Here we go, people. LAST CALL. I want to hear your FINAL PREDICTIONS.

Sessions. Rosenstein. Mueller.

White hat? Gray hat? Black hat?

To make matters even trickier, check THIS out….

Check the DATE on that puppy! Just after midnight this morning.

I mean – is that a REAL TWEET?

Yes, but things MAY or MAY NOT be what they SEEM – even TWEETS….


And remember – Q often “states by analogy”, as in “think mirror“.

SO – what are your predictions?

Sessions – Rosey – Mueller

White Hat – Gray Hat – Black Hat

Make your calls!

(Extra credit for explanations that PAN OUT!!!)



159 thoughts on “LAST CALL – PLACE YOUR BETS

  1. Sessions – WHITE Hat! (Did you expect ME to vote any differently??) He was stuck in the recusal, but did everything possible to clean up the DOJ and to go after drugs, drug dealers, dirty doctors, white collar crime and human/child traffickers and predators!

    Rosenstein – White Hat – because he was praised by Barr.

    Mueller – BLACK Hat – because of connections to the Clintons and covering their dirt, his other cover ups. No doubt he was threatened within an inch of his life.

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      1. If Sessions had not been part of the campaign, he would not have had to recuse.

        Sessions bequeathing Miller to DJT was the GRAND PRIZE!!! (Or did Miller beg to be given?) Miller’s fearless dead center target messaging keeps PDJT in the center lane of US taxpaying citizen wants, needs, concerns, issues, painful problems and heart aches.

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        1. AMEN! Absolutely! And to me that shows the SMARTS and DEEP PATRIOTISM of Sessions – somebody who would hand their weapon to a soldier in better firing position to WIN.

          Everything about Sessions has screamed “honest patriot” from the beginning. No “Swampy Sessions” theory ever worked for me. Sorry! Too many facts “go loose” when we try to fit “swamp creature Sessions” into any working theory!

          And watch out for “sleeping dogs”! There’s a reason people say “let them lie” – or better still – don’t try to get past them!

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      2. Sessions is a white hat for sure
        Rosey is a white hat , after Barr praised him I knew for sure
        Mueller isn’t a white hat but maybe he is being forced to do what he is doing as he is staring down the barrel of a loaded gun either by our beloved POTUS and team or DS who knows at this point. I’m betting the meeting will be cancelled though.

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              1. “Yep. And all truth coming out now would destroy much of the alphabets out of DC.”


                I’m okay with that.

                After many seconds (at least two) of consideration, I’ve come to terms with that possibility — and I’m okay.

                I’ll be just fine, if many — or even all — of the alphabets are destroyed.

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  2. Sessions White Hat. I agonized over him for months OT. But every time I thought of him on the campaign trail I thought, ‘How could he have turned on Trump like that?’

    Rosenstein a White Hat, too. That was hard because he seemed like such a sniveling suck up and he signed the last FISA application. But remember that time he came out of a meeting with POTUS and he had a huge smile on his face? I knew something was going on there.

    Mueller is the hardest for me. The meeting with Trump the day b4 he was appointed SC…….weighed with Louis Gohmert’s report on him back at the beginning. The result of the Russia Report…..since I have to guess I will say Black Hat. Too much water under his bridge.

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    1. This is very close to where I’m at! Sundance simply could not convince me that Sessions was “in it to control Trump”. No way!

      And once I realized that McCabe may have LIED TO ROSENSTEIN to get him to sign that FISA – BOOM – things started making sense.

      The description of McCabe as an “arsenic cookie” was perfect.

      McCankles, tool of the witch!

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        1. You know – you just gave me the missing piece of how the Deep State may have bubbled Sundance. The PSYCHOLOGY of it.

          Sundance grew from a state of “Trump’s got this” to a state of “Trump’s got nothing”. The smart money would be where we started, closer to “Trump’s got this”. Something like:

          “Trump’s got this, because he’s awesome and we’re all helping.”

          WE – the MAGA folks – from bloggers to pundits to generals to whistleblowers to activists to everybody – EXACTLY LIKE TRUMP SAYS – we *ALL* helped elect Trump. We were a MOVEMENT, and it WORKED.

          To a guy like Sundance, who made a significant contribution with the Roadmap and his early site support for Trump, it will – BY MATHEMATICAL NECESSITY – feel like “he alone made the difference”.

          That’s normal. That is how strong movements against an embedded corrupt power-holding establishment feel – they require strong individual commitment, felt BROADLY and by almost EVERYBODY.

          We all have to act like WE ALONE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. But we have to remember, down underneath, that it is technically not true.

          What the Deep State did, I’m theorizing, is various things to make Sundance think that he REALLY WAS “THE ONE” who made the difference (this is the psychological HOOK, which also increases psychosis and paranoia, BTW), with the implication that Trump’s position is actually PRECARIOUS AND IN DANGER – that “Trump’s got nothing”.

          The truth of the matter is that if I die tomorrow and this blog closes, Trump will be re-elected anyway – NO PROBLEM. Nevertheless, we ALL have to keep acting like that is NOT TRUE, so that the loss of SOME OF US for random reasons won’t make the difference.

          What I believe the stealthy anti-Trump forces did was to push Sundance TOO FAR in that thinking, to where he felt like Trump was in constant real DANGER – that Trump could not and should not trust Jeff Sessions. That is not the same as trusting Sessions but endorsing the STRATEGIC FIRING OF HIM due to recusal and uselessness.

          For all we know, Sessions’ VERY FIRST THOUGHT about recusing himself was the following:

          “I’ll just resign at the proper moment and Trump’s problems are solved. I can play it by ear and resign at the perfect moment. OMG, this is such a beautiful plan. I will SACRIFICE MYSELF and Trump MUST WIN.”

          Trump likely realized this, but he also realized that he would LOSE his amazingly loyal general. THAT was (IMO) why he was “mad” (allegedly) at Sessions for recusing without consultation. I’m sure Trump had other scenarios worked out, where Sessions didn’t need to recuse and resign. But still, I think Sessions did the RIGHT THING.

          Because I….

          Trust Sessions.

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          1. I often notice the piece of the puzzle that doesn’t fit – hence the first thing I noticed about the MSM’s article that Trump will get re-elected “despite losing larger numbers in the popular vote.”

            That’s the kind of thing the commies/fascists slide in all the time. The insidious seeding of thoughts, ideas, and false facts, and then the next thing we know, the populace is not only quoting, but believing the propaganda that the MSM/politicians were selling.

            Sticking to my core belief system – that DJT was no fool, that he had fairly comprehensive knowledge of what went down, AND that he had a way to deal with it – well that premise lays a much sounder foundation for future moves by POTUS and his trusted staff.

            Anyone who thought DJT was controlled by others, or could be controlled by others – well, they just don’t know the man from Queens. 🙂

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          2. I remember a sit down interview with President Trump and two NYTs reporters, one being Maggie H.
            In that interview he, for the first time, lambasted AG Sessions.
            Claimed it made his position weak.
            President Trump picked those two for a reason.
            He wanted their people/readers to know just how wounded the recusal made him.
            He told us he would never lie to us. He didn’t say he would never lie to them.
            I say it’s a ruse. Our President ‘played’ them. And continues to……..

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          3. “The truth of the matter is that if I die tomorrow and this blog closes,”


            Don’t do it!

            Either one!


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          4. “What I believe the stealthy anti-Trump forces did was to push Sundance TOO FAR in that thinking, to where he felt like Trump was in constant real DANGER – that Trump could not and should not trust Jeff Sessions.”


            I have always wondered if maybe someone in the administration (or several someones) was a regular CTH reader, or otherwise became aware of CTH, and became concerned that SD would figure out exactly what was going on — and if he did, and reported on it like he does everything else, everyone would be ‘wise’ to what is happening.

            And if so, and if SD was willing, the administration could use SD as a kind of decoy, to start pushing a narrative that was the opposite of the truth, to protect the actual plan.

            When Q came along, revealing actual insights that conflicted with SD’s false narrative(s), it was like Q was blowing SD’s cover, so SD had to discredit Q and chase away anyone who supported Q or made good arguments for the validity of Q.

            It would be an easy thing for SD to do. He would do his normal thing, but whenever the subject was Sessions, Rosey or anyone else who might actually be a ‘white hat’, SD made sure to paint them as a black hat.

            So long as he maintains that theme, there is constant uncertainty among Trump supporters, which is necessary in order to create constant uncertainty among Trump’s enemies. If we were all ‘in’ on what was actually happening, to the point there was practical unanimity, DJT’s enemies would know too.

