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Visual descriptions for our dear Zoe, and for anyone else who may find them helpful:

Header Image: Is an opening in the base of an enormous Tree, with moss-covered steps leading up into it. There is a lantern inside and another lantern hanging just outside the entrance, with another lantern hanging further down at the beginning of the steps. Lush green ferns and flowering vegetation are growing on either side of the steps.

First Image: Is a small round wooden elevator with a couple of fold-down jumpseats inside. There is ornate metal scrollwork on the door entrance, and a sliding metal door.

Second Image: Is a cozy room with comfy-looking couches made of logs. A coffee table with logs for legs is between them. There is a chess set on the table and there are throw pillows and plaid blanket throws on the couches. The room is softly lit from lanterns hanging on the wall, and hanging from a large tree section growing up through the corner. Open windows reveal a view of tree branches.

Third Image: Is President Trump standing outside of Bedminster, with a solemn look of resolve on his face. He has a slight frown and is squinting from the bright diffused light.


Stormy days ahead…but we’ll weather it together.

328 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20190817 Open Topic

  1. From a friend at FB..Interesting always wondered about it

    No one may hold any public office in America who does not honestly and without reservation swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. That is the law, which is being ignored by virtually everyone in authority in every branch of government.

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    1. Since muslims are encouraged to lie to us infidels, and it’s perfectly okay in their ‘religion’…then how do we know that they are being truthful when they swear…to anything?

      Muslims are Not Allowed to swear allegiance to a country that is not under Islamic rule.

      ^^That^^ right there should prohibit them from being in a govt job, of any sort!

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          1. This has been one of my arguments against amnesty. Most bills require them to state facts about past to get it..
            Illegals been lying so long, why would we give them amnesty knowing they have not been truthful majority of time in US. Just look at DACA apps.

            Up To 50 Percent Of DACA Recipients Are Fraudulent, Says Former Immigration Official

            REPORT: Obama administration ignored DACA fraud which continues today in huge numbers

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    2. Thank you kin .. I agree they have no standing if they hate the Constitution. They were sworn in on korans … that made their circus null and void right there. I’d like to see them removed, plus it would send the message we mean business ..

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      1. Love all of your open threads…
        So reflective—But one day we going to have a good ole food fight in here with our left over popcorn when the liberal traitors are where they belong behind bars.

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        1. Haaa…well just as long as everybody helps clean up the mess afterward.

          Glad you like the threads, K.
          Thanks, I try to give good thread.

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    1. Heh…well that didn’t work out too well for the medical examiner who did Andrew Breitbart’s autopsy.

      He ruled it “natural causes” and ended up dead too.

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      1. wheatietoo
        So wasn’t GHISLAINE MAXWELL spotted a couple days after Epstein’s death at an In-and-Out Burger place, reading a book about the lives and deaths of FBI/CIA agents?
        Perhaps that photo op was a “hint” to the New York City Medical Examiner.
        At any rate, Epstein’s OWN lawyers are going for a legal challenge to the autopsy’s “conclusion.”

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  2. Hiya Wheatie!!! Beautiful post!!! You always inspire!!! We got so many good news reports regarding Patriots today!! Weeper gets Experimental treatment!!I can’t even express how thankful I am–TO God! TO Wolfie! To you!!
    WE ARE WINNING ON THE SPIRITUAL FRONT!! AND EVEN THE HEALING FRONT!!! Thanks to this amazing site and Amazing PEOPLE!!!❤❣❣❣❣

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    1. Hi Marica!
      😀🥰👋 *waves*

      Thank you so much!
      I consider it an honor to do these posts.

      And YES, amazing things are happening and it’s wonderful to share it here with our amazing peeps.
      Great news about our Weeper!

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    2. waving, smiling, smooching…..👋😀😘

      agree… all!!!!!!! good news helps sooooo much. Marica, you dear are a treasure. Wheatie, Wolfie, T3, daughn, fle and all the others that make this place run……this is a fine community, thank you for all the support….means a great deal to me.

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    1. Greenland’s not for sale, but it is strategically important

      By: Aaron Mehta and Valerie Insinna   20 hours ago

      WASHINGTON — The internet was abuzz Thursday evening following a report by the Wall Street Journal that President Donald Trump has expressed interest in buying Greenland. By Friday, it had become clear Greenland has no interest in selling, but jokes about penguins, polar bears and climate change kept flying.

      But while the idea seemed custom built for the Twitter mockery cycle, the U.S. does have vital national security interests in Greenland, a semi-autonomous part of Denmark — and the region is attracting attention from competitor China as well.

      Under a self-rule act passed in 2009, Greenland has control over its domestic infrastructure or economic policy issues, but Denmark maintains veto power on security issues. Even if Denmark was interested in selling Greenland — and it appears they are not — it is likely the government in Nuuk could block it.

      [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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      1. Greenland would be counting on us to defend them…if Russia or China decided to invade them.

        Greenland would be an easy target for the ChiComs or for Russia.

        And what do we get for protecting them?
        They let us put a small base there?

        That means we are pumping money into their economy…as this is what happens wherever we have a base.

        I am really tired of these countries that don’t spend much on their Own Defense…because they count on us to defend them.

