Dear KMAG: 20190807 Open Topic

This HOT AUGUST [07] [PLACEHOLDER] WEDNESDAY open thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA / KAG! / KMAG world (KMAG being a bit of both MAGA and KAG!).

Don’t mind if we do a little escape act here….

You can say what you want, comment on what other people said, and so on.

Free Speech is practiced here. ENJOY IT. Use it or lose it.

Keep it SOMEWHAT civil. They tried to FORCE fake Orwellian civility on us. In response, we CHOOSE true civility to defend our precious FREEDOM from THEM.

Our rules began with the civility of the Old Treehouse, later to become the Wolverinian Empire, and one might say that we have RESTORED THE OLD REPUBLIC – the early high-interaction model of the Treehouse – except of course that Q discussion is not only allowed but encouraged, and speech is considerably freer in other ways. Please feel free to argue and disagree with the board owner, as nicely as possible.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here in the January 1st open thread. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven.






Our movement

Is about replacing

A failed


Political establishment

With a new government controlled

By you, the American People.

Candidate Donald J. Trump

Also remember Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

Let’s see if we can tell this story in James Coburn pictures. You ready?

Here we go!

August is going to be an interesting month.

Oh yeah? Just HOW interesting, we might ask.

Well, based on the LEAD-UP, I’d say we’re gonna see some enemy action.

Actors Henry Fonda and James Coburn on the set of Universal Studios movie ” Midway” in 1976. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

OK. Should we be worried?

HA! You’re kidding – right?

Nope. We are gonna WIN this sucker.

Nevertheless, we have to be careful.

We have to be smart.

We have to be cool.

We definitely have to be wary.

Some of us may have to be a bit stealthy.

Some of us may simply be on vacation.

Others may not simply be on vacation.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is jamescoburncafescene.jpg

We have to stay strong….

But we also have to have some fun!

Now in the periodic, random, unpredictable, and unexplained absences of GROWLING, SNARLING WOLVES….

There may be what seem like explosive situations….

However, we believe that higher powers….


Are all we need to WIN and WIN BIG in this GIFT of a lovingly designed universe.

So stick around for a GOOD TIME.


Maybe have some POPCORN!

I mean – who KNOWS how much winning there will be?

We are gonna have ONE HECK OF A GOOD TIME!


Where We Go One, We Go All.



482 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20190807 Open Topic

      1. I know. Its a bummer, esp since theyre made in the US. I had found an alternative I liked and they just shipped all their production to china from the US. Dumb. And Im seeing more things “assembled” in the US. I think an attempt to trick low info people into assuming that means “made” in the US.
        Canada makes a lot of beauty products we import here.

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          1. I used the foaming hand soap and lotion but ive been getting more natural brands since theyre mostly made here. BBW prices are pretty high unless youve got coupons and they have purchase deals so Ive been shopping elsewhere.

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    1. Molly – read this stuff about the family – very helpful to interpret these facts. The COMBINATION gives me a STRONG theory.

      I believe that this centers around SPY OPERATIONS against classified software development and projects. This was very likely the ChiComs, who may actually be working to some extent with the Russians when in America. But ignore that for now. Whoever interacted with the Betts familiy likely has an American face.

      The father was working on stuff that needed a security clearance. He may have practiced strong security measures at WORK, but I will bet that he was lax at HOME, and THAT is how the Chi figured they could get in. They worked in through his KID. If the BOY was MKed at some point, and used to run operations against his father, he was basically EXPENDABLE and needed to be closed out when it was over. Getting him into satanism allows stronger ops, including suicidal ones.

      Remember the guy in San Diego who was bringing in two ChiComs by car – very stupid, chancy op, IMO – and committed suicide by cop when he was stopped? Remember his ditzy girlfriend? THAT GIRL was who Betts’ GF reminded me of. I could not think at first who it was who Bett’s loony GF reminded me of – it was the GF of the other dead kid in San Diego, and I could have SWORN that HE was an MK job.

      Not to mention Snowden’s GF, but that gal is a class above these two ditzy girls. Snowden’s gal is a really talented little honeypot.

