News Roundup! The Boy That Cries Wolf, PDJT’s Polling In Battleground States, Top 3 Democrat Candidates Underwater, Epic Tweet, LIFE Is Winning, Economic Train, Judicial Armada Will Continue To Grow, Antisemitics Go In Front Of the Cameras, The Dragon Fears the Eagle, Big Tech In Our President’s Crosshairs, Wall, PDJT Will Win Minnesota In 2020…..

Duchess01 shared a video in yesterday’s news roundup. Well worth the 5 minute watch.

All that the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. have left is what Candace calls “The Black Card”. They are using that card to call our President and his Deplorables racists, white nationalists, Nazis etc. There purpose in using the card is twofold.

Convince Black and Hispanic voters that they are the only ones that care about them and their interests. They have seen the polling. Our President is consistently polling in the high teens with Blacks and in the mid 30s with Hispanics. Those numbers would mean the end of the Democrat Party.

The second reason is to make White voters feel bad that they were born into opportunities because of their skin color. They hope that those White voters decide to rebel against our President.

The problem for them is that the have gone to the well one to many times. People have completely begun to tune them out. The problem for them is that they have nothing else. Here is a perfect example from last night.

You are going to see more and more Americans feel this way as we get closer to Election Day in 2020. Not just Whites but Blacks and Hispanics as well.

From the article linked above:

For decades progressives have denounced America as hopelessly retrograde and racist. Naturally, they’re talking about everyone except themselves.

The insult-them-until-they-join-our-side strategy has gained devotees since the mass shootings. While no fewer than five presidential candidates have called Trump a white supremacist, their fellow progressives are shedding their reluctance to say the same of his supporters.        

The swing voters who will decide the next election won’t care whether Democrats rate Donald Trump a racist or a white nationalist or a white supremacist. With the left’s favorite epithet flying around the political sphere more freely than ever and the definition of racism facing possible expansion, they’ll want to know what Democrats think of them.

No one deliberately votes to be despised.

These polling numbers will only continue to rise because their well is dry. There’s will continue to drop.

Our President had liberal heads exploding with this tweet! There will never be another President like DJT. We are living in historical times. Don’t take a minute of it for granted.

Millions of aborted babies are smiling down on our President from Heaven.

From the article linked above:

The Planned Parenthood abortion business announced today it will officially withdraw from the Title X program — costing it $60 million in taxpayer funds because it refuses to follow a new Trump administration rule that requires it to segment out its abortion business from legitimate health care if it wants federal funding under the program.

Because the abortion giant is withdrawing from Title X, the $60 million in taxpayer dollars it received annually can be redistributed to groups that engage in legitimate women’s health care.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals late Friday rejected a request from more than 20 states, Planned Parenthood and the American Medical Association to block new pro-life rules that Planned Parenthood is refusing to follow. Leading pro-life groups have praised the Trump administration for prioritizing women’s health ahead of abortion. This action adds to President Trump’s record of defunding the Planned Parenthood abortion company.

Title X funds are supposed to be used to help low-income women and men receive birth control, cancer screenings and other health care services. While the tax money cannot be used to pay for abortions, it indirectly funds Planned Parenthood’s vast abortion business.

The day got worse for Planned Parenthood.

From the article linked above:

An Arizona jury has unanimously awarded $3 million in damages to a former Planned Parenthood director who was fired after reporting an abortionist’s illegal conduct and high complication rates, falsification of affidavits and patient records, incomplete abortions, and failure to report statutory rape.

Mayra Rodriguez, who ran three Planned Parenthood clinics in Arizona and worked for the organization for 17 years, sued the non-profit after being wrongfully terminated from her position in October 2017 after repeatedly making claims that Planned Parenthood was endangering the health and safety of its patients.

The Economic Train absolutely loves that the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers, CoC, Multinationals etc. are coming at her with everything they got. They realize that the only way they would have any chance in 2020 is to derail her.

She has been sitting in mothballs for the past three decades. She has been unleashed by our President and will never let him down.

From the article linked above:

There is a significant body of evidence showing that the U.S. economy is strong. The U.S. economy has added millions of jobs, and even long-neglected sectors like manufacturing are having a resurgence.

