My Dinner With Andrew

I must be in a retro mood.

This last day started off – late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning – with my little TOM PETTY rant.

Scammin’ Me

Thanks to our QTreeper realsauce who posted a great Tom Petty video, Won’t Back Down, here: LINK: Suddenly I remembered one of my FAVORITE videos of all times – the one where Tom Petty understood FAKE NEWS, FAKE ENTERTAINMENT, FAKE SCIENCE and FAKE HISTORY literally DECADES before we did. Here are the original lyrics, …

Wolf, August 15, 2019

It didn’t end there. Thursday night, I thought about doing ANOTHER “audio visual” production like it, using another great song. However, I stopped myself. I knew it WASN’T ENOUGH.

Yes, it would have been powerful, but it was not going to WIN. It was not getting DEEP ENOUGH on the problem. Not deep enough to MAKE THIS MOVEMENT SUCCEED. And I believe that each of us needs to FIND WHAT IT IS that we can do to make this movement WIN and WIN BIGLY.

Maybe I’ll come back and do that musical “meme-stream” someday. But not tonight.

There is something welling up in me – a kind of urge to scream FUCK YOU at the people who have screwed up this world by TAKING what was not theirs – who used not only RIDICULE, but DECEPTION and TRICKERY to grab the steering world of this planet and drive it into a kind of ongoing TRAIN WRECK, from which, instead of accepting their own mistakes, they merely demanded MORE POWER and MORE CONTROL.

Do you know what I’m saying? What I am feeling is RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION.

This isn’t merely an intellectual argument – it’s a CULTURAL ARGUMENT – an EMOTIONAL ARGUMENT – even a SELF-CRITICAL ARGUMENT – an argument grounded in our FAILURE to engage the enemy – an enemy which mocks us from the TRASH HEAP of their own mistakes.

These people deserve FAR WORSE than what we have the RIGHT to do – which is to THROW THEIR ASSES off of their trash heap of not just mistakes, but LIES, TRICKS, and CRIMES – and FORCE THEM to help us clean it all up.

THERE. Now that I’ve GOTTEN THAT OUT – it’s time for STORK to BITCHSLAP MY ASS.

Now – I could put that in the hilarious context of the original movie, and THAT is, indeed, part of the answer.

But let’s not go there yet. Someday, perhaps, in a full post. The cultural deconstruction of Animal House over time is a great way to look at both cultural Marxism and reaction to it, as BOTH are embodied in the film. And THAT is something we need to understand. But not right now.

Tonight, I was going through replies in my notifications, and thinkthinkthink pointed out a video which is, ultimately, the whole point of this post.

This is a STILL from the video. Clicking on it won’t make it play. Nevertheless, the image is worth a closer look in zoom.

If there is NO OTHER 1-hour video that you watch this year, then I would recommend that THIS BE THE ONE.

This is possibly the SMARTEST discussion on the right since the 2016 primaries.

What you have here are two of the GREATEST intellects and culture warriors on our side not quite agreeing on things – maybe even not quite getting each other. What results is FAR, FAR BETTER than if they were just high-fiving each other in total understanding. They are trying to convince each other of two perspectives of the SAME THING, and what that paints is a STEREOSCOPIC PICTURE of a NEUTRON BOMB for WINNING THE CULTURE WAR.

What that thing is, is CORE ANDREW BREITBART. Eventually, Bannon actually brings up Breitbart, and recommends Righteous Indignation as the must-read book for this moment, and particularly for a deep understanding of cultural Marxism.

There was a film back in the day – My Dinner with Andre – that was one of those artworks you never forget. This was 1981 – three years after Animal House. The movie is just two people talking about things that have nothing to do with the setting, so you have to use your imagination to tap into the RICHNESS of what they are talking about. AND IT WORKS – in a huge way.

There is a person you never see – central to the discussion – who is like the THIRD STAR. Not exactly a new technique – both Shakespeare and Hitchcock loved it. But when the cast is this small, it has a wonderful effect. It is DEEPLY SATISFYING.