      But no – I think you’ll find that Connor Betts was USED – first to get into his father’s company, AND his later employers. Finally, they used him for propaganda.

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    1. Maybe if they took their noses out of their smart phones and actually verbally communicated with people they’d make some friends. But if you lock yourself in your bedroom and play video games or send text messages to strangers all day, you’re not going to create a circle of friends.
      Cyber friends will turn on you in an instance if you say something they don’t like.

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      1. You got it. A neighbor has 3 kids. Her older son is allowed to spend hours playing xbox live because he can talk to his friends and she essentially does not have to do anything with him. Thats not social thats stupid lazy parenting. I took my kiddo for a hair cut yesterday and they offer a tv or video games during the cut. He is not allowed video games ever.

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      2. I just spent the day in a hospital waiting room. 15 people — 10 on their I-phones. The three with babies, one very old guy and me were the only ones NOT on the darn things! (I brought a book.)

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    Already freezing in Finland
    August 6, 2019

    Cold records shattered in Moscow – ‘Dangerous for gardeners’
    August 6, 2019

    Moscow – Coldest July 31 in history
    August 6, 2019
    And the coldest entire month of July since 1987.

    Greenland glacier thickening
    August 5, 2019
    Water temperatures in the vicinity of the glacier are now colder than they have been since the mid-1980s.

    Temps far, far below normal across almost the entire territory of European Russia
    August 4, 2019
    We’re talking about record-breaking cold across an area almost half as big as the entire contiguous United States.

    Record cold almost daily in North Western Russia near Finland
    August 4, 2019
    “Record cold in European Russia and the Urals,” reads the headline. Record low temps in many, many cities, some going back almost 100 years.

    Remember how COLD Europe was the first half of July????
    August 3, 2019

    Record cold in Moscow – Feels like mid-September
    August 2, 2019
    Moscow: The daily maximum of +14.7 is the lowest in history. The previous cold extremum was +16.1°C set in 1984.

    More record lows in the south
    August 1, 2019
    Some going back to 1911.

    Record cold continued on Friday
    August 1, 2019
    Remnants of the unusually strong cold front, by late July standards, that pushed through much of the Southern states beginning on Tuesday were still affecting parts of the south on Friday.

    Southern U.S. breaks cold records more than a century old
    August 1, 2019
    Breaking record lows from the early 1900s in six states.

    Coldest June 11 in central England in more than 141 years
    August 1, 2019
    Since 1878 ! During the reign of Queen Victoria, 23 years before her death.

    Record low temps in Oklahoma and Texas
    July 31, 2019
    24 July 2019 – Funny how ‘hottest year evah’ assertions keep popping up when so many places are reporting record cold.

    Minnesota – 121-Year-Old Cold Record Topples
    July 30, 2019

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        1. Check out another Aussie, Dr Evans Notch-Delay Solar Theory

          Looks like his PREDICTIONS are proving to be correct.

          ….The notch-delay solar theory was introduced in the old blog posts of 2014, but was left incomplete. It has now been extended and updated, and is being rolled out at Joanne’s blog in late 2015 and early 2016….

          Main Message

          Global temperatures will come off the current plateau into a sustained and significant cooling, beginning 2017 or maybe as late as 2021. The cooling will be about 0.3 °C in the 2020s, taking the planet back to the global temperature that prevailed in the 1980s. This was signaled (though not caused) by a fall in underlying solar radiation starting in 2004, one of the three largest falls since 1610 when records started. There is a delay of one sunspot cycle, currently 13 years (2004+13 = 2017).

          (Please note that even if this solar hypothesis and prediction prove to be wrong, the identification of the errors in the conventional climate models and the finding that carbon dioxide is not the main cause of recent global warming are still correct.)….

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    1. Castro is just going with the left’s current plan of white genocide in the US…and when I say the ‘left,’ I mean pretty much the entirety of the US government, the media, big energy, big pharma, big tech, big military, etc etc etc.

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          1. Russia was going to take in around 15,000. They’re having a real surge in ag production in Russia, and the Boer people are excellent farmers, so … a nice fit.