            Instead, they can’t be sure, just as we can’t be sure.

            And if anything like this scenario has transpired, SD is almost certainly not the only one chosen to sow discord or contrary narratives in order to maintain a ‘fog of war’, as opposed to allowing the enemy to see clearly.

            Just a thought I’ve had for a long time.

            Could be nothing to it. Probably is nothing to it. 😁

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            1. This is one of my main theories! I just thought I was the only one! 😀

              It SEEMS rather far-fetched. But who knows? However, also remember that sometimes the other side can PRETEND to be representing us. Those kind of operations can be tricky, but they can be done. And THAT can sow chaos.

              But yeah. And your idea fits with certain “chaos agents” I’ve seen.

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    2. The meeting with POTUS was many things – but only 10 minutes of it could have even touched on appointment as FBI Director. I immediately eliminated that as a possibility. Now what went on in those 4 hours – I hope we’ll learn someday.

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      1. In my fertile imagination – there’s this theory….

        Scene – Trump Tower – President-elect Donald Trump’s office – newly scoured by US Secret Service for bugs/listening devices.

        P-E DJT: Come in Bob, have a seat. How are you?

        BM: Good morning, Sir.

        P-E DJT: Let’s get down to business. Is that all right with you?

        BM: Yes, sir.

        P-E DJT: You know, Bob, I have it all.

        BM: All?

        P-E DJT: Yes, all. You need to work with me, for me and help me get it all cleaned up.

        BM: How?

        P-E DJT: I’ll let you know how as things progress. I assure you, it’s the best and least painful way, for you, for them, for our country. You will have a big role to play. Not many people have an opportunity for an undo. I know you had no good choice. I know what they are and their methods. You will be protected. They will also think you are still theirs. Are you in?

        BM: (gulp) I’m in.

        P-E DJT: All the way?

        BM: (swallows) Yes

        P-E DJT: Good. Here’s your first step……

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  3. This would be the second time Rosey has given such a similar response. First time was during testimony and he was shocked by a question, dropped his mask, and made a statement. His reaction was so odd…. emotion could not be faked in my judgement.
    Rosey = white hat

    There is still nothing I have seen which indicates Sessions was a bad man.
    Sessions = White hat

    Mueller is old and tired, an inept man who was led by younger zealots. Even Giuliani has said he was “like a wizard behind a curtain…. we never saw him – only maybe once or twice in two years”. Mueller has a bad history of screwing up big cases.
    Mueller = Inept, old, incompetent, grayish-black hat.

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    1. Mueller allowing Weissmann free rein even after all of Weissmann”s many screwups, malfeasances and judicial reversals tells me all I ever needed to know about Mueller…bad actor.

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      1. The story of Arthur Anderson, accounting firm, rippled through the biz community.
        Weissman should have been run out of the country, not able to walk the streets of the USA, and certainly disbarred.
        That Weissman was allowed on this team, you’re correct, said all we needed to know.

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        1. AMEN!

          I think you may be right on COMMUNIST, but I have searched HARD for any red flags, and was unable to find any at all.

          if Mueller really was a communist turn, he was one of THE BEST camouflage jobs EVER.

          However, I think there is some possibility that he was a Soviet MK job, and that is how the commies could get him to “insure outcomes”. His obsessive zeal in pursuing WRONG OUTCOMES strikes me as MK behavior.

          And THAT is where I suspect that the WHITE HATS may have struck back. There are multiple ways to PLAY THE MUELLER CARD once they have awareness on him – including regaining full or partial control.

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      2. Mueller allowing….? Giving them enough rope to hang themselves withCrimes Commited Against A Sitting President as apposed to a candidate or Potus elect. Crimes that could not possibly have been pardoned by obumma the Kenyan as It Was After His Term In Office.
        Fucking brilliant of al
        T least Potus, sessions and Rosenstein.
        Mueller may have been coerced

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    2. Mueller is compromised. Did he compromise himself or has he been blackmailed by Weissman and the like?
      Did Barr give him a way out to redeem himself? We find out tomorrow.

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  4. Mueller black hat, to many past ties to the Clinton’s. Rosenstein black hat turned white?? I am thinking that he may have turned to save himself. Sessions I think started out as a white hat but got taken out by the black hats, and to watch from the sidelines.

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    1. I think this is a valid PERSPECTIVE on things – especially the idea that Sessions got TAKEN OUT by the black hats.

      I believe that Sessions had a STRONG WORKAROUND after recusal, and probably felt more confidence in it and necessity for doing it than Trump did. I think that Sessions understood his own recusal was THE ONLY WAY to do everything “100% properly” – through a barely necessary recusal done through a compromised Office of Special Counsel. Others probably thought the whole thing was a “white knuckle ride”, but I suspect that Sessions realized it was a guaranteed win, if everybody held on tightly!

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  5. Sessions = White Hat

    RR = White Hat. With this call made, it follows that the Special Counsel was part of the plan. It thus follows that that Mueller was put in place as part of the plan …

    Mueller = Bad Guy trying to save himself. Mueller rotten almost to the core, looking for last minute redemption. The 17 angry democrats HAD to be led by someone such as Mueller in order to be credible. It is thus natural to regard Mueller as a bad guy, because his record IS bad. Redemption is always possible – part of the Christian ethic. So, if Mueller has lived up to his end of the bargain with PDJT, his hat colour will be changed from Black to White (Darkness to Light)

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    1. My logic has been consistent from the start – that it would be inconceivable for an incoming PDJT, having been warned of a treasonous coup IN PROGRESS, not to take active steps to defeat said coup and bring the perpetrators to justice. Thus his DOJ picks would all have been read in to the plan / strategy to safeguard the Republic – no greater duty for any President. Simple. Mueller would have been approached after Sessions and Rosenstein were on board – very carefully crafted meeting where overwhelming evidence of the coup would have been shown him in order to force compliance should he be tempted to resist.

      Anything less would open PDJT up to justified charges of dereliction of duty.

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      1. I have something close to this, but it is “more white hat” on Rosey, “more black hat” (completely separate story, not described here) on Mueller.

        Things really hinge on Mueller – whether the White Hats wanted to CONSCIOUSLY turn him, or whether they simply HERDED HIM (and McCabe) once they understood what was going on.

        I tend to believe Trump’s lawyer that the big 4-hour meeting was really about FBI Director – and thus that it was an all-out effort to convince Trump to go along with Mueller as a pinch FBI Director based on the Obama-Mueller precedent. At that point, however, I believe that Rosey was AWARE that McCabe had lied to him about the FISA, and also lied to Pence about Flynn. SO ROSEY PLAYED ALONG WITH McCABE AND MUELLER. Sessions probably in the loop on all of this. The STING within a STING (the part that starts with getting rid of criminal Dirty Comey and going next to Mueller D and next to Mueller SC) thus underway.

        BIG STING – Military / NSA / Q Team / Q+ / “etc.”

        SUB STING -Trump / Sessions / Rosey / ECW / Whitaker / Barr / “Clean DOJ”

        The White Hats knew there was rottenness in Denmark. Once McCabe and Yates showed their hand, the Big Sting moved to get rid of them both. Yates was removed by the “Muslim Ban” – she’s a lightweight – all politics, no spycraft. Easy to kick her out. McCabe – that was a tougher problem. The IG already on him once they knew he lied to Pence and Rosey.

        Remember that Mueller dropped his phone at that meeting? I’m sure he was doing it for McCabe, under the pretense that there was “Russian collusion”, etc. McCabe was still operating under the cover of his fake Muh Russia investigation, and MUELLER was their reliable weapon.

        If Mueller really did bring his phone, then there is NO WAY (IMO) that Trump divulged the deepest truth at that meeting – the STING. Too dangerous. If Mueller was WIRED BY McCABE, it would tip off Cankles.

        So at the meeting, Trump listens, Mueller tries and tries and tries. Rosey plays along, arguing middle ground but enough to sound good to McCabe on the other end of the phone. (But McCabe mentions dropped phone trying to control Rosey later – very sneaky FAIL for the black hats.) See how that works? McCabe was THREATENING “I’ve got stuff that will make you look bad.” Very typical CABAL. Rosey laughs it off and ignores.

