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This very special
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Say what you want, comment on what other people said,
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2nd Amendment Sunday

Well, it’s really quite the hot August and there are a lot of chores to be done around our place. To be honest, the number of really excellent threads inspires me. To not be very wordy. To allow for some strong conversations here…

Let Trump’s Base Speak [on gun control]…

Not to mention the conversations here…

Top 10 Reasons Red Flag Laws Are Bad For America

We are not alone in the fight. We have one another. We have the patriots. We have our Lion PDJT. And we have One greater than every enemy around us.

We have examples of how this works.

So let’s do this!

455 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20190811 Open Topic

  1. Very interesting Thread:

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    1. OMG #6

      6/7 Sometimes the same folks who sex traffic are also involved with other forms of trafficking, such as labor trafficking, drug trafficking, and organ trafficking. Though spoken little about, organ harvesting is an epidemic.

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  2. Forgive me for posting this yahoo story but its just SO funny. They pick a hand full of people and its a ‘massive group’.

    Frightened by shootings, appalled at Trump, Americans are voting with their feet — to leave

    The comments are so telling and people keep point out issues with the article. But that dog in the photo has this look of ‘OMG save me’. They need to take some Hollywood idiots with them.

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    1. We have a diary from a family member who fled a nation that subsequently fell into civil war and mass starvation. Our ancestor wrote about how he and his wife were mercilessly ridiculed for leaving. When the mass starvations hit, he and his wife helped in the effort to help those who had stayed behind…

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  3. Well, then. Just watching Maria’s show from this morning – per Bannon, the eventual dem nominee has not declared yet, then listed Bloomberg, Killary, and Big Mike (of course, he didn’t use those names) – a whole host of possibilities and it may even happen as late as the convention.

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    1. I find that idea fascinating. The current candidates will go through the rigors and expense of campaigning, and then the DNC will insert a fresh candidate who hasn’t had to even debate the others? I wouldn’t think that would go over well.

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      1. Do you really think they care if it goes over well? Look at what they did to Sanders.

        As Bannon also said, they MUST beat PDJT at ALL COSTS – that is the ONLY thing on which they are focused. They will put up anyone they think can take him on and I think that will be Big Mike.

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  4. These are the last two paragraphs of a long and involved story regarding Epstein and his disassociation with Lex Wexner:

    “Two of Mr. Epstein’s longtime attorneys, Darren Indyke and Jeffrey Schantz, were involved with some of his trusts and other entities in New York and in the Virgin Islands, according to incorporation documents. Neither lawyer responded to requests for comment.

    “In a sign that the attorneys are bracing for government scrutiny of Mr. Epstein’s companies, Mr. Indyke and Mr. Schantz both recently hired criminal defense lawyers.”

    Here’s the article:


    There’s a lot about this that is massively fishy, namely that Wexner claims he discovered money under Epstein’s purview was missing in 2007, and never contacted authorities. We’re talking billions under Epstein’s management, and the mogul didn’t sue Epstein for it back????? Not buying that story. And then this article talks about $88 million that went to a company on St. Thomas that was slowly used, but no records say as to what.

    I know that there are people here who disagree on the Wexner angle, but first his denials of knowledge of Epstein’s escapades are printed in the WSJ, a Dow Jones asset which is now a subsidiary of News Corp (Murdoch). Now we have more “news” in the NYT, a known deep state purveyor of narrative reinforcement reiterating the 2007 split details, all while burying the information that Epstein’s lawyers have lawyered up themselves.

    This is starting to either smell or gel depending on where you are in the story.

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    1. Off topic…your insights and research is good to read…but wanted to catch you..last week or so you and (?)Towanda were talking about the Shroud of was an interesting discussion. Have you seen this?

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      1. I have not seen that specifically, but I have been curious about the Shroud for a long time. There are a couple details that fit in with the visions of the mystics, one being His height. The claim is that when walking on earth Christ was over six feet tall. 5’11” is close. The other is the number of wounds. According to St. Bridget of Sweden, He told her He had over 5,000 altogether with the little balls on the end of the cat o’ nine tails.

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        1. The shroud book I read, had a forensic analysis of the wounds and many many many, the scourging alone should have killed HIM! What a price I owed that HE paid for me! What amazing grace! I hope you find the video insightful, this 3-D printing technology is really amazing!

