20190815 Rally Thread for Manchester, NH

Picking up on Wolfie’s theme, we’re ready for the “Rally of Midway”! We’re midway through the month and August has been HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! I did note, at 3:00am central time, when I began to put together the rally thread, it was a pleasant 58 degrees in Manchester. Hopefully our group won’t get too hot today!

RSBN Link, they are already broadcasting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lO4DUg0Fe_M&feature=youtu.be

And we have this link from RSBN for the rally itself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuj9baeOmxg&feature=youtu.be

Golden State Times Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LA5GHbL5gCo

Today, President Trump travels to Manchester, NH, SNHU university. Arena holds 11K people and even the media expects a “sellout”. Of course, tickets are free.

Local CBS affiliate out of Boston, WBZ, is reporting Trump Supporters in line 36hrs prior to the speech. Link

The article (from CBS Boston, WBZ) has a typical biased tilt, giving equal space to Trump Supporters and “protesters”, exaggerating the image of protesters and intentionally misleading the public. And naturally, there are baseless “racist ” digs against the President and his supporters.

WBZ Political Analyst Jon Keller says New Hampshire is an important State for Trump. “It’s a state that in theory should be tailor-made for the Trump reelection campaign,” Keller said. “The economy is strong, it’s an overwhelmingly white state, but the numbers lately out of New Hampshire have not been good for Donald Trump.”

Newsflash – According to US census data, all states are “overwhelmingly white”. NH is 1.7% black/93.2% white. My state, for instance, is 37.8% black/59.1 % white, and has the largest “black population” by demo. Link

The unmistakable inference from MSM/Dems = Skin color is supposed to determine how we vote.

Yet, skin color didn’t determine how we voted in 2008 nor 2012. Did it? Gee whiz, are the Dems worried about losing portions of their base? Today, the threats, fear, and sharp rhetoric across media are more disturbing than ever before. Must be incredibly confusing for black citizens – to be falsely portrayed as disloyal to heritage for disagreeing on policies. I wonder if conservatives in Hollywood, or those working in big tech, feel the same way? We know the answer.

Nonetheless, Trump supporters are excited about tonight. Meet Karen, she is the first in line for the Trump Rally this evening.

Crowd was growing by 7:00am this morning in Manchester, NH.

From WMUR, local in NH, an interview with Trump Supporters and an update from local police. Streets will begin being blocked at 2:00pm and doors open at 4:00pm.


From WBZ, many people there already:

Blanche is there and she is ready to go!

Is EVERYONE a racist?

Grab a cup of covfefe and ge on the road!!!!!!! It’s Rally DAY!

492 thoughts on “20190815 Rally Thread for Manchester, NH

        1. IMHO, that Rolling Stones song is perfect for ending a Trump Rally…
          No, you can’t always get what you want
          You can’t always get what you want
          You can’t always get what you want
          But if you try sometime you find
          You get what you need.

          ^^^ Fundamentally spot on message. ^^^

          Never give in. Never give up. Never quit.

          ^^^ We get what we need!

          BRILLIANT messages. Me thinks.

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    1. be glad it’s not NBC 😉 I’m following along here, and I’ll watch a replay later with headphones when “others” go to bed. decided that dealing with TDS tonight was too much for me. some days are easier than others, depending on how I feel.

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    1. So obvious…energy is power for the country having energy and exploiting energy.

      Over the decades Sauidi’s and ME countries beat over the US over our heads over oil.

      Ditto Venezuela, Mexico for awhile, UK IIRC…

      So fricken obvious the power energy providers wield. Yet over the decades NO President saw the obvious answer…EXPLOIT America’s energy sources.
      Just as obvious as the stoopid trade deals every President signed, Congress approved…bought and paid for by Wall Street, US Chamber of Commerce, Globalists…

      For decades Americans were deceived and duped…

      President Trump single handed turning this around.

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  1. We won’t let them take it away from you – they shattered our trade – around the world – politicians came to your state pretending to represent you – then, they went to Washington – and shipped jobs overseas – wrecked manufacturing!!! We have turned that all around – every vow that politicians made was broken – every promise turned into a betrayal of everyone here in NH – we don’t play games – we stand up for our jobs – our workers – and standing up for our dignity!!!

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  2. So maybe POTUS rallies should have a medical assistance area set up? With volunteer medical personnel? Or pay for a couple staffed ambulances outside?
    Just thinking …

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        1. Hi wolfmoon1776!
          It’s actually me, Concerned Virginian!
          I mis-spelled my own moniker, lol. Fingers going too fast! Sorry.


  3. Our industries were entirely decimated – Globalism ruined our chances – as long as I am President – America will never bow to another country – ensure every American can live in safety and peace!!!

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  4. OMG – VSGPOTUS gets what is wrong with BOARDS. Very few people understand the COMMUNIST influence on boards – not so much by ringers, but by pushing dupes who front useful narratives. INEXPERIENCED.

    “Diversity Dupes.” How you DUMB DOWN A BOARD FOR THE KILL.

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  5. Politicians talked to you and told you they would defend the worker
    Went to Washington, talked to foreign countries, sold out.
    Time after time
    With us,

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    1. WSB….If you get this…I am looking for you…I’m on my WP Reader, so reach out either at Marica’s blog, or Wolf’s August 19,2019 Open thread.

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        1. I hope I didn’t miss you….You need to read my post from like 5amCDT…..changes for phc darlin.I posted a goofy rooster pic.that wants coffee…..then a couple posts below.

          And if you’re still in the area phc is on reading right now……

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    2. WSB !!! Come back…….You flew through so fast you didn’t get my message!!! I’m just going to post here what I posted early this morning…ALSO, I need another way to get ahold of you. I know you’re busy….but…
      and it’s now almost 5:30pmCDT on Mon. (Aug. 19th) and phc is drifting in and out, and reading some, if you wanted to leave a message, or he was reading like 3 min. ago!

      I’m going to go ahead and throw this out there this morning, for everyone…..PHC is getting ready to spend more time on what he calls his “Drip”…..(MEDS) He’s not been on them but maybe only part time up until this time…..

      So, he most likely will begin to pulling back on actually posting time….starting today….(This is his decision.)….so, we will just continue on….cause you never know when he might be reading……but generally… pain control, over time, becomes a balance……more time of his Drip…..will mean less time commenting. It is hard to type loaded off your azz!!!! (Some days , it’s hard to type for me, stone, cold, no-med- sober! And I had typing class in high school !LOL!)

      So…..let’s carry on team….we have others who also need “our special brand of magic” that comes from this site……but wanted to give all a heads-up…..so maybe, we won’t be quite so demanding phc participate….BUT also, to remind all….
      he might be reading…..(so no talking behind his back.(dang it!) , Or telling secrets that we might not want him to read!!!! HA!)

      He’s been sneaky like that sometimes already!!!Which some times you might have noticed I repeatedly get more demanding in telling him to GO TO SLEEP!

      So…..happy to answer any questions, within reason, feel free……AND Will be providing status updates….as available……Just wanted to go ahead and do this…Syl is aware I believe….but they’ve connected differently than some…so…let’s cut her some slack for a bit too.

      Syl, darlin’, thought it might be easier for me to announce this…..We ALL love him…..but I’ve done this stuff all my working career, so, made an Executive decision.

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