News Roundup! Steve Bannon On With Maria Bartiromo, Hong Kong & China, The Eagle Is Destroying the Dragon, Farmers Back PDJT’s China Policy, Small Businesses Are Prospering Under PDJT, Gen Z #WalksAway, KAC Drops the Truth About Bill Clinton & Epstein, WALL Update, Minnesota Is VERY Winnable for PDJT In 2020, God Bless Both of Them…..

Steve Bannon was on Maria’s show yesterday. It was an excellent conversation.

Topics included the U.S-Mexico border security and immigration; the 2020 democrat candidates (announced and unannounced); the bigger geopolitical issues behind the U.S-China trade conflict; Joe and Hunter Biden’s direct financial relationship to the Chinese communist government; the USMCA trade agreement; Trump’s leverage to increase an EU free economic alliance against China; and radical action by dems.

I actually agree with Bannon’s assessment of the percentage of Hispanics that will vote for our President.

From the article linked above:

Steve praised President Trump and even suggested Trump may get 40-50% of the Hispanic Vote in the upcoming election.

Steve Bannon: To defeat Donald Trump you have to defeat him. He’s the toughest candidate I’ve seen in my lifetime. Tougher than Ronald Reagan. And so you’re going to have to bring it… Remember what President Trump is trying to do on the border is all about the rule of law. I happen to think he’s going to get 40 or 50% of the Hispanic vote in this country.

China is beginning to move their military around Hong Kong as protests continue.

Kyle Bass is an excellent follow on Twitter.

Here are some more pictures and videos.

China has other problems as well. Our President and his Killers are destroying their economy with each passing day.

From the article linked above:

Even before the trade war, Xi Jinping’s plan to turn China into one of the world’s most advanced economies by 2050 was ambitious.

His grand vision is now looking more aspirational by the day. As mounting pressure from Donald Trump adds to a slew of structural challenges facing China’s $14 trillion economy — including record debt levels, rampant pollution, and an aging population — the risk is that the country gets stuck in a “middle-income trap,’’ stagnating before it reaches rich-world levels of development.

The International Monetary Fund highlighted President Xi’s challenge on Friday, saying in its annual report on China’s economy that if a comprehensive trade agreement isn’t reached, it would damage the nation’s long-term outlook. “China’s access to foreign markets and technology may be significantly reduced,” the IMF said.

It must have killed this MORON to have to do this report. American farmers are behind our President and what he is doing to China.

Meanwhile, Americans are continuing to prosper under PDJT!

From the article linked above:

It’s a sad fact but many national news outlets blatantly ignore how President Trump has done a great deal to revive and grow the economy and help small businesses prosper by increasing access to affordable, reliable energy.

Under President Trump, the U.S. is experiencing record-low unemployment and rising wages the previous administration repeatedly said wasn’t possible. As a result, small businesses are hiring at a record pace and President Trump’s goal of energy dominance has played a big part in this economic expansion. Rather than restrict energy production, Trump policies are creating record production of oil and natural gas, which in turn are stabilizing energy prices and costs for companies.

These stable or reduced fuel costs are especially beneficial to small businesses which are responsible for creating 62 percent of the jobs in the American economy. When small business owners pay less to power their operations or transport goods, they can grow, they can hire more people or pay higher wages to existing employees.

Another member of Generation Z has #WalkedAway from the Democrats.

No matter how much the MSM, Democrats, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. try, they will never be able to pin Epstein on our President. However, Bill Clinton has some serious issues ahead for him even with the murder of the POS.

Great update about the Wall!

From the article linked above:

The first section of President Trump’s border wall in Arizona is rising near Yuma.

After years of crowds shouting “build the wall” at political rallies and countless condemnations of the wall as xenophobic or a “vanity project” for Trump, the wall has taken the shape of square, metal poles jutting 30 feet up from the ground in San Luis, a border town south of Yuma.

So far, the wall stretches for about 10 miles along the border on the east side of San Luis.

When the 26-mile project is completed, it will extend farther east into the desert and farther west to the port of entry that connects San Luis with its Mexican counterpart, San Luis Rio Colorado.

