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This very special
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“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” – Lao Tsu

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A Steadfast Fortitude Sunday

This past afternoon I was thinking about what I am going to do for those Sundays coming up when I will be traveling and not able to compose the usual on-the-spot posts that often happen pretty close to the beginning of Sunday (but sometimes arriving a tad bit late to our WQ Tree House). 

I thought about an excellent fictional book series that I believe carries many important messages for us in the time we are living in. There’s a good number of books in the series. I could have covered a book per Sunday. But that just didn’t quite fit right.

What to do?




I thought about Psalm 119. Another good basis for a series.

But, no, still not it.


Photo credit: “Courage” Summer Snow Art

And then I recalled how strongly Candace and Steve’s conversation about the leftist media being cowards struck me yesterday. So there’s that.

Maybe a series based on the qualities of a Patriot? We shall see. But for today, we will ponder the quality of Steadfast Fortitude or Courage.


In church tradition, fortitude is often used when reflecting on the character of the martyrs. Fortitude is closely related to faithfulness, a fruit of the Holy Spirit.


“God is faithful” (1 Cor. 1:9. cf. Rom. 3:3), not as having faith, but as being constant (cf. 1 Cor. 10:13), trustworthy (cf. 2 Cor. 1:18). It is a divine quality. The martyrs were “faithful unto death” (Rev. 2:10), not vacillating at the face of bodily harm and suffering, imitating thus their Lord “Jesus Christ the faithful martyr” (Rev. 1:5. cf. 3:14).

In lieu of an example from the life of a Saint, we quote the following lines from the Wisdom of Solomon, read in the Vespers service for Martyrs:

“The souls of the righteous are in the hand of God, and no torment will ever touch them. In the eyes of the foolish they seemed to have died, and their departure was thought to be a disaster, and their going from us to be their destruction; but they are at peace.

For though in the sight of others they were punished, their hope is full of immortality. Having been disciplined a little, they will receive great good, because God tested them and found them worthy of Himself; like gold in the furnace He tried them, and like a sacrificial burnt offering He accepted them.

In the time of their visitation they will shine forth, and will run like sparks through the stubble. They will govern nations and rule over peoples, and the Lord will reign over them forever.

Those who trust in Him will understand truth, and the faithful will abide with Him in love, because grace and mercy are upon His holy ones, and He watches over His elect” (Wis. of Sol. 3:1-9).

An important component to fortitude seems to be a quality of perseverance.


Can you think of anyone that has recently demonstrated fortitude in the public arena?

An interesting thought about how one goes about developing fortitude comes from the idea that it is a fruit.

That is, it is something we grow in our character, not something we build or think our way into. It has to come from something we have developed. Like learning to field balls behind 2nd base in baseball. You don’t just go out there and instantly do it well. But it’s not just an internal skill as you might think of will power or the like. No, it’s more like learning to dance.


We are learning to do hard things within the context of our trusting relationship with the One who leads in this dance called life.

And we will not go far without steadfast fortitude.


Images of Jesus from the site: God is Real

295 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20190818 Open Topic

  1. Speaking of evil……………….

    Charlie Kirk brings news of continued acts of anti-semitism by the two faces of the Democrat Party:

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  2. Not sure if it was ever posted here, but there’s an imam on Twitter who keeps insisting that Ilhan Omar is a Qatari plant. Interesting reading:

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  3. Need some Sane advice from My FAMILY here.. I’m going to “cross-post” over too the LR..

    WE are running very short on Time here.. I’ve *Reached out* to the Board of Directors concerning OUR Issues On finding/Obtaining a home to rent..
    I DO KNOW Our request of residency HAS BEEN PULLED for Inspection, On the Home We looked at on Eagle Island..
    I have NOT received word or a letter, for a ” Inspection”.. WHA/HUD in MY COUNTY are dragging their feet..
    In other words, they DO NOT CARE AND the WHA/HUD director etc, is “friends” with said “Board of Director personnel”..
    I’m under attack from Liberal Democrats..
    They want us out By ANY MEANS ….
    I asked too be Allowed to present My Case to said BOD… (Which is on the Third Tuesday of the Month) THIS Week.. In Which THEY VOTE, whether We get “more time or not”..

    A E-mail writing Campaign is in Order!
    WRITE them!


