408 thoughts on “Jeffrey Epstein Meets Elvis Presley

    1. “Question Epstein had to know he was a dead man walking so does anything think he might have I don’t know Screamed everything he knew asap?!?!?”


      If he had a brain in his head — which would be the only reason he lived to (at least) the age of 66 — he had a ‘deadman switch’ (with multiple back-ups) that would release enough information about enough people to bring everyone down.

      That would have been HIS insurance policy, and all these criminals must have similar. It’s what protects them from being Arkancided.

      The fact that no “deadman switch” appears to have been activated would imply that Epstein is still alive and well.

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      1. Realize I can’t prove it, but I have read he had friends in high places in Israel, and I feel it in my bones he has been smuggled out of the country, possibly to Israel, by them and it has been made to look like a suicide

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        1. It wouldn’t surprise me (because at this point, what could surprise us?), but IF your suspicion is true, then the whole government needs to fold it up and go away in shame.

          I mean, just imagine…

          A FOREIGN intelligence agency infiltrates an American prison in the middle of NYC, in downtown Manhattan, corrupts / bribes / blackmails NUMEROUS prison officials to go along with it, and sneaks OUT of the COUNTRY with the most important suspect/prisoner in the WORLD.

          Who happens to not have been on ‘suicide watch’ and whose cameras were apparently malfunctioning.

          If this happened, the humiliation of the DOJ, the FIB, the C_A, the DHS, the NYC Correctional Dept., the DoS, ALL of it is OFF the CHARTS.

          If Israel just pulled this off, it is the greatest interdiction/kidnap/rescue mission ever accomplished, in the history of mankind.

          If that can be done, then anything can be done, and the whole ‘world’ as we know it is just a fascade, the whole world is a fake illusion, and reality is just a cognitive attempt to make sense of insanity.

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          1. Epstein is dead, his value as an asset was gone and they ‘off’ their liabilities, see Robert Maxwell’s case….

            When I first heard he was dead, I also thought perhaps he was whisked away to some safe place but nah, his value was completely used up. Once your value to them is gone, YOU’RE GONE.

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          2. You DO remember that Israelis are the ones who grabbed Eichmann in Argentina and whisked him off to Tel Aviv, right? Dare I say they SPECIALIZE in this stuff. There were also some people in Iran they got out of there.

            Never underestimate the Israelis. Our guys are almost as good except they couldn’t take Osama alive.

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            1. Would especially be true if we cut a deal with them. We keep the evidence, they get Epstein back, and maybe Mossad owes us something else later. That would explain us NOT taking sufficient precautions on Epstein.

              “Allowed events”. Rather ironic, actually.

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            2. Q dropped that Osama mission was given to CIA to run, rather than the military, on purpose. Q implied it was run as a hit, as O’s security detail was eliminated before he was killed. Cleaned up a major loose end for Soebarkah and the Clowns.

              Panetta and Rodham wanted to go ahead and tie off the loose end. But Soebarkah is a Muslim, and didn’t want to give the final order to eliminate his Muslim brother. My theory is this is why Panetta had such a hard time getting Soebarkah off the golf course and into the situation room to officially say it was a “go”.

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          3. If he was exfiltrated to Israel, it was with cooperation of US authorities.

            Q left us clues about ‘suicides’.

            But some amazing rescues have been launched successfully.

            There was Entebbe.

            There was the case of the krauts grabbing Mussolini back from us, when we had locked him up on top of a mountain.

            Then MacArthur’s forces in the Philippines rescued POWs and civilians, most of whom were very malnourished, and many sick, from five Japanese prison camps in the course of a couple of weeks.

            Almost all the prisoners got out successfully, and the rescuers weren’t specialized counterterrorist or hostage rescue units. They were frontline GIs, who were in the fight to kick the Japanese off the islands permanently, when they were suddenly given new orders, and hastily prepared for the rescue missions. Though, in fairness, this was done mostly with elite units like the Angels (airborne) or Rangers.

            There was at least one previous attempt involving Epstein, (though that could have been a different team trying to kill him.) Then this one, if this was in fact a successful exfil. But in 1945, the GI rescued 5 for 5 entire camps, achieving tactical surprise at each one.