This is the area where thousands of migrant families have climbed the border fence in the last year, and where the 30-foot wall eventually will be built.

Border wall status

Below is a breakdown of funding and border wall projects for the fiscal years under the Trump administration, according to an Aug. 2 report from Customs and Border Protection:

Fiscal 2017: $341 million

  • $292 million to replace 40 miles of fencing in the Border Patrol’s San Diego, El Centro, and El Paso sectors.
    • Nearly all of that construction is complete.
  • $49 million to build 35 border wall gates in the Rio Grande Valley Sector.
    • Currently under construction

Fiscal 2018: $1.375 billion to build 80 miles of border wall, some of which replaces fencing.

    • About 16 miles is complete.
    • Replace 14 miles of fencing near San Diego.
      • Construction began in February and is scheduled to be completed in 2020.

Build 25 miles of walls and levee walls in the Rio Grande Valley Sector.

      • Construction began on 13 miles of new levee wall in Hidalgo County. Completion date depends on the availability of real estate.
      • Expect to award contract for 12 miles of wall in Starr County by end of 2019.

Contracts awarded to replace 37 miles of fence in Tecate and Calexico, California and Yuma. Option for four additional miles in Yuma.

    • Construction started in April. Expected to be complete in late 2020.

Fiscal 2019: $1.976 billion to build 11 miles of new levee wall and 74 miles of new wall in the Rio Grande Valley Sector.

  • Contract awarded May 28 to build three miles of border wall. Construction expected to start in 2019. Expect to award the rest of the contracts by the end of the year.
  • Construction will avoid five parks and wildlife refuges.

Department of Defense funds: $2.5 billion in counter-narcotics funds to replace 129 miles of fencing in Yuma, El Paso, El Centro and Tucson sectors.

  • Construction delayed due to lawsuit. Supreme Court allowed plan to move ahead on July 26.

Our President lost Minnesota in 2016 by only 44K votes. A Republican hasn’t won the state since Nixon in 1972. There were 3 factors on why our President lost in Minnesota.

1) Minnesota starts early voting before any other state in the country. It begins 40 days prior to Election Day. The Access Hollywood tape played a major role in the mins of voters since it happened while early voting was taking place.

2) Libertarian, Gary Johnson, got 112K votes while Evan McMullin got 53K votes

3) Our President didn’t campaign or hold rallies in the state.

From the article linked above:

To win a second term, Trump is going to need a similar level of success in the Midwest, and it looks as though Minnesota, which has long been thought of as an iron-clad Democratic stronghold, could be a big part of his 2020 strategy — and for good reason.

Without Minnesota, the Democratic presidential candidate — regardless of who wins the primary race — would face a nearly insurmountable uphill battle. For example, even if the Democratic challenger were to flip Michigan and Pennsylvania to his or her side, it still wouldn’t be enough to win if Trump were to hold every other state he captured in 2020 and wins in Minnesota. Winning Minnesota would also mean that Trump could lose Florida and Arizona — two states he won in 2016 — and still end up with more than the required 270 electoral votes.

Many Republicans concerned about Trump voted for Libertarian Gary Johnson, who received more than 112,000 votes, or conservative Trump critic Evan McMullin, who garnered more than 53,000 votes. It’s unlikely similar candidates will get the same level of support in 2020, which means Trump should have a better shot in Minnesota than he did in 2016.

There’s another great reason to believe Trump has a good shot of winning Minnesota: Democrats are increasingly moving away from the policies swing voters in the state have long valued in favor of radical progressivism and even socialism.

If Minnesota’s more moderate Democrats realize that, it could mean huge trouble for whomever the party’s left-wing base chooses to face off against Trump. And there’s a great reason to believe they will take notice thanks in part to freshman Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar.

This is the America that I love and cherish!


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  1. Ok–time for bed–TY for the roundup Fleporblog—you do an awesome job of putting it all together. Wow So much in just one day.
    I am looking forward to the day that your news roundup makes me smile more a bit more.
    Here is my last little tidbit for the evening…Hope this lady has some good friends around her.