    Which leads US too a Dilemma…

    WE HAVE found another home.. In Our Local area, BUT…
    In the Next door County, that is DOG friendly (NO Pet deposit) though the yard, etc STILL needs to be “sprayed”.
    It’s some “Family members” from My FIL Side, (His deceased Girl friend, that passed not long ago).. I had talked about this before..

    Has offered US, a MUCH BETTER Home, almost on the waterfront deeded waterfront access..
    In a VERY quite area..
    I’ll give the google map cord..
    88888 Scotts Hill Loop Rd
    Wilmington, NC 28411
    34.309686, -77.737407
    It’s almost 45′ in Elevation in other words sets on a High hill AWAY from the waterfront ICW itself..
    ON 5 ACRES of LAND! With critters, (deer etc) and Many fruit/nut trees.. Garden Space!

    I’ll be able to go back to work under the Home owners Commercial Fishing license.. Making “side Monies” etc, AND Tending to His LEASED Oyster Garden..
    Yes,, (BOATS ARE included)..
    Do I “BAIL” on the Eagle Island “HOME”? It’s NOT going to pass WHA/HUD point blank..
    Upon a pass/Fail I can get, Our 500 back..
    Other Home will with Minimum work..

    I go too Pender County FIRST THING in the Morning, (Burgaw), to visit the HuD office in THAT County to explore My options..
    YES, They do “Absorb” *Vouchers* from OUR County..

    Too WHOM that sent the Gas Card THANK -YOU!! It’s gonna come-in Handy..
    NOW Folks, send some E-mails to those Board of Directors!

    Much Love,, We are Humbled ,, GOD BLESS everyone, on this Sunday..

    David & Angie

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    1. I was Running Back ground Checks on these Folks, though there ARE Indications, that a few Have SEXUAL Offenses.. The Men..
      YES THEY are Liberals AND Pro-Choice >..
      If ANYONE can get these Checks too Me it would be VERY helpful!

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    2. Sounds like Scotts Hill is a better bet all around.

      Why waste time and energy fighting City Hall if you have a better option?


      David, can you try to resend your INITIAL email to me (I never received it)?

      I tried to email you several times after my successful “test” email and your reply, but now I keep getting a message that it can’t be delivered, and I don’t know why.

      Stay strong.

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    3. I think God allowed you to be held up until Option # 2 became available – it sounds heavenly – so that is my vote – you have been in my thoughts and prayers for a long time now – and I thank God for the bountiful blessings that will be coming your way – God Bless You both – and may His Spirit guide you on your way to peace and happiness –

      * Doing a Happy Dance * here! Thank You, Jesus!!!

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  4. Will someone please tell me what you think Scaramucci is doing?
    Scaramucci Goes Full Never-Trump: Calls Trump a Cult Leader and His Supporters Cultists

    I keep thinking no one could be that unwise to make such dumb moves. Scaramucci knows very well that Pres. Trump is not going to drop out by March and that the other things he says about him are not true. Yet, I don’t understand the strategy if Scaramucci is playing the fool on purpose. To what end? How does this help us?

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    1. Someone’s whispering promises in his ear so he’s trying to prep the ground for yet another Trump take down, this time by the Never Trumper Republicans. With the continued delay of declas you run the risk of deep state having time to make counter moves. To think they are going to sit by and do nothing is wishful. Remember they have hundreds of ivory towers to plan and coordinate out of.

      Expect more gun incidents and more calls of racism. With that comes ever shriller calls for 1A and 2A restrictions that have the potential to separate Trump from this base.

      Meanwhile expect a Republican challenger to show up. Some think it might be Nikki Haley but i’ve not seen any talk of running coming out of her camp though it’s early yet.

      Also wasn’t it Scaramucci who said everyone would be surprised about who Q was?

      Anyway, leaves you another concerning story that likely plays into this.

      He’s also talking red flag laws here but I’m thinking they’re going to try to keep Q down and out with this hate site bs.

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      1. Other obvious factors to consider is continued turmoil in the stock market cause by groups like Tiger 21 and our own FED led by Powell who grew up as child in WA DC.

        Couple that with Wray needing to go and who knows who else. It all adds to the appearance of instability and that’s just on the domestic front.

        Does anyone know the status of 8chans board owner?
        And what’s the status of filling those 2 empty slots on the FED board?

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    2. I think I know what is happening, but I refuse to reveal it until after it all plays out. It is best that what happens happens. Just trust Trump, trust the Plan, and if you do begin to figure it out, I would recommend adopting my stance of letting it happen.

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      1. That is what I have been doing. Keeping the lips zipped on certain thoughts.