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      2. Would you know not think that his lawyer has everything in case something happens to him is ask to release all out to the public? I do not think people actually do that and they might hope they have enough security.

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      3. Aside from a deadman switch being actuated, it will take actual proof by fingerprints, dna, dental records before I will believe that Epstein is dead. Clearly he was taken out with a new identity.

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  1. What’s the odds he’s at Gitmo? And the white hats are following all the rats. Would a great movie, like Q said.
    I believe Wolf’s theory the most, inside hit clean up the details as time permits.

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      1. Since POTUS became President there has been no quiet moment. The us with all the black hats and deep state including white hats reads like a spy novel only 2016-2019 could have been dreamed up. This is real life where is Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christi when you need them.
        We all have assigned a small part in this sago and one more than anything else is reelect POTUS and work our butts off to make it happen.

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  2. Hilarious consecutive comments at BB:

    Brarenda johnny 2.0 ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ • 9 hours ago
    Now they’ll find a suicide note where all Democrats were innocent and Trump was his main visitor.


    Dr StrangelyBanned Brarenda • 8 hours ago
    And they’ll employ the same forger that gave us Bathhouse Barry’s birth certificate…


    Tinkrbell Dr StrangelyBanned • 8 hours ago
    Loretta Fuddy was already off’d in place crash.


    Ben Franklin Tinkrbell • 8 hours ago
    In a “soft landing” plane crash where everyone survived but her no less…..very fishy.


    Dr StrangelyBanned Ben Franklin • 8 hours ago
    That’s what she smelled like after they held her head underwater for fifteen minutes…


    gman Dr StrangelyBanned • 8 hours ago • edited
    I’m sure the mainstream media is working very hard to figure out how to make this event Trump’s fault as well.
    They will figure out a way, even though Bill Clinton put a bounty on Epstein’s head the minute he was arrested

    Apparently nobody is even remotely buying this farce anymore.

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  3. Tweet of the Day! @14minutes into the video


    I already see so many of you doom criers. “Deeo state is in control! Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing!

    This is ridiculous. If the deep state was in control, Epstein would still be on his satanic pedo island with Bill and this story would have never come to surface.

    This seems to hit home with me!

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      1. This does not look like Epstein’s ear???? I enlarged the pic and did go on YouTube and compared his ear.
        Maybe something happens to ears when someone hangs themselves or is being hung?
        I do not know.

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  4. 106.1FM Talk Radio Raleigh, 7:30PM news report:
    AG BARR just ordered the IG’s office to investigate what happened to JEFFREY EPSTEIN.

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    1. “106.1FM Talk Radio Raleigh, 7:30PM news report:
      AG BARR just ordered the IG’s office to investigate what happened to JEFFREY EPSTEIN.”


      Oh, good!

      His reports are always so timely, so thorough, and resulted in so much transparency, and all of his referrals for prosecution go nowhere.

      Should only be another 3 years or so before “The Epstein Report” drops.

      We’re in good hands, lol!

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      1. One of my first thoughts on hearing this news is that DOJ heads must roll and that Barr, if he is a white hat, should be considering his position. If he is a white hat, he must now realise that he is NOT up to the job. If he is a black hat – well then, things are going pretty well …

        Barr’s resignation would confirm that he is indeed a white hat in that someone who IS up to the job can then be appointed.

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  5. As seen on wiki right now. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    “Suicide watch is an intensive monitoring process used to ensure that a person cannot attempt suicideother than Jeffery Epstein. Usually the term is used in reference to inmates or patients in a prison, hospital, psychiatric hospital or military base. People are placed on suicide watch when it is believed that they exhibit warning signs indicating that they may be at risk of committing bodily harm or fatal self-injury.”


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    1. Absolutely amazing! At 34, he seems just the same as today, and it is clear that he was thinking about how to achieve the best for the country even back then. (I won’t give away the end of the interview.) Thanks for posting that.

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    2. Quote:

      “Trump will eventually be seen as the most significant human in SECULAR history.

      We’re not talking about religious figures.

