News Roundup! Lies, Lies & More Lies About the Economic Train, Video With Wilbur Ross & Peter Navarro, Germany’s Economy Is Drowning, Philadelphia Shooter Surrendered, PM Trudeau Is In Some Serious Trouble…..

The talking heads decided that yesterday was the day they would take their BS guns and point them at our Economic Train.

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The Economic Train today decided to throw a MOAB on their collective heads. Our LION came out and put a BIG SMILE on her face!


I decided to wait to right this because a major economic indicator was going to be released earlier today.

Here is the definition used to indicate when a country is in a recession.

Well here is the data!

From the article linked above:

The advance estimate for U.S. retail sales came in at $523.5 billion in July, an increase of 0.7% (±0.5%) and more than double the consensus forecast.

Prior Revised Consensus Forecast Forecast Range Actual
Retail Sales – M/M ∆ 0.4% 0.3% 0.3% -0.3% to 0.5% 0.7%
Retail Sales less autos – M/M ∆ 0.4% 0.3% 0.4% -0.2% to 0.6% 1.0%
Less Autos & Gas – M/M ∆ 0.7% 0.6% 0.5% 0.4% to 0.5% 0.9%
Control Group – M/M ∆ 0.7% 0.3% 0.3% to 0.3% 1.0%

In another indication of strong consumer spending, U.S. retail sales are 3.4% (±0.7%) above July 2018. Total sales for May 2019 to July 2019 were up 3.3% (±0.5%) from the same period a year ago.

Retail trade sales were up 0.6% (±0.5%) from June 2019, and 3.4% (±0.7%) a year ago.

Non store retailers were up 16.0% (±1.4%) and miscellaneous stores were up 6.0% (±4.6%) from last year.

From the article linked above:

The New York Federal Reserve’s Empire State Manufacturing Survey unexpectedly ticked slightly higher (0.5) in August to 4.5, beating the forecast. New orders increased after two straight months of declines.

Prior Consensus Forecast Forecast Range Actual
General Business Conditions Index – Level 4.3 2.5 -2.5  to 6.0 4.8 

The new orders index climbed back above zero to 6.7. The shipments index increased slightly to 9.3. Unfilled orders fell for a third straight month, while delivery times were steady and inventories rose for the first time since April.

70% of our quarterly and annually real GDP rate comes from consumer spending.

For the MORONS that are wishing for the worst for our economy, this right here is why you will never ever achieve your dreams.


From the article linked above:

Monthly reports on the number of new jobs and the unemployment rate can drown out important trends like these two: After four decades of worsening, wage inequality has started shrinking. And in a twist, America’s blue-collar workers are playing the biggest role in driving that reversal.

This may come as a surprise, because education is classically seen as a ladder up the income scale. Despite blue-collar workers often lacking college degrees, their wages have been accelerating faster than those of their white-collar counterparts.

For example: In the past three years, white-collar workers, the sector that the Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies as “Management, Professional, and Related Occupations” and which encompasses 40% of the workforce, have seen their wages grow by nearly 7.5%. During the same period, all other workers, a group composed almost entirely of noncollege grads, have seen their paychecks grow by about 10 percent. 

Moreover, that wage jump has reached not just traditional working-class mainstays, where men make up the majority. It also has reached many workers in women-dominated blue-collar jobs — for example, health support workers and personal care workers. 

From the article linked above:

Big picture: The steady pace of consumer spending at local retail stores and Internet sites is a reassuring sign for a U.S. economy that’s facing mounting hurdles, particularly a festering trade dispute with China that’s sent Wall Street stocks tumbling. Economic growth has slowed around the world and that could also spell trouble at home.

The saving grace for the economy is a healthy labor market and low unemployment rate that’s given households enough confidence to spend at levels sufficient to keep the U.S. out of recession.



Our KILLERS know the truth!

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross appeared (in studio) on CNBC to discuss the current state of the U.S. economy, the ongoing issues with communist China, the ‘next step’ trade tariffs and the situation in Hong Kong.

I can listen to Peter Navarro speak all day and night! He is an ASSASSIN. He has had his eyes on China for a very long time.

