The Witch and the Exorcism.

I have to tell you all this story. It’s a good one. Curl up for a little while.

It was the mid 90’s, and the B&B was in full swing. We had guests from 40+ countries and every state in the union with rarely had an empty room. I was making hay while the sun was shining, trying to grow my new business and family.

Some guests had never stayed in a B&B and were apprehensive. They thought I might be like an “Aunt Bea”, from Mayberry, and insist on ironing their underwear. No, not me. I came out of hectic corporate life to a small town. Local factories of large conglomerates kept us busy with business executives. I understood what they wanted, the pressure of their schedules, and provided exemplary high-end customer service.

As the internet was just beginning, we rarely had weekend guests. It took several years of biz operation to be published and included in the B&B guidebooks, pre-internet. As the internet grew, and more and more people came on-line, our weekend business increased significantly.

I got a call from a guy in Nashville to book a room, for a couple, for a weekend. He explained he was getting married the following weekend, but needed to spend time with an old friend – before he got married. I thought, “Too much information for me, name/address/credit card#, please. I didn’t have time to care why he was here. Not my business.

Full house that weekend, but I can’t remember the other guests. Guy from Nashville checked in, but he was by himself. Attractive guy, VERY tall, 6’4”, maybe, and a happy guy, kind of geeky. I gave him the biggest bed in the house (so he was comfortable), which was the bedroom above our’s. Checked him in, showed him to his room, went over a few details about breakfast, and I disappeared back to the kitchen.

Lisa, my girlfriend/staff person was wandering around up front, doing something, and came to find me. She said, “You’re not going to believe what all they are hauling into the house.” I frowned/scowled at her. Some of my girlfriends were notorious busy-bodies, and a guest’s business was their business. Lisa pouted but rolled her eyes at me.

I was checking in other guests when Nashville guy came back in with his “friend”. She was mid-60’s, grey hair down to her mid-back, stringy, not a stitch of makeup and probably weighed 320lbs. Gee whiz……. wasn’t expecting that one….. and they were sleeping together…… the week before he was to be married…… Hmmmm…..

Ever so politely, Nashville guy introduced me to his companion. I stuck out my hand to shake her’s. Normal etiquette, right? She shook my hand, looked me dead in the eye, and said, “I’m a witch and I’m here to bless the marriage.” She wouldn’t let go of my hand. I looked at him, and her. I narrowed my eyes in frustration, as our hands became a contest. I jerked my hand away. She wasn’t going to “zap my power”, or whatever the heck she thought she could do. I muddled something mildly polite ……. and I fled.

Back in the kitchen, I literally scrubbed the HELL off my hands. Lisa was gone. I had no girlfriend there to talk to, but OMGGGGGGGG there was a witch in my house!

By the time ex-husband got home, I almost tackled him at the back door. I was blubbering, and told him all about the encounter. He had had several beers (Friday afternoon with the boys), tilted his head back, looked down his nose and said, “Takes all kinds…… Are we ready to cook steaks?” He was dismissive. We didn’t see them for the rest of the night, but we heard them. A few bangs and bumps, which is unusual for our house….. The house is all plaster and practically soundproof. I wondered what they were doing…… “witch stuff“…… ?

Was she turning him into a warlock? Did his fiancee know? Admittedly, my knowledge of “witch stuff” is limited.

Next morning, husband was first up. He liked to get up early and survey the house, make coffee, and read the paper in peace. When I arrived in the kitchen, there were chair parts in the middle of the floor. I was barely awake. “What happened?”, I said to him. He explained he found the chair parts in the dining room with a note he passed to me to read, “Looks like your Witch got mad at you and decided to break your furniture!”. I read the note, which was most apologetic and kind. They offered to pay for the chairs. I wondered…. two solid oak chairs…. how could they possibly…..

Husband left to do the yard, and Lisa showed up. Finally, I had someone with whom I could commiserate. Lisa is probably the MOST religious person I know, and we live in the midst of the bible belt. I told Lisa all about the Witch, and how she grabbed my hand. She refused to come down for breakfast, but he didn’t look any different the following morning. Lisa was almost frozen in shock. We cleaned up the kitchen from breakfast and talked about it. As guests left for the day’s activities, normally, we freshened their rooms. Lisa didn’t want to go in their room. I laughed. There was no way the devil would ever compromise Lisa. By the time we talked it out, we began to feel silly about the whole thing.