Among the continuous good economic news, wage growth for America’s workers has taken center stage. For the first time since 2009, year over year nominal hourly wage growth met or surpassed 3 percent under the Trump Administration. Wages have continued to do so for 12 months, even as inflation stayed below the Federal Reserve’s target 2.0 percent. Not only are wages growing but the slow growth in consumer prices means that American workers’ dollars are going farther. It is no wonder consumer confidence surged in July as consumers became more optimistic about their current situation and future economic prospects.

The resulting surge in job creation and record low unemployment has put the American worker in the driver’s seat. Because of President Trump’s policies, American companies and their workers are succeeding together.

From the article linked above:

The Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce announced U.S. retail e-commerce sales for the second quarter (Q2) 2019 came in at an estimated $146.2 billion, an increase of 4.2% (±0.9%) from Q1 2019.

Estimates are adjusted for seasonal variation, but not for price changes.

Prior Actual
E-Sales Q/Q ∆ SAAR 3.6% 4.2%

The advance estimate for retail sales came in at $523.5 billion in July, an increase of 0.7% (±0.5%) and more than double the consensus forecast. That followed an increase of 0.4% (±0.5%) in June, also stronger than expected. 

The Q2 2019 e-commerce estimate rose 13.3% (±1.6%) from Q2 2018 and total retail sales have gained 3.2% (±0.5%) during the same period.

From the article linked above:

An Australian steelmaker said it will spend roughly US$700 million to expand its U.S. business, joining American rivals that have outlined plans to add capacity domestically in the wake of President Trump’s import tariffs.

BlueScope Steel LTD. said annual steelmaking capacity at its North Star facility in Delta, Ohio would increase by 40%, or 850,000 metric tons, once expansion is complete.

The Judicial Armada is going to continue to grow in the not to distant future.

Our President has nominated 1 Circuit Judge & 9 additional District Judges.

Meanwhile, the Antisemitics decided to spew their hated of Israel and our President in front of the cameras.

The Dragon realizes that the EAGLE means business.

From the article linked above:

China National Petroleum Corp, a leading buyer of Venezuelan oil, has halted August loadings following the latest U.S. sanctions on the South American exporter, three sources with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters on Monday.

The Trump administration in early August froze all Venezuelan government assets in the United States and U.S. officials ratcheted up threats against companies that do business with Venezuela’s state-run oil company, Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A., or PDVSA.

Our President is absolutely loved around the world.

Our President has Big Tech in his crosshairs. He tweeted the following yesterday.

The WALL continues to be built unabated!

We will win the State of Minnesota in 2020 for the first time since 1972.

From the article linked above:

If you want to know why the Trump campaign is so bullish on Minnesota, look no further than the state’s Democratic-Farm-Labor Party. The DFL was created in the 1940s when Democrats represented middle class workers — on the farm and off.

No more. The DFL train has dropped the Farm-Labor passenger cars, and what’s left is quickly flying off the rails.

The Minnesota “resistance” movement started with the antics of “indivisible” groups crashing town halls, but it’s finishing with the greatest geographical divide in the state’s history. Indeed, while liberals pitch “smart growth,” congestion, expensive light rail and green new deals for the urban elites, they’re handing out pink slips for the trade unions on the Iron Range.

Unified Democrat opposition to the popular replacement pipeline project of Enbridge Line 3 — which supports thousands of jobs and promises to generate $20 million in state revenue — is just one reason why areas of the state that were once considered solidly Democrat are strongly trending red.

There is NO LOSING under PDJT!

253 thoughts on “News Roundup! The Boy That Cries Wolf, PDJT’s Polling In Battleground States, Top 3 Democrat Candidates Underwater, Epic Tweet, LIFE Is Winning, Economic Train, Judicial Armada Will Continue To Grow, Antisemitics Go In Front Of the Cameras, The Dragon Fears the Eagle, Big Tech In Our President’s Crosshairs, Wall, PDJT Will Win Minnesota In 2020…..

