Share Your Current Theories on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Departure”

All things Epstein invited here, but ESPECIALLY what you think happened or is going on.


Time to Party like it’s 1992!

279 thoughts on “Share Your Current Theories on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Departure”

  1. “Share Your Current Theories on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Departure””


    I’m thinking it was Ms. Scarlet, in the Conservatory, with the rope.

    [my apologies if someone already guessed that]

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  2. I haven’t read the other posts yet, but this is most cynical and Machiavellian possibility I’ve come up with.

    A) the government, thanks to the NSA and search warrants, already had all the information they needed, so Epstein had nothing to bargain with, and the prosecutors didn’t need him

    B) as far as prosecutors are concerned, he deserves the death penalty

    C) so why not use him as bait, to get whoever orders the hit on murder-for-hire charges

    So do something really stupid, like putting Epstein in one of the most corrupt correctional facilities in the country, and see how long it takes for someone to kill him.

    You have the NSA monitoring everything, all the time, anyway (if they intercepted Nellie Ohr’s coded Hamm radio messages, they’ve got EVERYTHING…), you just sit back and listen for Clinton or Soros or Hussein or whomever to give the order to an underling, and then the underling to the next crook, and so on, all the way to the killer inside the prison.

    Or you do it backwards.

    How hard can it be, when you the target (Epstein), you control the setting (the prison), there is a short window of opportunity (I’m surprised he lasted a month), and you know all the possible suspects (Clinton, Soros, Hussein and their entire network of pedo lackeys).

    Wait for the killer to strike. It WAS captured on video, regardless of what they tell us.

    Once you know who the killer is — which they knew immediately, I’m sure they watched it happen — the NSA follows every communication the killer received (email, recorded phone calls, lawyer visits, etc.), and does the same ‘trace’ for everyone on the same floor as the prisoner, in case the orders came from another prisoner who was in contact with the outside.

    Follow the lines of communication right up the chain to the person who ordered the hit. Any of the probable suspects should already be under constant FISA surveillance anyway, so there are multiple angles to pursue, to get to the source.

    This way, they save taxpayers the cost of a lengthy trial and prison sentence, Epstein is dead, and whoever ordered the hit gets a bonus of going down for premeditated contract murder.

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      1. AND it would work well to convince Maxwell and Chandler to TALK FAST to score plastic surgery & Witness proptection…

        Keep digging, Anons.

        Look up Ray.Chandler.
        None are safe.

        Maxwell has ‘disappeared’ and I have heard nothing of Chandler. They are mostly likely the Epstein and Child Handlers for the Pupper Masters and more imporatnt than Epstein.

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        1. Can somebody be MK’d to kill himself?

          Seems a bit of a stretch, or at least a major technical challenge, unless the subject already has some kind of death wish.

          But if you are a puppet master, and Epstein is a major player in your “puppet string” operation, or at least the faceman and marketing guy, who samples the merchandise so the “customers”, (candidate puppets), know what is available, it sure would be useful if he came with his own built-in self-destruct switch, that could be activated by verbal command, through prison walls, as it were.

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          1. I believe, based on observation of cases where I am of the opinion that the people WERE subject to individual MK, that SOME people can be programmed to commit suicide, but it has to be something that is ALLOWED by both SHORT-TERM DESIRE and a LACK of of LONG-TERM INHIBITORS. Satanists, the death-obsessed, those who have sexualized death, etc., are particularly subject to suicide, just like they are useful for murder.

            Note that COMMISSION OF A CRIME UNDER MK followed by “allowed realization” plus any programming to encourage suicide as an escape can create the necessary mental state to overcome weak defenses against suicide.

            A HARD BLOCK on suicide is possible by a DEEP belief in God and theology forbidding suicide. This will typically divert the outcome to something else.

            There are other, cruder (but still somewhat ingenious) ways to induce suicide, but they are subject to the same sorts of blocks and inhibitors. The Google whistleblower forces my hand on this. To protect witnesses and whistlebowers, I need to raise their paranoia levels sufficiently to protect them from real dangers.

            The Google whistleblower is aware of the fact that Google and the Deep State want a “mental illness” narrative. What he may or may not realize is that there are chemical means to induce states remarkably close to normal organic mental illness. Indeed, it becomes something of a moot point whether it actually is or isn’t mental illness, but the TRAJECTORY is different when induced chemically. If it can be limited to a single assault, the prognosis for a swift (weeks to low months) recovery is good. That dirty secret needs to be understood, as well as how to deal with it. The Deep State, of course, will try to get an evaluation within that time-frame. This is one of the best ways to discredit a target.

            KNOWING that one has been chemically assaulted, and that it WILL end in recovery, is a strong tool to withstand the assault.

