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“No people has lived in greater freedom” SUNDAY
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Remember – your greatest gift to President Trump is FIVE WORDS:


A vision for the future.

But when all is said and done,
    God’s Temple on the mountain,
Firmly fixed, will dominate all mountains,
    towering above surrounding hills.

People will stream to it
    and many nations set out for it,
Saying, “Come, let’s climb God’s mountain.
    Let’s go to the Temple of Jacob’s God.

He will teach us how to live.
    We’ll know how to live God’s way.”
True teaching will issue from Zion,
    God’s revelation from Jerusalem.

He’ll establish justice in the rabble of nations
    and settle disputes in faraway places.
They’ll trade in their swords for shovels,
    their spears for rakes and hoes.

Nations will quit fighting each other,
    quit learning how to kill one another.

Each man will sit under his own shade tree,
    each woman in safety will tend her own garden.

God-of-the-Angel-Armies says so,
    and he means what he says.

Micah 4:1-4


“No people has lived in greater freedom” Sunday

In prepared remarks this week Representative Liz Cheney, in speaking about America stated “No people has lived in greater freedom.”  While this may, in fact, be true, in our current state we face daily reminders that our freedoms are under assault.

At the rally this week Vice President Mike Pence said, “When we have a choice between more freedom and more government, we’ll choose freedom every time.” Which highlights the source of many threats to our liberty in this nation.

Let’s take a step back and ask a few questions. What is freedom? What is subjection? What is slavery? … (and, to go all Q) … What really is freedom?

In the tradition of the Jewish people, the bondage of Egypt is an ever-present memory. It all began with jealousy on the part of Joseph’s brothers. They SOLD their BROTHER into slavery. Well, they probably were patting themselves on the back for being so nice since their original intention was to murder him!

While there is a happy turn of events when Joseph comes into favor with the Pharaoh, it is important to note that Joseph actually uses God’s revelation about the future to create an economy that leads to the enslavement of the ENTIRE NATION, including his own people. He’s probably patting himself on the back because he kept them from starvation!

This is the way of the world. First you leave the place given to you. Then some trouble comes and you give up some of your freedom. Eventually the ruler you gave your freedom to hands power to somebody who despises you and and oppresses you. And when you stay strong, they start killing off your babies, abuse you and your family and try to work you to death. What a way to live.

No need to explain to anybody what slavery is right? Or is that right?
What is slavery? Do you have to be in chains to be a slave?

What about victims of blackmail? Those struggling with drug addiction or heavy debt? Those living with the fear of violence or worse? Those with hidden secrets or promises that constrain their choices?

Who is really free? What does a free man or woman look like?
What do they have that makes them free?

You will have your own answers.
I would love for you to offer your thoughts in the comments!

For me, freedom is an inner state of the heart. A clear conscience, an unshakable trust in the goodness of God, a life of making hard choices when necessary and being willing to surrender everything to stay true to what is right.

Think *3


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  1. Watching FNS. Nadless is on and the studio lights are reflecting perfectly off his glasses to make him look like a possessed demon or space alien. I am cracking up ROTFLMAO.

    And he sounds like one of them, also.

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  2. Got this one forwarded to me this morning…

    The REAL story about “The Squad”
    Mike Huckabee
    July 17, 2019

    Back in mid-March, I featured a commentary about a video presentation called “The Brains Behind AOC,” about the sudden rise of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thanks to a radical leftist group called Justice Democrats. It showed that she had been recruited by that organization through an “audition” of sorts to track down –- from a field of about 10,000 –- the most engaging face of radical leftism they could find. JD had other candidates in its stable as well, some of whom had already won primaries in their heavily-Democrat districts and, of course, had gone on to be elected (as Nancy Pelosi has said, there are districts in which a glass of water with a “D” next to its name could get elected), and others who were being groomed to mount primary challenges in 2020 against relatively moderate Democrats.

    When “The Squad” of four far-left congresswomen went before cameras on Monday, spouting vague pronouncements of racism and xenophobia and outright lies about border facilities, ICE and President Trump, it occurred to me: these four individuals have something huge in common: they were all backed by the same socialist organization, Justice Democrats. Just to double-check, I went to their website and, sure enough, at the very top of their home page is a graphic featuring images of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of the 14th District of New York, Ayanna Pressley of the 7th District of Massachusetts, Rashida Tlaid of the 13th District of Michigan, and (last but not least) Ilhan Omar of the 5th District of Minnesota. “The Squad.”

    In a section called “Our Incumbents,” they’re listed along with a few others who have also made it into Congress: Raul Grijalva of the 3rd District of Arizona (who has “served in Congress for over a decade, fighting for Medicare for all, a $15’hour living wage, free college, taking on mass incarceration, and making sure Wall Street, large corporations and the billionaire class pay their fair share”), Ro Khanna of the 17th District of California, and Pramila Jayapal of the 7th District of Washington. They also list five new candidates; most are mounting primary challenges against congressional Democrats but one is trying to take down Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine.

    Anyway, these people are all backed by Justice Democrats, and we at Team Huckabee found it very interesting that the four women dubbed “the Squad” and moving to essentially take over Congress and be its voice happen to be the most high-profile members of that radical group. Even a look at several conservative sites found that this connection is not generally being made.

    The press conference almost certainly was conceived and organized by Justice Democrats –- I’ll bet they even came up with the name “The Squad” –- as they keep pushing, pushing, pushing their false narrative that anyone who leans to the right of Karl Marx or who dares to oppose someone who happens to be “of color” is driven by white supremacy and jingoism –- as they themselves are driven by identity politics (which is racist), are openly racist towards whites (especially Jews) and decline to condemn terrorists and communism. This insistent and extremely organized movement, if given half a chance, will flatten its opposition like a steamroller or a tank in Tiananmen Square.

    Justice Democrats | It’s #OurTime

    Of course, CNN has bought in to their message and gladly helps them proclaim it, as well as misrepresent what Trump actually said. In a glowing profile called “Here are the 4 congresswomen known as ‘The Squad’ targeted by Trump’s racist tweets” (yes, that actually is the headline), they do briefly mention Justice Democrats: “Omar ran with the support of the Justice Democrats, the same social justice group that helped bring Ocasio-Cortez into politics…” But they don’t go into any detail about JD and fail to make the connection between all four members of “The Squad” and this radical organization.

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    1. Spell check. Not “The Squad” . . . it’s “The Squat” . . . along with all the connotations that “squat” carries along with it.

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    2. I guess Team Huckabee didn’t survey the WQTH writings by our stellar analyst DaughnWorks.

      “Anyway, these people are all backed by Justice Democrats, and we at Team Huckabee found it very interesting that the four women dubbed “the Squad” and moving to essentially take over Congress and be its voice happen to be the most high-profile members of that radical group. Even a look at several conservative sites found that this connection is not generally being made.”

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      1. INDEED!

