We Have 3D – Do I Hear 64D?

Thanks to our own Dora, I was made aware of an article in the Spectator that REALLY strikes home. I absolutely urge you to read it!

Here is the link:


This strikes home for me, because it really tells the tale of how I ended up over at CTH, as a TRUMP SUPPORTER seeking shelter at a TRUMP BASTION, before we all came here with Q.

I was all over Disqus and Breitbart for years, under Obama. I knew that we HAD to STOP the Obama insanity, soon to become Hillary insanity, in 2016, or we were in real trouble. And I was absolutely unsure WHICH Republican presidential hopeful was the one to END the Prog-Nazi insanity that we were all slowly marching toward.

I was probably behind EVERY one of the GOP presidential hopefuls for at least 30 minutes, some for 30 hours, and a few for 30 days or more. Significant among them:

  • Rand Paul
  • Ted Cruz
  • Ben Carson
  • John Kasich

I even had a few flirtations with Carly Fiorina until learning about her strong CIA associations, and “feelings” toward Marco Rubio, until I realized that he was being strongly manipulated by others (neocon pool-boy). I tried to talk myself into “acceptance” of Jeb Bush a few times, as a feasibility test, and I learned to love Chris Christie as he warmed up to Trump.

However, it was TRUMP who stole my affections from the four listed above, and from TED CRUZ most of all. TED actually stayed on top of my list for quite a while, until Trump came along. Indeed, speaking up nicely but a bit too strongly for TRUMP got me kicked off of The Right Scoop. Imagine that.

Ultimately, I agree with Sundance – only Trump had the special street smarts to get past the cunning communists.


We have all been through a lot of fascinating shared history with Trump. But I think it’s time for me to quote myself on this, for the very first time:

Get used to it. Trump speed is the new normal.  Some will call it flip-flopping, but that’s not what it is.  Trump is dodging and weaving through reality faster than the reality can react to disrupt his plans.

I was explaining this to my wife.  This is a roller-coaster now.  Trump is no longer waiting for people to keep up.  He is taking his bewildering art-of-the-deal campaign schtick into geopolitics, and for a lot of people who can’t keep up or hold on, it will be a rough ride.


They can’t keep up, either.

Neither can many around him.  I think that half of the problem with advisers crashing into each other is they don’t realize what Trump is doing.

And people will trash you, and they will trash me.  Get used to it.  I’ve already caught plenty of people mocking me.  Well, just wait a week in Trump time.  Look stupid and conned by Trump one minute, and you look like a sage three days later.


Best presidency ever!  Just hang on.  More winning is coming, but a lot of people are going to scream that it’s all over at EVERY turn.


I am ON the Trump Train for good, even if I scream that I want off and can’t take it.  In the end, I only want to scream “TOO MUCH WINNING!!!” 😀

Wolf Moon, “the roller-coaster post”

LINK: https://wolfmoon1776.wordpress.com/2017/08/18/trump-gravity/

I think it has become clear to people that our LION is a SAVAGE and BRAVE political animal.

Perhaps less clear to many is WHY. Pay close attention to this, if you want your “Trump Dimension Number” to go up:

It really comes down to whether our VSGPOTUS is playing 3D chess or – to quote the most savage critics of “Trump’s got this” thinking – “64D chess”.

Well, I will tell you what I’m thinking.

TIMING is everything.

So I’m looking at a number between 4 and 128 right now.

But I could be talked into something higher by a skilled auctioneer.



PS – if you don’t think this was a shrewd move by the good old boy gentleman from Missouri, you’re not following Trump into “extra dimensions”.

217 thoughts on “We Have 3D – Do I Hear 64D?

  1. Oh yes, the Rollercoaster thread was epic, and even more appropriate today.
    I almost feel sorry for all those GOPe’ers who took an extra day to release a press statement criticizing how “mean” the President was to those 4 poor young girls.

    Today, even Axelrod has admitted defeat.
    Trump is a better strategist.

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        1. Wolfie – that American Spectator article was excellent! Just printed it up to save in my “Trump” file! So good – thank you (also, Dora)….

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          1. You’re most welcome! American Spectator has some REALLY great stuff. When I saw an article there by Paul Kengor, whose book on Frank Marshall Davis opened my eyes about so many things, I knew it was a great site!

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        1. I found “Some Dude” in the Trayvon era….
          Was intrigued and followed his writings…..
          “Q” came along and upstaged him…
          Pissed him off I think…
          I gat Banned……
          Haven’t been back since.

          Can’t handle the TRUTH SD?
          Fuck YOU!

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    1. Trump is fighting BOTH the Communists – the whole RANGE from prog-lite like Kasich to deep diaper like Axelrod – AND the Islamists – the whole range from Saudi intrigues to Iranian nukes – and he’s WINNING.

      It’s beyond impressive. Just think how McMaster, serving Saudi interests and not even knowing it, took out Higgins who was SPOT ON, and Trump is now WINNING THE HIGGINS BATTLE and McMaster is gone.

      Again, IMPRESSIVE.

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      1. Not to brag….
        But I learned early on.

        Trump would do something that “I” thought questionable…..
        Two weeks later….
        AH HA! That’s what he was doing!

        I never questioned him again……

        Trump is the MASTER strategist.

