing one ‘fall’ opened up all sorts of Questions:
    “Why did it fall?”
    “Why don’t they all fall?”
    “Where did it fall from?”
    And…so on.

    Consequently, I’ve always enjoyed watching/reading Science Fiction.
    Key word there is…Fiction.
    Even though I know it’s fiction, it’s still entertaining…and fun to critique it.

    In contemplating the idea of Extraterrestrials, my next ‘big question’ was…
    Why would they come here?

    Why would these technologically advanced life forms choose to come to this little blue planet, located in this corner of the Universe?

    It wasn’t until we developed more advanced telescopes and telemetry, and were able to see further out into Space, that I began to see the Answer to that Question:
    Turns out…our little blue planet is singularly unique and rare.

    Our planet is a grocery store of flora, fauna and mineral deposits.
    So it makes sense that the earth would be of interest to other life forms who have the ability to travel in Space.

    As far as the idea of ‘Science versus Religion’…I think the two are related.
    I think that Science confirms the existence of God.

    I think that God speaks to us through the physical world that He created.
    The physical world is where we get our ‘absolutes’.
    It is where we learn the basics of what is real, and thus learn the Truth.
    Absolutes such as…’water is wet’ and ‘fire burns’.

    Our Creator gave us the gifts of reason and inquiring minds…and also the gift of free will.
    So I think that he wants us to explore the physical world that he has created.

    In other words, God gave us the gift of scientific inquiry…because in His infinite wisdom, He knew that it would lead to the confirmation of His Existence.

    This is why ‘Fake Science’ is such an abomination!
    It is an especially pernicious form of propaganda that is a blasphemy of what our Lord has given us.

    As far as the existence of other intelligent life forms out there in the Universe…
    I think it would be rather arrogant for us to suppose that we are the only ones that God would create.

    Have we in fact been visited by some of these intelligent life forms?
    I don’t know.

    There are some rather compelling clues that the answer to that Question is ‘yes’.
    And I eagerly await more concrete evidence to be revealed.

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    1. GREAT post Wheatie. Agree and my view is that yes we have been visited and possibly more.
      If we believe in a Creator capable of forming this planet and human life then wouldn’t it stand to reason that all planets and bodies in space were also created by the same entity?

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    2. wheatietoo,

      I couldn’t agree more.

      One of my great disappointments was when the PROMISE of the Apollo missions… crumbled….

      I am so happy that President Trump is reviving the US space exploration goals.

      The whole Green New Deal, “Let’s REGRESS back to the 16th century” crap makes me shutter. The answer to challenges is SCIENCE, Technology and God, not crawling back into a cave.

      Actually an increase of 2 to 3 degrees (C) would be GREAT! Canada and Russia become capable of growing a lot more food. The whole earth gets ‘wetter’ the deserts retreat and the earth’s weather systems become calmer. It is the DECREASE of 3 to 5 degrees(C) that is the real killer!

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      1. I’m glad that you implicitly referred to the crumbling of the PROMISE of Apollo, rather than the OBJECTIVE. The OBJECTIVE was accomplished….pretty much… well as could be expected for government work……

        But the PROMISE got an advanced case of bureaucratic rot with complications of ‘America Last’ FAIL. When you reflect on all of the best, brightest, brash-ist, and ballsiest aerospace accomplishments (SR-71, Apollo, Voyager, etc.) having been done with slide rules, it knocks you back a bit.

        But there are little rays of hope. Opportunity was a fine project, fully computerized from start to finish, and decided to continue its scheduled 90-day mission for an additional 14 years and change. It is a profoundly American thing to have rovers with “pluck” [ ].

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    1. The truth revealed about the EVIL of the Cabal.

      Just how much will be revealed is the question. Q seems to indicate that some information is SO nasty that it will not be revealed.

      Remember Q said they will not be able to walk the streets. Also the Smollett Fiasco was to get a federal anti-lynching bill passed. Why was it so vital to get that bill passed. Are they frighten of being lynched by patriots?

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      1. In a word: disclosure. But WHAT and HOW MUCH – absolutely unsure. I will say this – based on what has been observed with the Q movement, there will be “movement runaway” that exceeds whatever is disclosed. People will believe MORE than what is revealed officially. How that looks, I’m not sure yet.