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        1. Hear…hear – and so is PT – strategic is he word – and they all know it – will be interesting to see how PT handles this debacle – however – I believe he and his ‘advisors’ will do what they need to do to ‘make the best deal’ – Geesh – everything in this world is a ‘deal’ – that is why it has been messed up for so long – we frequently got the raw end of the deal – so glad we have a President who has our best interests at heart – we have been paying the world’s bill for far too long – it is time they all paid up with interest!!!

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      2. There might be a chance….
        1. Greenland has control over domestic infrastructure (3 miles of roads and 2 airports taken over from the USA) and econ policy issues (but they depend on Denmark for 1/2 of budget and could not survive without Mom and Dad)
        2. “Denmark has veto power on security issues”
        Hmmmm, security issues, security issues……
        Like the 2 billion that Denmark is short every year – not paying NATO – which would be the USA?
        Hey, how about a security issue like China owning 95% of rare earths and trying to muscle in on Greenland’s deposits.
        Or – How about China/Russia anywhere near Greenland with Thule Air Base there?
        Or – How about Shell beginning to drill in the Arctic Circle, but they had no gear in place or plan in place to mitigate a spill. Zero. Nothing. USA shut it down.
        3. Greenland has had a morphed brand of “self rule” for over a decade. They were supposed to begin mining, drilling, to get off the tit of Denmark for entitlements. They’ve done nothing. First President tried and they threw him out of office in 2013.

        It’s like a millennial living in a basement. Time to go to work. Enter Donald Trump. Who’s your daddy now?

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    1. Public Notice: Oath Keepers Will NOT be Participating in the August 17, 2019 “End Domestic Terrorism” Rally in Portland, OR

      I wish I didn’t have to do this, but it must be done. I must make it clear that Oath Keepers will not be participating in the “End Domestic Terrorism” rally scheduled for this Saturday, August 17, 2019, which is being organized by Joe Biggs and the Proud Boys.

      I must also make it clear that Oath Keepers is NOT an organizer of this event, as has been erroneously reported by some media outlets. This event is being organized by Joe Biggs and the Proud Boys, not Oath Keepers. Oath Keepers was invited to attend, but we will not be attending.

      We fully support free speech, and we fully agree that Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization that uses force and the threatened use of force to intimidate, silence, and suppress the free speech of Americans. However, we cannot participate in this event for the following reasons:

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    2. Have heard reports that Antifa members are to dress and imitate Trump supporters, inciting violence to muddy the water and make it appear to be “white nationalists” causing problems. I will look for source as I don’t remember where I saw that.

      Sounds like a powder keg, no doubt. Stay safe!

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    1. Poor guy…it’s an outrage that he would get arrested, just for defending himself!

      He needs Harmeet Dhillon on his case.
      That’s the attorney who is handling Andy Ngo’s case.

      That article said that so far, the Portland police haven’t arrested any of the Klantifa pukes who beat up Andy Ngo!
      It was on video…and Andy wasn’t fighting back!

      Portland is like a banana republic — and the police are a joke!

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        1. Has anybody checked the gender of that person? Cause I’m guessing there might not be any XX chromosomes. In any event, ewwww! There’s not enough booze to make that look good.

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    1. This is insane. Negligent. Dereliction of Duty.
      Imagine not being able to open your business on a Saturday because of expected and planned mayhem.

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    1. it’s crazy down here !

      those Florida vultures are everywhere !

      and in massive groups…flocks…hordes..whatever….they sail thru the sky on the wind, they don’t exactly fly like most birds normally do…they catch the wind currents and sail from place to place….sky is black with them sometimes…swirling around like dervishes…ugly things…

      then, when the wind current shifts or dies down, like musical chairs, they all drop to the ground…and there they stay til the next wind current sweeps them up…

      and you do not want that to happen in yr back yard.

      trust me….

      got the tshirt.


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    2. I thought the vultures only came to the deep south in the winter.

      Every winter, they collect on the water tower of the retirement center where my daughter works and go back north in the hot humid summer. Sitting in a flock on top of the tower, they look ominous, like they are waiting for the senior citizen residents to die. Kinda creepy.

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  3. Here’s how we get our excitement in Oregon City, Oregon.

    The band last Thursday was “Kalimba”, an Earth Wind & Fire tribute band.

    They were so great. The sound just doesn’t do them justice since it was recorded on a cell phone.

    The audience had a couple dozen or so beach balls that were flying all over the place.

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      1. My father died of lung cancer and it was a terrible process of, I do believe Fonda indeed caught a bit of karma for his vicious comments about Baron and others. Wonder if he had any remorse or regrets… or left this earth an embittered, hateful man.

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      1. stupid & ignorant, at best….their naive bleeding heart sentiments are always misplaced, misguided and mistaken.

        and they never seem to learn…

        …take his sister, for example.

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        1. First Vietnam – then she aided the Soviets in lowering the price of uranium – denuclearization of America – propaganda minion of the highest order – and then she helped take over CNN – from the top.

          Easy Rider was a useful idiot compared to his sister.

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    1. He and his sister both have such ugly personalities. It makes me wonder what their father was like.

      I’ve never heard anything bad about Henry, so maybe they take after their mother.

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      1. FTA: “For most of his life, Peter, who died on Friday after suffering respiratory failure due to lung cancer, was estranged from his father. Their complex relationship only seemed to worsen in the 1950s when his mother Frances Ford Seymour Fonda tragically died by suicide.

        Much of the pain he endured was detailed in his 1998 book, Don’t Tell Dad: A Memoir, and though he once referred to his father as a “forbidding figure,” he eventually reconciled with him before Henry’s death in 1982.

