Is Joe Biden Accidentally Telling The Truth?

Joe Biden just claimed that he met the “Parkland kids” as VP.

From Bloomberg:

Biden told reporters in Iowa on Saturday that “those kids in Parkland came up to see me when I was vice president.” But when they visited Capitol Hill to talk with members of Congress, lawmakers were “basically cowering, not wanting to see them. They did not want to face it on camera.”

Twitter then went nuts about it!

Everybody thinks that Joe Biden’s senility is making him FORGET that Parkland was in 2018, and he could not have met the “Parkland kids” while in office.

Well, this brought back some memories. Remember how David Hogg quickly showed up in WASHINGTON after Parkland, in 2018? Barely over a MONTH LATER, this guy is meeting with Propaganda Minister Valerie Jarrett before their little march and rally.

In the annoyance of that meeting, something else showed up. A few people were saying on Twitter that Hogg Boy had actually been to the White House BEFORE PARKLAND.

I saved the meme.

Is this the same David Hogg? I don’t know.

Is this a valid meme, and not a Photoshop? I don’t know.

If true, did he have some actual excuse to be at the White House? Probably.

And I wasn’t the only person thinking this.

I had tried DESPERATELY to get this meme to stick on Twitter, but it was a losing battle. You know how Twitter is. They just do whatever it takes to help the left. I was actually shadowbanned at the time, if I remember correctly, but you have to understand that they TESTED shadowbanning on me BEFORE it went big, so I may have not even been calling it shadowbanning back then.

Funny – searching on DuckDuckGo now, I even found my old tweets!

Barely any spread back then….

But remember what WAS big and COVERED UP the “David Hogg / Valerie Jarrett” weirdness?

Roseanne. Yeah. THAT was the big Fake News “conspiracy”.

But yeah – the few of us who knew about this possible 2015 Hogg visit could not get the word out.

Until now, I always wondered WHY this kid would have been there, if he was in fact there.

Maybe Sleepy Joe is actually telling the truth.

Think about it. This kid is going to go through a LOT of “questioning” of his role, and if he lied, or had advanced knowledge, or even if he DIDN’T have advanced knowledge, but #Parkland was still being ORCHESTRATED above his pay grade, then the kid is going to need INCENTIVE to “stay on message” and not GET COLD FEET on the narrative, when the whole sketchy thing starts to look problematic.

Nothing like a WHITE HOUSE VISIT to provide that incentive, and make sure that he stays on message.

Here is what Biden’s “handlers” are saying:

An official with the Biden campaign said the former vice president was thinking of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, when he misspoke. That attack, in which 20 children between six and seven years old were killed along with six staff members, was in December 2012.

Funny that there was no “traveling kids propaganda show” with Sandy Hook. That was the PARENTS. SOME of whom sure seemed more like ATTACHED SPOKESPEOPLE than actual grieving parents, who sat in the background crying.

Are you all starting to see how the STALINIST BLOOD THEATER works?

It’s not real. It’s not fake. IT’S BOTH.


There was something else that was funny about David Hogg showing up early. There was ANOTHER incident like it.

He was also said to have been at CNN in Florida (forgot where) in December of 2017, before the #Parkland shooting. It was a personal visit of some kind. There was some “educational” reason. But interesting, isn’t it?

Sure seems like they PREPARED HIM. Perhaps not with his knowledge, but who knows?

Sketchy. The whole thing is sketchy, and smacks of the sick marriage of government and media that I call “governmedia“.

Dad is retired FBI, or at least they said he was.

Mom is some kind of CNN journalist, or at least they said she was.

It’s all sketchy.

And now just add Sketchy Joe Biden.



88 thoughts on “Is Joe Biden Accidentally Telling The Truth?

  1. Oh my my wolfie—LOL…Its a great article…Bet anything that whether or not Biden met Hogg or the rest of the gang, they would say they met Biden.
    Still believe that Hogg was no where near the shooting, when it happened..Very much wonder how much his parents had to do with his involvement in the whole mess. Still wonder how old he really is.
    Do believe that it was the Hogg people that got kinthenorthwest suspended. Oh well, they were gettting many suspended. That’s liberals fro you.
    I will make a bet that Biden can’t even tell you what he ate last week.
    Its very obvious that Biden has some severe dementia problems

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    1. You got suspended over Parkland? Oh, boy.