  1. This guy has the dirt on google and Hillary..We’ve waited all day for his Tweetstorm… And so it begins..

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    1. I wrote this a while ago in regard to the massive amount of data being hoovered up on each and every one of us, usually without either our knowledge or permission. Google’s treasure trove of information makes them an ideal partner/source for the deep state and the DEMONcRATs, as we’re seeing now:

      Google is a major player in this, if not THE major player. With their treasure-trove of information, both of data to be searched, and queries against it (which can often be MORE revealing than the data itself), they, along with Farcebørk, Amazon, Twitter, Credit Reporting Agencies and the Medical and Insurance Industries know more about each and every one of us. Vance Packard, in 1964, penned “The Naked Society”, warning us that ever-increasing computing power, coupled with total surveillance, could take us down a road of ruin: no freedom, no free will, in short, no hope. It seems Google, et. al., are doing their best to further that nightmare.

      From the article “Google Is Not What It Seems” ( ) PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE, AND THE BOOK. Assange had this pegged YEARS AGO. No wonder everybody wants to discredit him!

      In this extract from his new book “When Google Met Wikileaks”, WikiLeaks’ publisher Julian Assange describes the special relationship between Google, Hillary Clinton and the State Department — and what that means for the future of the internet.

      The first couple of paragraphs are quite revealing, especially considering the article and book cover the period from 2011 to 2014: (begin excerpt)

      Eric Schmidt is an influential figure, even among the parade of powerful characters with whom I have had to cross paths since I founded WikiLeaks. In mid-May 2011 I was under house arrest in rural Norfolk, about three hours’ drive northeast of London. The crackdown against our work was in full swing and every wasted moment seemed like an eternity. It was hard to get my attention. But when my colleague Joseph Farrell told me the executive chairman of Google wanted to make an appointment with me, I was listening.

      In some ways the higher echelons of Google seemed more distant and obscure to me than the halls of Washington. We had been locking horns with senior US officials for years by that point. The mystique had worn off. But the power centers growing up in Silicon Valley were still opaque and I was suddenly conscious of an opportunity to understand and influence what was becoming the most influential company on earth. Schmidt had taken over as CEO of Google in 2001 and built it into an empire.

      I was intrigued that the mountain would come to Muhammad. But it was not until well after Schmidt and his companions had been and gone that I came to understand who had really visited me.
      * * *
      The stated reason for the visit was a book. Schmidt was penning a treatise with Jared Cohen, the director of Google Ideas, an outfit that describes itself as Google’s in-house “think/do tank.” I knew little else about Cohen at the time. In fact, Cohen had moved to Google from the US State Department in 2010. He had been a fast-talking “Generation Y” ideas man at State under two US administrations, a courtier from the world of policy think tanks and institutes, poached in his early twenties. He became a senior advisor for Secretaries of State Rice and Clinton. At State, on the Policy Planning Staff, Cohen was soon christened “Condi’s party-starter,” channeling buzzwords from Silicon Valley into US policy circles and producing delightful rhetorical concoctions such as “Public Diplomacy 2.0.” On his Council on Foreign Relations adjunct staff page he listed his expertise as “terrorism; radicalization; impact of connection technologies on 21st century statecraft; Iran.”
      (end excerpt)

      The article is stunning, even though somewhat dated. It reveals the evil relationships between the high-tech and social-media world with the swamp in Washington D.C: and elsewhere. Data demons, one might say.
      Even the footnotes have a wealth of information, and are well worth the read.

      “Do No Evil”.

      Bah, Humbug, Eric. And that’s “not a feature”…

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    2. Please, someone with a twitter account do a thread reader on this when Dr Epstein is finished and then post as


      Anything posted as *https:// /dSV8wOPwAH or what ever I can no longer get and have to use hubby’s computer. (He just kicked me off again. 🤣 )

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    1. Sounds like the DemonRats are really, really scared of the voters actually getting the TRUTH! Declass or something equally dangerous must be around the corner.

      Twatter DOES NOT DARE SHUT DOWN President Trump’s Account although I am sure they desparately want to.

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      1. People are definitely not buying what they are selling – I have no idea what is coming – but, I think – whatever it is – it will shake them to the core – yes – they are very scared.