Lisa yelled at me from the balcony, “Daughn, you have to come up here and see this.” I came out of the laundry to the stairs, “What do you want?” She repeated. I frowned. We never nosed around in people’s things. It’s rude and fowl. She said, “No, this time, you need to see this.” I trusted her, stopped what I was doing, and we went into the room together.

All over the walls, my moire silk wallpaper, were dayglow stickers that made patterns at night. What the heck? I looked at Lisa, she at me, nodding, “Told ya’ so”………… We were paused at the doorway and tried for a minute to see if there was any pattern to the stickers. We couldn’t come up with anything……… but then again…….. we’re not witches.

Lisa said, “That’s not the best part. Wait until you see the bathroom.” Unsure of when Nashville Guy and the Witch would return, I found myself tip-toeing in my own house…. into their bathroom. There were containers of makeup all over the counter, and more makeup cases on the floor. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an Estee Lauder queen, but she brought 47 bottles of nail polish. I counted them. Who brings 47 bottles of nail polish for a weekend? Lisa flung open the door of the closet. On the floor, what looked like a hundred WalMart bags, 68 pairs of women’s shoes. Huh? We double counted them. We looked at each other, not knowing what to think. Lisa was a beauty queen and I was best-dressed in high school, but wow, we also knew how to pack and travel. This woman was a nut, ………….but that didn’t mean she was evil or would harm anyone.

Then, the chanting started.

Later afternoon, Lisa gone, the Witch and Nashville guy returned. About 4-5:00pm, I was minding my own business, setting the table for the next day. I heard chanting. The witch was sitting in my formal living room, chanting, holding hands with Nashville guy. Little stones were arranged on my coffee table. I interrupted her chanting as I peaked around the corner, and they asked me to JOIN THEM! I couldn’t help it and blurted out, “Fat chance!”

Well, that precipitated a bit of an argument, which turned ugly. Finally, I asked them to leave. It was the only time in 25yrs I’ve ever asked anyone to leave my house. They left in a hurry, dragging WalMart sacks, full of shoes. As she departed, I was holding the door.  She stopped, turned to me and said, “Curses will fall upon you…” The look on her face indicated she meant it, but I was mad, and I had Daughn power. She needed to go.

I wandered around the house for a while….. thinking……  Really? “Curses on you”? I thought it was not very original, and she was making fun of me, trying to spook me…. which only made me more angry. It bothered me for the rest of the day and night. I was vexed but not hexed. 

Well, by Monday morning, word had spread.  The girls were all abuzz about the Witch. More girlfriends stopped in after taking their kids to school, so we had to repeat the story. They were all agog, more so with every unfolding detail. On girlfriend to me, “Do you feel any different, Miss D?”. She placed the back of her palm on my forehead to take my temperature, reporting back to the other women that I “seemed okay”. Nonetheless, we had to “DO” something and purify the house again, allegedly. Yep, that was it. They had decided. Something had to be done, urgently. Interesting situation……

I’m Presbyterian. So, I called Bob, my Presbyterian minister.

He came right over, and we told him our story. Some of the girls were very animated, we were a pretty diverse bunch, black/white, and different ages. To me, Bob is more like a friend than a minister. We worked on many projects together. He chuckled and assured us there were no witches. We were unyielding. The girls wanted some kind of movie-drama-exorcism of the house….. just to make sure. I understood their apprehension in our culture of the Mississippi Delta, and it was important for me to respect their wishes. Bob was puzzled. Presbyterian ministers don’t do that….. exorcisms. Well, said the group, we needed someone who did…….. “THAT”.

I thought, “Where am I going to find a Catholic?”

The girls were insistent. Bob looked at me as if to question……. half seriously, half joking.  We were stuck. I went along with the girls, my empathy to them was necessary. What could an exorcism hurt? I would be pleased to have a super-duper blessing over my house……. and happy girlfriends.

Well, this is rural Mississippi. Bob called the Catholic priest, but we only have one Catholic church in town, and their priest rotated. No one wanted to wait too long.

And sooooo…………

On steamy summer Wednesday afternoon, we had two Black ministers, a Methodist Minister, an Evangelical Youth Leader, and a Presbyterian Minister, gather together with my girlfriends to do an ad hoc southern Protestant exorcism of the house. My girlfriends brought their own ministers. It was great. I’ve never been prayed over so much in my life. We had communion, we sang, and said a prayer. The Devil didn’t stand a chance. The ministers talked to the heavens and cast out any semblance of a residual demon.