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        1. As the Q movement expands, we work better and better together, the Mockingbirds are defeated, and there is an overthrow of So CIA Media, there will be a lot of things that are LEARNED on our end, without having been DISCLOSED.

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          1. It’s a really beautiful aspect of the Q movement – that just by “allowing” people to ignore the fake news – at which point they trust themselves – the inhibitions of believing many things that THE PEOPLE KNOW simply goes away.

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  17. I often ask God WHY?
    Why did he Pique my interest over the YEARS and immerse me in the Deep (Often Years long)investigation(s) of:
    The Constitution?
    Freedom and Liberty?
    Calvinism? Arminianism? The early “Church” etc.
    Grace and Mercy?
    “Evil” and “Sin”?
    The beliefs of differing “Religions”?
    The Nephilim and the Deluge?
    The “Cycles” of LIFE?
    Music? (it’s origins, arrangement and effects)
    The Bible “Code”?
    Numerology and Symbolism?
    Ancient History?
    American (Western) History?
    The “Occult”? (Aleister Crowley and others)
    The Free Masons? (Skull and Bones, etc)
    “Government” Deceptions?
    “Religious” Leaders and their Deceptions?
    “Conspiracy Theories”? i.e.
    Flat Earth?
    Archeology? (Easter Island, Stonehenge, Pyramids, Incas, Mayans, etc.)
    Moon Landing?
    9-11-01? (LYING Media)
    MK Ultra?
    Project Mockingbird?
    Project Blue Beam?
    Project Paperclip?
    And MOAR.
    “Young” Earth vs “New” Earth (In the beginning, the Earth was made “New”… as opposed to made)
    “Aliens”?…. My personal belief is that “Aliens” are fallen Angels….. Like the Nephilim. The Apocryphal book of Enoch has some interesting reading. The book of Ezekiel in the Bible talks of “The wheels in the sky”…. The Bible also mentions Human Translation into Heaven without dying.
    I know a little about all of these things, but NOT too much about any one in particular.
    I try to keep an “Open Mind” about most ALL things.
    I believe what I think the Lord has shown me, but will listen to other “Ideas”.
    I am old enough to be pretty set in my beliefs, so contradictions must be very convincing.
    God does NOT “Love” everyone as many believe…. Romans 9:13 As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.
    An often overlooked reason for Jesus to come to Earth (Born of the Virgin Mary) was…. For the INSPIRED writers if the Scriptures to have something to write ABOUT!
    Saul… who persecuted and KILLED Christians was Transformed into the Apostle Paul by God himself….. He had NO part in his “salvation”
    Ephesians 2:8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:
    9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.
    10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.
    Everyone Relax…. God has this in control….. He is using Trump as he planned, before he MADE the World.
    I have to believe that He will use Me (and YOU) for HIS purpose(s) when the time is right.
    After all is said and done, I hope to meet Many of YOU in Heaven someday 🙂

    The Nephilim and the Deluge?
    The “Cycles” of LIFE?
    Music? (it’s origins, arrangement and effects)
    The Bible “Code”?
    Numerology and Symbolism?
    Ancient History?
    American (Western) History?
    The “Occult”? (Aleister Crowley and others)
    The Free Masons? (Skull and Bones, etc)
    “Government” Deceptions?
    “Religious” Leaders and their Deceptions?
    “Conspiracy Theories”? i.e.
    Flat Earth?
    Archeology? (Easter Island, Stonehenge, Pyramids, Incas, Mayans, etc.)
    Moon Landing?
    9-11-01? (LYING Media)
    MK Ultra?
    Project Mockingbird?
    Project Blue Beam?
    Project Paperclip?
    And MOAR.
    “Young” Earth vs “New” Earth (In the beginning, the Earth was made “New”… as opposed to made)
    “Aliens”?…. My personal belief is that “Aliens” are fallen Angels….. Like the Nephilim. The Apocryphal book of Enoch has some interesting reading. The book of Ezekiel in the Bible talks of “The wheels in the sky”…. The Bible also mentions Human Translation into Heaven without dying.

    I know a little about all of these things, but NOT too much about any one in particular.
    I try to keep an “Open Mind” about most ALL things.
    I believe what I think the Lord has shown me, but will listen to other “Ideas”.
    I am old enough to be pretty set in my beliefs, so contradictions must be very convincing.

