News Roundup! Black AmericansAre Waking Up, Governor Sununu Protects the 2A, Gun Sales Rise, #WalkAway, Biden Gave Me Goosebumps, Wall, Koch Foods Job Fair, Democrats Don’t Talk About the Economy, Canada’s Economy Is In Trouble, Major Fundraising For PDJT, Fort Trump, The Hunt, Legally, Epstein, Sempre Fe…..

Black Americans are continuing to wake up and speak out. I absolutely loved that they destroyed the POS fake reverend.

What Malcolm X described 50 years ago is still true today.

Governor Sununu of New Hampshire stood his ground and vetoed three Democrat sponsored anti-second amendment bills.

I am not surprised at all by this.

From the article linked above:

Gun sales are surging after the weekend mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, fueled by first-time buyers seeking pistols they can carry with them for protection.

What’s more, the trend in the “National Instant Criminal Background Check System,” or NICS, is on a path to make 2018 the second biggest year since 2016, when gun owners and prospective gun owners filled stores before the presidential election that was expected to elect gun control advocate Hillary Rodham Clinton.

According to the latest NICS numbers just released, this year there have been nearly 16 million background checks, which are done for gun sales, applications for concealed carry permits and other gun-related legal issues.

As with past mass shootings, applications for concealed carry permits and interest in smaller pistols has increased. But the twin shooting has sparked even more interest.

“While we have seen a measured rise in sale of certain tactical rifles and accessories this week, most customers are looking for concealed carry handguns,” Anderson said.

Speaking of #WalkAway, this young man has done so and explains why.

Listening to this gave me goosebumps! Over 80% of Americans want the current total of immigrants allowed reduced.

This MORON is running on doubling that number.

The Wall is continuing to be built!

680 jobs are now available for Americans!

From the article linked above:

Koch Foods is holding a job fair on August 12 in Mississippi to help replace the migrant workers who were detained on August 7.

Americans are absolutely WINNING under PDJT! That is why Democrats can’t talk about the Economy.

From the article linked above:

In 2019, the economy is great. The U.S. labor market has added more than 6.3 million new jobs since President Donald J. Trump was elected. In fact, there continue to be more jobs open in America than there are people looking for work. Unemployment is the lowest it has been since the end of 1969. And the unemployment rate for African-Americans, Hispanics, people with disabilities and military veterans is the lowest ever recorded for each category.

At the same time, wages are up. The Bu­reau of Eco­nomic Analy­sis recently pub­lished its an­nual re­vi­sions to per­sonal in­come data showing that em­ployee compensa­tion rose 4.5 percent in 2017 and 5 percent in 2018. The trend continued in 2019 as compensation rose 3.4 percent during the first six months.

Indicator after indicator point to a strong economy. Which explains why Democrats do not want to talk about the economy. They want the media and — in turn — the electorate to focus on other issues.

Meanwhile, Canada is in some serious trouble! Their economy is cratering.

From the article linked above:

Canada’s economy lost 24,000 jobs in July, and the unemployment rate moved up 0.2 percentage points to 5.7 per cent.

The data agency said 11,000 people joined the workforce last month, but the total number of jobs shrank by more than twice that, the reason the jobless rate moved up two ticks to 5.7 per cent.

Canada’s economy lost almost 12,000 full-time jobs in July, and slightly more part-time jobs were lost on top of that, too.

The private sector lost almost 70,000 jobs.

“Were it not for a modest gain in self-employment [which was up by 27,700], the headline would have been worse,” TD Bank economist Brian DePratto said.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

From the article linked above:

Rep. Joaquin Castro’s plan to shame a group of donors to President Trump is having the opposite effect.

One of the individuals named by the Texas Democrat estimates that the lawmaker’s actions have spurred donors to give more than $1 million toward Trump’s reelection effort in recent days.

R. H. Bowman told the Washington Examiner his fellow members of “Texas 44,” as the San Antonio-based donors refer to themselves, have been on a fundraising frenzy since Castro tweeted about them on Monday, “Their contributions are fueling a campaign of hate that labels Hispanic immigrants as ‘invaders.'”

I think when our President visits Poland later this year, we will see an agreement reached that will begin the movement of our troops from Germany into Poland. Fort Trump will become a reality.

From the article linked above:

An envoy of U.S. President Donald Trump suggested on Friday that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s unwillingness to boost defense spending might give the United States no choice but to move American troops stationed in Germany to Poland.