THIS video of Candace and Steve has the same effect. And what is even more wonderful, is that – along with the “stars” of this video, you get to “discover” that the je ne sais quoi they are trying to put their finger on actually IS Andrew Breitbart himself.

WE NEED ANDREW. And we need him NOW.

NOW – before I make everybody RUN AWAY in horror, thinking this video is merely some kind of “rightstream intellectual art flick bullshit“, let me confidently estimate that there are HUNDREDS of game-changing and actionable political ideas here, that will make a huge difference in winning not just 2020, but 2024 and 2028. So THIS NEEDS TO BE WATCHED. By as many people on our side as possible.

But savor it. You don’t see stuff like this every day.

It’s bizarre as hell. These two geniuses could be talking on a park bench in New York City, a dock in Florida, or a picnic table in Wyoming. The setting doesn’t matter. Yeah, the border figures into some of what they talk about, but ignore it. The TRUTH of what they’re saying – especially toward the END – is amazing.

Bon appétit!


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  1. Is this not about be who you are? So this is my post! I use to think I was someone… and then I searched to be someone…. and now I’m perfectly content to be no one!🥳 Why? Because I know who I am!🦋 AND since I’m almost 49 yrs old everyone who knows me by now should know me!🥳 If you don’t that’s on you since I will never pretend I’m different then I am ever again!🥳🦋

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    1. “Be who you are, not who somebody else wants you to be” was one of the most important lessons of my life. Sadly, I learned it the hard way. But I learned it! And with plenty of time left to enjoy the correctness.

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      1. I was an outcast from grade school on. I learned to defend myself at the tender age of four when I took down a bully in pre-school. This was much to the amusement of the adults involved. When he tried to hurt me as he had all the other girls, I knocked him flat. Realize that I was a pint size pixie, the smallest of my age group, but tough as nails even then.

        Except for trying to please my parents, I have ALWAYS been myself. I also foundat an early age that other ‘Outcasts’ make the best friends.

        Being comfortable in your own skin and NOT WILLING to compromise your core values, makes you very difficult to ‘manage’ when ‘management’ wants you to do something unethical. As a result I switched companies A LOT!

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        1. I hear you Gail … no such thing as being on the “outside” looking in .. individual mindset keeps you sane and determined …

          … I never fit in .. but I never considered it an issue .. 🤨🤚❤️‼️‼️❤️❤️

          Love your story ❤️‼️❤️‼️❤️‼️ .. preschool … awesome 🤨👍❤️‼️

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        2. Gail my husband says you’re a genius on a whole different level so it feels super good that I get you and you get me!🥳

          What you said about companies and management really helped me at this time since I’ve gone thru what you’ve gone thru and I’ve always wondered why!😐 It’s brought me so much anxiety that now I’m fearful to even go back to work! 😢 I’ve always been such a hard worker… trustworthy… honest… a great communicator… all about those we serve… but for some reason it always bites me in the ass and I don’t want to do differently… then because I’m so sensitive to the energy of others (and every time I find out eventually it’s due to them not being honest) it ends up affecting my health. It’s so frustrating! Specially since I always look at myself first and take it personally! However, your post helped me see why it’s so important to me that I no longer just take any job but wait til I find the right fit because obviously I can’t be anyone but me!

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    2. drillerwife
      “Is this not about be who you are? So this is my post! I use to think I was someone… and then I searched to be someone…. and now I’m perfectly content to be no one!🥳 Why? Because I know who I am!🦋 AND since I’m almost 49 yrs old everyone who knows me by now should know me!🥳 If you don’t that’s on you since I will never pretend I’m different then I am ever again!🥳🦋”
      How insightful drillerwife and what a good place to be “You are God’s beloved.”
      Peace and Love

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    3. More directly to the point, your idea of BEING OURSELVES is a KEY to winning the culture war for our side.

      One of the ADVANTAGES of independence is that we can all – each of us – rush to the point of maximum effect, based on both the needs of the moment and our ability to respond, as seen from our own perspective. TRUTH ITSELF guides us.