      The reason Trump will be seen this way is that he devoted his powers to GOOD, not evil.

      And for that we owe him a debt that we’ll never be able to pay off.”

      I have often wondered what kind of good Hillrotten and Øbastard could have done if they has used their powers for good instead of selfishness, greed, and their evil Islamo-Nazi-Fascist-Marxist ideology.

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        1. “Are we any better?”


          Yes, inherently.

          One is “I think, therefore I am”, the other is “I heel, as I am ordered.”

          One exercises free will, the other is unthinkingly servile.

          One is a Man, the other is Borg.

          Man is redeemable.

          Borg is not.


          “How’re things working out at the DOJ?”


          Terrible so far, but the DOJ is not corrupt because we wanted it that way.

          The NPCs want it that way, it was their ‘leaders’ who made it that way.

          Our side elected DJT, not their side.

          It is because of our side that there is any hope that the DOJ and the rest of the disgustingly corrupt government might be exposed and prosecuted.

          It is not because of their side.

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            1. “The Borg seems to be running much of the show – hence my question.”


              Agreed. If the Borg were NOT running much of the show, i.e., if White Hats had been running our country for the last 30+ years instead of black hats, there wouldn’t be anything ‘wrong’ for us to notice, would there?

              Instead, we are faced with new horrors every single day, often many times a day. That would not be the case, unless the Borg had been in control for a very long time.


              “Seems upside down for the better side to be losing …”


              But does it really?

              Or is that how it always seems, because of the nature and relationship between good and evil?

              Evil continually conspires in secrecy to satisfy its own lust and greed.

              Good seeks to be left alone to live his life, hopefully to do well by his family and good for his country.

              Is it any wonder then, that it always seems like evil is running the show? Evil is the only ‘side’ that lusts after the power to ‘run’ the show.

              Good only ever (and rarely) seeks power or takes command when he believes he has no other choice, and it is a burden (not a goal), because in order to take power and command, he must necessarily interrupt his own life and his own goals to do so.

              So history is a cycle of long eras of evil, punctuated by brief eras of corrective action by the good.

              Ergo, from the perspective of the majority of human history, it appears that the ‘better’ side is losing most of the time.

              Because that’s true.

              The “good” is inherently ‘better’ than the “evil”.

              But it is the ‘evil’ which corrupts over time, taking power secretly and by subtlety, and things have to get very bad, before the ‘good’ are fed up enough to do anything about it:

              “…and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.” — Declaration of Independence

              So unless one happens to live during the brief moment in the aftermath of a successful historical corrective action, wouldn’t it always appear as though the ‘bad’ side is winning and the ‘good’ side is losing?

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              1. Yeah, except “the good” needs to learn from history and the nature of evil in order to up its game and not getting its butt kicked for most of Time. Dissing the Borg does not advance that end.

                Time to take evil seriously – and NEVER relax. We are literally in the “fallen” realm for that very purpose – to learn the difference and apply that which we have learnt – long term.

                We are in the Borg’s house – pay it due respect … THEN, maybe, we can proceed on a more Righteous path. We need to discern ALL the false idols. Western culture is AWASH with them. By the way, depending on what you mean by “pursuing your own life” – that could be a false idol as well. Is it in service of the Father? Truly?


            2. “Yeah, except “the good” needs to learn from history and the nature of evil in order to up its game and not getting its butt kicked for most of Time.”


              But it’s like herding cats. Probably 10% or less of the population is even familiar enough to be conversant in basic history beyond what is taught in high school (if history is even taught anymore), and fewer than that actually study it.

              Has it not always been so?

              The more (and better) the education, the better the chance we have, but ‘evil’ is always doing everything it can to erase history, to rewrite history, to mislead, to mischaracterize, to lie.

              Also, evil accumulates wealth and power, and uses that wealth and power to expand its wealth and power, and to shape the world and the culture to its own ends.

              Good does not, because ‘good’ is not a conspiracy to manipulate and deceive for selfish ends.

              So it’s always a one-sided game, until ‘good’ is provoked out of his ‘sleep’ to put the fire out before the whole house burns down.


              “Dissing the Borg does not advance that end.”


