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EL PASO AND DAYTON. All related materials. Gun Control. Red Flag. Whatever.

Please feel free to REPEAT and UPDATE information from earlier threads.


Anything that proves why the FBI needs to be SAND-BLASTED WITH THE ASTEROID BELT, and the SOCIALISTS need to be chased out of Ohio with HILLARY’S BROOM.

I want to consolidate all our links, visual evidence, analysis, and reasoning.


More calmly, this. It is IMPERATIVE that these incidents be made so toxic that Dems get bad dreams if they just HEAR the words “Red Flag”.

Will Red Flag laws work on SOCIALIST SHOOTERS?

Will Red Flag laws work on OHIO SATANISTS?





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  1. In addition to the title image capture (more on that below), THIS is helping to absolutely destroy the fake one-shooter narrative in El Paso:

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    1. Regarding things farther down in that thread on Twitter: The “face” that they “enhanced” is fake. That’s a comedian who did an infamous skit about guns. I can’t think of his name though. Sam something or other.

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  2. I used to do alot of deer hunting in ohio and one of my best friends tells me Ohio gun owners are ready for war if need be.The World is woke and the deep state is on notice “We See You”

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    1. AMEN!!!

      Going wobbly because a SOCIALIST / SATANIST who hates guns uses one to shoot up a bar district – HELL NO is all I can say. What kind of flaky logic is that?

      BAN SICKOS like the ANTIFA PROF who justifies pre-emptive ANTIFA violence.

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  3. I will have more on this stuff – the ASSISTED SCRUBBING OF ALT-LEFT EVIDENCE.

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    1. Is this what we all need to do? Select Antifa tweeters and follow multiple rabbit holes until we strike gold? Sign up at moveon.org & other Left anarchist sites to follow similar trails?

      Or do we start at the top with AOCs Chief and that guy (Zeke??) who Daughn recently uncovered & try to figure out their money trails.

      They are communicating, but no one is sanctioning or suppressing them. Who told them to go to Mitch’s house? Who is organizing Texas Antifa? None of this is spontaneous.

      How do we mere, naive civilians help fight this war? I used to be good at ghis stuff but now I’m an aging grandmother with poor eyes. It feels like I should be the army, and I am utterly ill-equipped for the battle to expose Darkness to Light!

      We have to get to them before they scrub!

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      1. I agree! I think one of the best things we can do is to SAVE IMAGES that tell powerful stories – BOOKMARK powerful links – etc. Save the information that Google is HIDING. Then bring it out at the right time and SPREAD IT!!!

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  4. Note that psycho / sicko Connor Bates Betts was a PSYCH student – clearly putting him in contact with the WRONG kind of people. Similarity to the El Paso shooter? Heck yes.

    Also note SATANIST jacket patches on preceding tweet.

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    1. Reminded me of James Holmes, Aurora theater (not far from here) guy. Not sure if it’s relevant but he had a BS in neurology and was studying for a higher degree. He was also seeing a psychologist in the school’s clinic who he happened to mail a notebook about his mental illness and homicidal thoughts hours before he did the act. She apparently didn’t get it before but if I recall she said something about seeing warning signs but I’d have to dig to confirm that.

      One of the gals he killed worked right down road at our Subway, she was sweet. 🙁


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    1. This guy acknowledged 6 police officers at the end of his video. I went back to re-watch a couple times and each time I did see six officers with guns drawn. From what I could tell, each one was a white dude.

      I only point this out because I’m getting sick and tired of all this racial shit being stirred up by the left; I did see a fair number of dark skinned folks running from the shooter.

      Bravo to those brave men!

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      1. Great point! The WEIRDNESS of an ANTIFA LEFTIST (see Jack Posobiec’s latest work on OANN) then killing black people, and the MSM blaming it on white supremacy – it’s STRANGE and UNREAL.

        Sounds like the ANTIFA side of Connor Betts wasn’t supposed to be understood.

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      1. Yes! Beautiful take-down. Didn’t stop shooting until he stopped moving.

        This is why MURDER BY LE is so irreversible.

        I’m still wondering about the guy who was with the sister. First they said he was dead – then that he was just critically wounded.

        Something is going on there.

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    2. Actually that’s a splendid idea‼️ We as law abiding citizens of the United States of America 🇺🇸 should en masses sue the living hell out of these evil lawless bastards, I’m persuaded it would work. So who do we get to represent us, how about a national petition to AG Barr to hook us up with legal representation as taxpayers paying the cost of the theses evil lawless bastards cause because we’re mad as hell and we’re not gonna take it anymore .. get names, file suits …

      … leave the cannoli . 🤨

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  5. Here is the full shot on the patsy being led by an FBI agent, informant, or other asset, outside the Dillards.

    This should be the shot of the century, blaring across all headlines. Prepare for a “pro” debunking.

    FUCK THEM. I will never believe it.

    Remember that journalist who said they have a second shooter body? Let’s see what develops there. I can imagine many scenarios where the patsy’s handler DIED – this would make her tweet make sense.

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    1. Holy crap. If this is a conspiracy, which all signs point to as valid, I don’t understand how so many people could be in on it and keep it so quiet. Must be some something pretty powerful/evil behind the scenes. Prayers up!

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      1. Most REAL conspiracies operate starting from the proposition that NOBODY knows everything, most know little, and what many people know is mostly LIES designed to get them to do things.

        But you are right – there are powerful forces behind this.

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        2. In stage magic, only the magician knows how the whole trick works. Each assistant or stagehand only knows his little part.

          No crosstraining!

          Same principle, applied to something that is not nefarious or felonious.

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    2. They kept flipping coverage between the mall and WalMart, then settled in (at one of the press conferences, I think) that the entire incident was contained to Wal-Mart and the parking lot……


      There’s the pic in front of the mall, and then there’s the ex-military guy who carried kids out of the mall because he HEARD shots.

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  6. Excellent comment by Steph:

    My response:

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    1. What the libturd left, Satanic Soros bots, Klintoons, and all the SJW snowflake crew want is


      ABW, Anything (anyone) but whites.

      Racism at its most Satanic.

      They all whine and moan about how “everyone is equal”, then they start setting quotas, identifying different groups, and, the worst divider of all, stuffing in hyphens.


      BULLFEATHERS (that means you too, Fauxcahontas Liarwatha)!

      You’re either American, or you’re hyphenated. Sorry snowflakes this is a BINARY decision; indeed it is an XOR decision.

      And if you don’t want to be a full-fledged American; if you’re unappy here; if you think it was better (or will be better) back in the “old country”, then get the hell out!!!!!!!

      And, to those who say we should be more like Switzerland, Finland, Somalia (looking at YOU brotherlover): then go THERE!!! No one’s begging to keep you malcontents here. You add nothing, and take everything. Go feed of of someone else’s largesse.

      There’s a term for malcontents like you lot: FREELOADERS (revived in the 60s as “freebies”). Other folks would say SLACKERS.

      And to those who say the Founding Fathers let anyone and everyone in; BS. Considering what they had to give up to birth our Republic, it’s no surprise the whiners and wimps didn’t come along for the tortuous ride.

      Larry Ledwick over at chiefio’s blog has a good comment:

      Larry Ledwick says:
      5 August 2019 at 10:02 pm
      Some comments on the view of the founders of the US system of government regarding immigration and citizen ship. Examination makes it clear that from the very beginning there was a strong disposition to limit immigration to those who would benefit American (of good character) and multiple examples of legislation to prevent immigration of certain groups which in the estimation of the government of the time would be destructive to the American Experiment if allowed to immigrate in large numbers and in some cases were absolutely excluded from immigration. The current liberal lament that our founders championed open borders and unlimited immigration is refuted by the founders own words – they did not believe that and took positive steps to say so as did several generations of leadership in the first century of America’s existence.


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      1. In order to even get here from England/Europe (mostly England) when they were colonies, one had to be wealthy to afford passage on a 3-mast sailing ship. Alternatively, one could join the crew and work his way across the ocean if there were any openings. Alternatively, one could indenture oneself to the company sponsoring the settlement in the new land; a voluntary slave so to speak. Originally in the late 1600s, the settlements/towns were company chartered (private). No way were there any welfare programs for either making the trip or being a member of the settlements, with one notable exception.

        William Bradford was a governor under charter. It specified that all members of the group would share equally. The first winter darn near everyone died from starvation. He made a change to capitalism/profit and sent a letter to his charter company detailing why he had to do it. I’m a little bit fuzzy on the details but listen to Rush on Thanksgiving and he tells the tale every year.

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      2. Excellent post c Cuppa …. now we can deport Ilhan, Talib and all the evil mother scratchers that came to this country to destroy it … they hate it but … dammit … why are they here then 🤨‼️

        and multiple examples of legislation to prevent immigration of certain groups which in the estimation of the government of the time would be destructive to the American Experiment if allowed to immigrate in large numbers and in some cases were absolutely excluded from immigration

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  7. The “Central Ohio Socialist Rifle Association” will figure into the Dayton shooting strongly, although I suspect that Socialist forces inside FBI will foot-drag, derail, undercut, and otherwise protect them.

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    1. Could anyone enlighten me who is:

      The “Central Ohio Socialist Rifle Association”
      Never heard of them until the last couple days. Central Ohio= Columbus the state capital?
      Where the leftist socialist scum reside in larger numbers?

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  8. Commie Castro already shilling hard on bodies created by his side. THEY’RE EVIL.


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    1. Castro just FUCKING DOXXED these 44 patriots!!!!!!!!!!!
      This sorry piece of shit needs doxed in return and I would also add all his family to the list.

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        1. I would never do that Wolf, I would never dox anyone it is a very childish thing to do.
          I have to ask myself alot, What would Jesus do?
          There are many people out there who will expose these people.