        Well, just sayin’ – if I was some aide on Team Huck and gave him a tip to read something here, I’d probably advise him to skip any acknowledgement! 😉

        In fact, *I* personally would advise him to skip any acknowledgement! 😀

        Nobody needs RADIOACTIVE WOLVES messing with their reputations. 😎

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  3. Also had this one forwarded to me this morning:

    Laura Ainsworth: “The Brains Behind AOC” working to take over Congress?
    Laura Ainsworth, Staff Writer
    March 13, 2019

    On Monday, Gov. Huckabee offered a link to a YouTube video hosted by a conservative who calls himself “Mr. Reagan” and titled “The Brains Behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.” The Governor neither endorsed it nor condemned it, just cited it as something interesting. I had long assumed there had to be some sort of brains behind AOC, as she didn’t seem to have any inside her head. After watching his video a few times, I have to say that his theory is entirely plausible and worth exploring.

    Just how does a 29-year-old bartender become the Democratic nominee for Congress from such a densely populated district as hers (the 14th) in New York? We know it had to be because of an organized and very aggressive strategy by “progressive” (as in, radical socialist) Democrats. “Mr. Reagan” asserts that AOC was recruited to run by a group called the Justice Democrats, which he says has a plan to find the “faces” of the new Progressive movement and run them for office around the country, with the ultimate goal of taking over Congress. He believes that AOC is, essentially, an actress, reciting their talking points.

    At this writing, the video has racked up over 800,000 views in just 3 days, and I hope it gets millions more. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a must-see. Watch it if you haven’t –- it’s a little over 23 minutes long –- and then we’ll continue.

    In my view, there is nothing crazy about what “Mr. Reagan” is saying. In fact, his theory makes perfect sense to me and would explain a lot. The only way he undercuts his argument is by using the word “actress” to describe AOC and the others run by Justice Democrats.

    As far as I know, AOC has never worked as an actress per se. She did not study acting, has not appeared in scripted plays or films, does not have a theatrical agent, is not a member of Actors Equity, and does not go on the usual casting calls. Living in New York City, if she really were an actress, she would have been doing these things. (Come to think of it, though, she might also have been bartending.) So if this theory is correct, I would rather call her a “proxy,” a “front,” a “figurehead,” maybe even a new kind of Manchurian candidate –- the kind that doesn’t require brainwashing (which I imagine in her case could be done with a Q-tip) because what brain she’s got has already been washed. She has a bachelor’s degree from Boston University; I believe her major was something like international relations and her minor, we’re told, was in economics. (I would love to see her transcripts. If she made A’s in economics, that school is not the place to study economics.)

    So, it’s not as if the Justice Democrats enlisted a talent agent, looked at head shots, set up a casting call, and literally signed contracts with real actors and actresses to play progressive politicians. Rather, it appears that they aggressively sought out young leftists who would appeal to very young and millennial voters. This was a “special” kind of casting call, arranged by political operatives rather than movie directors. With AOC, who apparently was brought to the call by her brother, they hit the jackpot, and she quickly became a star. As you saw in the video, the leader of JD, Alexandra Rojas, freely admits that in 2016, they looked at 10,000 potential candidates and found her. They organized her entire campaign for her.

    Trying to get inside their heads, I assume they were –- and are –- looking for energetic young people, preferably of color. Older folks and white people (especially male) need not apply, unless there’s something so irresistibly cool about them (androgyny?) that it makes up for those severe shortcomings. They want good-looking people with fresh faces, eyes spaced wide apart, even features and big, gleaming teeth. They want a variety of ethnicities. They will style these young socialists in hip, expensive designer clothes. In others words, they want people who look like they could appear in a Benetton ad.

    Now, here’s a picture of one of the other people “Mr. Reagan” says was “cast” to run in her primary. This is freshman Rep. Ayanna Pressley (great name!) of Massachusetts, who just turned 45; it’s a good thing for her political career that she looks great for her age. She recently made news by endorsing the brilliant idea of lowering the voting age in federal elections from 18 to 16.

    So this appears to be the new strategy for old-time radical leftism: put a fresh face on it!

    So this appears to be the new strategy for old-time radical leftism: put a fresh face on it!

    AOC does a fairly good job of parroting their talking points, although when she attempts to go off-script and put things into her own words, she tends to get them wrong or turned around. She did a great job reading scripted questions at the Michael Cohen hearing, though. She looks good and speaks with conviction, and those are the two most important things.

    Her campaign manager and now chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, has been in the news lately over serious accusations of mishandling over $1 million in campaign donations. After cutting his teeth on the Bernie Sanders campaign, he appears to be behind AOC’s messaging. Others from the Bernie campaign –- social media experts and radical Saul Alinsky-style organizers –- came on board as well. As “Mr. Reagan” shows through video clips, the Justice Democrats have been very open about finding new, more electable people –- people who fit their “brand” –- to challenge Democratic incumbents, win in their Dem-majority districts and, in the long run, TAKE OVER Congress. What’s after that? “Mr. Reagan” thinks it’s the Presidency.

    This kind of thing wouldn’t work unless there were a lot of people who didn’t know beans about history or economics or ANYTHING but who won’t let that stop them from voting. It’s important to them to elect the first twentysomething female Puerto Rican, or the first hijab-wearing female Somali, or the first (fill in the blank). If these candidates look hip, hate Trump, think abortion and even infanticide is great, want to legalize pot, and promise to provide everything for free, they’re in.

    I do think this started in earnest with the election of Barack Obama in 2008. Here was someone with huge star power, a dazzling smile and a fine speaking voice who represented an opportunity to elect the first black President. He himself was a community organizer, and the path was quickly cleared for him. But even that wasn’t a first; for example, John Kennedy had the advantage because he was much more appealing than Nixon. There was even a movie called “The Candidate,” in which the people elected a neophyte who looked exactly like Robert Redford.

    Incidentally, this is one more reason why I still think Michelle Obama will announce she’s running and will win the nomination. There’s nobody running with her degree of star power, and that’s what they need for the general election. She fits the “brand” and the media love her. Personally, I don’t care if a candidate looks like Mr. or Ms. Potato Head if that person is going to be a good leader, keep our nation strong and defend the Constitution, but that’s just me.

    The best way to counteract this strategy, if it’s what they’re doing, is to expose it, so pass “Mr. Reagan” around! I really am worried that, thanks to our education system, there are just too many uninformed voters who think “socialism” has something to do with social media and getting stuff for free. To get an idea of their level of discourse, you might check out the following video, a running commentary on “Mr. Reagan’s” presentation. I warn you –- in fact, I REALLY hesitated to link to it at all –- because the language is just relentlessly filthy. (I turned it off at the 9:00 mark.) But this person, with his lame attempt to refute the theory, is “Exhibit A,” making the case that some people are so wretchedly stupid, a scheme to woo the electorate with pretty faces might actually work. If you do have a functioning brain, that realization will scare the wits out of you.

