Evening News Roundup! PDJT Drops the Hammer on Immigrants, $57 Billion Dollar Savings a Year, Brian Cates Thread, American Back PDJT’s Actions, More Warehouse Raids Will Happen, AG Barr, Human Trafficking Arrests Under PDJT, Toyota Is Hiring, China’s Economy Is Falling Off a Cliff, Energy Dominance…..

What an absolutely incredible day of winning! Earlier today, Ken Cuccinelli, Acting Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Offices, held a press conference at the White House.

He discussed the fact that the Trump Administration will enforce long-standing immigration laws that require entrants to be economically self-sufficient and limits public welfare benefits.  An entry alien who is -or becomes- dependent on public welfare assistance, is known as a “public charge”.  Aliens will be barred from entering the United States if they are deemed likely to become public charges, or welfare dependent.

The White House put out the following statement (White House Link):

The Trump Administration is taking action to help ensure that non-citizens in this country are self-sufficient and not a strain on public resources.

* The Trump Administration is releasing a final rule that will protect American taxpayers, preserve our social safety net for vulnerable Americans, and uphold the rule of law.

* This action will help ensure that if aliens want to enter or remain in the United States they must support themselves, and not rely on public benefits.

* An alien who receives public benefits above a certain threshold is known as a “public charge.”

  • Aliens will be barred from entering the United States if they are found likely to become public charges.
  • Aliens in the United States who are found likely to become public charges will also be barred from adjusting their
    immigration status.

* President Trump is enforcing this longstanding law to prevent aliens from depending on public benefit programs.

  • The Immigration and Nationality Act makes clear that those seeking to come to the United States cannot be a public charge.

* For many years, this clear legal requirement went largely unenforced, imposing vast burdens on American taxpayers. Now, public charge law will finally be utilized.

ENCOURAGING SELF-SUFFICIENCY: Self-sufficiency has long been a basic principle of our Nation’s immigration laws that has enjoyed widespread support.

* Public charge has been a part of United States immigration law for more than 100 years as a ground of inadmissibility.

* Congress passed and President Bill Clinton signed two bipartisan bills in 1996 to help stop aliens from exploiting public benefits.

  • This included the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act and the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act.
  • As Congress made clear at the time, it is our national policy that aliens should “not depend on public resources to meet their needs.”

* Americans widely agree that individuals coming to our country should be self-sufficient, with 73 percent in favor of requiring immigrants to be able to support themselves financially.

PRESERVING THE SOCIAL SAFETY NET: We must ensure that non-citizens do not abuse our public benefit programs and jeopardize the social safety net needed by vulnerable Americans.

* Large numbers of non-citizens and their families have taken advantage of our generous public benefits, limited resources that could otherwise go to vulnerable Americans.

* 78 percent of households headed by a non-citizen with no more than a high school education use at least one welfare program.

* 58 percent of all households headed by a non-citizen use at least one welfare program.

* Half of all non-citizen headed households include at least one person who uses Medicaid.

Look at the financial savings this will have each year for our country.

Brian Cates put together a fantastic thread on this topic.

The data once again is completely on our President’s side.


From the article linked above:


Preventing Americans from being forced to foot the bill for welfare for newly arrived legal immigrants is hugely popular among U.S. voters. A Rasmussen Reports poll conducted in 2017 revealed that more than six-in-ten voters, or 62 percent, said they would support a plan that bans legal immigrants from receiving welfare for at least the first five years of their residency in the country. Roughly 67 percent of swing voters and nearly 60 percent of black Americans said they would support such a plan.

Another 76 percent of U.S. voters said welfare users should be mandated to prove that they are not in the country illegally before being allowed to obtain public benefits, including 74 percent of black Americans, 77 percent of swing voters, and 63 percent of Democrat voters.

I wrote the following article the other day where I explained why TRUMPISM will be around for 50+ years. It has EVERYTHING to do with Immigration.

More raids of warehouses will be coming in the foreseeable future!

From the article linked above:

The White House has told ICE officials to conduct dozens more workplace enforcement operations this year, a senior immigration official with knowledge of the conversations told CNN.

The news comes on the same day that President Donald Trump said raids like those in Mississippi this week are a “very good deterrent” for undocumented immigrants.

Shortly after the raids in Mississippi that led to the detention of at least 680 undocumented immigrants, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement field offices across the country were instructed to identify at least two locations in their regions as potential targets for workplace enforcement operations, the source said.
Those operations can include criminal investigations, business audits and raids.