And don’t you know it, we had a scrumptious potluck afterwards……

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said Sunday mornings were the most segregated time in America. Well, that Wednesday afternoon, in my parlor, we were all together with a common mission. It was probably the first mixed-race, mixed faith, religious ceremony/EXORCISM in the county, if not the state. We did it.

Surely, our house is blessed.

Take that, Witch.







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  1. She wasn’t a witch she was wacko. Imagine being that pathetic that you had to invent a powerful persona to scam the gullible. That young man sounds impressionable enough to get sucked into Scientology, being the next mass shooter whatever. No sense of his core self at his age. No matter what he looked like he’s a definite “do not breed from this line”

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    1. She made some kind of comment, at one point, “I have to prepare him for….”
      Hey, I grew up in New Orleans where, with a strong Caribbean influence, some were into voodoo. In Miami, Santa Ria was common and we heard stories.
      But no one gets to sacrifice a chicken in my parlor.
      She crossed the line with me.
      No thanks.

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    2. Still, if not a real witch, she had the desire to be one. She then may as well have been one because she was inviting evil to be her consort.

      Heavy duty prayer was in order, even in the form of an exorcism. She and he might have shed some minor demons…the demons could have reasoned that the guy and freako were too crazy to hang with. sarc for the last part of last sentence.

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  2. I love that you, as in the group of you, worked out how to clear the negativity/curses/weirdness in a way that allowed you to move on with an empowered sense of cleansing!

    Missionary stories of getting cursed are common. Those that neglect an intentional process of cleansing often encounter calamity. The one couple that stayed in Bangladesh for many decades had a rule. If they found the remains of an animal at their doorstep (ritual cursing), they would immediately begin a fast. They remained in prayer until the sense of gloom was broken. The evidence of the power of this rule is their long, effective ministry in a culture that is extremely hostile to Christianity.

    It may be important to know that the middle eastern invaders are frequently practiced in the dark arts. When they are terrorizing Christians they not only use natural means, they will enlist whatever powers of darkness they traffic in to undermine their target.

    My personal response if I detect an attack on this level is to immediately look up, invite God, and ask for intervention. I figure the highway runs both directions. If they are creating a line into my world, I can ask God into their world. I ask for cleansing. I ask for protection. I ask for God to get involved in their lives. Preferably by removing the veils over their minds and bringing them to salvation in the model of Saul to Paul. Not just neutralized but repurposed to Serve the King and His Kingdom.

    As in your story, turning what was intended to steal a piece of your life into something that grows and strengthens you and those around you.


    All of this reminds me that our President can use all the prayer we can give.

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    1. Thank you for sharing grandma’s account. And yes, that s**t is real. For many years, we have pled the blood of Christ over our dwellings, our business and autos as well as anointing them with oil. When we returned to our boarding business after having rented it out for several years, we needed to frequently “cleanse” the whole property, but then we started having stupid, very minor car problems, so we did the same to our vehicles. There was an immediate relief. It was very weird.

      As I recall, it took about a year of constant renewal before things “felt” right. There had been some unsavory people that had been on the periphery of the place while it was rented. When we took back the business, we then had people coming by to “help”, and trying to convince us to rent the business out. We figured that they wanted it as a cover for running/money washing illegal activities from talking to various other people. You might say that was an “interesting” point in our life.

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      1. I hear you. When I ran weekend retreats I had the priest go to each room and bless the rooms with holy water and one of my team members sprinkled a few grains of blessed salt in the corners and closets of each room.
        Who knew what might have gone on in the rooms before my people got there!!

        I once helped another team with a retreat in another city. She didn’t have the rooms blessed. She knocked on my door after I settled in bed. She told she was changing rooms. She was feeling extremely on edge and could not sleep. Something was wrong or just off in her room. She is a really holy and good woman.
        It seems that the more a person is in tune with God, the more sensitive they are to evil around them.

        Congressional and Senate halls need a clean sweep. 🙂

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  3. BTW, DNW, you did good by trying to have an exorcism done. Surely the prayers tossed any evil left behind by those two, and your resist of her hand grab and hex was good. Check out having blessed salt on hand. Holy water also. Scriptural.

