20190731 Dem Debate Thread ~ Evening Two

Hi folks!!

Are you ready for Round Two?


Looks like the media has decided Kamala needs to win this evening.

Debate will be live-streamed on CNN . com for those who want to watch on a device.

From now until “showtime” let’s decide who will get kicked out this evening?

Who will not survive the night?

What do you think?

566 thoughts on “20190731 Dem Debate Thread ~ Evening Two

  1. Thanks for the comments on the debate for those that watched and took one for the team.

    Just posted OT as the bitching whining group is in full force.

    Was going to make a brilliant long post to counter all the whiners. Not worth the keystrokes. Trust your President. He knows what he has to do to get re-elected. The swamp is deep and it ain’t getting fixed overnight. If you have given up on PT then watch the dem debates and pick your hero from that bunch. Good luck.

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  2. Thanks for all you do Miss Daughn!! So grateful to have you on our team and in our Qhouse!! 🤗😘
    Good Job Everyone!! 😍😍😍

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    1. Hey, you were the one who lifted my spirits and gave me the inspiration to do the thread. I was not feeling it.
      Thank you, for the back up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I needed it most!

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    1. I see Marica, up by the Front Window!!! 😊🥳😊. Soo envious. Do us proud Sis and have a good time!! Tell POTUS Hi from all of us!!🤩😍🤩

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  3. Thanks for this thread. Unfortunately, I have not been able to read it and didn’t watch the debates. Does anyone have an idea of who supposedly won each night and if anyone is thought to have won overall?

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      1. That bad, eh? Eventually, some Dem will have to become the frontrunner unless they insert a ringer at a later date. I know some think Michelle O will run. I’m wondering if Hillary is waiting in the wings to declare none of these candidates have what it takes [shudder].

        But hopefully soon, some of these people’s reputations will be ruined by what is to be revealed.

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  4. Thank you Qpers 💖💖💖 You guys are like the Marine grunts doin’ all the dirty duty like *spit* listening to those yokels yodel their lies.

    I chuckled through the whole thread (when I wasn’t SMDH).

    Kudos Daughn, Blfly, Rayzor, and everybody else who manned the watchtowers.

    We 👏 are 👏 still 👏 WINNING 👏

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