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A Steadfast Fortitude Sunday

This past afternoon I was thinking about what I am going to do for those Sundays coming up when I will be traveling and not able to compose the usual on-the-spot posts that often happen pretty close to the beginning of Sunday (but sometimes arriving a tad bit late to our WQ Tree House). 

I thought about an excellent fictional book series that I believe carries many important messages for us in the time we are living in. There’s a good number of books in the series. I could have covered a book per Sunday. But that just didn’t quite fit right.

What to do?




I thought about Psalm 119. Another good basis for a series.

But, no, still not it.


Photo credit: “Courage” Summer Snow Art

And then I recalled how strongly Candace and Steve’s conversation about the leftist media being cowards struck me yesterday. So there’s that.

Maybe a series based on the qualities of a Patriot? We shall see. But for today, we will ponder the quality of Steadfast Fortitude or Courage.


In church tradition, fortitude is often used when reflecting on the character of the martyrs. Fortitude is closely related to faithfulness, a fruit of the Holy Spirit.


“God is faithful” (1 Cor. 1:9. cf. Rom. 3:3), not as having faith, but as being constant (cf. 1 Cor. 10:13), trustworthy (cf. 2 Cor. 1:18). It is a divine quality. The martyrs were “faithful unto death” (Rev. 2:10), not vacillating at the face of bodily harm and suffering, imitating thus their Lord “Jesus Christ the faithful martyr” (Rev. 1:5. cf. 3:14).

In lieu of an example from the life of a Saint, we quote the following lines from the Wisdom of Solomon, read in the Vespers service for Martyrs:

“The souls of the righteous are in the hand of God, and no torment will ever touch them. In the eyes of the foolish they seemed to have died, and their departure was thought to be a disaster, and their going from us to be their destruction; but they are at peace.

For though in the sight of others they were punished, their hope is full of immortality. Having been disciplined a little, they will receive great good, because God tested them and found them worthy of Himself; like gold in the furnace He tried them, and like a sacrificial burnt offering He accepted them.

In the time of their visitation they will shine forth, and will run like sparks through the stubble. They will govern nations and rule over peoples, and the Lord will reign over them forever.

Those who trust in Him will understand truth, and the faithful will abide with Him in love, because grace and mercy are upon His holy ones, and He watches over His elect” (Wis. of Sol. 3:1-9).

An important component to fortitude seems to be a quality of perseverance.


Can you think of anyone that has recently demonstrated fortitude in the public arena?

An interesting thought about how one goes about developing fortitude comes from the idea that it is a fruit.

That is, it is something we grow in our character, not something we build or think our way into. It has to come from something we have developed. Like learning to field balls behind 2nd base in baseball. You don’t just go out there and instantly do it well. But it’s not just an internal skill as you might think of will power or the like. No, it’s more like learning to dance.


We are learning to do hard things within the context of our trusting relationship with the One who leads in this dance called life.

And we will not go far without steadfast fortitude.


Images of Jesus from the site: God is Real

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              Great thread.

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              1. Don’t be sorry. I spoke up because I believe you have good things to offer, and I don’t want to see your site fail because of technicalities. I will try again to post and let you know if perhaps it was just a glitch on my end.

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              2. okay, but I am appreciating the simplicity of Marica’s blog site and find some of my graphics are distracting even to me when I visit my site as a viewer. i know you were offering good advice or giving a heads up to trouble. Thanks Jane.

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                I am able to like. If it helps, I am using iPad. Will try on PC.

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    1. I posted this comment over on Marica’s blog but I think I really need to repost it here.

      Sylvia said: “But as has been pointed out frequently The Great Awakening is actually the physical manifestation of the larger battle which is the spiritual warfare for the heart and soul and future of our country.”

      I first realized this about four years ago, in 2015. I was working at a company that specialized in cybersecurity for cloud applications. For a long time I had thought of it is as an good job in an exciting field, a place where we could do good for our customers. I told Wolf a few of the details, maybe one day soon I can go more public with some of those. I was trying to make a difference but things got political with the middle management, and I quickly found myself and my team in the crosshairs of middle management. Feeling devastated, one day I sat in the break room, very conflicted, upset and ready to cry. God sent a Christian brother from another department to encourage me and speak words of truth. He prayed with me and he reminded me of the reality that I had forgotten: What you are facing is extreme spiritual warfare.

      It was at that point that things started turning around. The oppression at work was intense, and it was an attack on my family as well, but I began fighting back. I realized that the cyberwarfare we were defending against, whether it was hacktivists, criminal actors, or nation-states, they were all physical manifestations of spiritual warfare, the same language Sylvia used above. It took me another 5-6 months, but thank God he provided me a new work opportunity, and I got out of what had become a toxic work environment. I sacrificed my stock options and didn’t hang around for a severance package; they had become worthless.

      …I am very grateful to God that He brought me to a place where I could find my tribe. It was very unexpected, more exciting backstory that I’ve told Wolf but will have to wait to go public with. I thank God that he can even use a man like Bruce Ohr to bring people together in common cause and common fellowship. What man intends for evil God finds a way to bring good out of it, and bring good into triumph.

      These are great days. They are hard days. They are filled with dread, they are filled with glory. Terrible danger and incredible opportunity are all rolled up in one. They are days where I am filled with the MAGA dragon energy, and days when I’m exhausted, with nothing in the tank left to give, and running on fumes.

      I am physically tired and spiritually exhausted. The drain on me spiritually is enormous. It’s measurable.

      Please continue to pray for all of us who are in this battle. This is a real battle. It isn’t a metaphor. It’s the real thing and it’s being fought in every domain of human existence. It is a spiritual battle in the heavenlies, in our country, in all of our churches, in our families, for our children, in our marriages, and for our souls, our heart, our minds, and our hands, our outworking love in action. Every day, every moment is a battle, is a struggle. We don’t win every battle. We lose many battles. Spiritual warfare is constant – weaponizing our own temptations and sin against us, using our weaknesses to undermine us, using our fears and insecurities to shake our confidence and faith in our God to see us through – psycho-spiritual warfare. It is constant. It does not rest. It does not hesitate. It is relentless. It does not weary. It will not stop until all threats to the kingdom of darkness are neutralized. This is the reality of spiritual trench warfare.