      The fact that this is so powerful – being ourselves, properly examined – is reflected by the various attacks on the “tea party” during 2010-2016 by Democrat infiltration trolls. The “ROLCON” troublemakers on the old Tea Party Connection social media site were constantly trying to “organize” people into useless and premature coherence. I learned much from their attacks. Indeed, it was a kind of “learned resistance” to their manipulations that led to the TRUMP MOVEMENT.

      I AM WHAT I AM. Learning to live with that, and appreciating it – not allowing myself to be pushed, dragged, enticed, or TRICKED off of it – has been key to success.

      SECONDLY – helping others to do the same – to be themselves more STRONGLY – has AMPLIFIED all gains.

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      1. Well said Wolfmoon! It’s interesting because I grew up in a very religious home and had a lot of pressure put on me to present the picture of a perfect Christian family… yet I was known as the “rebel”… all because no matter how hard I tried I had to be me… now I feel so proud of myself which has helped me embrace my individuality!

        I think I’m learning to trust God more because I see how often our flaws… our needs not getting met… hard times helps many embrace “better” things… if we hadn’t gone through all that we wouldn’t have been ready for Trump! On top of it him helping us embrace who we are has allowed this movement to continue getting stronger… because once you stop being silenced and stop allowing yourself to be shamed… and instead live strongly and freely being you it’s too addicting to ever go back!🥳

        Thank you for providing a place that makes us well aware we are not alone in this beautiful time where it’s bringing out our best selves!❤️

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        1. drillerwife God always provides what we need.

          I am much older than you are and I wish I had known what I know today when I was in my fifties.
          Tonight I realized I have to much and it is a burden. I give away but it seems just a little dent is made.
          Simplicity is my goal that is were the treasurers are 🙂

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          1. Singingsoul no wonder your soul sings!🥳😍 we’ve been realizing the same thing! It’s become too much pressure and it’s slowly killing us! Driller is gonna take some time off (he’s lost his time off for many years by working so hard)… and I’m done taking any job just to get chewed up and spit out… my son is 27 yrs old and met the woman God intended for him… we all work too hard to never get ahead… so we’re gonna figure out how to live more simply… I read your reply and we all felt it was confirmation that we need to change our direction because it’s time to stop existing and start living! Thank you for your wisdom!❤️

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    4. Always be who YOU want to be, not what someone else wants you to be. It’s not always an easy task, especially with the judgmentalism that most people have no trouble expressing whether it is their business or not.

      People, mostly women, have said to me why don’t you wear pants, cut your hair, wear athletic shoes for everyday wear, give up music (since it’s ruining your life), etc.

      I am not them, and they are not me. End of discussion. And please note that I don’t say anything about living conditions, locations, dressing like a slob all the time, etc.

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  2. Aww…I was hoping to see Candice in a jeep driving up that mountain.

    Good video!
    I cringed when Bannon used the term ‘crony capitalism’, though.

    It hurts my ears when I hear conservatives use that term.

    The term ‘crony capitalism’ was invented by the commie Left for the purpose of demonizing Capitalism.
    It’s a bullshit term!

    Okay…can someone explain to me the difference between cronyism that happens under capitalism…and the cronyism that happens under socialism or communism?

    There *is* no difference.
    It’s all just…cronyism!

    The term ‘crony capitalism’ implies that ‘cronyism only happens under capitalism’.
    Which is a lie!

    Cronyism happens under All forms of government.
    Cronyism happens under Monarchies.

    Cronyism has been around…forever.
    Back when Ogg the head caveman gave preference to his buddies, over other cavemen…that was cronyism.

    And here’s what gets me the most about the term ‘crony capitalism’…

    Capitalism is Merit-Based.
    The customer gets to decide which products and services have Merit…and base their purchasing on that Merit.
    Capitalism is a meritocracy, where the best products and services survive.

    Cronyism is basically corruption and is a matter of ‘who you know’.
    With cronyism…products and services that are not the best, get to survive by the artifice of favoritism rather than on merit.

    So Cronyism is the Opposite of Capitalism.

    The term ‘crony capitalism’ is like saying “dry water” or “cold sunshine”.

    Sorry for the rant.
    It’s just that…when we use the term ‘crony capitalism’, we are helping the commies to demonize capitalism.

