Who Is the “Grand Creator” of the Jarrett Youth?

And by Jarrett Youth, I mean the legions of socialist fear-bots led by this guy:

Remember this tweet, from #Parkland days?

Here is that picture, all by itself:

I always assumed it was Cameron Kasky’s MOTHER. However, THIS meme (among others, saying the same thing) has appeared:

Now – I’m sorry, but I’m a bit of a devotee of Communist Hot Mama “Whoa Nelly” Ohr, who I find oddly attractive in a “OMG, WOLF – YOU DON’T ACTUALLY LIKE PORK RINDS AND OCTOPUS – DO YOU?” way.

I mean – hell – take a look at ‘er!

I mean, to quote a certain President:


And speaking of beauty – as soon as I figured out how much TIME this woman spent in the BIRTHPLACE OF BRAINWASH, all on her lonesome, the fake scandal known as “Muh Russia was OVER.

Any Trump-hating TDS lefty who, at that time, would have understood the implications of the above statement, would have been pissing their pants. The Mueller investigation wasn’t just TOAST – it was a time-bomb of 1000% REVERSO PLUS BACKFIRE located squarely underneath the Soviet Democrat Party.

And THAT was a BEAUTIFUL moment!

Now, to be completely honest, one actually needs more and different pictures of Whoa Nellie, because those OTHER PICTURES with less central weighting (see THE DOG) utterly rule out the proposition that these pictures are of the same person.


SO – if that lady isn’t Sweet Nellie Ohr, WHO IS IT?

If you look at the replies underneath the Kasky tweet, you will likely come up with 5 or 6 different or slightly different theories of WHO it ACTUALLY is.

I followed one of them, and what I found was a lady who makes all kinds of sense in a CONVERGENCE OF SOVIET RED DIAPER, CRYPTOCOMMIE, AND CPUSA WAY.

But that could be wrong. I may have followed the wrong trail.

So I’m CROWDSOURCING this one.


Let the search begin.


PS: Cameron Kasky is an interesting fellow. I’m calling him an ACP – American Communist Princeling. Notice his new digs – Eric Holder’s old “radicalizing” haunt – meaning he’s headed straight for the Nomenklatura of Amerika. He’s 100% OCCUPATION CLASS.

If you look at Kasky’s 700+ Twitter follows chronologically, you can learn a lot. Everybody shows up to pay homage, but THESE got followed back – picked out from the plebes. EVERYBODY on the top left shows up – including all those new posers who want to be President.

While looking for information, I found THIS LINK. Those who are interested in all things KASKY will find it useful.

LINK: http://adam.curry.com/art/1519904866_MZhcpXLq.html

Here is that link’s assesment of the image:

First off let’s start with Cameron Casky. One of the overnight stars that boiled to the surface after the Parkland shooting.  Seen here with his grandma.  That’s not Nellie Ohr BTW. It was a hoax by Shareblue to poison the well.

I love it! Somebody who also gets DISINFORMATION.

So he says GRANDMA. Funny – that’s where *I* was looking, too.

So why is BROCK poisoning the well? Yeah. Worth a look.

Similar material on Neon Revolt – not sure how that works, but slightly different.

LINK: https://www.neonrevolt.com/2018/02/27/jeff-kaskys-strange-scandal-ridden-history-with-one-world-adoption-services/

99 thoughts on “Who Is the “Grand Creator” of the Jarrett Youth?

  1. Whoa Nelly—what a catch…
    Someone been doing some research
    That Ohr lady was never on my mind—Actually I think I did spend some time with Kasky but Hogg was always in the spot light.
    Do remember all of Kasky stuff started looking really crazy…hmmm wonder if I still have any of the crap left in my word–Oh yea I do keep stuff here an there since it seems to end up way way back in searches lately.

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      1. Adoption?

        Like in someone born in one bloodline family being raised in another?

        Not sure if that is what you mean — I’m not dialed in on the whole Kasky/Hogg thing much yet.


  2. I think it’s actually his mother. There is a tweet in his thread which says “proud grandma,” from Stacey Kagan.

    This is her:

    She looks a LOT like the woman in the picture, but too old. But her daughter might look a lot like her.

    That’s quick, but it looks like her.

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    1. I checked Stacey Kagan’s Twitter followers – Jeff Kasky is there, but Cameron is not. Also another couple of Kagans are following her. She is following Jeff and Cameron, but she followed Jeff long before Cameron.