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            1. Excellent farmers but hard working Christian Protestant attitudes. They’ll do anything that needs doing. An asset to any country. Also fiercely loyal. You give them and their families sanctuary they got your back. Not instantly working out how to scam welfare

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              1. Next week I will be working for a South African immigrant. She reminds me of Daugh.

                She is very worried about her family still in South Africa. They have been there for ?300 years? and do not want to abandon the generations of work they have put into their farms.

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              2. They will be lucky to get out with their lives. And when they are gone there will be no working farm everything will be scavenged and it will become an anc thugs dascha

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  2. Seeking help from WQTH information hoarders; you know who you are.

    I’m looking for a synopsis of the Pelosi Gun Bill passed in February. Schumer says it needs to be passed and insinuated that tens of thousands of lives would have been saved if Mitch would have acted on it.

    Now I’m looking for a review from a conservative position/site. I’ve searched and after reviewing the first seven pages of results I get nothing but horse-shit from fake news rags.

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    1. I think it might be time for Mitch to receive a show of love and support from Patriots. He has done a good job on judges and on keeping certain horrible bills from coming to the floor of the Senate.

      It seems to me like his reward has been mostly hate from both sides.

      Maybe a little love will help our cause.

      Not sure if this is what you are looking for…..

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        1. Very welcome❣️

          I have found that I have to use DuckDuckGo when researching stuff because Google is not trustworthy. You would be surprised at the difference in search results.

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      1. I’d be happy to thank “Cocaine Mitch”……….immediately after he allows the body of government that he oversees to go into recess.
        Not a minute before.

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    1. › article › news › poli…

      Police: Man with weapon reported at Gannett building in McLean, VA |

      46 minutes ago · MCLEAN, Va. — Police are investigating reports of a man with a weapon at the Gannett Building in McLean, Virginia. Fairfax County police tweeted at 12:16 p.m. that they were investigating …

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  3. I am posting the following because I trust in the research skills of people on this site .

    One of my recurring thoughts of horror were the numbers of mysterious UN vehicles amassed in this country just prior to the 2016 election. No one knew why.

    The thought of this country being subject to UN laws, peacekeeping forces, or any sort of international court is so troubling I cannot see how any Christian or Jew can be on board with it. Yet so many voted for Obama knowing about his cooperation with these things.

    Because we are investigating False Flags, because we see the targeting of Christians resulting from them, and because we see the tolerance of the left for acts of violence against us and our President and the cooperation of the MSM with this leftist agenda, I am posting the following with the caveat that I am unsure of the authors, but the material—in light of current events—is provocative and we probably ought to look into it.

    BTW: I think a meme (I cannot yet create them) listing pictures and statements coming from the left that are dripping with hatred and encouraging violence under a heading of something like “love” trumps hate with a question mark might open a few eyes.

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  4. Can someone repost the link to the Q research board?

    Is it ok to ask for this or is there a reason it is so hard to access?

    I cannot get back today.

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      1. No. It is the 8 channel site.

        I used to be happy Voat but I cannot access it at all.

        Apparently I am flagged as bad somehow, though I cannot figure out why. My computer often goes haywire when I post here though. Maybe it needs praying over.

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            1. On second look, no.

              There is a new 8 channel one that isn’t 8 channel for research.

              I will look through yesterday’s thread.

              Have to leave, but will look into stuff later and try the link. If I can get it working I will repost it.


              1. Access to Voat was blocked several days before 8Chan was taken down. (I’m sure that was just a coincidence 😉

                Now if you go to you’ll see this banner at the top of the page:

                “Note: when Q returns, we will get the posts. Avoid 8chan on zeronet as per CodeMonkey”

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    1. I know it can be accessed through qmap, by clicking on the title of any q drop. However, just tried it, and apparently it’s not up and running yet.