The comments by Richard Grenell, the U.S. ambassador to Germany, signal Trump’s impatience with Merkel’s failure to raise defense spending to 2% of economic output as mandated by the NATO military alliance.

“It is offensive to assume that the U.S. taxpayers continue to pay for more than 50,000 Americans in Germany but the Germans get to spend their (budget) surplus on domestic programs,” Grenell told the dpa news agency.

I am absolutely amazed that NBC/Comcast/Universal produced a movie called “The Hunt”.  The synopsis is a twisted storyline of wealthy thrill-seeking liberals taking a private jet to a five-star resort where they embark on a “deeply rewarding” expedition that involves hunting down and killing designated humans, “deplorables”.

Our President was so right to send the tweets he did about Hollywood being the racist.

They even put out a trailer. (WARNING: It’s Disturbing)

Please keep in mind that it doesn’t make any difference if it shows the ‘Elites’ as bad guys at the end, that’s just to cover their asses. They want to get the idea out there to their crazies that it’s okay to hunt down Trump supporters. It’s much like printing a ridiculous and terrible headline story but then later retracting it on page 27c in a half inch post. The damage is already done. The ending is their retraction, imo.

I am am so happy for both of them because they did it the right way and will not take our country for granted.

More information coming out from the unsealed deposition.

Nick O’Teen, Daughn’s husband, shared this with me. It is a very long read but also very informative.

This is the America I love!

116 thoughts on “News Roundup! Black AmericansAre Waking Up, Governor Sununu Protects the 2A, Gun Sales Rise, #WalkAway, Biden Gave Me Goosebumps, Wall, Koch Foods Job Fair, Democrats Don’t Talk About the Economy, Canada’s Economy Is In Trouble, Major Fundraising For PDJT, Fort Trump, The Hunt, Legally, Epstein, Sempre Fe…..

  1. Great Roundup as usual, Flep!

    Go, Candace, Go! I love this woman! I can’t wait to see the results from the black vote in 2020! I think the Dirty Dems are in for a rude awakening!

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  2. “They want to get the idea out there to their crazies that it’s okay to hunt down Trump supporters.”

    Yep! I think so too, Fle.

    Candace Owens is a treasure.
    And double thumbs up to Governor Sununu!

    If our President gives in to the Dems/Rinos and gives them a Red Flag Law…then it would be a two-fer for them:
    1) They would get their dream of confiscating our guns.
    2) Pres Trump would Not get reelected after angering his base.

    But since PDJT is a VSG…I’m thinking he knows this and is just giving them lip service and letting this play out.

    Thanks for these Great News Roundups, Fle!
    You’re awesome!

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    1. I always follow the my Trump Rule:

      Never set my hair on fire at the beginning of a contentious issue especially when PDJT says/tweets something that makes one think Oh No! He has never failed yet…latest example was his ‘support’ for “Nellie Ohr Gordon” who now is leaving in 5 days.

      I’m hair-follicle challenged because it took me a few times to understand his Method of Operation.

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  3. Ever since the phone mess and Graham’s close association with McCain I never could fully trust him.
    My gut just kept screaming RINO–Guess my gut was right.
    Praying that Trump uses his own common sense..
    Congress weighs Graham-sponsored ‘red flag’ bill to take guns from those deemed dangerous

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    1. “Congress weighs Graham-sponsored ‘red flag’ bill to take guns from those deemed dangerous”


      These are well-educated people who know FULL WELL that WHO does the ‘deeming’, and by WHAT criteria, is EXACTLY how ANY such ‘red-flag’ law WILL be ABUSED.

      There has never been a gun restriction law passed in the history of the country that was NOT abused.

      And it will be abused immediately.

      Faster than Skynet turned on humanity.

      And EVERY SINGLE ONE of these crooked politicians KNOWS it.

      TEENAGERS know it.

      So what possible excuse can professional politicians — most of whom are LAWYERS — use, to claim that they DON’T know the most OBVIOUS and PREDICTABLE ‘unintended consequences’ of knee-jerk gun laws created in response to emotional provocation?

      It’s a CRIME what Filthy Graham and the other RINOs are doing.

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            1. Funny, I just called the number in that 4 year old video, 202-228-0292, and rather than a recording saying the number is no longer in service, it rang and went to “an automated voice mail system”. The recording also said the mailbox is full.