      Another possibility is that they’re family friends, and that her tweet was just calling out the lady as being his grandmother – and likely somebody she knows.

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  3. Thinking more about the tweet, it probably IS his grandmother, the “grand-creator” of the movement. See what happens when you add a “-“?

    She just looks really old with the bleach job.

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  4. This is also VERY INTERESTING.

    “Stacy Kagan has served as a City of Parkland City Commissioner and as Vice Mayor. Stacy was born in Queens, New York and moved to South Florida in 1970. She has lived in the City of Parkland since 2004. Stacy is the owner of an Allstate Insurance Agency in Coral Springs. She is married, with one daughter, to Richard Kagan. Their daughter, Brittani, graduated from Stoneman Douglas High School in 2007 and then went on to graduate from the University of Michigan. She now lives in Los Angeles where she works in the entertainment industry. As a Commissioner and Vice Mayor, Stacy focuses on the smart growth of our community, our schools and making Parkland the “best city to live, work and raise a family!””


    Could this woman be his aunt by marriage? She is married to Richard Kagan. In this listing for Stacey (the grandmother, I am pretty certain) she is listed with a Richard Kagan. So is Richard, Jr. married to Stacy the Commissioner?

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    1. Whoops, moving too fast. Here is the listing for grandma:

      Name: Sherry E Kagan
      Also Known As: Stacey J Kagan
      2nd Also Known As Name: Stacy K Kagan
      3rd Also Known As Name: Stacy Joi Kagan
      Event Date: 01 Jul 2005-01 Jan 2009
      Event Place: Tamarac, Florida, United States
      Birth Date: 25 Nov 1965
      Address: Tamarac, Florida 33321
      Address Date: 01 Jul 2005-01 Jan 2009
      2nd Address: Miami, Florida 33186
      2nd Address Date: 01 Dec 1993-18 Jul 2001
      3rd Address: Weston, Florida 33327
      3rd Address Date: 01 Jan 1992-25 Mar 2008
      Possible Relatives: Brittani Hope Kagan, Richard M Kagan, Richard Marc Kagan, Yetta Y Kagan

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    2. I think this is extremely productive. That daughter’s Hollywood connection is very interesting. She [mom] also mentions being a volunteer for the MSD High School drama [department / club / whatever].

      Q said “actors” Who would they go to, to integrate them into the community?

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      1. I think you’re over the target. What I recall was the training hogg boy received. Acting/Thespian would be right for getting in front of the cameras. Think this is a highly productive angle.

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  5. This may be completely wrong and I’m a little scared to say anything considering some people’s taste in women (no judging intended), but……

    For a long time I have seriously thought that Nellie Ohr was a man. I also wonder about the person in the picture with Kasky..

    So, if you can’t reconcile the two pictures and cannot find a woman who fits, how about looking for a trans?

    There is a lot of hair on the arm of the person in the picture with Kasky….

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      1. I live in a community with lots of trans people. You have to remember to use the pronouns they and them instead of gender specific ones.

        Some of them look like women but sound and act like men and vice versa.

        It’s kind of nerve wracking and easy to get mixed up. (If you are me) So by now, I think I might just be over vigilant.

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    1. For me the neck is a give away if a person is a trans. My husband had a female trans who was small very feminine no one suspected except I did but it did not change my friendship with her and had her often over for dinner. The Adams apple was the give away.
      Some women look natural masculine.

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  6. I was just looking at photos of her after D-D-going her name. She has at least 4 different looks; her weight seems to fluctuate at times, her hair style changes as well as her hair color and glasses frames or no glasses. They are not flamboyant changes, but manage to give her a completely different appearance, anywhere from a frowsy lady to a professional look.

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  7. Good luck finding information or pictures of his mother…it seems they’ve kept her information pretty close to the vest…I couldn’t even find anywhere that even mentions what her name is.

    Although in the link provided below there is a list of his “Experience” where he lists Father/Partner of the Kasky-Ziobro family which leads me to believe he may be married to Jeanette Ziobro who he ran a surrogate business with for some time. I may be wrong about this…maybe there is a relative of Jeanette Ziobro he is married to?

    The father seems pretty sketchy…involved in multiple careers including adoption agency that was involved in controversy (Haiti, Congo)…

    Jeff Kasky’s Strange, Scandal-Ridden History with One World Adoption Services

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              1. Yeah, this gal is nothing like my CPUSA honey that I found. Jeff Kasky uploaded this old video. Looks like she helped manage a pricey chocolate boutique. Explains the fancy house and ride.