  5. “When You Get An Email Like This From The Fed, It May Be Time To Panic

    Yesterday, in a lengthy article referencing the ongoing dollar and funding liquidity collapse as a result of the aggressive rebuild of the Treasury’s cash balance from $133BN to $350BN in the aftermath of the debt ceiling deal, we said “Forget China, The Fed Has A Much Bigger Problem On Its Hands.” …

    “Well, it appears that the Fed paid attention, because moments ago we received an email from a Federal Reserve researcher which should make everyone very, very nervous. Specifically, the “rather urgent request” from a Fed staffer (no, not Edward Quince) seeks the full Cabana report whose gist, as noted above, is that the Fed will have to launch QE4 in very short notice to offset the upcoming liquidity drain.”

    more at link:

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    1. One thing that’s always given me confidence in the Fed is their ability to manage these kinds of changes. It’s good knowing that competent people are at the helm and looking after our national interests. /s

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      1. What particularly frustrates me about mj is how it has been used to divide people.

        I knew too many people in college who use the stuff, nuff said.

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      1. BULL CRAP!

        I have taken OTC pain killers & Opiods ever since an auto acident in 1971 mangled my back. The pain killers ruined my stomach. ‘Move Free’ and ‘Joint Health’ helped some in regaining range of motion. More recently Turmeric & Curcumin has also helped. However I STILL had to take pain killers if I did any real exercise.

        For the last three weeks I have been taking Hemp Extract and even when I was repeatedly lifting 30 to 70 pounds and walking all day — NO PAIN — NO UPSET STOMACH!

        I also have friends (brother & sister) who have had to resort to MJ to control their epileptic seizures when none of the prescription medication worked. We are talking falling down seizures several times a week without MJ vs the ocasional seizure if over stressed. MJ is also used for Cancer Patients to allow them to eat.

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        1. Actually the comment was tongue in cheek given what was visible on screen with out opening the story.

          Won’t deny the pain benefits.

          Still against legalization part as it often draws in young undeveloped minds (starting as pre teens and teens) that get left in the wastelands. Understands more developed minds ( starting as older teens to young adults exhibiting better control but that’s not what usually happens.


      1. Hey, c’mon — that is so, so, so very harsh. They’re just trying to find their way to a happy medium. After all, they’ve never artificially engineered a famine which left millions of their own people dead of starvation….

        ….oh, wait….

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      2. Yeah China hasn’t watched the highlight reel – they censored it. This ploy NEVER ends well.

        And China is WAY more vulnerable than most!

        Hong Kong is going to look like English tea time.

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  6. “CDC Shuts Down Army Lab’s Disease Research

    The agency cites lapses in biosafety procedures at the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases in Maryland.

    Research on dangerous pathogens has been suspended at an Army lab at Fort Detrick in Maryland after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found biosafety lapses there, the Frederick News-Post reported August 2. A spokesperson for the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) tells the newspaper that no disease-causing materials have been found outside authorized areas at the site.

    According to its website, USAMRIID has been the US Department of Defense’s lead laboratory for medical biological defense research since 1969. The News-Post reports that the facility has both level 3 and level 4 biosafety labs and has worked on pathogens such as Ebola, Yersinia pestis (plague), and Francisella tularensis (tularemia). Those pathogens are among those considered “select agents and toxins” by the Department of Health and Human Services, which only allows authorized labs to work on them.”

    more at the link:

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  7. From Gab:

    “Alex Jones
    Verified Account@RealAlexJones

    The ‘death camps for Trump supporters’ fliers that were seen in New York have now been posted on homes and cars belonging to the staff of Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin.”

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    1. There’s a lot of relief in Canada today.
      These two have joined the Dayton Ohio murderer who is running around in Hell trying to evade the white hot pitchforks. Unfortunately for them, demons are much faster. And that’s forever.

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    1. Utter stupidity on display. No one cares that “8” is significant in Nazi numerology or whatever it is. We’re out here living our lives in a normal way. Pres. Trump is governing based on American principles and normalcy. The Left is desperate to change the language, and now they’re trying to change how we use numbers and dates. It’s not going to work, but they keep ramping things up, and I wonder what’s coming next.

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      1. It’s all part of their constantly shifting rules about what is “racist” and a “secret code,” and God help you if you don’t keep up with their insanity. People have actually been fired for making the okay sign because the Left claims it’s a white power symbol. It’s Communist tactics designed to intimidate and keep us scared that our livelihoods can be lost at any moment for the slightest offense.