    RICHARD PENDLEBURY: Will Robert Maxwell’s daughter spill paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s secrets to FBI? Rumours swirl that Ghislaine Maxwell is ready to co-operate US authorities

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    1. Ghislaine is decidedly in the middle of Epstein’s circle…..and is likely the next designated victim for cleanup. There must be incredible pressures on her to seek a new protector, now that her previous one has gone pining for the fjords. I can’t predict what is going to happen — but I’d lay money that it’ll happen within the next 30 days.

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    2. WOW – that is an extraordinarily good link. One of the best parts is the explanation of how Andrew was seduced by Maxwell into the “fast lane” VIP lifestyle, with the Epstein being the spider’s nest at its very center.

      Everything Steve Pieczenik says makes total sense now.

      LEVERAGE operations going after vulnerable individuals.

      JAIL-BAIT PARTY FAVORS the ultimate trap to ensure cooperation.

      Oh, now I can totally see why Prince Charles works so hard for World Uniparty Approved Causes. Somebody gets their hooks into a VIP – no matter who it is or how they do it – and the VIP has to “go along”.

      I’m sure Epstein was only one of these operations, and his backers only one or some of the people using this stuff.

      Yup. FBIanon and Q were NOT LYING.

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      1. Makes you think again about Prince Harry and his about face – rumor has it that MM was a ‘yacht girl’ before setting her sites on HRH PH. It was all over CDAN awhile back- and I have to find the link that outlined her to be an operative from the early days. I believe I read that part on SerialBrain2’s reddit page.

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        1. I’ve thought that either or both of them got some “personal therapy and psychological influence” to help make their union happen.

          Indeed, in the bigger picture, I’ve always thought “Harry and Meghan” was an arranged marriage – the modern equivalent of those old royal marriages used as diplomatic tools. In this case, the CIA and MI6 are doing their best to keep ties strong so they can keep doing their Fabian crap on the US.

          Nevertheless, Harry strikes me as genuinely attracted and devoted to Meghan, and (this is key) he knows that, stripped of both their titles and fame, he would be “marrying up”. So even though I think they were the result of a psychological operation, it seems to have been based on working stuff, and not forcing something bogus.

          Royal court influence is all scientific now. The “intrigue” happens in cubicles and meeting rooms, not royal chambers.

          But the couple lives happily ever after, in MK bliss, so all is well. 😉

          What a world! It would make a great movie!

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          1. All so true! And he does seem devoted to her, after all he adored his mother and thought she walked on water, so any woman he married had to live up to that. In regards to marrying up, I don’t know, from some women (and men *wink wink*) they think he’s a total catch (even without the title).

            But there’s certainly an air of ‘arrangement’ to their marriage (and I’m inclined to believe the stories of her CIA connections) because on paper she’s what, a B- actresses who no one really knew about prior?

            If the sheep only woke up and questioned more….

            Another story I’ve heard

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        2. MM looks like a good candidate for a “Monarch Butterfly.” Comes from a chaotic family yet lands on her feet in Hollywood then weds a prince… hmmm

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        3. Oh I fully believe that Harry has a slew of black mail pressure on him—Remember his Vegas mess that Obama helped to cover up…Bet that was only one of few that Harry was involved in. People just don’t seem to learn that it never pays to let people use your misdeeds against you..Just cough it up and move on. Only thing that releases one is the truth & whole truth..
          II can’t really condemn others for their sins, for ‘m not perfect and that is why I have Christ.

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      2. 👍 “I’m sure Epstein was only one of these operations, and his backers only one or some of the people using this stuff.”
        This is an important distinction. I hope people keep hitting this. As the MSM is dragging themselves into covering the story, it shouldn’t surprise us if this important feature becomes lost in the sensational (by design). There will also be sacrificial lambs to protect the next level in the hierarchy. (Hint, the Clintons may be efficient predators but, they’re not the apex predators.

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    3. I really wish you would tell me what I said that you found so offensive and why you felt I was attacking you. I am quite honestly stumped and if I said anything that you deemed inappropriate or took as an attack against you, I sincerely apologize. I have the utmost respect for you and truly do not want us to be at odds.