        No use possibly tipping off the enemy. (Hubby and I were just talking about this very subject a few minutes ago.)

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          1. OH! Yes as Q said ENJOY THE SHOW!

            As Bill Ivey wrote to John Podesta back in 2016 “…money isn’t all that important if you can conflate entertainment with the electoral process. Trump masters TV…”

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  5. Seeing the word “Fortitude” made me think of Doug Adams “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” and the well known trope that the answer to the meaning of life, the Universe and everything is “42”…………I’ve always equated that to a mishearing of the word “Fortitude”……because I believe that IT is the meaning of life, the Universe and everything.
    Plus, it was Jackie Robinson’s number………so…………..there is that too.

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    1. a little serendipity today Exfiltration…………….

      wondering all afternoon if “42” was the correct number in “Guide” ……..
      gettin’ older, fewer neurons synapsing 🙂

      then, along you come and post 😉

      interesting take on “42” and “Fortitude” ……….. makes a lot of sense !

      And Robinson’s jersey # came before Adams’ book……….

      You should post more often …………..

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    1. WHO….. tell me please………………….

      who else could wear a T-shirt so well ? (See Michael, this is how you look deplaning from R&R, not wearing cut-off jeans)

      Love the skirt, esp. the hemline….. shoes are gorgeous of course.

      Am I wrong, or is this the first we’ve seen of Barron in months? And the first of Melania since the first Rally of the campaign ? Don’t blame her from staying away from the camera………….. the haters criticize every inch of her.

      Thanks for sharing Marica !

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      1. Hi Phoenix!!! I feel like we havent seen either Melania or Barron in ages!!! He’s filling Out and getting so big!!! And I am NOT purchasing another article of clothing until they start resembling Melania’s Fashions–The longer hems, –the Classy timelessness of her style!!etc…

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          1. You are Probably correct Pheonix…irt to hitting up consignments stores!!
            I keep thinking of Awkward, shy, gangly boy the night His Father WON!!! Now look at him!!! Kinda Cool to actually what our “1st son” growing up!

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    2. Barron is 13 and looks like he’s taller than both of his parents! Public info on his height is not available but he’s been taller than Melania’s 5 11 sans heels but shorter than Donald’s 6 2…

      …and he’s broadened out too! He’s going to be TALL.

      If the boy’s not careful he’s going to be a teen heart throb before his dad is out of office!

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  6. Former Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, who became the state’s first female elected governor only to see her political career derailed by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, has died.

    After struggling for years with cancer, Blanco died Sunday in hospice care in Lafayette. She was 76.

    “Our hearts are broken, but we are joyful in knowing that she is rejoicing in her heavenly reunion with Christ. Please pray for God’s peace to carry us through the coming days and months of sorrow as we mourn her absence from our lives,” Blanco’s family said in a statement released by Gov. John Bel Edwards’ office.

    Blanco had a rare eye cancer that she battled successfully in 2011, but it later returned and spread to her liver. Her death came more than a year after the Democrat who served in state government offices for more than two decades announced in December 2017 that she was being treated for the incurable melanoma. Blanco described being in a “fight for my own life, one that will be difficult to win.”

    Blanco held Louisiana’s top elected job from 2004 to 2008. Until her campaign for governor, she spent much of her political career moving steadily and quietly through state politics, rarely creating waves or controversy. Katrina raised her profile nationally and forever impacted her legacy. The devastating August 2005 hurricane killed more than 1,400 people in Louisiana, displaced hundreds of thousands and inundated 80 percent of New Orleans.

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  7. This is a very well written article on Hash oil labs whichbare popping up all over CA….like meth labs, homes explode and theres collateral damage. The Chinese criminals are very into this.

    “SAN DIEGO — They say you never really know your neighbors — but on May 5, folks on Sunny Meadow Street got an explosive introduction to the quiet folks renting a four-bedroom house down the block. It seemed like a typical Sunday afternoon until, that is, the garage door blew off its hinges.

    Two more explosions followed. Dozens of butane gas tanks rained down from the sky, landing with thuds on the neatly kept lawns in the sleepy Mira Mesa neighborhood. In no time, the house was fully engulfed in flames, and was soon surrounded by fire trucks and ambulances. Three men in their 20s, their clothes in flames, ran from the garage. A neighbor extinguished one of them with a garden hose.