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          1. “WWJGD?”

            I’m thinking John Galt would choose to dox, but seize enemy bandwidth to do it, so enemies could only stop it by shutting down their own infrastructure.

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  9. We should not be in the business of creating expedited procedures for taking away the natural rights of citizens. The Constitution is designed to establish a government that protects these rights. And the right of a citizen to bear arms is specifically set forth in the Second Amendment to the Constitution as one of the natural rights that shall not be infringed.

    Accordingly we must begin from the proposition that no governmental entity in the US may deny to a citizen any of their constitutional rights without due process. And the contours of the robust, adversarial due process that is required to deny a citizen his rights are set forth in the Constitution, and delineated more specifically by a set of laws that have been developed over more than 200 years.

    To the extent that a debate has now arisen about the need for “Red Flag” laws, which would provide for a relatively easy set of procedures that may be used to remove a citizen’s Second Amendment rights, we also should consider the fact that this debate has been impelled by sensationalized news coverage of a handful of highly unusual and deadly attacks, undertaken by seriously mental ill people and result in multiple deaths. We should not rush headlong into a solution while in the midst of our anger over these events. Our Founding Fathers created a series of procedures for altering our laws that are intended to be cumbersome and time consuming specifically for situations like this one, where passions run high and reason may be abandoned.

    And in addition to the fact that Red Flag laws are likely to violate the Constitutional rights of citizens, and are being hastily considered, two other considerations readily spring to mind.

    First, there is ample data supporting the notion that armed law abiding citizens are the best deterrent to violence in general, and mass shootings in particular. Dr. John Lott presents this data in great detail in his book that is intended specifically to address this point entitled: “The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies.” That this data is not being considered as a component in our debate points to serious flaws in our thinking.

    And finally, there is a social component implicit in the structure of “Red Flag” laws that should not pass without mention. The underlying concept of these types of laws is that citizens will express to persons in authority their feelings about other citizens for the express purpose of having the authorities consider interfering with the citizen’s Constitutional rights. We should not be encouraging behavioral norms that pit citizens against one another. Everyone must be presumed to be innocent in the absence of concrete evidence of criminal activity. Each and every citizen in this nation must be free to enjoy the blessings of liberty and seek happiness in their own way unless and until some evidence arises that the citizen has broken the law. Encouraging citizens to initiate against other citizens a simplified gun confiscation procedure will make living together in peace with our fellow citizens more difficult.

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    1. I agree. Constitutional compromises are UNACCEPTABLE.

      All “suspects” must have avenues for the following:

      – the opportunity to QUESTION, OPPOSE and STOP the confiscation BEFORE THE FACT

      – the right to SUE any malicious, fraudulent, or harassing use of the system for PUNITIVE and ACTUAL DAMAGES

      Without these, I cannot accept ANY Red Flag law as valid. And there are MORE objections, but not now.

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      1. This is yet another important point to be taken into consideration: what is the remedy when a malevolent actor imperils a citizen’s rights? The Red Flag mechanism does not appear to be designed to ensure that a citizen knows who is making accusations against him, so how does he seek redress? And doesn’t this fact alone invite abuse?

        Indeed, one could readily envision a Soros funded non-profit organization (the SPLC infrastructure is probably available) whose goal would be to impugn the integrity of both Christians and conservatives and subject them to the Red Flag process solely for the purpose of diminishing their ability to engage in activities intended to further either Christian or conservative causes. When you lower the bar to denying a citizen their rights, you make it far easier to persecute innocent individuals.

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        1. I agree. I believe these ANTIFA DEMS pushing Red Flag laws are creating HARASSMENT MECHANISMS for the left.

          NO new laws without remedy for abuse! TRUMP of all people should understand ABUSE OF LAW

          If Trump is unable to protect us from leftist abuse by VETO, then I think “hostage” is correct.

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            1. Deuteronomy 17:6
              At the mouth of two witnesses, or three witnesses, shall he that is worthy of death be put to death; but at the mouth of one witness he shall not be put to death.

              Deuteronomy 19:15
              One witness shall not rise up against a man for any iniquity, or for any sin, in any sin that he sinneth: at the mouth of two witnesses, or at the mouth of three witnesses, shall the matter be established.

              Matthew 18:16
              if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.

              2 Corinthians 13:1
              This is the third time I am coming to you. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.

              1 Timothy 5:19
              Against an elder receive not an accusation, but before two or three witnesses.

              Hebrews 10:28
              He that despised Moses’ law died without mercy under two or three witnesses

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          1. A “Red Flag” Star Chamber of universal scope, consisting of every Soros bot, every left-drifting snowflake, and every SPLC-trained shyster or spokesclown.

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        2. “whose goal would be to impugn the integrity of both Christians and conservatives… for the purpose of diminishing their ability to engage in activities intended to further either Christian or conservative causes”

          Or, even faster, to subject their lives to the whims of snowflake mobs outside their homes (like those gathered outside the Kentucky home of the Senate Majority Leader recently) or to the professional attention of whomever took out Vince Foster, Ron Brown, or Seth Rich.

          That’s the ultimate denial of due process, when your enemies can simply have you disarmed under color of law when they contemplate ordering that you be taken out.

          Remember Trump’s problems with the FISA court, the renegade FIBbers, and Muh Russia. Then consider all the attempts on his life Q has alerted us to. Red Flag is a way to expedite this process and extend it to the average deplorable.

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      2. I want to show you the official position of the VCDL aka Virginia Citizens Defense League on Red Flag Laws. I have the same thoughts as they do about them.

        Red Flag laws, also called Gun Violence Restraining Orders and Extreme Risk Protection Orders, are gun-confiscation laws disguised as “gun-violence prevention” laws that are being pushed hard at both the state and federal levels. VCDL expects to be fighting Red Flag bills in the Virginia General Assembly in 2019.

        Red Flag laws are really unconstitutional “prior restraint” laws that violate the protections found in the Bill of Rights, including the:

        Second Amendment (right to keep and bear arms)
        Fourth Amendment (protection against unreasonable search and seizures)
        Fifth Amendment (right to due process, just compensation, self-incrimination) and
        Sixth Amendment (right to confront accusers, cross-examine witnesses, have a public defender)

        And all of those violations of the Constitution based solely on an unnamed person’s secret allegation that someone else “might” do something dangerous to themselves or others in the future. The State is supposed to punish those who have broken the law, not those who might break the law.

        The person accused of being “dangerous” has not committed a crime and has no notice there is a problem until the police show up, pre-dawn, with guns drawn and confiscate the accused’s firearms. The accused is not given due process to defend himself or herself in court from the accusation for weeks or months after the confiscation. It is up to the accused to prove that he or she is not dangerous! (How do you prove a negative? How do you prove you are not dangerous?) Until such proof is provided to the Court’s satisfaction, the guns are not returned. This could drag on for months, years, or indefinitely!

        If a person is “too dangerous” to own a gun, then why is that person left walking around with the rest of us? Can’t that “dangerous” person still commit suicide or harm others if they have the opportunity? The answer to both questions is that Red Flag laws are about confiscating guns, not saving lives.

        In Maryland, which recently enacted such a law, two-thirds of the requests for confiscation were deemed frivolous. In other words, most of the requests that were denied were from people wanting to “get even” with someone else by making their lives miserable! But how many frivolous requests got through anyhow?

        We do NOT want Red Flag laws in Virginia or anywhere else in America!

        At the below URL, there is a PDF flyer you can print out and distribute.


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    2. Such good points, Afortius. Have read so much about people in France in the resistance during World War II being informed upon by their neighbors and people not knowing whom they could trust, all kinds of motivations, sometimes complicated, sometimes not. I don’t want to live in that kind of country.

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      1. SingularZoe Under Nazism and Communism was the same.One could not trust your neighbor or even family member. Teachers ask children about family or what parents said or do. The innocent children became spies on their parents.
        Trust no one was the rule.

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    3. A Fortiori, well stated the RED Flag ‘laws’ are RED as in Communist/Nazi like in nature where snitches were the norm and people were afraid of their neighbors.

      Unfortunately this is not the first time in recent times the US gov. has tried this crap!

      First there was the Farm census. If you suscribed to a horse magazine you got a census BOOKLET of VERY NOSY QUESTION where the USDA wanted you to list EVERYTHING YOU OWNED! If you did not fill out the census you got a phone call. I talked to the lady and explained WHY farmers did not want to fill it out. She said “No wonder we are getting the phones slammed down and worse.”

      Turns out the USDA LIED to farmers about the Census…

      U.S. 2007 Census of Agriculture: Who Can You Trust?
      No. 30 in a series of articles about the NAIS and related topics
      By Bruno Schmidt
      © 2008 by Schmidt Publications, All Rights Reserved

      “Since the USDA quotes “the law”, Title 7 U.S. Code, let us look there first. As published by the U.S. Title 7 USC weighs in at 1826 pages (!) and a total of 1,780,815 words (!). Does Title 7 USC have the force of “law”, though? I found out that Congress’ own “Law Revision Counsel” has declared that Title 7 USC has NEVER been enacted as “positive law” (see Title 1 USC, Section 204)….

      So then, where exactly is the “law” governing the agricultural census? It can be located in Title 7 USC
      Chapter 55, on page 1222. It was enacted on Nov. 27, 1997, as Public Law 105-113. Duplicated at Section 2204g, the act’s text consists of only 909 words (!). It states in very general and vague terms that the USDA is authorized to “take” a census every 5 years, beginning in 1998. In addition to taking a census (an enumeration of sorts), the act also provides for the taking of an optional “survey” or “information collection” of unspecified content. Moreover, the act also provides for “enforcement”: a $100 fine for any refused answer, and a $500 fine for any fraudulent answer….”