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  4. The whole thing was hilarious and eye opening at the same time.
    It left me indignant. As in, oh yeah, I’m casting your spell back to the driveway, you can move along……
    Fascinating culture clash in the aftermath. What I believed was not important. It was what my friends/employees believed that mattered.
    That I was agreeable to have all the ministers in……. made the house more like their house as well. Noticed attitude improvement.
    And the potluck was terrific.

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    1. Faith is a powerful thing. That’s what all of the people in your parlor were feeling. Their Faith in God Almighty, and the need to call for on Him for protection, and casting out of demons. Just in case.

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      1. It’s very powerful.
        And who is to tell me, or you, or them, what is correct to believe.
        I mean, what could a protestant exorcism hurt?
        It was quite a scene.
        And the food and fellowship was terrific.
        I was truly please that the stodgy old ministers got together with the black ministers.
        That was pretty cool.
        The music is always so good in Black Church. The Presbyterians are kind of boring.

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        1. When I did Home Health nursing, one of my elderly Black patients died. Most of my patients, and their families were very fond of me… I was invited to her funeral. The only white face in the place.

          It was beautiful. I loved the service – those folks know how to speak to the Lord, and hear Him.

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          1. Lady P, I know what you mean.
            Because of what we do, I’m very often the only white face at black church.
            BUT – when I used to visit my grandparents here, as a kid, I had a nanny who took me to black church. I still know all the songs and the the protocols.
            It’s much more fun and lively.
            I’ll never forget the first time I took Big T to black church.
            Keep in mind, he’s from Boston, Catholic, altar boy type. He was nervous. Total clash of culture for him.
            He LOVED it.
            But you have to get out of your own preconceived notions to appreciate it…. which is hard for ALL people.

            God should be easy.

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            1. Yes! I had an eclectic faith exposure childhood, Mormon, Jewish, Greek Orthodox, Presbyterian, Baptist, Catholic. I married a Southern Methodist. Fortunately, he has always appreciated the expanded view of the world I brought to our relationship. 😂

              You are so right, God should be easy.

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              1. I wish you could have been here, you would have laughed.
                Our house painter, Bruce, a black guy, was being recognized in his church. Big honor, like a promotion, but within the church. Almost a minister.
                He insisted Big T and I go to his “swearing in”. Big T was confused and dismissed it but I jumped on it. It’s a big honor to be asked to attend.
                No different than going to a neighbor’s promotion or retirement party.
                Again, we were the only white people there.
                Big T is getting better about it – not as skittish, and he is genuinely curious about the great food. He fusses all over those women. Me, I don’t care, I like to sing loudly – so God can hear me.
                We were so proud of Bruce that day.

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              2. Yes! I like to sing, though the choir would say “get rid of her” – the Lord doesn’t care about perfect voices. 🙂 You’re right about the “honor” – for a Black church to invite one to something special.

                I’ve always been impressed by their joy in church – and the freedom to express it.

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        2. Catholic priests have to go through too much red tape and analysis of a situation before doing actual exorcisms. I would sooner bank on the black ministers to do such. Divine intervention for the group that got together. I’m guessing more good things came from that joint intervention.

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  5. READ the Ancient Prayers of Exorcism. They are NOTHING like the movies would have you think. They are mostly PRAISE and PETITION for the POWER of GOD to avail.

    Psalms 62:11 – All power belongs to GOD. (!!!)

    It is GOD’s power, will, we seek, need must have to survive, be redeemed, delivered from evil.

    See the LORD’s PRAYER –
    Our Father, which art in Heaven
    Hallowed be Thy Name
    Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done
    On earth as it is in Heaven,
    Give us this day, our daily bread,
    And forgive us our sin, as we forgive our debtors,
    Deliver us from evil.
    For Thine is the Kingdom,
    And the Power and the Glory,
    Forever and Ever,

    The priests, pastors can only call upon GOD’s POWER – never their own.