AG Barr made a very powerful statement earlier today.

You can find his entire speech and transcript below.


From the transcript linked above:

“Before I begin, I would like to briefly address the news from the Manhattan Correctional Center over the weekend regarding Jeffrey Epstein. This case was very important to the Department. It was important to the dedicated prosecutors and agents who investigated the case and were preparing it for trial. Most importantly, this case was important to the victims who had the courage to come forward and deserved the opportunity to confront the accused in court.

I was appalled – indeed, the entire Department was – and frankly angry, to learn of the MCC’s failure to adequately secure this prisoner. We are now learning of serious irregularities at this facility that are deeply concerning and that demand a thorough investigation.

The FBI and the Office of Inspector General are already doing just that. We will get to the bottom of what happened at the MCC and we will hold people accountable for this failure.

Let me assure you that this case will continue on against anyone who was complicit with Epstein. Any co-conspirators should not rest easy. The victims deserve justice, and we will ensure they get it.”

Does this look like an administration that won’t protect kids from these disgusting animals.


Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

China is seriously hurting! Even their BS data is sinking.

From the article linked above:

President Trump’s tariffs and other sanctions are hitting China at a vulnerable moment. The Chinese National Bureau of Statistics reported July 15 that gross domestic product grew by 6.2% in the second quarter, China’s slowest growth since 1992. The actual picture is much cloudier. Beijing has for years cooked the books to make the regime’s performance look better, and they are undoubtedly doing the same now.

Energy Dominance at its best!

From the article linked above:

President Trump has made good on his promise to put “America First.” That fact is perhaps most evident in his economic policy, specifically his treatment of the US energy sector.

Trump is using America’s vast oil and natural gas resources as a tool of influence around the world. The administration is joining its desire to expand America’s access to overseas oil and gas markets – with the more significant aim of advancing its national security goals.

This tariff-based strategy is a far more aggressive use of energy diplomacy than we are used to seeing out of Washington and will benefit our country, both in economic growth and geopolitical power.

Indeed, failing to seize on America’s energy dominance and create economic opportunities for ourselves would be a failure of leadership, especially given that the United States saw the most massive annual increase in oil and natural gas production in history last year.

As a result of the shale boom, the US is the world’s largest oil producer, with output expected to average 12.4 million barrels a day this year and 13.3 million barrels a day in 2020. Likewise, America is the world’s largest producer of natural gas, producing an average of 91.3 billion cubic feet of LNG a day this year and 92.7 billion cubic feet a day in 2020.


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  1. Awesome. I live [edit – not sure if I should correct to “love”] the idea that we are exposing how CHYYYNNA cooked the books for decades. Oh, did I ever see that stuff. The SAD SPECTACLE of American victims of SNEAKY CHYYYNNA – would infuriate most Americans to the point of warming up the missiles. They should BE GLAD that Trump is in charge!

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    1. Cannot tell you how much I love, love this!
      Next…eliminate all funding to so-called sanctuary churches, organizations, cities, etc. if they are so passionate about helping illegal invaders…let them do it on their own dime! Then we’ll really see how committed they are to putting foreigners over Americans that need assistance.

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  2. I will never forget the statements Erik Prince made on November 4, 2016.

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  3. Good Lord, Flep! This is an incredible News RoundUp – so positive and uplifting as always – it just makes me thrilled to read about all of the initiatives President Trump is taking to improve the lives of REAL Americans!!!

    AG Barr is definitely not a happy camper – his tone changed several times in his speech – what a leader he is!!!

    God Bless You Real Good for all of your hard work in putting this together on a daily basis!!! We love it!!!

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  4. Yes YEs YES —TY Flep for some good news…Yea it was mixed in with the bad news but so nice to see that Illegals will need to search elsewhere for their free ride. Spreading your good news and ya your bad news around…Like spreading the good stuff better.

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  5. “The White House has told ICE officials to conduct dozens more workplace enforcement operations this year, a senior immigration official with knowledge of the conversations told CNN.”


    Should be dozens more workplace enforcement operations this WEEK and EVERY week.

    But if you want to save yourself a lot of trouble, time and effort, the solution has ALWAYS been very simple.

    Arrest the CEO and top managers of any large company using illegal labor.

    Someone like the Koch brothers.

    Make an example of them.