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  8. ANTIFA planning something in Portland on August 17th.

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    1. “The federal government has only limited options to police alleged ideological bias is Silicon Valley.”

      Said one of the leading SJW snowflake libtard rags of the left….

      Try again, Politico. Gonna need to live healthier, because your immunity is going to disappear…

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    1. THIS is what CHUCK SCHUMER et al, REALLY want — to make “examples” of American citizens who refuse to be sheep and turn in their firearms. Unless I read the article wrong, apparently there was NO search warrant signed by a judge — NO prior chance given to the man to “defend himself” (for God’s sake!) against the order — SEVERAL rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights violated as if they DID NOT exist for this man.
      THIS is what CHUCK SCHUMER et al want coming to a NEIGHBORHOOD NEAR YOU.
      WHO is going to have POTUS’ ear — the ear of YOUR state governor — so this DOES NOT become commonplace?

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  10. One by one…..

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    1. Comments on her thread are also great. People are starting to see the light. And they are also seeing how the DEMONcRATs are scamming everyone…

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  11. Deep state maneuvering GOP into gun control?

    Republicans Move To Take Most Significant Gun Control Action In Decades
    By JAMES BARRETT August 7, 2019

    Following Trump’s speech, the Times’ Sheryl Gay Stolberg reported that Republicans are “coalescing around legislation to help law enforcement take guns from those who pose an imminent danger.” As examples of the increased unification on the issue, Stolberg cites multiple Republicans expressing support, including Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who has proposed federal grants to help enact state red flag laws, Sen. John Thune (R-SD), who expressed confidence Tuesday that Congress “will be able to find common ground on the so-called red flag issue,” and Rep. Michael R. Turner (R-OH), who pledged to support not only a red flag law but a “military-style” weapons ban and magazine limit.

    As The Daily Wire reported Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) appointed a three-person committee Tuesday to look into potential bipartisan solutions reflecting Trump’s priorities. “I asked them to reflect on the subjects the president raised within their jurisdictions and encouraged them to engage in bipartisan discussions of potential solutions to help protect communities without infringing on Americans’ constitutional rights,” McConnell said in a statement Tuesday.

    “Red flag legislation also appears poised to move in the House,” Stolberg reports. “The Judiciary Committee was consulting with its members on Tuesday about whether to briefly return to Washington from a six-week recess to advance a red flag bill and other gun-related legislation, according to an aide to the committee.”

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    1. Well, isn’t that “SPECIAL”?
      Here’s Sen. GRAHAM, wanting to give FEDERAL GRANTS to states to get RED FLAG LAWS enacted.
      Meanwhile, is Sen. GRAHAM going to give up HIS daily escorts of Capitol Hill police, state troopers, armed security? NOPE.
      LISTEN UP: if it’s Sen. GRAHAM who get the ear of POTUS in this legalized gun grab tsunami, I say that will be CATACLYSMIC.

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  12. Sure does seem like we’re having some problems in our military ranks…

    2 Hospitalized for Overdoses at Tierrasanta Home Where Tot Died in Mom’s Car

    The mother was not one of the people involved in Wednesday morning’s medical emergency at the residence, the spokesman said.

    Early Monday afternoon, a woman who lives at the home in a military-housing complex just east of Interstate 15 made a 911 call to report that she had just awakened and could not find her 2-year-old daughter. The mother’s line then went dead, Hernandez said.

    A short time later, the resident called back and told a dispatcher that she had found her child in her vehicle, unresponsive and not breathing.

    Medics went to the home and tried in vain to revive the girl before pronouncing her dead at the scene.

    The woman has not been arrested or charged in connection with her daughter’s death, though investigations into the fatality are ongoing, according to Hernandez.

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  13. And herein lies the root of the problem. They really believe this crap!! Is Civics not even mentioned in high schools anymore??