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  4. So much good stuff posted over the last several days…I have a lot of catching up to do. My internet has been down for five days and it’s looking like I’m gonna have to just go with a new provider…so, it’s looking like several more days before I can get new internet service.

    Travelling to a coffee shop that has wifi every time I want to comment isn’t very gas efficient. Keep up the great posts! I’ll diving into them as soon as possible! MAGA

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    1. My son lives in Ann Arbor Michigan and had no electricity had been out for 3 days. He and his wife drove to a hotel 35 miles away and then their electricity went out also.
      He said it is hot and all is lost in the freezer and fridge. The cats are ok they slept in the basement.

      I probably would have had a BBQ with the neighborhood. Now he has to throw all his meats out.

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  5. It is time to dive into the lawyers who fumbled with the General Flynn case for two years before finally getting fired. The two lawyers, one a “FARA specialist” (Robert Kelner) and one a trial attorney (Stephen P. Anthony), each charging $900+ per hour, billed Michael Flynn $4.6 million for legal work beginning in early 2017. WHAT???

    This is part and parcel of the Swamp modus operandi. I have no idea why Flynn retained Covington & Burling. If he had called me here in Mississippi, I would have driven to DC, and laid down in his driveway to prevent him from leaving his house to go to C&B. I have several competing theories about why he did but none can be verified yet and all I can say with certainty is that he was pushed/directed/guided by people who assured him that C&B had all the inside contacts and connections to get him a “good deal.” Had he told me that I would have shared my thoughts in three words: “bull shheee ut.”

    Mssrs. Kelner and Anthony did absolutely nothing for Flynn because the outcome was decided long before they were hired. But they had to do the “vigorous defense” dance of all DC law firms and run up gobs of time with meetings, memos, letters, more meetings with one goal in mind: to create a bill so large that Flynn would be bankrupted and then they could toss him aside as a deadbeat. I am sure that is exactly what they were about to do when somehow Flynn found his way to Sydney Powell. I am sure Sydney is working without retainer (unless Flynn has a benefactor).

    I also am sure she has told Flynn not to ever, ever, ever pay C&B another dime. C&B will dun Flynn for the bills and Flynn has a very strong malpractice claim against C&B based SOLELY on the size of the bill, let alone their ludicrous matador tactics in the alleged plea deal . Eventually the entire C&B thing will be resolved by a “dog fall” settlement where C&B writes off the bill and Flynn drops the malpractice. (Someone, somewhere will pay C&B behind the scenes “for services rendered”).

    As for the “defense” and the “plea”: it was a “bag job” from the beginning.

    I say “bag job” without any personal knowledge but with absolute certainty. First, C&B has billions of dollars in billings tied to every Fortune 500 and global institution in the world. I am sure they went HARD TO GET Flynn as a client themselves on instruction from the Swamp. Once he was a client, they could tie him up in knots: control him, string it along etc. Controlling him was the goal.

    So, from a purely legal view, he ends up at C&B with 2 top-dollar partners on a FARA case??? Overkill in an understatement. The facts were 1st grade simple. It’s one phone call. The only three items were pre-trial discovery, trial preparation and plea discussions. How many witnesses: 20 at most – 5 really. The criminal charge was the least of the real issues in play and all they were doing was running the meter at full tilt – if they were even doing any work at all!! This was and still is a factually simple case that has absolutely nothing to do with what is actually going on.

    Another revealing fact showing what Kelner and Anthony were really doing has been the ongoing public relations disaster for Flynn for over 18 months. The DC media has alternatively portrayed Flynn as a deadbeat, traitor, conspirator, Russian collaborator and Trump stooge. They have done so without a single peep, press release or conference from the extortionate C&B lawyers coming to his defense. Managing the media is what Flynn was supposedly buying with all those C&B “connections”. Managing the media is an essential tactic in a high profile case; the jury pool is listening. C&B worked its connections well: they allowed Flynn to be pilloried and slandered “because Trump.”

    Notice the immediate change in media coverage once Sydney Powell got involved. Why was there no fight over “security clearance” before she got involved? Because the C&B lawyers hadn’t listened to the tape of the Kislyak call . . . that’s right. They hadn’t heard it at a fee of $5M. How do I know that? Why is Sydney having to ask now? Why is there a “security clearance” fight? Now, that is.

    Among his many “activities” as a lawyer, Kelner teaches “ethics” at Georgetown. So we had the spectre of an ethics professor at an alleged top-10 law school testifying for the government in the criminal trial of the alleged co-conspirator on the same charges that he represented Flynn, the other alleged conspirator, for two years. And while he testified adverse to his former client’s interests (less than a month after being discharged as the attorney of record in the parallel case), the $5M legal bills were offered into evidence to impeach his credibility. You cannot make this up. It is also being whitewashed and ignored in The Swamp. (Shockey face). This is despicable.

    Finally, as this has emerged and I have given it thought, I am reserving judgment on Flynn still. I have never been able to get a handle on him. I certainly respect Sydney Powell, as much as I abhor C&B and the two charlatans, Kelner and Anthony. Still, Flynn’s reputation as a brilliant analyst over 30 years doesn’t square with his performance here as a lamb willingly led by the Swamp. He is too skilled in the ways of that world and so much of what has gone on should have been obvious. But that is for another day. He is a hero in our house and a man who has served our country well.

    Let me know what you think. See story below.

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    1. My first thought is Flynn allowed himself to be the lamb to be slaughtered for this country to out the swamp?
      Tis is a sting but a costly sting if it is one. If this is a sting then intel would have to be behind it and if it is not a sting he is protecting someone . Who would he protect? Maybe his son? Maybe the president? Maybe who knows? He has friends I am sure in the intel community but he might well also have enemies.
      We saw what happened with Gallagher and the millitary case against him and those who served with him in Afghanistan framing him?
      Flynn was framed by cunning people.

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      1. I start with a vast reservoir of respect for him as well. I have to confess, however, the entire course of this is very puzzling. I don’t think the facts support a “take one for the team” motive. When this all went down, in 1/17 we were in the midst of the administration change and the scheme, for which Trump et als. were totally unprepared, was being deployed. They had not yet been covered with enough hot wax to understand the aligned forces against them.

        As a lawyer, I am appalled by the failure to shred in public and in the courtroom the lying that led to the FBI charge. The agreed scenario is that Strozk and (the other guy whose name escapes me) called Flynn and came over for a meeting. At some point in this meeting, Flynn lies to them by making “a knowing and intentional false statement of material fact.”

        There is so much wrong with this: no lawyers, no “target” notice to Flynn, 5th A Miranda stuff, the FBI’s own assessment of the meeting. This is where I think C&B were in conspiracy with The Swamp. They apparently sold Flynn that this a legitimate charge for which he could be convicted – and here’s my bill for $5M.

        Flynn’s too smart for that I think. So I am at a loss for the reason why it is the gravamen of his guilty plea. We will see how Sydney Powell handles this as we go forward. For it’s an immediate pleas withdrawal and let’s try the case next Monday. (I think that is what Judge Sullivan expected when new counsel was noticed and why he was persnickety).