      This is a much needed place of healing, shelter, and refuge.

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      1. As I read through your post, so many thoughts came rushing into my mind – scripture – prayer – and my own personal experience – I can relate to nearly everything you have shared with us here…

        Spiritual Warfare is one of the most challenging, difficult and yet, important work God has asked us to do – we never applied for the job – it was assigned to us – we were chosen.

        At first, we had no idea what we were doing and certainly, why we were asked to do it. What did God see in us we did not see in ourselves? We thought we were serving Him perfectly well in what we were engaged in doing. We worked hard, prayed, and worshipped with others. We took good care of our families, and we educated our children in the Word. What were we missing?

        Evil has increased in the world – How did this happen? – and – How did satan get so many willing participants to assist him in his endeavors? What changed so dramatically that we find ourselves fighting so hard to get through each day unscathed?

        The answer: Nothing. It has always been this way – we just did not have eyes to see or ears to hear. What or who can separate us from God? We know the answer to that question – many things – satan attacks us at home, through others, and in the workplace. Right now, he is rigorously attacking America and all for which we stand. He is attacking everything we hold dear in this life.

        We know satan roams the world seeking to kill, steal, and destroy everything and everyone in his path. Those who are closest to God he pursues relentlessly through any means necessary. Look what happened in 8 short years! And yet, it did not start then – it started with the fall of man. Each generation must come to grips with whatever plague he creates, and there have been many.

        What you have experienced shook your personal peace and when it began affecting your family, it shook your Faith. However, there isn’t a person alive today who has not experienced a revelation of sorts. You are not alone. Some ignore it; others are demoralized by it and rendered helpless; and still others, gird up their loins and fight – these are the spiritual warriors – of which you are one.

        Rejoice and be glad – God has chosen you for a very important and essential job – no, you did not ask to be chosen – and yes, it is exhausting – but the fruits of your work are immeasurable – and you have no idea how many have been blessed because you accepted the challenge – and are fighting the good fight.

        Ephesians 6:11-12 explains it quite clearly. We have probably read it and heard it dozens of times – but, we have not really understood it – however, you do – more than most.

        There are many things you can do to strengthen yourself in this efficacious battle – Put on the Armor of God – Trust in Him – Lean not on your own understanding – Acknowledge Him in all of your ways – and He will make your path straight – Be not wise in your own eyes – Fear the Lord – and depart from evil (Proverbs 3:5-7).

        Be not discouraged – ever – with the Faith of the mustard seed – you can move mountains – Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4) – you know that – repeat it daily – Believe and Receive – the Gifts and Fruits of the Spirit.

        God is faithful – He will never leave or abandon you – He will never test you beyond your strength – when you are weak – He is strong. God keeps His promises!

        Peace Be With You, michael – God has blessed you mightily!!!

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            Dear Lord, I now follow your command to put on the full armor of God because my battle is not against flesh and blood but against rulers, authorities, the powers of this dark world and against spiritual forces of evil in the unseen world.

            I first pray on the Belt of Truth that it may be buckled around my waist. May I be centered and encircled by your truth, dear Lord. Hem me inside all that is true and right and may I be protected and held up by the truth of your living word.

            I pray on the Breastplate of righteousness. Please protect my vital organs and my inner man. Cover my integrity, my spirit, my soul. Guard my heart for it is the wellspring of life. Please strengthen and guard the most vulnerable places in my life with that which is right, good, and noble that I might not receive a fatal blow from the enemy.

            I pray on the Gospel Shoes of Peace. I choose to stand in the shoes of your good news and on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ, the solid rock. All other ground is sinking sand. I pray that I will not slip or fall but that my feet would be firmly fitted on your lordship, Jesus. I choose to stand on you so that the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus, the Rock of Ages. I receive your peace now, Jesus, from the sole of my feet to the crown of my head.

            I pray the Shield of Faith into my hand now. As I take up the shield of faith I ask that you might extinguish every dart and arrow that is launched from the enemy to take me down spiritually, physically, mentally, or emotionally. Every attempt of the enemy to destroy my joy I ask that my faith in you would make it flame out. Extinguish every flaming arrow that would come against me, my family, or my ministry. May my faith always be out in front of me like a shield. Give me the courage to “faith my fears” by choosing to walk by faith and not by sight.

            I pray on the Helmet of Salvation that you might protect my mind from the thoughts that can lead me astray. I choose to take every thought captive and arrest ill intentioned ideas and motives that would harm others or distract me from your will for me. I submit every captured thought to the Lordship of Christ and ask that you would imprison those thoughts that are not of you, Lord. Transform my mind and renew my thinking that I may think God thoughts and have a sober mind that is focused on your glory. Please protect me from being double minded that I may allow my mind, the command center for the rest of my body, to be saturated with the mind of Christ.

            Finally, I take up the Sword of the Spirit which is the word of God. I pray this offensive weapon into my hand and ask that your word would be fitting for every encounter I face. As the enemy gets close to me, please give me the insight, wisdom, and skill to wield the word of God spoken in season and out of season to inflict pain against the enemy. May the enemy and his team flee from me upon hearing the word of Godspoken by the power and direction of the Holy Spirit. Give me the sword of the spirit to cut through the wiles of the devil so that I may discern the schemes of the enemy when he is near.

            With all kinds of prayers, supplication, and intercession I pray to you Lord as the one who fights my battles. Now that I’m in your armor, I walk away from this prayer covered and ready to face my day as you go before me and protect me in the midst of the spiritual warfare in this unseen world.

            Thank you, Lord, for the spiritual weapons of armor and prayer that you have given me. No weapon formed against me shall prosper and you will refute every tongue that accuses me. Thank you, Father, that I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus.


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      2. Great post michaelh,
        I know that I am in a constant spiritual battle and sometimes I fail to realize it for what it is. The powers of darkness are always battling for our souls, they win sometimes and I can attest to the ability of God to take those times in our life and turn them into a blessing. We certainly don’t see it at the moment because we feel defeated spiritually. I know that I have failed my family, friends and God at times.
        Satan my have won some battles in my life at times but now I am stronger spiritually for it, I will never give up my trust in God

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      3. Michaelh, you spoke for me. You really did.