              Borg is just another term I was using for Leftist, Cabalist, Criminal, etc.

              Another term for evil.

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            3. “We are in the Borg’s house – pay it due respect … THEN, maybe, we can proceed on a more Righteous path.”


              How can we proceed on a more righteous path, if most of “us” can’t even agree on or follow what God’s Word plainly says?

              I’m not even talking about nuance or matters of personal conscience, but basic fundamental things, like having a separate ‘clergy-class’ or ‘priesthood’ as part of a Christian church. It’s common, I suspect in the majority of self-identified Christian churches, and yet there is ZERO Authority, pattern or example for any such separate clergy-class with distinctive clothing and the title of ‘Priest’ in Christ’s church, to be found anywhere in the New Testament.

              It’s simply not in there, and there was no such ‘priestly-class’ in the 1st century when Christ’s church was established.

              The New Testament is only 300 pages long in my KJV, and we could read those 300 pages over and over again until the end of time, and NEVER find any example or Authority for a ‘priestly-class’.

              And there are dozens of other subjects just like that, over which Christians are divided, because Men want to follow their own traditions and doctrines of Men, more than they want to submit to God and the Authority of His Word. Most don’t choose that consciously, but that is the end result, isn’t it?

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              1. I cannot fault your logic here. From my interpretation, you would seem to agree with my intimation that “we” are the borg …

                Until “we” can admit this, we cannot exorcise “it”..


            4. “We need to discern ALL the false idols. Western culture is AWASH with them.”



              But how will we ever identify them and label them for what they are, so that everyone is on the same page, in “multi-cultural society” that has ‘decided’ to invite treason and subversion onto itself, in every way imaginable?

              That situation won’t change, unless we radically revert to Constitutional law and Common Law, and absolutely REPUDIATE the corrupt ‘legal’ system that binds us at every turn today, and which is absolutely used as a weapon against us by those who seek to do us harm.

              I’m all for making that change.

              When do we start?


              “By the way, depending on what you mean by “pursuing your own life” – that could be a false idol as well. Is it in service of the Father? Truly?”


              I was speaking generally, not religiously or specifically in a Christian sense, but as you said, it depends on what you mean.

              If you are providing for your family, is that not something a Christian ought to do, according to God’s Word?

              We all have a life, and we all pursue it. Adam did, Noah did, Job did, Moses did, David did, and so did the Apostles. And also, many people are agnostic or don’t self-identify as Christian, so what obligation would they see to God — until or unless they turn to Him?

              My point was that most people who choose “good” are not attracted to exercising power over others.

              Government is very specifically the use of force to implement policy over others. The kind of people who are attracted to positions of power over others are, unfortunately, primarily sociopaths and psychopaths. People seeking to do what is good and right are, unfortunately, the exception.

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        2. Tough case. Hard to know what to make of it.

          Right now, I tentatively still believe in Barr.

          But the mess that Reagan inherited metastasized under 20 years of Bush/Clinton/Bush rule, and then, to mix a metaphor, was launched into hyperdrive during the next 8 years. The Soebarkah regime was the Millennium Falcon of high-speed smuggling of evil into our government.

          It is very difficult for a problem that has grown that large to be dismantled swiftly, especially with our system of checks and balances. These are designed to restrain and correct any one part of the government when it becomes corrupt, too powerful, or too ambitious.

          But, in the current case, the Skull and Bones crowd has been been gnawing away at the structure since the 19th century, the banksters since at least 1912, the Bolsheviks at least since the 1920s, Arab jihadists at least since 1944, and in a really big way since the early 1970s, and Project Mockingbird since, iirc, the 1950s. (And there is a lot of overlap between these groups, as well as strategic and tactical alliances.)

          The whole structure and all its parts have been so weakened and turned against us, that now it simply doesn’t function according to its original plan. Too many key offices are occupied by enemy infiltrators. Like the tissue of an immuno-compromised organism, the structure is too far gone to be self-healing, and has needed major surgery conducted with the Trump scalpel.