        Rosey comes out of the meeting, Trump has not bitten on Mueller, McCabe goes after Rosey and INSISTS that COMEY is right – they MUST have a special counsel. Rosey can TESTIFY to all this later, mind you, after he leaves office. So the White Hats (including Rosey now) have the Lawfare Gang on the conspiracy to generate the FAKE special counsel. Rosey PLAYS ALONG AGAIN.

        Now we can see it clearly – Rosey always gave Mueller CONTROL and WHAT HE WANTED.

        Why? Play along. And he would have HAD TO let a BOGUS Mueller report stand, had it not been for the BARR switch. Rosey waited for rescue to the VERY END. Otherwise, to be “by the book”, he could not really interfere with the MUELLER SPECIAL COUNSEL PLOT.

        Rosey, like Sessions, played CONSERVATIVE BUT LONG-STRONG CHESS. Sessions was easier to spot as a White Hat. Rosey much harder, because he had to play along with Mueller the whole time, for multiple reasons, not the least of which will be to SCREW ALL THE BLACK HATS TO THE WALL IN THE END.

        If I’m right, this will be one of the greatest spy stories EVER, and the role of Rosenstein will amaze.

        NOW do you see the NUANCE of the Q psy-op? The necessity of it – to keep Rosey on the KNIFE-EDGE of suspicion? The whole thing is amazing.

        This is my CURRENT THINKING.

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        1. Glad to see you have shifted on RR 😉

          You have one more shift to make. Mueller MUST be redeemable if Barr trusts him enough to be family friends with. Mueller / Barr is the key. If this was a sting, which must follow if you now accept RR as White Hat after all the evidence of people’s (Barr plus Sessions) regard for RR plus what he has written and said – THEN it is probable that Barr was in on it from the get go. Mueller / Barr friendship is NOT a coincidence, IMO. It was so planned to have these players involved. Barr turned Mueller some time before the RR/Trump/Mueller meeting. The business with the phone in the Oval office would have been play acting to boost RR/Mueller cred with the swamp …

          Don’t forget – Q said RR and Mueller had same colour hats …

          So, not having a compelling reason to see that Q drop has disinfo, I see Barr / Mueller friendship as KEY …

          Time will tell – the point of a good sting is to keep everyone guessing until the fat lady has resumed her seat.

          I have seen the nuance of Rosey from early on, and have numerous times said they (Rosey + Sessions) would have to be nominated for Oscars …

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      1. I have believed that ALL the malefactors have been comprehensibly surveilled 24/7 for at least 2 years, and their every movement observed and recorded. There was probable cause to do so, both criminally and for FISA.

        Think about that!

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          1. I hope and pray that one day that their activities these past several years will become known, and that school children will be taught of their exploits when they learn about the great US patriots.

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    2. Agree with most of your take, but Mueller has decades of malfeasance behind him; it would take a lot to give him absolution. Therefore, I don’t think it’s possible, but a “deal” could have been made for his role-playing. He still hired 17 people who are members in “good” standing with the anti-American, commie-fascists, and he enabled them to do their dirty work. Then his press-conference where he tried to dance around the findings of “his” report – giving the Dems fodder to run with for the next several months.

      All of which has been harmful to the country. No, there isn’t absolution for him. He’ll have a handler today because I think he is impaired (health issues) – and he’ll give more soundbites to the Dems. The only counter will be the GOP getting the right questions asked. Eventually, the truth has to be revealed to fix this country.

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      1. Hi Lady P. You seem to be forgetting that this is a sting, with the added bonus of occurring during a political campaign.

        Mueller’s background is perfect for the role – the swamp knows Mueller is one of them. BUT Mueller is family friends with Barr – so he MUST be redeemable, if we trust Barr.

        Mueller feeding the Dims impeachment fodder is HELPING PDJT. It keeps the Dims chasing unicorns and demonstrates to the American voter that the Dims are not electable since they are not acting in America’s interests.

        Barr has been in on the sting from the start – of this I am now convinced. This whole thing was planned in the broad before DJT was sworn in.

        Sessions was always going to recuse -law 101. Which means that RR was selected to replace Sessions – meaning that he was trusted with the WHOLE SHEBANG.

        So Sessions was the distraction, RR was the “stinger” and Mueller was the placebo to keep the 17 Angry Democrats from suspecting the sting.

        Barr came in to wrap things up once all the elements were in place …

        Barr being friends with Mueller is the BIG tell. Remember that Q said that RR and Mueller had the same colour hats …

        Which means that if most of us now believe that RR is White Hat, it follows that Mueller is also White Hat …

        If a sting is well run, almost no one should be able to read it. It is thus natural to have these questions – since that it how a sting HAS to work. Barr and Q have satisfied me – but of course I could be exactly wrong …

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        1. I believe in the sting, not so much about redemption for Mueller – it’s bothered me that Barr and he were “friends” but in their circle, what we might think of as friends can just be socially bonded acquaintances.

          Barr would have followed Mueller’s career for decades – lawyers read about lawyers, just as physicians read about fellow physicians and preachers know of other preachers. Mueller’s behavior post report release hasn’t been stellar, ( I do think he is impaired).

          Now if it’s the Big Sting we hope, it might still be playing out until the rest of the puzzle is completed – I get that. But Mueller’s long history of malfeasance and malpractice while in the highest law enforcement levels of the country – that’s not a forgivable conversion for me.

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          1. Exactly. Going undercover as “Carlos” to catch “Osama” isn’t exactly “White Hat”. If somebody is not NETTING GOOD for our side, they’re not “on our side” – they’re a snitch on the other side, angling for something.

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          2. Standard DOJ practise is to do deals with lesser “perps” to sell out the bigger fish – Q said of Mueller “He is trying to save himself”

            If my view is correct, and that Mueller was essential to the “Sting” – then Barr / Trump will have the final say on his redemption, not the likes of us.

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        2. “BUT Mueller is family friends with Barr – so he MUST be redeemable, if we trust Barr.”

          You need more untrustworthy close friends to see how wrong that is! 😀

          Spies are often GREAT people. I’m betting Mueller made sure they stayed friends.

          Look at this picture…..

          I see a MARK and a PLAYER. The question is WHO “Mr. Side-Eye” is playing for.

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          1. Q’s “RR and Mueller wearing same colour hats” thus means you HAVE to believe it is disinfo – that is what confirmation bias IS.

            I have specifically argued that Mueller IS bad – which is why he was perfect for that role. An obvious white hat was never going to cut it. This is how a STING works.

            Think Bad Guy, working for redemption – that is what the facts in evidence show. I offer the friendship as evidence that Mueller likely has SOME redeeming qualities, together with his military service. That is what I am working from, together with the necessity for a PLAN before oath of office to drain the swamp.

            Perhaps it is easier for me to see this from afar – not being a battered conservative.

            What has Mueller to gain by pissing against the wind – Trump is not going to be impeached / convicted? Rather work for the winning team at this stage – to “save yourself” …

            Any ambiguous testimony that re-inflates the impeachment balloon is GOOD for Trump politically – so I expect more of the same from Mueller under my theory.

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            1. I’m reinterpreting Q’s use of the kill box on that drop. I’m thinking that [RR] can mean something like “RR undercover” or “RR constrained by the position” (which legally he was, by the lawfare plot, prior to the Barr switch). That allows a parity flip.

              [RR] same as Mueller.

              ]RR[ not same as Mueller.

              But we’ll see . Hopefully today sheds some light on things.

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              1. We agree that Mueller has been a black hat for some time. I had never heard of him or RR before 2017, so I have no interest in them personally. My only interest is to test my understanding of the likely strategy employed. Barr and Trump know the truth re these two characters – that is what matters.

                My call re Mueller being flipped for this role is really a comment on Trump’s abilities – I care deeply about Trump’s success in order to secure liberty for the next little while. If Mueller is indeed still Black, I am not worried, since his hand is empty.

                Not expecting this hearing to deliver any clarity – but hoping that I am wrong 🙂

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  6. Mr. Sessions = white hat
    The reception he received on his departure from Justice was telling. Standing ‘O’.
    Mr. Rosenstein = white hat
    A tightrope walker extraordinaire, played his part beautifully
    Mr. Mueller= ‘converted’ white hat
    He stood aside and let evil doers seal their fate.
    Couldn’t possibly be that inept.

    Thanks for letting me play. Is there a prize?

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    1. I remember DAG Rosenstein with his daughter at the White House Easter Egg Roll – KellyanneConway being very warm towards them, and Rod’s beautiful smile and pride in his daughter.

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  7. Sessions is the only one I would call an absolute white hat.