    From time to time… God gives me what I call: Golden Nuggets if TRUTH” (Ah Ha moments)

    God does NOT “Love” everyone as many believe….
    Romans 9:13 As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.

    An often overlooked reason for Jesus to come to Earth (Born of the Virgin Mary) was…. For the INSPIRED writers if the Scriptures to have something to write ABOUT!

    Saul… who persecuted and KILLED Christians was Transformed into the Apostle Paul by God himself….. He had NO part in his “salvation”
    Ephesians 2:8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:
    9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.
    10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.

    Everyone Relax…. God has this in control….. He is using Trump as he planned, before he MADE the World.

    I have to believe that He will use Me (and YOU) for HIS purpose(s) when the time is right.

    After all is said and done, I hope to meet Many of YOU in Heaven someday 🙂

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    1. There’s a land that is fairer than day,
      And by faith we can see it afar;
      For the Father waits over the way
      To prepare us a dwelling place there.
      Sanford F. Bennett

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    2. Just something to think about, and you may have already done so, but in following Q and the anons you can see a unifying in much of your list there with an aim to understanding power structures from antiquity right up to today. To me that’s an important point to helping to understand Q.

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      1. My Bachelor’s in Econ. I wish this were around when I matriculated, because it’s actually got a great deal of truth embedded in it.

        If I were to critique a single point (not of the video, but of the underlying economics), it would lie within the fundamental GDP definition — Y = C + I + G + (X − M); GDP is consumer spending + investing spending + government spending + (exports – imports). Here’s the thing, though — true consumer spending benefits consumers, or they wouldn’t spend. Investment spending has to be worthwhile, or investors won’t invest. Exports and imports are pretty obvious. But government spending may not create public benefit — it is compelled by politics. The clearest example would be foreign aid — why should foreign aid to NGOs benefiting Ghana be included in GDP for the US.

        This suggests that the fundamental GDP definition should be Y = C + I + (U)G + (X – M), where U is the percentage of government expenditures that actually benefit Americans — and which can be negative.

        When you bring Obamacare into the picture, you have to consider coerced consumer expenditures. Under free enterprise, consumers will enter contracts when they perceive benefits equal to the price. Under Obamacare, you are penalized by the state for not entering into contracts that are clearly detrimental to your well-being. This would remake the equation into Y = (F)C + I + (U)G + (X – M). GDP = the part of consumer spending that is freely chosen + Investment + the part of government spending that actually produces benefits to citizens + (eXports – iMports).

        People keep cheering increases in Y without considering F and U — the amount of consumption that is compelled and the amount of government that doesn’t improve citizens’ lives.

        It is estimated that 80% of healthcare costs are absorbed by administration. That’s a big chunk of F.

        Liked by 7 people

        1. Wow indeed. 6.8 million plus views 🙂

          Meanwhile it would be John Kenneth Galbraith and Milton Friedman who would continue the argument sitting with Congress once a year to compete for their ear.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. cthulhu,
          I could never understand why ANY goverment spending would be included in the GDP as anything BUT negative. It is $$$ drained from the economy and generally wasted according to the Grace Report. WORSE it adds to the DEBT.

          “100% of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the Federal Debt … all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services taxpayers expect from government.”
          -Grace Commission report submitted to President Ronald Reagan – January 15, 1984

          Liked by 2 people

      2. Nickola Tesla 🙂
        Are you sure that wasn’t all about a study in bankruptcy?
        The guy who wrote the Baron Trump books and the Last President, Ingersol Lockwood. His brother was the foremost expert on Bankruptcy Laws in NYC. Just saying 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  18. Here is a documentary (History Channel?) with that familiar narrator’s voice and a lot of annoying background music but it contains both supporters and skeptics. It does cover some of the technology in simple terms..I’m sure the book dives a lot deeper.

    Philip Corso was a respected Colonel in the military…doesn’t really come across as a kook or nut job but that’s not much of a barometer.. I always find it interesting when someone who has more to lose by coming forward does come forward with such information. I don’t think he reaped much if any financial gain from this (?) and he was ridiculed by many for doing so.

    They keep repeating that some of the technology took years, sometimes decades of R&D and hard work to develop as a way to discredit what Corso is saying…but whose to say that in reality it took years or decades for them to reverse engineer what they were working on? As much as I may have doubts about such stories, most of the time the skeptics don’t come across as very believable either. Some of Corso’s story does line up nicely with Bob Lazar’s equally astonishing claims.One thing they both have in common is that they both were proven to be there when these things were happening. Interesting stuff.