        Also, “the protect the son” motive holds no water if we take away the $5m legal fees. That is what C&B was holding over his head when he wanted to withdraw originally: “if you go ahead and withdraw the plea it’ll be another $5M and you can’t pay us now. Roll over and they will go easy on Flynn. Jr.” So the leverage on Flynn was the fees. The Media emphasized the son and C&B demurred.

        So what is the reason that a veteran of the DC zoo who rose to General and who is smart enough to know where every body is buried from the last two administrations would agree to plead guilty to this transparent politically-motivated charge. I just don’t get it. Any ideas beyond what I discussed above?

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        1. November 17, 2016. That is a vital date to know. that is the date we know Admiral Mike Rogers went to Trump Tower to talk. About what is officially a mystery, but it has been recently revealed that by that date there was a SCIF installed there. (

          Anyone currently in the headlines who visited Trump Tower after that date may well have met with him in the SCIF, meaning that there is a potential that those people are in on The Plan. That includes Flynn who met with VSG on December 1. It also includes Willard who was there longer than a lot of other people. I’ve started wondering about him since he was screwed over by the DS in 2012, I’m sure.

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        2. I have a theory on this. I think it may fit into yours.

          I believe that PENCE was set up to GET FLYNN, and that either FLYNN figured it out himself, or the “heroes” (Pence, Flynn, Trump, McGahn, others) compared notes as a group and figured it out.

          In particular, Pence was interviewed by some presstitute (don’t remember who it was) who finished the interview by actually READING a very long and legalistic question about Russian contact – and I think it is the one that they “got” Flynn on. It was obviously a trick question with two right answers that can both be portrayed as wrong using the other interpretation, and Pence answered it ONE WAY. I don’t remember if it was the “spirit way” or the “letter way”, but it was clearly a set-up if you don’t qualify the answer, and it was one of those questions that TEMPTS ONE to avoid qualification. Definite LAWYER TRICK. Pence failed to qualify or elaborate his answer – as they clearly hoped he would not. But I did notice that he HESITATED and CHOSE his answer, but I could not tell FOR SURE whether he CHANGED or STAYED after the hesitation.

          Anyway, here is what happened next.

          I know that McCabe was fired for “lacking candor – meaning (from my point of view) that he tried to let the FBI or IG stay misled or remain in the dark when asking about his media contacts. He may not have personally misled them, but he at least let them remain misled – or tried to.

          Well, I believe that McCabe actually lied to Rosenstein to facilitate the FINAL signing of the FISA warrant renewal. I don’t remember where I read it, but it was an analysis that concluded that McCabe lied to Rosey to make it happen. He was ALL IN for the insurance policy.

          And THEN there was the Mueller meeting over the FBI director position, where Mueller left his phone, and McCabe was somehow involved. I don’t remember exactly how, but he was definitely involved.

          Well, that got me thinking. The White House fired Flynn after McCabe came talking to Pence a SECOND TIME. What if after the FIRST TIME, the heroes compared notes, and realized that McCabe was LYING about something? Then he comes back with even stronger lies, and challenges them to fire Flynn.

          I’m thinking THE FIRST MEETING was enough warning to formulate a plan.

          Tactically, the best thing to do is HOLD THEIR CARDS, in my opinion. Let Flynn fall into the trap, ride along with it, and TRUST TRUMP, the IG, and the Q Team to bail him out. Which we saw when the “lovebirds” texts were released with perfect timing as a counter to a big swamp move. They CLOSED IN on McCabe, and it wasn’t just the IG randomly finding him, IMO – the IG’s TIP came from the White House CATCHING HIM LYING.

          If Flynn fell into the trap as an INVESTIGATION – maybe even with its own FISA, then he can plead guilty to the “fake charges” as part of that investigation – right?

          Anyway, THIS is enough of a theory to keep me trusting Flynn.

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          1. I just deleted by mistake a lengthy reply to this comment and it is getting late now. I’ll try again.

            I am having difficulty following the ins and outs of your theory Wolfie. Know, however, that I do not doubt the loyalty or “whitehatness” of Flynn. I just don’t think we know enough and speculating about palace intrigue can be frustrating.

            I do know this: Flynn is pleading to “lying to the FBI and NOT misleading or obstructing an investigation. His plea requires he admit “to knowingly providing material and false information” to the FBI. This is why I know that C&B was in the bag. The meeting at which the lying allegedly took place was a total violation of the 5th A and DOJ policy if it was intended to be used to support a lying charge. You do not call a meeting with an investigation target without notifying counsel, recording the meeting and advising the witness he is a target. The witness is then fully aware his answers all have legal consequence even if not sworn. With the meeting as agreed by Strizk and (the other guy) providing the basis for the charge there was another problem: they were the only “witnesses” to the alleged “lie.”

            These facts should have been shredded by pretrial motion and/or cross-examination at trial. C&B did nothing other than somehow persuade their client that he should plead guilty under these facts and, by the way, here’s our $5m bill. They are the criminals here.

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            1. Well, IF these guys actually have DS by the horns, then all the players tie together with loosely aligned strategy through the “Mueller FBI”, meaning the Mueller-Comey-McCabe FBI, and they would all be trying to screw Flynn. But Flynn know it. Not exactly what they would do, but he know that he would DRAW THEIR FIRE and that he would not chump out, other than to string the other side along.

              Jerome Corsi was asked to admit to things he didn’t do and REFUSED. But I think Flynn wanted to keep the game going, and thus let C&B keep stringing things along, while getting maximum commission of crimes by the other side.

              Perhaps “nailing” C&B is important here. They are Holder’s old law firm. He recruited Trisha Anderson from there. SHE is instrumental in implicating Loretta Lynch and Comey.

              I’m thinking that Perkins Coie is in a lot of trouble, and other firms may be feeling some heat.

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        3. Flynn ultimately pled guilty, in part, because Mueller’s #2 Andrew Weismann coerced him to do so by threatening to indict Flynn’s son if he refused to do so.

          This is part of the reason why the gov’t has continually delayed his sentencing.

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          1. No that is not true. You have no source that confirms that Weismann somehow browbeat a defendant represented by counsel to admit to a crime he did not commit. No offense, but that is a fairy tale perpetuated by uninformed partisans in the media.

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              1. Not to nitpick. But it’s bad reporting. For e.g. the GP reports the “government” asks when it is a JOINT STATUS REPORT that means they both joined in it. We have no information what “status of the investigation” means but generally it is because the terms of the plea agreement haven’t yet been fulfilled, i.e. testimony in another trial. Further, Fitton is out over his skis when there is a “Joint Status Report” on file.

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        1. Just for the record. That Q post FG&C cited was actually made as a KNOWN reference to Sessions (there is a Sessions article and picture quoted with it), although it has implications for Flynn. Q often uses hint by parallel or analogy as a story device. Very smart psychology – grabbing everybody’s inner English major. 😉

          But strictly speaking, it was about Sessions, not Flynn.