        The spiritual battle is everything. And as you noted, everything has become difficult. The most inane common things have become hard.

        We are attacked mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. One thing after another.

        If we all shared what is happening just in our own lives this blog would be overwhelmed.

        When the battle is raging and you get no relief, I have found that speaking a word of perseverance to myself is very helpful. I may not have done all, but praise be to God I am still standing. And with His shoulder to lean on, I will outlast the battle and live to fight another day. And the day after that…

        Love every one here. 💗💖💕

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        1. Hopefully some encouraging scriptures will show below…Blessings!

          May the Lord grant each of us His Strength, Grace, Peace, Purpose, Perspective, & Holy-Spirit lead Prayerfulness as we continue to do battle in The Kingdom. Let us not be weary in well-doing for in due season we will reap a harvest if we do not faint. Be encouraged, be inspired, be blessed!

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      1. It will be a good day when he realizes that his lifestyle is one of perversion and sin. Maybe then his grit and determination can accomplish good by turning to Christ.

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          1. That’s the point – he’s not a fellow warrior. He’s just the enemy of my enemy.

            I like you a lot. Your comments are almost always worth their weight in gold. But this time, your comment shows why our society is in so much trouble. As a group, we embrace far too much evil just because it might give us a short term advantage.

            I won’t do it. He’s a pervert. What happened to him is shameful. He needs to be defended but not embraced. Because his lifestyle is sinful and evil.


            1. “He’s just the enemy of my enemy.”

              Yes, that is correct and THAT is why you should not be tossing stones at him in THE MIDST OF BATTLE! 🙄

              The reason the Commies win is because they do not allow breaks in the ranks. They stay ON TARGET. The Conservatives LOSE because they are always so busy FIGHTING EACH OTHER they do not see the creeping Communism that has come so very close to taking over this and every other country in the world.

              Sorry but this in-fighting, often egged on by infiltrators, has been THE BIGGEST stumbling block for Conservatives. Just look at the Other Treehouse.


              There is EVIL and that EVIL is threatening my country. As long as the person recognizes that EVIL as EVIL and is willing to fight against it, at this point I do not care if he is a Jew, Christian, Atheist, Hindu… We set aside our differences and WIN THE WAR.

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              1. Compromise is capitulation in the spirit world.

                BTW, I didn’t throw rocks at him; that’s what antifa does. I made a comment on the most private open-to-the-public website on the net. My comment is directed at THIS little corner of deplorables – to not forget to keep their emotions in check when dealing with injustice.

                Maybe it’s a male – female dichotomy. Who knows. Just watch my six and I’ll watch yours.


              2. Gail, I agree with you that we must not break ranks when facing off against the incredible forces that oppose the liberty of everyday people.

                I also feel that those with strong Christian faith must be given space to express their views. However, like you, I would prefer that it did not look like we are throwing stones at those in our coalition.

                To some degree our treehouse is a refuge and a place to work out our battlefield discipline.

                Calling each other out when we see what looks like a demoralization campaign or in-fighting seems appropriate, but people have strong feelings and sometimes react poorly to comments.

                I certainly hope we can learn to give each other enough benefit of the doubt that we see the best possible motive from each other, but sometimes that just won’t happen.

                So many amazing people here and yes, setting aside our differences to win the #WAR has to be part of that.

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  1. TY All again for giving us a place to share and talk
    Think Think great pictures, Bible verses and memes…TY

    God Bless America, President Trump, his administration and their families .
    Closing with an oldie but good—For it still stands today and all the tomorrows that American Patriotic Christians still breathe

    In God We Still Trust
    Here in America
    He’s the one we turn to every time
    The goin’ gets rough
    He is the source of all our Strength
    The One who watches over us
    Here in America
    In God We Still Trust

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        1. T3!!!! I literally inhaled and spit went down my windpipe and I had a choking attack!!!! THe serious face of W–combined with the painting!! OMGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!

          Love LOVE LOVE your Post today!!!!! Thank you!!!❤❤❤

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  3. grisly SATIRE from Genesius Times…

    BREAKING : Epstein’s Prison Guard Tragically Killed In Auto Accident Tomorrow

    AUTOPSY : Epstein Suicide Linked To Constant Loop Of Taylor Swift’s New Album

    BREAKING : Clintons Open Physician-Assisted Suicide Business In New Jersey


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          1. Good – agree – some days are better than others – I am with you in prayer – angels are attending to you, too – you know that – when we are weak – He is strong – Lean on Him –

            Please pray for my elderly friend – she is not eating or drinking – have known her for a long time – but, her mind is gone – and I think she wants to go home – she is tired – it hurts my heart…Thanks!

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              1. Thanks, Weep for your prayers – means a lot coming from you – I cry a lot – but, I know she is in God’s Loving Hands – I started grieving two years ago when she slipped away mentally – He is in charge – and there are Angels all around her – I know – and that helps – God Bless You!!!

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        1. I’m thinking it may be the source. If it has anything to do with WordPress, they view it as “internal spam”. Same reason Garrison gets taken down. Or it’s an image that somebody else is spamming, and you get caught by the algorithm.

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            1. Now THAT is a tip I can work with. A TIME dependence.

              My snarky answer would be that we are seeing the phenomenon of “Sunday Christians” meeting “Lazy Programmers”. These memes are getting posted MORE on Sunday, and the lazy programmers hard-coded some threshold number to call things “spam” which is not met on any day but Sunday, when many people who post these memes ONE DAY A WEEK are posting them.

              This is my first guess of debugging.

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              1. Gee…that’s a novel idea – lazy programmers – lol – Sunday – Church – God – a no go for them – now Sunday is censored?

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              2. Come on, wolf – even the Russians know God – but, Bots do not have any ethnicity – however – since the Chinese are trashing churches – I would bet my money on them

                The Globalists are the ungodly – and since Congress is full of them – Bots R Us lives there – and – there are the Leftists, Marxists, and Communists Bots – most troublesome of all for sure.