          Listening to the President, his spokespeople, investigative journalists like Sara Carter and John Solomon, and reading Q, I get the idea the enemy delaying tactics and other countermeasures have repeatedly frustrated the President, his closest loyal advisors, and the Q team. The enemy’s rear guard action had been anticipated, but has succeeded longer than foreseen. It wouldn’t surprise me if it has dragged out more than a year longer than the plan. This pushes us uncomfortably close to the 2020 November elections.

          Possibly the corruption is deeper, and the number of “sleeper” traitors and puppets of traitors greater than previously estimated.

          One of the worst eventualities possible now is that Barr is not honest. Another is that Haspel is not.

          But it is not yet the 15th of August. Coats is still in place —

          -We can hope Nunes has already received his special package from Barr, that it is extraordinary as promised, and that he is only keeping mum about it.

          -Important things are starting to tumble out, anyway, such as Bruce Ohr’s 302s. Cracks are appearing in the dam.

          – We can also hope the new acting DNI will launch his new position with a major early flurry of declassifications, and/or that Coats is not as bad as worst-case scenarios would have it, and leaves office this week with a Parthian shot of declassifications.

          -Getting a great, talented and knowledgeable patriot to head the ODNI permanently is key. I don’t think this is possible now, since I tentatively accept Sundance’s theory of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, AKA “Corruption Junction”, and they will never allow a qualified, incorruptible patriot who fully supports Trump to be voted on, on the floor of the Senate, for the DNI position.

          -To break this logjam, I’m hoping declas revelations in the next 90 days will force a change of personnel on the SSCI, so that honest Senators can dominate there.

          In any event, material that has long been promised to come out cannot be delayed much longer, under any functioning plan. Whether it appears will tell us the true state of play.

          And there is progress. Recent events have led to eyes-on among normies. The pendulum is swinging, and not in the old direction.

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    1. If one scrolls through the trending hashtags one might be taken aback by all the leftist “NPCs”, as Scott calls them, who are entirely convinced that our President is involved and needs to cover up his involvement with Epstein. No curiosity whatsoever at all the evidence regarding the Clintons 🙄

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      1. I think the “call” came from a few levels ABOVE the Klintoons, perhaps even above $oro$.

        The number and type of people exposed by this will be breathtaking… Many countries, companies, stars and personalities involved. And with Epstein, it wasn’t a matter of “if”, rather it was a matter of “when”.

        Kind of like patching a leaky wall (or dam) underwater. It’s possible, there are tools and materials for it, but it’s a lot harder than if the water wasn’t there. Same thing with the swamp. The TLAs are incredibly corrupt, and have spent DECADES getting that way. But, the cleanup is getting done, nonetheless.

        The fact that everyday people are outraged by this, on “both sides”, as it were, is probably a good thing. Even the sheeple know somehting is wrong…

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      2. “If one scrolls through the trending hashtags one might be taken aback by all the leftist “NPCs”, as Scott calls them, who are entirely convinced that our President is involved and needs to cover up his involvement with Epstein.”


        This is the primary weakness of being an NPC, i.e., their inability to think and eagerness to follow the herd, which is why they are so often represented as lemmings or automatons.

        If DJT had anything to cover up regarding Epstein, Jeffrey Epstein would have been the safest man in the entire world.

        Epstein would never have been arrested, much less prosecuted, because if DJT had anything to hide, all he had to do was leave that hornet’s nest alone.

        If Epstein had any dirt on DJT, then arresting Epstein would be suicidally provocative. The whole reason the criminal political-class collects dirt on each other is to ensure their own protection, because if you credibly threaten them (or refuse compliance with their wishes), they can “release” the ‘dirt’, thereby ending your career and/or your life.

        This is why NPCs can be convinced of nearly anything, so long as enough other people believe it. They have neither the capacity nor the confidence in their own ability to think which is needed to reach one’s own conclusion and decide to calmly walk in the opposite direction of the stampede.

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  6. I appear to have lost my rose tinted glasses. Barr is now in the “Questionable” column. All conclusion I drew based on his appointment and early actions is under review.

    It logically follows that the man responsible for his appointment no longer avoids scrutiny …

    Question EVERYTHING is back to being my default position!!!