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      1. Yes – if C&B was screwing clients, the NSA was likely aware, or at least has the tape recorders running. Trisha Anderson seems like she was a talker, based on what testimony has been released. She may have hinted at crookedness at C&B. Her hubs is some kind of NatSec guy – could be a White Hat or at least “less swampy”, and counseled her to fess up bigly. If so, then THAT may be where the White Hats started getting the idea that they were sitting on NSA proof that C&B was providing a back channel to monitor Flynn for DS.

        Get the popcorn.

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    2. Thanks for the Readers Digest version. Makes perfect sense to this guy with zero legal beagle insights. Only had to read your post once;-)

      Looking forward to the day we get details on Flynn being railroaded by corrupt system. And how they apparently bamboozled Flynn for so long. The endless delays in sentencing have always been a mystery, to me. Something, or a hell of a lot is catty wampus.

      Hope somehow Flynn can sue the hell out of the evil doers and be made financially right.

      His reputation is probably sullied beyond redemption for many.

      Flynn will always be a hero in my book.

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  6. NEW Q! :

    Jul 21 2019 15:35:27 (EST) !!mG7VJxZNCI Q ID: 88ac40

    If AG Barr has access to all classified material, how does [MUELLER] navigate?
    If [MUELLER] provides FALSE and/or MISLEADING testimony, will AG Barr be forced to DECLAS all documentation to ensure full public awareness of the TRUTH?
    If [MUELLER] defers to the original report but D’s / FAKE NEWS push a false narrative ‘knowing majority of the public did not watch the actual hearing’ will AG Barr be forced to DECLAS all documentation to ensure full public awareness of the TRUTH?
    [Be Ready], [MUELLER].
    [Be Ready], [JC].
    [Be Ready], [Traitors one & ALL].
    Thank you for playing.
    FISA goes both ways.

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      1. President Trump’s version is very formal dress business watch with black hands and studs at the 5 minute mark…and a black leather band. Bands and buckles are chosen separately…a la carte.

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      2. I googled what watch Trump wears.
        I then got D spot the watch: Donald Trump Jr. and there was the watch. Bad thing is I have not figured out how to cut and paste an this darn new computer.

        It says” Donald Trump Jr wears a IWC Aquatimer 2000 diver” picture NBC

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  7. 3459
    Jul 21 2019 15:41:15 (EST) !!mG7VJxZNCI Q ID: 88ac40

    Every single ‘dirty’ tactic being deployed to stop the growth of this movement.
    Ask yourself a very simple Q – why?
    Why are the biggest media co’s in the world…….

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      1. I believe that the mafia are very deep in a lot of DNC corrupt activities, including JFK, possibly including MK jobs and cover-ups (can’t state why), and that the Gambino BOSS who was offed by this Comello dude may have been involved in some of them.

        Just a side note – I wonder if Comey was a name change from Comello. Just an odd thought. You never know.

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  8. Lordy, Lordy , Lordy..
    I CANNOT believe things!
    Misses went & checked the Mailbox today, She missed it yesterday..
    Dern it!
    A Acquaintance/Great friend…
    He recently had a heart attack, (NO, I mean Blockage Widow Maker ) asked Me a favor..
    SEND, Mail , Make a BBQ Sauce only found in MY Tri~County area(s)..
    Carolina Treat BBQ Sauce.. So I mailed Him a Yuge Bottle some time back..
    Which, I THINK He over-indulged, thus helping create His widow maker by OD, (seriously its a awesome “Down-East” BBQ recipe)..

    I’m a YUGE NA$Car fan (not so much since the #3 passed & the #88 gave up),, though still a Fan..
    He cannot “tour” with a race team, the rest of this Season.. As a PR “agent” Which He does.. IRL..

    See Me & Him were “courting” My Misses 20+ years ago, I won the “Courting Battle”, Hearts & Minds & all that..

    History aside, Since His Health has declined some, He is in recovery.. He sent Me & the Misses 3 Race Tickets to the Darlington, Bojangles 500 in Darlington, SC, on Sept First..
    Front Row seats, at the Start finish Line..
    I’m STOKED

    I HOPE Me & the Misses can go, We’ve NEVER been to a real NA$CAR race.. It would be a first..
    God Bless BBQ Sauce!

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    1. Downeast “NC” sauce to me is cider vinegar aged for a day or two on red pepper flakes, coarse ground black pepper with just a “touch” of ketchup and salt to taste….its thin, more of a mop sauce, but there is nothing better on lump charcoal smoked pork, chopped, not pulled.

      Id tell ya to go to Wilber’s if you ever driving down 70 east and pass through Goldsboro, but sadly I just found out they closed down a year ago 😦

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  9. Ristvan’s take on upcoming Mueller testimony:

    ristvan says:
    July 21, 2019 at 3:50 pm

    “Some words of encouragement, proffered before. PDJT has said many times never again; that requires the perps be prosecuted and punished.
    AG Barr is his means; we know that because PDJT gave him declass power-not for us, for grand juries.
    Wh know Barr is pursuing two avenues:
    1. Horowitz on DoJ FISA abuse. The report Barr was expecting is June is delayed by the Kavalec State memos on Steele. IMO best now released after Labor Day to avoid the summer news doldrums. There will be Horowitz criminal referrals to add to Nunes. Targets include Comey and Yates.
    2. US DA Durham on the EC predicate and Barr’s concerns expressed to Congress about spying on campaign. That likely comes after FISA perhaps toward yearend. Targets include Brennan, Clapper, and the whole Halper/Mifsud saga.

    Together, the two prongs implicate Rice and possibly Obama. Patience is warranted as there will be no second chances.”

    ristvan says:
    July 21, 2019 at 2:24 pm
    Despite Nadler’s efforts, the hearing will not go well for him:
    1. Mueller’s results are in the report and that cannot be changed.
    2. Mueller’s process was biased, and Jim Jordan will expose it in ways Mueller will not be able to deny.

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  10. Stirring the pot for an uprising . . .

    FTA –

    A particularly dire report from the United Nations Human Rights Council has upped the ante in the fight against climate change, warning that a potential “climate apartheid” could fracture the global population, splitting the planet between the wealthy and the rest of the world who will be “left to suffer.”

    Alston likened it to a coming “climate apartheid,” where the wealthy are able to mitigate some of the potentially catastrophic effects, such as food insecurity, disease and death, and the poor, “who have contributed the least to emissions and have the least capacity to react, will be the most harmed.”

    The poorest 3.5 billion people are responsible for just 10 percent of carbon emissions, while the richest 10 percent are responsible for a “full half,” Alston estimated. He added that someone in the wealthiest 1 percent “uses 175 times more carbon than one in the bottom 10 percent.”