    Maximum incarceration time. At least 1 year of prison time for every illegal alien found working at their companies.

    There won’t be a manager or a CEO in the entire country who will take a chance of being caught with illegal workers.

    That’s all you have to do.

    That’s all you have EVER had to do.

    Chasing down illegals while giving the employers a pass is a GAME that was constructed for lawless companies to WIN.

    If you want to win, put the CEOs and hiring managers in prison.

    Game OVER.


    In less than 24 hours.


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    1. Nearly all the solutions to our “complicated problems” are simple and could be done in short order.

      What is always lacking is the WILL to do it.

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    2. Until their is a WILL to SOLVE the problem, no solution will ever be effective, because the kinds of solutions created by people who don’t have the will to succeed weren’t meant to succeed in the first place, they were meant to make it look like they’re TRYING, without ever accomplishing the goal.

      It’s a ‘con’ game.

      This illegal alien workforce is the perfect example.

      You don’t need to send ICE all over the country, chasing illegal aliens through parking lots, like some kind of bounty-hunter game show.

      That’s a plan designed to make it LOOK like you’re trying to solve the problem.

      If you want to actually SOLVE the problem, make the risk to the CEOs and managers so high that they would never ever take the chance.

      Problem solved.

      You could do it before lunch.

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    3. Or if going after the CEOs and managers is just too politically ‘difficult’, then modify your Executive Orders with regard to ‘trafficking’, to include any business found employing illegal aliens is guilty of trafficking and conspiracy to traffic human beings, and seize all their assets, their entire company.

      You want to make CEOs and managers think twice about hiring illegal aliens?

      There ya go.

      That’ll do it.

      It’s silly to pretend like these are difficult problems to solve.

      After spending just a few years on this planet, we ALL know the consequences for breaking the law, and that is why we don’t break the law, because we don’t want the consequences for doing so.

      Unless CEOs and managers are from some other planet, they KNOW and understand these things too.

      So make the LAW apply to CEOs and managers, no different than it applies to EVERY ONE OF US.

      Almost instantaneously, no illegal alien can find work anywhere in America.

      After that understanding sinks in, voluntary mass exodus of illegal aliens from America.

      Problem solved.

      Without even putting ICE agents in daily danger by conducting raids all over the place.

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    4. While I agree with you, Scott…

      Perhaps you are not aware that Employers are prohibited from even asking about citizenship status when they are hiring.

      It puts the Employers between a rock and a hard place.

      Even if they use E-Verify…the illegals have figured out ways to game that system.
      So it doesn’t always work very good, when an employer submits a SocSec number into E-Verify.

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      1. “Perhaps you are not aware that Employers are prohibited from even asking about citizenship status when they are hiring. It puts the Employers between a rock and a hard place.”


        Well as the church lady would say, isn’t that convenient

        As Kevin Nealon playing Mr. Subliminal would say, “I wonder who (ACLU) is responsible (completely on purpose) for that naturally occurring (completely orchestrated) quandary, and who (Tommy Donohue) persuaded (paid off) all the politicians (criminals in nice suits), to create a situation where employers bear no responsibility for who they hire (illegal aliens)?”

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  6. AG Barr: “I was appalled, and indeed the whole department was, and frankly, angry…”


    Notice what he did NOT say?

    He did NOT say “I was surprised“.

    Because that would ludicrous.

    NOBODY is surprised.

    And the reason NOBODY is surprised is because Epstein was the most notorious prisoner on the planet, with potentially THOUSANDS of very wealthy and powerful men who wanted him dead.

    So nobody is surprised, because it was entirely predicable. A FIVE year old could have predicted that Epstein wouldn’t survive until trial.

    But AG Barr, and the DOJ, can’t SAY they were surprised.

    Because if they know and understood what every 5-year old in the country understood, i.e., Epstein was a dead man walking unless he had round-the-clock military protection.

    If Barr says he was ‘surprised’, then he looks even less competent than a 5-year old.

    If Barr says he is NOT ‘surprised’, then he is grossly incompetent for knowing the risk and taking ZERO precautions to prevent it.

    So AG Barr (and the “illustrious” DOJ) won’t be saying they were ‘surprised’.

    Just ‘appalled’.

    Color me impressed, lol!

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    1. This is precisely why gun owners should never discuss with anyone whether they do or don’t have any guns. Just tell anyone who asks about guns that you don’t discuss that subject in any way, shape or form. Tell them in nunya bisnis.
      BTW, since when is it illegal to live near a school and own guns?