He appeared on Fox News to discuss the status of the U.S-China trade negotiations and the reason for a USTR delay on some product tariffs.

Keep the following in mind about Wall Street and the Federal reserve.

50% of all companies manufacturing in China are U.S. owned multinational corporations. Those companies don’t want tariffs to succeed in disrupting their supply chain. As a consequence those Wall St. Corps also don’t want lower U.S. Fed interest rates designed to combat China’s currency devaluation.

Lets take a look at the most powerful economy in Europe. Germany is as close as one can be to a damn RECESSION!



From the article linked above:

A decline in exports dampened growth, according to official data, which comes amid concerns of a global slowdown.

Gross domestic product (GDP) fell by 0.1% compared with the previous quarter, according to the Federal Statistics Office.

That takes the annual growth rate down to 0.4%.

Germany, Europe’s largest economy, narrowly avoided a recession last year.

In other news, the armed standoff between Philadelphia police and a suspect who shot six officers ended shortly after midnight when Maurice Hill, 36, a local man with a lengthy history of gun convictions, surrendered to authorities.

From the article linked above:

Police sources identified the gunman in a standoff at a Tioga apartment building that left six police officers injured as Maurice Hill, 36, a Philadelphia man with a lengthy history of gun convictions and of resisting attempts to bring him to justice.

After Hill’s surrender, Johnson said in an interview with CBS3 that Hill called him around 8:30 p.m. on his personal phone “in a panic.”

“I told him, ‘you gotta surrender, man,’” said Johnson, who added that he has known Hill for about a decade.

Public records show that he has been arrested about a dozen times since turning 18, and convicted six times on charges that involved illegal possession of guns, drug dealing, and aggravated assault. He has been in and out of prison; the longest sentence handed him came in 2010, when a federal judge gave him a 55-month term.

And, his record would indicate, he does not like to go to prison. In 2008, he was convicted of escaping, fleeing from police, and resisting arrest. Along the way, he beat criminal charges on everything from kidnapping to attempted murder.

The POS from Canada was slapped across the face with reality yesterday. This comes with only two months left before Canada votes on their next PM.

The Canadian Office of Ethics completed their investigation of PM Justin Trudeau and whether he inappropriately used his office to influence and pressure the Canadian Attorney General to drop criminal charges against a political ally and donor, SNC-Lavalin.

Section 9 of the Canadian Ethics Act prohibits “public office holders from using their position to seek to influence a decision of another person so as to further their own private interests or those of their relatives or friends, or to improperly further another person’s private interests.”

The investigation found:

Prime Minister Trudeau used his position of authority over Ms. Wilson‑Raybould [AG] to seek to influence, both directly and indirectly, her decision on whether she should overrule the Director of Public Prosecutions’ decision not to invite SNC-Lavalin to enter into negotiations towards a remediation agreement.

Therefore, I find that Mr. Trudeau contravened section 9 of the Act.”

The POS ran to the cameras to defend himself.

The MSM in Canada absolutely loves the POS. They will do everything in their power to cover for him. The people of Canada will ultimately have to choose on October 21st. They better choose wisely.

Meanwhile, we will never lose under PDJT!



119 thoughts on “News Roundup! Lies, Lies & More Lies About the Economic Train, Video With Wilbur Ross & Peter Navarro, Germany’s Economy Is Drowning, Philadelphia Shooter Surrendered, PM Trudeau Is In Some Serious Trouble…..

  1. Thanks Flep!!! 🙂

    I love them having to walk back the recession talk. 😀

    Ahhh Germany. What are we going to do with you. (family again in German ‘No every things fine.’)

    Three other great things happening:

    1) Israeli Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib Will Be Denied Entry to Israeli!!!!

    2) Where Is Xi Jinping? China’s Top Communist MIA in Hong Kong Struggle

    3) Trudeau Eyebrows Are innocent

    Liked by 16 people

    1. No, everything’s not fine in “Beautiful Downtown Deutschland”.

      And the Süd-Süd-Südöänders are making it all the worse. Add to that the Greens (Watermelons: Green on the outside, RED on the inside) and their “Saint Greta the Greenhearted”, who are trying to kill the German auto industry, and basically ALL industry in Germany, and we won’t just be having a recession over here, we will be having a depression, or even complete fiscal collapse.