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    1. Yeah, 53K votes for the Muffin Man in Minnesota when Trump only lost by 40K?
      That jerk cost us Minnesota.

      Have I told you today how much I despise Bill Kristol? Turds, all of them.

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        1. So true – however – it would not matter – if not that – they would find something else – can you remember ANY President who has gone through this kind of abuse? I cannot…

          I hope and pray a law will be passed to prevent the LSM from slander and liable – a fine for every malicious false statement – they need to be held accountable for what they have said and done in their futile attempt to discredit a President who has done so much for the American people!!!

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  2. Steve Bannon sees around corners. Besides President Trump, he is the best person we have at “big picture” stuff. One of the five people with which I would love to have dinner.
    Maria’s Sunday show was exceptional. She went from the Bannon interview to an in depth interview with Peter Thiel. He makes a compelling argument against Google.

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  3. Supply of dollars is a real thing in international trade.
    If China’s supply is in trouble, it’s a big deal.

    For instance, we have a great client in Trinidad. In order to fulfill a standard order, about $30K, the banks in Aruba have to plan for 3-4 weeks to send me the necessary USD. For us to do a large development, with continuous containers supplied over many months, takes careful planning, not only for our supply, but for the COUNTRY, to have the available dollars.

    So, think about it. Trinidad is a little country and I am a small supplier. Can you imagine how big the problem would be for a country like China?

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      1. Yes.
        Someone has to spend a single USD in Trinidad. Those dollars are accumulated. They come back to me as payment for goods.
        Have you ever noticed when you travel internationally, the mighty USD is accepted almost ANYWHERE?
        It’s because their governments need the dollars for international trade
        China is doing Sooooooo much One Belt/One Road stuff now, all over the world. Thus they are in an internationl space and have to trade in dollars.
        If the Chinese were building another ghost city, within China, they could use only yuan and fudge. When they move to an international space, they have to use USD.
        The Chinese find themselves in vice – they have over-promised and will under-deliver.

        Once they back off of ONE international project – the gig us up. They will be viewed as a paper tiger.
        It’s overdue and brutal, but Trump is dismantling the Chinese.

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        1. Exactly. That’s what being the Reserve Currency is all about, and why China (and perhaps Europe) is so hot to change that. But the (T)Euro [teuer = expensive, in German] is an abysmal failure, and, to paraphrase a hilarious cooking show, the Yuan can’t cook…

          (the Dragon thought Yuan one, Yuan them all???)… (Dodges flying coins and peeking ducks 🙂 )…

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  4. The ChiComs are falling back on their heavy-handed, jackbooted ways of dealing with dissenters.

    It won’t work…not anymore.

    They got away with it back in the Tiananmen Square protests…but that was over 25 years ago.
    That was before the Internet and social media.

    The ChiComs are only shooting themselves in the foot by brutalizing dissenters.
    All these countries that are signing up for their Belt & Road initiative are watching this.

    Do those countries think that the ChiComs will go easy on them if push comes to shove?
    Not hardly.
    If they are smart…they will tear up whatever agreements they made with China, and Run Away!

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    1. “The ChiComs [Global Communists] are falling back on their heavy-handed, jackbooted ways of dealing with dissenters.

      It won’t work…not anymore.

      They got away with it back in the Tiananmen Square protests…but that was over 25 years ago.

      That was before the Internet and social media.

      …The ChiComs [Fench Globalists] are only shooting themselves in the foot by brutalizing dissenters.

      All these countries that are signing [signed] up for their Belt & Road initiative [European Union TRADE Agreement] are watching this.

      Do those countries think that the ChiComs [Globalists] will go easy on them if push comes to shove?….


      It is NOT just China that is brutalizing dissenters. It is ALSO the European Union who is tossing people in JAIL for the SIN of SPEAKING THE TRUTH that the EU Global Communists do not want to hear.

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    2. And if ChiComs think they have a problem with foreign corporate flight now… wait for the (till now) suppressed stories of jack booted repression begin to really circulate. To keep them in Chyynaa they’ll have to throw them in prison with the protesters. Heh

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  5. Breaking – the Clintons have not been completely exonerated from Epstein’s ‘suicide’…….