    The other two, I still believe they were in on the plan, and were acting to save themselves and get a little revenge in the process. Rosenstein was probably not compromised by the DS as badly as Mueller, but go back and look at Mueller’s record BEFORE GWB (he was not part of the Bill Clinton administration in DC), and there are indicators both ways. He was a US Attorney in NY and California, and grew up in Princeton, NJ. Dad was a DuPont executive. Mueller was also a decorated Marine officer in Vietnam, including the Bronze Star, Navy Commendation Medal, Combat Action Ribbon and South Vietnam Gallantry Cross. He wasn’t riding a desk. He actually saw combat. And having been an officer makes it possible VSG called him back into service as the face of the farce.

    AND, BTW, I VSG’s recent twink about Mueller testifying would be bad for the Democrats is worth considering. Trying to save his own skin might well mean avoiding Arkancide.

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      1. I can see that on Mueller.

        I’m telling you, Wolf, all of it feels like revenge. A dish best served cold. Some of the players like Brennan are more than complicit, but others who were compromised or used and abused…what if they were the given the chance to make things right and get back at those who compromised them all at the same time.

        It might well be wishful thinking, but it’s not outside of the realm of possibilities on some of the players.

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        1. I don’t think it’s all wishful thinking. CONTROLLED REVELATION is very likely what we are seeing here all across the board. In some ways, it’s an information brush-fire that the commies walked their way into. They kept America asleep, robbing and pillaging at their leisure, but the Great Awakening was possible, and once it started, they could not shut it down.

          The TRUTH wants to be KNOWN.

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  8. To me, one of the most significant “clues” about Rosenstein was his memorandum/letter dated May 9, 2017, recommending that Comey be fired, and explaining why.

    Even though the letter was far more than sufficient reason for firing Comey, VSG gave entirely different reasons, and the letter was essentially ignored by everyone.

    (NB: on May 16, 7 days after the memo, RR was in the famous meeting with McCabe where he offered to wear a wire. VSG’s tweets at the time can be interpreted that he knew RR was going to make the offer).

    But look at the letter.

    RR says: “Over the past year … the FBI’s reputation and credibility have suffered substantial damage, and it has affected the entire Department of Justice.” The “last year” over which the substantial damage occurred began in May, 2016, well before the election, and two months before Comey even corruptly publicly let Clinton off the hook. And it affected “the entire DOJ.”

    RR condemns Comey for usurping the Attorney General’s exclusive power to decline prosecution. What RR is saying, in effect, is that Comey’s announcement was necessarily a corrupt act. As a prosecutor, RR is implicitly saying, he understands that what Comey did had nothing to do with justice and everything to do with politics. In this respect, it is important to note that this particular corrupt act by Comey was a UNIQUE corrupt act. I am willing to bet no one can find any similar “official” act of usurpation by any other “police” (investigative) arm anywhere in America, ever, by anyone.

    RR condemns Comey for announcing the details of an investigation publicly. Now, it has become routine for prosecutors to do this both to present themselves as a hero to the community, and to taint the jury pool by trying a person in public before the prosecution has even started (and often signals the beginning of a public relations campaign by the prosecutor against the person to be tried).

    This despicable practice is barely and probably never recognized by the public or the legal community as the shabby, dishonorable, unethical and dangerous scam it is. To the contrary, the public largely craves this form of “entertainment” and see nothing wrong with it (until some poor schmoe finds himself on the receiving end of these public humiliations, and suddenly realizes how unfair, unjust and PUNISHING they are).

    RR thus sets himself aside from the whole corrupt group of prosecutors who are unable to understand their proper role.

    But here is the real point. RR could not have failed to notice the fundamental, all infusing irony behind his memo/letter: By violating the most basic ethical standards of investigation and prosecution, Comey was acting to advance the cause of Hillary Clinton. Hillary was both the “victim” and the beneficiary of Comey’s corrupt act.

    So RR was hoisting both Comey and Hillary on their own petards. RR knew there was enormous amounts of probable cause to prosecute Clinton. RR knew that NO reasonable prosecutor would EVER refuse to prosecute such a case, except for the corrupt reason of letting off a connected person.

    And in his letter RR was saying so, something he would only do if he were an ethical and true prosecutor. This was not the sort of CYA, pressured-into, virtue-signaling type of baloney you often get from BS artists. This had to have come from the heart as well as the mind. And RR’s heart was not only in the right place, it was in the right place with deep conviction and ironic humor.

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    1. I believe that you are 100% correct here – Rosenstein stated his true feelings.

      AND this explains something else. By giving the reasons to FIRE Comey – TRUE reasons – Rosey put himself in a position where the black hats had “appearance-of-being-political leverage” against Rosey, and McCabe’s NEXT STEPS against Rosey make sense.

      Sticking up AGAINST Comey, there is leverage back against Rosey if he does anything that helps Trump next, so he has to play along with the other side. IF NOT, Rosey opens himself up to charges of being political. It’s a very shrewd move BACK against Rosey, by McCabe and Comey.


      McCabe is acting D. Comey is gone. McCabe is both leading the MUH RUSSIA investigation of Trump, in which they LIED TO TRUMP about him being under investigation, AND is trying to get a SWAMP BOSS back in charge of himself.

      Rosey is already aware at some point here that McCabe lied to him about the FISA. THAT fits in here, too.

      MUELLER IS THE KEY. It’s a bit of a desperation move, but McCabe and Comey are able to work with Mueller with LEGAL RIGHT TO CONCEAL FROM TRUMP to try to get Mueller back in charge of FBI as part of that investigation. Generating a SPACE to conceal from Trump is critical. If they can just get Mueller back in, no problem – McCabe investigation of Trump is protected and can proceed. But they can’t get Mueller in. Wray or anybody who comes in as D could SHUT DOWN McCabe and the Muh Russia investigation.

      SO – they go to Special Counsel Plot. They hit Rosey with the Muh Russia investigation – and Rosey has to conceal THAT investigation from Trump. They FORCE ROSEY into generating SC as part of that bullshit.

      Rosey plays along – caught between (possibly at that point) knowing McCabe is a liar and under investigation by the IG, and the fact that, legally, he (Rosey) has to go along with this bogus investigation of Trump that the black hats say must TURN INTO the Special Counsel.

      Amazingly complicated, but making all kinds of sense now.

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      1. Sessions would have to know and approve a Special Counsel, right?

        Wouldn’t Rosenstein and Sessions be obliged to inform/warn Trump, who is head of Executive Branch?

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        1. It all keeps making more sense to me only if the SC was a sting to ‘drain the swamp’ to FISA them and make the hunters the hunted, and PDJT’s constant tweets about the witch hunt were/are smoke screen.


        2. Actually, Rosey started the special counsel without telling EITHER Trump or Sessions. As Sessions said, everybody was caught by surprise by Rosey doing it. And this was necessary because Trump and Sessions were both TARGETS of the Special Counsel. And THAT was because McCabe had seen to it to have Russia-related investigations of both Trump AND Sessions – which the RUSSIANS HELPED MAKE POSSIBLE.

          Trump and Sessions were thus informed AFTERWARDS. Trump could FIRE the Special Counsel, but this is designed to lead to impeachment.

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  9. Gotta run ,..

    Sessions = White hat for all the reasons noted.

    RR = Grey Hat … go along to get along … *may* have finally seen the light …

    [Muller] … blackest of black. Completely untrustworthy. Embarrassment to USMC.

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  10. First, I bet you didn’t get much sleep last night, Wolfie. That tweet by Mr. Rosenstein! lends itself to many possibilities. You mention these three players, there are many on the periphery who might be pulled into the net – Could be surprises all around.

    AG Sessions – white hat, ’cause I’m married to an Alabama “boy” and Mr. Sessions has always served that state with honor. And… they brought him back to get his Cabinet chair with a nice ceremony. He did not leave ignominiously.

    DAG Rosenstein – an enigma. His warm send-off, and AG Barr’s particularly respectful and even affectionate remarks about him… well, I’m going with Mr. Rosenstein got the job done.

    Mueller is a black hat IMO. It really isn’t simply about this Special Counsel and the Russian Hoax debacle – but his long history of malpractice and malfeasance in public office – during his tenure as FBI Director especially. Many of his DOJ thugs caused harm. Whitey Bulger going around killing people while an “FBI informant” and what they did to Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska.

    Don’t forget the Benghazi coverup happened on his watch – throwing a filmmaker in jail for the criminality of HIllary Clinton and Barack Obama. It’s a deep veil of darkness going back several decades.

