News Roundup! FEAR Has Consumed the Democrats, Leftists, MSM, Never Trumpers, BHO, Comey, Brennan, HRC etc. You Are Witnessing Their Hail Mary Pass…..

The Democrats, Leftists, MSM, Comey, Brennan, BHO, HRC, Never Trumpers etc. never in their right mind thought that PDJT would be around today when they started planning their soft coup after the 2016 Election. The idea of him running for a second term was a nightmare they would wake up from.

Not only is PDJT running for a second term, he has grown his base from 2016. Even in the skewed liberal polls, our President is polling around 18% with Blacks and around 40% with Hispanics. He was only able to get 8% of the Black vote and 29% of the Hispanic vote in 2016 and still won.

On our ride down from NYC to Florida, my wife was reading to my youngest daughter, who is 13, about Generation Z. Every source she read from reaffirmed the fact that they will carry TRUMPISM forward for the next 50+ years. The other great news is that many of them that couldn’t vote in 2016 will be able to do so for the first time in 2020.

From the link above:

According to Forbes (2015) Generation Z comprises 25% of the U.S. population, making the cohort more numerous than either Baby Boomers or Millennials.

A 2016 U.S. study found that church attendance during young adulthood was 41% among Generation Z, compared to 18% for Millennials at the same ages, 21% of Generation X, and 26% of Baby Boomers.

Generation Z is generally more risk-averse in certain activities than earlier generations. In 2013, 66% of teenagers (older members of Generation Z) had tried alcohol, down from 82% in 1991.

Research from the Annie E. Casey Foundation conducted in 2016 found Generation Z youth had lower teen pregnancy rates, less substance abuse, and higher on-time high school graduation rates compared with Millennials.

U.S. members of Generation Z tend to be more conservative than Millennials. According to a survey of 83,298 Gen Z-aged students (defined here as those aged 14 to 18 in 2016) in the United States done by My College Options and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation in September and October 2016, 32% of participants supported Donald Trump, while 22% supported Hillary Clinton with 31% choosing to not vote in the election. The results were heavily divided along racial lines with White and Native American students favoring Trump by a 33-point and 20 point margin respectively, and Black and Hispanic students favoring Clinton by a 40-point and 22 point margin respectively. 

When viewing the data above in reference to our President versus HRC, keep this MASSIVE nugget in mind:

Frank N. Magid Associates estimates that in the United States, 54% are caucasian, 24% are Hispanic, 14% are African-American, 4% are Asian, and 4% are multiracial or other.


I share this because it is the reality that the HATERS are facing in 2020. They know this and they are scared out of their minds. Our President is creating an Army of MAGA that will be around long after our Lion joins our Father in Heaven.

They need to destroy him and us. However, the economy is completely on fire. That is the number 1 factor when folks vote.

From the article linked above:

Sentiment among American consumers climbed to a fresh 18-year high, with assessments of the buying climate and personal finances nearing record levels as the job market and equities extend gains.

The Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index climbed 0.9 point to 64.7 in the week ended July 14. Americans’ also reported stronger economic expectations, with that monthly gauge advancing to an eight-month high of 55 from 50.5.

They can’t talk about it. They have absolutely nothing to run on leading up to 2020 other than Orange Man is a racist, xenophob, misogamist etc.

What you are seeing with their attacks the past week is a Hail Mary pass. They have nothing else.

This is their reality and the percentages will only continue to grow.

From the article linked above:

The number of voters believing President Trump will be re-elected in 2020 continues to grow.

The latest survey found that 60% of voters nationwide now believe it is at least somewhat likely President Trump will be successful in next year’s campaign. That’s up from 57% in May, 54% in April, 50% in March and 46% in February.

Newt Gingrich is absolutely right!

In the end they will sit for another 5 State of the Union addresses delivered by PDJT.


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    1. This is about environmental regulations and lobbyists for big chemical companies like DuPont spending money to influence legislators, not tariffs – explanatory article:

      Is this how Senators and Congressmen/women like Pelosi, Jeb, Kasich, et al, get so wealthy while in office?

      Or is it their stints at do-nothing jobs on Wall Street, lending their names to boards of corporations or is it a both/and situation?

      A peek into Jeb’s record on Wall St. courtesy of distinguished CTH commenters:

      Jill –

      Moe –

      (I miss Jill and Moe – wonder what happened to them?)