      And all the time, Merde-Kuh is fiddling (or mooing) while Germany burns…

      One good point, though, is the AfD are getting more and more candidates in Parliament, and with the two state elections coming up, the globalists are getting extremely worried, as the AfD (our Deplorables) are leading in the polls…

      Liked by 4 people

  2. Thanks so much Flep…………….

    you presented a K.O. to the Cabal’s LIE of recession ………………………….

    Keep on fighting these evil liars………………………..

    We appreciate all that you do.

    Liked by 14 people

      1. Any doubt he’s a mooselimb?

        The image posted around on the facebook group for the Majlis Ash Shura Islamic center reads “Join the rally against racist Phila police officers” it reads in large font, with “Those in service to us making terrorist and racist threats against muslims or blacks on social media or elsewhere! We will not stand for this!” on the side.

        This posting was made just a few hours before the armed standoff began:

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  3. But…but…but, Fabulous Flep – The stock market has been FALLING all week – is this why we are hearing the ‘Recession Talk’? Maybe – but, we know the ‘Fake News’ is always looking to blame President Trump for something.

    Wonder if President Trump is going to blame the Federal Reserve for the downturn in the market…touting we need to lower rates, again – what do you think?

    Great News RoundUp, Flep – you were waiting – while we were waiting for you – lol – glad we waited – Thanks!

    God Bless You for all you do to present the ‘Real Financial and Daily News’!

    You are reporting the ‘Good News’, and we are loving it!

    Liked by 11 people

    1. Duchess01 the stock market and Wall Street are completely detached from MAGAnomics. The market and the multinational corporations DON’T want to see the Fed cut interests rates because it will spur more economic wealth into our country. More businesses will be formed and there will be additional expansion of current corporations. That is a killer for them because 50% of their businesses are aligned with China.

      America’s success KILLS their bottom line. They want us to be destroyed because it will allow them to reap the financial benefits. Our President is killing the fed and rightfully so because he understands this dynamic. If they continue to cut rates, the more AMERICA will benefit.

      Liked by 10 people

      1. Oh, I hear you, Boss – just saying – because the LSM is so weak-minded – all they see is the Stock Market tanking

        I love the way you explain things – it is so simple – but, the left is so robotic-minded – if it is not in their ‘script’ – they do not spew it out – I doubt if any of them would understand what you have written above – because they do not see the truth – sad, tho’ – some people believe them – and are in a panic…

        Thanks so much – for spelling it all out so well – I have a few people to whom I want to send it – * Smile *

        Liked by 5 people

      2. “They want us to be destroyed because it will allow them to reap the financial benefits. Our President is killing the fed and rightfully so because he understands this dynamic. ”


        It sounds like the U.S.-owned multi-nationals are leaving us no option but to codify and pass laws against ECONOMIC TREASON.

        If “Economic Security is National Security” (as SD always says, quoting or paraphrasing DJT), then by definition, subverting American Economic Security is subverting American National Security.

        It is Treason.

        So get ‘er done.

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        1. Laws like this could be used to club the CoC over the head with. They could also be used to constrain future subversive and treasonous presidents like Hussein, to prevent them from making bogus ‘trade’ deals designed (clearly and obviously) to do economic damage to America.

          See something, say something.

          Hey, Hussein is driving our economy over a cliff!

          Arrest that Kenyan!

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        From the article linked above:

        WASHINGTON—American shoppers gave the U.S. economy a solid boost in July, a counter to weakness in the manufacturing sector and Wall Street jitters about faltering growth.

        Retail sales, a measure of purchases at stores, restaurants and online, climbed a seasonally adjusted 0.7% in July from a month earlier, the Commerce Department said Thursday.

        The robust report—the strongest reading since March and a sign that American consumers remain a source of fuel for the economy—is a positive signal for the U.S. amid warning signs of a global economic slowdown. (link)

        From the article linked above:

        Walmart (WMT) beat expectations on both the top and bottom lines for its second quarter. The world’s largest retailer also boosted its fiscal 2020 adjusted EPS and same-store sales forecast. Walmart shares soared 5% as of market open Thursday. (read more)

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        1. Even our incredible President understands how important Walmart is!