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    1. YUP. I hear you! That LOOOOONG history of Mueller black-hattery is just too much to explain with a sting in which he is a white hat all the way.

      And there IS enigmatic stuff on Rosenstein. But I think that once he saw the light on McCabe, he was a white hat all the way. AND his letter on Comey – THAT makes a LOT of sense.

      Oh, how I would have loved to hear Rosey when Mueller tried to go in as D. I imagine he played both sides like a Stradivarius – because his own life was on the line! But I’m sure he knew there was no way Trump would bite that STRYCHNINE COOKIE of Mueller, offered up by a plot from “ARSENIC COOKIE” McCabe!

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  11. Such excellent points in comments above, I have little to add.

    Sessions was, is and always will be a White Hat. Period. Full stop.

    Rosenstein – I have actually prayed that he is a White Hat who, for reasons unknown, chose to stay in a career where Black Hats abound. (I would not work in that Swamp.) How much he had to go along to get along through the years, I don’t know. I pray he comes out smelling like a Rose(y). Our country needs some White Hats who worked the Sting.

    Mueller – Black Hat. Temptations are all around us. Being tempted is not a sin, succumbing to temptation is. I think Mueller succumbed long ago to corrupt power. Now he’s just a willing puppet in someone’s nefarious playbook.

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    1. I know nothing about Session. I cannot relate to anything what he did or did not do.
      So I am in no mans land concerning him until I see something that is one way or other.

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  12. I say:
    Sessions: White Hat. Will be vindicated.
    Rosenstein: Grey Hat. Am waiting to be convinced otherwise.
    Mueller: Black Hat of the 10th Degree.

    Remember that the entire purpose of the so-called “hearings” and “testimony” by Mueller this week is to provide Nadler and Schiff ANY word / phrase / innuendo, that will give the House just enough to twist into starting impeachment proceedings against POTUS. One reason why that letter from POTUS was sent to Mueller yesterday ordering him to stay absolutely within the written confines of his report.

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  13. Sessions and Rosey–White for all the reasons above…
    Mueller–I think he’s the “plot twist” for the surprise ending…Black hat (U1 Benghazi etc). That 4 hour meeting with POTUS and ROSEY the day before he was appointed SC–was NOT coincidence… SO he gets a grey one from me…

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  14. You guys rock….such excellent observations! Thanks for opening the topic, Wolf…hubby and I have discussed just about every post. I sincerely hope we are on target and soon the world will know!
    I did jump over to OT for a minute or two to see how the conversation was going…honestly lost interest quickly…such negative, almost hostile posts.
    Have any of you ever been in dry, hot areas and suddenly walk into one of those cooling misting machines? (My first encounter was at the World’s Fair in Seville.) it’s such a welcome relief…an instant mood-changer. That’s how I feel when I come here to share thoughts with all you.

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  15. Such an interesting thread. I really don’t think the hearings will result in startling info that will clear the air on all that is going on. Hardly the big reveal, final episode of this mess. Political theater with congress doing most of the talking. I find plan to watch and look forward to the nuggets, the pieces of news revealed, the breadcrumbs and a little more info that helps what we already know make sense.

    I look forward the most to the accidental slips, the admissions that further confirm that this was a witch hunt.

    I have been mulling something over ever since I read through this thread earlier this morning.

    I have been trying to imagine an alternate history. If there was no Q, none at all, how would things be different. Would any of our answers re white hats/black hats be different? How so? What if we had to depend on timelines, document deep dives, etc. without the help of Q? Where would we be?

    How would our perception of other things/events/policy/people be different? How would we be different, especially In our political actions? If we understood things differently would we support President more, less, differently? Would we support various other political players more, less, differently? Would we be discouraged and less politically active or panicked and disheartened or more politically active despite the lack of behind the scenes knowledge dine it would all seem so much more desperate?

    From another angle, how has Q helped President Trump? What is the benefit to him p and his support? What actual results have come about because of Q? Help maintain or even increase his support!

    By imagining Q completely out of the picture, never having been part of the picture, it helps me see more clearly the impact of Q and perhaps the reasoning behind and purpose for Q.

    Overall, I think Q is an encouragement and gives so much hope.

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  16. Over time have looked at Sessions & RR as black, grey and white.

    Today and past few months…

    Sessions white hat. All the reasons above.
    RR white hat. At times RR appeared to teeter to the dark side.
    Some RR related that I CANNOT understand are…
    – WHY did RR NOT stop the SC investigation when it had nothing on President Trump collusion?
    – Why did RR not insist SC investigate origins of coup attempt?
    – Why not pursue phony FISAs, corrupt FBI/DOJ, hildabeast email, IC…

    UNLESS, legal FISAs issued after President Trump came into office and are working…

    IF FISAs by Trump Administration are in play, wheels of Justice way to damn slow, bordering on incompetent. NOT a reflection of President Trump. He works at warp speed every day, all day. The rest of the Feds, not so much.

    – DOJ/FBI glacial pace pursuing Justice 100% unacceptable.
    Mueller 100% black hat…needs to rot in hell. Prior Marine, Officer, Navy Cross have ZERO to do with his performance in DOJ/FBI/SC. Zero benefit of the doubt. Appreciate his Military service, which ended decades ago. Mueller is evil, evil, evil!

    What Mueller has done in the past PLUS what Mueller personally led, allowed during the Special Counsel investigation is nothing short of evil wrought on America, Americans, Justice as it should be, NOT Justice that can be manipulated for destruction of America purposes.

    Enlightenment where I have gone amok welcome;-)

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    1. – WHY did RR NOT stop the SC investigation when it had nothing on President Trump collusion?
      – Why did RR not insist SC investigate origins of coup attempt?
      – Why not pursue phony FISAs, corrupt FBI/DOJ, hildabeast email, IC…

      Because via the SC results, the swamp is revealed. They also needed to collect evidence on crimes being committed by the team on the hamster wheel to nowhere. It was part of the plan all along, I would guess. Get all of the “go to” Democrat lawyers in one spot, listen in to the plotting, follow the rat lines, etc.

      And all the rest was being pursued, I am quite sure. What we do not know is if the anon theory of BO doing mass pardons on the way out the door is true. If it is, then, VSG and team had to wait for additional crimes to be committed. And since they have access to all the NSA info….

      NOTHING is as it seems. The enemy was allowed to destroy itself and we got to watch.

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      1. Agree with your thoughts. Hope they are spot on. FISAs in place by Trump Administration alleviates some of the obfuscation if hussein did pardon all involved. Need fresh crimes to prosecute.

        recently and in the past a few have yammered about indicting president Trump after he leaves offices in 2025. I am thinking this is a warning shot to not go after Bite Me and hussein. good news here is President Trump is not intimidated by these asshats. As president Trump says, what has been allowed against him can never happen again. President Trump is rock solid on this, me thinks….Justice shall prevail.

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      2. DP, I hadn’t thought of what you stated in your second to last paragraph. Missed it on Q. Makes perfect sense.

        I realized in the beginning of the witch hunt that PT was giving enough rope for the black hats to hang themselves.

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    2. On why RR did not stop the Special Counsel investigation? Very good question, unclear answer, but a couple of possibilities which make sense: 1) Concern about impeachment being able to move forward, especially with Ryan in the House and tenuous numbers in the Senate. This is a weak, politically focused possibility and may be without merit, but just throwing it out there. 2) The Biggest Sting ever to reveal and destroy the Deep State. That actually seems more plausible to me.

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      1. Even without a “giant sting” where Mueller is a white hat, I believe that McCabe’s “Muh Russia” investigation (which is the same thing as Obama’s “by the book” investigation “memorialized” by the Susan Rice email) was ACTIVELY INVESTIGATING TRUMP AS A TARGET – and thus could legally be concealed from Trump or anybody who might tell him. Rosey would not be able to tell Trump certain things. It’s VERY cunning.

        Once the other side took out Sessions, they HAD TO TAKE any Muh Russia stuff to ROSEY, and – I believe – Rosey had to not only stay mum about it, but he basically had to say “yes” to the conversion of that into a special counsel if anybody but Mueller became D. Note that Mueller was likely pulled into the plot “legally” under OBAMA when he came to the WH – probably to get sucked into MUH RUSSIA “by the book”. So then Rosey could not “protect Trump”.

        Such a SNEAKY plot!