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    1. “Capitalism is merit based” imho that is the overarching value of Capitalism. That’s where all it’s vitality derives from…many, many minds deciding versus a select few. There are abuses but no other system comes close.

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      1. Free Markets are merit based.

        Capital is just the tool in ANY economy, including communist/socialist/fascist/mercantilist/corporatist.
        Only in a Free Market can capital be efficiently used, because of its broad ownership.

        In fact the word “Capitalism” does only peripherally describe a Free Market.

        By the Way: A real Free Market needs a Free society and vice versa.

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        1. Where are the free markets in a free society to be found? That is an ideal that has been replaced by PDJT with fair trade to preserve and grow our Constitutional Republic.

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      1. Rush is right about that!

        When Tony Snow was sitting in for Rush one time, back in the 90s…I listened to him railing against the term ‘crony capitalism’.

        I had never heard it before.
        But Tony had noticed it…and was saying “Look at this new term that the liberals have made up.”

        He pointed out that they had made it up, to demonize Capitalism.
        Which is true.

        After that, the term sort of disappeared for awhile.
        But it has been brought back.
        And it makes me bang my head on the wall when I hear conservatives use it.

        I miss Tony Snow.

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        1. TONY SNOW! You’ve just thrown a million dollars of CRACK at my current “retro” addiction! 😀

          Oh, Snow was a good one. Very few people just make conservatism FRESH and SENSIBLE and NORMAL without even saying a word. Just knowing Tony Snow was going to address a topic meant there was a sane way to look at something.

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    2. wheatietoo,

      The USA has not had laissez faire CAPITALISM in 100 years!!!

      As E. M. Smith said, “…even more folks think Corporations must be laissez faire machines and tools of the Evil Right Wing; when the reality is that they are much more useful to the Third Way Socialists of the world… and make much more stable profits under them….”

      “We’ve now got a “Progressive” and a “Third Way” government that IS a form of Socialism…

      FDR and Wilson both had high praise for The Third Way and you can see how they shifted America from a ‘free market’ toward “Third Way” government – corporation “cooperation” … It was this same process / tendency that Ike warned about in the “Military Industrial Complex” speech…

      …Corporations are very happy under a Socialist Third Way / Progressive / Market Socialism / Fascist / “Government regulated Coopetition” (whatever you name you like to apply to the same beast) system. They are not very happy with wide open competitive markets….”

      In other words America’s socialist/progressives ARE the REAL FASCISTS!!!

      Mother Jones in the 1995 article Dwayne’s World explains how Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) works the ‘system’. Dwayne was THE biggist donor to both the Democrats AND Republicans and therfore got the laws past that took out ADMs competition and put $$$ in the Corporate piggy bank. Think sugar vs high fructose corn syrup, think BIO-FUELS!

      I do not have the original 1995 article but motley Fool has this 2005 article.
      Can ADM Spin Crops Into Gold?

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      1. Gail Combs
        In true socialism that leads to communism being corporation is not a happy place to be because all is owned by the government and the corporate leaders will be like the worker in the end, serves to the cause.
        Sure it is a happy place when it is socialism at first and the upper crust siphons all the profits. That will not last long because the government will not allow the siphon by private citizens because the government wants to siphon off.
        All the delusional young people who believe free all is free nothing is free they will find out. Everything has a price we can see it in our culture.
        For every action is a counter action maybe not see today but eventually it is see.

        I believe the problem with many corporations is they are not truly US or Truly European they are International and have no loyalty to anyone except themselves and their stock holders.
        Many who are CEO in the corporations are not necessarily US educated or lived their youth in another country. They do not bring Christian ethics with them and profit at any cost overrides human sacrifices made by those who help produce the product or those they leave behind without a job wen they move on.

        Greed is the underlying problem and that does not go away in a socialist or communist country one has different actors who come up from the bottom to the top and are just as ruthless or even more so.
        You have a good understanding but many young people do not because the system wants it that way to reach their goal.

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    3. … GREAT rant .. love it, spot on wheatie .. 😉❤️‼️ … it helped me understand what that undercurrent. .. cronyism .. is. I knew I did not like it but didn’t know why .. it felt wrong ..