              That phone number will be useless for many more years to come I’ll bet. 🙂

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  4. Flep, this is an epic News Roundup. So much there.
    Total agreement re. Hunt movie. More disgusting DS promulgation and fomenting of violence and yes the end is the disclaimer.
    Glad Candace talks fast and with energy. It’s the only way she will get her message out before being interrupted.
    Ambassador Grinnell and Potus are working on something…we all knew when we heard Poland’s Chief of State offer to quarter US troops that there is no way Potus Wasn’t going to accommodate that invitation! So there’s something up with the statement re. Merkel. Does Potus already know Merkel is not going to commit to paying for their share of NATO?
    The story of the two Marines is stunning.
    Now I have to go back to watch the JeffEps video.

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          1. First he’ll have the dems paint themselves into a corner, then he’ll address mental illness. Most homeless are mentally ill and are in a desperate condition. They not only have untreated psych problems but usually have other health issues along with the inherent risks of living and sleeping rough.
            First he took Manhattan………

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              1. This started when they closed all the mental institutions. The drugs come into the picture when this insane idea of mainstreaming the mentally ill went off the rails and they could no longer afford Big Pharma prescriptions. They get addicted and start looking for their fix wherever they can find it. I believe that is a HUGE part of this.

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              2. Mental illness
                Good book. Smoke and mirrors. The war on drugs
                The mentally ill try to self medicate
                The downward spiral of their mind and circumstances leads them into despair. Many psychotropic drugs have awful side effects. People lose themselves whilston them. ( there’s someone in my head but it’s not me)
                Good read also saved horobins madness of Adam and Eve. Scitzophrenia is about 2% OF ALL RACES. Ergo it was there at the split when we became the most intelligent and creative creatures on earth. It is more common amongst the very bright. Thinking outside the square? Very interesting and also thought provoking results from omega fatty acid supplementation in prison population and with premie infants. Also random allocation of newly diagnosed scitzos to conventional therapy vs Supplementation . Old , skid row , pts also helped. Like homeless street living to back at university functional level.
                But there big$ in drugs. Supplementation, not so much

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  5. Did anyone else get a creepy feeling when there was a shooting announced in Houston…………..a couple of days after Biden “misspoke” about the shooting in Houston?

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  6. Below is the most informative and realistic discussion of the so-called “manifesto” I have read yet. The author, Power Line’s resident NT Paul Mirengoff, cites Byron York’s article in the Washington Examiner at length. Together they dissect the “manifesto” to reveal what it is: an insane paranoid’s rambling discourse most prominently “inspired” by the New Zealand paranoid-schizophrenic’s “manifesto.”

    Brief aside, current reporting suggests that the El Paso schizo’s word salad was, in fact, NOT posted originally on 8 Chan. Rather it was upload from a FB site to 8 Chan by someone as yet unidentified. Further, there is no evidence to support the unchallenged assumption that he is, in fact, the author. Our first reaction on the day of the shootings was: “no way that dude wrote that essay.” The following days and reporting has only reinforced that conclusion.

    The media’s tacit agreement to elevate these disconnected statements by calling them “manifestos” is a canard. Marx wrote the “Communist Manifesto”. Merits aside, the sweeping impact of Marx’s analysis gave “manifesto” a patina that suggested intelligence and credibility in any work called a “manifesto.” Bovine scat. These ravings, and the ravings of the other mass murderers, are better labelled a “manure-festo”.

    Once again, Scott Adams offers a nugget. He suggests that, rather than some political demonstration, these events should be lumped with the predominant statistic in gun deaths: suicide – or I suggest a subcategory: “suicide by cop.” The problem for gun-grabbers and media hacks is that a suicide is a statistic. In contrast, a politically-motivated, public kabuki dance carried out by a deranged white male pushed over the edge by right wing codespeak led by Bad Orange Man that leaves behind great pictures, better sound-bites and weeks of public grieving gives them LITERALLY hundreds of hours of print and video.

    So-called “mass shootings” are simply another version of the tired television drama where the criminal, cornered in the house, perhaps with a hostage, decides to go down in a “blaze of gory”. (Cue Butch and Sundance). Remember, in BC&SK, the director, George Roy Hill, did not show B&S actually being shot dead by the posse. The viewer is never confronted with the grisly ending as they are cut to pieces. Most of us only remember, Newman & Redford cavorting in gauzing footage with Catharine Ross while “Raindrops Keep Falling on their Head.”