        As the second-born child to Henry and Frances, “Peter soon learned that having glamorous parents and luxurious homes in Los Angeles and suburban Connecticut didn’t mean having a storybook childhood,” reads an excerpt from his memoir.

        When Peter was 6-year-old, his father sent him to boarding school. For years, Peter viewed the legendary actor, who was remote and often away on set, as a “starchy” man opposed to the “archetypal decent man” the world had come to know in the movies.”

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  4. I love this!

    This was in the replies:

    People in the replies are urging Som3thingWicked and CarpeDonktum to get together…and to hook up with Brad Parscale, to do videos for the Trump Campaign.

    Sounds like a great idea!

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  5. Gen Flynn wants to go to a ‘Digital Soldiers Conference’ in Atlanta on Sept 14th…that is organized by a QAnon peep.

    Apparently there is a ‘Q’ in the ads for the conference.
    So the usual leftists are freaking out about it.

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      1. It is so gratifying to me that people recognize what America really is while the Left tries to tear her down here. It’s a never-ending fight.

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      2. daughnworks247
        “Amazing – our anthem…..
        The left in the US do not know how good they have it and how much freedom.
        They take a knee they spit on the flag and burn it.

        I would love for them to spend a year as Chinese in China and see if they come back to reality.
        With all their education I can just shake my head how stupid they are !!!!!!!

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  6. The Bob Lazar interviews are fascinating. He claims to have worked at Area 51 on alien spacecrafts and he is very convincing. The technology he describes is kind of mind-blowing.

    This body language dude is a little goofy but he does a decent job of analyzing the interviews. It takes a few minutes to get going…the actual interviews start around 2 minutes and fifty seconds into the video…

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    1. OMG – I just stopped playing this at 16:24, where they’re talking about element 115.

      This connects to all the crap that happened around the time I underwent MK.

      He says something about the island of stability stuff. THAT was the stuff that got me into trouble in the early 1980’s. I noticed MISSING THEORIES. Based on my understanding of history of science and science itself, I told my professor that there seemed to be missing theories in nuclear physics. It was a logical argument. Based on some existing theories, and the details of how they had originated, it was almost impossible that certain other similar theories didn’t exist – and yet there were no known theories of a certain type.

      At that time I wasn’t particularly suspicious – I thought it might just be some kind of interesting historical “phenomenon” – like a random void in science itself (which is a very cool concept in information theory – how does one CREATE or MAINTAIN a void in information?) But I didn’t know WHY it would be missing. I didn’t think that there was any reason to hide theories in that area. These are general science theories. There was not even a popular IDEA that some general theories were “off-limits”. People in science ASSUMED that certain TECHNOLOGY might be classified, but the idea that the most BASIC SCIENCE might be classified – THAT was unheard of back then.

      Well, based on what this guy is saying, he is talking about stuff which would be elegantly explained by the theories I thought were missing. I know exactly what he is talking about, and he would have known exactly what I’m talking about.

      Which is another tell. This guy acts just like a lot of scientists I’ve known. Just like normal. Just like he was in the lab next door explaining his stuff.

      HOLY SHIT.

      But his case also explains why they were interested in using MK on scientists, and presumably experimenting on it at the time. If you can keep their secret stuff compartmentalized, it can be protected. This guy (and maybe others) had gone off the ranch, and the military had a security problem. So they HANDED OFF THE PROBLEM to the CIA to deal with MK experiments. Which (from my point of view) are to some extent successful and to some extent not.

      And everybody is still interested in these problems.

      But OMG – I am so happy that:

      – the class of theories I thought should have existed actually exist
      – the theories work
      – they would explain the island of stability
      – there IS an island of stability
      – elements in that island of stability create cool tech

      HOLY SHIT! This stuff is REAL!

      OK. Now I know why Cankles is in trouble!

      She gave this shit to China! Without permission!

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        1. You should!

          The thing that I am now absolutely stunned by is the idea that they can get a GRAVITATIONAL EFFECT from a NUCLEAR REACTION. At least, that is my “first-pass” explanation as to what the hell is going on with element 115.

          First of all, this explains all the scientific cooperation between the US and Russia on higher elements. But notice now the FAKE SCIENCE we’ve gotten in the press that “there is no island of stability”. Fucking Fake News. FUCKING FAKE NEWS. There WAS an island of stability. LIARS!!!

          So some isotope of 115 is “geometrically stable” (I love that idea – I was going to call it “Platonic aromaticity”, but whatever) and this then is bombarded with something ELSE from the “baby cyclotron” – presumably some ion, but who knows – without knowing any more than this video, they could be using that to create neutrons, but whatever. They are creating some HIGHER nucleus that is unstable in some way.

          Whatever this forms, decays in some NEW WAY. There is somehow a GRAVITY effect. Or something that leads to one. He says antimatter is involved. And then they ramp it up.

          OR it just generates massive electromagnetism that they use for the gravitational generation in some way we don’t understand yet.

          Now, first of all, just a brief aside, this is just MORE EVIDENCE of universe design, IMHO. The fact that the periodic table is life-congruent in step-wise technical power revelation automatically – just a gift if you “look big” on the problem. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you can have some kind of multiverse progression toward intelligence, whatever, but it’s the same thing. “Proton universe” works, and it works too well, so something is up higher up the scale than the universe per se. At what point do you say “this ain’t just a coincidence!”? So in pattern we just see it again, what the old prophets realized, that the “The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork.” (Psalms 19:1)

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          1. Yep…Intelligent Design, Wolfie.
            Divine Design.