          Liked by 3 people


    GE shares tank more than 13% after Madoff whistleblower calls it a ‘bigger fraud than Enron’

    John Melloy | @JOHNMELLOY Kate Rooney | @KR00NEY


    – General Electric shares fall after Madoff whistleblower Harry Markopolos targets the conglomerate in a new report, calling it “a bigger fraud than Enron.”

    – The 175-page report claims GE was hiding the depths of its financial problems and would need to significantly raise its insurance reserves. It also points out alleged accounting issues with its oil and gas unit.

    – “My team has spent the past 7 months analyzing GE’s accounting and we believe the $38 Billion in fraud we’ve come across is merely the tip of the iceberg,” Markopolos says in the report.

    – Markopolos says he has given the report to securities regulators and that certain information he has uncovered was given to law enforcement only, and is not in the public report.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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    1. I can’t find my notes on Immelt, but this comment From:
      Honorable native of Kekistan

      Sums it up nicely.

      General Electric is in the process of moving its 115-year-old X-Ray Division from Waukesha, Wis. to Beijing, China.

      In addition to moving it’s divisional headquarters, the company will invest more than $2 billion in China and train more than 65 engineers and create six new research centers. This is the same GE that made $5.1 billion in the United States last year,but paid no US taxes – the same company that employs more people overseas than it does in the United States. So let’s get this straight:

      Obama appointed GE Chairman Jeff Immelt to head his commission on new job creation (job czar). Immelt was supposed to help create more than a million new jobs in three years. I guess Obama forgot to tell him in which country he was supposed to create those jobs.

      If this doesn’t show you the total lack of leadership of this President, I don’t know what does.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. No wonder they are in financial trouble – shame on them – for listening to that dork – wonder what PT thinks about this – they would not have to train engineers here – we have many talented people…

        Thanks for the info, Gail – sad they are moving – but now – not sorry for their troubles – just the people who will suffer from their bad decisions…

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    1. Liked by 10 people

            1. Who knows, Linda? These women are con artists – mentally unstable, hateful woman – but, you are correct – they could have done this on purpose to disparage Israel – ‘rats, foiled again’ – too bad – it did not work…

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    2. And they’re whining about having to cancel their trip to Israel. They seem to have forgotten that two years ago Israel passed a law banning entry to anyone who promotes a boycott of their country. They both recently called for a boycott of Israel.

      Two idiots.

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  5. Liked by 11 people

    1. This is another factor that the Wall Street folks are petrified about. Americans are prospering. especially those that have blue collar jobs. Blacks and Hispanics are waking up to this fact each and every single day. It is their worse nightmare.

      Liked by 12 people

    2. Gotta love it. The media claims that Pres. Trump’s improvement in his ratings are due to Dem’s poor performance rather than Pres. Trump’s good performance.

      Always a spin, isn’t there.

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  6. Kingpins of The Caribbean

    August 15, 2019
    from Corey’s Digs

    Epstein is not the first kingpin of the Caribbean. In fact, there were many before him. This is the hidden history of CIA black ops in the Caribbean – from No Name Key to Norman’s Cay to Disney’s Castaway Cay and beyond.

    Operation 40

    Operation 40, a CIA sponsored hit squad in the 1960s, was a “mixed group of Cuban exiles, Italian wise guys, and square-jawed military intelligence types.” Created under Eisenhower in March 1960, controlled under VP Nixon, and funded by George HW Bush, this secretive team has been implicated in the assassination of JFK, CIA drug trafficking, Watergate and even the 9/11 cover up. Taken in a Mexico City nightclub in 1963, this is the only known picture of the original members of Operation 40.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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  7. Awesome news roundup Flep,I love that President Trump has seen that to break up the EU break Germany.
    After Brexit the EU is totally screwed,November 1st cant get here soon enough.
    All these NWO people are broke in spirit and we can thank Trump.
    We are blessed to have such an awesome news report,it’s always the things that matter and nothing to ever be redacted later,just honest reporting every American should be getting.