                Yup – they are all FOREIGNERS – not Americans – except for ANTIFA – who are still trying to find themselves…

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              3. No – Facebook was probably worse, because Zuckerberg played along much harder with the “Russian bot” narrative. However, I avoid Facebook completely now, after discovering how nasty they really are. The place is dangerous.

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              4. I am not on either – never have been – so I guess that is why it was difficult for me to process…yes FB is trash – I am hoping they get hit with huge fines and pushback – Zucker needs to be criminally charged for his bad behavior – he is a traitor – pure and simple.

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  4. In this Vortex Michael Voris tries to give us a clear definition of globalism. Many people don’t understand how evil it is, especially now that the Pope is leading the Church in that direction.

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  5. Homeless people have immunity in California. They can commit crimes with no consequences:

    They also cannot be forced into getting their health issues addressed, issues which might well pose hazards for the greater population:

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        1. “California needs…” to have the CRIMINAL POLITICIANS INDICTED, TRIED AND SENTENCED!

          Why ever should we GIVE UP OUR LAND??? WHO will take over California if we do? Mexico? CHINA???

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      1. Just what I was thinking.

        Yet, people still visit Portland. Twitter reports said that tourists left early because of yesterday’s Antifa event. I mean, by now, wouldn’t people a) check the Antifa schedule (generally, someone posts the event online weeks in advance) and b) get their rellies or friends to find out what egregious goings-on will be taking place at a certain time?

        As to the grossness of the California images, that grossness should be seen.

        Same holds true for Peter Fonda’s 2018 tweets.

        See the info and know it. No holds barred.

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    1. “It’s like these people are doing it on purpose.”

      I’m willing to say that they are doing this intentionally. You can’t get that much agreement unless there is intentionality about it.

      Now there is a remote possibility that this is due to their own idiotic incompetence, but I think we should give them the benefit of the doubt that they aren’t completely stupid.

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  6. Last week, Boris Johnson saw that an important Brexit document had not been signed by Theresa May’s Brexit secretary.

    Now it has. It does not go into effect until we actually leave the UK but signing it now does signal the clear intention that EU laws will be repealed the day we leave the EU:

    ‘The 1972 Act is the vehicle that sees regulations flow into UK law directly from the EU’s lawmaking bodies in Brussels.

    ‘The announcement of the Act’s repeal marks a historic step in returning lawmaking powers from Brussels to the UK. We are taking back control of our laws, as the public voted for in 2016.

    ‘The repeal of the European Communities Act 1972 will take effect when Britain formally leaves the EU on October 31 …’

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            1. More like a movement of people who start to research for themselves and find out what is going on and how we’ve been poorly Catechized over the last 50 years. There are efforts by the laity to address this, but not everyone is tuning in.

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  7. A good editorial on the ‘politically homeless’, one I suspect many of us here can relate to:


    ‘Upon voicing on social media what you think are fairly normal, moderate views, you find out something you didn’t know — YOU ARE THE ENEMY. And not just the enemy: you’re evil.

    ‘I understand why the silent majority is uneasy. They’re not wrong to worry that sharing their opinion on Facebook could cost them their livelihood. Most people are just trying to raise their families and pay their bills, and pine for the days when they only had to think about politics every few years. Now, millions of independent thinkers – recently polled at almost 70 percent of the American population and labeled ‘the exhausted majority’ — are harboring intense feelings of political homelessness and ideological isolation.

    ‘Both parties demand totalitarian-like devotion to their ideology and if you’re indifferent, apathetic or nuanced in your approach to politics, you’ll end up in the wasteland of the center — tribeless, unprotected and increasingly insulated.

    ‘But you aren’t alone. My inboxes have become something of a confession booth for people who have issues with their own side (or sympathy for their political opponents). People I speak to at length in person have all manner of opinions and thoughts that they not only didn’t feel comfortable admitting publicly, but for which they go out of their way to craft an online image that portrays the opposite.

    ‘The trouble with living under mob law is that no one can be honest. But this siloing of the public and private personas needs to stop. We all abandon our duty as citizens when we put party loyalty over thinking critically and speaking truthfully. We can’t expect integrity from our leaders if we don’t expect it of ourselves.’

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    1. Few of President Trumps supporters are party over country or we would not have been independent minded enough to vote for President Trump in the primary! We woukd have been Rubio, Bush and Cuz supporters and appalled by then Candidate Trump.

      We were not supportive of the GOPe and found a home in supporting President Trump based on his platdorm, promises and our fairth in him to carry through, to make good on those promises once elected.

      This article seems ready ro appeal to never trumpers as they are the politically homeless. It seems to imply that some are loyal and/or supportive of President Trump for sake of party.

      We were politically homeless in May, 2015 eagerly hoping then citizen Trump would run and would bring the party back to the conservative voting base the party had left behind with its adherence to globalism in both soveriegnty and economically as well as neocon interventionist policies.

      President Trump is FAR from party over country as his platform was independent of the GOPe “leaders” wishes, beliefs and favored policies.

      Pealing off MAGA supporting conservatives now involved and informed from the GOP at the local, state and national level is the only hope for the GOPe side of the uniparty

      But about this specific article…seems to me he is painting all politically iinvolved and outspoken people with the same brush. He describes the left on social media and in the news cycle and exhausting their screaming and drama are….but applies the decription to both sides. Disengenious at best.

      Yes, the news cycle and the constant emergency level outrage at every fake news “lie” ans “scandal” that turn iut to be untrue IS exhausting…but it is coming from the left and from the media v. Both sides of politics! This is disingenuous at best as the author seems to me to implicate both the left and th3 right as equally responsible for the constant drama and attention to every nuance of politics.

      Guess my response is predictable. I dislike anything that encourages political inactivity or leads to political disengagement or is an excuse to ignore/become uninvolved. And i really dislike the left’s behaviod and the media’s amplification/successful creation of drama and crisis being equally blamed on the right! No! It is creation of the left, the purposeful creation of the left.

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      1. Well, think of OT and how we were pushed out of there.

        We cannot say that SD wanted rid of us because of leftist propaganda.

        There was a lot we could not discuss OT. Many of us have testified to that on past QTree threads.