    I am pissed off

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      1. Yeah – deeper introspection is required than I have been applying.

        Placing faith in “man and his institutions” is no longer wise – has not been the case for some time. We have lost our bearings and are being led by the rope tied to our nose ring by the Evil one – IT is laughing at us.

        We are living in the Time that was prophesied – I wish everyone God speed, but the Lord will heed His Own counsel in this. That which festers in us will have to be fully exposed before it can be cleansed.

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        1. I have faith in God first, but I also have continuing faith in Pres. Trump. If others let him down, that is not his fault. I also am not doubting Barr at this point.

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        2. There are good possibilities here, too. Keep them open. Think the following….

          FOG OF WAR.
          Really is war.
          Transfer of war prisoner
          Atomic bomb.
          Military grade opponents
          Dead or Alive.
          How to avoid?
          TIME is of the essence.
          LEAD TIME is safety.
          Some disinformation may be necessary.
          Green uniform.
          Many options.
          Hot August is HOTTER in Cuba.

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          1. Sure, I keep those options open, in a “tiny” safe deposit box buried deep in the woods – there where fairies are rumoured to live.

            The second law of thermo means that it is possible, though HIGHLY improbable …

            If Epstein is dead, Barr would seem to be incompetent, If Epstein is alive – 🙂


            1. “If Epstein is dead, Barr would seem to be incompetent. If Epstein is alive –”

              Possible that while Barr is responsible for all policies, administration and enforcement under office of AG, it is reasonable to consider that he may not have had the time nor the priority to penetrate all layers of evil and corruption under his appointment. So, concluding incompetence may be extremely generous at best. However, given the value of what Epstein represented to the intent of introducing justice into the Republic, there is no excuse for either scenario and one has to conclude that POTUS DJT stands alone against all levels of Gov’t. Epstein was not the first important criminal to be held at Manhattan Correction Centre who required isolation and suicide supervision. All the coincidences are fantasy.

              Any CEO would have dismissed all appointments from previous administrations and used his own method of filling new choices when entering the office of POTUS. Even a new landlord changes the locks on an existing bldg as a first act of taking ownership. Certainly when acts of treason within the FBI, DOJ and CIA became observable, the top 3 or 4 layers of those Agencies should have all been fired and started fresh. Again, these common sense protocols were thwarted by the evil and corruption that exists, including within the Political and Legal systems upon which US citizenship is built. Indeed, it is the last bastion of hope for the free world. May God bless POTUS and his true supporters.

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              1. Well said. My sentiments, pretty much.

                I forgot (for a while), due to being caught up in the prospects of justice being served very soon, that Barr was confirmed by the corrupt Senate Oversight committee. That was my fault, which led to this reaction of mine today …

                If Barr was acceptable to Senators Burr and Warner, what does that say about Barr? Not POTUS’s fault – this is outside his control

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        1. Yes, I know. I’m well aware of the Synagogue of Satan, Rev. 2:9ff and 3:9ff.

          But it’s a popular sport nowadays to invoke the Mossad or “the Jooz” and blame them.

          Epstein’s soiled the soup for many, MANY countries, leaders, and royals…

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          1. True – and we have no idea of the depth of the DS players – the evil in this world is unconscionable, Cuppa. It is everywhere – and in people and places we would never suspect.


  7. This Epstein death…whether he’s really dead or not…opens the door to moving all future ‘high value’ defendants to Gitmo.

    Think about it.

    AG Barr can now point to this Epstein ‘death’ and say that we “can no longer take a chance” on having prisoners in regular lockup.

    Barr’s boilerplate statement today struck me as…odd.
    Like he was following a script.

    Our VSG is acting like Epstein is really dead.
    But…what else could he do.
    My gut says PDJT is following his script too.

    I’m not ready to throw Barr under the bus…yet.

    There is too much that we Don’t Know.

    And I keep remembering Q saying…”You are watching a movie.”

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  8. New theory.

    Epstein is not dead. All is being “staged”. A FF event put on by the White Hats.


    A: Consider the public’s reaction. Even the shoeshine kids are talking about the Clintons and Epstein getting “Arkancided”.