      Next Vets were TOLD TO REPORT on CUSTOMERS. (sorry I can not find the document) One lady found her vet snooping around her barns TAKING PICTURES OF EVERYTHING…. She called her husband who was a cop. 😁

      Then individual small farmers (including me) got harrased. Here us one example:

      From: ….<Scrap-Buddy@…
      Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 17:30:11 -0700
      Subject: [homedairygoats] Alert- Big Brother has henchmen in California

      Hello All,
      I rarely post here, but felt compelled to share today's experience with you. I'll start with a bit of background to bring you up to speed. I run a small (very small) Children's Ag Program

      Today a state Ag inspector and two county officials show up and scare the bee-jesus out of me. First they accuse me of selling products and milk, then explain that even "giving milk products away" is illegal in California. Now everything is pasteurized, but it is illegal to share milk products in any form! They explained it was even ILLEGAL to give it to my own children if they did not live under my roof! I can't even take a lasagna dish to my grown sons home without risk of being fined, arrested and or jailed! This is OUTRAGIOUS!!!!

      How can it be illegal to give something away or take a casserole to a friend's house?

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      “I believe that I’m an eyewitness to history. I cannot tell you that Hitler took Austria by tanks and guns; it would distort history. We elected Hitler by 98% of the vote..

      …We had another agency designed to control the businesses……We were told how we should shop, and what we should buy. Free enterprise was literally abolished. We had a planning agency, espeially designed for farmers and private property owners. The agents would go to the farms, count the livestock, then tell the farmer what to produce and how to produce it.


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    5. One more comment that gives you another reason why farmers SUPPORT TRUMP.

      Right after the UK Animal Disease Center RELEASED hoof-and-mouth disease into the UK countryside resulting in the deaths of millions of animals, including some very rare breeds AS WELL AS SUICIDE of the farmers, The USA decided to move Plum Island Animal Disease Center to the MIDDLE OF COW COUNTRY!!! (We all wonder just how much Hillar Clinton had to do with the move…)

      Plum Island’s move to Kansas: ‘This research facility is an accident waiting to happen’

      “…The new facility will focus biosafety level 3 agriculture (BSL-3Ag) research on dangerous livestock diseases such as African swine fever and foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) and will focus its BSL-4 research on such deadly pathogens as the Hendra and Nipah viruses, which are zoonotic pathogens that can be transmitted from animals to humans and for which no treatment is available….”

      “….The former director of the aging Plum Island Animal Disease Center, Dr. Roger Breeze, says that research ought to be kept away from cattle populations and, ideally, placed where the public has already accepted this type of research….When asked about the administration’s choice of sites near livestock, Breeze says, “It seems a little odd. It goes against the… safety program of the last 50 years.”

      The last outbreak of hoof-and-mouth disease on the U.S. mainland was in 1929. “The horrific prospect of exterminating potentially millions of animals is not something this country’s ready for,” says Dr. Floyd Horn, former head of the U.S. Agriculture Department’s Agricultural Research Service.

      Leaders of the House Energy and Commerce Committee also express worry about a move to the mainland. Rep. John Dingle, D-Mich, chairman of the committee, and Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich, have threatened to subpoena records they claim Homeland Security is withholding from Congressional inspection. Of particular interest are the reports about Crimson Sky, an internal review of a 1978 release of hoof-and-mouth disease on Plum Island, and reports about releases of the virus on the island during the past century.

      Crimson Sky refers to the BURNING of giant piles of dead animals that would be necessary to try and stop the spread of disease. Think China and African swine fever wiping out their entire national herd. Depopulation ALSO means killing all dogs and cats and burning all wooden buildings.

      Stolen from http://arkansasanimalproducers.8k.com/about_10.html

      On page 31 of GAO document 05-214 it talks about depopulation of both diseased and healthy animals, wild and domestic, in 10-km zones around infections. http://www.gao.gov/cgi-bin/getrpt?GAO-05-214

      The world witnessed it when it happened in the united kingdom’s foot and mouth outbreak. millions of healthy animals destroyed for a few hundred that tested positive. a vaccine exists for this disease…a disease that rarely causes death in the animal and it doesn’t affect humans at all. gene pools were destroyed forever, lives were shattered and scores committed suicide, even equipment and hay/feed were destroyed along with farm dogs. Farmers begged their government to vaccinate instead of wanton destruction, but were ignored. Farming in the united kingdom has been so devastated DEFRA has dropped “farming” from their name.

      on page 31:

      “..Should USDA officially confirm the presence of a disease, such as Foot and Mouth Disease, the affected herd and all cattle, sheep, goats, swine, and susceptible wildlife—infected or not— within a minimum 10-kilometer zone around the infected farm would be killed….”

      Note they also mention extending that range indefinitely. They affectionately call this process “Depopulation” which is ever so euphemistic. All of this is without a warrant and no appeal. So much for your Constitutional rights and presumption of innocence….

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  10. This is absolutely key to understanding Betts, and finding how he was manipulated into his TIMED ATTACK. It will be through the WORLD OF SATANISTS – closely allied with the CIA and communists – that the DEMOCRAT FBI has been trained to ignore.

    Have you ever wondered WHY satanism is so excused in this country? How FALSE SYMMETRIES of it are everywhere? Trust me – the DEMOCRATS protected them.

    CAUTION – this link is HORRIFYING TO MEN – and WORSE for women. MIND BLEACH WON’T WORK.


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    1. America doesn’t have the most shootings. We cannot accept the Left’s lies. Dan Bongino covered this on his podcast today, and michaelh mentioned it in the daily thread. https://wqth.wordpress.com/2019/08/06/dear-kmag-20190806-open-topic/comment-page-3/#comment-223456

      Links from Bongino’s site:
      No, the United States Doesn’t Lead the World in Mass Shootings

      Are there more gun deaths in the United States than any other country?

      The Relationship Between Guns and Murder Isn’t What Liberals Think
      “…the relationship between guns and murder is actually inverted. The more guns there are in a country, the LESS homicides there are…”
      “Countless publications cited a study from Adam Lankford as proof that mass shootings are a uniquely American problem, but a critical study found serious flaws in Lankford’s research, concluding instead that despite having 4.6 percent of the world’s population and 40 percent of the world’s firearms, we in the US experience just 2.88 percent of the world’s mass shootings.”

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  11. During Sandy Hook they reported two shooters–now only one??? OK media was over anxious was my thoughts.
    There is now Parkland, Vegas and El Paso…Fool me once shame on me fool me twice….NO NO NO
    Will these El Paso witnesses suddenly die like with Vegas? Something is happening and I know not what…Actually reminds me the the song “For What It’s Worth”

    It’s time we stop
    Hey, what’s that sound?
    Everybody look – what’s going down?

    There’s something happening here
    But what it is ain’t exactly clear
    There’s a man with a gun over there
    Telling me I got to beware

    I think it’s time we stop
    Children, what’s that sound?
    Everybody look – what’s going down?

    There’s battle lines being drawn
    Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong
    Young people speaking’ their minds
    Are getting so much resistance from behind

    El Paso Walmart shooting witnesses saw ‘three to four armed men running in… dressed in all black… shooting’

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    1. Those images……….Today being National Purple Heart Day.
      I have a picture in my scrapbook of 7 men (Marines with whom I served) browsing a Playboy mag.
      Of the 7, by the end of their ‘tour’ there were 11 Purple Hearts and 3 KIAs.
      Protesting? Betrayal.

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    2. San Bernardino is an example of an Islamic attack where the reported number of shooters is variable.

      Eyewitnesses said “more than two”. Media immediately following attack said police were “chasing a third”.

      Since attack, media and police say “just two”. Any higher number is a conspiracy theory.


        1. Well, there was a strong movement among the Las Vegas witnesses, in conjunction with independent websites and honest investigative journalists like Laura Loomer.

          But a wave of fatal “automobile accidents” dampened their enthusiasm for publicizing the truth. Survivors of later atrocities may have “wised up” for their own safety.

          In many ways, we are living in a 3rd world country, but drinkable water and better roads.

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          1. Think that is what happened with Benghazi–Strange prior to Benghazi survivors of incidents like that were invited to WH. Don’t remember any Benghazi survivors at the WH

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  12. Why is there so much silence about the El Paso shooter’s personal history and his and his and his parents’ political leanings?

    I will never believe that a mass murderer is “one of us”.

    Just as I will never believe that Trump supporters are “white nationalists”. I really believe that the reason the the President named and came out against this in his last speech was to dissociate himself and all of us from this slanderous lie.

    I also think there is no other race in the world more discriminated against right now than caucasians. No one wants to be us. When people “self identify” as another race it is usually as a minority. Why? Because that’s where the favor is for government handouts, educational opportunities, promotions, and the best jobs.

    Look at Elizabeth Warren.

    So I hope people will think about the following. Yes, there was slavery in this country and yes it was bad. It existed for the privilege of very wealthy people who think that they are better than others and so they are justified to exploit others. This still defines the left and those who want open borders.

    But a lot of white people who thought that slavery was wrong did something about it. They not only refused to be part of it but they risked and lost their lives to end it.

    Now if you are a person of color and you hold favor and power because of it I ask you to look in the mirror. Have you become what you hate?

    When we are together and work on shared projects, when we worship together, when we cheer on the same sports teams, and when we are called on by our country to go to battle together we find that we love one another,

    In every situation, God expects this of those of us who are Christians. He looks at our hearts, and that is what should matter most to each of us.

    I hope that by following God in this that we can show the world that we are not who they say we are and that their attempts to define us, diminish us, isolate us, and destroy us will fail.

    Deplorable American Patriots are a family of every race, united by love of God, love of country and the freedoms our Constitution guarantees, and love of our President and of one another .