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      1. It’s certainly not fact based thinking. At least half the country can now readily see this guy is a complete idiot but he’ll ignore that too.
        Funny is that more and more of them seem to be talking like this now, just in the last week or so, even their media, though refusing to entertain facts has been the socialist way for some time. Strange, must of been some memo that went out that we missed, or else they are truly at their wits end.


    1. This has CHICOMS written all over it. Guns and abortion. The ChiComs KNOW that is how to split America.

      I think I just figured out what’s up with Betts, thanks to Molly’s post about his parents.

      WHY would they MK some kid like that for some stupid bar shoot-up? Even for the gun thing, it just doesn’t make sense. It’s not BIG ENOUGH.

      MK jobs are typically used for MANY operations. There are long-term plans attached to the subject. Yeah, there’s a big payoff on the guns right now, but not enough. Universal background checks will give the ChiComs total awareness on who has guns and who doesn’t, and THAT allows total freedom for surreptitious MK jobs, but even that potential gain is not big enough, IMO.

      But his DAD working on classified software – THAT makes sense. The goal was to get into the DARPA WORLD through his DAD.

      Check his company or later employers – I will bet there was some form of APT (big ChiCom or Russian hack) that came in through him.

      Oh, this whole thing is making sense now – all the MUH RUSSIA BS to keep eyes off China.

      What’s happening RIGHT NOW? China.

      It’s all about China and the fall of the Chinacrat party.

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        1. China is utterly dependent on VAMPIRISM of our economy. It cannot build a globally threatening military without US paying for it, and the DEMs (and RINOs) helping them pull it off.

          HSBC shows that they’ve been FAKING to play hardball with Trump, and to try to circle the pain back here.

          OH, and don’t forget WHO Comey was working for. HSBC. Downer IS STILL working for Huawei.

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      1. YES, boss.
        That’s what I’ve been saying…

        The ChiComs are the Biggest Threat to us!
        They are the ones with their tentacles into everything.

        Russia is broke and just trying to survive.

        I think that the Euro Cabalists are in league with the ChiComs…they’ve made a deal with the devil.

        Putin has been speaking out against the Globalists and the pedos.
        So he had to be destroyed.

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      2. ..ok can you explain..I’m dense..the use of his son and his other child murdered in this is to threaten him? To threaten the US? to manipulate and keep eyes off China and it was coincidence that it was his kids?I’m not sure that I follow


  14. NeonRevolt just reposted this at Gab:

    Posted in Great Awakening

    Interesting:SherloQ Holmes 🇺🇸


    Attention #Patriots:

    Did you know that CLOUDFARE has provided service for and is connected to 6 organizations that are designated terrorist organizations by the State Dept. and 7 organizations that are sanctioned by the US Treasury Dept.?

    I didn’t. And that’s important.”

    apparently the Q folks who are on Gab in the Great Awakening group are digging and finding this stuff? I don’t know, I’m not part of that group, just follow NR. But good on them if that’s in fact what is going on there on Gab, GOOD ON THEM!

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  15. First I want to thank all of you who tried to help me with the 8channel and Voat stuff. It was so encouraging to know that I wasn’t singled out somehow and that 8 channel is coming back (they said so,).

    I had to go to the store and want to share with all of you what happened.

    I stumbled upon a political discussion, and of course—I couldn’t keep my mouth shut so I barged right in.

    One gentleman had to leave (possibly looked at me and fled) but the other and I had an extended conversation.

    This gentle young man—big enough to break me in two without even feeling it—so courteous and kind—was, I found out, a devoted follower of voodoo. Not only that, but he had bought into every lie the left had told him about the President. He said that the President was racist because of Charlottesville, and that we did not have any right to our country or to have borders on it because we had stolen it from the people it originally belonged to.

    Yet he did not want global government, did not realize that the Dayton shooter was a Satanist, and could hardly believe that Christianity is not a religion that can be forced on people—that it must be a free choice of the heart or it is not the real thing.

    He also did not believe that I was racist though I assured him that I fully supported the President. I begged him to look at who would keep us from global government.

    I can’t remember everything we spoke about but it was a gentle, respectful, and very loving conversation and we all but hugged each other when I had to go.