        As far as the President’s account being shut down – they would not dare – they tried to undermine Turtle – look how well that worked out – and Google is about to find out what happens when they get caught defrauding the election process – there will be a price to pay – and it will not be the employees who pay it.

        Q said ‘we have it all’ – and I believe it! This is just the tip of the iceberg – more to come…

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        1. President Trump spent FIVE years in military school and cut his teeth in the nastiest most corrupt American city. He KNOWS all about TIMING and having very good Intel.

          One guy who had been a private detective working for another real estate Mogul say they NEVER could outsmart President Trump and his Intel was unbelievably good.

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    1. Remember how SD went over how the first thing President Trump did was set-up a second economic system to disengage Wall Street from Main Street?

      To add to that over FIFTY PERCENT of US jobs are created by SMALL BUSINESS and SMALL BUSINESS DOES NOT USE BANK LOANS. 🤣

      “Small firms accounted for 65 percent (or 9.8 million) of the 15 million net new jobs created between 1993 and 2009…. An estimated 552,600 new employer firms opened for business in 2009, and 660,900 firms closed….”

      President Trump also knows REGULATIONS are SMALL BUSINESS KILLERS:
      April 13, 2017 Red Tape Burdens on Small Businesses
      “It’s well-known the regulatory burden falls disproportionately on small business. American Action Forum (AAF) research has discovered they are shedding jobs and wages are falling because of the Affordable Care Act. In addition, as regulation increases, the number of small business establishments decreases, while the largest businesses grow more numerous. Based on AAF’s latest research, the paperwork and compliance burdens alone total more than 3.3 billion hours and $64.6 billion. Given that compliance affects small businesses more acutely, each new hour of paperwork means less productivity, fewer profits, and diminished competitiveness, relative to larger competitors….” — *

      Federal Regulations Have Made You 75 Percent Poorer
      U.S. GDP is just $16 trillion instead of $54 trillion… in the absence of six decades of accumulated regulations—a median household income of $330,000 instead of the $53,000 we get now. — *

      Small Business Optimism Reaches Highest Mark in 45 Year History

      From the Other Treehouse:
      CEA Chairman Kevin Hassett Discusses Disconnect Between Wall Street and Main Street




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      1. Great Summary, Gail – I remember – this has been more than 30 years in the planning – PT knows what he is doing – just the other day, Flep reminded me of Maganomics – how it is very different from what we are accustomed – how what we see are Wall Street financials – the CB System with their fake money – how they operate side by side – yes – it took a while to sink in – but, we can now see how the DS/CB operate – why he has that photo on the wall – to remind us what he tried to do – and show us what he (PT) is going to do – it amazes me how PT sees the future possibilities – it is the CB System (debt system) that has and still is undermining our success as a country. Fascinating…

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        1. WHY do we have to buy the same land/house OVER AND OVER AND OVER again paying a bank a mortgage each time?

          My parents bought a house in NYC in the 1920s for $3,000. My cousin bought a house in NYC for $300,000 in the late 1970s and now a decent house in NYC goes for ~ 2 million.

          When I first got out of college and got married. We could have saved enough to buy a 3 br ranch house in under 7 years WITH me owning a horse and boarding her. Then the USA went off the gold std and OPEC was formed and real wages took a nose dive…

          What is the difference between Money and Wealth?

          In The Wealth of Nations, Adam smith defined wealth as “the annual produce of the land and labor”..Wealth creation is combining materials, labor, land, and technology so there is an excess for trade to others, that is “a profit” in excess of the cost of production. The theories of David Ricardo, John Locke, John Stuart Mill, and Henry Thornton, in the last three centuries refined the views of wealth and became known as classical economics.

          Money: Is Coin, Currency (paper money), and Credit. If the paper money is not backed by gold, silver or other “wealth” it is a fiat currency and only as good as the people’s ignorance of its origin. Federal Reserve notes, and credit is “created” by banks and backed by nothing. Fractional Banking allows private banks to lend out ten times the amount of money deposited.

          At this point THERE IS NO RESRVE! The money bankers lend out did not exist until they “printed it” I kid you not.