        This explains the LAWFARE of it. Comey KNEW that he could convert the Muh Russia investigation into a special counsel, and he KNEW that Rosenstein could not object since he would thus be protecting the object of an ACTIVE investigation, and he KNEW that the OSC was corrupt and would appoint Mueller or another black hat if McCabe finagled it. And if I’m right that Mueller was “read in” on the PHONY investigation of Trump, then Comey knew that it almost HAD to be Mueller appointed to head the SC.

        So I see Rosey being forced procedurally and ethically into approving the SC.


        That would be another reason to push Mueller at Trump for FBI D – any Trump objections would be noted, or more critically, the LACK OF THEM. If Trump doesn’t bite, but doesn’t object to things about Mueller, then pushing Mueller BACK as the SC has cover from the fact that he was even considered as D.


        But Trump never fell for the Nixon-snaring tricks of the Muh Russia “attempted Watergate”, so Mueller just did the cover-ups, like the text message deletions, and the hiding of documents, and sent “Democrat-collusion-relevant” Russians safely back to Russia with bogus charges, while desperately trying to create fake “Trump-Russia-collusion” evidence that always falls apart.

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  17. Most everyone has covered it how I see it.

    Sessions white hat.
    Rosenstein is the professor Snape in the plot. A white hat.
    Mueller is a black hat who is complying bc either what he learned is too far into treason/destruction and/or he has guilt over his prior leadership and the fruits of his labor(and wants to avoid jail).

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    1. Excellent analogy of Rosey being the Snape of the group. He’s been a black hat in the past, and circumstances have him looking suspicious throughout, but may be on the side of the good guys.

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  18. I can’t add much to what has been said here about Jeff Sessions (White Hat) or Rod Rosenstein (also White Hat, in my opinion).

    But, with Mueller, I always come back to that meeting in the White House. What the heck happened in there?

    I think Mueller had it all layed on the line for him, and was told what he would do going forward. I think he was a “honey trap” for Weissmann, the other “Angry Democrats,” and the entire Democrat conspiracy team.

    Mueller – Black Hat coerced into wearing a White Hat, which didn’t match his outfit. It wasn’t pretty, but I think it got the job done.

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    1. Agree with one exception. Mueller all too happy to rail road President Trump, if he could. And rail road anyone related to or simply working with President Trump. Mueller willingly all in was and remains evil.

      Bad guys being duped will come to light. More great days to enjoy. Many will be brought to Justice. D-Rats, MCM and talking heads further exposed for supporting roles and complicit behavior.

      Mueller, Weissmann and other angry D-Rats walk away with no accountability? Their reputations in the toilet? Me thinks they don’t care. They are being very well compensated.

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  19. Damn, I guess there is no hiding from my prior predictions, so here is a summary:

    Sessions – White hat. A man of honor both loyal to PDJT and truly sickened by the miscreants who were gaining ground globally and destroying the US. Recusal was part of the plan — hand off Russia to Rosenstein and concentrate on building out the plan to cut off the cabal’s financing mechanisms and destroy the surveillance, blackmail and extortion rackets that enabled them to control politicians, judges, and law enforcement.

    Rosenstein – White Hat. An honorable man previously blackmailed by the cabal, Rosenstein seethed with rage beneath his calm demeanor when Hussein sabotaged his painstakingly developed racketeering case against the Russian Mikerin and his exploits in the US energy sector. (Hussein’s Russia reset was falling apart at the time with the Russian invasion of Crimea, and a high profile Justice Department prosecution of a Russian extortion kickback scheme did not fit his preferred narrative.) Freed, and endlessly grateful for the opportunity to exact revenge, Rosenstein wrested control of Russia, Russia, Russia from McCabe and ensured that the probe exonerated PDJT. Probably also helped guide the probe into U1, although we likely will never find out about any role he may have played there.

    Mueller – Gray Hat – Devious, corrupt and deeply skilled in using the cover of prestigious federal law enforcement roles to protect various guilty parties (to include the Clintons in particular), Mueller has been offered the opportunity to obtain a reduced sentence and has taken the deal. He remains tormented by his choice, and may yet backslide into evil.

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    1. I agree with so many here:
      Sessions – White hat – look at his history, he has nothing to indicate he would turn to the dark side.
      Rosenstein – White hat – you can’t fake the appreciation that he received at his retirement gathering – Barr loves him. Love Love Love his tweet early this morning! Time for him to be redeemed.
      Mueller – Walking a tightrope – I’ve been back and forth on him, black, white, gray – he wants to be a good guy, but the power of evil may be too tempting.

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      1. I just loved that tweet of Rosey – notice how he had it timed to post at 12:05 AM – I can just see his sweet smile when he wrote and scheduled it.

        Rosey grows on you… 🙂

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    2. Going to be difficult if he’s gitmo bound. I mean life instead of death penalty. How much evil can you do there? Except maybe start a na nan nan nan nan chant when those who got the death penalty go for their final walk


  20. Sessions- white hat
    Rosenstein – white hat
    Muller- Q originally said to trust him. Q reminded us that he was a Marine, implying he would follow orders. Now the question is, what were his orders? And lastly, that later press conference Muller gave where he read that statement in a cold, dead voice??? Maybe he did follow orders, and is or thinks he’s a dead man walking. If he testifies, he maybe a dead man walking. So, I’m calling gray. Black originally, not converted to white, but trying to remain neutral because of orders. I’m pretty sure if he turned white totally, he would already be feeding the daisies.

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  21. Here goes:

    Sessions: Definitely a white hat. I’ll eat ten crows if I’m wrong, but nothing can (and will) convince me otherwise.

    Rosenstein: Initially, I thought he was a grey hat, but his final days convinced me that he is likely a white hat.

    Mueller: I’m going to have to agree with a previous comment about Mueller: he’s all over the place. Personally speaking, he comes across as a very, VERY reluctant white hat (as in, he was either coerced into cooperation or given a deal that he couldn’t refuse). To play it safe, I’m going to say wild card.

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  22. My thoughts (not grounded in an informed legal perspective and not enhanced by being able to play chess).

    If you believe Sessions was a white hat, it seems to follow that you have to also believe that Rosenstein was at least grey since he was put in charge of Mueller and had such a high endorsement from Sessions. I will never understand why there was no investigation into the truth of the Russian hacking charge from the lying Left, or the truth of the Dossier and it’s origins, or any investigation into Democrat ties to Russia. The poisoned well of biased information is still having a negative effect on the country.

    And then, why did Rosenstein not read the Fisa warrant he signed?

    My problem with Sessions, whom I thought was a good guy, is that he seemed weak. I was not impressed by his crackdown on marijuana vs a very public expose of the criminal illegal gangs and their ties to the Democrats. The marketing of addictive illegal drugs to our vulnerable youth has resulted in the destruction of countless families who have lost children to this. Part of the responsibility of holding a public office, imo, is making the most of the platform it gives to inform the public of the truth.

    Whatever he did behind the scenes to investigate the Clintons or re-establish the rule of law, I felt also that Sessions was too quiet publicly in passionate support of the President and condemnation of the lawlessness of members of the previous administration….including their collaborative true obstruction of justice wherein they destroyed evidence and refused to cooperate with investigators.

    Knowing Mueller’s history with the FBI and his relationship with Weissmann I cannot accept that he has a white hat. I do accept that he is scared of something, judging by his performance at a recent press conference.

    Mueller could have come out with a complete exoneration of the President and rammed the illegalities of the
    Fisa process and the dossier down the throats of the left. The fact that he did not makes him lower that a worm in my estimation, along with his buds Comey, Clinton, Obama, etc.

    I do remember Q citing Mueller’s responsibilities as a Marine so if we find out that somehow was good in this instance I think that he has a lot to answer for with his past cooperation with the forces of evil (i.e.FBI training manuals).

    Hopefully there will be stellar and lovely explanations of all of this forthcoming and I will be able to thankfully marvel and the genius of things happening as they have.

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  23. The only one I am completely sure about is Sessions. He is definitely, and has always been, a White Hat. I know a lot of people now think Rosenstein is a White Hat, but I still don’t see it. If you go over the long body of Q posts, it just isn’t there. Also, Q said many times:

    If [RR] is dirty, Mueller must also be dirty.
    if Mueller is dirty, [RR] must also be dirty.

    I think both of them are dirty, but whether one or both were compelled to help POTUS drain the swamp, and are thus Gray Hats, I don’t know. They are both implicated in U1, and Mueller a lot more than that. Maybe they were working for a lighter sentence? We shall see.