    He was in full agreement that we must help the people in Nigeria facing genocide for their Christian faith.

    My heart melted with compassion for him.

    I realized that getting the truth out to the American people about who the President is and what he stands for, who we are and why we support him, and what the freedoms in this country actually mean to the people who live here is about more than 2020 and our and our children’s future and the future of humanity, it is about being able to set people free from the chains of lies and disinformation that are keeping them enslaved to hatred and bitterness and a perceived lack of opportunity. They are in bondage to evil and many of their hearts are breaking with despair.

    We can help.

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  16. Whoopsie Beto!!!!!!!!!! Did he forget about the essay he wrote as a 15yr old young man – the one where he fantasized in great detail about running over a young girl with his car, because she didn’t deserve to live? Under the Red Flag Laws Beto is proposing, he would have been deemed a danger, and never allowed to own a gun…….. and never elected to Congress….. and certainly not the Presidency.
    Ohhh, the irony.

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    1. but aren’t they the party of what is good for the goose is not for the gander? They can do it, what ever it is, and it is okay. But you and I we’re the *.*ists ones or ones that have to obey the edict. Thanks for listening to my rant! They are so full of contradictions.

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      1. Not a rant! A mere recital of cold, hard, proven fact.

        But, the thing of it is, as the Dimms just keep on being Dimms, they’re slowly but surely convincing the undecided independents to move toward PTrump.

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        1. Bako. as hard as it is to listen to, it is a good thing that what you say is happening is occurring. The craziness of TDS is driving people to educate themselves and discover the truth which then drives them to PTrump. It is just one long temper tantrum and no where to go to escape it! What about the loser of the 2016 election once saying “Those that do not accept the results of the election are a danger to the democracy?” That should be played Ad nauseam on loud speakers with her picture. Except we are not a democracy, but the sentiment is the same. Can we just accept the 2016 results already because 2020 is upon us. The howl will just be that much louder Nov. 2020 won’t it! But we will have another 4 glorious years of winning. Thanks for the listening ear and discussion.

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        2. “… they’re slowly but surely convincing the undecided independents to move toward PTrump.”

          That is true. Hubby follows an Objectivist/libertarian group. In 2016 their attitude was “A pox on both their houses” and most did not vote or voted Libertarian.

          Earlier today I ask Hubby what the attitude was now and he said they are now much more supportive of President Trump.

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    1. From Gab….

      “Chad Blackpilled for Tulsi 🥥@ourguy

      China banned rap music and tats on TV for the good of its children

      America can’t even bring itself to stop pedophiles from reading to children in public libraries”

      True…and telling…..

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      1. It’s the difference between a free society and one with authoritarian rule. The problem is that our free society has been infiltrated by ideologues who beat us over the head with political correctness and “inclusivity” while we have lost our way, spiritually and morally. A moral, free society would have principles discouraging the exposure children to pedophilia and transexuals. Communists/globalists are doing their best to destroy us from within.

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  17. OH MY…
    Good evening Gentle Readers..

    My Misses, AND I had a good scare today..
    I’ve been having a severe headach since this morning, worked packing some..
    Came inside to cool off and started to feel Dizzy, Punch Drunk feeling Laid down on our bed for a bit.. Then I had too go to the Bathroom..

    I remember getting on My feet..

    I then , next thing,, I was in the ER ROOM..
    Wife said I got up, next thing I was falling almost threw our Bedroom Window & Collapsed..
    If She hadn’t been right there to “catch Me”, I would of Fallen threw the window..

    In the ER My BP was reading OVER 160/90 (Blood pressure)..
    Battery of Blood tests work run-up, Chest X-rays & a CT SCAN…

    So far so good..
    Doctor gave Me some Meds to lower My BP and Anti-Dizzy Scrip..

    At this point I have a CONFESSION to Make

    (Same as I told the Doc) Well,, My Misses told them ..
    I’ve been on **Prescribed** Opioid Medication for 16 years ..
    See I QUIT **Cold Turkey** 2-1/2 weeks ago..
    (YES, I’m Still in Chronic Pain)..