          US banks operate without Reserve

          Banks typically have 3% of their assets in cash in order to meet customer needs. Since 1960, banks have been allowed to use this “vault cash” to satisfy their reserve requirements. Today, bank reserve requirements have fallen to the point where they are now exceeded by vault cash, which means lowering reserve requirements to zero would have virtually no impact on the banking system. US banks are already operating free of any reserve constraints. The graph below shows reserve requirements falling to zero over the last fifty years….

          Keynes was a closet Fabian Socialist.

          “By a continuous process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. By this method, they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily; and while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some….There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.”
          John Maynard Keynes, The Economic Consequences of the Peace, 1919

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          1. Because we are in the CB fiat system – not real money – just paper – it is meant to enslave us so that we will never get out of debt – because it is a debt-based system – not backed by anything – until we return to sound currency – our money is worthless – the CB must be dismantled and become a national bank – that lends only to America – and does not use the IRS money to pay off the interest payments (debt) they created – it was not meant to last forever –

            Everything we buy is inflated – the higher the salaries – the higher the cost for homes – a friend of mine moved from NY to NC – he bought 2X the house and land in NC for less – his mortgage was a quarter of what he paid in NY – why is that? Because NY is a high tax state – in NC – everything costs less – but the salaries are lower, too – for him to retire – he got a good deal – most people are not that fortunate –

            It is the way it is for now – until we get rid of the CB that is bleeding us dry – and Blue States stop taxing their residents out of homes – they will go bankrupt because the wealthy and businesses will move out – already have – leaving NY to pay welfare to their illegals without the money to do it – the way it is right now – until we can move into a new financial system where our income is not taxed – we are stuck.


  2. One hopes to the Almighty God that ROBERT EPSTEIN has ARMED security for himself and his family — that he stays OUT of Ft. Marcy Park — that he travels from now on ONLY on scheduled commercial airlines, NOT charter or private aircraft — that ALL of the documents / information / written notes, etc. that he has are in MULTIPLE copies distributed among trusted friends with an extra copy locked in a SAFE DEPOSIT BOX in a bank —
    God preserve and protect him and his family. Because to HILLARY and BILL — Dr. Epstein and his family are now nothing more than targets and “collateral damage”.

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  3. Hey, folks — can someone get a close-in on the two necklaces that Rep. “OMAR” ELMI is wearing in the photo from the story about Elmi and RASHIDA TLAIB being all upset that they couldn’t go to Israel and foment trouble there? One of the necklaces seems to be a “cartouche” (long, vertical pendant); the other seems to be a circle pendant. It would be ** interesting ** if these necklaces are being worn (this isn’t the first time I’ve seen them on ELMI) as “signals” to fellow Muslims.
    By the way, the t-shirt that ELMI is wearing along with the necklaces is disrespectful in my opinion — when does a U.S. House member get to wear a t-shirt like that during “working hours”?

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  4. Would make a great addition for next News Roundup Flep —Bet it won’t be in other media news

    Trump’s Leaner White House 2019 Payroll Has Already Saved Taxpayers $20 Million

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  5. What next from the this lady or the Democrats
    DISGUSTING: Elizabeth Warren tries to buy off Native American tribes with taxpayer money to cover for her “woman of color” deception

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  6. Like

  7. Going up…

    Why Trump’s Approval Ratings Are Up Among Minorities

    Polls increasingly show they have improved dramatically in key voter blocs.

    by DAVID CATRON | August 19, 2019, 12:05 AM

    A mounting number of voter polls show that, despite shrill denunciations of the president by the Democrats for his alleged racism, Trump is enjoying a dramatic increase in his approval ratings among minorities. This isn’t, as some liberal news outlets and pundits have suggested, wishful thinking based on outlier polls. The trend began showing up in surveys early this year and appears to be gaining momentum. Some polls now show his approval numbers at 25 percent among African American voters and 50 percent among Hispanic voters. If those figures hold for the next 15 months, they will render Trump unbeatable in November of 2020.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…


  8. If you haven’t watched the Candace O. Clip at the top of Flep’s article, I recommend that you spend a few minutes and watch it now. Was very good. I even teared up a little due to something getting my eye.

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  9. Like

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