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        1. Vivid description! Slop also works…or is that the same thing?

          My Grandpa raised hogs on his little retirement farm in S GA. I can still remember the smell the slop he mixed up from food scraps, etc.

          He had a chicken coop and yard too, and a mule. Grew corn for meal and grits.

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          1. An Olfactory Smorgasbord. I saw a news feature once about the Hog Farms of Vegas. All the restaurants on and about The Strip pooled their wet garbage collection and disposal and them partnered with a vast pig farm somewhere outside the sprawl. The most memorable thing was a giant, serpentine conveyor-operated slop “tray”(?) that ran through the pigs habitat. The trucks would unload at one end and off the slop went. I can only imagine the stench! GBA!!!

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            1. The Army used to send their garbage (aka food waste) to pig farms. Some time after the 1970s the use of human food waste was pretty much outlawed

              (Remember the WTO now determines US food policy thanks to Senator Burr the Bastard.)


              “According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. generated more than 36 million tons of food waste in 2011, 96 percent of which went to landfills or incinerators…”

              The Grain TRADERS LOVE the fact pigs now consume grain and not food waste. Four privately owned grain traders control 90% of the grain. They are Cargill, Louis Dreyfus, Andre, and Bunge. Dan Amstutz, who worked for 25 years as a grain trader and VP at Cargill drafted the original text of the WTO Agreement on Agriculture and the law called Freedom to Fail that wiped out many US farmers.

              During the 2008 food crisis the following quotes show the grain traders greed and the level of concern for other humans.

              “In summary, we have record low grain inventories globally as we move into a new crop year. We have demand growing strongly. Which means that going forward even small crop failures are going to drive grain prices to record levels. As an investor, we continue to find these long term trends…very attractive.” Food shortfalls predicted: 2008

              “Recently there have been increased calls for the development of a U.S. or international grain reserve to provide priority access to food supplies for Humanitarian needs. The National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA) and the North American Export Grain Association (NAEGA) strongly advise against this concept..Stock reserves have a documented depressing effect on prices… and resulted in less aggressive market bidding for the grains.” July 22, 2008 letter to President Bush

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              1. Could you further explain the WTO thing. I get Sen. BB being a bought and paid whore. But doesn’t the Senate have to approve any treaty or agreement that obligates the US as a country? I’d love to know more about the Swamp Rats that pushed this one under the cellar door.

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            2. Ted Cruz’s cutthroat campaign manager grew up on a hog farm and said politics is far dirtier/smellier!

              There is a hog farm on the way to Athen, GA off I-75 that stinks to high heaven.

              There is a hog farm/pork sausage/ham place on the Boston Hwy in S GA that has every kind/shape/size of hog and there is no smell.

              Maybe it’s the management of the farms and the politics too!

              Maybe Trump’s brand of politicking can change things forever – like Flep has predicted.

              It’s my official non-expert old lady opinion that “Politics will never be the same after Donald Trump!”

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              1. These were in close quarters waiting to become sausage and ham! Only a single electric wire fence about knee high was keeping them in place.

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              2. It was strange. They were so peaceful and calm. Maybe they had a lot to eat in their little pasture. They were every kind and color, size and shape. I wondered how they got along.

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            3. Big T this was in the Senate version which I think became the law:

              page 121 – “Sec. 404 Compliance with international agreements.”

              Nothing in this Act (or an amendment made by this Act) shall be construed in a manner inconsistent with the agreement establishing the World Trade Organization or any other treaty or international agreement to which the United States is a party.

              page 136 – “Review” …. “internationally-recognized standards….”

              page 137 – “Nothing… limits the authority of the Secretary…to revise, issue, and enforce product and category-specific regulations….” And “(f) DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS – Nothing in the amendment made by this section shall apply to any dietary supplement that is in compliance with the requirements of sections 402(g)(2) and 761 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (21 USC 342(g)(2), 379aa-1).”

              page 195 – “No limit on Secretarial Authority” What??!!!! No limit?

              page 212 – “(c) Civil Penality – inserts “or any person who does not comply with a recall order under 423….” (see also page 137)

              page 213 – exchanges reasonable language to seemingly arbitrary language –“’1) striking ‘credible evidence or information indicating’ and inserting ‘reason to believe’ and (2) striking ‘presents a threat of serious adverse health consequences or death to humans and animals’ and inserting ‘is adulterated or misbranded.’” Misbranded = produced in an unregistered facility. Adulterated = intentional or unintentional contamination or poisoning.