      THANK YOU .. ❤️‼️

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    4. I never liked that term either. I’ve used crony corporatism though when trying to distinguish a difference and remove the thought that capitalism is a negative. People don’t get it though. Maybe it’s also a wrong headed term.

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      1. I’m not going to say cronyism of any sort is wrong headed. Really what it is is incestuous. For some job some time ago, I used to keep tabs on who was on what corporate board in town. There were two lists: the Catholics and everyone else. They were all on each others boards, and most were members of a local group called “Civic Progress.” There really wasn’t much deviation.

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        1. LOL, sounds typical. Usually people who run in a pack will only think of those they know from the pack, and Promote them for the boards.

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    5. I’m not disagreeing with you 😉

      But to add a little more to the discussion, the term “capitalism” was originally invented by the Marxists as a pejorative to refer to free markets.

      It’s only b/c there’s been so much defense of free markets (and so many failures of socialism) that we were able to recover the word “capitalism” to have a positive meaning.

      So that’s why they adjectivize “capitalism” b/c they’re desperate to recover a pejorative with an economic system that they don’t understand and hate.

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          1. At some point……I’ll be drifting over here more, if you know what I mean…. Also, I want to find an additional way for you and I to keep in touch…I’m on Twatter, Gab, there, and Merica’s…..You on twatter or gab?

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              1. go into your personal settings on Gab, there’s somewhere where you can set up for an email to be sent to you, if somebody commented, or followed, or whatever.

                That’s how I’ve been handling my gab for a while. Sure wish Trump would move from Twatter!!!! If we could get him on Gab…lot would leave twatter!!

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              1. Well, I did establish an account over there…..but haven’t done anything with it….Right now I would probably use my Gab.
                Right now I trust them more.

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              2. Parler is a place with a lot of good people that are on the edge of awakening. With just a little regular posting of good content you can influence a good sized population as they are good about share/repost. Seems worth getting a following just for that.

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              3. Good to know think-X3….Maybe I’ll get over there more quickly with that knowledge. (still trying to save the savable!! wink!)

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  3. Two great minds and two great spirits.

    Steve has Bannon charm and Candace has Owens charm.

    And they actually LISTENED to each other! When do you EVER see that?

    Between them, a sometimes harshly stark appraisal of things, respectively, but their very presence and engagement instills confidence and hope.

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    1. YES! Bannon and Owens fighting over how to view the HOUSE OF COMMIES / HOUSE OF JIHAD loss in 2018 was marvelous. LIGHT, LIGHT, LIGHT!!!

      This is the same fight we have here – a fight that I keep on the front burner. We need confidence, but we need realism, too.

      Very much hope that Trump’s inner circle extracts every possible bit of WINNING out of this thing. Actually, I am thinking they DID SO ALREADY, and we are just catching up!!!

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  4. DP…oh my, you are so correct…we have a veritable feast presented for our education and enjoyment…and it’s still early morning!
    I have so many videos, articles, links, comments to absorb after the busy day ahead is over and I can escape to my favorite spot and learn, learn.
    Thanks to ALL of the writers for sharing your experiences, research and thoughts with us…I am forever grateful.

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  5. I’m about 15 minutes into it and since my city came up, and at one point, I was on the periphery of the building of the tech infrastructure and ecosystem that is yielding tech entrepreneurship around here, I am going to in a way disagree with Bannon on the building issues.

    Entrepreneurship and neighborhood renaissance in the cities works best and is most effective when it is not planned from above, but has entrepreneurs who are willing to act as anchors and central businesses for the comeback. They have to be willing to stick out the first few years no matter how rough it gets. That’s how various pockets in STL city and eastern midcounty revived. The people at the top – government, chamber of commerce, etc., – were NOT involved. And generally, the business in question was a restaurant or bar that was unique.

    Unfortunately, civic “leaders” like to mettle. And that’s when we get into trouble. I’m hearing the concept of investment dollars from Bannon and would like to know what that entails, what strings are attached, etc., before making an assessment of the idea.