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    1. Yes, that equivalence stated by Q has bothered me. But if you look at all my responses on this thread, you can see that I have a very solid theory of Rosey as a white hat who played along with the black hats.

      How about THIS interpretation of Q…..

      If [RR] is dirty, Mueller must also be dirty.
      if Mueller is dirty, [RR] must also be dirty.

      What if we interpret [RR] – with the “kill box” – normally interpreted as “the target” – as the FOLLOWING:


      or maybe even


      In other words….

      If Rosenstein UNDERCOVER is dirty, Mueller must also be dirty.
      if Mueller is dirty, Rosenstein UNDERCOVER must also be dirty.

      [RR] = Rosenstein undercover
      ]RR[ = Rosenstein no longer undercover

      Make sense? I think this might make a lot of Q posts more sensible, if some of them are looked at this way.

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      1. That could very well be, Wolf. After going back and seeing all the negative Q drops about Rosey, I’ve been negative about him for the most part. But that could be exactly what Q wanted the DS to assume, hence, Rosey undercover as you posit. Mueller I’ll always consider a Black Hat, even if he was secretly helping POTUS. There is just too much nasty stuff he has done to ever be considered a good guy.

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    1. But ok I’ll play:

      Sessions – White Hat because Trump takes the best of the best. Sure I was ticked at him at first but the longer I think about this…

      Rosenstein – White Hat because I went ‘Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe’.

      Mueller -Black Hat bc the connections to the clintons AND epstein

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    1. She worked as a US attorney under the Clintons and under Bush, but she never represented them personally. There are some good articles that explain this:

      Rosey was also a Whitewater investigator, it turns out, and actually got some convictions. That’s in one of the links.

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      1. both know where the bodies are buried. Good allies for a new administration, if they can be turned. What bait shall we use? Sharp cheddar, limburgher?

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  24. Sessions: White. Very, very little doubt.

    Rosenstein: White. Less confident on this one, could be gray. Or he could be gray at heart, going with the flow which would make him white because Trump is white; if that’s so then had this been the Klinton administration, he’d go Black. Anyhow, since I have to make a choice, I’m going with white.

    Mueller: Black. Maybe only dark, dark gray. I think Trump/Sessons/Rosenstein boxed him in but I think he was raging against his constraints. So his effect was a medium gray, but he wanted it to be black.

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  25. I think both Sessions and Rosey are white hats.

    Mueller–I don’t think we’ll know even tomorrow. There have been too many times when I thought here it comes then it didn’t. Mueller will likely stay within the four corner of the report. The Democrats will then scream that the DOJ intimidated him to not say what he wanted to. The Rep. are likely to get in a few jabs that might make great campaign fodder but little else.

    There might be a few more pieces of evidence but they will equally point to white, black and gray hat!

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  26. I predict Mueller will resort to two comments repeatedly in the hearing tomorrow.

    1. I invoke my 5th Amendment Right against self incrimination and refuse to answer that question.

    2. I’ve already answered that question in the 400 page final report and will not expand upon it.

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      1. Maybe, but I think if Nasty Nadler phrases any question that even slightly threatens Mueller’s competence or legal summaries he’ll plead the 5th. I have a hunch Nadler will become very upset with Mueller if he regularly uses what I tagged option #2. Implied threats will follow. Nadler is just unprofessional enough to do it. Remember how he mistreated Candace Owens earlier this year.

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      2. In any case I also predict Mueller will be very nervous at the hearing tomorrow. That’s based upon his obvious anxiety on video when he made his summary of his report for TV. He either had way too much caffeine that day or he was scared half to death.

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        1. Very interesting.

          One thing I have suspected is that Mueller is expected by the DS to attempt a “Hail Mary” in the House, to start impeachment. Doesn’t matter if it’s FAKE – it starts the IMPEACHMENT BALL ROLLING.

          If Mueller IS expected by the left to “fake it”, and he either DOES IT or DOESN’T DO IT, things will be HOT.

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  27. Is there a possibility that Epstein was working FOR the Clintons?

    Drawing in rich pretty flies and getting them tangled in their webs of child and drug trafficking?

    Or is this bigger than the Clintons?

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  28. I’ll take a go. All an ‘imo’ follows.

    Sessions – White Hat – The recusal was agreed to with him and Pres Trump privately before hand (even excluding White House lawyers such as John Dowd, etc) including the dissatisfaction that Trump would project over recusal. It greatly emboldened the coup plotters and especially their rank and file Black hats remaining in gov positions that the plotters still needed to carry out black hat actions despite a new AG that was non-swamp (and white hats needed to have occur so there were threads to follow back to misdeeds occurring prior to the Trump swear-in).

    Rosenstein – White Hat – The fulcrum that publicly tilted White hat to Black hat through all of 2017-18-19 until the Mueller Report release (but did so at behest of White hats). With the recusal for Sessions and the firing of Comey there was great uncertainty everywhere about who was in charge and what was what. Rosey was considered acceptable to the Black Hats (believed compromised) and so he was chosen by the White Hats for authority at DoJ w/ regard to Russia (Mueller/SC). Rosey goes as far as to suggest wearing a wire to sting the Pres and alludes to cabinet members ready to invoke 25th, etc.. to keep the Black hats convinced of loyalty to Black. Kept feeding them rope until his exit. Yeah we had many days where he looked a Black Hat (stonewalled Congress from documents, reveal of the “wire” convo + 25th follow-up, testimony to congress where he was less than forthcoming..) but they can be explained now as protection of evidence that implicates the Black hats.

    But honestly I thought this thread would have more Black hat votes for him, it sure seemed like many more thought him a Black hat prior to the release of the Mueller report. And imo there is still a lot of viability for Black hat theories around him. I’m less sure about his motivations but I’m leaning toward former White hat who was sullied but luckily had this opportunity to flip back and also serve revenge. Which leads to..

    Mueller – White Hat – Yes I agree he had become deeply compromised and is complicit in crimes and coverups of prior events. The White hat I put on him is only in regard to his conduct as Special Council.

    If he was recruited I believe it was before the meeting with Trump, that meeting instead was his first performance for the den of Black hats thus the open phone etc…

    His job was to cage the legal tigers of the Black hats.

    Think of the waste of resources it has turned out for them. They had all of these hours spent in a SCIF and that meant they were also locked out from the outside world for whatever their hours were 8-5, 5 days a week or similar. These lawyers are among the Black hats best for shaping narrative, responding to news events, planning, general LawFare etc… and they were off the field for large periods of time in that SCIF. They thought it would be worth it but for all that effort the best they had was that weak report (not they didn’t cause some damage to certain individuals such as Manafort, Flynn etc..).

    Mueller kept them mostly confined to the edges of LawFare (no more planting of evidence or running sketchy Russians at Trump, family or admin members) and so the enterprise turned into a big dud. He hasn’t been a willing cheerleader for the last remaining avenue the Black hats in his Special Council had hoped to build into the report which is the hand off of investigation to Congress and there by reveal Grand Jury information. Of course that is what they are trying to provoke from him tomorrow (and he won’t give them).

    One more thought to consider with Mueller being a Black hat. Ask yourself if the Black hats are in a better position now with the Special Council ended as opposed to if it was still “Ongoing”. I don’t think it’s close, even their own side of the public has been angry, disgusted and generally deflated post Mueller report. I think this was predictable for them knowing how weak their Report was. So why did they stop? Why agree to file the report? Yes they had Barr to deal with instead of Rosey, but so what? What could Barr have done besides ask that would compel Mueller to “Close shop” and file the report? Yes technically Barr could fire him, not pay the staff, change locks on doors, etc.. but Mueller or a representative could run to the press and say “Barr’s not letting the Special Council complete it’s investigation, he’s making us file a report prematurely for Trump’s benefit, etc…” This would have stoked the impeachment fires in congress, media go on a tear, just generally create a mess for the Trump admin. The only thing that prevents all that was Mueller’s willingness to finally end the Special Council and file his report. So why did he do it?

    Even with this White hat action for him I doubt he gets a full pass for his past deeds but gets consideration.
    (Long-winded post)

    P.S. +1 I doubt we find out for certain tomorrow. In fact I think it’s only 50-50 Mueller shows (Black hat pressure must be enormous).

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    1. Long winded, maybe, but I totally agree. Mueller’s hamster wheel to nowhere was a way to tie up all the Democrat lawyers in a sense. It must have been part of the plan from the beginning. That would have been something that would have been considered a long time ago.