            Some of these agents begin acting quickly – within MINUTES for certain acute effects. I have good speculations on what classes of substances are used, but nothing proven. In general, they seem to mimic biological pathways of the organic mental diseases they induce, but not exactly, by necessity.

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            1. Thanks!

              For various reasons, I’m particularly interested in the Google whistleblowers and their continued physical and mental health.

              So that part of your answer was serendipitous! More than I was hoping for!

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    1. Scott’s theory of using Epstein as bait makes sense to me, but it presents a problem.

      To my knowledge, there is no legal mechanism that allows an officer of the law to use a US citizen as bait, no matter what the citizen has done. Indeed, we have a Constitutional prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment of guilty citizens that would preclude using Epstein in this manner.

      PDJT has been meticulous in staying within the bounds of the law in his quest to clean up the Deep State, as he must be if, in the future, we are to be ruled by laws rather than men.

      For this reason, I think Epstein was tried and executed some time ago. This episode was staged to explain his disappearance, and to show the black hats that there is a new sheriff in town.

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      1. Trump wouldn’t go along with the bait thing, I agree. I disagree with Trump’s quest to clean up the deep state. I no longer believe he wants to do any such thing. He refuses to take any action against them when he has a chance. He wouldn’t even release the declass information to the public. He rarely if ever talks about draining the swamp anymore, only economic stuff & a little about immigration. This is not how I imagined a Trump administration would be like. I fully expected the Clintons to be in prison by the end of 2017. The DoJ could have been cleaned up in 60 days. Instead of bringing in his outsiders, his “killers” he talked about during the campaign, he used beltway hacks who all back stabbed him. He takes advice from his enemies, & Tweets about it when they screw him over. SMH This crap is still going on today.

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        1. That’s a bit of an Eeyore perspective, but I can see how there is evidence that supports it.

          I think the job is taking longer than you estimate because it is inherently very difficult.

          How do you clean up the government and restore the rule of law when two of your most powerful tools, Main Justice and FBI, are hopelessly corrupted, full both of active conspirators and of “sleeper agents” who come highly recommended and whose record seems clean, but who backstab or go inert when put into important positions of trust.

          It’s a chicken-and-egg problem, and he is working on it very successfully. But it is taking longer than we would like, and even substantially longer than was part of the Plan.

          No battle plan survives contact with the enemy, and this enemy has a lot of resources (albeit not as many as in January 2017 !! ) and is both determined and has a lot of animal cunning and ruthlessness. The enemy has employed delaying tactics and other countermeasures very successfully. I’ve written here recently the Plan might have been delayed by as much as a year. This is due to Müller, to sleepers, to the machinations of the Senate intelligence committee, and to other factors.

          But around the time Herr Müller, A.K.A. Sideshow Bob, released the Weissman dossier this spring, Q promised things would go a lot faster, and they have. Last month, following Sideshow Bob’s pathetic swan song, Q promised that things would go faster yet, and this also has been true.

          As for running on cleaning up the government, events have reached a point where he would prefer for him and his team to do it, rather than to talk about it. And he refers to it happening in his tweets, rather than make more promises about it.

          Also, he hasn’t needed to keep running on draining the swamp explicitly, since there has been Q to keep us informed. And it is MUCH more effective for us to inform our own families, friends, and acquaintances, and make memes and tweet and retweet them, than for him to talk about the fight against the Deep State.

          I hope this allays your fears.

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          1. Trump 2024. Trump 2028. After watching Don Jr., I’m thinking we could really make Deep State’s diminishing future a kind of hell on Earth for those devils. They will WISH they had gotten it over in 8 years.

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  3. Ok, so I’ll go ahead & throw my take into the hopper. Using what we all have seen & experienced for the last three years, I have to go with the simplest & unfortunately the worst of the theories. For events such as the “mass shootings” I start out looking for the all too familiar patterns of the known deep state hits. If I see the same old pattern, I know to assign the “suspicious” tag to the event & proceed accordingly. This latest killing fits those patterns perfectly. All the tells line up perfectly, almost too perfectly. I figure that is because for something as important as this, the DS fell back on the old tried and true operational methods. After all, they always worked in the past.

    I’m certain that this was a deep state hit for obvious reasons. They didn’t want the optics of him talking in open court. So that would indicate that since he was being housed in the most corrupt district I can think of, & in a cracker box of a jail etc, the cameras failed, the guards were tired, bla bla bla, all the pieces fit the pattern. This setup had to be laid on above the AG office level. Ask yourself, WHO controls all the logistics? Who can make all this happen? Easy, AG Bill Barr.