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  6. About 30 minutes in and Bannon is ranting on Wall Street, etc. Their god, idol, etc., is money. That’s it. That’s what it is all about. There’s no loyalty to the nation or the people from the bankers. None. People here know this and realize it. And “they” had to destroy the culture in order to destroy the nation.

    I’m not sure about millennials being a great generation without high paying manufacturing jobs, but they are not going to be able to retire early, that’s for sure.

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    1. I’m not sure of the actual mindset of this guy, but he has some very strong background in specific criticisms of Wall Street. He also is of the opinion that we could do away with that system via a well thought out blockchain currency that is tied to read property and business assets.

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    2. My daughter found a good paying job with a Swiss company in CT and then the company was bought out by an American company. They bought her out and she stayed home with her teenage daughter for 2 years.
      Last year she got a job with a German company and they were bought out this year by another German Company. She would love to work for an American Company but they do not pay her enough and the benefits are not as good.

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  7. It’s true.
    This might be the best Candace O. clip ever.

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  8. For many years I refused to watch My Dinner With Andre. Something about the aura around the movie just put me off. My refusal was totally irrational, but there you go. Such is life.

    But when Wolf referred to the movie, and AFTER I saw Bannon/Owens, I decided to see if it was available to watch for free (highly doubtful).

    The movie IS available for free on YT. But to “pay” for watching free, you have to endure the ridiculous swirling stars surrounding the movie, put there (I am guessing) to try to get you to pay to remove the distraction by buying the actual movie.

    For many reasons, this movie is one of the best I have ever watched. I am grateful I watched it in 2019 because it would have been over my head not too many years ago. It is not now. Plus, in some respects, what is discussed has almost prescient relevance to 2019, although the movie goes way beyond 2019 or 1981.

    Using the movie as an analogy to Owens/Bannon is sheer genius. Wolf is literally the only human being on the planet who could have understood this (OK, maybe there might be a 8 more out of 7 billion who could have seen the connection).

    The beautiful irony in Wolf’s post is that his analogy of Bannon/Owens to My Dinner With Andre is a perfect reflection of both the movie and the discussion. What do we do?

    Do we, and by we I am going to say OUR SIDE, “get” “it.” That is not an arrogant question, it is an existential question.

    Bannon and Owens are doubtful, and they may be right. And they do not agree themselves, although, like Andre and Wally, they TOTALLY get the stakes.

    The movie is 1 hour and 33 minutes, and will be off-putting to many, understandably. I think to key is sympathy.

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    1. Thanks for your comments! I have forgotten so much about this movie, even having seen it twice or more back in the day. I will watch it again – thanks for this link!

      IIRC, BOTH Siskel and Ebert loved it. I just remember feeling wonderful after watching it, every time.

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      1. YW! There are a thousand things to say about this movie, and the philosophical questions they implicitly discuss touch on so much.

        There is a point about 3/4 thru where Andre makes a statement which could be read on QTH every single day, although the movie is much more than that.

        But I was wondering about your “third person” remark, and could not figure that out on one watching.

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        1. Yes – that statement – I just dropped out of the movie to post “OMG – Andre said……” – *jaw drops* – talk about BRILLIANT – who would have thought – my only question now is whether that was a lucky prediction or an act of social unconscious prescience – a kind of group thought accurately seeing the future and spoken by one writer through one actor.

          And yes – the movie is much, much more than that.

          For me, the third person is Andre’s Polish friend Jerzy who starts him on that road of discovery. Even though he vanishes from Andre’s story, for the most part, he never really leaves. And to me, that is the way Breitbart is. He never really leaves. We are all – LITERALLY – Breitbart now. A completely different way of looking at information.

          And how can we say anything different than that we are all Christ now? I am utterly convinced that Christ understood all of this stuff. All of these fragments – the things spoken and unspoken. He understood the totality of the implications of Judaic thought. He understood theories of reality that are only coming into popular scientific conception now. To me it makes the difference between being a Christian and a Jew meaningless, at least for me. But I cannot watch this movie and not be left without all of reality plowed up and turned over like black soil, waiting for something new to grow.