    Liked by 6 people

  19. Let me just put out there a couple of markers so as to assist people in discerning whether I’m snarking or agreeing with something.

    I do believe that there is an MKultra (or similar) program of disinformation and “medical practice” that attempts to drive the vulnerable into outright insanity (and immensely harm others). I do believe that the US has been subjected to waves of propaganda by Deep State elements since (at least) the 50s…..although it might easily predate this, being that my personal observations only go back to the 60s. I do believe that science has been politically corrupted since (at least) the A-bomb.

    I might be convinced of ancient technology, Nazi technology, or alien technology — but am currently a skeptic.

    I consider everything that supports the rise of Fascism or Communism to be BS. And that goes double for “climate science”. Freeman Dyson famously walked into a Climate Conference and asked if there were anything he could say or do that could dissuade the assembled from levelling blame upon human influence…..when the group said, “no”, he excused himself — saying he was “not dressed for church.”

    Liked by 5 people

        1. Cloward-Pivin (did I spell that right?)

          First you make the care in the institutions horrific. (Have read stories of how the good programs were all done away with after the psychiatry as a pharmacy model propagated.)

          Then report the horror/abuse in the institutions in order to get people to demand we release all the mentally ill on the street.

          Which then would overwhelm the city/state services.

          Liked by 4 people

          1. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, by Ken Kesey (did I spell that right?!)

            David Horowitz wrote of Kesey being all mixed up with the hippies and the New Left and so forth, but I read here or on another Q-centric site this year that Kesey was connected to some cabal entity.

            Am sure this novel, and the film based in it, was Mockingbird stuff, to move the Overton window to a place where the institutions could be closed.

            But the psychologists and psychiatrists did have too much power to commit people, especially in the military.

            This happened in WWII with the people who saw that Roosevelt knew in advance the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor, and that he then framed Kimmel and Short after the attack proved to be much more devastating than anyone in the White House had foreseen.

            It also happened in the Johnson administration with the Navy guys who were on board the Liberty when the Israelis tried to sink it.

            When they said truthfully what they had seen, they were told “Stop saying those terrible, crazy things, or we’ll get a medical officer in here to sign the paperwork, and you’ll never see the outside of a looney bin again.”

            I can see putting, say, someone who is catatonic in a psych ward without his consent. But if someone who is conscious objects verbally, or resists physically, he shouldn’t be able to be committed without the chance to be tried before a jury of his peers. Otherwise, commitment can be just another dodge around due process protections, and thereby used to silence loose ends.

            Liked by 2 people

      1. This is one reason I put a stick in the ground. YES, there are a bunch of people damaged by MKUltra on the streets today.

        And, BTW, overmedication of psychotropic drugs (e.g. for ADHD) is part of the MKUltra plan.

        Liked by 4 people

        1. “… overmedication of psychotropic drugs (e.g. for ADHD) …” is certainly TARGETING WHITE ALPHA MALES just as WAR targets WHITE ALPHA MALES.

          President Trump would likely have died in Vietnam if it were not for heel spurs.

          …in 1973, psychiatrists were giving amphetamines to volunteers in order to observe their reactions. The reactions frightened researchers, who noted that several of the subjects expressed “a desire to kill” or to do something “bad or destructive.”

          In 1996, 10 percent to 12 percent of all American schoolboys were taking the addictive Ritalin.

          “The 700% increase in psychostimulant use that occurred in the 1990s justifies concern about potential overdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment of child behavior problems… from the early to mid-1990s the rate of ADHD treatment (i.e., school-administered Ritalin) among white boys in Baltimore County elementary schools was over 15%….”

          “As many as 20 percent of college students have used Ritalin or Adderall to study, write papers and take exams, according to recent surveys focused on individual campuses. A study released this month by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia found that the number of teenagers who admit to abusing prescription medications tripled from 1992 to 2003, while in the general population such abuse had doubled….”


          …. there are now over 5 million school kids in America on psychotropic drugs, most of which are prescribed and administered by the schools themselves. ….December 1996, there are four million kids on Ritalin alone, one of the most powerful of the drugs now being given routinely to children in American schools.

