News Roundup! All They Can Do Is Cry About the Judicial Armada, Mexico Is Doing More Than Democrats, Peter Navarro Speaks the Truth On Tariffs & WSJ, Generation Z Are Feeling MAGAnomics, Americans Will Work When Illegals Are Removed, China Is Dying A Slow Death, PDJT’s Presser, Are Hiding the Front Runner…..

Once our President secured a 53 seat majority in the Senate, there was absolutely nothing the MSM, Democrats, Never Trumpers, Leftists etc. could do to stop our President’s Judicial Armada from growing.

They decided to cry about it today.

From the article linked above:

President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are reshaping federal courts at a blazing pace, with the Senate’s confirmation of 59 judges so far this year offering a bright spot for the GOP leader who has been criticized for holding up action on just about everything else.

The Senate confirmed 13 district court judges two weeks ago before leaving for Congress’s annual August recess. That brought the number appointed so far in Trump’s presidency to 99, in addition to a record 43 appellate court judges and the confirmation of conservative Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

Instead, he has largely turned the Senate into a machine that cranks out conservative judges. More than two-thirds are white men and their median age is 47.5 years. Many agree with the conservative Federalist Society’s effort to limit the federal government’s ability to assert powers that aren’t spelled out in the Constitution. The group helped Trump vet Supreme Court candidates.

“When you view the total landscape of what Congress is doing, this is the grand slam,” said Federalist Society executive vice president Leonard Leo, who has been a key adviser to the president. “It’s a multi-generational shift in the courts and no one can change that. It’s why McConnell has made such a priority of it.”

McConnell and Trump are having their biggest impact on the 13 U.S. appeals courts, which have tremendous influence. While the Supreme Court decides fewer than 70 cases a year, appellate courts ruled on or dismissed 48,515 cases for the year ending March 31, 2019, according to the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts in Washington.

The 43 appellate court judges confirmed under Trump are the most of any president at this point — and approach the 55 confirmed during Obama’s eight years in the White House. Trump-appointed judges now make up almost a quarter of the 179 full-time federal appeals court slots.

Trump’s appointees have shifted the political balance on one appeals court, the Philadelphia-based 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The Senate has confirmed three Trump nominees to that court, giving it eight Republican-appointed judges and six Democratic appointees.

Tipping Point

Several other courts are nearing the tipping point. Democratic appointees have a one-seat advantage on the New York-based 2nd Circuit and the Richmond, Virginia-based 4th Circuit. The Atlanta-based 11th Circuit is evenly split with six judges appointed by each party.

And with McConnell’s help, Trump is making his mark on the San Francisco-based 9th Circuit, the longtime liberal bastion that has drawn the president’s repeated ire. The 9th Circuit now has 16 Democratic appointees and 12 Republican appointees, compared with 18 and 7 when Trump took office. Another term for Trump could let him transform that court.

I decided to ruin her and her followers Sunday by sharing the following information.

When I read this article, I had the biggest smile on my face. By sending them back to the Mexican Southern Border, many of them will go right back to their country. Mexico isn’t responsible for bringing them back to our border for their court date.

From the article linked above:

Mexico is sending some of the 30,000 Central American migrants vying for asylum in the United States on 750-mile bus rides — all the way back to southern Mexico, officials said.

The “Remain in Mexico” program pushed by the Trump administration has forced thousands of asylum seekers back to Mexico to wait months to get their turn before a US immigration judge.

But the northern state of Tamaulipas, just across the Rio Grande from Texas, is one of Mexico’s most dangerous zones — and has little housing or services for the newcomers.

The busing program, which is ferrying the migrants to the state of Chiapas just north of Guatemala, will “provide a safer alternative for those who do not want to remain on the U.S.-Mexico border,” the Mexican government said Friday.

Officials did not say how the asylum seekers will make their way back to the US-Mexico border in time for their court dates.

Peter Navarro had to kill another Fake News talking point. American consumers aren’t effected at all by the tariffs our President has imposed on China.

Here’s the easiest way you can kill their BS talking point (fits nicely in a tweet 😉).