    Whether or not Epstein is dead, this puts ENORMOUS pressure on the Clintons. <—- reread that.

    It doesn’t matter if Epstein is dead or not, the pressure on the Clintons and DS actors is now sky high.

    Consider: was Scalia murdered in 2016 so Obama/Hillary could flip the SCOTUS to a 5-4 dem. appointed majority just before her assumed Presidency??

    People gonna be asking these questions. Was Seth Rich murdered?

    Dead or alive, the whole world is looking sideways at the Clintons, and through them the leftist media sycophants who have proven they will say and do anything to promote the left.

    Hell, assuming the white hat’s staged this suicide, they’ve even got AOC and the left demanding answers!

    THAT is quite remarkable.

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      1. Consider:

        No one anyone takes seriously is speculating that Trump had Epstein killed. Any anger directed in that direction is “how could you let him be murdered?!”

        But given Epstein’s close and known association with Bill Clinton, democrats like former NM Gov. Bill Richardson, Alan Dershowitz, etc. everyone is now assuming it was the Clintons, and the political left, that murdered Epstein.

        This makes people want to DISTANCE themselves from the Clintons, and helps erode any support they might have left among democrats and ESPECIALLY independents….

        Which then sets the stage for a re-opening of the Clinton email scandal, new inquiries into Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, what happened in Haiti, etc, etc, etc….all with the majority public’s blessing.

        NOW the chances of the Clinton’s and their lapdogs in the media getting away with accusing POTUS of “seeking revenge” vs. the public DEMANDING TRANSPARENCY are less than nothing. Like I said, even the extreme left…like AOC….are now demanding answers!

        If this is accurate, POTUS just turned off a shit-load of democrats here and aboard against their own party. If this is line of inquiry is rather clever and brilliant, I have to say.

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        1. Oops….meant to say…

          ….if this is all true, faking Epstein’s murder was/is a BRILLIANT false flag play by the white hats.

          Fake his death, knowing

          1. everyone would suspect the Clintons were involved
          2. Undermine the liberal media’s credibility
          3. ??

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      2. This theory requires me to put on my rose tinted glasses again – NOT doing that without OBJECTIVE progress on the justice front.

        Bill Barr is inept until proven otherwise. He got fair warning that Epstein’s life was in great danger, and proceeded to FUCK IT UP regardless …

        Bill Barr, if honourable, should be considering when is the best time to tender his resignation so that a competent individual that is fully cognisant of the corruption that riddles the DOJ can be found and appointed.

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          1. Me, if I had been “surprised” by his near miss suicide, would have tasked a heavy hitter to do whatever it took to get this man to trial.

            No one here was surprised – Barr is said to be “appalled”. Really? He was surprised that stuff like this could happen, when no one here is? I should not have to say anything else.

            I am working under the assumption that Barr wanted him to face trial. I am unsure as to whether this assumption is correct.

            I was a supporter of Blade, who posted OT on DOJ issues. Blade always copped flack from well over 50% of “commenters” because he dared to espouse for a DOJ that actually followed the law – needless to say, Blade did not appear to avoid the ban hammer..

            Losing Epstein, no matter how reprehensible a man he was, indicates that we are not close to a DOJ that will follow the law. Barr is its head.

            Now, that all said – we are in the dark here, which is why I have said that “until proven otherwise”. I cannot imagine what that would be.


    1. Especially as he had given them a heads up by means of a failed attempt a handful of days prior. Barr could be forgiven (maybe) if the first attempt had been successful. To have failed to safeguard the prisoner regardless of the clear warning is not ineptness, it is something else ..

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  9. Tricks, like faking the death of the most famous inmate on the planet, may have been justified up to the mid terms. Trump is now running for re-election, which requires that he must be able to demonstrate that he in in charge of the Executive branch. That he is unable to demonstrate this at this LATE stage is a massive failure …

    If the DOJ is not yet cleaned up by now, then Epstein was required to have been kept in a safe and secure location that COULD keep him alive to face the charges made against him.

    This is the biggest fuck-up by the DOJ to date. The ineptitude is ….can’t find the words.