    “They always said hello. They were friendly,” Reina Pe said of her next-door neighbors. “But I never saw their garage door open. My brother thought that was suspicious.”…

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    1. I agree.

      And here is the kicker.

      If the Democrats attempt a 2007 Economic/Political assassination, like they did to the GOP for the 2008 election, then I recommend this response:

      (1) Weather the storm
      (2) Elect Trump & 100% Republicans
      (3) Investigate the Political Crash
      (4) Prosecute the Plotters

      And why is No. 5 possible?

      Because we need an executive order that treasonous economic sabotage, particularly in concert with our enemies and adversaries, must be acted on with the DEATH PENALTY!!!

      Steal our pensions once, shame on you Democrats.

      Steal our pensions twice, shame on us for cheering while DEMOCRATS HANG.

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      1. Wolfie—Notice how we haven’t seen the new Press Sec. that replaced Sarah even once? POTUS speaks TO US–whether it be at these impromptu “pressers”, Rallies. and of coarse—Twitter!!! It’s DIRECTLY TO..NOT AT..US!!! And…Why he is calling out the Fed on a regular basis—Because He’s more than likely Very Aware that THAT is the LAST/NEXT step to take him out!!!!!

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              1. 8 Chan Board Owner talks to Homeland Security? Sept 5….A Nudder date….

                Patriots are REALLY…Extremely Patient!!! We are freakin–“HOLDING OUR FIRE”!! Super PROUD of our SIDE…For a change…Never Trumpers/RINOS …Simply FOLD before they even reach the River in Texas Hold ’em!!🤣
                THATS WHY HE TWEETS!!!!! OUR GENERAL HOLDS THE LINE!!!! (And So Does OUR GOD!)!!!❤

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      2. “If the Democrats attempt a 2007 Economic/Political assassination”

        Probably more like “when”.

        Most of your suggestions make perfect sense if 1) we catch them and 2) they FAIL.

        Dems in 2019 are much stupider than Dems in 2008. BUT I don’t like leaving things to chance.

        Given that, and a higher than nominal probability of Dem success, would we be able to execute on any of those action items in a plan B scenario?

        Question 2: What are the likely methods of the eco/political attack going to be?

        In 2008 the handwriting was on the wall about the Subprime mortgage crisis well in advance. Politicians did nothing until it became a monster. It had been talked about for months if not years. I know well because I remember all the “Countrywide Home Loan” signs and telling people to keep their eyes out because all those signs would be changing. But even I was caught off-guard by how fast it all happened!

        Remember it was the Dems that created the problem in the first place. And Frank Dodd set the dominoes for it to happen again in the future.

        Arguable there are still housing asset bubbles – in some places they are WORSE. IIRC Florida and California has elevated risk levels. A major boom in California wouldn’t have an impact on the election, but Florida? Another story.

        Another option, rip the cord on the pension crisis in several states. Amazing how many places are vulnerable to this, even Texas. Worst states are Illinois and Connecticut but the gains there would be low.

        Most likely option I’m seeing is the Fed back off on changing the monetary policy to sabotage growth and raise the deficit.

        There’s not a lot of ammo lying around like there was in 2008. Options are limited. Dems don’t have as much power – Pelosi may have the house in 2019 but it isn’t like the house in 2006. Economic sugar highs like the tax rebate stimulus aren’t in play. International players already have their hands full trying to figure out how to stop the bleeding to the U.S.

        So the economic options might be off the table.

        Political options?

        * Attempt impeachment, so far has been a dismal failure
        * MCM double down on the phone racism narrative, combined with a few race riots (maybe they bring Holder out of “retirement”)
        * Try to find another crisis to brew, like Antifa versus so-called “white supremacists”
        * Actually have winning ideas in 2020. BHAWHAWHAWHAWHA!!!!!

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  8. Good news IMO. RATS are fleeing to the extent that the remainder are struggling.

    Read the replies. MORE good news.

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    1. Once they leave, are the actors being tracked for infiltrating another government agency, regrouping outside via NGOs or PACs, or joining up with the Lawfare team? Wouldn’t be surprised to see some very strange companies get formed. Law firms would be the first and most predictable. Accounting agencies? Cybersecurity companies? Private threat intelligence? Bonded international courier services? I mean, it worked so well for CIA/NSA Google, Amazon, Crowdstrike… Cybersecurity companies are eager to higher former IC at the executive layer to provide credibility and marketing clout. I’m sure they could find all kinds of interesting ways to secure funding for their endeavors…

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