                Gonna star it to minimize the views.


                My verdict – this lady is in no way a movement founder of any kind. My other possible was buddies with all the top commies. This one? No way.

                VERDICT: INNOCENT

                CASE CLOSED! 😉

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      1. Aubergine
        Maybe she kept her maiden name but the kid calls he grandma Kask? Maybe when he was little he gave her that name and it stuck? Kids can give grandparents all kind of funny names.

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      2. Could it be that the dad married a woman who reminded him of his own mother?

        Not following all this. Just had a thought that logically could present an alternative solution to the issue you raise here,

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    1. I felt like Marco was the Big Club’s choice for the event. He was the token conservative voice, but also the intended sacrificial lamb. But I don’t feel bad for him b/c he knew what he was getting into and continues to be a tool for the GOP establishment while playing the conservative card (when it doesn’t really count).

      He did get the child tax credit doubled but frankly that was a pretty easy sell.

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  8. I’ve been searching for pictures of Nellie Ohr…and this is what I’ve found so far:


    A side-by-side comparison:


    Nellie Ohr is a spook, right?

    A DeepLeft/DeepState operative.

    We’re seeing connections between the HoggBoy and the upper levels of the DeepLeft true believers.

    It stands to reason, that the HoggBoy’s family are also operatives.
    Same with this Cameron Kasky kid.

    So…WHO is Nellie Ohr.

    What is Nellie Ohr’s maiden name?

    I think there’s a good chance that Nellie and Bruce Ohr are not a ‘real couple’…and are instead, a pair of operatives who were put together as a ‘cover’.

    In the world of spycraft…don’t spies sometimes have doppelganger-like operatives?
    Other operatives who Look Like Them?

    Maybe it was a Big Mistake for Cameron Kasky to have tweeted out that picture of him and the woman beside him…?
    Maybe that’s why he ‘took a break’ for a while.

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        1. She got plastic surgery. Absolutely clear. And they did it in two stages, possibly.

          Definite plastic surgery. I will bet CIA paid for it, too. Oh, man. That is so smooth. No pun intended.

          They tightened her face, thinned her nose front and sides, and filled below the eyes.


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            1. Oh, I’m sure the post-surgical pics (thin nose) are newer than Bozo Nellie, and they show no mole, although the make-up job is very pro, and that could explain it, too.

              The mole is missing in 2008, but I think that it either hadn’t started, or it was covered with makeup.

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    1. I usually distrust the “every woman is a tranny” crowd and I don’t normally do this, but I can’t un-see it here. That looks like a man in a wig.

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  9. Ack…trying again on this one:

    This one doesn’t really look like the other pics of Nellie Ohr…but it turned up in the search as being ‘Nellie Ohr’.

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    1. This looks like a valid “student / postdoc” era picture. Young prof. Poughkeepsie days. I know similar kinds of women (nerdy, academic, similar look), and the age changes here are of the same degree and type when going silvery. I can see this as being her.

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    2. It’s from a class reunion picture. Bruce Ohr was cropped out.


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  10. Here’s who she was.

    See this record with both Nellie and Bruce:

    Name: Nellie H Ohr
    Event Date: 13 Jul 2001
    Event Place: Chantilly, Virginia, United States
    Birth Date: 09 Aug 1962
    Address: Chantilly, Virginia 20151
    Address Date: 13 Jul 2001
    2nd Address: Port Jefferson, New York 11777
    2nd Address Date: 01 Jan 1996
    3rd Address: Croton On Hudson, New York 10520
    3rd Address Date: 01 Jan 1995
    Possible Relatives: Bruce G Ohr, Sangho Yoo Ohr
    Affiliate Identifier: 349763865

    Now see this record, which gives her DOB:

    Name: Nellie H Ohr
    Event Date: 13 Jul 2001
    Event Place: Chantilly, Virginia, United States
    Birth Date: 09 Aug 1962
    Address: Chantilly, Virginia 20151
    Address Date: 13 Jul 2001
    2nd Address: Port Jefferson, New York 11777
    2nd Address Date: 01 Jan 1996
    3rd Address: Croton On Hudson, New York 10520
    3rd Address Date: 01 Jan 1995
    Possible Relatives: Bruce G Ohr, Sangho Yoo Ohr
    Affiliate Identifier: 349763865