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    1. Liked by 22 people

      1. Not to mention this “suicide” from 2017. These are NOT “coincidences!”

        “Eberwein, who had acknowledged his life was in danger, was a fierce critic of the Clinton Foundation’s activities in the Caribbean island, where he served as director general of the government’s economic development agency, Fonds d’assistance économique et social, for three years.

        According to Eberwein, a paltry 0.6% of donations granted by international donors to the Clinton Foundation with the express purpose of directly assisting Haitians actually ended up in the hands of Haitian organizations. A further 9.6% ended up with the Haitian government. The remaining 89.8% – or $5.4 billion – was funneled to non-Haitian organizations.”

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        1. “Betsy Ebeling, the lifelong best friend of Hillary Clinton, died Sunday. Ebeling’s death comes a little over one month after the death of Clinton’s 64-year-old brother, Tony Rodham.”
          Yea. They had too much shit on you that’s for sure. #Qanon
          — Julian’s Rum (@JuliansRum) July 30, 2019

          Anyone BUT the Clinton’s would have LEOs sniffing up their @$$e$ after all these ‘CONVENIENT’ deaths.

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  6. Fabulous Flep – you never disappoint – outstanding news coverage – I am in awe of your talent in providing the news in such an organized, succinct manner – you are just AMAZING me daily!!!

    God Bless You abundantly for all you do to bring us the news on a daily basis – it is much appreciated!!!

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        1. I think the cheating will be held to a minimum, Dora – just because they did not ‘catch’ them in 2018 – does not mean they do not know where the problems are – and just maybe – have done something to correct them – dunno why – but, I am very hopeful – it happened to Reagan – it can happen to Trump – imho

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          1. The Republicans could do NOTHING in 2016 because of the Consent Decree. They caught 20 counties with MORE VOTES than living adult bodies in North Carolina for instance.

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            1. Ah…but, I suspect times they are a changing – 2018 was a learning year – as was 2016 – we might be surprised at what has been done behind the scenes – I know this sounds outrageous – but, I sense something has changed – and if voter ID goes into effect – there might be less people voting illegally in 2020. Not saying everything will be honkey dory – but, there will be fewer states with more votes than eligible voters – less dead and illegal voters, too – jmho


      1. Well, actually they do care about the law . . . sometimes . . . but only if they can manipulate it to be used against those who won’t embrace their agenda.

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  7. Is Kentucky The Most Corrupt State in the Country Trafficking Children Through Child “Protection” Services?

    August 12, 2019
    from Humans Are Free

    Health Impact News and has previously reported how the FBI saying that Kentucky is “the most corrupt state in the country,” and urged families to share their stories involving alleged corruption in their dealings with Child Protective Services (CPS), or the Department for Community Based Services (DCBS), as it is known in Kentucky.

    It appears that corruption in Kentucky continues to run deep and wide.

    Is DCBS Really Just a Government-Funded Adoption Agency That Steals Children for Profit?

    Many believe that the corruption of CPS is rooted in a for-profit adoption system created by the Title IV bonus funds from the Federal Government given to States when they successfully adopt children.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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  8. Fauxcahontas proposes more taxes on guns and ammo

    August 12, 2019
    from Fellowship Of The Minds

    From Yahoo: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) wants to sharply increase taxes on guns and ammunition as part of a comprehensive new plan to reduce gun deaths in the United States by 80%.

    Warren, who is set to appear along with most of the other 20-plus Democratic presidential candidates at a gun control forum in Des Moines, Iowa, on Saturday, is also proposing universal background checks (like they already don’t exist?), federal gun licensing, a one-week waiting period on all gun purchases to limit impulsive violence, a ban on assault weapons and a newly empowered Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, among a host of other suggestions.

    “Faced with a complex and entrenched public health crisis, made worse by the ongoing inability of a corrupt government (isn’t she part of that corruption?) to do anything about it, it’s easy to despair,” Warren wrote in a Medium post. “But we are not incapable of solving big problems. We’ve done it before.” (How’d that work out with Obamacare?)