      Yeah, not sure where this will go, but there was so much sketchy stuff on that Hogg kid, I suspect he may not END UP in GITMO, but I am betting he will be testifying for years.

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      1. Not sure but during Parkland kin got several 24 hour suspensions…Nothing to do with Parkland but to do with things like saying “All Illegals are criminals”
        Prior to Parkland had like one suspension, during Parkland many. I was not only one going what the ??? IF one watched some of the people following Parkland they were bragging and threatening to get people suspended for speaking against Hogg.

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        1. Total psy-op. David Brock. Gotta be. Shareblue bluecheckists. Yup. You were TARGETED. No doubt about it. And the targeting was connected to PARKLAND. But the way they get better traction on the bans is to go after OTHER tweets. Pretty ingenious. They understand that Twitter monitors will be weaponized on SOME OTHER TOPIC and this can be used to HIDE TWITTER POLITICAL HELP TO THE LEFT.

          This is actually huge, kin. You just nailed the TWITTER-BROCK M.O. How they HIDE their collusion.

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              1. strange that I never knew about it before…
                Yet many don’t know or didn’t know about LaVoy Reason I knew was Tree house and it was in my area…

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          1. Wolfie All I know is I have too many questions about too many mass shootings that have been happening.
            One question that seems to plague me with many of the shootings is witnesses saying they saw more than one shooter, yet only one was arrested…
            Yes very stranger for Sandy Hook, Parkland, Vegas and and now El Paso.(I might have left out one or more).

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            1. K in – I’m gonna be blunt. Something is VERY WRONG with the FBI.

              We have THREE PROVEN PATSY OPERATIONS since Trump got elected, We have many more PROBABLE patsy operations.

              And now we have one ON CAMERA:

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              1. oh yea damn—sure you want to post that—remember the Vegas witnesses

                hey I tagged you on twitter when I posted your Red Flag article earlier you might want to talk to Chrisp Bacon

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            2. San Bernardino is another one with early eye witness/survivor accounts of number of shooters that contradict the narrative.

              Narrative number in that case was “2”, but witnesses said higher, and there were early media accounts that police were in pursuit of an additional suspect who was then said to have gotten away. Pursuit story was then minimized, then went down memory hole.

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              1. I thought so, but was hesitant to say. You do realize that it all gets show way in the back for internet searching.
                Yea I keep a slew of stuff but not all.

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              2. Try putting a “” in front of your search, as another way of approaching the search issue. Also try, iirc, “” and “”. Those sites all had tons on it at the time, and maybe since, as new data has surfaced over time.

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              3. Thanks. Unprofessional handling of crime scenes by the new FBI is always suspicious to me, like they’re trying to make the observant and unbrainwashed appear to be “conspiracy theorists” to the (increasingly smaller, these days!) great mass of people who are still sleeping.

                Attacks by Muslims, like San Bernardino, are among the special bailiwicks of the sites I listed, but they often have good info on other shootings, explosions, etc. as well. The bigger or more controversial, the more likely to attract their attention.

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  2. Maybe youn should drop a line to Andrew Pollock, the father whose daughter could have been saved if Sheriff Coward had gone in. Pollock is all over this shit and he’s been to the WH to see PDJT.

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    1. There is a David M. Sullivan in Charlottesville with TONS of criminal records.

      This reminds me of the fact that David Hogg is listed as David Miles Hogg in Wikipedia, but I don’t trust that Wikipedia entry worth squat. His whole history is sketchy as hell.

      Forgot what his Mom’s maiden name is.

      My feeling is “Believe Sketchy Joe” until we PROVE that it was a different Hogg in the White House.

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      1. Love this line in his Wiki entry:

        He has also been a target and scapegoat of several conspiracy theories and right-wing accusations.[8][9]

        I have FOLDERS of interesting evidence that the “kid” is lying about his background.

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      2. Was not Hogg’s father FBI and mother worked as producer at some news outlet?
        Hope my memory is right.
        I wonder if he is now trained for CIA or FBI..? He had much face time to the point where he was off-putting. They now scaled back on his public appearances.