    For example:

    Prayer by St. John Chrysostom

    O Eternal God, Who has redeemed the race of men from the captivity of the devil, deliver Thy servant/handmaid from all the workings of unclean spirits. Command the evil and impure spirits and demons to depart from the soul and body of your servant/handmaid and not to remain nor hide in him/her. Let them be banished from this the creation of Thy hands in Thine own holy name and that of Thine only begotten Son and of Thy life-creating Spirit, so that, after being cleansed from all demonic influence, he/she may live godly, justly and righteously and may be counted worthy to receive the Holy Mysteries of Thine only-begotten Son and our God with Whom Thou art blessed and glorified together with the all holy and good and life-creating Spirit now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

    O Thou Who hast rebuked all unclean spirits and by the power of Thy Word has banished the legion, come now, through Thine only begotten Son upon this creature, which Thou hast fashioned in Thine own image and deliver him/her from the adversary that holds him/her in bondage, so that, receiving Thy mercy and becoming purified, he/she might join the ranks of Thy holy flock and be preserved as a living temple of the Holy Spirit and might receive the divine and holy Mysteries through the grace and compassion and loving kindness of Thine only-begotten Son with Whom Thou art blessed together with Thine all-holy and good and life-creating Spirit now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

    We beseech Thee, O Lord, Almighty God, Most High, untempted, peaceful King. We beseech Thee Who has created the heaven and the earth, for out of Thee has issued the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, Thou Who has ordained that the fourfooted and irrational beasts be under subjection to man, for Thou hast subjected them. Lord, stretch out Thy mighty hand and Thy sublime and holy arm and in Thy watchful care look down upon this Thy creature and send down upon him/her a peaceful angel, a mighty angel, a guardian of soul and body, that will rebuke and drive away every evil and unclean demon from him/her, for Thou alone are Lord, Most High, almighty and blessed unto ages of ages. Amen.

    We make this great, divine, holy and awesome invocation and plea, O devil, for thine expulsion, as well as this rebuke for your utter annihilation, O apostate! God Who is holy, beginningless, frightful, invisible in essence, infinite in power and incomprehensible in divinity, the King of glory and Lord Almighty, He shall rebuke thee, devil! — He Who composed all things well by his Word from nothingness into being; He Who walks upon the wings of the air. The Lord rebukes thee, devil! — He Who calls forth the water of the sea and pours it upon the face of all the earth. Lord of Hosts is His name. Devil: the Lord rebukes thee! He Who is ministered to and praised by numberless heavenly orders and adored and glorified in fear by multitudes of angelic and archangelic hosts. Satan: the Lord rebukes thee! He Who is honored by the encircling Powers, the awesome six-winged and many-eyed Cherubim and Seraphim that cover their faces with two wings because of His inscrutable and unseen divinity and with two wings cover their feet, lest they be seared by His unutterable glory and incomprehensible majesty, and with two wings do fly and fill the heavens with their shouts of “Holy, holy, holy, Lord Sabaoth, heaven and earth are full of Thy glory!” Devil: The Lord rebukes thee! He Who came down from the Father’s bosom and, through the holy, inexpressible, immaculate and adorable Incarnation from the Virgin, appeared ineffably in the world to save it and cast thee down from heaven in His authoritative power and showed thee to be an outcast to every man. Satan: The Lord rebukes thee! He Who said to the sea, be silent, be still, and instantly it was calmed at His command. Devil: The Lord rebukes thee! He Who made clay with His immaculate spittle and refashioned the wanting member of the man blind from birth and gave him his sight. Devil: The Lord rebukes thee! He Who by His word restored to life the daughter of the ruler of the synagogue and snatched the son of the widow out from the mouth of death and gave him whole and sound to his own mother. Devil: The Lord rebukes thee! The Lord Who raised Lazarus the four-days dead from the dead, undecayed, as if not having died, and unblemished to the astonishment of many. Satan: The Lord rebukes thee! He Who destroyed the curse by the blow on His face and by the lance in His immaculate side lifted the flaming sword that guarded Paradise. Devil: The Lord rebukes thee! He Who dried all tears from every face by the spitting upon His precious expressed image. Devil: The Lord rebukes thee! He Who set His Cross as a support, the salvation of the world, to thy fall and the fall of all the angels under thee. Devil: The Lord rebukes thee! He Who spoke from His Cross and the curtain of the temple was torn in two, and the rocks were split and the tombs were opened and those who were dead from the ages were raised up. Devil: The Lord rebukes thee! He Who by death put death to death and by His rising granted life to all men. May the Lord rebuke thee, Satan! — that is, He Who descended into Hades and opened its tombs and set free those held prisoner in it, calling them to Himself; before Whom the gatekeepers of Hades shuddered when they saw Him and, hiding themselves, vanished in the anguish of Hades. May the Lord rebuke thee, devil! — That is, Christ our God Who arose from the dead and granted His Resurrection to all men.