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  8. Pastor Marty is back ! newest video, here…

    earlier vid Plans To take Out Trump 2020 was shut down…but you can’t keep a good man down for long…


    Liked by 9 people

          1. He sure is – there you go – manufacture a recession to take out President Trump – second attack from big tech – silence our voices – he has his finger on the pulse, smiley!

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  9. Jeffrey Epstein, The FBI And The Uncomfortable Reality Of Conspiracy Theories

    August 15, 2019
    by Patrick J. McShay, SGT Report

    Less than two weeks ago the Washington Post reported that the FBI had identified conspiracy theories, especially those espoused by QAnon, as a “domestic terrorism threat”.

    Just two years ago anyone saying that Barack Obama directed his FBI and Department of Justice to spy on the Trump campaign and later the Trump administration would be considered a “crazy conspiracy theorist”.

    I wrote that very thing back then and look where we are today! If there was any real justice in America the Kenyan should have been sharing a cell with Epstein.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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        1. Computers controling equipment is IDIOTIC!!!

          A customer found out his car would not start when parked in the RDU Airport garage — too much steel and concrete meant the SATELLITE link allowing his car to start was cut off.

          Worse China has HACKED US satellites.



          2014: Chinese hack U.S. weather systems, satellite network … November 12, 2014


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  11. Video: Residents Harass, Throw Objects at Philly Police Leaving Scene of Shootout

    August 15, 2019
    by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News

    After a wild standoff and shootout that left six cops wounded in Philadelphia, residents pelted objects and shouted obscenities at some of the officers involved.

    Video footage shows officers leaving the scene of the shootout, only to be physically confronted, laughed at and verbally abused by onlookers.

    Bear in mind that the suspect, 36-year-old Maurice Hill, had a lengthy history of gun convictions, was being served a warrant related to a drug offense and could easily have killed some of the cops involved.

    The officers were heckled and laughed at as they walked through the crowd, with one woman pushing a cop and calling him a “bitch ass ni**a.”

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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    1. Gunner and a buddy were caught by our local police attempting to toilet paper a cheerleader’s house, might have been 8th grade.
      Police brought them home in a Patrol car.
      Of course, I gave the boys the toilet paper and told them which route to take as to not get caught. Instead, they strolled right by the police station while the Police guys were out back grilling burgers. Whoops.
      And the Asst Chief who caught them said, “Gunner is that you? And Holden too?”, his buddy was the son of the court clerk.
      So, the boys had to apologize – formally.
      They came home from school the next day and I baked a pretty coconut cake. One boy carried the cake, the other carried plates/cake knife/forks/napkins….. and off they went down the street to the Police Station.
      The boys met everyone, apologized, mea culpa, shook the Chief’s officer’s hands, and brought back the dirty dishes.

      Those boys grumbled like hell when they left here………. came home thrilled. They had new friends.

      It starts with the moms and dads. Kids mimic their parents.

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        1. She sold them out and sent them into a trap. THEN everyone got tomake nice and become friends.
          Years ago when my stepson was this age he was being a total husband had a good friend who was a cop but he and stepson didn’t know each other. The cop “ arrested” him, took him to station, fingerprints, and then an hour in lockup(on his own, not a shared cell). Very penitent boy when picked up by his dad who “talked” the cop into letting him go.

          Liked by 1 person

        1. We can thank OH! Bummer and Holder for the disrespect of law enforcement.

          The blood of more than one police officer coats these two and many other DemonRats!


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  12. Flep, sweet pea, just want you to know…..
    With all the screaming of pundits yesterday, all the lies from Retail Assoc., and Shoe Sellers assoc., I could hear you screaming all the way to the Mississippi River!!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 7 people

        1. I hope they do, even though I suspect she was victimised as a child and groomed for this.shes prob seen every attempt to escape or bring these degenerates to justice go down in flames. Rock and a hard place for her

          Liked by 2 people

  13. NYU Medical Professor: Epstein Death ‘More Likely’ A ‘Homicide Than A Suicide’

    August 15, 2019
    by Ryan Saavedra, Daily Wire

    Dr. Marc Siegel told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” on Thursday that the recent revelation that convicted sex offender and alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein had certain broken bones in his neck make it more likely that his death was a homicide and not a suicide, based on statistics.