    Her middle initial is H, and this record shows what that may be (in bold):

    Name: Bruce G Ohr
    Event Date: 18 Jul 2001
    Event Place: Port Jefferson, New York, United States
    Birth Date: 16 Mar 1962
    Address: Port Jefferson, New York 11777
    Address Date: 18 Jul 2001
    2nd Address: Somerville, Massachusetts 02144
    2nd Address Date: 01 Jan 1998-01 Oct 2007
    3rd Address: Croton On Hudson, New York 10520
    3rd Address Date: 01 Jan 1995-05 Sep 2001
    4th Address: Croton On Hudson, New York 10520
    4th Address Date: 01 Sep 1992-13 Nov 2000
    Possible Relatives: Hauke Nellie Ohr, Martha G Ohr, Nellie H Ohr, Sangho M Ohr, Sangho Yoo Ohr
    Affiliate Identifier: 67396533

    Here is the record for Nellie Hauke, same birth date, also lists Bruce:

    Name: Nellie M Hauke
    Also Known As: Nellie H Ohr
    2nd Also Known As Name: Hauke Nellie Ohr
    Event Date: 18 Jul 2001
    Event Place: Port Jefferson Station, New York, United States
    Birth Date: 09 Aug 1962
    Address: Port Jefferson Station, New York 11777
    Address Date: 18 Jul 2001
    2nd Address: Croton On Hudson, New York 10520
    2nd Address Date: 01 Feb 1998
    3rd Address: Kingston, Rhode Island 02881
    3rd Address Date: 01 Mar 1990
    Possible Relatives: Bruce G Ohr, Sangho M Ohr, Sangho Yoo Ohr
    Affiliate Identifier: 20679314

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    1. Thanks, Aubergine!


      We still don’t know if that is Nellie’s maiden name, for sure.
      I mean, Hauke could be a previous married name…couldn’t it?

      I wonder what shows up on Nellie’s Birth Certificate.

      HusseinO is about the same age…born 1961…supposedly.

      The early 1060s was during the heart of the Cold War.
      There is no telling how many Soviet Sleepers were put in place back then.

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    2. Aubergine, Diana West believed that Nelson’s middle name is ‘Hauke’, and iirc that it’s a maiden name.

      Not saying that is conclusive.

      If you search for Ohr on DianaWest.net, or check her “Red Thread” series, you’ll find she was drilling down hard on the Ohrs, starting almost as soon as their names became public. She attached a lot of importance to Bruce’s partner early on, especially her Communist/Russian/spook connections and associations.

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      1. No worries:


        Of Arlington, VA, a writer who popularized the works of African-American journalist Ted Poston, died July 30, 2004 at Virginia Hospital Center following a battle with cancer. Kathleen was born August 27, 1935, daughter of Robert J. and Katherine Gall Armstrong. She graduated from the University of Michigan and earned a PhD from the University of Rhode Island. Raised in Kalamazoo, MI, she lived in Kingston, RI, Atlanta, GA and Arlington, VA.

        A born journalist, she interviewed almost everyone she met. She abounded in creative energy. She taught English at universities in Kingston, RI, Atlanta, GA and Nairobi, Kenya. She wrote three books on Ted Poston, the journalist. At the time of her death she was working on a biography of South African playwright Richard Rive. She inspired young readers and writers, inscribed multilingual quotations on the walls of her home, and sewed quilts and clothes for her offspring, often while watching C-Span or tennis matches on TV.

        Married on September 20, 1958, Dr. Hauke is survived by her husband, Dr. Richard Louis Hauke; daughters, Katherine Emma Jane DuGarm of St. Paul, MN and Nellie Hauke Ohr of McLean, VA; sons, Andrew Martin de Porres Hauke and Henry John LaFarge Hauke, both of North Kingstown, RI; grandchildren, H. John, Jaquelyn, Jamison, Julienne and Jessica Hauke, Andrew and Olivia Hauke, and Michael and Richard Ohr; and her sister, Nellie Ann Bush of Manistee, MI.

        Her body has been donated to the Virginia State Anatomical Program. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be sent in her name to a charity of choice.
        Published in The Washington Post on Aug. 8, 2004

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        1. A wormhole to Kenya just formed in my monitor, and I was struck in the head with an economy box of Pampers!

          Just ONE link….


          Just read this to understand the first wave of Soviet spying on the defense industry, winkingly facilitated by the FDR regime. SO much history explained now. Future mess proves DIAPER PAST.