  • The Steel (25%) and Aluminum (10%) tariffs have been in place for two years.
  • The 25% tariff on $250 billion Chinese goods have been in place over a full year.
  • The current inflation rate (Consumer Price Index) is only 1.4%.

I love Peter Navarro! He gets it and isn’t afraid to say it.

I love when Generation Z pushes back!

Speaking of Generation Z, they are LOVING MAGAnomics this summer.

From the article linked above:

Summer unemployment among young Americans is the lowest it has been since the 1960s.

The unemployment rate for Americans between ages 16 and 24 ticked down to 9.1% in July from 9.2% a year earlier, the lowest such rate since July 1966, when youth unemployment was 8.8%, the Labor Department said.

Fewer young Americans have sought summer work in recent decades, but the share of those working or seeking work also ticked upward in July to the highest level in a decade in a wider labor market hungry for workers.

Another Democrat talking point being blown up right in front of their eyes.

There is absolutely nothing that China can do to stop the inevitable from happening.

From the article linked above:

China’s central bank unveiled a key interest rate reform on Saturday to help steer borrowing costs lower for companies and support a slowing economy that has been hurt by a trade war with the United States.

The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) said it will improve the mechanism used to establish the loan prime rate (LPR) from this month, in a move to further lower real interest rates for companies as part of broader market reforms.

Analysts say the move, which came after data that showed weaker than expected growth in July and followed a cabinet announcement on Friday, underscores the government’s attempts to use reforms to support a slowing economy.

Sources have told Reuters that more aggressive action such as interest rate cuts are a last resort, as it could fuel a sharper build-up in debt.

Wonder what the conversation was about! The last tweet above will tell you.

Our President decided to piss on President Xi’s cereal this morning!

You can find the entire press conference below (start video at the 6:45 mark) as well as the transcript.

This is the Democrat front runner. What a complete joke he and his Party are.

From the article linked above:

Joe Biden’s allies are pushing for a return to the “rose garden” strategy less than two months after the former vice president abandoned the notion and began campaigning actively.

Biden, who has retreated from the public eye after a hellish week of gaffes consumed his campaign, is being pushed to retool his schedule to limit public appearances and thereby cut down on the opportunities for verbal missteps. In particular, many are advising the 76-year-old former vice president to curb the number of events he does in the afternoon and evening – the time of day Biden has been most likely to say something embarrassing.

215 thoughts on “News Roundup! All They Can Do Is Cry About the Judicial Armada, Mexico Is Doing More Than Democrats, Peter Navarro Speaks the Truth On Tariffs & WSJ, Generation Z Are Feeling MAGAnomics, Americans Will Work When Illegals Are Removed, China Is Dying A Slow Death, PDJT’s Presser, Are Hiding the Front Runner…..


    August 19, 2019
    by Paul Joseph Watson, InfoWars

    Congresswoman calls them “peaceful protesters.”

    A video out of Portland illustrates how Antifa used broken up concrete slabs to attack Trump supporters during this past weekend’s protests.

    “We caught Antifa smuggling concrete slabs within a black case then breaking up the slab & using it to throw at buses carrying right wingers stuck in traffic. This is further evidence of their pre-meditated violence & criminal activity in Portland,” tweeted Elijah Schaffer.

    The video shows how Antifa avoided any police scrutiny by transporting the slabs inside a hard black case.

    [Except] Read more at the link above…

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  2. The Deadly Force Continuum: Are You Mentally Prepared to Defend Yourself?

    August 19, 2019
    by Sandra Lane, The Organic Prepper

    We often talk of defending ourselves in various ways and with many different weapons. Close to where I live is a walk-through shoot where the customer can take a live weapon through an obstacle course type building. I’d absolutely love to go through just to see how I would react in a break-in or defense simulation. Short of that, my family and I have trained repeatedly with squirt guns in clearing and defending our house.

    In reality, though, we don’t really have a good idea as to how we’d react in a situation where we’re attacked or our lives are threatened, so unless we’re actually in that situation, we’ll never know. We talk and guess about it all the time, but in a real live attack, in an SHTF situation, the whole body, mental and physical, can be seriously threatened which means it’s entirely possible that we just stand frozen with a gun pointed at someone. We could also go the other route and completely unload the magazine into them. So, we could theorize, and we can, and should, train as much as we’re able to so that we’re as prepared as possible. But how do you train your mind?