    There are approximately 20,000 suicides by self-inflicted gunshot in the US annually, accounting for well over 90% of all gun deaths. The last slightly-less-than 10% are gang and police-related deaths. Mass shootings account for: .0017% of all gun deaths. Emotion aside, why does such a miniscule percentage of a definable statistical category warrant a separate grouping? Statistically, it doesn’t. A statistician would say, if the larger category is a valid classification, which it is, then this small grouping should be subsumed within another subcategory. And it is: suicide.

    Once you accept the premise that these tragedies are caused by a mentally ill male displaying the symptoms of a post-pubescent, isolated, disconnected, desensitized male that has been undiagnosed because of failings in the medical and family systems then the “political narrative” falls away. Of course, when has a Democrat, a pseudo-journalist, a liberal or any other person with an OMB agenda let facts get in the way of emotion, manipulation and outright stupid?

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    1. “Mass shootings account for: .0017% of all gun deaths.”

      And even a smaller number committed with a rifle; and even a smaller number committed with that dreaded monster the AR-15.

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    2. Excellent, thanks Big T.
      That suicide number alone blew me away. I either didn’t pay attention to it, or haven’t seen it in print prior to your post. Maybe I have ignored it because brings back bad memories.

      Many years ago before decent drugs were available for pain, a good family friend attempted suicide by car in his closed garage. He was suffering from a deadly form of cancer. His wife came home and called an ambulance. He was revived. I knew he was a gun collector and spoke with one of his siblings to help stop what was to come.

      His sibling was okay with the probable suicide because of the suffering his brother was experiencing. I attempted to go to the home of our friend, but when I got across the street from his home, I was deterred by sensing an acute fog in between me and his home. I knew I couldn’t have appealed on the grounds of faith because he was an atheist. It might have been my own fear. I don’t know to this day. Two priests that I deeply respect have told me I wouldn’t have stopped the suicide, and he might have harmed me.

      My point to this story is that he was not crazy in the typical sense. He was brilliant and rational with the exception that he for years believed he was above believing in God. Pain and expenses of pain killers was his motive. He was NOT a vet.

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      1. That’s a tough experience for you. Suicide is a complex problem that is very much related to belief or not in god.

        Now that I have lived both in the north and south guns hold no mystery and I don’t perceive them as animate. If however you are psychopathic and your delusion requires outside forces to be fulfilled, the ONLY way to have someone commit your suicide is to force a cop to shoot you.

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          1. All the manure-festos assume the “author” or at least the person to whom it is attributed will be dead shortly before or after the posting. These are not cries for help. They last words.

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  7. Wittle Windsey needs to go ahead and swallow the red pill, he’s fooling nobody with his pretension and posturing. Step out of the Uniparty or resign, Senator.

    Time to take Hollyweird and the leftist media giants down. Follow the money and cut off their sources.

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    1. From the Fox News article:

      “NBC News reported that Epstein was in his own cell at the time of his death and was no longer on suicide watch.”

      It was only two weeks ago he allegedly attempted suicide and he had already been removed from suicide watch? Very suspicious.

      Someone in a prison cell can be posed to appear to have hung himself. Just strangle him to death, then hang his body up from the top of the cell. Yep, suicide. More like “assisted suicide”.

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    1. Sounds odd, but that would be one way to actually protect him… have everyone think he’s dead, but he’s actually somewhere else, spilling the beans…

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    1. JEFFREY EPSTEIN was the ONE person that the ClintonMachine / Bush Cabal / ObamaValJar Axis — HAD to eliminate by any means possible.
      NOT FOR ONE MINUTE do I truly believe Epstein was a suicide.
      Wasn’t Epstein on a 24/7 Suicide Watch in prison?

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      1. SMH – yes, Scott, I DO care!!!! I wanted that POS to testify!!!! With no other co-conspirators named, the case is basically over, correct? Or is Cernovich blowing it out his ass again? How can this case possibly proceed now?

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    1. Not a suicide unless he was being deprived of his 3 orgasms a day. People like him do not fall into despair or fall on their own sword to protect others unless they want the evil to perpetuate by protecting the perps.