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    1. It is statistics like these that makes one want to disband the Tower of Babel. So you take the tractor away from the rich guy and give him a hoe like the poor farmer. The question is: Will this substantially reduce carbon emissions? The answer, of course, is yes. The unfortunate side effect is that 90% of the world will starve to death and every city will be a ghost town. All those climate scientists and their political masters who haven’t yet been eaten will pat themselves of the back and say with all scientific gravitas, “Our work here is done. Hey where is everyone?”

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  11. “The Epstein Associate Nobody’s Talking About: The IDF-Linked Bond Girl Infiltrating the UK NHS

    FIFA Corruption, the Panama Papers, the Mossad, and Nicole Junkermann

    I have a story to tell you. A story that causes my heart to pound and my blood pressure to rise as I type each and every word. A true story of a woman of great wealth and power, who rode on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express” private jet on several occasions. She appears to be a German-born Israeli state intelligence operative based in London. An ex-model whose name appeared in the Panama Papers from the Mossack Fonseca leaks and who became embroiled in a FIFA corruption scandal with Sepp Blatter and his family. She is perhaps the closest example that you could possibly find to a real-life “Bond Girl.” Yet, she is almost completely unknown to the majority of us.

    This lady has recently infiltrated the NHS through the UK Department of Health and Social Care with the help of Matt Hancock MP, and her presence signifies a major threat to the data security of every citizen of the United Kingdom. Every single piece of data about you, your health issues, your blood type, the model of the wireless pacemaker keeping you alive, every detail of every embarrassing medical problem in the hands of the Israeli state apparatus and potentially sold off to the highest bidder….”

    more at link:

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      1. I am blessed with many Israeli friends.

        Every single one of them loves America as much as we do. Every single one of them is a staunch Israeli patriot, too. THEY KNOW AND REMEMBER THAT IT WAS AMERICAN PILOTS WHO LITERALLY SAVED ISRAEL FROM OBLITERATION IN 1948.

        There is absolutely ZERO daylight between US and Israeli conservatives. Not a sliver.

        And here’s something else you should know about Israelis. They are INTENSELY loyal friends.

        And if you don’t think so, or doubt it it for even a moment, then you don’t know this…

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        1. President Trump’s son in law is close family friends with PM Netanyhu. Israel will never forget PDJT for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and for recognizing Israel’s right to the Golan Heights.

          There has been a two state solution since 1922, when Israel’s land was divided giving 70% to create Arab Palestine (Jordan), and all land west of the Jordan River was given to Israel. That is all the land that should have been given to appease the Islamists – ever. Gaza and West Bank are currently illegally occupied by the Islamists.

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          1. Speaking of the President’s close relationship with Benjamin Netanyhu:

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  12. Hey, gang, there’s been an RBG SIGHTING!
    posted in Entertainment 5 hours ago
    PADMA LAKSHMI, the leftwing activist, HAD DINNER with Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday night in DC, a dinner given by a gay couple at whose wedding RBG officiated in 2013.
    Article includes an Instagram photo of Lakshmi and RBG at the dinner.

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  13. Would you like fries with rat…err thst?

     California is home to the nation’s second “rattiest city”, and San Francisco, San Diego and LA are part of the problem. (AP Photos/Bebeto Matthews, File)

    “LOS ANGELES, CA — Fueled by an increasing homeless population and government restrictions on select pesticides, rat infestations have spiked in major cities across California, most notably Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, according to a report released this week by a political action committee.

    “California is being overrun by rodents, and without immediate emergency action by state and local government, we face significant economic costs and risk a public health crisis,” said Carl DeMaio, chairman of Reform California.

    The report cited various indicators of a burgeoning rat problem, including a Los Angeles police officer contracting the bacteria that causes typhoid fever and social media photos of a rat falling from the ceiling of a Westchester restaurant onto a patron’s table.


    Rats can carry dangerous diseases, such as typhus, which an employee at Los Angeles City Hall reported contracting in the past year, blaming an increase in pests in the Civic Center area.

    “Both in terms of measurement and observation, it is clear that California’s rodent population is exploding,” DeMaio wrote in the report.

    The study included a list of “rattiest cities” in the United States published by the pest-control company Orkin, which named Los Angeles as the second-rattiest city behind Chicago.

    The study claims the increase in cities’ rodent population was not linked to environmental factors but correlates with actions some local governments have taken to ban certain rodent-control methods. It also cited as a likely contributor the spike in cities’ homeless populations and accompanying filth conditions.

    The report, spearheaded by DeMaio and various vector control industry leaders, asks Gov. Gavin Newsom to declare a public health emergency and require public entities to address the situation. It also asks for a public education campaign for businesses and residents to mitigate the rodents. It also calls on the state Legislature to oppose Assembly Bill 1788, which seeks to outlaw certain rodent-deterring products that use more robust chemicals but have concerned environmentalists.

    “Instead of acting to address this developing crisis, California state lawmakers are just days away from passing legislation to ban the best rodent-control tools and methods available and would require use of less effective, so-called `green alternatives,”‘ DeMaio said. “It’s madness.”

    Proponents of the legislation contend that the targeted rat poisons often wind up having a deadlier effect when rats that ingest the poison are consumed by wildlife. Proponents also contend such rate poisons present a danger to children who may accidentally ingest them.

    The Reform California report’s authors surveyed 23 private pest- control companies that operate throughout California, and all of them reported rat service requests had increased substantially in the last year. None of the companies reported a decline in service requests since last year, according to the study.

    It could be that homelessness and vector control restrictions are not the only problem related to the rodents. Last month, Los Angeles County cited 85 downtown businesses for not having proper trash receptacles, exacerbating the problem of illegal dumping.

    The Los Angeles City Council recently allocated more than $6.5 million to the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation to cover costs of hygiene and health services and cleanup teams that will target areas in desperate need of cleaning.”

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      1. I KNOW! Also theres a homeless housing bill that may go to Newsom that requires cities to build homeless shelters, as many are needed, and compel homeless to stay in them, but the fight is over making housing “a right.” So we shot down the rent control bill which did the same thing, and now its going to be for the homeless. I think like AB109 parolees being dumped in smaller cities, they will do the same with homeless, esp if the state requires housing. Unbelievable corruption.

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        1. IMO homeless shelters are junk. A big building with cots, showers, maybe food but as we can see even homeless try to carve out some privacy. They use tents and lean-to’s. Toys are among the littered camps so there’s kids too. A huge percentage aren’t going to live in a homeless shelter.
          It’s such a F’in mess.
          The thousands of illegals…we know eventually a boatload of them will be living on the streets.WHY the hell are they doing this to the State? First they’re homeless then they start doing drugs to cope or out of boredom, then they steal to support the habit…circular insanity.

          Housing a right?! I hadn’t even thought about them distributing the homeless and parolees into small towns…just like they’re doing with the illegals. omg..when will this end?

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          1. I see the homeless problem as a symptom of the illegal immigration and “refugee” settlement policies of previous administration.

            The safety net for the needy and the jobs for the low-skill workers were both overwhelmed by the above policies.