              I read the entire bill and I think this is the version that passed into law IIRC.

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      1. Regarding Erickson – my opinion of him is so bad, I can’t speak it, but no one should consider one word of anything he ever says as meaningful. He is a lost whatever…

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          1. I knew him way back when – attended the first two “RedState Gatherings” – I know the history of the site (he is no longer with them) but did a good job of destroying what was good about them before he left. He’s the perfect example of a sanctimonious “conservative” who really doesn’t know what the word conservative means.

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              1. Right. 2015, when the primary candidates were all getting opportunities to speak to conservatives. He withdrew the invite to POTUS over the FOX debate, Megyn Kelly – who became one of the first to blow up her career over DJT. Irony. She thought she could take him out in the first round – instead people began to sit up and take notice and liked what they heard. 🙂

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    2. One of the comments:

      AvatarMarie says
      July 19, 2019 at 8:42 am
      It seems big business, democrats. Rino gop, trump admin

      have all decided India will be next FOREIGN govt to dump millions foreign workers into America, #hr1044 passed, now #s386 in senate probably pass.

      Removing country restrictions will open floodgates to USA middle class jobs,

      already seriously harmed USA tech Industry.

      India is ruthless, India recruiting corp already control usa tech hiring.

      Media blackout, Fox wont mention. I think trump supports this

      I don’t believe President Trump is for this … “I think … “ don’t tell me what you think, tell me what you know.

      I’d like to see H1B removed from our tech industry workforce so our citizen techs can flourish and prosper.

      TY Big, this strikes close to home ..🙂👍❤️‼️

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  1. For all the leftist whining about ‘Send her back’ – the majority of Americans #standwithTrump – which trended on Twitter yesterday.

    Just for fun, I checked the DailyMail comment thread and despite the DM’s pro-Islam moderation, they are not buying Omar’s line and pretend victimhood. The comment pro/con votes are against her and pro-Trump!

    I left a comment which is unlikely to be posted: “The woman has no respect for US laws – so far, she has committed campaign fraud, bigamy and immigration fraud…” Love to troll ’em there.

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  2. (Sorry hit send too soon ^^^) When Sharyl Attkisson speaks: listen. This article highlights a huge problem in The Swamp with this one a particularly egregious example of how “non-profit” 501(c) organizations in general have become cancers. I contend that, if PDJT want to Drain It, the best way is a sweeping reform of the 501(c) laws.

    In this case, we are also treated to Exhibit A of the GOPe core. Chris Coons, the Bald Dwarf from MaryLaLaLand, a Ted Kennedy acolyte who pushes 2 on the talent meter, and 4 no-name GOP senators have been purchased by the “American Chemistry Council”.

    ACC is a run-of-the-mill K Street hyperactive lobbying group promoting the interests of the “chemical industry.” As such, it is an amorphous outfit that might just as well be promoting milk and mothers. Remember the famous slogan “Without chemicals life itself would not be possible”?

    My problem with this scheme is two-fold. First, stop with the facade of “education” and “promotion.” ACC spends 49% of its 501(c)(6) budget on these 5 senators but gets the cover of the “non-profit” scheme because the payout is less that 50% and thus the group “qualifies” as educational be operation of a formula. Second, once they buy a senator, Congresscritter or state-level representative, that person now shoulders the ACC interests, not the constituency. It’s one thing to be a advocate for “chemicals” and another to supporting the transport of nuclear waste on a train across the middle of your district.

    The entire “non-profit” scheme is a canard. I can make any company at any time “non-profit”.

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    1. As a chemist I support the idea “Without chemicals life itself would not be possible” Because there are only three states: Matter (chemicals) Energy or a Vaccum. ALL Life is made of CHEMICALS.

      I really hate the Chemicals = Man made = BAD crap. It is a major button and you just pushed it.

      Chemicals are made of atoms PERIOD. Some are completely necessary for life like O2 and H2O and some are lethal. ALL chemicals are NATURAL. Chemicals that are not ‘natural’ BLOW UP and return to the natural state. All chemist do is make the ‘enviornment’ correct to allow a chemical to form just like a farmer makes the ‘enviornment’ correct to allow for favored animals or plants to multiply and grow.