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  5. Notice from PC-Matic – since AT&T bought DirecTV, I have been bombarded with offers to switch my cell from VW to AT&T. I briefly considered it, then said nope. Sooooo glad I didn’t switch now!

    “The DOJ this week announced that AT&T employees have been paid more than $1 million in bribes to unlock millions of smartphones, and to install malware and unauthorized hardware on the company’s network. According to the full DOJ complaint (pdf), Muhammad Fahd, a 34-year-old man from Pakistan and a (presumed dead) co-conspirator, Ghulam Jiwani, paid off AT&T employees at the company’s Mobility Customer Care call center in Bothell, Washington. In return, from April 2012 until September 2017, the two men unlocked iPhones so they could be used on another carrier’s network.

    Worse, the bribed employees happily installed malware and keyloggers providing broad access to the AT&T network. That includes keyloggers intended to gather data on AT&T’s internal systems and processes:

    ‘The DOJ said Fahd and his co-conspirator then created a second malware strain that leveraged the information acquired through the first. This second malware used AT&T employee credentials to perform automated actions on AT&T’s internal application to unlock phone’s at Fahd’s behest, without needing to interact with AT&T employees every time. In November 2014, as Fahd began having problems controlling this malware, the DOJ said he also bribed AT&T employees to install rogue wireless access points inside AT&T’s Bothell call center. These devices helped Fahd with gaining access to AT&T internal apps and network, and continue the rogue phone unlocking scheme.’

    Carriers have had a bit of a problem with rogue employees being bribed. Similar tactics have been used by hackers engaged in “SIM hijacking,” which involves posing as a wireless customer, then fooling a wireless carrier to port the victim’s cell phone number right out from underneath them, letting the attacker then pose as the customer to potentially devastating effect. Both AT&T and T-Mobile have subsequently been sued after instances where SIM hijacking then lead to identity and cryptocurrency theft, though both companies have been busy trying to dodge culpability for failing to keep consumer data secure.

    The DOJ notes that one AT&T employee received more than $428,500 in bribes over a five year period. And the operators of the scam appear to have been focused on running an illegal phone unlocking ring via a number of bogus companies including Endless Trading FZE, Endless Connections Inc., and iDevelopment. Fahd was arrested in Hong Kong in February 2018, and extradited to the US last week. AT&T, meanwhile, states that it lost upwards of $5 million in revenue annually as the result of the unlocking scheme. The DOJ does not detail the width and scope of the private data accessed via the malware planted by the duo.”

    Read more:

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  6. I’m wondering if 8chan’s extended downtime is strategic. Maybe the white hats gave them a head’s up to stay down until this latest spate of mass shootings is over.

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    1. And as a result, a whole lot of people are asking “What is this 8Chan I hear about?”

      And once it comes back online, standby for the explosion in the number of new eyes on the site.

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          1. I think he’s talking about 8chan. Anything goes there, it seems, and I don’t read there anymore because I don’t want to wade through things I would never choose to see otherwise. The good information that is poseted there is usually posted elsewhere by tweeters and bloggers.

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  7. Short ramble…

    AG Barr has no need to apologize, resign, be fired, whatever. Nonsense!

    – Yammering about declas and releasing docs taking too long. After Barr was given authority to declas / release, I did read a couple places, DNI Coats could still be an impediment. Perhaps we’ll start seeing docs 15th or soon there after.

    – Yammering about Barr as head of DOJ should resign because of Epstein is apparently dead – suicide or murder. As best I can tell Barr is doing as well as anyone could with a DOJ and FBI that are corrupt to the gills and 100% averse to transparency.

    Justice horribly slow, but we gotta let Barr do what is right. I remain confident Barr will do well, AND President Trump will push for accountability.

    As far as an IG for Epstein’s death, me thinks only if they’ll start indicting bad guys, have a trial and start punishing the bad guys.

    DOJ, FIB and IC have evolved to 100%, joke IMHO. Redeemable, yes. Indictments, trials, punishment that fits the crime are all manadory.

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    1. If I were investigating the Epstein demise – I’d be giving all those guards a buncha interrogations, lie detector tests – the works….and checking out their bank accounts and family connections.