            Just think, the periodic table as we know it…might just be a third, or less, of all the elements that are out there.

            There could be elements out there that could be the basis for entirely new technologies and sources of energy.

            It’s very exciting to think about.

            The sooner we get out there mining the asteroids and the Moon, the better.

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            1. Yes – let me expand a bit. I need to look at more of his stuff, but some parts are crystal clear.

              At least one isotope of 115 – and possibly things around it on the same island or on ANOTHER island – have significant half-lives that allow them to be made and kept. But for the moment let’s assume the least form what he said – element 115, one isotope, is stable to the level that you could have 500 pounds of the stuff, either from the alien craft or made by our own methods. If we were making it, then that’s kinda big.

              (Kinda wondering if Chernobyl may have been a cover-up at this point….)

              The stuff has to have SOME kind of half-life and to be artificial, because we don’t find it naturally, ALTHOUGH it is possible that it could be stable and occur naturally in tiny amounts and that it was hidden by FAKE SCIENCE. But the easiest explanation is that supernova processes don’t make it, or that if they do, it decays to the point of being gone in solar system formation-level times.

              So he says the device involves a cyclotron. Those are used to accelerate IONS – has to be charged – although the aliens presumably have “neutral cyclotrons”, too, because they can manipulate gravity, but then that gets weird and again the EASIEST thing here is that they’re accelerating IONS. Probably a very specific ion that impacts that specific isotope of 115 to give some particular HIGHER unstable nucleus.

              Now – what is this unstable nucleus doing? Well, Lazar says antimatter is involved, but positrons are weak little shit – what if it emits an ANTIPROTON or something really radical like that, instead of fissioning? That allows a very controlled and very clean intermediary level of energy production.

              So perhaps the new nucleus is so close to some highly desirable combination of protons and neutrons (and “desirability” is hidden by the hidden science – sneaky!) that the fastest way for nature to kinetically “just fix this shit” is to create a proton-antiproton pair to patch the nucleus, and an antiproton skates off into space. Then THAT offers the HUGE downhill of not just a binding energy jiggle, but actually vanishing matter with the antimatter.

              In a sense, what you’ve done is sucked a PROTON out of the environment to patch the nucleus, but you did it backwards. Nucleus says “fix this shit now”, and the universe goes into proton debt. Then a REAL proton falls into a proton hole, and the universe says “thanks, bro – have some delayed energy!

              Or maybe the new nucleus has even MORE radical properties….. WOW.

              Need to see more Lazar stuff for more clues.

              Which would be why all these people talk about “vacuum energy” in connection to UFOs, disclosure, and all that stuff. It’s not really magical – you’re actually trading core mass on the universe for energy, but whatever. It works.

              And what if matter-antimatter reactions done properly can have GRAVITATIONAL OUTPUTS instead of just electromagnetic? Just throwing out possibilities now, because it’s all speculation. Or it’s just a lot of energy fed to another process that generates the gravitational effect.

              Yeah, I’m thinking a LOT of science has been hidden up in this range.

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              1. Same / different, different / same. 😀

                Eventually you get to the point that nothing should be its own thing, but not very useful! 😉

                More specifically, the DIFFERENCE is what is fascinating. How is gravity broken from electro-weak and strong? This should be basic physics now, and it would, IMO, if FAKE SCIENCE weren’t off on its assigned GOOSE-CHASES.

                Much is buried under FAKE SCIENCE. I’m sure that a lot of humans have wasted a lot of time looking at unification when the answers were RIGHT THERE, hidden from them to hide technology. But then hiding guns from criminals is not exactly unwise, is it?


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          2. In one of my classes, the professor, a PhD Christian who had served as a missionary, said something unforgettable: “MATTER IS ORGANIZED ENERGY.”

            We know the Origin and Organizer is GOD and it was commanded and created according to His Will and Genius!

            Every category of GOD’s creation in Genesis is followed by the words, ‘and it was so….and GOD saw that it was good.’

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              1. Remove GOD, the Divine, reject the Supreme Authority – then everything else is out of whack.

                Romans 1:18-32 summarizes the progression to depravity and perdition.

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    2. Thanks for posting this, Harry. I never paid any attention to this guy or the topic – the way he describes his feeling about the UFO topic is a bit like mine – not interested – the SCIENCE is what’s interesting. The problem is that without really understanding the CONSPIRACY aspects, all this stuff doesn’t really tie together.

      Now I understand so much more, and there can be more forgiveness. People were legitimately scared by all this stuff. GROUPS of people are easier to scare and make mistakes.

      So this makes me very happy, but it really does change things. It’s definitely great awakening stuff.

      BTW, “Q” never said that “Q” was his top clearance. Think about that. Who knows?

      ALL of this stuff is tied together. The RACE stuff. The SEX/Gender/TRANS stuff. The GLOBALISM stuff.

      OMG – and they have to test this stuff, too. It’s so X-Files. SOOOO X-Files.

      I mean, let’s think. Who is the “Council on Foreign Relations” really about? It’s not just about Earth, IMO. I will bet there are classification levels in there that deal with THEM.