      That said I want to see ALL LOBBYING BANNED!!! I also want to see CORPORATIONS BANNED from interferring in elections.

      If an individual wants to represent himself to a politician, fine. If he wants to present a petition with NAMES, ADDRESSES and PHONE NUMBERS that is also OK but NO PROFESSIONAL LOBBYING and certainly NO FOREIGN LOBBYING.

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        1. Big T,

          I should add the bashing of chemistry is all part of the ‘back to nature’ = stone age brain washing where they want us to accept a more primitive life style.

          Rosa Koire identified the danger years ago. THE POST SUSTAINABLE FUTURE

          Your government is a corporatocracy, a new authoritarian state in the process of consolidating your output into a more controllable, exploitable channel…

          She identified one of the critical points.

          …You are in the midst of the biggest public relations scam in the history of the world. The pretty pastel vision of life in a Smart Growth development is a manipulation, a mask. In fact these plans are designed to restrict your freedom of movement and choice.

          Transit villages (formerly known as cities) will be restricted to having only the population that can be supported by food grown within a 100 mile radius (called a ‘foodshed’).
          Food sheds will dictate where you can live and when you can change your residence.

          Calculations, such as those done recently at Cornell University, will determine how much food can be grown within that area and then the Transit Village population will be limited to the number of people who can be fed by that land.

          It is reasonable to expect rationing based on this mode. If you want to move to that village you will have to apply and wait for an opening. …

          She identified Cornell University as a place where the research is being done: Interesting that the page now turns up “Not Found” The word “foodshed’ now turns up “Storying the Food Shed” an entirely different subject.

          The only thing I can now find is an Academic paper: Foodshed analysis and its relevance to sustainability (No abstract) That leads to Mapping potential foodsheds in New York State by food group: an approach for prioritizing which foods to grow locally. Again no abstract. But the Abstract can be found here: HERE Have you ever seen a university NOT link to the abstracts of the papers their professors produce?

          With more digging I found: Retracting the Global Foodshed

          ….A ‘Foodshed’ – a term coined by researchers from Cornell University – is analogous to a watershed in its function, in that it is defined as the region that produces food for a particular population. Creating foodshed calculations requires a fair amount of data, but much of it is already available in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) format, through government surveys and scientific studies. The calculation requires statistics on dietary needs, food transportation, agricultural efficiency, climate and production potential.

          If we want to reduce our foodprint, it is time we begin to pay attention to the sustainability and geography of our foodshed. With government assistance, it could be feasible to organize food cultivation and distribution in a sustainable, local manner, based on foodshed maps. This strategy is replicable for many regions, as the researchers involved in the initial study have already started developing foodshed maps beyond NY to NM, MI and MO….

          So Cornell coined the word ‘Foodshed’ and now has scrubbed the internet of easy access to references that connection the word and Cornell!

          Seems Rosa Koire is flying over the target!

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          1. Seems like installing a foodshed policy would severely lessen the accumulation of dem votor-bots in cities. Which is not a bad thing, IMO. People in a smaller social group (rural) tend to be more conservative and, dare I say, sensible.

            Maybe we should not cast the idea away too quickly.

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      1. I love “organic” food.

        Any compound with carbon in it (possibly not including carbon dioxide) is known as an “organic” compound, so I guess “organic” food can be anything you’d want to eat other than salt.

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        1. Oh and how about when the idiot environmentalists, having noticed that a lot of the things they don’t like were molecules of chlorine, decided they wanted to try to ban chlorine! That didn’t get very far; apparently at least one of them realized that that would include salt. Who knows, maybe they’d have gone after all of the halogens. (They can already count astatine as a success of that crusade; it’s virtually non-existent, and Tennesine IS non-existent unless someone is running the right experiment right now.)

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    2. I am completely in accord, Big T.

      The 501(c) designation has facilitated all kinds of nefarious monetary and political/ideological corruption. We MUST reform the whole facade of ‘do-goodness’.

      And the Go Fund Me scam is also ripe for monetary manipulations/laundering as we’ve seen with the Andrew McCabes of the world.

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      1. In places that have plastic bag bans, people have to buy a significant volume of 2 gallon trash bags to replace the ones they would’ve gotten free from the store.