    The Fox News segment came in response to The Washington Post reporting late on Wednesday night that Epstein’s autopsy found that he sustained multiple breaks in his neck bones, which “deepen[ed] the mystery about the circumstances around his death.”

    “Among the bones broken in Epstein’s neck was the hyoid bone, which in men is near the Adam’s apple,” The Post added. “Such breaks can occur in those who hang themselves, particularly if they are older, according to forensics experts and studies on the subject. But they are more common in victims of homicide by strangulation, the experts said.”

    “The hyoid bone in the neck being fractured and other fractures in the neck, make it more likely, and again, this is a percentage call, more likely that it was a homicide than a suicide,” Siegel, who is a Professor of Medicine at New York University School of Medicine, told Fox News.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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  14. Americans fighting back against leftist discrimination!!!

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    1. I love that the prima donans are refused entry into Israel. They run around this country like they’re something special, and the MSM gives them all this nice coverage – in the real world, especially a country like Israel, they get no special privileges.

      Let them screech.

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  15. FBI Orchestrated Terror Plots to Frame Patsies as White Nationalist Terrorists (Video)

    August 15, 2019
    by Kurt Nimmo, Another Day in the Empire

    Now that distrust of government narratives—the prime example being 9/11—make you a far rightwing white nationalist terrorist, according to the FBI, let’s look at what we can expect in the weeks and months ahead.

    The FBI, America’s secret political police, is known for arranging fake terror attacks to alarm the public and keep the war on terror moving along and dominating headlines. Recall the case of Jerry Drake Varnell, a 23-year-old diagnosed schizophrenic, the FBI tried to turn into a rightwing terrorist back in 2017.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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  16. Flep, this one goes in your basket.

    Bwwaahhahaaa, poor ole Dem Communists have nothing. July consumer sentiment blows past expectations and Trump hit 51% approval in Zogby Poll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dems can’t win…. 49% of Hispanics and 28% of Blacks approve.

    “President Trump continues to score well with younger Millennial voters aged 18-29 (46% approve/50% disapprove) and Generation Z voters aged 18-24 (44% approve/53% disapprove). Usually, Trump does best with voters over 50, but in our latest poll, he is receiving solid support from voters under 50–a majority of Generation X voters aged 30-49 approved of Trump’s job as president (51% approve/49% disapprove).

    The President also received a good approval rating with voters aged 25-54; he received a majority job approval rating from older Millennial voters aged 25-34 (52% approve/47% disapprove) and middle aged voters aged 35-54 (52% approve/46% disapprove). Among the oldest voters surveyed-aged 65+ and 70+ , Trump’s job approval rebounded (57% approve/42% disapprove and 62% approve/38% disapprove, respectively). As per usual, the president did well with men (58% approve/41% disapprove) and he continued to improve his support with all women (44% approve/53% disapprove).”

    I love it.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. I’ll keep saying it. POTUS is stronger than ever, and far stronger than in 2016. The Democrats are weaker… in 2016, they still had the glow of Obama lighting their way, and Hillary, while flawed in our eyes, was still a credible torch bearer for them.

      It’s a brand new ball game now, and POTUS has the winnamins which makes people want to be on board with a winner. He’s got more than just incumbency going for him. Those rallies? 11,000 expected tonight in New Hampshire? – People want to be part of that – they love seeing their President and being part of the shining moment in our history.

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  17. That Maurice Hill business, (shooter in Philadelphia) I can’t get it out of my head this guy was stage dressing for Kamala Harris (read that as orchestrated). Hearing about corruption with Philly police, the lawyer in contact with the shooter, and then Kamala keeping her scheduled spot on a prominent news show so she could talk gun control live during the action when she should of gotten pushed off for breaking news sort of makes me think about her involvement with the Jussie Smollet affair. How much time will this guy actually do? Will the felon even care? Too easy to set up, too much convenience and notice for her where it counts. The tide keeps going in and out too fast to focus much on this, so just leaving you with the thought.

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