    Barr isn’t incompetent. He’s been around for decades & well knows how all this works. Why wasn’t Epstein in a secure undisclosed location? Why weren’t there eyes on him 24\7? He allowed Epstein to be dealt with as some street thug or hooker would be, instead of the most high value prisoner in the country. WHY? Who’s call was it? Barr.

    Judging by what we’ve all seen for many years, I’m forced to conclude absent information to the contrary that Barr is deep state like most other Trump appointees. President Trump apparently trusted him to handle this. He handled it all right, but not as Trump wanted, but what the deep state wanted. President Trump also didn’t follow through on security arrangements for this extremely important “drain the swamp” puzzle piece. Does Trump just want all this deep state stuff to go away? He already admitted that he was going to let Clinton skate. Has he realized that it’s too big to fix? Is he worried about his family? Has he backed off? These are unanswered questions.

    You have no idea how much I hope I’m wrong.

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    1. you are probably not too far from the truth… the big wigs are too big because their big wigs are too big, etc, etc…

      there is no breaking out of this without a fight so large and so massive that it will blow your mind. there are too many distractions. too many loose ends and many more that are ready to be loosened in order to distract you.

      unless people are willing to fight to the end – unless people are willing to endure great distress and be able to survive like we haven’t survived since days gone by – then we will never see the end of it the way we imagine we want to…

      finance, immigration, social justice (et al), climate change, fill in the blank here, and now the full on war against a certain color of people that i will not name (but their initials are white nationalists apparently) – all of it is a distraction to keep everyone in check.

      real any or all of the cataclysmic ends of the age written in any book of whatever religion or civilization that you want – that’s what we have left to look forward to at this point – that is our only chance. a little release on the pressure valve here and there, a little “winning” here and there is not enough. it’s enough to keep people placated, reserved and behaving nice, but none of it matters.

      we the people – and all the “we the people” of the earth – are only pawns in a game. we do not move the pieces as much as we think we do (or think we can). when we realize that and see the realistic fact you can start to get a sense of where it’s going my friend. prepare and get ready. don’t keep putting faith in a man or a woman or a group or whatever. their worst fear is we wake up. and even the president is going to be powerless to make lasting change. some fear this, others know the truth even if it really really hurts. the sooner you accept it and are ready for whatever, the better!

      we will never overcome the powers that be – we just hope the powers that are to come are 1) able to and 2) are friendly to our plight if you know what i mean.

      many i talk to every day have all kinds of theories, many varied beliefs (religious), etc – and one thing i tell everyone is “i hope for your sake it is just as you THINK it is, because you are going to be very disappointed if you have been led astray even if you have the best of intentions it might not turn out to be what you have been told to believe”…

      but i say bring it on and let’s ride the wave and everyone of the same mind let’s stick together and do our best!

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      1. and just to clarify my stance:

        i DO NOT KNOW what the truth is. i DO NOT KNOW the answers.

        but i can say this with all my conviction of heart soul and mind:

        if you THINK you know the truth – if you THINK you know the answers – then that is the biggest hole to fall into. when you KNOW something your mind is already closed off to anything that you cannot fit into that little crevice that you call your truth… don’t fall for that trap. question everyone, everything, and never ever stop searching for the fallacies in your own “belief” and you will do yourself a great service. (hat tip to my ww2 vet grandfather for that statement when i was 10 years old).

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      2. I didn’t mean to leave the impression that we cannot win this thing. We absolutely can defeat the deep state. We just can’t beat them by playing nice & by the rules, like Trump has been doing. It’s to his credit that he has chosen to go that route, he is an honest & forthright man. He strives to do the right thing at all times. But, when your entrenched enemy has been in power for a long time AND has been making all the rules to provide cover and concealment for their seditious activities, if you play nice, you will lose. The deck is stacked against you at every turn. That’s what we have been witnessing for three years.

        As I’ve posted elsewhere & been slammed for it, this is not politics as usual and it is not a game. This is for the country. For realzies. Do we want America to continue to exist as the founders intended or not? If we do, then we must be willing to do whatever it takes to ensure victory. If bending the rules temporarily is necessary, so be it. We can & I believe Trump will return us to the letter & spirit of our founding documents…when it is over & we have restored our nation. Time is running out though. Look how long it’s taken just to get this far. His first term has pretty much been ruined. A second term is not assured. Trump must overcome deep state election fraud that will be off the charts. The great economy isn’t enough to overcome that. He needs something much bigger.

        I also have a feeling that Trump is attempting to spare the people from the hardships and civil unrest that would occur if he were to lay it all out & burn it all down. I am also certain that that is exactly what it will take for us to win. We must again walk through the fire to regain our country. It will be hard, mistakes will be made. What matters in the end is, we won.


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