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      1. GA/FL
        “If I were investigating the Epstein demise – I’d be giving all those guards a buncha interrogations, lie detector tests – the works….and checking out their bank accounts and family connections.”
        What about this that someone came into prison with fake identity fake order taking Epstein off s-watch .
        Then maintenance came around shot off the camera.
        Maybe summertime there are personnel changes .
        They might never find out who gave orders because it all was fake with fake names fake orders? Maybe even gave a guy the night off and someone rescheduled under false identity,
        Anyone can break into computer and make personnel changes and fake them. This was in the works for a while plenty of time.
        Even smuggling Epstein out ( if that was the case) of the prison can be done that way and give him a fake heart problem then switch the body and whisk him out of the country.

        Look how long it took for them to figure out he is (supposedly) dead? We might never find out what happened. The timing is strange also, the papers are released POTUS goes to NY Epstein supposedly died.
        I put nothing past skilled professionals black hats or even International black hats send by governments.
        I know nothing except try to think out of the box.

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  8. oh.

    “Radical Feminist Raves: “We Need To Kill All Men”

    Somebody must’ve not been paying attention in biology class.

    A rant from feminist YouTube star named Jenny McDermott has gone viral on Twitter over the past few days. In it, McDermott tells her audience that, to create the ideal conditions for the survival of the human race, we must kill all men and male babies.

    “We need to kill all men. I am sick of being a baby factory that produces more men who will in the future subjugate me. The solution to that is to kill any man that you see in the streets just any swinging dick. We want the species to go on but we only want it to go on with women in it.”

    more at the link:

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  9. Okay AFTER I posted the “kill all males!” insanity link to ZH….I noticed this one…..too funny, appearing together on the front page as they do….

    “The Bull is Dying”

    “Oh my gosh, what a load of BULL I keep reading among the gurus who whine about negative headlines and complain that this unmerited negativity is the only thing that is killing the bull market. Bull.

    The bellowing bulls cry every time someone runs a negative headline, “Stop, you’re breaking our bull market with your negativity. That is the only reason it is going down.” The real truth is that headlines have been enormously biased toward a BULLish narrative for the better part of a decade, and bearish headlines are only just beginning to seep in. But that is too much for the bulls: “All this negativity is killing us.”

    If the market was healthy, you couldn’t kill it with a little negativity”

    more at link:


  10. So I went on Gab, 1st time in a while (it’s different and I thought we had a group, didn’t we?) Maybe the Epstein memes are getting old so forgive me but this cracked me up. 🤞Hopefully this shows…

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    1. AND, that is the way things ought to be going on a Nationwide basis.

      In the wake of Gilroy, El Paso and Dayton, in honor of the Second Amendment, Congress ought to pass a law that bans Red Flag laws. The latter, a wholly ignorant concept. Nothing good can come of it.

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        1. AND, stack the ammo high and deep;-)

          Training consumes lots of ammo.

          Prices are relatively low…bulk buys even a better deal.


  11. There goes Oslo

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    1. Michael Baden is exactly the guy I would NOT want to render an opinion, and I do not care how many testimonials he can produce.

      Autists should look into the cases Baden has handled.


  12. Oh good Lord. IN A TOILET? And she BRAGGED about that? Gross.

    “CLOONEY ‘ROMP’ George Clooney accused of sex act with ex-lover of Prince Andrew’s paedo pal Jeffrey Epstein”

    GEORGE Clooney was tonight sensationally accused of a sex act with the ex-lover of Prince Andrew’s paedo pal Jeffrey Epstein.

    The star, 58, was dragged into the scandal after Epstein’s jail death.

    The woman accused of recruiting young girls for the US financier perv is claimed to have boasted about performing a sex act on the screen idol in a toilet.”

    more at the link:

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  13. Very good interview on Levin tonight. Preparing for things to come?

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    1. This is maddening, and so sad for the children. I hope progress is being made to catch the perps. It would be especially gratifying to prosecute “elites” who hate Pres. Trump, hate us, hate America, think they should be able to run the world, and use people/children and throw them away like trash (that is, the ones who aren’t participating in their murders). This evil has to be stopped.

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