          What is most disturbing, however, is the growing awareness that the increased violence among school children may have more to do with the drugs than with the guns they use to carry out their violence….

          Liked by 2 people

  20. Wolfie, I’ll have to digest your post and comments over time, but want to remark about Douthat’s article “The Gray Swan Theory of Trump” – It’s a good thing you read all these Dem/Leftist/MSM articles, tomes, books regarding DJT, conservatives, etc. – so we don’t have to.

    Folks should read Douthat’s article – enlightening on many fronts.

    About very other sentence in that article was dripping with elitist ignorance and disdain not only for Trump, but Douthat demonstrates little self-awareness, and certainly lacked awareness on the order of the Universe, right and wrong, law and order.

    His dismissiveness of Hillary’s scandals, Bill’s too, and then sliding Biden in if Hillary was derailed, made clear that Douthat and his kind live in a bubble – one where they see themselves as “Masters of the Universe” – his elitism was nauseating.

    No surprise, but that’s what’s been been driving the lefties and Never Trumpers crazy – POTUS has done more than just pull the curtain from their global machinations, he has proven that he is smarter, more competent, more decent, more knowledgeable, more capable, etc. etc. than any Democrat president they’ve placed in office in recent times.

    IMO, what Douthat missed, is that the People want to elect a President, someone capable of leading a country like America, politicians don’t really have that capability.

    Be interesting to know if Douthat revisits that tripe he wrote, and wonders how he got it so wrong…

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Douthat will not seek the truth, because to do so means alienation from his tribe. Being one of the cool kids is the thing he values most.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. So right! Everything is about their “Tribe” and their circle of “friends.” Really sad that they can’t think for themselves.

        IF he was to revisit that article, he’d have to give up some of his preconceived notions, his Dem talking points, and accept that there are other truths out there. That would take some character strength.

        Liked by 4 people

        1. ladypenquin,

          They are NOTHING just hollow people without the approval of their ‘friends.’ ‘Friends’ who will VICIOUSLY turn on them if they make a misstep or have an independent thought. They truly are NPC

          Liked by 4 people

  21. Wolfie…So I got the Book and read Chapter 2…I did NOT want to forget this little detail as he was describing the Alien…”6 fingers–no thumb”!!! THe Obama painting and the Clinton Blue dress painting–6 fingers!!!!! WTF?!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. LOL!

      Actually, (and I say this as a small-time art critic) the Clinton painting is not showing a sixth finger – it’s showing the bunched edge of a palm when the fingers are closed.

      If you pose your hand back to your face as he’s holding it, you’ll see what I mean!

      It’s the same with the Obama finger – it’s a natural feature of the skin and fat of the palm held a certain way. I can make the same effect appear on my hand – especially in the way Obama is posing HIS hand.

      But this IS something people have noticed, and it has become a meme, just like Marilyn Monroe’s alleged sixth toe.

      Did the artists intentionally create these illusions of “polydactyly”? I suspect they may have. It is very obvious that they made these optical illusions STRONG, rather than lessening or removing them. And I think you may be right, although “sixth finger” is not really just an alien thing.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. I’ll take your word for it…I can’t make MY hand do that!!! (And am sure I looked dumb trying LOL!!!) Thanks for the explaination!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Uh-oh!

        Question for you Wolfmoon. I downloaded the book online, and the portion I think Marica is referencing reads thus:

        “But this was no child. It was a four-foot human shaped figure with arms, bizarre looking
        four-fingered hands – I didn’t see a thumb – thin legs and feet, and an oversized incandescent
        lightbulb shaped head that looked like it was floating over a balloon gondola for a chin. I know I must have
        cringed at first, but then I had the urge to pull off the top of the liquid container and touch the pale gray skin.
        But I couldn’t tell whether it was skin because it also looked like a very thin one-piece head-to-toe fabric
        covering the creature’s flesh.”

        Is someone playing games with this text? And should I be looking for it elsewhere?