      And then there is the spiritual stuff. THEY have to have beliefs, too, and THEY have to recognize the same stuff WE do about what’s REALLY important. Yeah, this stuff gets very messy.

      And ALL THE FIGHTING about this stuff has to be BEHIND THE SCENES – super-classified.

      Note that some of this stuff integrates very well with “conspiracy theory” idea from other sources.

      This stuff HAS to be part of the Great Awakening.

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      1. When Lazar first started talking to reporters, the feds tried to discredit him by saying he was “mentally unstable” and a “disgruntled ex-employee”.

        You know, the usual bullshit.
        If he hadn’t gone full bore and exposed his identity, told what he knew…then they probably would’ve ‘suicided’ him.

        I think the main reason the govt has tried so hard to keep this stuff secret…is because they figured the rest of the world would demand that we share it.

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        1. If you read some of the stuff, which is more credible, which HAS to be true, IMO, then the frigging aliens don’t even agree about sharing of stuff, or even “the stuff itself”. So – COUGH – “factions”. And of course, that gets into the spiritual stuff. Which has to do with design, and belief, and – yeah, messy.

          And then there is the “nativism problem”, which is the “awakening problem”, and….. yeah, all connected.

          LOL! I am kinda trusting the plan, and I think I understand why the curves can’t be too steep on some of this stuff. Too slow or too fast of revelations.

          Oh, LORDY! LOL! This ain’t my normal Saturday!

          I will tell you folks one thing. After seeing Lazar, and realizing all the little crap throughout my life that’s connected to all this stuff (including very early), then based on all the stuff I have NOT told you good people, I’m a damn zipper-mouth next to Lazar! Ha! I never felt so good about keeping mum in my life! But the nuclear stability secrecy stuff – that just needs to get deep-sixed. What the hell is going on there? We’ve really LOST a lot of scientific progress AND cooperation AND human understanding by some of the mistakes in our approach to this, IMO.

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          1. LMAO – all this racial bullshit makes sense now. In a complex way. Oh, Lordy! Now I feel privileged to have been abused and forced through the mind-fuck to actually confront the problem from a unique vantage point before everybody else.

            Symbolically, I envision all of humanity – black, white, brown, yellow, male, female – every political stripe there ever was – maybe Hitler, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King – standing around a UFO and throwing rocks at it. Not really to hurt anybody. Just as a form of letting out the pain.

            “BUT I DON’T *WANT* TO GO TO SCHOOL!”

            I feel like yelling at the pencil-necks “You FUCKERS didn’t have a plan for this? What kind of half-ass farm are you operating?”

            Fucking throw some pot seeds on the ground and see if it takes root.

            Yeah, forgiveness is a thing, but laughter is still the best medicine, and a good “Fuck you!” never hurts! 😀

            I’m having a real day here, people.

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          2. There’s also the scary side to this. He claims that two of the scientists tried to cut into one of the “boards” and were killed in an explosion so large that the government had to pass it off as an unannounced nuclear test in the desert.

            These people, especially back then, were tinkering with technology so advanced that they really could have caused an incredible amount of damage.

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            1. Yes. This is why I arm myself with Martin Luther King, Jr., and will not let go. I also arm myself with Isaac Asimov, although everybody seems to laugh at that!

              I will vote for Trump in 2020 for the same primary reason I voted for him in 2016. He is the peace choice, no matter what sorts of seductions and tricks are used to try to convince us otherwise.

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      2. “And then there is the spiritual stuff. THEY have to have beliefs, too, and THEY have to recognize the same stuff WE do about what’s REALLY important. Yeah, this stuff gets very messy.”

        And don’t forget that Christianity was split apart. The east-west feud was a combination power struggle, and diplomatic argument more than theological if you look at both sets of records. In the west, IMO, it was on purpose and started with a whisper campaign after St. Thomas Aquinas opened the door.

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        1. Religious fragmentation vs. unification is really the same problem as localism vs. globalism which is really the same problem as planetary independence / nativism vs. universalism, and the whole thing is really a rate problem. You can’t really have one without the other – you can’t really be one without being the other – and you don’t really want to deny either.

          But all of this gets into the uncomfortable subject of meddling vs. not meddling. No easy answers.

          No matter what, life is a gift. Every day I see that more and more.

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  7. Verse of the Day

    “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”
    Genesis 8:22 (KJV)

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      1. Hey, Weep – does that mean you got extra sleep – hope so – yes, Weep – blessed in so many ways I lost count – Hope yours will be blessed as well and as much – Love you – Hugs!!!

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          1. Good idea – I am trying – but, it is not working out – have some ‘adult’ kids (not necessarily all family) who are making it difficult – each one has his/her own agenda – you know – so just decided I would (as usual) go with the flow – and take my rest moments when I can –

            Smooches back…

            Liked by 2 people

      1. Oh, sorry – wheatie – I thought I did something wrong when I posted it – most times the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing – you know – lol – we certainly do not need two – sorry

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  8. Sometimes things can get away from you…

    That looks like a snapping turtle 👆…and those things Never Let Go.