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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    1. fleporeblog on the first page quoted an article linked in a tweet by Peoples Pundit Daily

      The article had the phrase:
      “….strong consumer spending amid recession fears.”

      Translation: Consumers are spending strongly DESPITE the Fake News repeatedly crying WOLF!

      Also as companies come back to the USA and new local small businesses start up… the ‘Local Multiplier Effect’ kicks in.

      Why the ‘Local Multiplier Effect’ Always Counts

      The Local Multiplier Effect (LME) is a very valuable, hidden feature of our economies. The term refers to how many times dollars are recirculated within a local economy before leaving through the purchase of an import….

      History and Impact
      …It has been estimated that about a century ago, thriving industrial communities had a LME in the high 20s or low 30s. Today it’s estimated to be in the single digits. This reduction in the number of rounds that monies make has had an extremely negative effect on our local economies. All areas of community life are affected by this deficit. This lost treasure of local economies was never measured, monitored, managed or even acknowledged….

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  3. Warning Tweeter and FB on a rampage right now…IF you tween against Sandoval you might get axed..
    If you don’t know by now Sandoval did a mock assassination attmpt on Trump.

    On FB don’t say that “All Illegals Are Criminals” they won’t let you post it, and/or if they find it they will either ax your account or suspend your account.

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    1. This mock assassination photos of POTUS that were staged by SANDOVAL are all over the internet — just saw the New York Post article on it!
      SANDOVAL issued an “apology” about the staged photos — which he used at a FUNDRAISING EVENT.
      OBVIOUSLY, Sandoval rushed out an “apology” before the SECRET SERVICE knocked on his door — however, I say they must pay Sandoval a “friendly visit” TOMORROW — regardless.

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      1. me too—so far 3 have gotten suspended for very similar post to the one i posted..
        no swearing no cussing just saying more actions should be taken against Sandoval

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      1. Agree – however – they think by repeating it over and over – it will become TRUTH – not working any longer – and the more they keep trying to divide us – the more united we become – IOW – its backfiring – because the credibility of the LSM and their partners (the Left) is failing.

        Q also said: UNITED WE ARE STRONG!!!

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  4. OK not finding any thing on Sandoval on here, if I missed it—sorry for the Repeat
    From the group picture it looks like Sandoval was quite cozy with the group.
    This is at least the 2nd mock Assassination of Trump by a politician.

    State Senator Forced to Apologize After Mock Assassination of Trump at Fundraiser

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  5. Hey fleporeblog still catching up—Another great roundup today—Sorry as I will post over on open I have some other things going on…
    Round them Up Flep….

    Keep movin’, movin’, movin’
    Though they’re disapprovin’
    Keep them dogies* movin’
    Don’t try to understand ’em
    Just rope and throw and brand ’em
    Soon we’ll be living high and wide.

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      1. This is a great summary of the intrigue that is happening at present and its purpose – it is no wonder we call PT – our VSG!!! He brilliantly handles all of this nonsense with ease – voter fraud – Scarymoochy – Greenland – all of it – remember – while the LSM is running around yelling ‘recession’ and ‘racism’ – Patriots at all levels are collecting the evidence for the ‘Big Show’ – and – little by little – it is being released to the public – the plan is working – while the Petrified Press and Dimwit Dims are floundering – I love it!!!

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      The H2 problem has been a HUGE issue limiting us from using Hydrogen and Fuel Cells – electrolysis requires a LOT of electric power and has kept us from using it in large scales.

      We could easily have hydrogen powered electric cars 🙂 Electric drive mechanisms with Hydrogen Fuel Cells, not batteries!

      But that’s only the beginning of the applications – people have been dreaming of using the same power systems that we put on the Space Shuttle for DECADES!!!

      Burn H20 – what’s generated? WATER VAPOR. No CO2 emissions.

      If we could get H2 production scaled up to nationally viable levels it really could fundamentally transform the energy landscape in the United States…

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      1. I see the word electrolysis……… does that mean I won’t have to shave my legs ever again?
        If so, I am all in.
        Just kidding.
        Apparently they have a full scale economically viable model up and running.

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