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  15. Oregon will allow students to take mental health days.
    Eye roll.
    This is crazy. “Don’t bully me” and “I need safe space” and “I’m telling MY truth”……. and now, mental health days.
    I would bet the mortgage, kids in Russia, China, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, the Middle East, India……… are not taking mental health days.
    Our kids are going to be wimps.

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    1. “My truth” is just “my opinion.” If it’s raining, that’s the truth. Someone can’t claim that “their truth” is that it’s not raining. If you’re a man, you’re a man. You can’t claim you are a woman or a leopard or a hybrid life form. “My truth” is another example of changing people’s ideology by changing the language.

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        1. I love Jellene’s tag-line on Twitter: “I consider a good leopard print a neutral and have the love seat to prove it.”


          She has a great pinned tweet:

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            1. I tried to respond to you about this (I suspect we have similar thoughts) and my computer locked up. Had to reboot.

              I don’t think I was seeing deeply enough when I posted this initially. Full disclosure. I thought leopard – haha – Daughn gets it – where is my fave leopard joke now? – haha – don’t remember it exactly – let me go get it exactly off her twitter homepage – what’s this? – [reads it] – WTF? does Daughn have a sister? – a second sister in three days? – I don’t know – maybe southern girls telling tales that sound like this is a thing – OK – this is just my imagination – I’ll just post it and see if Daughn thinks it’s funny.

              SO – not trying to freak you out – your reaction took me a bit aback at first, but not any more – I think it’s odd, frankly – I have not looked to see if she has any old tweet stories like this one – it IS a bit like a Wictor story, so maybe we’re just jumpy – not sure if she lurked here and just said “Hey, I can do this stuff, too!” – etc.

              But yes – it’s bizarre. IMO she is something of a pro-MAGA political operative, but people who do that stuff are known to improvise, lift, and do “whatever”.

              That’s the center of my thinking. The fringes probably need time to chill a bit.

              OK – that’s my story.

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              1. Between you and me, I had a hard time believing that story. The store would have been bigger. Birm’s population is 40X’s ours and we had a little dept store this size. Doesn’t make sense.
                And the guy in white would not have grabbed her and said what he did.
                And the police would have crossed them, before or after the group…. not in the middle of it.

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              2. Yeah. I admit that I suspended some serious disbelief about the “grabboid” part.

                The whole thing struck me as “psy-op, boiler room, this gal Daughn on that blog draws a crowd, how can we use her style?, let’s try something, you had a Klan encounter?, let’s change this, this, and this” The only thing that is MISSING is artificial intelligence, and I have a very good idea how to fit that piece in.

                Story-bots have to be a hot and active topic.


                Not to make light of the Klan, but yeah, I hear you on that part. I traveled through Klan country with a native a few times in my youth, and their creepiness is in a whole different category, much more akin to – OH, MAYBE COMMUNISM OR THE DEEP STATE. Because in real life, these people who I’m sure were Klan were very nice on the surface. Much more of a secret organization thing. As an outsider, I had previously thought they were more like “creepy crazy weird march people” – the reality was a swath of normal people with power and influence who had an agenda and were weirdly suspicious and ‘testing’ of outsiders. I should probably write about MY experience.

                Which – incidentally – can be the goal of a psy-op. Get people talking. Model what they should be thinking, or at least one edge of the Overton Window. Etc.

                Thanks for your thoughts on this. The whole thing is very interesting to me from a psy-op study standpoint.

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          1. This story of her’s bugs me. The more I think about it, the more I know it cannot be real.
            1. ANY public march, middle of the day by “white robes” would have drawn media like flies. No press reports.
            2. Event would had happened in the 50’s-60’s at the latest.
            3. She would have been 20yrs old then, say…. 1965 at latest, therefore she’s at least 75yrs old today.
            4. And no offense, but no drag queen shopped, openly, for clothes in downtown Birmingham in 1965.

            5. As an event planner, I know there is no way in hell 12 of them would take an hour for lunch the day of their big fashion show, their first ever fashion show, with her father’s reputation on the line…….. it would NOT happen. Too much to do. They would have celebrated when the show was over.
            6. Odd capitalization and bad grammar. I’m not the grammar police, but any female with a college degree from the 60’s would be more literate. Appears to be the grammar of a much younger writer.
            7. The language is off kilter. Not southern expressions. Odd.

            8. The timing of crossing the street of also off. They approached the street where the crowd was gathered, police there, they tried to cross, backed off, had a conversation, time ticking, ticking,….. but there are not that many of “them”…… Why cross in the middle? Good heaven, there couldn’t have been more than 20-50 at the VERY most… they would have passed in less than a minute. SURELY, the police would have guided the group of YOUNG FEMALES before or after the marchers. The timing is just……. too odd. See what I mean?
            9. No southern man in white robe would have grabbed her and spoken to her in such a way.
            10. And the crowd cheering their efforts, …… not plausible.

            11. Size of dept store is all wrong. We have one in town, almost identical. Mom was the bookkeeper in the early 60’s. There was the owner, mom, one person on right side for women, another on left for the men, and one attendant at the dressing room. No “HR manager”. Upstairs is storage, this is not a three floor dept store and definitely NO Human Resource Manager in the 1960’s. 12 people working there, plus dad, is far too many employees.
            12. Ending is odd and very much appears to be a much younger person pretending to be an older person.
            13. Sadly, I can’t think of any fine department store within 50 miles who catered to the black community or drag queens, back in the 1960’s. There would have been a few, in downtown Memphis, thus Birmingham would have had one…. but they would have been much larger.

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            1. Thank you, Daughn. VERY interesting.

              My recommendation is to avoid engaging, which may be the GOAL of the op. Control and “anti-control” both lead to the same effect – ENGAGEMENT.

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              1. Wolfie, did I miss something?
                I don’t know who this is – until you posted about her thread. No idea.

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              2. You may have missed something. She has been a Twitter persona often re-tweeted on our side. Not sure if she ever got retweeted by Trump, but she’s routinely appeared in my feed.

                The avatar may be more designed to troll the GUYS as well.

                She retweets and comments on good stuff like Trump tweets, etc. A bit of humor – that’s why I always remembered her tagline about leopard prints being a “neutral” – so when you laughed at leopard, I thought “Hey, Daughn will get this”. Then I saw the Klan post…. etc…..

                Kinda surprised you’ve never seen her retweets on Twitter – I used to see them all the time. Or maybe not surprised. I have caught Twitter algos “keeping people separated from me”, which later seems to have gotten formalized into the larger process where “tweets are not available”.

                The fact that this story seems constructed to you makes me think “Yeah – sketchy – walk away slowly….”

                Remember – a lot of “deep statey”, UniParty, “whatever the GOP wants or needs” assets are likely now moving BEHIND MAGA. Or even foreign. The White Hats may be behind Trump, but a lot of gray hats want to be on the winning side.

                I wasn’t trying to open a can of worms – I think I was hoping it wasn’t worms.