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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    1. Well, thanks for that post. I had not watched this guy before and, TBH, I won’t watch him again. He says straight-out he is an anarchist and I will NEVER support that. And no, not everything you see by all journalists (and he includes citizen journalists) is all lies – manipulated and massaged, yes, and some is outright lies.

      Not my cup of tea at all so I thank you for exposing me to his stuff. Forewarned is forearmed.

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      1. No, I didn’t watch it all the way through. I think Wolfie has already given us a quite comprehensive understanding of the brainwashing that goes on within the CIA and other government agencies. I am much more comfortable “listening” to Wolfie than this guy.

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          1. Just because I posted this does not mean I agree with the author or the premise – usually, I am not shy about what I think – lol

            Me? Offended? Come on, girl!!! How could I be offended by something someone else wrote – if I wrote it – and you did not like it – I might be hurt – lol

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  9. Prison worker’s 4Chan post 10 minutes before news of Jeffrey Epstein’s death hit media: “…guy in a green dress military outfit… switched him out”

    August 12, 2019
    from DC Clothesline

    Prison worker claims an unmarked van and unknown military personnel showed up at the Metropolitan Correctional Center Friday night where accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was being held in and “switched him out” with a dead lookalike.

    (INTELLIHUB) — Jeffrey Epstein was handcuffed and wheeled into medical at the Metropolitan Correctional Center at around 4:15 p.m. Friday night just before an unmarked van containing unknown military personnel showed up unannounced to “switch him out”, according to an anonymous post timestamped nearly 10 minutes prior to the actual mainstream news release of the accused sex trafficker’s death by “suicide” which hit the press Saturday morning around 8:53 a.m. on Saturday.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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    1. Nothing will come of it, unfortunately. Same thing happened with an intern working in the hospital when Seth Rich was brought in – can’t do anything with anonymous posts like that. Not that I don’t believe it could have happened that way……wouldn’t surprise me in the least but…..*shrug*

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      1. Agree – no proof – and even if it did happen – do you think anyone would have pictures? Doesn’t matter what we think – he is no longer in the picture – but, the victims are – and they should be compensated – imho

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          1. Personally, I do not think Eppy is the King Pin, Filly – he may have some bad habits – and might not be financially savvy – but, for one man to run this entire operation – Nah!!!

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              1. Agree with your theory – and if it is true – then, he is MK-Ultra programmed, too – OR – just a plain old evil dude – lol

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  10. Insane, hallucinating AOC claims Border Patrol detains children in order to run a “torture project”

    August 12, 2019
    by Ethan Huff, Natural News

    In the deranged world of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), protecting America’s southern border from foreign invaders somehow now amounts to the “torture” of undocumented brown children by evil, white Border Patrol agents.

    The freshman congresswoman, a Democrat, recently went on yet another tirade about this alleged “torture project,” which she believes immigration officials are secretly plotting as they pretend to simply be enforcing our nation’s immigration laws.

    During a recent interview with political correspondent Nicholas Ballasy, AOC specifically described President Trump’s border wall as a “little torture project,” alleging that the president and his cabinet are using this humanitarian crisis as a “bargaining chip” to push an agenda that involves harming children.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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    1. GA/FL – I suspect it is a lot higher – will all of the foolishness – monkeying around – I wonder if this number is not really much higher – what do you think?

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        1. So sorry, GA/FL – I remember high humidity days/weeks/months in my youth – I would wash my hair – curl it – walk a mile and a half to school – and my hair was soaking wet and straight, again. It is oppressive – will pray for relief – in the name of Jesus – I will pray – Amen.

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  11. Great to see Steve Bannon doing what he does best.

    Flep, not only are your roundups comprehensive & timely, but I am amazed that you find such a stellar array of ‘resource tweeters’ and share them with us. Truly grateful.

    Regarding Chinese crackdown in Hong Kong – yet more proof of why our Right to Bear Arms and Right to Free Speech are so intrinsically linked.