    The Doctor told Me What I “Attempted” was Very Dangerous.. Doing it “Alone”
    Combined,, with the STRESS of what is happening to US as a Family, (Being evicted & Displaced)..

    My body is attempting, to “TRY” to get back too “Normal”..

    He said to see My GP ASAP.. for further “testing”, for anything THEY (the ER) might have missed..
    Hey that’s good too know Right? 😉

    Having My Medical records in front of Him.. He opined,
    I can see how long you been on Opioids, I’m VERY PROUD of your effort getting off them, though you should of followed the Advice of your GP of your intentions..

    Sooooo, I’m laying there FREEZING My Caboose off, (they had the temp set @ 60 degrees in there!).
    I thought I was placed in the Morgue!

    So the Doctor, noticed I was Watching Tucker on the Lil TV, set in the room..
    The Doc, set there & said, I used to work up in the Chicago, in ER Unit up there
    He sat there, looked ME in the Eye.. and said..
    Wanna hear something?

    We here in Wilmington, are in Fact BUSIER than Chicago on a weekend..
    PLENTY of overdose’s and MANY gunshot victims, that you do NOT hear on our local news!
    I was kinda shocked hearing that, as he furthermore said.. Lots of the “shooting Victims” are black on Black crimes, mostly Gang related..

    Then said, I HOPE you have “Protection” in your home…

    He said “gotta run”,, We just had several crash victims come in Hit by yet, another Driver Whom was OD’ing & hit a Family..

    All is well (I hope) so far.. For your Truly..

    Leaving that ER, walking around towards the front of the Hospital, I found 3 used heroin needles..
    AT THE HOSPITAL! In & around the bushes!

    So I didn’t get a chance too write in My Blog today, Like I promised..
    Will do so as soon as possible..
    Though spending HOURS in there from about 2:30 PM until after 10 PM.. I’m kinda tired..
    (He gave Me a sedative) to help Me sleep tonight..
    God Speed & GOD Bless everyone..
    David & Angie..

    Liked by 9 people

      1. NO Kidding, I honestly didn’t know this..
        I knew, though; you would get “sick” ,, Which I did, along with the other unpleasant effects.. I didn’t think it was “Dangerous” .. The more you know.. 😉

        Liked by 4 people

    1. so good to hear you are okay. getting off those opoids is a hard thing the body does not want to let it go, your body gets dependent like a diabetic is dependent on insulin. hubby had been on them for long time quit too! Dr. gave him personal phone number to call if he had problems cuz it was going to be rough, but it was a success. praying for you and missus, what a hard situation to be in all around. the t-shirt aint all that great but God is good and gets you/us through to the other side.

      Liked by 3 people

  18. Liked by 5 people

    1. Love it!

      Yup – I now have three demands for any Red Flag law:

      (1) rigorously constitutional
      (2) total NRA approval
      (3) non-confiscatory arrest option (judges, lawyers)

      The third is our briar patch – it basically defaults us back to current law. It will help prevent abuse BIGLY, IMO.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yeah, see…here’s the problem I have with passing Any knee-jerk ‘Red Flag’ Laws:

        Laws can be quietly and sneakily Modified & Amended later.

        That is what happened to our Immigration Law.
        That is how we got the Catch & Release policy!

        Once a new Law is passed…then that is just The Beginning.

        The traitorous crapweasels in Congress can then go to work and change the Law to suit themselves, with amendments, modifications and ‘clarifications’!

        So I’m thinking that this is a time to be “purists”.

        This is Not a Time to be giving the Dems what they want.
        This is Not a Time to be compromising on our 2nd Amendment Rights.
        Not even a little bit.

        Liked by 4 people

      1. Domestic terrorism. One guy pumping gas was severly attacked, with his nose almost cut off. It could happen to anyone.

        Motive said to be robbery. I’ve never heard of knives being used for robberies like that.

        Liked by 3 people

  19. Been slacking on reading the blog. Working like a dog. Hope everyone is well. Saw this from Southwest which was really cool. Not sure if it was posted already but here you go again. Wife and son work for them and they love it.


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