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          1. Yes – the facial similarity is eerie.

            The pants are DEFINITELY the same – this is just a photo lightening effect. The CUT is identical, and the CARGO POCKET placement is identical, except that he doesn’t have any mags in his pockets when he is being detained by police. It really is an EXCELLENT match – people just are not skilled in Photoshop and graphic effects to see it (I use GIMP, but it’s the same thing).

            NOW – here is a key idea.

            I believe that BROCK FORCES are pushing the pants difference in THESE TWO PHOTOS because there is a THIRD PICTURE – the one at the top of the article, where THOSE SAME PANTS (side view) link him to the SECOND SHOOTER (with there possibly being a THIRD and a FOURTH, per witness Adriana).

            They look like the SAME cargo pants to me. First, look at a close-up, then a selected region in it:

            You can see that he’s wearing the cargo pants and black T-shirt UNDER a jacket.

            It’s the dude. WITH ANOTHER SHOOTER AT THE MALL.

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            1. And…it looks like he is FOLLOWING the guy in Black.

              Great catch, Wolfie!

              Yes, I agree about the cargo pants being the same in that side-by-side pic.

              When Crusius was in custody, the pockets had been emptied.
              So the pockets were flattened.

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          2. Watch what happens when I BRIGHTEN AND RECONTRAST his environment to correct the FLOOR for brightness and then his BLACK SHIRT for contrast – the PANTS automatically look right:

            BTW, I have a bunch of pants like that, and pay a lot of attention to how ambient light affects their look. So the fact that they’re the same is really obvious to me.

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              1. They’re just a kind with a flat-fitting cargo pocket, which is dressier. I have those, as well as the heavily externally gussetted kind.

                Here is an example of flat-lay – when closed, you almost can’t see them from the front or back. But pop the top and put something in them, and they’re quite visible.

                Like I said, i wear these suckers! And I’ve put mags in them all the time, just like tactical pants. It’s not a QUALITY place for mags, but it works in a pinch. It’s AMATEURISH.

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              2. Officers at work wear the cargo & it seems that even when empty the pockets hang out.
                Now for the question of why he looks so much like the Garlic guy, and why so little infor on him and Garlic guy

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              3. Yup – will bet big money those are gussetted pockets – probably both sides AND front – those bulge the most even when empty. Depending on the gusset construction, flap and seal, they can flatten upon closure to various degrees.

                And it’s not just function, it’s FASHION, too! 😀

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        Find the photo from his entrance into the Wally and you will see.




        (and this is not MY work, I saw both photos side by side over on Gab. Neon Revolt, I think – but may have been someone else, I follow a couple of folks who are posting there about this stuff).

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    1. I do not identify myself with the killer in El Paso just because I am white. I do not hate people and do not differentiate between black white or a different nationality. I evaluate people on character.
      That murder has nothing incoming with me.
      I do not believe he has anything income with people here.

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      1. None of us identify with or have anything in common with his hatred.

        Our President has a great heart filled with love and compassion for the American people of every race and background.

        The rallies are lovefests. We can come together in an atmosphere of love and voice our support for the President without fear of physical attack or verbal abuse from the hate filled left.

        We all love one another. We are united by a cause that is so much greater than our differences.

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    2. Somehow I don’t see how I would fit the white nationalist label either. I’m Caucasian with just enough American Indian,(1/16th…eat your heart out Fauxcahantas), to qualify. I’m also married to an Asian Filipina.

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      1. Interesting fact – conservatives are more likely than liberals to be in “interracial” marriages (at least they were last time I heard the numbers).

        Curious what tribe or tribes are in your background. I’ve been a long-time student of the topic of Southern and early American genealogy (guessing here from Tennessee).

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            1. Wolfie,
              Unlike Liawatha, I could probably ‘pass’ as a Cherokee. Goodness knows how many times a Cherokee has whipped out a photo of ‘Mom’ to show me how much I look like her.

              Am I Cherokee? No, but I probably share DNA with them.

              …After analyzing Cherokee DNA, Yates concluded, “No such mix could have resulted from post-1492 European gene flow into the Cherokee Nation.”

              “So where do our non-European, non-Indian-appearing elements come from?” he asked. “The level of haplogroup T in the Cherokee (26.9 percent) approximates the percentage for Egypt (25 percent), one of the only lands where T attains a major position among the various mitochondrial lineages.”

              Yates focused on haplotype X for “its relative absence in Mongolia and Siberia and a recently proven center of diffusion in Lebanon and Israel.”

              In 2009, Liran I. Shlush at the Israel Institute of Technology published a paper in the journal PLOS ONE stating that the X haplotype spread through the world from the Hills of Galilee in northern Israel and Lebanon. Yates wrote: “The only other place on earth where X is found at an elevated level apart from other American Indian groups like the Ojibwe is among the Druze in the Hills of Galilee in northern Israel and Lebanon.”….


              One of these years, just for kicks I may get a DNA test just to see what they come up with.

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              1. Isn’t there some evidence of ancient Hebrew (I believe) rock carvings in the American Southwest predating the Colonial era? I wonder if that might be somewhat explained by the DNA journey of forbears mentioned in your comment…


    3. “White Nationalist”
      I am “White” (Some Cherokee Blood, but no matter)

      I am AMERICAN PATRIOT (Nationalist?)

      So I guess that I am a “White Nationalist”

      The problem here is:
      We LET the Media DEFINE “White Nationalist” as something bad.

      White “Supremacist” is an entirely different thing.

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      1. Totally agreed.

        What the leftists are doing now is defining all things traditional or “non-socialist” as “white”. Therefore, anybody who defends traditional American things becomes guilty of “white supremacy” and are thereby racist by their insidious logic.

        This is definitely evil reasoning on their part. It is – for lack of a better word – extremely RACIST.

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      2. After “Roots”, my mom went into a years’ long fascination with genealogy. She determined that the majority of my heritage was Irish. In fact, it’s so Irish that she found a g’g’aunt who died in America after falling off a potato wagon onto a potato fork. The only way to be more Irish than that would have simultaneously involved several pints of beer and singing “Molly Malone” with others at the time.

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  13. Dayton, Ohio Shooter Connor Betts’ Driver Was His Best Friend Charles ‘Chace’ Beard, Who He Ended up Shooting

    By ALLISON SCHONTER – August 6, 2019 11:17 am EDT


    The second person in the 2007 Toyota Corolla that drove with Dayton gunman Connor Betts has been identified as his best friend, 24-year-old Charles ‘Chace’ Beard. Beard, who knew Betts from childhood and attended Bellbrook High School with him, was shot and critically wounded in the Sunday Dayton Shooting, though he survived and is recovering in the hospital.

    Beard, an employee at Wright-Patterson Air Force base, according to his FaceBook profile, was in the chorus in a 2012 production of Rogers & Hammerstein’s musical version of Cinderella with Betts, and there are numerous photos of them together. Despite their close relationship, Beard’s name is also said to be among those on Betts’ “hit list,” which he wrote while he was a sophomore at Bellbrook High School.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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    1. Ah…Duchess…we’re on the same track…I just posted something similar.

      It will be mighty interesting to hear what Mr. Beard has to say…

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      1. This is not something he awoke in the morning and decided to do – somewhere in his mind – he was programmed to do this – he did not survive – because he might have talked – then, again – he was of no use to the left because of his leanings – so he had to go – done deal.

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  14. I find it interesting that Betts’ “friend” Chace Beard who was in the car and critically wounded studied computer engineering and was hired as an electrical engineer for Raytheon, the defense contractor, and I’m assuming by extension worked at Wriight-Patterson Air Force Base which is in Dayton.

    Whereas Betts worked at Chipotle and dressed as a woman on weekends to play mysogynist and demonic music and kept kill lists and rape lists.

    Apparently they were friends since childhood and I’m not placing any particular significance to this but that is quite a contrast in personalities.

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  15. Coordinated attacks on Walmart?

    7/4 – Viral video of Texas woman licking ice cream containers at Walmart

    7/9 – California Man tampers with mouthwash at Walmart

    7/26 – Arizona woman claims baby formula purchased at Walmart was tampered with

    7/30 – Texas man pees on Walmart shelf

    7/30 – Mass shooting at Mississippi Walmart

    7/31 – Pennsylvania woman pees on Walmart potatoes

    8/1 – Wisconsin woman claims hair condioner purchased at Walmart caused hair loss

    8/3 – El Paso mass shooting at Walmart.

    8/4 – Florida Walmart evacuated over mass shooting threat

    8/6 – Baton Rouge shooting at Walmart









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    1. You forgot the initial slam against Walmart…

      Aug. 26, 2016 — Strzok wrote to Page: “Just went to a southern Virginia Walmart. I could SMELL the Trump support…”

      … “So let’s discuss a text that hits home for me,” Goodlatte said. “On August 26, 2016, you texted Ms. Page ‘Just went to a Southern Virginia Walmart. I could smell the Trump support.’ And smell is in capital letters, all capital letters. What does Trump support smell like Mr. Strzok?”

      Strzok said he was noting to Page the difference in “expression of political opinion” between different parts of the state.

      “What I meant by that was, living in northern Virginia, having traveled the 100, 150 miles south within the same state, I was struck by the extraordinary difference in the expression of political opinion and belief amongst the community there and from where I lived,” Strzok stated.

      Goodlatte responded: “And you described that as ‘smell’ in capital letters?”

      Strzok said it was a “quick choice of words.”

      Goodlatte then turned to another message Strzok sent to Page describing Virginia’s Loudoun County.

      “So earlier you had texted Ms. Page, that another part of Virginia, Loudoun County, which I think is northern Virginia, was ‘still ignorant hillbillies.’ Is that what you meant? Do you consider Trump supporters to be ignorant hillbillies?”