    I do NOT believe that the so called Q has very much at all. Anyone that claims to “have everything” is laughable. The Epstein shit show puts Q’s credibility in the toilet, together with the great honey badger.

    I am pissed off with myself for buying all the BS that I sold myself over the past couple of years. I apologise to all for my numerous optimistic posts regarding “the sting”. The people who oversaw this disaster could not conduct anything sophisticated.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. “… Anyone that claims to “have everything” is laughable. …”

      We have everything – Q

      = We have ALL of the Hillary Clinton E-mails

      = We have ALL the insurance files on Wieners Laptop

      = We have the computer files stored in North Korea….

      You seem to be forgeting:
      1. Ray Chandler = CHILD HANDLER

      2. Ghislaine Maxwell = EPSTEIN HANDLER

      Article about the woman who brought the girls to Epstein and his friends~

      Q —
      [Be ready], [MUELLER].
      [Be ready], [JC].
      [Be ready], [Traitors, one & ALL].
      Thank you for playing
      FISA goes both ways.


      Lynn Rothschild sells same house that hosted party for Hillary’s David Brock, John Podesta and James Alefantis#QAnon #WWG1WGA #LynnDeRothschild #DarkToLight #GreatAwakening pic.twitter.com/NIBGwYo8pz
      — Watcher of the Dead (@WatcherDead) July 23, 2019

      Jeffrey Epstein and Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s husband were co-investors in an exclusive private equity fund https://t.co/lPIWztMpkc
      — Business Insider (@businessinsider) July 25, 2019

      Iris Goldsmith, daughter of Ben Goldsmith and Kate Rothschild dies and was an heiress to two of Britain’s most powerful dynastieshttps://t.co/dfoygLkddk#QAnon #Rothschild #MEGA #GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #Goldsmith


      ** The Saudi Princes were arested and their property confiscated.

      ** The Rothchild families have been selling off multiple properties on the heels of some Q drops.

      ** David Rockefeller’s estates are getting sold off.

      ** Surveillance of those helping illegals crossing border

      ** And the latest, High altitude IR surveillance TRACKING Traffickers.

      AS Q says FISA goes both ways and it only takes the President + the Attorney General to place a ONE YEAR FISA

      Liked by 4 people

      1. I see one dead Epstein, that we here ALL foresaw – apparently Barr is “appalled”. This happened under his watch, simple.

        I contend that most here could have done a better job securing the suspect – it is not rocket science.

        I am not giving up – never will. But I am much more cynical about unverified claims.

        Liked by 2 people

    2. Jason…It NOT OVER til it’s OVER!!! Seriously—When has POTUS let you down….It’s a strong possibility that Epstein’s “death” isn’t real…You can jump off the train and go straight to Eeyore…But where does that get you? Back on CTH with the other naysayers? FAITH…In POTUS and especially in GOD!!!!

      Liked by 3 people

      1. It saddens me that I am about to sound like SD …

        Epstein is dead. POTUS highlighted his importance BEFORE he was even elected. The DOJ effectively killed him. Barr has failed here – to claim otherwise is to ignore reality. What scares me more is that Barr succeeded in his intentions.

        Never forget that Barr was approved by Senators Burr and Warner, slugs living in the most fetid part of the swamp. I shudder to thinks what that says about Barr. I forgot this aspect of Barr’s appointment – that is on me and has lead to my disgust being displayed all over the Q Tree – I apologise.

        I remain on the train and Donald J Trump has even more of my admiration now that I have remembered that he is constrained by Burr and Warner. Barr has lost my respect, unless new fact emerge.


    3. No worries.

      Neither your optimism or pessimism changes much of anything.
      Well, maybe the atmosphere around you, but really not a problem. 😉

      We are here to because we share a common interest, desire to make sense of our world, and perhaps influence someone, somewhere.

      Liked by 3 people

    1. T3…I leave for 1 week…..And The Proverbial Sh*t hit the fan!!! We have Eeyores and peeps all POed…LOL and MOAR sick and distraught people!!!! The devil had a damn heyday!!!
      Just so you know…My cheer squad is coming back FULL TIME!!!! and PRAYERS are picking up by 100%!!!


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