        I would like to discuss my political beliefs with my family members as well as my friends. I cannot do so without getting eye rolls or being shut down or being told that PDJT — and Boris Johnson, for that matter — are right-wing reactionaries, which is complete nonsense. However, that is what my personal reality is and why I think the female who wrote this article is spot on.

        I accept that others’ mileage, e.g. yours, may differ.

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        1. It is THIS passage I object to:

          ‘Both parties demand totalitarian-like devotion to their ideology and if you’re indifferent, apathetic or nuanced in your approach to politics, you’ll end up in the wasteland of the center — tribeless, unprotected and increasingly insulated…..


          The GOPe and some of the ridgedly religious may, but do President Trump supporting Deplorables demand totalitarian-like devotion to their ideology??

          What I am seeing is a greeting with open arms to anyone who supports our Constitution AND Rule of Law.

          Yes you are going to have those who defend a certain idea/stance but they are NOT going to get you fired from your job or have the cops show up at your house (I am looking at you google) or beat the crap out of you.

          Some (small minded) Dudes who are very ridge may toss you off their blog or block you on twitter but that is about it. Some hurt feelings but no real THREAT.

          My problem with the author is she describes the Left who DO THREATEN and then tosses Trump Supporters into the same pot that she just described. This is a TYPICAL DISINFORMATION TECHNIQUE.

          I was nodding my head agreeing and then went WTF?

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          1. “Both parties demand totalitarian-like devotion to their ideology and if you’re indifferent, apathetic or nuanced in your approach to politics, you’ll end up in the wasteland of the center — tribeless, unprotected and increasingly insulated.”

            That statement is EXACTLY correct. In the last few years, EVERYTHING has been politicized. Absolutely everything. You’re either this or that, nothing in between. I see that a lot in my life.

            I actually came back to this thread to post that quote and explain that some of us specifically don’t talk politics with family and friends and just work to maintain relationships. Even just talking about being pro-life is a minefield. For some of us, pro-life means something that is “extreme” to others when it comes to birth control, extraordinary measures in a hospital, incarcerating dangerous criminals, etc. To an American “conservative” (more like a traditionalist), this can lead to being disinvited.

            Even among this group, everyone holds their fire on something. In my case, it’s country music. Not my thing. I just scroll past it all. I also own exactly one denim jacket and one denim skirt mainly because they are cute. The jeans are gone and they will never return. I abhorre the practice of wearing ballcaps (or any hat) by a man indoors, especially at a dinner table. These are anecdotal pet peeves, but somehow people like me, if we do express our opinions on this, we are all but told to hand in our conservative cards if we prefer to live in a city where cultural institutions are revered and where the house next door is fifteen feet away. We can’t possibly be with the group if we have doubts out the death penalty, for example. And I do, even if I know the arguments for it are worthy. There are alternatives when a person’s conscience will torture them more than death will.

            Our deacon gave a phenomenal homily on the topic of the division in the nation last evening. At this time in life, we are all labelled one thing or another, usually depending on the echo chamber we inhabit. All of us are individuals. Why is that no longer tolerated by those who claim to be tolerant of diversity and differences?

            So far in reading that piece, I agree with the writer of it. Politics is not the be all and end all. And all of us could benefit from hearing out the other side, and learning to be civil in conversing the topics at hand (and developing airtight arguments against the leftist screeds. Our talking points are most effective when based in logic). Building relationships doesn’t have to start with politics, either. My grandmother was 84 before I knew she voted Republican her whole life. My grandfather, OTOH, was a New Deal Democrat, and made no secret of it. There’s really no reason to wear it on the sleeve.

            Liked by 2 people

      2. I can see that you and I will need to agree to disagree on the intent/message of the author. My read is that she is not voicing frustration at being discouraged from being politically active and engaged but at being forced to be politically engaged as politics are now everywhere and so many are talking about it v. “regular things”. She wants to go back to be less politically aware and having less politics in her life.

        “>>Politically disinterested citizens like me<<< have **increasingly been pulled off the sidelines** and into this incredibly divisive political climate, unwilling combatants in a battle fought among fiercely partisan tribes. Many are being bullied into involving themselves in the process, because intolerance and shaming have become features of the American life. Thanks in no small part to social media, the simple act of expressing your opinion, or even going so far as to ask questions, has begun to negatively affect lives and destroy people."

        She wants people like you to speak out less to their friends and family and be less engaged and vocal.

        While the author complains about the outrage and the constant news cycle of crisis during the Trump campaign and Presidency she does not lay the blame where blame belongs.

        She wants less politics, less engagement and to go back to a normal, non-politically centered, politically disengaged culture and does't seem to realize who is responsible for the type of rage/emotion/drama/negative politically centered culture we have right now.

        No! We need to stay engaged and active and focus but not let the tail of corp media/social media/hollywood/unparty wag the dog.

        If the article was meaningful to you in a different way, so be it. I take issue with the message to be less outspoken and less politically engaged!

        PS: Even with my outspokenness and political activism, I do so with an eye to the venue and its purpose, trying to be involved within the parameters of the host, purpose of the gathering &/or the interest level of the people to whom I am with/speaking/writing. I have sat in legislative meetings quiet as a church mouse and I have interrupted a msm interview with a political opponent by calling out lies – both acts/behaviors appropriate within context. I have said little about politics unless brought up by others at social gatherings and am active on social media challenging all comers with Facts to the point my family calls me the factenator! So, I try not to add to the politically disinterested's fatigue while remaining extremely politically active in appropriate ways.

        Liked by 3 people

        1. “Politically disinterested” = precisely how we got where we are today.

          Politically disinterested is how we get pols who say one thing and do another, among so much else.

          Pols like the Clinton’s and the GOPe absolutely COUNT on the “politically disinterested”.

          Politically disinterested are selfish people who refuse to see political interest and engagement as their civic DUTY and OBLIGATION, and this is ESPECIALLY true in our Republic where the power rests with the people.

          “Politically disinterested” people LOSE their right to bitch when the gov’t does things they don’t like.

          “Politically disinterested” people are SQUATTERS living off of the American dream who cry when politics interferes with their episode of The Simpson’s.

          HINT for the “Politically disinterested”……get interested so you don’t have to be FORCED to be interested. Yes, it is one of American life’s ironies. It’s past time to get used to it.