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  7. AG Barr: “This sex trafficking case was very important to the Department of Justice and to me personally”.


    Not important enough to take basic precautions to protect the most notorious prisoner on the planet. Instead, you put the biggest pedophile on earth in general population in a NYC prison.

    Then you moved him to a cell with a former cop accused of murdering four people during a drug deal, and burying them in his own back yard.

    Then you finally put him in solitary confinement on suicide watch, AFTER he was almost killed a week or two ago.

    Then (apparently) you took him OFF suicide watch.

    Then he mysteriously ‘died’ right after you took him off suicide watch.

    And apparently there is no video footage. No doubt the video is working for every other cell in the entire prison, just not Epstein’s cell.

    Either you think we’re stupid, or you are so arrogant that you don’t care that we know you’re incompetent and/or corrupt.

    So which is it?

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  8. AG Barr: “It was important to the dedicated prosecutors in the Southern District of New York and to our FBI agents who investigated the case, and were preparing it for trial.

    Nothing gives me more confidence than your continued use of the word “was”.

    And you know who you left out?

    Do you know who it was ALSO important to?

    It ‘was’ important to the AMERICAN PEOPLE, that SOMEBODY might actually receive JUSTICE from our PATHETIC, CORRUPT, INCOMPETENT “Just Us” Department.

    It was important to the American People that ALL of the criminals associated with Epstein were PROSECUTED and CONVICTED, that this horrific EVIL would be ERADICATED from off the face of the earth.

    But you decided to put the KEY perpetrator, the lynch-pin to the entire organization, in a regular NYC prison, and pretend like you didn’t know he would be dead before he ever went to trial.

    Are YOU stupid?

    Or do you think WE’RE stupid?

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  9. AG Barr: “Most importantly, this case was important to the victims who had the courage to come forward, and deserve the opportunity to confront the accused in the courtroom.”


    Sorry about their luck, huh?

    Their confidence in our wholly corrupt “Just Us” system must be almost as strong as mine…

    And why wouldn’t it be?

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  10. AG Barr: “I was appalled, and indeed the whole department was, and frankly, angry, to learn of the MCC’s failure to adequately secure this prisoner.”



    Nice BLAME-SHIFT triple Lindy!

    And talk about nailing the landing!

    Most men would have risked a hernia trying to pull that off with a straight face, but that was Olympic level straight-face linguistic gymnastics.

    Was this prisoner not the subject of DOJ prosecution?

    Is the AG not the head of the DOJ, the top law enforcement officer in the land?

    Was he not YOUR prisoner?

    Why did YOU not secure YOUR prisoner?

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  11. AG Barr: “We are now learning of serious irregularities at this facility that are deeply concerning…”


    If only someone could have predicted that such ‘irregularities’ would be a foregone conclusion in a case like this… with a government system as painfully and obviously corrupt as ours.

    Corrupted by the very same people who, coincidentally, would be exposed by any cooperation by Epstein.


    Everyone on the PLANET predicted Epstein would die in prison before trial.

    Everyone, that is, except the “professionals” at the Department of ‘Just Us’, and the Attorney General of the United States…

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  12. AG Barr: “We are now learning of serious irregularities at this facility that are deeply concerning…”


    It’s a real shame you didn’t inquire about or predict such ‘irregularities’ would take place with something approaching 99.999% certainty.

    Have you ever been in a Turkish prison, Mr. Barr?

    Have you ever seen a grown man naked?

    Have you ever been in a cockpit?

    Do you like movies about gladiators?

    I’m quoting lines from the movie Airplane! at this point, because that’s the same level of seriousness with which I take your comments on this subject.

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      1. Just pointing out the obvious problems in his little speech, no different any reporter from any movie from the 1930s through the 1960s would do.

        I reference old movies because, in my lifetime, I rarely if ever see real ‘professional’ reporters ask the obvious questions or point out the obvious flaws in a government cover-up presentation.

        I don’t get the impression that modern reporters even RECOGNIZE the obvious questions, or even have passing familiarity with the most basic components of investigative reporting, i.e.,


        Professional reporters are very good with ‘human interest’ angles and ‘narrative promotion’ and ‘outrage’ and ‘white washing’ and ‘misdirection’ and ‘diversion’ and ‘deception’ and ’emotion’ and a thousand other things which absolutely nothing to do with their job description.