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              3. It’s big fat night crawler worms.
                Gee whiz, might be time to go fishing.
                I’m staying away though, from that fishing hole.

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              4. Since I read the story, it’s been rolling around in my head. Makes me skeevy, itchy, spider sense, not valid.

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      1. “My truth” is just one of their steps in forcing a change to Marxism / Communism.

        They’ll control facts by controlling the “narrative”. They’ll control thoughts and opinions by limiting and redefining the words you can use. They’ll make truth a personal expression of what they want.

        So, when their “You must not offend” laws get passed, they can claim to be offended by your patriotism and your core Judeo-Christian beliefs. And since they claim offense . . . you must submit or go to jail.

        All part of the plan.

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  16. Pennsylvania Mayor Refuses To Raise Pride Flag Over Its Ties to ‘Political Movement’
    PUBLISHED JULY 21, 2019 AT 12:40AM

    The city council of Reading, Pennsylvania — a small city of about 90,000 residents — was set to fly a rainbow pride flag at the city hall in honor of the area’s LGBT celebrations.

    However, Mayor Wally Scott did not approve.

    According to the Washington Examiner, Scott blocked the city council — alongside city employees and members of the local LGBT chapter — just minutes before they were going to hoist the pride colors on Reading’s primary government building.

    Jeffrey Waltman, president of the city council, noted that he didn’t have much time to discuss the mayor’s decision. In a panic, Waltman attempted to convince Scott to let the pride flag fly for just a few hours to appease the LGBT masses outside.

    However, no compromises were made.

    “He has concerns for flying a flag for one specific cause because it could raise questions,” Waltman said, according to the Reading Eagle. “I didn’t even have time to debate that with him.”

    “The mayor stated he supports the group, the cause but had concerns about raising the flag,” Waltman added.

    Acting city manager Osmer Deming said that the mayor’s decision to prevent the LGBT flag from flying was due to city policy, which bars representation of political movements.

    “The mayor’s position is that he does not support flags being up that support political movements and he views that as a political movement,” Deming said.

    The mayor’s decision devastated the Reading group, who walked in solidarity with the LGBT movement. According to Reading Eagle reporter Jeremy Long, the marchers changed course and ventured to an area where the mayor is known to frequent.

    Unfortunately for the LGBT crowd, Scott wasn’t there.

    Ryan concludes with the following points:

    Scott’s decision was honestly a smart one. If he decided to let the LGBT flag be hoisted above the city hall, a serious precedent would have been set that would be difficult to reverse in the future.

    For example, white nationalists clubs, ANTIFA members, local communists and other controversial “political movements” would be able to fly their flag of choice — all because the mayor gave caved from political pressure from Reading Pride.

    Thankfully, Scott didn’t do that — despite his public support for the LGBT cause.

    America needs more Democrats like Reading Mayor Wally Scott in office, who stand by the law even when it’s unpopular. It’s called having a backbone and it’s why President Donald Trump is currently sitting in the Oval Office and Hillary Clinton is not.

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    1. Nice thinking.

      And pretty much my offer. I would have said “Sure, we’ll give them an hour. But my Tea Party friends are hoisting the Gadsden flag next month if we let this go forward.”

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      1. I am really kind of dumbfounded this has continued to go this far for so long without being challenged. It’s no different than swaWAFFLES that used to be hoisted in the ’30s for a particular political party. Like a sign of triumph. Victors celebrate and the conquered are meant to be demoralized and humiliated in their loss by the flying colors. No other disaffected victim group claims that to be an ally you need to post these flags at city hall, on your bumper, and in your office at work. Makes it kind of a RED flag – which is to say, it makes you keenly aware that something’s not right, and it’s RED not rainbow colored.

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  17. The last word on the Omar/Elmi matter should come from the guys at Power Line who have so diligently followed this story until it finally is getting a small modicum of the attention it ultimately should receive. I should throw in that I read speculation in two places that less irrational Democrats are organizing an ouster attempt akin to the Franken Flogging . . . they think the motive is to jettison her before the scope of her felonies is apparent. good freekin’ luck with other 3 harpies dive bombing them.

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  18. Another example for the “Yes, Democrats REALLY DO THINK THAT” file…

    Dem Director: Rural White Americans ‘Not Grateful Enough’
    PUBLISHED JULY 20, 2019 AT 7:27AM

    Many have argued that the modern Democratic Party has all but abandoned the white middle- and working-class voters that used to form the core of the party’s constituency in favor of minorities, young voters, and other demographics.

    Though some on the left deny it, their own words and actions only confirm the reality that white voters in “flyover country” have been written off by the Democrats.

    The Washington Free Beacon reported on yet another instance in which a Democratic operative has all but admitted that fact.

    That political operative is David Atkins, a regional director for the California Democratic Party, who posted a nine-tweet thread on Thursday accusing “rural white Americans” of being “ungrateful” for what the federal government had done for them while charging the same group of voters with being “whiny” and “bigoted.”

    “You know who is not grateful enough? Rural white Americans,” Atkins wrote to begin his diatribe.

    “They are heavily subsidized, drowning in federal largesse, blessed with political affirmative action & overrepresentation, have all their bills paid by cities and blue states, but they whine and yell constantly.”

    “People who watch the constant grating whinefest that is Fox News have a lot of gall telling anyone to love it or leave it,” he tweeted. “The Fox News cult hates the values of the vast majority of Americans who aren’t rural white evangelicals and want nothing to do with them.”

    Atkins then asserted that he was “all about” reaching out to rural white voters for their support, even as he proceeded to slam those same voters for their “bigoted entitled stupidity” in the very same tweet.

    “Don’t get me wrong: I’m all about reaching out & showing rural white America that it’s the plutocrats that are hurting them, not people of color. Rural white America really is hurting,” he wrote. “But i’ll be damned if the bigoted entitled stupidity doesn’t constantly try one’s patience.”

    Atkins noted that his thread had drawn negative attention from the socialist left portion of Twitter for supposedly erasing class concerns like an elitist, and he reaffirmed his support for the progressive socialist agenda of independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, whom he supported in 2016.

    Then Atkins got right back to belittling rural whites, writing, “at a certain point, continuing to treat them like they’re just too ignorant to see what the plutocrats are doing, or continuing to blame the Dem Party for failing to engage with *just* the right message to unlock them? That’s also a form of paternalistic condescension.”

    “At a certain point, you have to hold people accountable, statistically speaking, for the voting choices they make. You have to take them at their word, and when they tell you who they are, believe them,” he tweeted.

    Atkins concluded his Twitter thread by noting that conservatives had been angered and insulted by it, and reiterated his initial message that while rural white Americans had been helped by the government and harmed by corporations, they were still racists who vote for racists.

    Smearing a portion of the voting public that is crucial to electoral victory as ungrateful bigots and racists is not the best way to go about gaining the support of such voters.

    Instead, the name-calling tactic only drives those voters further away, as the 2016 election so clearly showed.

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