      Honestly, anything we are actually SEEING happening is part of the show. Has to be. The public arguments, the coded tweets, all of it. If the DS network was as deep and wide as indicated, drawing out all of the rat lines and cells, and layers and layers of operatives was not going to happen over night. It was going to take time to find all of it and dismantle it. And it’s apparent that it isn’t done yet. That’s why any leak should be considered a canary trap, any outrageous tweet is there as a distraction from what’s really going on.

      If this is war, nothing can be taken at face value.


  29. Sessions wears a white hat. He remained above reproach and played an advisory role once he resigned. Only way he can be a black hat is if he was planted in the campaign.

    Mueller wears a black hat. He and Comey wrote the surveillance law after the virtue signaling BS at Ashcroft’s bedside… Hand delivered the law for Mr. Project for the New American Century Nuland.

    Rod gave it up that he is a product of an organization that embraces the book Who Moved My Cheese as an organizational training tool ( think Tavistock). Anyone who has experienced such an organization knows that there is no accountability in a WMMC business model. If your cheese has been moved, move on, is the message of the story. It considers members of the organization as mice in a maze. Did Rod discover in the process that he was a man, rather than a mouse? I hope so. For me he wears a grey hat. He may think that his hat is white, but its been dirtied by his close associations. He layed with the dirtiest rats when he certified the FISA. As a lawyer, he certifies the truthfulness of the content, whether it was his work product, or someone else’s. He should be disbarred.
    I also believe that he may have turned, but only when he smelled cheese, and to find it, he had to find an escape from the maze.

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  30. Judges.

    It’s all about the Judges.

    I’ve said this before…that nothing good could have happened, with the state of the Judicial System when PDJT took office.
    The courts were infested with Leftist Judges!

    I think that our VSG figured that his enemies would go after him using Lawfare, and at every level.
    I think that he and Sessions knew…going in…that Sessions would have to recuse himself.
    How could they not know?
    I think they were counting on it.

    The Sessions Recusal bought time to get some Trump-appointed Judges on the bench.

    There is no escaping ^^this truth^^.

    If Pres Trump’s AG pick at the beginning had not been recused, then he would’ve been expected to launch prosecutions…prosecutions which would’ve been put before Leftist Judges.
    So those cases would’ve very likely gone nowhere.

    You only get One Chance with a prosecution.
    There are no do-overs.
    Well…not unless you can prove that the Judge was corrupt, and that is extremely difficult.

    This is why I think that the Recusal was part of The Plan.

    That said…here’s my take:

    Sessions — White Hat.

    Rosenstein — A little gray around the edges, but given the opportunity, he chose White Hat.

    Mueller — Started out white hat, then was hopelessly compromised and became a Black Hat. Question is…is he a tortured soul who is working on redemption? Only time will tell.

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    1. Thanks Wheati for summing this up the way you did, saves me a lot of writing and I just haven’t the time lately. Pretty much ditto, “what she said” ☝️☝️☝️
      That being said, I do love everyone’s take on this, can’t wait to see what happens next. So I haven’t heard yet, is Mueller gonna be allowed to bring his assistant with him? ….doddering old fool 🤨

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      1. If you’re referring to that Aaron Zebley guy, then yeah…looks like he’s going to be there.

        At least that’s the story, so far.

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        1. Thanks Wheati. If that’s the case then I predict a complete shitshow with still no collusion, no obstruction yet enough of a tidbit for the demons to drive the narrative for a few minutes. Glad I’m not a betting man though.

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  31. Well, there is this to add to our conversation:

    Jim Jordan Sounds the Alarm After Mueller Makes Last Minute Changes to Put His Deputy on the Witness Panel During Hearing

    Just to clarify my previous remarks ref Muller and the USMC, I would say, “See John Kerry.” Perhaps, Muller was the bravest of the brave and always leading from the front, yet, somehow, his public exhibition of late leads me to believe otherwise. Just sayin’ … 😉

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  32. I’ve got 1 quarter, so I’ll spin…..

    Sessions….White Hat

    Rosey….White Hat double agent, on the right side all along (cufflinks…?) , but set up to appear as an adversary.

    Mueller…..drum roll…..I’ m gonna go all in and say triple double agent, white hat😳. The ultimate sting would need to be led by someone the perpetrators “trusted”. All those phony indictments and leads on Trump people that fanned the fire….what really became of them? That COULD serve as the bait to draw in all the bad guys, allowing the net to drop on them at the end.

    I admit, part of that scenario is wishful thinking, but with all the disinformation….who knows? I could be completely wrong but I have always thought there was WAAAAAY more to Mueller than met the eye. I don’t like him, don’t trust him, but there is still a needling spidey sense feeling that he is playing a part….maybe on a real “witch hunt” that is gonna bag witches, demons, and crooks.

    Barr and Mueller are friends….In my little scenario, Barr holds up his water bottle, showing those dimples as he grins, and with that twinkle in his eye, says, “Let’s Book ’em Bob, all of ’em”.

    May not be the case, but it would make a hell of a movie ending🤷

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  33. Just saw an interesting commercial on TV. It was taking about what a great guy Mueller is. It was put on by a group called Republicans for the Rule of Law. Looked them up.

    “Republicans for the Rule of Law is a group of life-long Republicans dedicated to defending the institutions of our republic and upholding the rule of law. We are fighting to make sure that the laws apply equally to everyone, from the average citizen to the president of the United States. We believe in fidelity to the Constitution, transparency, and the independence of prosecutors from politics.”

    OK, that sounds OK but on another one of their web pages (separated from the first) is a scroll with each of the 10 “Episodes of Obstruction.” Seems like this might be a group to keep an eye on.

    The legal advisory board is Charles Fried, Chris Gagen, Slade Gorton, Rick Hall, Peter Rusthoven, Chris Truax,
    Stanley A. Twardy, David B. Waller, and Wendell Willkie II .

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    1. Slade Gorton is from Wa state and is a neo con IMHO. He’s better than the dims we have here, but that’s not saying a whole lot. In wikipedia, in describing what various entities he does or has belonged to, he’s described as a centrist.


  34. We may be shortchanging something here.

    I’m not a particularly conventional Christian. I KNOW I’m a sinner, but have doubts in my faith. I doubt all churches…..

    But I believe in Redemption. I believe you can be washed in the Blood of the Lamb.

    I think that Mueller has been the blackest of black hats for his entire sordid career. He has been associated with so many miscarriages of justice and felonies under color of authority that he should spend a great deal of time in the graybar hotel. But I suspect he may have been turned in a certain four-hour meeting. We shall see. It is indisputable that he has been steeped in evil for decades…..but in 2016, the power of God was made manifest — which has changed many things, great and small.

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  35. Sessions White hat. I explained Recusal ad Nasium OT. Also LOTS of sealed indictments, MS13 arrests, Operation Broken Heart more judges & prosecutors at border…

    Rosenstein – Gray.

    Mueller BLACK that is based on Chuck Kitchen’s assessment. He was the lawyer on the other side many times and said Mueller was VERY CROOKED. IIRC, I think he also said Rosenstein was crooked.

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  36. I have to go with Sessions as white hat. I sure hope so.

    As far as I can tell, nearly all of the black hats have been vocal and/or notably active against DJT since they left the administration. Sessions hasn’t been.

    Rosey… it’s hard to imagine him as a white hat, but there are too many little things that point away from him being a black hat. So I’m guessing Rosey is white, though he may have gotten that way via a detour through a black back alley.

    Mueller… I almost hope he’s a black hat, because he is a perfect villain, given his record. But that also makes him the perfect ‘mole’ if DJT was able to turn him in the early going.

    If Mueller is a white hat, he stole it and hid the body.

    I would like to think we’ll find out later today, but I’ll be amazed if the testimony today turns out to be anything besides another fizzle into nothing.

    We’ll see!

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  37. For the record…

    Sessions – you already know what I know. Not think, know for sure and certain.

    Rosenstein – Hard to say. Think I’ll let the President tell me what he is, which he will do at some point in the future. Case could be made either way. I’ll say this…it’s fascinating how the Mueller SC has not only wound up clearing POTUS of wrongdoing, it has ….as of today…. gone a long way towards indicting the political left and the Obama administration.

    Mueller – Today was definitive….he is a used condom. In fact, I’m not sure he even knows he is a used DS condom. How do you call a used up, senile, old man a “black hat”? Probably best left to say Mueller is a used DS condom, who as of today is now disposable and disposed of,

    This message will self destruct at midnight on Sunday.

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