          Culture is upstream from politics, but recycling politics into culture to win at politics has robbed us of vibrant culture and profound thought. If there was anything that I could indict Marxism for, it would be the murder of culture for the sake of politics. And yet I think it’s obvious that the question of how to shake up reality to SEE reality is part OF reality.

          Q – the movie. I can imagine “My Dinner With Wolf”, where I talk like I am now, and implicate Sundance for making me see Q and talk about alien technology like a madman, but it’s not mad when you finally see it.

          Life is a gift. And we are privileged to be part of the Great Awakening. Absolutely privileged.

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          1. Wolf, your comments recently have got me thinking.
            It seems that all art, all creatively, can’t help but propagate the TRUTHs of the universe.

            Because TRUTH is woven into the very fabric of existence in fractal, holographic form.
            Can’t stop the signal Mel.

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      2. Also, I meant to clarify! When I said Owens and Bannon are “doubtful,” I was referring to doubtful whether the Republicans and establishment “conservatives” understand the war we are in. We at QTH definitely “get it” (both words separately and together), including the spiritual nature of what we are in.

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          1. I cued the movie (I hope) at the point where Andre says something which would get 100% approval here. It lasts about 5 minutes:

            If I did not do this right, it begins about 1 hour and 4 minutes.

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            1. Yes – you’ve now spotted the LARGER conversation and the extremely important finish. It helps to hear Wally’s earlier “Everest / NY cigar store” set-up proposition (1:04). But THEN Andre provides an absolutely STUNNING prediction of “TRANS” – where people actually pay money (albeit they try to get others to help foot the bill) to be castrated. It sounds ludicrous at THAT time, but now? It sounds IRONIC – and worse yet, that people do it to their kids.

              But THEN – as you say (around 1:07) – Andre basically describes what is behind it. And OMG – yes.

              But remember – this sounded ludicrous in 1981, with REAGAN just taking office.

              Two people talking deeply and honestly simply has the power to SHAKE UP our worldview. Just in the same way that 3 or 4 BOTS who talk in “allowed fashion” can REVERSE THAT and try to settle us onto “The View”.

              Liked by 2 people

              1. Starting at 1:04 was exactly where I thought I cued it up, but when I failed with the video, I cited the stunning explanation mark. IOW the set-up WAS important.

                There are a thousand things in this movie worth discussing, not the least of which were the brief sights of Manhattan in the beginning of the movie, sights which were absolutely faithful to my memory of Manhattan in the 70’s.

                But just to take your last point and try to place it into a different context, one which might fit in to DWA.

                Have you ever seen a movie everyone raved about, and it was garbage? I mean garbage as a movie.

                Or you went to a restaurant which everyone raved about, and it was garbage, as a restaurant?

                But you could “see” what everyone was raving about, and it was NOT the movie and NOT the restaurant, it was the raving.

                They were raving about the raving.

                This is why IMO in one respect (of many) that Gregory kept alluding to the Nazis. They were “in touch.” Albee made this point in his play “Equus,” although in a far different context. Gregory is making the same point: “real” life, and raving about raving. But I am talking about the character Gregory, not the real Gregory.

                Three or four bots can rave. Then we have The View, and we think we are discussing actual existence, which of course we are because it IS raving and it IS actually happening and some people DO attribute significance to it, and it is therefore actual existence, and yet complete nonsense, or evil.

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              2. Love it! “The hype train”, as it is sometimes called. And THAT is how we circle our interests into our own “prison camps” – because eventually the self-referential crowds out everything else.

                Fascinating universe. I think one of the reasons that I love Trump is that I’m sure he gets all this, but he never lets on, knowing, perhaps, that THIS is the only true escape.

                What a SLY character. The most interesting guy at the party, IMO, by doing everything not to be that guy.

                “No – he is definitely Chance the Gardner. Yes, he’s a billionaire, but he hasn’t a clue – trust me. He is NOT Batman!” They nod , exchange cards, and walk away from each other. A twinkle in Trump’s eye in the distance, if you look just right, but nothing that could ever PROVE my theory. 😀

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