        IOW, everyone recycles these bags when they have them.

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          1. Cat owner here. I use them for litter.

            My true-life experience with the plastic bag ban:

            I moved to Hawaii to work for just under two years, about 6 years ago. They had just banned plastic bags, so everyone needed grocery bags. Walmart, Costco, and other large stores started to sell cheap nylon or whatever material bags at the checkout.

            The first “problem” to develop was people walking out of stores with unpaid-for merchandise in whatever bag they came in with. Who could tell? So Walmart hired people to do what Costco does, look at your receipt and items at the door. But this is a tourist area, and people were not accustomed to the “search,” so many tourists just pushed on by the checker. This enraged the “locals,” who proceeded to ignore the checkers, too. Pretty soon, the “checking” was pretty cursory, as the checkers just couldn’t take the pressure. Theft was rampant.

            The second problem to come along was, you guessed it, litter! Did they think people wouldn’t throw those useless bags away as soon as they were done with them? You can’t use them for trashcan liners, cat litter, dog poop, or whatever. So they were EVERYWHERE. In the ditches, on the beaches. all over. And of, course, they are going to end up in the ocean.

            Truly, it was a farce.

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  3. Rush Limbaugh echoes my sentiments from yesterday about being ticked off that so many on our side accepted the premise that President Trump’s tweets and the “send her home” chants were racially charged or even racism.

    I am still ticked because after all of these decades—so many have still not learned that you cannot satisfy the Left. You give them a hand—they take the entire arm.


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    1. Do not engage on the political battlefield of their design, on their terms, accepting their definitions of words, interpretation of history, their explanation of current events or based on their preception of reality. Force the conversation, the political battle outside so their intentionally created bubble and engineered narrative.

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    2. “I am still ticked because after all of these decades—so many have still not learned that you cannot satisfy the Left. ”


      That’s what happens when all we ever do is meditate on ‘cold anger’, and never actually DO anything to stop the enemy.

      It’s the equivalent of Andre the Giant (us) having sand kicked in our faces for 30 years by Pee-Wee Herman (them), and our ‘response’ is ‘some day…‘ [cold anger] [cold anger] [some more cold anger].

      The problem is that doing NOTHING becomes a way of life, and as John Fogerty once said, SOMEDAY never comes.

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    3. “Rush Limbaugh echoes my sentiments from yesterday about being ticked off that so many on our side accepted the premise that President Trump’s tweets and the “send her home” chants were racially charged or even racism.”


      It’s stupid.

      Any human being who thought or convinced themselves that DJT’s tweets were ‘rayciss’ are stupid people.

      They’re STUPID.

      Low IQ.

      They’re idiots, and we should say it to their faces, at every opportunity.

      LOOK at the tweets.

      They have ZERO to do with race… or sex… or transgender lunacy… or homosexuality…. or any other pathological obsession of the Left.

      The stupid people who thought it DID have anything to do with race are NPCs who get led around by the nose, they are unthinking COWS who move with the herd narrative, never raising their eyes up from the grass they’re grazing on to find out if anything in their world is remotely true.

      Claiming ‘racism’ in response to DJT’s tweets is a NON-SEQUITUR.

      The conclusion DOES NOT FOLLOW from the premise.

      It’s no different than if someone said “the sky is blue” and someone else responds “I like cheese”.

      I have no tolerance left for this stupidity.

      If people are going to be that stupid, I’m going to call them stupid.

      If they want to get in a fight about it, then we’ll fight about it.


      Sometimes fighting is the right thing to do… I don’t know what happened to the people I grew up around, people who understood these things without the need to ponder them into oblivion.

      Anything would be better than wasting another second of my life stewing on ‘cold anger’…

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      1. I agree Scott. The other side has stopped diplomacy and debate a long time ago! When do the idiots on our side finally recognize that? Nope, still have them out there kissing Leftist asses and getting nothing but a nasty taste in their mouths.

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        1. For press release:

          Patriots Proportional Response

          Patriots Proportional Response (P.P.R.), a new Constitutional Rights organization dedicated to holding subversives of all kinds accountable to the Law and empowering patriotic Americans by example.

          The P.P.R. team operates across the spectrum of tactics employed by the enemies of America, presenting a counterpoint to organized Leftist protests, countering the influence of MSM, Lawfare, etc., while promoting action on multiple fronts, including investigative journalism, restoration of traditional American values and the restoration of the Rule of Law and to Equal Justice Under Law.