    May the Lord rebuke thee, Satan! — He Who in glory ascended into heaven to His Father, sitting on the right of majesty upon the throne of glory. Devil: May the Lord rebuke thee! He Who shall come again with glory upon the clouds of heaven with His holy angels to judge the living and the dead. Devil: May the Lord rebuke thee! He Who has prepared for thee unquenchable fire, the unsleeping worm and the outer darkness unto eternal punishment. Devil: May the Lord rebuke thee! For before Him all things shudder and tremble from the face of His power and the wrath of His warning upon thee is uncontainable. Satan: The Lord rebukes thee by His frightful name!

    Shudder, tremble, be afraid, depart, be utterly destroyed, be banished! Thee who fell from heaven and together with thee all evil spirits: every evil spirit of lust, the spirit of evil, a day and nocturnal spirit, a noonday and evening spirit, a midnight spirit, an imaginative spirit, an encountering spirit, either of the dry land or of the water, or one in a forest, or among the reeds, or in trenches, or in a road or a crossroad, in lakes, or streams, in houses, or one sprinkling in the baths and chambers, or one altering the mind of man. Depart swiftly from this creature of the Creator Christ our God! And be gone from the servant/handmaid of God ___________, from his/her mind, from his/her soul, from his/her heart, from his/her reins, from his/her senses, from all his/her members, that he/she might become whole and sound and free, knowing God, his/her own Master and Creator of all things, He Who gathers together those who have gone astray and Who gives them the seal of salvation through the rebirth and restoration of divine Baptism, so that he may be counted worthy of His immaculate, heavenly and awesome Mysteries and be united to His true fold, dwelling in a place of pasture and nourished on the waters of repose, guided pastorally and safely by the staff of the Cross unto the forgiveness of sins and life everlasting. For unto Him belong all glory, honor, adoration and majesty together with Thy beginningless Father and His all-holy, good and life-giving Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

    The entire thing is an invocation, begging for GOD’s intervention and action – and praise of GOD!

    Amen and Amen!!!

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    1. Of course it’s not like the movies, but that wasn’t the point.
      And they didn’t really believe in a witch, either.
      But they wanted something done.
      Just to be sure….
      Okay…….. fine with me. It would have been wrong of me to make fun of them. It would have been wrong to ignore it.
      I’m perfectly comfortable with my faith but this wasn’t about me.
      It worked.

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        1. Sure, new house, salt, bread, and wine.
          We did one.
          Big party.
          One on film in “It’s a Wonderful Life”, remember?
          Very nice.
          This was different.
          We made this one up on the fly……
          But it worked.

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      1. There is NO power greater than GODs – and the Bible says He/GOD sends warring angels to do HIS bidding, to battle against evil in heavenly places.

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      1. I love to see what ancient prayer warriors said, believed, found effective and proper.

        One of my favorite Saints is Vincent of Lerins, who said Christians should stick to ‘what was believed always, everywhere and by all!’

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    2. Yes. Thank you for posting.
      When we went to all the abortuaries in our diocese. Us civilians and the priest did the praise prayers. The priest said some other prayers. He scattered the blessed salt. Prior to that a number of the praise pray-ers had to gather together to pray weekly from a St. Montefort booklet.

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  6. If those stories about FLOTUS conducting a cleansing of the White house are true I’m sure she’d approve. Actually even if they aren’t, I’m sure she’d of approved.

    Apparently all the stories go back to one pastor and snopes says it didn’t happen, but many might instead tell you snopes is just protecting the past president. Personally I think the story is innocent enough not to be looked into one way or the other and would leave you comfortable believing as you might wish.

    I’d leave links but it’s something you can look up someday if you have time. Today’s focus before noon might be better spent in taking mental inventory of basic needs. Even if its not necessary its good practice 🙂

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    1. I researched this heavily, and you are quite correct. Snopes is, in my opinion, doing what criminals and deniers do – clinging to an alibi.

      There is physical evidence which supports the pastor’s account – the REMOVAL of Clinton-era and Obama-era “objects d’art”. There is historical evidence which supports the pastor’s account – the religious background of FLOTUS and her actual travel records, including personal, voluntary visits to churches which practice exorcism openly and without apology. And then we have one witness statement, which is only grounds for suspicion, but the witness is an “atypically good one” – an “expert” in a profession typically trusted by police.