      Strzok said he did not believe Loudoun residents to be hillbillies but said that there is “a healthy sort of competition between Loudoun and Fairfax County,” where he resides….


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  16. Can’t like WAPO but, can someone please tell me if this is possible? Also, is this Fake News’?

    Dayton shooter Connor Betts fired at least 41 rounds in 30 seconds: cops
    By Aaron Feis

    August 5, 2019 | 12:56pm


    Dayton gunman Connor Betts squeezed off at least 41 shots during his 30-second rampage that left nine people dead — and was supplied with enough ammo and bullet clips to commit a much worse bloodbath, cops said Monday.

    “If all the magazines that we recovered from the suspect were completely full . . . including the loose rounds found on the ground near him, as well as in a backpack that he carried, he would’ve had a maximum of 250 rounds in his possession at the time,” said Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl.

    Masked and clad in a bulletproof vest, Betts, 24, opened fire with his AR-15-style rifle outside a busy stretch of bars in Dayton’s downtown Oregon District at around 1:05 a.m. Sunday, cops have said.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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    1. It is very possible. I regularly practice and if I can fire more than 1 round per second with a semi auto. Not the most accurate shooting, but possible. Sometimes it’s just fun to dump a mag at the end of practice.

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        1. If they were crowded or in close proximity to one another, but can’t see him taking aim at individual targets and still maintaining that rate of fire unless he had proper training…

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          1. Guess I am agreeing with the eye witness accounts of 3-4 men dressed in black with masks – just do not think he would be so proficient, CM – that’s all – same icky feeling I have consistently had with all of those ‘lone’ gunman who allegedly committed these atrocities…you know?

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              1. Sorry – keep getting interrupted and paths crossed – really does not matter – two patsies – programmed, brainwashed, and drugged for the same purpose and gun control legislation outcome – these were planned events – same old scenario – expecting a different result.

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      1. Question was: 41 rounds in 30 seconds……. More than 1 round per second?
        And it was reported that the cops took him down in 24 seconds? The video did not show a CONSTANT pattern of firing the weapon. So, therefore, I call Bullshit on this claim by the media.

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    2. That is pretty fast shooting, considering he would have had to reload at least once. But as CM in TN says, a man can get there with practice.

      One odd thing, most people who have the discipline to do this exhibit discipline in other areas as well – diet, finances, exercise, job, appearance, etc. I don’t see that here.

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      1. He had a round magazine that lead into a flat section where the normal rifle’s magazine would be. Wouldn’t necessarily have been as reliable, but had capacity to spare.

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      2. “considering he would have had to reload at least once”

        But wasn’t the COSRA Satanist guy in Ohio the one with the big drum magazines?

        Assuming the drum thing didn’t jam, it would be just shoot shoot shoot, with no need to reload.


  17. BREAKING… ‘Manifesto’ was posted to Instagram first… Was NOT uploaded to 8Chan by shooter Patrick Crusius…(Video)

    Posted by Kane on August 6, 2019 3:37 pm

    Message published this morning by Jim Watkins — Founder of 8Chan

    Discussion of manifesto begins at 3:54

    Watkins says the ‘purported killer’s manifesto’ was published first on Instagram and then someone, not Patrick Crusius, subsequently posted it on 8Chan boards.

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        1. I’m beginning to think that the USUAL reply to congresscritters requesting anyone’s appearance before a committee should be:

          “I refuse to appear voluntarily. If summoned under subpoena, I refuse to appear. If compelled, I shall assert my Fifth Amendment right to not speak. If held in contempt, I will be a political prisoner.

          You have created a situation in which anyone testifying to a congressional inquiry may be referred for prosecution under U.S. Code Sec. 1001(c)(2). Recent history shows that this would include instances where the inquiry misheard testimony, conflated testimony with unrelated evidence, misunderstood testimony, or simply heard two different ‘takes’ on a situation, Rashomon-like. There are simply too many geriatric, ideological, mentally-challenged, and corrupt members of Congress to feel that even the most strict adhesion to literal facts would not rise to the level of self-incrimination that the Fifth Amendment protects us from. Furthermore, I would be expected — at my own great expense — to hire a Washington-savvy swamp lawyer who might keep me from replying “good morning” when it was sleeting outside.

          This referral would then be sent to the utterly corrupt, contemptible, ideological, and contemptuous DoJ who could be counted-on to manufacture additional process crimes around the issue while claiming they could sniff me out in a WalMart.

          In short, in the immortal words of Yogi Berra: Include me out.”

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  18. Just realized that Quentin Tarantino’s movie about the Manson murders was released right before these shootings. Pure coincidence from Hollywood!

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    1. I should say possible suspect in custody. It’s too early to tell what this was about. Possible gunfire and police have somebody in custody according to the video.

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      1. Yeah, I take him with a grain of salt. He has some fantastical ideas sometimes that I think are just too far out in left field. Kinda a doom porn site. Sometimes he does have good stuff, so buyer beware…

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    1. Yup. And what I find very SUSPICIOUS is that nobody is talking about….


      In other words, only WE ON THE RIGHT are accused of hate.

      Is Trump looking to bring leftist hate to heel?

      We’re watching………..

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        1. Lots of links to stories from all over. He appears, like our wolf, to have had contact with the deep state. Some of the shit he digs up is amazing. He did a series on surveillance that’s with a look. Also on some odd sites that are what he calls cabal

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  19. Just heard Joe Pags report that gatewaypundit says that the El Paso killer admitted that the democrat debate pushed him over the edge. When they all raised their hands to give healthcare to illegals, he felt he had no option but to go shooting. Reported to a talk show host in AZ by a 30 year FIB agent.

    I’ve been assigned to spin this for the donkey party but I’ve got writers block. /s

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  20. REMINDER — RECENT Q posts a week or so BEFORE FALSE FLAG.
    Was this what PUSHED the DemonRats to stage mass shootings and DIVERT OUR ATTENTION TO RED FLAG GUN LAWS???

    Historical context MATTERS.

    The Mueller Report and Mueller Testimony was a complete DUD.

    New: Title TBD
    29 Jul 2019 – 12:34:19 PM
    Reminder re: impeachment.
    2/3rd Senate vote required to impeach POTUS.
    Logical thinking.
    You are watching D’s ‘con’ liberal base using ‘hope’ tactics while maintaining ‘POTUS obstruction of Justice’ FAKE NEWS narrative.
    Think 2020.

    New: Title TBD
    29 Jul 2019 – 12:50:06 PM
    Maryland has second-most defendants charged in federal human trafficking cases?
    Who represents Maryland in the House/Senate?
    Did you know:
    The last three mayors of Baltimore have all stepped down or been forced out of office for corruption
    All three were Democrats

    See a pattern?
    — Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) July 29, 2019
    The More You Know…

    New: Title TBD
    29 Jul 2019 – 1:04:01 PM
    29 Jul 2019 – 1:01:13 PM
    The weblink wont open

    Anons crashed the site.
    High-volume traffic.


    !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: ba9242 No.7247095
    Jul 29 2019 15:27:17 (EST)
    So obvious. Ugh. Kicking myself.
    C Before D’
    Coats before DECLASS
    We have to remove the blockade to DECLAS by removing the DNI. Then we can DECLAS. Duh.
    — ReIncarnatedET (@ReIncarnatedET) July 29, 2019
    Speed accelerated +5

    Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: ba9242 No.7247581
    Jul 29 2019 15:47:08 (EST)
    Jeffrey Epstein is in danger of being murdered before his trial says victims’ lawyer https://t.co/dkhmQVm3Dx
    — Daily Mail US (@DailyMail) July 29, 2019

    New: Title TBD
    29 Jul 2019 – 2:14:06 PM

    Italy’s Matteo Salvini refuses to back down!
    “Who betrayed Europe…Who occupied this Europe in the name of multinationals & uncontrolled immigration…The Merkels, the Macrons, the Soros’, & the Junckers!”
    God bless Salvini for standing up for his people! #RAIRFoundation pic.twitter.com/bWqDKf5Gkr
    — Amy Mek (@AmyMek) July 29, 2019
    We now have plenty of space.

    New: Title TBD
    29 Jul 2019 – 2:21:35 PM
    29 Jul 2019 – 2:18:29 PM
    Salvini is a PATRIOT
    Italy is w/ POTUS.
    Attempts by D’s to prevent disclosure of FVEY material (re: Nunes non_official ways) was DENIED.
    They are powerless.
    Enjoy the show.

    Q 3536 says, in part:
    Sleepers present problems re: staff fills.
    More coming?


    NOTE COMMENT: “John Solomon on Lou Dobb said that behind the scenes, Coates has been thwarting President’s efforts to get transparency on what went wrong on Russia case. Wray’s FBI has been hiding/prevent us from seeing information. John Solomon’s column tomorrow will illustrate crazy legal arguments Wray’s team using to block non-classified, non-controversial info from coming to light. Has not responded to 8 FOIA’s from John Solomon.”
    So Wray is a SLEEPER???….

    Q said on Dec 22 2017 11:14:17

    Feb 18 2018 17:49:07
    2018 WILL BE GLORIOUS. — Q


    SO was Q giving the DEEP STATE Dis-information and making them think Pres. Trump trusted Wray???

    30 Jul 2019 – 9:08:18 PM
    Transcripts are out tomorrow. The first demonstrable proof to show that not only did we not collude, but the whole world was against us and Donald Trump still won in 2016! When it’s all said and done, the story will be of a global effort to take us down that backfired big time!
    — George Papadopoulos (@GeorgePapa19) July 31, 2019
    See Guardian article.
    How do you get ahead of a story?