          Liked by 4 people

          1. At the very beginning of my “awakening”, when I was at Tea Party Connection and Brock trolls were mercilessly destroying the platform to prevent any fleeing from Facebook, an atheist libertarian type tried to make a point which absolutely turned out to be true.

            Those of us who were being screwed over by what we would later call the UniParty – but what we knew back then as “Dems plus RINOs” – could only overcome them by a combination of:

            (1) becoming politically active, and
            (2) ALLIANCE

            This is exactly how Trump won, and how SANITY can keep winning.

            It is our first duty to remain politically active.
            It is our second duty to ally behind TRUE MAGA.

            How that TRUE MAGA evolves is then up to us.

            The other side is now at the point where LULLING US is their only really workable option.

            Liked by 6 people

            1. For many being publicly politically active is a concern. Friction with friends and family develops. Your political bent being found out by your employer for example may result in repercussions. Almost no one who posts here lists their real name. There is always a fear that lingers in the background.

              It is a shame that our first ammendment rights have been essentially suppressed. Now they continue the push against our 2nd ammendment. The silent majority is there but it always takes a Pearl Harbor or 9-11 type event to really make us stand up and fight.

              Liked by 3 people

          2. Just throwing this out there, but I’ve thought for a long time that getting the “politically disinterested” interested is as simple as stopping the income tax withdrawals from paychecks. When Americans have to write a big check to the Treasury, and state departments of revenue, in the states that have income tax, on April 15, people are going to get interested.

            And don’t get me started on local tax initiatives – county property, etc. My municipality takes care of fire, police, trash, plowing, etc., on our own? Why does the county get a big check every year. (It’s still more affordable to live here than most places, though.)

            Liked by 2 people

            1. If Americans had to pay ALL the taxes they actually pay on April 15th, There would be a revolution on April 16th and Politicians would be ornaments ‘decorating’ trees.

              EVERYONE pays at least 50% in tax (Remember Reagan and 151 taxes on a loaf of bread) Ant that does not include all sales tax, SS tax Medicaid, Federal State, local, property….

              I figured it out one year and the overt tax that I could calculate was 64.5% BEFORE the ‘ 151 taxes on a loaf of bread’ kicked in on the $$$ I had left in my pocket.

              Liked by 2 people

        2. FG&C is correct they WANT us ‘politically ASLEEP!’

          Bill Ivey to John Podesta

          From:bi@globalculturalstrategies… [Bill Ivey]
          To: john.podesta@….
          Date: 2016-03-13 17:06
          Subject: From Bill Ivey

          Well, we all thought the big problem for our US democracy was Citizens United/Koch Brothers big money in politics. Silly us; turns out that money isn’t all that important if you can conflate entertainment with the electoral process. Trump masters TV, TV so-called news picks up and repeats and repeats to death this opinionated blowhard and his hairbrained ideas, free-floating discontent attaches to a seeming strongman and we’re off and running.

          …. what we are dealing with now is dead serious. How does this get handled in the general? Secretary Clinton is not an entertainer, and not a celebrity in the Trump, Kardashian mold; what can she do to offset this?

          I’m certain the poll-directed insiders are sure things will default to policy as soon as the conventions are over, but I think not. And as I’ve mentioned, we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry. The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking – and not just poll driven, demographically-inspired messaging.

          Rubio’s press conference yesterday AM was good and should be repeated in its entirety, not just in nibbles. I will attend the Clinton fundraiser here next week but as I can only afford the low level of participation may just get to wave without a “hello.”

          I fear we are all now trying to navigate a set of forces that cannot be simply explained or fully understood, so it is and will reamin interesting!
          Sent with a handshake, Bill

          This is WHO Bill Ivey of Global Cultural Strategies is:

          “…Cultural Policy shapes and directs the Expressive Life of societies through the framework of law, regulation, and customary practice that governs the creation, distribution, consumption, and preservation of knowledge, information, and art.

          All societies have cultural policy.

          The United States has neither a cultural ministry nor department of cultural affairs…..”


          ….From 1998 through 2001 Ivey served in the Clinton-Gore administration as Senate-confirmed chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, and in that capacity is credited with both increasing the agency’s budget and restoring good relations between the NEA and Capitol Hill.
          Bill Ivey is a trustee of the Center for American Progress, and was a Team Leader in the Barack Obama presidential transition….
          Ivey has extensive experience in the music industry. He was director of Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum for more than two decades, and was twice elected chairman of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences. He is a four-time Grammy Award nominee. He is past president of the American Folklore Society, and today serves the Society as Senior Advisor for China.

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  8. A funny, insightful article to go along with your AM cup of cofeve…

    Trump and Tone

    Have a taste…


    “It must be difficult to be a paid-up member of the anti-Trump fraternity. Just a few years ago, there were thousands of females skirling about how crude Donald Trump is while parading around the Washington Mall in pink pussy hats. Dark rumors of “collusion” with the Russians to steal the election were gaining traction and crashed on to shore in the shape of Robert S. Mueller III, G-Man extraordinaire, the straightest of straight arrows, who assembled his posse of Hillary-supporting anti-Trump lawyers to perform the world’s greatest legal excavation and bring down Bad Orange Man. Alas, it turned out that Mueller was really just Andrew Weismann’s Howdy Doody.”


    Liked by 8 people

      Michael Youssef, Ph.D.
      Aug 7, 2019

      Some people cannot comprehend how Jesus, who lived 2,000 years ago, can be relevant to their daily lives today. Perhaps that would be a valid concern if Jesus were dead and buried like all the other religious founders in history. But He’s not. Jesus is a historical figure, of course. He was born into the world and lived and was crucified in first century Palestine. But that’s not where His story ended—in fact, He has no end.

      Jesus physically rose again from the dead, ascended into heaven after appearing to hundreds of witnesses (see 1 Corinthians 15:3-7), and is now alive forever and ever, seated at the right hand of God the Father. He is actively ruling, interceding for us, preparing a place for God’s people, and waiting for the day when His enemies should be made His footstool (see Romans 8:34; Luke 22:69; Colossians 3:1; 1 Peter 3:22; John 14:1-4; Hebrews 8:1-2, 10:12-13).