        For any up and coming would-be journalists, you can skip college.

        Just watch a few old black & white crime drama movies.

        You’ll be MILES ahead of ‘Journalism School’ graduates.

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      1. Great analysis of Epstein evidence – too many anomalies – enough reasonable doubt about events relative to the alleged ‘suicide’ – the doctor who witnesses the alleged autopsy – inconclusive due to ‘additional information’ – Dave lays it out quite well – worth your while to listen to what he has pieced together – based on what has been presented by various press organizations and pure logic.

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  13. AG Barr: “…serious irregularities at this facility that are deeply concerning and demand a thorough investigation. The FBI and the office of Inspector General are doing just that.”


    Oh come on…. you’ve GOT to be kidding?

    The same idiots who didn’t realize the most notorious prisoner on the PLANET needed extra security and protection?

    The same Clown Car Squad just walked away from the biggest massacre in American history, the Las Vegas shooting, without ever bothering to conclude the investigation or explain to the American People what actually happened?

    The same corrupt organization that has enabled and allowed an ongoing COUP attempt for the last 3+ years?

    You’re going to let THOSE PEOPLE ‘investigate’ their own gross negligence and incompetence?

    I’ll certainly sleep better tonight knowing that…

    You can’t even be remotely serious…

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  14. AG Barr: “We will get to the bottom of what happened, and there will be accountability.”


    Do you even hear yourself?

    You mean like the Las Vegas massacre?

    Or like Benghazi?

    Or like Fast and Furious?

    Or like the IRS targeting of conservatives?

    Or like anti-fa?

    Or like Waco?

    Or like Ruby Ridge?

    Or like a hundred other gross miscarriages of justice by our OWN freaking government?

    Or maybe like the ONGOING COUP ATTEMPT against our president?

    Riddle me this, Batman. When was the LAST time the FIB and the DOJ actually got to the ‘bottom’ of ANYTHING, and held ANYONE ‘accountable’ — for ANYTHING?

    BTW, where are the documents the president authorized you to DECLASSIFY more than 80 days ago?

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  15. AG Barr: “But let me assure you that this case will continue on against anyone who was complicit with Epstein. Any co-conspirators should not rest easy.”


    But they can surely rest easier than before Epstein died, right?

    I mean, this was really, really fortuitous for them, wasn’t it?

    Just a miraculous coincidence… right, Mr. Good Barr?

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  16. AG Barr: “The victims deserve justice, and they will get it.”


    The American PEOPLE deserve to see justice too, Mr. Barr.

    And after letting the key suspect, the most notorious prisoner on the planet, DIE in YOUR custody — who wouldn’t be confident in your ability to provide “justice”?

    We’re all at ease and sleeping soundly, knowing the DOJ and FIB are in control…

    It would be hilarious, if it wasn’t so sad…


    Aww…. and then the people clapped.

    For that performance.

    Please clap…

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  17. AG Barr: “The FBI and the office of Inspector General are doing just that. We will get to the bottom of what happened, and there will be accountability.”


    Investigating yourselves, to hold yourselves accountable.

    That’s the hallmark of every good banana republic, isn’t it?

    I sure hope ours can measure up!

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    1. I don’t believe that Mr. Barr was AG during Vegas, Waco or Ruby Ridge or most of the other events you listed, so I will give him some time to fix all of that since he seems to have a lot of other things to deal with atm

      He ended the witch hunt, for which I am extremely grateful. I would think that even his worst critics, if they support the President, would be as well.

      While I agree that there is a lot that needs to be exposed and dealt with in a very visible demonstration of equal justice under a restored rule of law I remain encouraged and supportive of Mr. Barr since he has opened or reopened investigations onto some very bad people.

      In the meantime, to quote a hero of mine….”let’s see what happens”.

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      1. “He ended the witch hunt, for which I am extremely grateful. I would think that even his worst critics, if they support the President, would be as well.”


        The problem is that he’s just a cog in the machine, a professional bureaucrat who has never even seen the machine from any perspective besides from the inside.

        Even if he is personally not intentionally corrupt, he *IS* the ‘system’. He’s the face of the ‘system’. He’s the arms and legs of the ‘system’. He breathes the ‘system’ because he has spent a good portion of his life INSIDE the ‘system’.

        How is someone like that ever going to “turn” on the ‘system’ which has provided him life and security and advancement?