    30 Jul 2019 – 9:41:49 PM
    [24hr Warning]
    Be vigilant.
    See something.
    Say something.
    Know your surroundings at all times.


    Q Knew something was up and WARNED US.

    Future proves Past.

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    1. Gail – think about it. We have NO DECLAS, but instead we have the first actual picture of a PATSY being set up in a false flag:

      Did Q and Trump actually BAIT THE HATE?

      Between the threatened DECLAS and the Trump Rally, I think the other side was BAITED into false flags.

      Remember – that reporter says we have a BODY on a second shooter. But that DUDE is giving them a long story on one shooter. I think he’s a SHILL – either voluntary, MK, or BOTH.

      Something is up. I suspect we KNEW there would be false flags. The question is HOW MUCH of their plans did we get the drop on.

      Trump is talking about “hate”. It might as well be SOCIALIST HATE, Satanist hate, or even TDS.

      Let’s see where the CHIPS FALL.

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      1. People are taking the evidence directly to the EPPD. I’m looking for the 4PM press conference to see if they addressed any of this

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      2. “I think the other side was BAITED into false flags.”
        The only problem I have with this is that innocent people were murdered.

        I agree that our side is capable of baiting them. They are running out of options and are desperate. The speed with which these shootings occurred, the narrative about Pres. Trump sparking the attacks with “racist” rhetoric, and the verbal attacks against all white people, are dizzying. It feels like an avalanche. I shudder to think what they will do next. They must be defeated.

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        1. Unfortunately we are in a CIVIL WAR and it just got HOT.

          Knowing it was going to go HOT and being able to do something to prevent it are two different things.

          We DO NOT WANT RED FLAG LAWS do we? So to be consistant we can not arrest people BEFORE they commit a crime, especially if we are not sure of exactly what is planned only that SOMETHING is planned.

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          1. Yes, I’m thinking defeat at the cellular level of the deepest planners who are trying to destroy us. I don’t know if the coming DECLAS and nailing corrupt officials will help to defeat this kind of warfare. I’ve been hoping so.

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            1. See what I said about Decimation and taking out the leaders.

              If Coyote pack attacks you, you have to KILL the lead coyote to stop the attack. I have a friend with a mangled leg who can attest to that. People (and other social animals) are no different. Only 1 in 10 or more likely 1 in 100** are ACTUAL Leaders. Take those leaders down and the sheeple will mill around and dissipate.

              **Remember the Commies have been TRAINING people from birth to be FOLLOWERS not leaders

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              1. Shackleton nailed it.. I think about 1 in 12 . Not sure of the exact number but studies have since proved him correct. He was fucking amazing. The story of how he led and saved his entire crew from certain death is incredible.

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        2. ‘“the other side was BAITED into false flags.”
          The only problem I have with this is that innocent people were murdered.’

          I certainly sympathize with, and even share this perspective. The only counter view I can offer is that
          If the Soebarkah Dept. of Just Us/FIB were so thoroughly corrupt, and the staffing constraints are so severe, that 900 days of Trump can’t straighten the mess out, then Trump/Barr might not be able to just find the “Deputy Director of Special Event Planning” in the FIB directory and slam his ass in jail, followed by the asses of everyone on the TO below him.

          No ability to solve the issue in top-down fashion, as above, might not leave the White Hats with any better option than a bottom-up approach — i.e. let the attack happen, then investigate the crime with a white-hatted detective team, as in the TV show “Law and Order”.

          This last option was manifestly not, if I understand the issue correctly, what was done in Vegas in October ’17. So in 672 additional days of Trump, maybe there has at least been that much progress.

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  21. Rex

    REX @REX
    1. Something isn’t adding up about the narrative that this El Paso killer is a pro-Trump white supremacist.


    #1 – The ‘manifesto’ of the El Paso killer may not be genuine, but let’s assume it is.

    I have read it, unlike 99% of lefturds. My take?

    Put it this way: I’ve never met a Trump fan who is an anti-capitalist, anti-hispanic apocalyptic enviro-loon, whose target (WalMart, El Paso) would be full of Trump fans.

    Have you?

    Doesn’t add up.

    Another thing that’s bothering me:


    REX @REX
    2. If the nutcase wanted to kill hispanics, why choose El Paso, 659 miles away from Allen (TX) – a 9 1/2 hr car ride.

    The softer target is Laredo (96% Hispanic), which is far closer to Allen, where he lived. It’s 455 miles and a 6 1/2 hr drive away. It also has WalMarts, BTW.

    But for some reason, the guy chose El Paso.



    REX @REX
    3. I guess we will find out, soon enough.

    But I can’t help mention that ANTIFA have a MAJOR 10 day operation planned in Texas (Sept 1-10).

    Their target? El Paso.

    ANTIFA already have an established, organized network in Texas. Just look it up on the web – you’ll be surprised.

    Not just that – they’ve been super excited about this operation for a while. Chatter chatter.

    Leftist groups plan ten-day “resistance convergence” at border


    REX @REX
    4. So while it’s speculation on my part, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to point out that we seem to have a kid with anti-capitalist and apocalyptic environmental views, targeting US citizens at a Walmart in El Paso, some 650 miles from his home.

    Which happens to also be ground central for ANTIFA.

    Has the guy been radicalized by far left anarchists online? He doesn’t fit the MAGA profile AT ALL.


    REX @REX
    5. Let’s wait and see.

    But there’s a lot not adding up about this tragedy.

    At least, from my POV.

    My gut tells me that many libtards are jumping to conclusions way too fast – and that this may not turn out to be what they think it is.

    In the meantime, we pray for the victims.


    The end.


    REX @REX

    A new mass killing in Dayton, Ohio?

    At ‘Ned’s Pepper Bar’, quote:

    ‘About Ned Peppers

    Ned Peppers is a traditional western-ish themed bar located right in the heart of the Oregon District in Dayton Ohio.’

    The owner, James Schaefer, was a Dayton institution and successful businessman. He died just a few months ago. He lived in wealthy Beavercreek.

    Again, strange target for a MAGA Trump supporter. Could be a local issue.

    Let’s see what happens.

    About Ned Peppers
    Ned Peppers Bar – Dayton, Ohio


    REX @REX
    7. Remember : the investigations into both of these mass shootings remain ongoing.

    As I tooted a few days ago, there’s something not adding up about either of them, especially the El Paso incident.

    The leftist commentariat and Dem politicians have gotten way ahead of their skis on this, without knowing all the facts.

    It’s a very dangerous strategy that could backfire on them if, say, the shooter is revealed as one of ‘theirs’.

    Another thing:


    REX @REX
    8. Trump’s reaction has been excellent.

    He has stayed above the insane, extreme and frankly unhinged seething we have witnessed from leftists.

    Notice something else – Trump hasn’t made any definitive statements about the DETAILS behind the killings. Yes, he’s correctly alluded to insanity, white supremacy etc, but he hasn’t made categorical statements about motive, in either case.

    His enemies HAVE.

    That’s interesting to me, because Trump would know everything by now.


    REX @REX
    9. And did you note his reference to ‘Toledo’ in his official statement?

    Of course he’s being widely mocked for making an error. Perhaps he did. But do you think it’s Trump’s MO?

    I don’t. Remember, Toledo is one of the most violent and corrupt cities in the USA. It’s regularly featured in the top 20 most dangerous cities in the nation, by the FBI.

    And guess what? It’s a Democratic hell-holes, like Baltimore.

    Trump mentioned Toledo for a reason, IMO. Let’s see what happens.


    10. The Dems think they have blood in the water. They’re being EXTREMELY arrogant and hateful, aren’t they.

    We have been here before, many times.

    They forget that Trump is a master strategist, an expert at luring enemies with baits, before he strikes. Sun Tzu:

    ‘If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he
    may grow arrogant. Attack him
    where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.’

    Watch, learn, etc.

    And don’t worry.


    The end.

    Liked by 16 people

      1. Or…it could be the Creamer Deep Left dark ops operatives.

        What people refer to as ‘Deep State’, I think of as DEEP LEFT.

        Are we being herded into calling for the destruction of the FBI?
        Think about it, Wolfie.

        “Infiltrate and Destroy From Within”
        ^^Who does this?^^

        This is what the commies do.
        This is their MO.
        This is what they have done, repeatedly.

        What better way to create Chaos…than to destroy our Law Enforcement institutions.
        Then call into question, all the previous convictions so as to create a tsunami of Demands to Free All the Prisoners.


        Bob Creamer has gone underground.
        But it’s a safe bet that he’s still doing his dirty deeds.

        Is Creamer working out of Hussein’s bunker with ValJar?
        Wouldn’t surprise me.

        Liked by 10 people

        1. Wheatie – this is the price of infiltration. It’s a cost of doing business. It HAS TO BE ADMITTED or you never dig out from it. It’s the WORST kind of “technical debt” to ignore it.

          Fucking HOLDER was COMMUNICATING with them over Twitter. They’re THERE, and they’re doing damage. GET THEM THE FUCK OUT.

          I was NOT KIDDING with my “Director Wolf Moon with an AR-15 on his back”. I think the FBI is THAT BAD. I have seen nothing to make such thinking go away.

          I just hope that Wray is collecting HUNDREDS OF NAMES, and that after taking names, he will be kicking ass.

          Liked by 8 people

          1. Oh yeah, I agree…it has to be Admitted.

            It has to be Admitted in order to clean it out!

            I just can’t shake the feeling that We’re Being Herded into declaring “FBI Bad”.

            Just like the self loathing in “USA Bad”.

            Do we declare our whole country is ‘bad’ because we’ve had bad people doing bad things?

            That’s what the Left has been doing.
            That’s what they’ve brainwashed our young people with.
            Instilling Self Loathing.

            If we are a ‘bad country’…then the next step is to ’embrace control’.