      Jesus is not dead and gone. He is not finished and fossilized. He is alive and active. He calls us to follow Him and offers to dwell in us. That is the miracle that God is willing to perform in every heart that knows its need for His free gift of grace. Because He lives, Jesus is available and accessible to all people. He is not just the Lord and the Savior—He is our Lord and our Savior. He wants to be our personal Savior—He wants a relationship with each of us. He is my Jesus. Is He your Jesus?

      Prayer: Jesus, thank You for saving me—for being my Savior. I am in awe of You and Your love and humility displayed in the fact that I can know You, talk to You, and have a relationship with You for eternity. I know You live—may my life reflect this wondrous Truth. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

      “The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, . . . After he had provided purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven” (Hebrews 1:3)

      Liked by 7 people

            1. That explains it. I love/hate Twitter. Interacting seems to be a waste of time usually and especially with leftists full of raw hatred. I’ll retweet some things here and there to help the spread and I like it for feeling that I can somewhat keep up with the current buzz. I think Twitter is not particularly helpful for ppl with no discernment skills though, that’s for sure

              Liked by 3 people

              1. This is VERY similar to what I noticed on Facebook – it was like there was some group that was assigned to harass new conservative posters into silence. In reality, I think the software just EXPOSED ME to those people, but I think it did so very intentionally.

                I did notice something else on Twitter – that the Twitter SIGN-UP process tried very hard to make me accept all kinds of LIBERAL INFLUENCE. It was ridiculously slanted.


                Liked by 3 people

              2. What happens when one signs up and only follows POTUS and make no posts. IE to see how the thing would tag you.

                One reason I don’t do twitter or FB or tumblr or whatever else they have.

                Liked by 3 people

              3. Not right now, but yes – I do want to try this. It’s not easy – one has to evade a lot of Twitter “gaming the system” stuff BEFORE you get to the point of following the Trump account, for the specific bias to show up there. But if we did this and kept a record of each step and what happened, it would BLOW AWAY people, I am QUITE SURE.

                Right now I’m on this Bob Lazar Element 115 stuff like a hound dog. This stuff leads straight to EVERYTHING. If you want to understand CORE PLAN before the plan gets to all the places it’s going, it’s all based on stuff that falls out of what is actually going on.

                We have to trust the plan, but I need to understand more things at a conscious level to figure out the larger game that is afoot.

                Everything is making sense now. Very glad we have President Trump. LOL! The idea of one of these lightweight Dem Dupes running things is rather horrifying.

                Liked by 4 people

    Well, here it is — “PORTLAND ON THE EAST COAST” in the making:
    The Charlottesville Police Department (RsShall Brackney, Chief, who prior to this position apparently NEVER held a street-beat assignment in her LE career), just posted a new job search on the city’s online website:
    A new position (salary: $47,000 to $87,000 a year) to investigate data about the city police doing “stop and frisk” searches. Turns out that over 50% of these searches in Charlottesville are African-Americans — and the African-American population of the city is about 17%.
    Protester groups had railed against the practice, saying it “disproportionately affects minorities”.
    This “investigative analyst” position will be IN ADDITION TO the “investigative positions” that the city’s Civilian Review Board of the police department is requesting (2 positions).
    Which will eventually mean TWO NEW divisions of the city’s offices will be “investigating” the police department FOR DOING THEIR JOB.
    Of course, there is nobody stating the possibility that OTHER minorities are also being stopped by the police. Or that African-Americans who are stopped may live OUTSIDE the city.
    Where all this will lead to, eventually, is for the Charlottesville Police Department to become a PC arm of the DemocratCommunists who have been running the city like a personal fiefdom for over 20 years.
    Here’s a delicious irony: A salary of $47K is NOT enough to be able to live within the city limits; a salary of $87K is just enough to be able to pay the outrageous property taxes, city utility taxes, meals taxes, sales tax, etc. etc., plus a mortgage, income taxes, and put food on the table (with almost nothing left over).

    Liked by 9 people

    1. Sounds like any good cop in that dept should leave. Or the city council needs to be removed, replaced and fire the woman. If she has never done patrol, she isnt a cop. Shes a secretary with a badge who has connections.

      Liked by 5 people

  10. A little respite for the warriors on this day…one small act turns out big! God bless your truth digging and proliferating efforts patriots, Prayers are going up! Like incense from the altar unto heaven!

    and good things still happen to those who wait

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    1. Dalai LLAMA interview with Barbara WaWa…

      B: “Are you a god?”
      D: (Laughs) “I am a teacher.”

      See what happened?

      Most people heard a denial, but there was no denial.

      What he affirmed was non sequitur, “I am a teacher”.

      Put together in context, D: (laughs) “Yes but, I can’t say that, so I will tell you that I am a teacher, and I will teach you that I am a god.”

      And there ya go.

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    1. GOOD – He’s getting in front of it 🙂

      Of course he’s always on top of things. It’s the MCM who makes it out like he’s lost, just like they did to Reagan.

      Check this mess out:

      New goal for New York Times: ‘Reframe’ American history, and target Trump, too
      by Byron York | August 17, 2019 07:18 PM

      Perhaps when you think of the founding of the United States, you think of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Federalist Papers. Now, the New York Times wants to “reframe” your understanding of the nation’s founding.

      In the Times’ view (which it hopes to make the view of millions of Americans), the country was actually founded in 1619, when the first Africans were brought to North America, to Virginia, to be sold as slaves.

      This year marks the 400th anniversary of that event, and the Times has created something called the 1619 Project. This is what the paper hopes the project will accomplish: “It aims to reframe the country’s history, understanding 1619 as our true founding, and placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story we tell ourselves about who we are.”

      Another, more concise statement from the Times: “The goal of The 1619 Project is to reframe American history.”

      . . . The essays go on to cover the economy (“If you want to understand the brutality of American capitalism, you have to start on the plantation.”), the food we eat (“The sugar that saturates the American diet has a barbaric history as the ‘white gold’ that fueled slavery.”), the nation’s physical health (“Why doesn’t the United States have universal healthcare? The answer begins with policies enacted after the Civil War.”), politics (“America holds onto an undemocratic assumption from its founding: that some people deserve more power than others.”), daily life (“What does a traffic jam in Atlanta have to do with segregation? Quite a lot.”), and much more. . .