        How is someone like that ever going to even acknowledge the DEEP and FOUNDATIONAL corruption of a system in which he has prospered and appreciated, his whole adult life?

        It’s practically his ‘baby’.

        All ‘growed up’ into a violent, treasonous, terrorist felon — but it will always be his ‘baby’…

        To think that a professional bureaucrat can turn around ANY government department is like thinking any of the professional politicians could have turned around our country the way DJT is doing.

        It’s not possible.

        It takes an outsider to clean out the corruption, because the insiders — even the ‘good’ ones — have [far] too much affinity for the ‘system’.

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        1. I don’t think he is a cog. He is pretty much in charge of the machine, at least his part of it.

          He has already made things happen. I happen to think that he is outside the swamp and truly appalled at what has been going on.

          I am not an expert on government and especially not on organizational behavior, but I believe from some of the things he has said that Mr. Barr answers to a higher authority. That is, I think he actually is a godly man who knows that what he is doing is dangerous and that he is not doing this to get ahead in the organization. I think he is doing this to clean up a situation that really needs cleaning up to help the country and honor God.

          I haven’t and couldn’t do as much….not by any stretch of the imagination.

          So until I have evidence to the contrary I am going to believe the best.

          I believe that God is in this and has blessed us with our President. This inspires gratitude and faith in me.

          I am still thanking God for the incredulous wonder of having Donald Trump as my President and not her. And I see that President Trump is getting people in place to accomplish his agenda now that the witch hunt is over. We may not win every battle but I firmly believe that we will win the war.

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          1. Also,

            I’m not sure someone completely outside the system could really know enough to undo what has been done to it.

            I hope this helps you feel a little bit better about things.

            Other, bad people and corrupted so much of the government. They did a lot of things the President has had to deal with and is working to turn around.

            He was really hampered by the witch hunt and there may still be roadblocks in place but on so many fronts I believe we are making progress.

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          2. I hope you are right about Mr. Barr, and I agree with you about DJT, and I thank God also that DJT is president and not the monster.

            However, we have to have some part in this, and at least part of our ‘part’ is to call the balls and strikes. DJT may be COUNTING on it, and he should be, even if he isn’t.

            Suppose (for purposes of example only) that DJT chose Barr because he knew Barr was corrupt, and this is part of DJT’s plan to expose the Deep State and show just how deep the corruption really goes (could apply to Wray just as easily, appointing him to expose that even putting a new FIB director in only changes the name on the door, the corruption is inherent to the system).

            If DJT is counting on We the People to point out the mistakes (or outright corruption), and we DON’T call out the obvious incompetence and failures, then we’re not doing our part.

            I hope you’re right about Mr. Barr.

            But what happened with Epstein is either gross incompetence and corruption, or it’s part of the 64-D underwater chess game DJT has orchestrated.

            I hope it’s the latter and not the former.

            Keeping that hope alive gets harder with each ridiculous failure of our government to even get the most basic things right.


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            1. I don’t know what happened, but in my vastly uninformed state I have thought that Epstein is really dead, that the bad guys did it and thought they were getting away with it, and that Mr.Barr is being schooled in the depth of the swamp. I hope he will turn things around and make them regret it.

              (I love, however, the videos and posts that Duchess provides to expand my thinking on this!)

              I know that the President has a lot to do, but I also hope that he will take an interest in this and put things in place to help Mr.Barr turn this whole thing into a win.

              The country can’t take too much more of the Clintons and company.

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              1. I agree that letting the President and AG know how we feel is really important. And I agree that letting this happen (Epstein “suicide”) in our prison system is unacceptable.

                I don’t know how to effectively let them know, though.

                I have thought that we should have had more to say about the death of Whitey Bolger right after he decided to talk and name names. Especially since I thought the Herr Mueller and Weissman would have been unhappy with the disclosures.

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    2. I didn’t count your comments but there are probably a dozen of them. All very good.

      An alternate explanation for what happened is that Epstein isn’t really dead but they had to make it VERY convincing that he was.

      At a certain point in time, I’m sure we’ll find out that he is in military custody in Gitmo. It’s the only logical explanation of what to do with the biggest canary ever to sing in America – get him off the playing field and away from those who are part of the deep state.

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      1. “An alternate explanation for what happened is that Epstein isn’t really dead but they had to make it VERY convincing that he was.”


        But they didn’t even do that right.