          The operating principle of P.P.R. is simple and direct; we observe the enemy and their tactics, recognize which tactics are effective, and re-purpose those tactics, using them against the Leftists and Communists to level the playing field and expose the enemy.

          If the anti-American subversives ‘dox’ one of ‘ours’ (any American either known to be a patriot or acting in the capacity of a patriot), we ‘dox’ one of theirs. Proportional Response.

          It doesn’t sound like much, does it? But compared to the normal response (e.g., ‘No Response at All’), a ‘proportional response‘ is a nearly infinite improvement.

          When they file a frivolous lawsuit, we file a lawsuit against them.

          When they hold a ‘rally’, we hold a bigger rally.

          When they make threats, we make threats.

          When they boycott, we boycott.

          When they put out a media influence campaign, we put out a media influence campaign.

          NO challenge goes uncontested — ever.

          When they violate our rights, we violate their rights, and we keep doing it, until the Department of Justice has no choice but to do their job and uphold EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW.

          Until we DO, until their double standards and rank hypocrisy under Law is exposed, what motive or impetus does the corrupt DOJ have to do their job?

          We investigate every MSM ‘talking head’, they don’t get a free pass anymore. Our reporters hound them in the exact same way they hound anyone who opposes their agenda. Our reporters surprise them in their driveways and employ ‘Mike Wallace / 60 Minutes’ style ‘gotcha’ interviews. We expose who these people really are, and remind the American People that turnabout is fair play.

          We have an ever-expanding group of online American Patriots who stand united against the Left’s daily ‘talking points’ and subversive narratives, and disseminate factual responses to each day’s ‘talking points’ through all of the major social media platforms.

          The P.P.R. team also produces regular 5 to 7 minute videos explaining the Left’s tactics and how to respond in such a way that neutralizes them or, better yet, turns their own tactics against them.

          The P.P.R. team is open to all Patriots, to every American of every background who loves our country. America needs your skills, your talents and your abilities. We are all familiar with the phrase ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country‘. Today is the day, and now is the time, we’re all in this together. For the first time, the ‘silent majority’ is uniting, and we will be silent no more.

          Every aspect of the organization is critical to the restoration of our country. One area of particular focus is the restoration of the Rule of Law and Equal Justice Under Law.

          We are assembling teams of lawyers and citizen-investigators to pursue legal redress and remedy for countless acts of lawlessness and legal double standards which have become the ‘norm’ in recent decades and, tragically, remain so today.

          When the subversive Left breaks the Law for all the world to see, our team of experts analyzes the events and the lack of response to them by our corrupt Depart of Justice.

          Then one or more of our members, in an overt act of modern day ‘civil disobedience’, commits an equal but opposite act, to expose the double-standard, for all the world to see. For example, suppose Kathy Griffin cuts off the head of a life size doll made to look like POTUS. We watch for the response of the DOJ and the MSM in general.

          When nothing happens (as always), our team goes to work. One of our members cuts off the heads of life sized mannequins made to look like Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rotham Clinton.

          The team members who volunteered for “the mission” then turn themselves in for a pre-staged and very public ‘surrender’ to ‘proper authorities’, and demand a jury trial with TV cameras in the courtroom.

          We want the whole WORLD to see.

          The purpose is to expose the double-standard, to show the jury (and the world) that the so-called ‘Justice System’ in America is laughably one-sided. The purpose is to create legal analogues to Leftist criminal acts in order to expose the manifest double-standards of treatment and DEMAND Equal Justice Under LAW.

          If you are going to prosecute one of ours, we demand the prosecution of ALL of theirs who have done the EXACT same thing or WORSE, and we are going to sue the government for violation of our Rights and violation of Equal Protection Under Law until the corrupt system is reformed or collapses of it’s own corrupt weight.

          The double-standards are more obvious and evident than at any time in our nation’s history, certainly including the pre ‘civil rights’ era.

          Rosa Parks endured and stood up to a bus driver who calmly told her to give up her seat… on a bus…

          We should be so lucky. Pardon me if I’m not overwhelmed by her plight.

          If that was the extent of our mistreatment, no doubt we would gladly grin and bear it, compared to the systematic and institutional abuse, discrimination and oppression we are subjected to daily.