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        1. “I wonder if he is now trained for CIA or FBI..? ”

          Please keep Wolf’s And Logic in mind when attempting to answer this question. Post-Patriot Act, it seems to be a fine line that separates these two organizations.


  3. Regardless of whether or not the White House or CNN visits happened, his MOTHER had been preparing him for YEARS to be a BIG LEFT STAR.

    I don’t remember now but at the time there were several pieces I read busting her on this. There was a video going around showing the kid before it happened where he had been practicing in front of a camera.

    Youtube of course was rushing around trying to BURY that.

    If he did actually visit the White House and CNN – yeah it’s big, but it’s just icing on a big hogg cake.

    He may not have known something was being orchestrated. But the higher ups did – what the higher ups DID KNOW for sure was that the Promise program was a huge leftist joke. It would be manipulated when the time was right.

    I have every reason to believe his mother put her son in front of the right people at the right times, acting like a left wing publicity agent.

    That alleged visit to CNN? Perfect. He needed a chance to practice in front of the cameras. Real, professional news cameras. He probably would have had one on one coaching sessions on how to talk to reporters, how to stay on narrative when reporters asked questions, lots of feedback on how to SCOWL the right way, and never ever smile…

    I don’t know what that White House visit was about specifically… but someone else with better insight can help put the pieces together. It could have been as simple as star power – visit the Democrat White House, get ingratiated to all the muckety-mucks, and get him solidified and locked into his role, with lots of BIG and BOLD promised of what would happen for him if he played his part well…

    Funny that after Parkland he picked up the sportjacket look. Coincidence? Of course not. A kid in High School doesn’t go pick out a sportjacket on his own without coaching. It’s a PACKAGE, it’s WRAPPING to make him look more professional, more acceptable, and less like a bratty kid. Leftists are ALL about marketing, branding, image and reputation management. The gray sportjacket would become his BRAND. He did NOT cook all this up on his own – he didn’t have the experience or expertise. But his mother would have made sure he had all he needed.

    They just kept him in the bull pen until the time was right to put him in front of the cameras.

    Too bad Kyle Kashuv came along and spoiled his narrative as the voice of the “survivors”. No wonder they wanted Kyle shut down any way they could.

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    1. Great comment!

      Yeah, I suspect that there is a lot of “top shelf”propaganda work going on here with this Hogg and his parents – including a lot of “reactive disinformation” to protect him. The real question in my mind is which parts are REAL and which parts are MEME-O-REX.

      Real journalists need to be working this. All I can do is raise the issue. But I’m thinking Joe is actually remembering something. Biden was the “go-to glad-hander” on ALL gun control. I think there is some there there.

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        1. There is another reason that Biden would slip on this. He’s not getting the traction that he needs to be the Dem’s candidate in the next presidential election. He therefore made this comment in an attempt to signal that because he has been involved in them in the past, he knows how false flags work.

          Thus, he is both saying he has unique leftist gravitas that should propel him to the nomination, and that leftists should support him because he is willing to go farther than other potential candidates to advance their cause.

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          1. OMG – that’s a wild idea, but it makes sense. It’s a decent theory.

            Axelrod is the one who’s holding Biden back, I think. Obama, too, has abandoned Biden. Obama and Axelrod would be at the top of the list of people receiving the FF subtext.

            If your theory is correct – that they are DRAMATIZING UP THE LADDER, then that suddenly explains why Kamala Harris pulled that STUPID Jussie Smollett hoax. Jussie is deep, old-family, red diaper. The NAME carries weight in the bowels of the Kremlin, and with all the diaper here, like Axelrod and Jarrett.

            Kamala Harris is saying “I can do false flags. Make ME the candidate.”

            Likewise, Pete Buttigieg is BIG NAME red diaper, due to his father. But even he has to demonstrate worthiness to the top commies, so he pulls his “cards for illegals” stunt, and a few other obvious losers – not to impress the VOTERS, but rather to impress WHO COUNTS THE VOTES – namely, the deep Bolsheviks.

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            1. OK You’ve got me. Let’s go full on tin-foil armor.

              You get a FF!
              You get a FF!
              Everyone gets a FF!!!