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  12. New immigration policy from Trump Admin, does not allow welfare dependent “LEGAL” migrants to permanently settle in the USA. MERIT-BASED IMMIGRATION.
    800+ Pages that explicitly move us away from a welfare fueled immigration system and set us firmly on the road of merit-based, legal immigration. No more system-gaming.
    Will be in effect in 62 days.

    Click to access 2019-17142.pdf

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  13. New Trump administration rules can deny green cards for immigrants on food stamps

    By Colleen LongPublished 3 hours ago


    President Donald J. Trump is Ensuring Non-Citizens Do Not Abuse Our Nation’s Public Benefit

    Issued on: August 12, 2019

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      1. Most welcome, k. AG Barr actually begins speaking around the 57-minute mark – was just interested in hearing what he had to say – did not want to hear the pontificators – lol

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            1. Obama did such a dis service to our American LEOs staring with the Beer Garden mess.
              Gates used his “I Know People In WH ” card and Obama let him do it.
              It all seemed to escalate from there with Obama always taking the side of Blacks regardless of what they did.

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              1. Not sure I agree ‘that other guy’ was on the side of blacks – he did nothing for them – except to ‘excuse’ them – imho

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              2. That is what I mean excuse them…But excused the ones who were not gangbangers over all.
                As I said many places Obama escalated and put on a pedestal “Gangbanging Morality” for Americans to follow. Now look at where we are.

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              3. Sorry, k – too much reading today – my eyes are crossing – exactly – what you said..

                I think we are slowly unravelling that mess – people are sick of it – he is no longer in our faces – but, the LSM carries the narrative to the extreme – it is what they do to extend what he started – and we know why – they want us divided – however – lately – I think the more they carry this nonsense day after day – the more united we become against THEM – and not each other – what do you think?


              4. I’m actually seeing that with quite a few liberals. The talking points of some liberals have gone too far over board for many to handle.

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              5. Exactly, k – I cannot imagine people buying what they are selling – however – too many are still brainwashed – * Sigh *

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              6. Hey background checks are really deep. Unless you have never comitted a crime it takes several hours or days.
                I do think that the 21 yr limit is probably a good idea, but do believe that flags should be around for juveniles too.
                Juvenile records are often sealed, even for violent crimes, and with guns they should be considered too.

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              7. All valid points – it should not be that easy – but, is it going to stop people from lying – or the authorities from purging records for their friends? Unfortunately, it is easier for a criminal to get a gun than it is for a law-abiding citizen to get a gun.


              8. Oh, right – forgot about those ‘sealed’ records – wonder if they will unseal them now – that might be interesting – unless it was just foolish juvenile stuff – dunno

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              9. Might be why some want a age 21 on the books.
                Or maybe if its a violent crime it should be available to be used as part of gun registration.

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              10. True – that age change will make it difficult for young boys who work at home – and must defend against wild animals – and/or – even livestock robbers – but, that age change won’t be federal – will it?

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  14. The Strange Case of ‘White Supremacy’

    By Victor Davis Hanson| August 11th, 2019

    Any majority population must be careful not to revert to pre-civilized tribalism and oppressing minority groups. The United States, like every other country that enjoys diverse populations has struggled from its beginning to ensure equality, sometimes unsuccessfully, and only at the cost of thousands of lives.

    While the United States was founded originally mostly by those of European ancestry and was plagued by the endemic racism of the age, especially in regard to African slaves and Native Americans, nonetheless its unique Constitution, embedded within a larger framework of the Western Enlightenment, institutionalized self-reflection and the chance for amendment. America’s founding documents were unique in their singular calls for innate and universal human freedom and equality under the law that would eventually and logically demand reification of such ideals.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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    1. Am the only one that finds it strange that except for a few protests we really haven’t see much of the KKK or White Supremists groups. We especially haven’t haven’t been any violence on part of any groups like the KKK or White Supremacists in decades
      Oh the left is calling any disagreement by someone white a white supremacists, and if it just happens to be a Caucasian that commits the crime, he is labeled white supremacist, unless it is proven he was a die heart liberal.
      Just asking.