          Gotta love these Stalinist progs – sneaky as hell in their means, dangerous as hell in their unintended consequences, but oh so lovable in their goals.

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              1. Still going on, too, Wolfie.

                There are ties between the Kenya Communist Party…and similar ‘parties’ in other African countries.

                And THEN…it jumps across to South America/Central America.

                There are direct links to the Venezuelan Communist Party!


                This puts those ‘caravans’ in a different light, doesn’t it!

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            1. From a duckduckgo search:

              “The source said that the Dunham family became involved because Stanley Dunham, Sr. was suspected of espionage. Boeing, he said, has “a 1944 security file on Stanley Dunham in connection with suspected sabotage of B-17G aircraft at their Wichita Kansas plant and the theft of B-29 blueprints, a full set of which were passed to the German Abwehr via Lisbon by June 1944. Ann Dunham appears to have been chosen as the surrogate mother in 1963 because of the family connection to German Intelligence. German assets in the US, including Rezko, who is connected to the Syrian Mukhabarat and the German DVD, sponsored his career.”


              more info here:


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  11. Oh boy. From the obit, I learned about Nellie’s mother writing about Ted Poston. I found a book she wrote about him:


    Get this, from a review of the book:

    “From Publishers Weekly

    After working as a Pullman porter, a dining car waiter and a copy boy, Ted Poston moved to Harlem at the height of the Harlem Renaissance, in 1928. Seven years later, he was hired by the New York Post and so became the first African-American staff reporter at a mainstream daily. In wonderful detail, through interviews and extensive archival research, Hauke tracks Poston from his childhood in Kentucky through his college education in Nashville (where he shoplifted his suit and hitchhiked to school), from his stint waiting tables in the famous Cotton Club to his immensely popular tenure as a reporter and city editor for Harlem’s black newspaper, the Amsterdam News. In Hauke’s telling, Poston’s accomplishments as a reporter are staggering: he traveled to Russia with Langston Hughes and Malcolm Cowley in 1933 and, upon his return, covered the retrial of the Scottsboro boys from a segregated balcony in Decatur, Ala., because the court refused to recognize his press credentials (he posed as a minister to evade angry locals and surreptitiously passed his dispatches to a New York Daily News reporter in a bathroom stall). He wrote and edited for the Federal Writers Project during the Depression, and, at the Post, covered black culture with unparalleled access to crucial moments of American history. Friendly with porters and politicians alike, Poston wrote about black notables from Father Divine to numbers runners and his neighbor, Thurgood Marshall.”

    How many RED flags can you count in THERE?!

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  12. “Now – I’m sorry, but I’m a bit of a devotee of Communist Hot Mama “Whoa Nelly” Ohr, who I find oddly attractive in a “OMG, WOLF – YOU DON’T ACTUALLY LIKE PORK RINDS AND OCTOPUS – DO YOU?” way.
    I mean – hell – take a look at ‘er!”
    😳 uuuuhh, hmmmm. So I totally understood the strange Kyrsten Sinema attraction, Totally 🤐, and pork rinds are the shit but, and forgive my naivete, you’re being a smartass right? I mean, Nelly Orr makes the grandma look like Christy Brinkley doesn’t she? 😬

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    1. LMAO!!! 😉


      I might be pullin’ a leg or eight, but……

      To be totally frank…..

      I do think her younger picture was datable, and her recent post-surgical pictures are “not bad at all” – for a lady of that age group.

      The other pics in between…..

      Let’s just say I would have encouraged her to get the work done. Age is not kind to all of us.

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        1. I’m with you, driller.

          I started calling Nellie Nelson as a joke on physical appearance, and even more so on the fact that Bruce and ‘Nelson’ seemed to be one of those Washington power couples put together for espionage or mutual protection reasons, rather than for love, or for any other vaguely normal reason.

          But these pictures are more convincing to me now regarding ‘trans’ than those of the “Big Mike” situation.

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    1. Thanks, Aubergine!

      Some Red Flags in there, too.

      Nellie’s father was a college professor…did a sabbatical in Kenya in 87/88.

      Nellie’s mother traveled in Africa, then in Europe, for a while after she graduated from high school…then came back and went to college.

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        1. There was some bad shit going on in 87/88 in my end of the communist infiltration. Reagan was [almost] gone, Bush was letting the CIA and mafia have at it, and taking care of us loose ends was the order of the day.

          Not a fan of those years.

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