    Liked by 10 people

        1. Good point..I was just being catty. But, I still think Tiffany is not a serious name…my guess it was Marla that selected it.
          I worked with the Miss A national pageant for about 20 years…you could pretty much tell the year someone was a contestant by the names. I’m sure teachers see the same as 8 Tiffany’s, 6 Candy’s, 4 Barbies, etc. are in the same class. LOL

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  9. Liked by 16 people

    1. Okay…I read (believe PM was the source) that Combetta gave the third server archived info a “Chinese-sounding” name but it wasn’t a Chinese company. True or not…it’s part of the very tangled mess.
      I hope it really proves to be the Chinese connection and can be used to bring the Clinton cabal down.
      Also, reading that Combetta was granted “blanket immunity “ (by whom?) and defiantly refuses to talk or cooperate with the AG, etc. i’m Wondering just how far this immunity extends…surely not in cases of treason.

      Liked by 9 people

      1. I wonder if the fact that he isn’t cooperating means his immunity can be revoked. Immunity usually means that you’re going to cooperate… also consider the possibility if they can’t “revoke” his immunity, then find new charges against him.

        Usually, if the person has not been completely honest and forthcoming, then it should end immunity. In Combetta’s case, it looks like he can say, “I gave it all to the FBI, not my fault if they didn’t use it.”

        OTOH, like you said, if what you did was treasonous – selling out our country to the Chinese, then there should be no immunity.

        Liked by 5 people

    2. Anyone know if this is true or just a RollCon confusing things.

      Posted on June 2, 2019 by user
      Paul Combetta of Platte River Networks home Raided?
      Paul Combetta home raided last night? Mr. Combetta of Platte River Networks sitting in handcuffs with his girlfriend/wife?
      This story started on the “chans” last night about 9 PM by an Anon that reportedly lives across the street from Mr Combetta.

      Liked by 4 people

    3. Unless they have proof China hacked the account or had the password, we do not know for sure if China is even involved. Good news is thanks to Combetta copying all Hillary’s emails to google cloud, NSA should have them too!!

      Liked by 3 people

    Michael Youssef, Ph.D.
    Aug 6, 2019

    In Matthew 22:37-38, Jesus spoke about loving the Lord with all your mind: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment.” Why is the mind so important?

    The mind is the seat of the intellect and determination. The mind is the seat of the will and commitment. The mind is the battlefield. When you win the battle in the mind, you have won the hardest part of the battle.

    The center of your thinking is the object of your worship.

    If you want to grow in intimacy with Jesus, it has to be a continuous, decisive act of the mind and will. If you leave loving Jesus up to your feelings, moods, or circumstances, which change and fluctuate, your love will waver. It has to be the priority of your thinking, your decision making, and all your dreams and longings. It must be the priority of your time, your energy, and even your money.

    When Jesus is the axle around which all the spokes of your priorities revolve, when He is the very center of your life, all other priorities will fall into place as everything begins to revolve around Him. When Jesus is at the center of the priority wheel, we will give Him the first fruit of the day—not the rotten, leftover fruit of our time and energy. We will make decisions with His will in mind rather than our own.
    What do your thoughts revolve around? The center of your thinking—whether Christ, self, or something else—is the object of your worship. Only as you prioritize His desires over your own will you truly begin to love Jesus with all your mind.

    As you become more dependent on Christ, the process of submitting your thoughts to Him will become more and more natural and joy-filled. As you partake in this act of worship, aligning your thoughts with His, He will be able to take you to new depths of intimacy with Him.

    Prayer: Lord, as I seek to love You more with my mind, help me to rely on Your strength rather than my own. Only You can renew my mind. May my thoughts and decisions be centered around You. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

    “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment” (Matthew 22:37-38).

    Liked by 14 people

        1. Saved to read and think carefully later. I’ve never detected any compromise, distortion or political slant of Scripture in Youssef’s writing/preaching. That’s rare.

          Liked by 3 people

      1. GA/FL, Eric Metaxas (on YT), did an interview w/ Michael Youssef which should still be available.
        The two of them did a interview for BBC, on BBC TBN, iirc, last year in which they discussed Michael’s book, The Third Jihad.
        BBC has harassed them both due to this interview, and Michael is still fighting them, at his own expense.
        hate speech, y’know.
        The Metaxas interview is v good.

        btw, Metaxas also did a pieced-together in studio interview with KT Hopkins which ended up being 1 1/2 hrs of delight. highly recommended.

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  11. The “nation of immigrants” argument always brought up by the left neglects the fact that even before there was a legal process for entry into the country the people who built the country came over prepared to work very hard to be a part of it and make it here.

    Many people came as indentured servants and virtually worked as slaves to build a life here and be a part of this country.

    Honoring this legacy means that we do not give what was so hard worked for and won to those who wish to take all they can from it, hate it, and wish to destroy it.

    Liked by 8 people

    1. LM my mother in law came here in 1920 and had to pay off her ship travel from Germany to NY.
      She worked as a maid had a half day off once a month . She was paid $25 a month. She later once her travel to NYC was paid off he worked as a cook and last she worked as a governess on 5th Avenue. There was much abuse along the way by rich people not providing food and maids got the left over food if any was left.
      She was look in the first years that the cooks were mostly German and would save some food for her.

      Liked by 2 people

  12. Charlotte NC – Crooked sheriff releases criminals to prevent ICE from deporting them!

    Liked by 5 people

    1. When these people commit crimes, or even when citizens experience pain and suffering as a result of their communities being less safe, might not the citizens be able to file class action suits against officials who break the law to aid and abet criminals?

      Shouldn’t such lawsuits be filed as a matter of patriotism?

      It is mind boggling to me that there does not seem to be a legal remedy in force which would have already dealt with officials who do things like this, but since there is not……money talks.