        If he’s alive, they set up the circumstances such that NOBODY believes ANYTHING the government is saying about it, because NONE of it is credible.

        They used to know how to do simple things like proving someone was dead. They would just stand them up next to a coffin, with the “Wanted Dead or Alive” sign hanging around their neck.

        It’s not hard to do.

        They were doing it in the 1800s.

        It was very effective.

        But we’re supposed to believe all these lawyers and police and FIB agents, with their Pee-H-Dees and annual rubber-stamp continuing education courses aren’t smart enough to:

        A) understand the public’s skepticism

        B) about their own incompetence or outright corruption

        C) and at least make a half-assed effort to go the extra mile

        They don’t do that.


        Because they don’t GIVE A &^%$ about the American People, if they even remember WHO the American People are. They’re living in a fishbowl of criminals just like themselves, so detached from reality that they forgot about the 300 million people staring at them from the other side of the glass.

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      2. “At a certain point in time, I’m sure we’ll find out that he is in military custody in Gitmo. It’s the only logical explanation of what to do with the biggest canary ever to sing in America – get him off the playing field and away from those who are part of the deep state.”


        But if that was the objective, he would never have been a NYC prison to begin with. Every moment he was inside that facility he was a target, surrounded by thousands of violent habitual criminals.

        If there was anywhere MORE dangerous that he could have been, where would that be?

        Being eaten by alligators (named TICK-TOCK, no less…)


        Gone fishing?


        Hanging onto Sylvester Stallone’s hand… for a few more seconds?


        Using an alien as a disguise?


      3. “At a certain point in time, I’m sure we’ll find out that he is in military custody in Gitmo.”


        The only thing that could have made this whole thing even more ludicrous and unbelievable than it already is, is if they got A.C. Cowlings to be Epstein’s getaway driver in a low-speed chase through Los Angeles.

        With O.J. Simpson riding shotgun.

        And Matthew McConeghey playing bongos naked in the back seat.

        If what happened to Epstein was presented to a movie studio as a movie script, the writer would be laughed out of the building.

        I did consider that he might have been smuggled out of the prison, but that doesn’t explain how he was ever allowed to be in that prison (before trial) in the first place.

        And think about this.

        If he actually WAS smuggled out of the prison by the government, and he EVER surfaces again, whatever credibility the government thinks it still has is gone forever. I mean, nobody will ever believe anything that anyone in the government ever says, ever.

        Every time, from here to eternity, that a member of the government says anything the least bit doubtful, it will invite an entire chorus of people shouting “like you lied to us about Epstein?”

        The United States government can’t tell a bald-faced lie to the American People, to their faces, directly, about a matter of national public importance, that Epstein is dead — like Bill Barr and others would have to have done — unless they know the government isn’t going to be around for long, anyway.

        Because there’s no way back from something like this, if Epstein turns up alive.

        No one — not even the Kool-Aid drinking government worshippers — will ever believe them again, about anything.

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  18. “Beijing has for years cooked the books to make the regime’s performance look better, and they are undoubtedly doing the same now.”


    Just like our government cooked the books, for DECADES, from Hussein all the way back (at least) to GHWB, lying about employment, inflation, trade, you name it.

    It’s hilarious to point the finger at China, when our own government must be the most corrupt government in the history of the world!

    What other government could possibly match US, in size or influence or degree of corruption?

    The sewers of the entire planet drain into the Swamp of D.C.

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  19. MSM of course in melt down over 300 Dow Jones drop (yes it goes up and down we know we know) And they are pushing the recession talk again. Of course they are. They have nothing else.

    Liked by 7 people

        1. From the article I linked:

          “On June 9, hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong citizens filled the streets of the city’s business and administrative centers at Central and Admiralty to protest an extradition bill that would allow fugitives to be sent to governments that Hong Kong does not currently have an extradition treaty with — including China, Taiwan, and Macau.”

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    1. Found this via a DDG search – also mentions Macau:

      “It is still too early to see what sort of impact this latest protest in Hong Kong will have in either Hong Kong or Taiwan; however, Taiwanese netizens and seasoned Taiwan-watchers have been lighting up social media since Sunday, particularly with complaints that Taiwan’s widely panned news stations were ignoring the story. Two days into the protest, Taiwan’s media has begun following the developments more, though independent outlets and public-funded news are giving more coverage than the major for-profit stations.”