          American Patriots today aren’t complaining over being asked to give up a seat on a bus. We endure daily physical threats from both celebrities and politicians and the street urchins who follow their example and carry out those threats, resulting in our People being subjected attacks with chains and bats (and worse), while being cheered on by opinion leaders and tech leaders and celebrities on the Left.

          And our ‘Justice Department’ doesn’t lift a finger or do a SINGLE thing about it.


          They are 100% AWOL.

          Our ‘Justice Department’ is DERELICT in their Duty to uphold the Law and the Constitution of the United States. The entire Department deserves to be prosecuted.

          So we are fighting back.

          We are taking our country back, we are taking our delinquent and corrupt government back, and we are doing it in the most public way possible — leading by example, and welcoming every American Patriot who loves our country to join the effort and truly Make America Great Again.

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      2. I am 6 fet tall 224 pounds,not many wanna fuck with me,as I see it Lady America has been woken and the leftist wish they could close Pandoras Box.
        My Gramps always told me talk shit git hit.Patriots are at the ready if need be.
        Aim small miss small if the time comes,my powder is dry.

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        1. “My Gramps always told me talk shit git hit.Patriots are at the ready if need be.”


          I remember the first time someone hit me in the face with the intention to knock me out if he could.

          I was so surprised, that he actually hit me in the face a second time, before I reacted.

          What surprised me (besides the blind-side sucker punch) was that it didn’t hurt at all. I could hardly believe it. I was stunned. It was the opposite of everything I thought would happen.

          Later on my jaw was a little sore, but that’s it, next day I couldn’t even notice it. But when it happened, I could barely even feel it. Apparently that wasn’t the response the guy was looking for, because I remember his eyes got real big after he hit me the second time, and my head snapped back and locked eyes with him again.

          After that, the ‘fear’ of being hit was gone. I wasn’t concerned about getting hit anymore.

          Not unless my opponent was a LOT bigger than me.

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          1. Amen Scott, I took alot of shit growing up because my parents were divorced and when I lived with my sperm donor older kids would rough me up.The whole town knew that my Granny would tan my hide if I got in a fight.All those needless ass whoopins made me tough and one day I said no more.The biggest bullie in Marshallville Ohio got his ass handed to him that day.
            I am glad my momma raised me to be a man, she would take me to the bullies house with a pair of boxing gloves.
            Your story is one for the ages, I hope you share it with your kids and grandkids.

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  4. Nice Roundup Flep!!! This Thread is just Chock full of interesting tidbits!!! Tips hat to Big T and Ga and Gail!!! Thanks for ALL this info ya’lll!!!!

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  5. HUGE DEVELOPMENT: ROGER STONE Files Two Court Documents – BLASTS FBI and Mueller’s False Allegations that Russians Gave DNC Emails to WikiLeaks

    Roger Stone is requesting proof that Russians hacked the DNC server, as was reported in the Mueller report. Stone claims if the Russians didn’t hack the DNC, his case should be dismissed.

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  6. SHE’S TOAST: Latest Report by David Steinberg Describes Ilhan Omar’s 8 Instances of Perjury – Could Face 40 Years in Prison or Deportation

    by Jim Hoft | July 18, 2019

    According to Steinberg there is credible evidence that Ilhan Omar and her family changed their name to illegally enter the United States back in 1995.

    And since that time Ilhan Omar as an adult continued to defy US law. According to Steinberg Rep. Omar committed at least eight instances of perjury going back to 2009. The charges could carry up to 40 years of prison time or deportation.

    Obviously, Ilhan Omar has no regard for US law and yet here she is representing Minnesota in the US Congress and a sitting member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

    David Steinberg reported today on Ilhan’s criminal activity.

    She obviously has no problem with lying on federal documents.

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  7. “They need to destroy him and us.”


    Is the time ever going to arrive when we can FINALLY destroy them instead, as opposed to being the poster children for having sand perpetually kicked in our faces by dorks and losers and metrosexuals, while muttering something under our breath about ‘cold anger’?

    Are we ever going to go on offense?

    Because a lot of the time, I have to say I relate to Bill Paxton:

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      1. True – remember – they own the press – we need an investigation done on her – and PT knows it – I am praying…she needs to be exposed!