      Liked by 7 people

      1. I am not a lawyer, so genuinely wondering if the Mayor had to take an oath to uphold the law and chooses not to, could not that mayor be additionally sued for fraud and his personal assets attached?

        Liked by 5 people

    2. Shouldn’t he be arrested for obstructing justice and endangering lives? I think it would only take one or two high profile arrests to halt this lawlessness. Of course, just like Philadelphia where the black community taking to the streets to protest the arrest of the recent police shooter…it would undoubtedly be the same in Charlotte or whatever city. But, that’s the price we may have to pay to stop it.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Definitely and removed from office.

        As several QTroops reminded us, anyone taking an office in the USA must obey and uphold the law and US Constitution!!!

        If they do not – it is treason – and they should at least be removed from office, if not removed from the USA – permanently.

        Exile for treason is used so little lately.

        Flag burners and anthem kneelers should also be removed from US for 5 years, at least.

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  13. Propaganda takes priority over parents’ rights and judgment.

    Never mind, LBGTQ, etc. have the high incidence of STDs, pelvic injuries, infections, cancers, violence, relational instability, mental disorders, suicides and early death.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Think if I had a child in that system, the poor child would be sick on those days.
      Now, here’s the question…if students can “opt out” of saying the Pledge of Allegiance, can not participate in gym, can basically refuse on religious grounds for just about anything…why is it any different for parents not to opt out of this?
      I see class action suit here.

      Liked by 8 people

    2. Maryland schools are now going to be pushing this garbage as well. One more reason I’m glad I moved. I do have a young nephew and am concerned about him being brainwashed with this stuff. It’s really not a viable lifestyle and it should be criminal to push this agenda on young kids.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Same with Illinois. No doubt Washington State and many others will do the same. Our daughter is home-schooling. It’s a sacrifice, but there are numerous other families doing the same in N FL and there is an orchestra and many enrichment and group activity resources for the parents here.

        Liked by 4 people

    3. That district is or was one of the top districts in CA. Ive never seen any articles about this, just the one about the video. The board is hostile by the read in the article. Telling someone he’s wasting his time is the height of arrogance. That was a pretty conservative area. I guess the prigs took over the school board.

      Liked by 4 people


    Via Daily Wire:

    “Convicted pedophile and alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein reportedly had a $100,000 cement truck rushed to his mansion in the Virgin Islands late last year, just days before a bombshell report was published by the Miami Herald which ultimately led to his arrest.

    Epstein “got the Carmix 5.5 XL self-loading concrete mixer delivered to Little St. James on November 7 last year,” the Daily Mail reported. “Epstein was in such a hurry that he paid for the machine up front so it would arrive sooner — even though it meant being responsible if it got damaged in transit.”

    The timeline of events is important here, especially when taking into consideration other items that Epstein shipped to his other residences at times when he was facing legal troubles.”

    Let’s hope the FBI rises to the challenge and extracts all the forensic evidence on that sicko’s islands and media equipment.

    H/T –

    Why is Ghoul-grisly-laine Maxwell still walking around free as a bird?

    Liked by 3 people

  15. I believe that the President retweeting a Q account and General Flynn attending a Q related conference amount to an endorsement of Q (and/or Q “people”) that cannot and should not be ignored.

    Will Patriots attack the President and the General for reading and associating with anything Q related?

    We all get so much slander and slime from the left….even the lawfare that they have wrought has convicted and slimed the innocent while the guilty crow about it.

    It infuriates me to see General Flynn referred to as a “convicted felon” when the Clintons and their co-criminal conspirators remain at large.

    Q says, “WWG1WGA”.

    It was not we on the Q Tree who ostracized ourselves.

    In love I send this message to those who disagree with us about Q but who support the President…. this should no longer be something that divides us. 2020 is approaching quickly. And….our united voices can more strongly advocate for justice.

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Love Dr. Kate! She’s been in this battle for many many years.

      Here’s one of the important comments below her article. As this evil cabal gets exposed, this type of information becomes much more believable.