              Harris had her FF with Jussie Smullet. She messed it up.

              Buttigieg messed up his chance at building anger around racist cops.

              Was John Delaney working on something special for Baltimore?

              Beto got his organized in El Paso, and even got key people there, including David Hogg. But it was SLOPPY.

              Not to by outdone, Tim Ryan (Ohio) triggers one in his own state, hoping to get a bounce off Beto’s.

              Now Biden has his MeToo moment on FF.

              Why false flags?

              * Proof of insider track capabilities – showing the candidate can properly pull off a FF event
              * Increase visibility by turning MCM attention to the event and gain exposure
              * Put out the right talking points to appeal not to the general American public, but to the base for the primary win
              * Immediate goal is to get a bump in the polling to jockey for nomination

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              1. And:
                * Incident fatigue. Too many “random” incidents wearing down resistance to anti-2a efforts
                * and of course, distraction, narrative control. Distract from Russia failure, Baltimore, Epstein, declass, and Trump Winning

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    1. Pretty sure this is “facial similarity disinformation”. I tend to ignore it. All that stuff is non-productive, IMO. There is some wheat in it (like the guy spotted in two roles at Sandy Hook), but that is like bits of wheat strewn into the chaff to keep people going.

      it’s a very strong technique.

      Bottom line, though, is Sandy Hook is sketchy, just like all the other propaganda operations. Mixture of real blood and fake spokes-victims designed for psychological payload.

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      1. He is a strange one – allegedly – he graduated in 2015 from a HS in CA – so what is he doing in FL pretending to be a surviver of a mass shooting?

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    1. Ah yes, the Kasky family that owned the “One World Adoption Services” agency. As soon as 4chan found out, the (comp’d) moderators over there went nuts, Cameron Kasky mostly dropped out of the spotlight, and the whole thing was memory-holed.

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      1. ahhh.. sloppy mind here, I thought Kasky had the FBI dad and Hogg had the adoption service dad, but it’s the other way around. TY! 🙂

        Either way always that Kasky was the brains behind Parkland, and thus his Ohr memorabilia photo.

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        1. You may be right about the brains stuff. HOGG may just be a combination of SHILL, ACTOR, and connection to the FBI.

          Bring as much stuff as you can to the new thread – I’m really interested in Kasky’s “grand creator”. I think there is FIRE underneath the smoke of his joke.

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    1. Oh, now THAT is a bad look for CHINA TED.


      Seriously – Teddy Boy is either lying / exaggerating / up-talking his relationship with Hogg, as a pure form of defense, or if they ARE actually close, then that right there is BAD STUFF for Hogg. That puts Hogg too close to “need-to-know-level” communists – first Lieu and then Jarrett.

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      1. I’m going to put up a thread shortly – I want a positive ID on this lady. I’ve seen mother, grandma, and MORE – all referenced in the replies to the tweet.

        Hang on – post up in a second, and you can put any evidence there.

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        1. Kasky’s parents may be divorced. His father’s facebook:
          Kasky the father and the grandfather are lawyers and have or had an irregular adoption agency:

          This may be the mother, Natalie Hess Kasky Weiss (Kraig)

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    1. Hadn’t heard this before, but also hadn’t looked for it. What’s below doesn’t seem conclusive, but sees it could be so, with no time for it will let it go.. in the meantime yes, this guys a real smart mouth either way 🙂

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    1. Iirc, he was also mentioned as attending some Democrat pow-wow (sorry, but I don’t know Maori, or Arabic, for “pow-wow”) in New Zealand, around the time of the mosque psy-op there.

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      1. Yes, that’s right – there was a big global progressive conference there right beforehand. Also, Podesta visited just before when he attended that conference, and warned Reptilia Ardern in person about Russian hacking. And Hillary herself had been there some time before that. John Kerry also visited just after the 2016 election.

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  4. Hmmm. Except for the killing part, this makes false flags legal.

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  5. If anything should disqualify Creepy Joe Biden from the presidency, this should. I saw this on Fox & Friends this morning. I strongly encourage everyone to watch the video in this article, but I warn you it will anger you like it did me.
    I’m going to post this article in the Open Thread too so more will see it.

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