            In other words, “We are bad and we should be controlled.”

            And yeah, I hope that Wray has been doing a head-fake.
            It would make sense to do it that way…

            Like Q said:
            “How do you take down a wounded animal?”

            Or words to that effect.

            Liked by 7 people

            1. I agree. But too much is adding up badly right now. We are BACK TO VEGAS. That was BEFORE Q.

              Health Ranger’s article is going up tonight, after the daily. You can see what you think after that happens. He makes a strong case. Strong enough that I’m thinking he’s right. There are still RENEGADES in FBI.

              Liked by 9 people

              1. Yes…RENEGADES.

                Good word!
                That’s it exactly.

                That’s what I’ve been getting at.

                It is Hussein’s Renegades.
                That is who these Deep Left Dark Operatives are!

                FBI Renegades.

                Ironic, isn’t it.
                Hussein’s code name was “Renegade”.

                Liked by 7 people

              2. Guess where one of ‘Renegade’s’ Fast n Furious guns ended up?


                According to a shocking new report by Judicial Watch, the guns used by Islamic terrorists in the November 2015 ISIS attacks in Paris came directly from President Obama’s own administration. The guns were distributed to criminals during the ATF’s notorious “Fast and Furious” program. Ultimately, the weapons traveled from Phoenix, Arizona to Paris where they were used to inflict harm on innocent civilians. Jihadists killed 130 people and wounded hundreds of others in the deadly attack at the heart of Paris.

                Liked by 9 people

              3. “… There are still RENEGADES in FBI.” OR THE C_A!!!
                Remember Q is always calling out the ‘Clowns’ and do not try to tell me they are NOT working in the USA.

                Peter Strzok — C_A
                Lisa Page — Possible C_A
                Nellie Ohr — C_A
                John Brennan C_A Director who was instrumental in starting Muh Russia

                Liked by 4 people

              4. “That was BEFORE Q.”

                And, not to put too fine a point on it, but, at this instant, we are POST Q.

                Hopefully that will prove to be a very short-lived situation.

                Liked by 1 person

      2. Brian cates doesn’t believe in cia fbi deep staters pulling off anything. In fact they’d be hard rested intellectually to pull of their socks. As evidence look at the spy gate plotters and their plots. Mr bean crossed with Monty python. Incompetent and idiotic

        Liked by 3 people

        1. In fact, I’m going to be blunt. Brian is working at Epoch Tiimes now. If he hasn’t picked out the ChiCom spies around him already, then he will be doing so on the far end of BAD SHIT some 20-30 years from now.

          I SUSPECTED my ChiComs, and still got screwed in ways that took decades to unravel.

          “Don’t get cocky, kid!” 😀

          Liked by 8 people

          1. IMO it’s a hellava lot harder to do mind control on a deaf dude. All that talking to them don’t work especially at night when they take their hearing aids out

            Liked by 3 people

    1. Glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks there is probably a Connection to Antifa…in the reason why the El Paso shooter went to El Paso.

      Liked by 9 people

    1. Still not buying it. I think a DIFFERENT FBI TEAM was working this kid with informants and other operatives.

      The agents responding are in the dark about what is really happening with this kid.



      Liked by 8 people

        1. I know it’s hard to tell much from a second in time picture but Crusius doesn’t look battle ready in this pic. even in the ones of him in the WalMart doorway..he looks slightly slack, no intensity like getting the gameface on to kill humans.
          Had somebody gone in ahead of him with rifle concealed or unnoticed ..um like the hispanic woman said? .
          Has it ever been said how far he got in the store while shooting? It must have been fairly far because I saw vids of victims being pushed out toward the front on merchandise utility carts.
          Where’s the picture of him leaving the store?

          LOL..I could go on forever!

          Liked by 4 people

      1. Do you have any idea what might have actually happened? Those two are outside the mall, right? But no shots were fired in the mall. Or were they outside the Walmart?

        The kid shooter survived and is supposedly talking, but I doubt we’ll get to hear what he says or what really happened. I can’t imagine him saying others were involved. Now I wonder if he will survive for very long.

        Liked by 4 people

  22. One other telling thing is…every crime that’s happened at a WalMart usually has at least a couple of good, clear pictures of the perpetrator . Why is it it this time only one fuzzy picture. They always show the person coming in and the person leaving which he obviously did since he was apprehended in his car..out in the parking lot or on the street.
    No details at all. None. They’re hiding facts.

    Liked by 6 people

      1. They can’t. It would show more than one shooter. One shooter is the standard fare..it’s the lone wolf, has a rage or mental illness. Two or more…that’s a problem . This one is the most clear of all the FF’s that there is some type of deep left help. The pictures don’t lie. If it was a cult or group of white national supremacists wowo all the better for optics BUT they’re hiding it so it only leaves one answer. They don’t want the public to know who was involved

        Liked by 7 people

  23. Also, the clothes he has on are the ‘uniform’ of WalMart, at least out here and I’d imagine it’s everywhere. Khaki pants and a black shirt. Was the other shooter going to to most of the attack and this guy would blend in and run out?

    Liked by 3 people

  24. I have a thought. Maybe I’ve lost my mind, maybe not.

    What if we all just boycott any place that won’t allow concealed carry, OR that doesn’t have armed security?

    I will never go into a Walmart again unarmed. Ditto the mall, or the grocery store. If they want me to be unarmed, then they HAVE TO have armed security guards.

    If we refuse to allow our children into schools without armed personnel, what are they gonna do? There are laws that say we can home school. If all of us rise together, the schools will cave because they will get no more federal money. We all left.

    Why not? #nogunsnogo

    Liked by 8 people

    1. I’m pretty sure more and more are going to carry anyway as wolf says below many already do. I’m waiting/hoping for an executive order banning gun free zones altogether in the interest of national security.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. That’s what I want. No more gun free zones.

        And I agree, why would people just obey and not carry their weapons?

        I picked up the paperwork for my CCP yesterday. I will be shortly acquiring a handgun small enough for me to carry around all the time. I can’t use a 9 mil. My hands are a bit fragile and I can’t work a slide anymore, so it’s gotta be a revolver.

        Someone suggested a Taurus ultra-lite titanium model 85, but someone else said not so much. Any suggestions?

        Liked by 3 people

        1. There are quite a few options for sure. The Taurus gets pretty good reviews and ultra light would be nice for carrying around. My only hesitation with ultralights is recoil, a heavier frame can absorb it a little better. I’d also look at the ruger LCR and Smith and Wesson j frames. If you get like a S&W 638 keep in mind you can replace the grip for a much better aftermarket grip. I’d be drawn to a Colt detective special but it is a little bigger. Your local range might have some different ones you could try out too. Whatever you decide on the key is practice practice practice, get real comfortable using it. 👍

          Liked by 5 people

        2. Good move getting your license. Congratulations.

          The saying is “Too heavy to carry, too light to fight.”

          No matter how big or small your handgun is, you will get tired at times of carrying its weight around and of the clothing tradeoffs you have to make in various weather conditions to keep it hidden.

          No matter how big or small it is, if you are out and about and someone suddenly threatens your life or your loved one, you will suddenly wish you were carrying a 12 gauge pump shotgun or an AR-15.

          So it’s a tradeoff. Go with what you are comfortable with.

          That said, if the calibre is too small, it won’t stop a bad guy from doing something bad fast enough. Go with a .38 Special or larger. (For anyone reading this who prefers semiautomatics, go with 9mm Luger or larger, also known as 9mm Parabellum. Avoid .380 Auto.)

          And a very small, lightweight gun in a defensive calibre is hard to hold, hard to aim accurately, uncomfortable and tiring to practice with, and difficult to grab quickly and fire competently when you are surprised in a fight.

          Liked by 2 people

        3. Whatever you want to buy, try to rent one at an indoor range first, so you can fire it yourself. If they don’t have your exact brand/model, at least find a revolver of the same calibre and barrel length that is as close as possible in weight, and in size and shape of the butt.

          Fire off maybe a couple of dozen practice rounds, then finish off loading it once and firing it with defensive rounds (like +P hollow points, the expensive kind that you would keep it loaded with when you are carrying it in the street for real.)

          At an indoor range, I’m guessing they will make you buy the ammo for their gun from them, at their prices. Kind of like buying a Baby Ruth bar at the movie theater.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. I have friends who are actually setting up a range where you can try out various weapons for free, and you can bring your own ammo, or buy it there.

            They are still in process, but have offered to let me go shooting with them to try all their own weapons. They have all kinds. Three are police.

            Liked by 1 person

    1. That statement is conflicting with all the previous ones about him fully cooperating. Does he mean he’s cooperating by answering questions but confused about the answers?
      Does it mean he’s in shock because of shooting a bunch of people or shock about why/how he got in this situation?
      How could some fib expert declare that the healthcare for illegals sent him over the edge if this Police Chief is acting like he’s not really providing info?

      Liked by 4 people

      1. ‘Cooperating’ usually means…’Not lawyered up, answering questions’.

        Sounds like he is confused though and spouting things that only make sense to him.
        Which fits with a person who’s been MK’d.

        Liked by 4 people

        1. Exactly. People who have not experienced it don’t understand the COMPULSIVE and sometimes OBSESSIVE nature of “tasks” under it. It’s how they can use it to create accidents. It’s like programming a BUG into a person. Spooky as hell.

          In the case I observed and hid for all those years, the MKed people exhibited CONFUSION and ILLOGICAL actions which at the time I ascribed to everything BUT MK. I came up with conscious rationales that I ascribed to them, but those rationalizations never QUITE fit.

          It was very weird. A simple interaction that normal people would have performed casually and almost automatically – no problems. One of the people involved seized up like they were suddenly STONED – out of the blue. And it REPEATED. That is how I knew something was really, really wrong. It wasn’t like any kind of normal disease process.