      Yes, it’s not “proven” that FLOTUS conducted an exorcism or similar “blessing”, but any objective and competent investigator would classify it as “probably true”.

      In my humble opinion.

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        1. BOOM! More evidence! She is BRAVE in spiritual matters! I have NEVER seen her flinch under any kind of “fear of being viewed in a negative way religiously”. Her CONFIDENCE is born of the idea that APPROVED WORKERS ARE NOT ASHAMED. Her belief is SOLID and unafraid.

          To me, she is religiously inspiring!

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  7. GA/FL,
    You triggered a thought.

    I wonder if having the Pledge of alleigance and the Lord’s Praye tossed out of our schools was part of the SATANIC Lefts method for letting EVIL in to our schools?

    I would think that having the lords pray said everny morning by all those innocent children would be very very pwerful.

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    1. When it comes to religion, I’m a pretty mainline Presbyterian and normal.
      But —- who is to say what is normal?
      I had a very superstitious mother, Irish.
      Which was more like folklore than religion.
      there was a very diverse group.
      I mean, just imagine…… an ad hoc southern protestant exorcism, the idea was wild, to me, but it made them feel better.
      Okay, that’s fine with me.

      I didn’t like her overtly aggressive attitude towards me. And she broke my damn chairs!!

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    1. Honestly Ceastar, I mind my own business, mostly.
      It sort of…. all…. kind of… happens around me.
      This one, was the only bad guest we’ve had in 25yrs. Everyone else, by far, I would be happy if they lived next door. Wonderful people.

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  8. You have to understand, this is a small town. If Gunner peed off the brick wall in the backyard, a teacher from the school next door would call me about his inappropriate behavior.
    We had a rule, Gunner could not cross Main St on his bike (to go visit grandma) until he was 10. I got phone calls when he tried to push the envelope.
    I lived in a fish bowl – with 20 women here all the time.
    If I had an argument with my husband, everyone in town knew.
    When we divorced, the MEN were worried I would start a trend!

    If I had a dime for every false rumor, I would be as wealthy as Trump. Girlfriends in my garden club wanted to work for me for free – just to figure out what was going on in my house. We had high school kids who wanted to work here, just to be a part of what was happening. Not that “anything” was happening…….. We were incredibly normal people.

    I got used to it. Nosy neighbors. I never really did anything wrong, and was too busy to lie about what I ate for breakfast – let alone do something illegal.

    Therefore, an “ad hoc southern Protestant exorcism” at the B&B was a big deal. People still talk about it.

    I figured, as long as they’re talking about me, they would leave someone else alone.

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  9. BTW – somewhere in the Bible, it says a curse undeserved flies back to the sender.

    Like a Boomerang – Boom!

    My bet is the old fat woman is no longer living – died of obesity.


    the couple is no longer married if they ever made it to the altar or court house or coven house.

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  10. Great stories you all share 🙂

    I exorcised house in South Africa. Thee was a strange spirit in the place.
    Was my time to cook one evening and I was preparing a chicken. My friend looked at me what I was doing I had taken out lot of salt and prayed over it blessed it grabbed to bowl and sprinted the sale all the while praying.
    Later for dinner came another friend who also has sensed the cold energy in the house specially on a corridor toward one bedroom. She knew nothing what I had done and said ” the cold energy is gone.” My friend said “the nut sprinkled salt .”
    Every person coming to my home always say how calm of an energy is in the house and people stay and stay.

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    1. When our kids were house hunting near Seattle, our daughter and the woman realtor walked up the porch steps and the realtor stopped dead in her tracks and didn’t even have our daughter come in. She closed the door quickly and told our daughter she didn’t like the feel of the house. Don’t know if she saw roaches or a cold shuddering.

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  11. Wow! Witches weddings, curses, and exorcisms!! Loved it!!

    Daughn, I do look forward to reading new episodes of your life running the B&B! I could be having the worst day ever and these stories always bring a smile to my face and fun memories of my life growing up in the great southern state of Mississippi! I was born on the gulf coast but lived my life all over the south including the Delta parts of both Louisiana and Mississippi! Thank you so much for the stories and I can’t wait for the next one!! 🙂

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