      . . . But a project with the aim of reframing U.S. history has to be more than a bunch of articles and podcasts. A major goal of the 1619 Project is to take the reframing message to schools.

      “Reframing” is the term popularized by hard-left linguist George Lakoff most well known for his book “Don’t think of an Elephant”. If you aren’t familiar with the background from that, it’s very helpful to understand the left’s programme of narrative engineering. He used to have a TON of information posted at the Rock Ridge Institute (now defunct) and it was always informative of how the left’s mind works (or doesn’t work) browsing the articles there. I think too much of what he was doing was sitting in plain sight and they needed to hedge a little more.

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  11. Newark NJ Water Scandal Catches Up To 2020 Democrat Candidate Cory Booker

    2020 Democratic candidate Cory Booker is making the environment one of the central pillars of his campaign.

    But when he was the mayor of Newark, New Jersey, he was at the center of a water scandal that is coming back to haunt him.

    ABC News reports: *

    For Cory Booker, water crisis awakens ghosts of past Newark water scandal

    As a presidential candidate, Cory Booker has made environmental protections a central tenet of his social justice platform. As a United States senator, he emerged as a leading voice on the front lines of safe water for urban-dwellers.

    But a growing water quality crisis gripping Newark, New Jersey, is bringing fresh attention and scrutiny of Booker’s own record when he was that city’s mayor — at a time when the water system was marred by scandal.

    The two crises may be separated by time, but as images spread of Newark officials handing out bottled water to residents grappling with dangerous water pollution, ongoing water problems could prove increasingly uncomfortable for his 2020 presidential campaign.

    “This is something that he will have to answer for,” said Krista Jenkins, a professor of political science at Fairleigh Dickinson University. “As with anyone who is a chief executive of a large city, everything that happened under his or her watch is going to become fodder for any of his or her rivals.”

    This could be a big problem for his campaign, which is already struggling.

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  12. Ted Malloch: 50 Years After Woodstock and Its War on America

    Fifty years ago, this weekend nearly a half million hippies and wannabe hippies, congregated on Yazgur’s Farm in upstate New York for an Aquarian love-in of peace and rock, heavily laced with LSD, free sex, and outright filth and debauchery.

    . . .The Left wants you to celebrate the anniversary and the values it unleashed.

    Many of us did NOT attend Woodstock and have over a lifetime decried the deleterious impacts it unleashed on American cum international society. . .

    . . .Ripe with sexual assault, hard drugs, and misbehavior (there were two deaths at the event), Woodstock has in many ways become emblematic of everything that ails America.

    Imagined as a cultural war against The Establishment, it became the Establishment, as mainstream media, Hollywood, the university, and even some corporations, came to embrace the themes extolled.

    They were fake themes grounded on relativism and anarchy that have beset our world more and more.

    They were also anti-American themes, first against the Viet Nam War, and then against patriotism in any form whatsoever.

    This is the weekend to state the truth: Woodstock was a giant mistake; an error of huge proportion.

    It was a detour down the wrong road; and it took us down the garden path to demise, a meaningless nihilistic culture without purpose or decency.

    It cherished the breakdown of the family, marriage, the church, ordered and secure society, and of the nation itself.

    The music applauded violence not love, and promiscuity, not relationship.
    Today we need more than ever the Anti-Woodstock, the values we have lost.

    A generation of real truth, beauty, and goodness not of phony laxness, endless temptation, and vice.

    It is nearly the END of the Woodstock generation—Celebrate that.

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    Credit to CNN
    So here’s that prime horse’s ass, MARK SANFORD, failed SC governor with an unsavory personal life, telling “Meet the Press” that he’s “mulling” a run against POTUS in 2020 because President Trump is “taking the country in the wrong direction”, that there needs to be “course correction” and that SANFORD is the guy to make that happen.
    SANFORD is going to try to primary POTUS because of “debt, deficit, and government spending.”
    Here’s the delicious part: Last month, the head of the SC Republican Party, DREW MCKISSICK, said that “the last time Mark Sanford had an idea this dumb, it killed his Governorship.”
    If SANFORD does start a campaign for 2020, he would be joining that OTHER prime ass, WILLIAM WELD, who launched his 2020 campaign, against for POTUS earlier this year.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I JUST noticed as I was posting this that the guy who isolated and posted this clip entitled it “Conspiracy theory scene.”

      Who knows his motivation for doing that. I call it prescience.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. He is an interesting person. I saw an interview with him from 2001 where he talked about My Dinner With Andre. During the interview I thought to myself, “this guy is pompous.”. Then later during the interview when he was asked how the movie changed him as a person, he said it made him more pompous!

        Wow! When does a pompous person recognize his own pomposity? Wallace Shawn did.

        Liked by 2 people

    2. Part of the answer here is that we no longer have to literally scratch out an existence. Yes, everyone has to make money in some way to have the basics, but the work involved is not nearly as time consuming or demanding as it used to be.

      Another aspect to it, is that for what amounts to entertainment is canned and pre-programmed. It is also readily available in the home. There is no reason to go out for some escape. So, there is a captive audience for the brainwashing.

      Silence is no longer part of life. We’re on the go constantly, usually on hamster wheels.

      The people have been programmed to seek out just that: programming. Creative processes are not encouraged in practice. There is lip service to it, but, really…color by numbers, here is the hymnal you are to use rather than the church organist composing, and, oh, turn on Sirius for the channel dedicated to the decade or artist of choice.

      The concept of cities as concentration camps is a bit offensive to someone like me, a city girl. I didn’t build it, but I LOVE well crafted architecture, houses with charm and character like were built in the 20’s. It feeds the soul.

      And that gets to the main point of the soliloquy here. Souls are not being fed. And it’s not just in the cities. It’s everywhere because true creativity has been stifled by mass production of everything including entertainment, the arts, and, essentially, religion.

      Liked by 5 people

  14. Good God All Mighty.
    The federal government has isdued injunctions against police departments. What does it take to issue them against cities for massive health and sanitation emergencies?

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