        Liked by 4 people

              1. Here’s one for ya! There’s quite a few accounts at the link

                Legend of Ancient Fathers with Six Fingers:

                South America had many mysteries, the above mentioned six digit Waorani are one of them. Another is the tale of Tatunca Nara, recorded by journalist Karl Brugger in 1972, and published in book format in 1976 under the title “the Chronicle of Akakor. Tatunka Nara is the chief of the Ugha Mongulala tribe of Amazonian Indian.. The Chronicle recounts that the Ugha Mongulala were visited by light-skinned gods who came from the sky in golden vehicles around 1300 B.C.E. The visitors came from a world called Schwerta, and they come once every 6,000 years to share their knowledge. “In appearance, the strangers from Schwerta hardly differed from man. They had graceful bodies and white skin. Their noble faces were framed with bluish black hair. A thick beard covered their upper lip and the chin. Like man, they were vulnerable creatures of flesh and blood. But the decisive sign that distinguished the Ancient Fathers from man were the six fingers on each of their hands and the six toes on each of their feet, the characteristics of their divine origin.”


                Liked by 3 people

            1. Mine is a 20-year reprint, the first under Gallery Books, and seems pristine, but who knows?


              Gallery Books
              An Imprint of Simon & Schuster, Inc.
              1230 Avenue of the Americas
              New York, NY 10020

              Copyright (C) 1997 by Rosewood Woods Productions, Inc.
              Foreword copyright (C) 1997 Senator Strom Thurmond

              [some text omitted]

              First Gallery Books trade paperback edition June 2017

              [more omissions]

              ISBN 978-1-5011-7200-7
              ISBN 978-0-6710-3695-9 (ebook)

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    2. Also, do you remember Ayatola Homeni (however youj spell it) lol, had six fingers, can’t remember about whether he had a thumb. I do think I have read this happens with some humans, however. Interesting.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Hey, Marica, have wondered how you were. I just had a new grand-nephew. I really had so much trouble posting my comment, I didn’t think anyone would see it.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. I just thought I was replying to you…see below–I have had a very busy summer and am currently administering a sattelite blog in support of PHC and others with Cancer and other ailments!!! I’m still WOlfie’s biggest fan..But I kinda got a calling to help out! Hugs and Congrats again on the grand!!!! Great to see you dear friend!!

            Liked by 1 person

              1. I hope so too Zoe!! Someday–As The Great Awakening unfolds…I feel like God will get us all together!!!! Love you back Zoe!!!! Smooches!!!

                Liked by 1 person

        2. In a sense, it is a code symbol. The Nephilim supposedly had 6 fingers. Genesis 6. When fallen angels came down and mated with human women, their offspring (the Nephilim) were giants. They caused all the evil in the world that led up to the flood and Noah and his family being the only ones who survived in the ark. I’ve read that the Rothschilds and some other cabal members, including the Royals, claim to be descendants of the Nephilim.

          If these creatures really had 6 fingers, then I’m calling cabal fakery (or should I call it mind-fuckery, if you’ll pardon the expression). Like all the things they do on satanic holidays or using occult numbers. They like to throw these things in our face and then laugh at the ignorant rubes who don’t get it.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. I don’t think it’s stupid to think that the Cabal has HELP.

            If you know what I mean. 😎

            HELP is what makes it easy for LOSERS to CHEAT and WIN.

            I’m starting to GET those Q posts now. The ones where he says it ain’t “New” and it ain’t “Nazi”. It’s something else. I remain open-minded as to what that might be. But they have HELP, in my opinion.

            Liked by 2 people

        1. I’ve been looking at 6-finger polydactyly in humans, and many times it includes a bit of malformation. Of the two least malformed cases I’ve seen, one was “thumb plus 5 nicely sized and separated fingers” (asymmetrical), and one was a symmetrical, mirrored, “pinky, ring/index, middle, middle, ring/index, pinky” type. My guess is that what Corso saw would have been more like the latter. With any flexibility, 6 fingers creates automatic opposability either way.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. There is something definitely going on with the 6 fingers. Remember that weird portrait of Obama in the leaves? Many people noticed what looked like 6 fingers. And there may be a hint of 6 fingers in the Epstein painting of Bill Clinton in the blue dress.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. And I just now found your post above about those 2 paintings not really having 6 fingers. Probably true. But what do you want to bet they were painted that way on purpose to look like 6 fingers?

              Liked by 1 person

        2. Linda, I heard it long ago around the time of the Iran hostage crisis, and it was on 60 Minutes, and I’m pretty sure they should pictures, but it may have been a rumor, can’t remember details, but that six fingers stuck with me all these years. I don’t think they were discussing it as if it was hard fact but cannot remember.

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