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    1. I see Shaffer qualifies his statement that the intelligence agencies should not be allowed to directly attempt to “gaslight” the public by applying it to political issues. However, IMO, this is a direct result of changing the law via the NDAA making it legal for the US government to “gaslight” the American people. Who didn’t think that would be abused??!!?? SMDH

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    Credit to NBC News
    JEFFREY EPSTEIN’s accusers are now demanding that they STILL get their day in court even if Epstein himself is dead from a suicide.
    Lawyers for Epstein’s accusers called the act selfish and that they were “just getting started”.
    I say: this whole matter of Epstein’s accusers will be swept under the rug. Maybe the accusers will get a small cash settlement (along with perhaps a No Further Comment document from his estate’s attorneys that the accusers must sign in order to get their settlement).
    NOW how about all those in the just-released list of names from Epstein’s “Little Black Book”, like former Gov. BILL RICHARDSON of New Mexico? These people are today all running for cover.

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    (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court on behalf of three California taxpayers to prevent the State from implementing Senate Bill 826. The 2018 law requires publicly-held corporations headquartered in California to have at least one director “who self-identifies her gender as a woman” on their boards by December 31, 2019 (Robin Crest et al. v. Alex Padilla (No.19ST-CV-27561)).Up to three such persons are required by December 31, 2021, depending on the size of the board. The lawsuit alleges that the mandate is an unconstitutional gender-based quota.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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  10. “Jeffrey Epstein We Hardly Knew Ya”. What we did know sickened us. None of us are saddened by your death. All of us believe those you threatened thought you were better off dead. So dead you are. During a 24-hour suicide watch in a maximum security prison you were suicided.

    We expect the following in no particular order and from any one of many swamp mouthpieces:

    1. “So much of the evidence died with the death of this evil man.”

    2. “Prosecuting a case where the primary witness is dead is most difficult.

    3. “This sets the prosecution back considerably.”

    4. “We are not sure why there is no video recording for 3 hours.”

    5. “When a person decides to commit suicide there really isn’t anyway to prevent it.”

    6. “There really isn’t any way Epstein could have had outside help.”

    7. “There is no possibility that Epstein was murdered.”

    8. “The autopsy will be done under the strictest of security and transparency.”

    9. “Epstein died of strangulation. Presumably, he hung himself as he was found by prison authorities.”

    10. “It is not clear how long he was dead before he was found.”

    11. “Blood tests were inconclusive for any foreign substances.”

    12. “We need a commission like the Warren Commission to determine just what happened here.”

    13. “Because it was a NY prison, the State of NY has primary jurisdiction as to autopsy and cause of death.”

    I am sure there will be many more I haven’t thought of yet. It’s a bag job. Make no mistake.

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    1. Pics or it didn’t happen. /s

      It’s much more likely that he is in protective custody in Gitmo. Being dead means no one is going to be expecting anything from him, plus it makes him legally innocent of all crimes.

      Haven’t heard squat from B-2 (Bill Barr) in weeks yet he suddenly pops up with a refrain I’ve heard before from him: we’re going to look into this and go as high as needed. (paraphrase) Translation: I’ve got this and y’all know I’m the good guy on the white horse. So relax and pay attention to something else.

      Interesting factoid. The main witness went out of her way to “exonerate” DJT. Not sure when she did that but it sure fits in with a “special perp” being protected.

      Question of the year: If you were DJT and you’ve already seen the evidence against HRC and WJC, wouldn’t you protect your strongest witness who can fry both of them with eyewitness testimony?

      Think Q. Think Sun Tzu (a personal friend of The Donald).

      Epstein is as dead as I am.

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        1. IN the meantime — ARCHIVE this photo comparison before it’s scrubbed off Twitter.
          840WHAS 2:30PM news report:
          JEFFREY EPSTEIN’s body was taken to the Medical Examiner for autopsy and “some results could be known as early as tomorrow”.
          There had BETTER BE a video of the ENTIRE AUTOPSY.

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  12. 840WHAS:
    “The Weekend with Joe Pags”
    “Clinton Body Count” was trending on Twitter earlier today after the “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein.
    NOW — that’s been taken down and TRUMP BODY COUNT is trending on Twitter.
    How surprising is that? (NOT)
    ALSO — 1:30PM Eastern, WHAS news report:
    AG BARR is reportedly “livid” about Epstein’s “suicide” and wants and investigation NOW.
    Epstein’s body was taken to the Medical Examiner’s office for an autopsy.