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    1. I wonder if each person of the resistance takes responsibility ad takes a family hime and pledges to cover all their expenses until they can sustain themselves??? (S
      People are so quick to hand out other peoples money that is tax payers but not their own.

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  20. Although Louisiana is a “Red” state, increasing GOP voters in that state is always helpful – especially as regards other downticket federal races and state offices.

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  21. Jeffrey Epstein’s endless connections

    August 12, 2019
    by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News


    Assertions and speculations spread like wildfire. Epstein was murdered. He isn’t dead at all, he was ferreted out of jail and taken to Israel. He killed himself. The video cameras in jail malfunctioned (were turned off on purpose). Epstein paid off guards so he could engineer his covert escape. He’s dead, a victim of the rising Clinton body count. Trump is in the Epstein scandal up to his eyeballs. And so on.

    I call your attention to two writers who are digging into Epstein’s seemingly endless, high-level connections. One is Wayne Madsen (twitter), whose recent article is posted at Intrepid Report: Politics and pedophilia: a demonic mix.

    The other is Whitney Webb (twitter), at MintPress News: Mega Group, Maxwells and Mossad: The Spy Story at the Heart of the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal.

    Both these articles delve into Epstein’s international relationships, particularly in, or dedicated to, the State of Israel. Webb’s multi-part series is massive.

    These two articles (and others) are written against a background everyone is now familiar with—Epstein’s trove of knowledge about powerful men having sex with his underage girls, and the undoubted blackmail material Epstein possessed that could be used to control such men.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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    1. So Madsen is a never-Trumper. He tries throughout to make it appear DJT was closer to Epstein than he really was!

      “That lawsuit—Jane Doe v. Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump—has received more serious attention now that Epstein, a previously convicted underage sex offender in Florida, has been indicted on federal sex-trafficking charges.”

      “Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were, for quite some time, habitués of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club.”

      “Maxwell and Donald Trump were also close social acquaintances, often see together at events for New York’s high and mighty.”

      Regarding his residences: “……Florida (close to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort complex)….”

      “Coincidentally or not, the Jacksonville branch also reported suspicious money movements through Deutsche Bank by Kushner Companies, the firm owned by Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, and the Trump Organization.”

      “On his state visit to London, Trump’s primary chaperone was Prince Andrew. Not only does Andrew feature prominently in Epstein’s circle of friends but Britain continues to recover from the pedophilia activity of longtime BBC entertainer Jimmy Savile.”

      “Trump’s one-time close relationship with Epstein may be the reason why so many Republican members of the House of Representatives are jumping ship.”

      Liked by 2 people

      1. All speculative – he knows these people – does not mean he engages in the same activities they do – Trump explained Deutsche Bank – ‘they want to lend me money’ – I don’t want it – what suspicious money movements – people move money from one bank to another – digitally – all of the time – digging for dirt – and insinuating something is suspicious because Deutsche Bank is having problems. Did Trump have a choice of chaperone?

        The Republicans are jumping ship because they know Trump is on the warpath – could it be they are complicit in the DECLAS? Why did Rino Ryan leave? could it be he has been involved in nefarious activities? We know what he didn’t do – he did not put America First – he is a Globalist – he thwarted initiatives – he was not supportive – and probably more – of which he is ashamed or should be –

        Sit down and write a speculative statement about Trump – it is up to the reader to interpret it any which way he/she wants – this is nonsense – just like changing the Clinton Body Count to the Trump Body Count – make sense, Filly?

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Of course it is nonsense! Maybe I missed something but WHAT Republicans are jumping ship? IDK what he is talking about there at all!!! Haven’t heard anyone come out and say publicly they want someone else to run against him, outside of that fool, Mooch.

          I had run across Madsen before and was 50/50 on him. Now I see him for the instigator he truly is!

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  22. This is funny. Chris Cuomo gets called Fredo by a Rush Limbaugh fan and gets triggered. NSFW due to bad language from Fredo’s potty mouth. He’s a real tough guy when he has his security detail with him. Alone, not so much. BTW, great comments below.

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  23. Without any empirical evidence I’m still willing to bet the welfare stat on housing is low for non citizen immigrants because there is a tendency for them to share homes and apartments and they are other wise stay under the radar.

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  24. Well worth reading these tweets which start with a poll and then the following tweets give details about what the poll is about:

    (Quoting the poll):
    Could Donald Trump have flagged that child traffickers and pedophiles are behind the mass shootings?

    What do you think?
    (End of quoting)

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