      True Patriot
      August 16, 2019 at 9:34 am

      Well fellow Patriots its actually fun to watch all of these Demonrats being exposed. I did not think I would live to see this unfold but I am thoroughly enjoying every bit of it.
      I wanted to say Im proud of my fellow Patriots as we are a strong group to help our Republic survive & as a fellow Birther from 2007 forward I devoted my life to aggressively trying to have Obama arrested & brought to justice. I simply could not understand why everywhere we turned the door was shut on our efforts to have him removed & arrested. The damage he has caused our nation & the entire world is beyond description.
      When I pass away I can die knowing we all bravely fought this injustice put on us by the Communist Party aka Demoncrats “Party of No God”. The extreme depth of their evil has reached & infiltrated every part of our culture & will take many years to restore civility & honor. I personally think the entire Demonrat Party should be in jail, along with the Rino Traitors who are just as bad, but now we are moving this country forward & it feels awesome
      I would like to share some info that is being wiped from the internet in regards to Pizzagate, Pedogate & Child Sex Trafficking. There is a virtual unknown woman by the name of Diana Jenkins , also goes by Sanela Diana Jenkins who is originally from Bosnia, married a very wealtky UK Barclay Banker named Jenkins & during her marriage she connected to the UK Royals & some Hollywood Celebs. She later divorced & moved to LA but has somehow remained out of the limelight. A few months ago Robert Downey Jr snapped & went on a rant naming her as the “Head Madame Globally” of Child Sex Trafficking for high profile Pedophiles both in Hollywood & in Political arenas. Radar Online, Hollywood Reporter & other gossip magazines refused to report it or pick up the story yet it turns out this woman has been running a global sex trafficking ring that reaches all the way back to the UK Royals. This evil woman has been heavily involved in starting a front group HUMAN RIGHTS PROJECT.ORG at UCLA in 2008. Pay attention to the date as this is when Illegal Usurper Fraud Obama was entering our WH, then in 2014 she founded RESTORE THE VILLAGES located in the Eastern Congo. At the same time Oprah was developing her African Girls Schools during these time frames as well. As with all things this wretched woman is the Head of the Snake of all Child Sex Trafficking Globally but is so secretly intertwined, all the powerful elites have been protecting her in all aspects of media, so none of us have heard of her, & had Downey Jr. not exposed her name we most likely would still not have heard of her yet she is the key to the entire spiderweb of evil. Just giving all of you a heads up that this Diana Jenkins was heavily connected to the Clinton Foundation funneling child sex trafficking $$ to Hillary. Keep in mind they all thought Hillary would win & none of this would ever be exposed as they were all in it together. This will make the Jeffrey Epstein case look like Kindergarden in the end. The NXIVM Sex Cult headed by Keith Raniere, Allison Mach and funded by Claire and Sara Bronfman .the Seagram’s heiresses. Kirsten Gillibrand’s Father has direct ties to NXIVM, so we are not even seeing the tip of the Iceberg. Stay vigilant Patriots & remember Diana Jenkins who lives in Malibu, California at present. She is the key to this entire Global Child Sex Trafficking, Baby Sales Empire of Evil. All of the gay couples in Hollywood have adopted babies as soon as they wanted them, Elton John, the degenerate Andy Cohen of Bravo TV, Crissy Teigen & John Legend who are Transgenders who can not produce children & many others. Where else are the instantly getting these little babies??? STAY ON THIS FOR THE SAKE OF ALL THESE LITTLE CHILDREN THEY HAVE NO VOICE WITHOUT US. It would be important to mention after exposing Diana Jenkins as the “Rosetta Stone of Child Sex Trafficking” all of a sudden Downey Jr. retracted his statements & hsi bank account strangely grew as his career had collapsed years ago. They think we are stupid, its right under our noses. Who supplied thos little children to Obama’s Hot Dog & Pizza parties on our Tax $$.

      Liked by 6 people

        1. And, according to one of the comments, this is fake news:

          ‘Robert Downery Jr. did not “blow the whistle” on a supposed “elite Hollywood pedophile ring,” despite an outrageous report. Gossip Cop can expose what’s going on with this misleading story.

          ‘The website Neon Nettle, which mixes real news and fake, is falsely blaring in a headline, “Robert Downey Jr. Blows the Whistle on Elite Hollywood Pedophile Ring.” The accompanying article begins, “Movie star Robert Downey Jr. has made a shocking revelation and lifted the lid on a major Hollywood pedophile ring that connects powerful Elites ‘all over the globe.’ The Iron Man star has gone on the record to expose a huge network of pedophilia, prostitution, and human trafficking that involves a whole host of, what he calls, ‘sick f*cks.’”

          ‘This is a complete lie. Downey has not “gone on the record” about anything related to pedophilia. If he had, media across the world would be covering it. But the only outlet making these assertions is this dubious site, which wrongly alleges, “Not only has he named some well known Hollywood celebrities, but he’s also ousted one of the most powerful people in America.” That’s also a lie Downey has not “ousted” anyone …’

          The comment goes on to say this started on CDAN:

          ‘The quotes to which the site refers are five-year-old comments from a blind-item gossip blog. At the time, unfounded rumors swirled on similar blogs that Downey could be behind the unsubstantiated posts, which were about alleged Hollywood sex scandals. It was never confirmed that the actor actually made any such comments, and no reputable press attributed the anonymous remarks to him. Now several years later, this outlet is not only using those old comments to unequivocally declare they were said by Downey, but is also further misrepresenting things by making readers think he only just this week made such claims.’

          Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you, NebraskaFilly…exactly the type of stream I was looking for…down in the trenches. It’s still a little early in the day on the left coast…I would imagine things won’t heat up until a bit later…but who knows..

        Liked by 2 people

  16. FTA: “Multiple Mississippi food processing plants raided by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency last week “willfully” hired hundreds of illegal aliens over Americans, federal prosecutors say.

    Last week, ICE agents conducted the largest workplace raid in more than a decade across seven food processing plants in Mississippi, netting the arrests of 680 illegal aliens. That same day, though, ICE officials said they released about 300 of the illegal workers back into the U.S. on “humanitarian grounds.” More than 200 of the illegal workers had prior criminal records.

    ICE officials and federal prosecutors have continued to say that the employers and owners at P H Food Inc., Koch Foods, A&B Inc., Peco Foods, and Pearl River Foods — the plants raided — are under criminal investigation for their involvement in hiring illegal aliens and thus they cannot comment further on specifics.

    Federal affidavits released this week, though, provide insight into the illegal business operations occurring in plain sight for years at the various Mississippi plants where illegal aliens were regularly hired over Americans, some of which said they were never told to provide documents proving their legality.”

    Liked by 3 people

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