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  13. ROFLMAO – boomerang time!!!!

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  14. 840WHAS, “The Weekend with Joe Pags” show: now reporting that JEFFREY EPSTEIN was TAKEN OFF suicide watch about a week ago.
    If that’s true, no wonder AG BARR is “livid”.
    WHO made the order to take Epstein off suicide watch? WHEN?

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  15. What a bunch of BS!!! Politics now invades 4H!!!! Well, it is New Jersey, after all, but still……SMDH

    FRANKFORD — The family of a 12-year-old Caprician Goats 4-H Club member says their son will most likely not return to the program next year after they were “bullied” into removing a “Trump 2020” sign their son hung over his stalls at the fair.

    Cheryl Johansen said her son, Sid, who has 15 goats and had a successful week at the New Jersey State Fair/Sussex County Farm and Horse Show, had recently returned from a trip to Washington, D.C., and had chosen to decorate his stall at the fair in a “patriotic” theme. A few years ago, members of the goat club started decorating their stalls inside the goat barn as part of a fun contest, with winners being chosen by the club’s leader.

    This year, Johansen said, Sid hung up patriotic wreaths, two American flags and red, white and blue lights on Friday, Aug. 2. Sid had hung up one of the American flags backward — what he believed to be to honor the military — and received backlash from fairgoers that it was disrespectful.

    Sid then took down the flag and replaced it the same day with one that read “Trump 2020, Keep America Great!”

    “We had people coming in and screaming at the kids because of the sign, asking who it belonged to,” Johansen said. “People don’t like Trump, which is fine, but it’s a flag. I mean, is it really worth yelling about?”

    On Tuesday, Johansen said, she received a call from Dave Foord, the coordinator of the Sussex County 4-H program, who said to take the banner down.

    Johansen said she told Foord it was her son wanting to support the president and even said she would fold the bottom part of the banner up to hide the “2020”, but Foord told her it was “expressing political views.”

    However, Foord, in a phone conversation with the New Jersey Herald Thursday, said he asked Johansen to remove the banner because it is a campaign sign that is endorsing someone. He noted it was not due to Sid’s “political views.”

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    1. I fully agree with the 4-H coordiantor asking her son to take the Trump 2020 banner down. I’m sure they have a rule prohibiting the expression of political views at their events. And the reason for such a rule is to prevent the kind of vitriol that disrupted other participants and Fair goers.
      Also, I don’t understand how hanging a U.S. Flag backwards “honors the military”. As a veteran, I’d be offended by the sight of such a display, too.
      IMO, this kid and his mother have a lot to learn about civility.

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      1. Alrighty then – clearly, I disagree. So, their freedom of speech is conditional based on those around them agreeing with their point of view or because others are unable to control their bullying impulses? Good grief! The kid made a mistake on the flag!!!! SMDH – sheesh, glad I’m not YOUR neighbor!


          1. Uh-huh. Clearly, you didn’t READ! His Mother had never SEEN the paperwork they gave her before indicating those restrictions. And since when is freedom of speech restricted to one’s home????


            1. And so you prove the point of the fair organizers by having an argument HERE over the same rule that militates against having arguments about politics at a non=-political event. Accusing someone here of “not reading” a portion of an article is akin to the kind of ad hominem stuff that we leave behind here. Seems to me that someone has a strong opinion and is upset that someone see it differently rather than deferring and agreeing with said opinion.

              He didn’t call you Fredo,


  16. Heard a good joke on Fox News a short time ago….

    “AOC was on the TV game show The Price Is Right the other day, but she bombed out because every time she was asked the price of an item she always said “Free!”


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  17. “Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon was on CNBC and he explained the masterful manner with which President Trump is dealing with China.

    The Chinese regime is in a precarious position and has only two choices. They can either give the US what it wants or perish.

    Bannon’s talk was historic. He discussed how China is at economic war with the US. He said America was losing until President Trump. Then he said this –

    Well here’s the game and right now we are converging on a point and they understand this. We could take the whole thing down. We can take, the whole thing’s built on a house of sand… “ Cont’d:

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  18. As I said in the Tweet
    this is a fact so many sanctuary states/cities and their leaders seem to ignore
    Time for people to respect American laws or leave.
    People who don’t obey American Laws need to pay the price.

    Protecting” Illegal Aliens Isn’t Neighborly or Virtuous: It’s a Crime

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