          THAT is the secret I kept. It was too WEIRD. Also, it was all designed so that the “nice” thing to do was to assume some kind of “excusing reason” for it, but one which deep-down BLAMED THE VICTIM.

          The trouble was, the plotters were never really sure that I didn’t remember something about it – that I wasn’t holding out. In addition, some suppressed memories came to the surface, and I think that was like a warning sign that it was not holding.

          Reference to original post: https://wqth.wordpress.com/2019/01/18/deja-woo/

          Think about it. The only reason this stuff isn’t better understood is the FAKE NEWS. The FAKE NEWS and FAKE ENTERTAINMENT are what define the “limits of reality”. That’s all.

          “This is FICTION.”

          “This is NEWS.”

          “This is NORMAL.”

          “This is CRAZY.”

          That is what they do. They DEFINE what is to be believed, and what is not to be believed. And they do a TERRIBLE JOB.

          Liked by 5 people

    2. This is excellent. People are really seeing this MK stuff.

      NOW – mix this knowledge with the trap-delivered carfentanil aerosol induction from sleep that I observed in 1981, and it basically means that almost anybody who does not sleep with some pretty profound security measures can be MKed almost at will by persistent professionals.

      But the TRICK is picking the right person with the right motivations and the right tasks. I think both of these guys were probably excellent targets. The SATANIST most of all. His baseline personality was fascinated with mass murder. He was a sitting duck.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. Also. he was involved with anitifa (Dayton shooter) and antifa has gone big time. The D’s have elevated them and taken them under their wing so I’d bet that it becomes very clear to the upper echelon which of the grunts are totally a good fit for this kind of thing.

        Liked by 4 people

        1. Molly…the Dems’ Deep Left operations CREATED Antifa.

          That’s why the little pukes wear masks.
          It is Dem professors and kids who are under those masks!

          Liked by 4 people

          1. wheatietoo,
            ANTIFA was around during Hitler’s time. That is where the Anti-Fascist comes from. ANTIFA was straight up PURE Communist while Hitler’s Marxism was National Socialist — a slight bit to the RIGHT of Pure Communism. This is also why Fascism got labeled ‘Right-Wing’ which it most definately IS NOT!

            The Lost History of Antifa

            Liked by 6 people

  25. mandy says:

    “The guy who owns 8chan is being ordered to appear before congressional-criminals.”



    Liked by 8 people

    1. A tried and true tactic of war is to ID THE LEADERS AND KILL THEM. It is partly where the word decimate (every tenth person killed) comes from. Go into the captured village and kill all those who look defiant.

      Remember Rodney Short just posted:
      “Castro just FUCKING DOXXED these 44 patriots!!!!!!!!!!!”

      Now The DemonRat Congress wants to put the ONLY PERSON who they think can ID Q on the hot seat.

      They could not bring down President Trump, General Flynn looks like he will be ‘slithering’ out of their trap so they are DESPARATE to take down the lieutenants who are leaders of the Deplorable movement that they can ID. Given the violence against Tucker Carlson, Mitch the Turtle, Rand Paul, the shooting at the Republican Congressional baseball team practice, the Congressional Train derailment… These people and their rabid attack dogs ARE NOT PLAYING!

      Remember what they did it in 2016 to win. How many people besides me mentioned OT that they had suddenly lost the ability to post comments? Google mucked with the search results and Twatter, farsebook, Utube and others have been deplatforming conservatives. However NOTHING HAS STOPPED THE TRUMP TRAIN.

      Now it looks like President Trump is going after Google and others are going after Twitter. GAB and other platforms are springing up and they are LOOSING CONTROL of the information the Sheeple get. THEY ARE DESPARATE AND VERY VERY DANGEROUS!

      Liked by 5 people

    2. Jim Watkins, the owner of 8chan…lives in The Philipines!

      I don’t see how they can force him to come and testify.

      So I hope that Watkins just tells the Dems to fuck off.

      Liked by 4 people

        1. I think Watkins just turned over control of the Qresearch board to a trusted Anon.

          The 8chan site has a lot more to it than just the Qresearch board.
          It has boards for Anime and Gamers, etc.

          Watkins’ son is CodeMonkey/Ron…who is working on getting 8chan up and running again.

          Liked by 5 people

  26. Ok…I guess I really don’t understand the younger generation…I mean way less so than I could have ever imagined. Here is an article, more of a letter actually, written by the ex-girlfriend of the Dayton nut in response to the shooting. Good grief!

    View at Medium.com

    Liked by 1 person

      1. She may have already been hit herself. Might be worth a thorough investigation of whether BOTH of them were MKed together. MK witness can close loose ends, pooh-pooh the key ideas, add some red herrings.

        Liked by 3 people

  27. A tweet on the CLOTHING linking three pictures of the shooter in El Paso:

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Do you think that the jacket is a bullet proof vest of some sort and did the handler suggest he take it off for the WalMart siege so that he would get shot and killed? Silenced.
      Reporter Scott Stedman has tweeted that he had told the FBI that a manifesto which was purported to be from the suspect had been circulating on 8Chan. Stedman said that the FBI is treating the manifesto seriously.

      Scot stedman…hmm this is recent tweet from him~~~~
      I wish John McCain were still here.

      When did Scot Stedman tell the fbi? He called them up? He tweeted?

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Excellent points. Yes – I was thinking that was some kind of tactical jacket or that he had body armor underneath it. He looked hot and sweaty in the po-po pic, which would make sense if he had been wearing body armor.

        And YES – that makes loads of sense. RECYCLE HIM – like I called it – back into Walmart – but WITHOUT HIS ARMOR.

        Dead perp, no strange stories for LE, everything makes sense as the story they WANTED, not the REALITY.

        WOW – that is CYNICAL. MK him and he dies.

        And yeah – that reporter seems more like a cabal guy.

        Liked by 4 people

        1. It’s hard getting details of any kind. Hundreds of articles give the same limited spiel and then launch into political leanings and how many people were shot.
          Supposedly the PD got the call about WalMart at 10:39 and responded 6 min later. They didn’t say the threat was over until 1 when they caught up with the shooter in his car…we only know that because of the citizen video.


          The article also has the witness acct from Adriana Quezada as ~~ “”I heard the shots but I thought they were hits, like roof construction,” Adriana Quezada, 39, who was in the women’s clothing section of Walmart with her two children, told The Associated Press.”

          They left off the part about multiple shooters.

          (All of that’s just for thread info..nothing new)

          Liked by 2 people

  28. Weird tweet from an ANTIFA member who communicated with the Dayton shooter on Twitter:

    A4 = August 4th. Dayton shooting happened in the early morning hours of A4.

    Liked by 3 people

  29. Sorry to drop info and run.
    Another early day coming when the sun rises.

    The most important piece of evidence that’s MISSING from nearly every mass shooting in America
    Monday, August 05, 2019 by: S.D. Wells


    (Natural News) Considering most American’s infinite inability to think, it’s not surprising that nobody is looking for the obvious evidence that tells the real “truth” about how the latest mass shootings really went down. You see, since a picture is worth “a thousand words,” then a video is worth a thousand pictures, or a million words. Ever bother to notice the Feds and the Deep State never let a single video be shown to the public from when these armed stooges approach and enter the premises of the store, school, or theater they shoot up?

    After all, Walmart runs security video 24/7/365 from multiple angles, out front and inside, as do most schools. And we’re not asking for footage of innocent people being shot, just the video footage of the shooters entering, but we NEVER see it. Why?

    Security video footage of the “shooters” won’t match the mass media narrative of the event, so the public never sees any
    The first thing the Feds do when they swoop onto a mass shooting scene is confiscate all security video footage from the inside and out of the location. They also confiscate any footage from surrounding stores or ATMs just to be sure they got it all. Then, it’s always only ONE mass shooter, the “lone shooter,” even after early reports usually have survivors and witnesses talking about multiple shooters. Why?

    You will never ever see the video footage of the “guy” who entered Walmart in El Paso and shot innocent people. You won’t ever see that footage – not on the news and not in court when he’s “prosecuted” for his crimes. You won’t even see footage of him in the parking lot, walking around with his automatic weapon, but you WILL see gruesome footage of medics carting off and carrying off victims, because those are the emotions the press wants you to experience, and those match their narrative.

    Ask yourself right now WHY you never see video footage of mass shooters entering the property. At Sandy Hook, the school had just put in a new, high-tech system for security. Where’s the outside footage? Afterwards, we saw plenty of black and silver Fed cars blocking all roads to the school, so no medics could get in or out (talk about creepy), but no footage of the stooge (patsy) breaking windows or walking right through the front doors of the school, ever. Just some lame picture of the kid from the psych ward 3 years earlier, before he disappeared.

    That is how you KNOW when a violent event is staged, and usually, real people still die, but it doesn’t go down the way it’s told for days and weeks after by MSM, and nobody ever asks to see the security surveillance footage.

    end snip

    Read more… https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-08-05-the-most-important-piece-of-evidence-missing-from-mass-shootings.html

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Video

      “Lucas said the store’s multiple security cameras will make it easy for SPD to study his behavior.

      “Walmart has hundreds of cameras,” Lucas said. “Every footstep he took here is going to chronical and document his actions.””



  30. Has anyone looked into the “crisis actor” aspect of these events? I remember some pictures of the same people/actors at the scenes of the Boston Marathon massacre, San Bernardino, the Colorado movie theater slaughter, &/or Gabby Gifford’s AZ shooting, I believe. Has anyone linked any available images using perhaps facial recognition like Ya’acov Apelbaum did in his important “Mechanics of Deception” post?

    Liked by 3 people

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