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      1. No, k – only PT is addressing it – I think – the left has a new ‘talking point’ – now you are a ‘racist white supremacist’ or a ‘Nazi Fascist’ – I think the left has to go back to school – they get everything backwards – then again – that is where they learned this idiocracies – imho

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    1. Better make sure your car has not Trump or Republican stickers on it or it’ll get beaten severely. You do like your car windows, don’t you?
      And be sure to wear a Kevlar helmet. It could save your life.


  15. There was recently 8 horrific murders in Mexico, supposedly by the cartels. It was on KEPR’s FB media site. So what do a bunch of pro-illegals, probably illegals do. They start spouting about the recent mass shootings and how America and Americans are so much worse.
    In doing some research I found some really interesting information that shocked even me. At first I thought my first response was a bit exaggerated when I said that Illegals are responsible for over three times more homicides in one year than all the mass shooting deaths in last 10 to 20 years. So just out of curiosity I did some research.
    Damn was I shocked
    Turns out Illegals do more damage with their homicides in one year than mass shooting have done since Aug. 1, 1966. In one year Illegals have committed almost 5 times more homicides than all the mass shooting deaths over the last 53 years. Dang & the president of Mexico wants to sue America, we should be the one suing.

    The terrible numbers that grow with each mass shooting

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  16. Most of us probably were up on this already, just not sure how the shooters illegally got their weapons
    Federal charges filed against friend of Oregon District shooter

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      1. Thanks–we just all pretty much know that way over 90% of mass shootings are by illegally obtained guns. That actually goes for criminal activity too.

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        1. Wondering…I understand there was nothing in the background checks that would attest to illegally obtained guns – so am a bit confused – please explain – thanks!


          1. Most criminals & mass shooters did not obtain their weapons legally.
            They either brought the off the streets, or stole them.
            A lot of the younger shooters took them from their parents..

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            1. True – however – wasn’t it reported the Dayton shooter passed a background check – not sure about the El Paso guy – but, I cannot believe he did any shooting – or killing – the 3-4 men in black attire with masks makes me think – they did it – not him – dunno if he passed a background check or not –

              As far as criminals are concerned – agree with you wholeheartedly – that is why we must fight to keep our guns – criminals do not do background checks – so that will not keep them from acquiring guns – and – taking our guns will just assure the only ones with guns will be the police and criminals!!!


              1. Agree – none of it makes any sense – however – it is not supposed to make sense – it is designed to push gun control – and it is NOT working any longer – people are on to their game – disgusted.

                I heard someone say – unfortunately – people DID die – do they care – NO – all of this chaos and constant badgering day after day – to push their agenda – makes me cranky – every time they talk about gun control – and gun confiscation. We have a right to protect our families and ourselves from these whackadoodles!

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  17. ‘Bill Barr is about to break the biggest scandal in America history’…

    Posted by Kane on August 12, 2019 3:21 pm

    Warning Shot to Deep State — Bill Barr is About to Break Biggest Scandal in American History

    “I ended up in the center of the Russian and the Clinton investigations. I have all the answers. I have been sitting on them waiting for America to get there. Last summer I figured out… what they all are is all about political espionage. It had nothing to do with law enforcement, it was all political espionage. Here’s the bottom line. There is a deep state like a submarine working just beneath the waves of the periscope depth watching our shipping lane. And a nuclear ice breaker called the USS Bill Barr has snuck up on them and is about to ram midship.”

    “That’s about to happen and I think we’re about to see the biggest scandal in American history as a result. But it was all political. Everything you think you know about Russia and Clinton investigations is a lie. It’s all a cover-up. It was all political espionage.”

    David Asman: You think Bill Barr is going to get to the bottom of it.

    Patrick Byrne: I think he has gotten to the bottom of it.

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  18. When West gets out there he is good

    There has been a dismissive attitude in understanding the gaps and flaws in the progressive, socialist ideology and how it is antithetical to the core, fundamental, values of the inner city, black community. Finally, a Republican, President Trump, tripped over the golden acorn, perhaps blindly so, and found the immense nugget of truth for which the left has no defense.

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