        Liked by 8 people

    1. “Miss World Competition DISQUALIFIES Gorgeous Miss Michigan… Because She Supports Our President!”


      Why doesn’t she file a lawsuit for discrimination, massive enough to bankrupt the Miss Globalist Cabal Competition?

      Liked by 7 people

        1. I would think, if she has a case, that should not be hard to come up with.

          COLD ANGER ===> $$$$

          I am donating to politcal causes when I never have before in my life.

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    2. Wish I wasn’t feeling like a catturd right now ,I just woke up and my only contribution at this point to the convo is that the whole damn world has gone bonkers,nuts, off the rails bat shit crazy. On that note I’m going to swig some cough syrup and go back to sleep hoping when I wake up my chest dosnt hurt and the freak show I’ve been watching all my life was a night terror. Night all.cough ,cough.

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      1. The world was probably always like this – we just did not know – we thought there was nothing we could do to change it – but, it has changed – remember all of the never-ending wars – the rising healthcare costs – the missing children – the frustration with Congress – all of that has changed – and we are at the precipice of something new and exciting – no longer is ‘that other guy’ running around the world bashing our country – and over spending on vacations with that football player he called his ‘wife’ – no more – the Wicked Witch and Ketchup Kerry – no more – we are making friends, selling product, and making our country great, again! These other nonsensical nuisances are just distractions from all of the great things that are happening – so be not discouraged or distracted – Be Happy!

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        1. You are absolutely right,we are on the verge of something totally new I believe. I am happy just sick lol I remember all the missing kids on milk cartons and was so upset that kids were just vanishing. Hoping kids will be safe now.

          Liked by 5 people

          1. Little by little the traffickers are being disbanded – we must never give up – CPS needs to be reorganized – aiding and abetting – two female senators died trying to draw attention to this tentacle of child trafficking – we are winning – and we will continue to win – as long as we persevere…

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  8. Justin Amash: “A chant like “Send her back!” is ugly and dangerous, and it is the inevitable consequence of President Trump’s demagoguery.”


    Go back to Pakistan or Lebanon or wherever you came from Justin, you traitorous dirtbag.

    Or maybe China — where all you business holdings are — will give you asylum?

    Oh, and I almost forgot. STFU.

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  9. After hearing and reading all the pearl clutching comments in the past week, I also concluded that the Democrats are scared. They know they can’t beat President Trump on performance or ideas so they trot out the same old stuff.
    Rinse. Wash. Repeat.
    Trump and his supporters are racists, yawn. Trump colluded with Russia, obstruction, obstruction, obstruction, yawn. Trump’s affairs with women, yawn.
    This week they’ve run all three at once.
    It’s ridiculous and obvious.
    They think we are stupid but they are stupid AND desperate!

    Liked by 15 people

      1. “Wonder if the money for Harvard to make Epstein look good….came from a blackmail victim’s pockets?”


        The money certainly didn’t come from any legitimate business activity.

        “For those in Epstein’s orbit, the stakes of exposure are bound to get higher as more and more women come forward. Every day seems to bring new horrors about Epstein’s alleged depravity.

        At a press conference on Tuesday, Courtney Wild’s lawyer Brad Edwards said that after interviewing dozens of Epstein’s accusers, it appeared Epstein spent almost all of his time abusing underage girls. “It was his full-time job,” Edwards said. “We have not found anyone who has provided information about a legitimate business he was engaged [in].”

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  10. Hi all– so I switch the channel (it’s just past midnight here) to a French News channel (to practice listening to French so I can pass my French exam and eventually earn my A1 French certificate like Switzerland requires me to do to stay as a resident….but I digress)….. Is it focused on Paris news, and I can’t comprehend the massive celebration that is blocking the Arc de Triomphe — It is for “La Victoire de l’Agérie Célébrée” – ie the Algerian football team won a level in the Coupe d’Agrique and advances to play Sénégal- that I comprehend…but correct me if I am not, is this indicative of the ‘cultural’ take over, or am I being an ‘uptight American’ who just doesn’t understand football ( I honestly do not follow that sport, or really many others…..).

    My instinct looks at the optics of this, and thinks….wow France is toast. They have flares, makeshift fireworks, thousands of people in the streets, Algerian Flags waving everywhere……it’s one big ol’ party in the streets on the Champs Elysées.

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