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    2. I enjoyed the Laura Loomer-Billy Long performance so much. Play it again. Very memorable. Many who did not know who Loomer was got very curious. Thank you for this great post, Wolfie. It took several people–you and Sundance and Rush–to help me to get what Trump was really doing.

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    3. Daughn….. YOU, Wolf, Flep and the others….
      (along with my fellow commenters)…..
      Are the News NOW… (And have been for quite some time).
      Even though we might not have realized it.
      The “Snooze” just “preaches” to “us”….. (Most of it LIES)
      Here….. we can agree or disagree….
      Research, SHARE and soak up INFORMATION.
      Maybe enlighten some with scripture from time to time.

      Thank ALL of you for your participation!

      (Lurkers…… Please join in)

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  2. Love the post. Remember the roller coaster and Trump gravity posts clearly – they were great for framing expectations as well as understanding & interpreting current events.

    Embarrassing but…I really don’t get what you are saying about the auctioneer post at the end. Was he doing a good thing or just a clever thing by distracting and deflating her interruptions with joking? I am really unclear, not sure what you are saying there…?

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    1. Great question – BUT – I’ll answer later. I want people to think this out. This is good practice in LOGICAL THINKING.

      I didn’t actually see this, and how this meme was relevant, until I just went to grab the last “auctioneer meme” that I thought people would recognize.

      People need to consider what would have happened if the congressman did nothing, versus if he did what he did, versus other alternatives of action. Consider all the outcomes of each case, and how that overall hurts or benefits both the GOP AND Laura Loomer.

      Integrate “cui bono” over different possible futures. To come up with a GREAT ANSWER as fast as he did is what’s important, and impressive. I didn’t see it at the time, frankly.

      We’re CATCHING UP to Trump. We are STILL catching up to Trump.

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      1. I am just finished Latin class for the day…I am teaching logic, rhetoric, etc. as we “speak” but I am too tired to do it myself. Good thing I am not my own student!

        But, seriously, I look forward to learning more and gaining insight as this one, for now is eluding me.

        I appreciate the response.

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          1. God bless you PG!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗Pgroup🤗🤗🤗🤗 I apologize, but you always make me laugh. Forgive me, but “Hellp, WP is eating me….” tickles my funny bone something fierce! 😘🥰

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      2. “. . . consider what would have . . . did nothing . . . did what he did . . . other alternatives . . . the outcomes . . . hurts or benefits . . . cui bono . . . possible futures . . .”

        But, but . . . Muh Brain . . . Muh Brain . . . it burns . . . it burns . . .

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          1. Wolfie -I can’t even watch this! That’s wild! Also, thanks for your repost. I remember when this was posted on OT originally. Loved it then and love it now. Just brilliant!

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          2. WOW, that was awesome! Back and neck problems have kept me off of coasters for many years but that high def go pro video was almost as good as being there in the flesh.

            As analogies go, since we’ve finally entered Q’s D5 stage, I’m thinking that the rest of Trump’s 1st term will be a wild ride. Lord, please give Your powerful guiding hands to our President and the white hats to defeat the satanists and traitors so that his 2nd term brings peace and good will to heal the people of our nation (and the world) from the evil. Amen.

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      3. I guess I’m a bit confused by this one.

        As far as I knew, Laura Loomer was on our side.

        So how is this guy a good guy for talking over her?

        I’m missing something here. I can think of three possibilities off the top of my head, which means it will be number six on my list when someone explains it to me.

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        1. Neither of them came out looking like jerks. Laura knew she was going to be thrown out. Auctioneer didn’t look like a jerk because it was funny..It was funny because it was so unexpected.

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          1. The whole spectacle entertained me immensely in a good way, and it ws at a time when I think some of us needed tthat kind of amusing diversion, but, of course, it was done for very serious reasons not apparent to most. I still smile a lot when I remember it.

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          2. It was a trick. By making a very funny thing of her interview it became click bait. LOTS of people saw it and some realised she was talking sense. Humour. The right has humour. Watch for the fun underling message

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  3. That post is still my favorite description of our times. That’s why I followed you on Twitter and then here through Fle
    Thanks for it and for all you do.

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  4. Ty Wolf –we did some tweeters and you cooled down my heels on some issues.
    in 2016 it was Carson & Cruz for a few short weeks.
    Once I found about the Canadian birth I was done with Cruz since I knew we would end up losing due to BC. H3LL Cruz was with the Tea Party in 2008 pushing the Obama BC issue and then he does exactly what he said would disqualify Obama if true.. Nope, not my man any more.
    Although I had kind of jump on the Trump wagon, I was still pushing for Carson. When Carson dropped out I was all the way for Trump.
    By the end of the primary, anything I felt good about Cruz was gone. Even though it appears Cruz is a loyal Trump politician, something inside me just does not trust him anymore.

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    1. 100% agreed – particularly on the trust issue with Cruz.

      He’s still backing Trump, but… tiny letters… not so sure.

      Yeah, the Cruz birth was a thing. And then CIA-girl-gate with those “conservative” gals – s k e t c h y .

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      1. Do believe there was one state that Cruz manipulated, and do believe Cruz & ??McCain and maybe even Graham were behind the pictures of Melania.
        McCain’s death actually proved more to me about the man than anything else. His daughter should have gone more quietly into the sunset when he died.
        So right now Cruz and Graham are very ifish in my books. There are a few others but seems they faded into the sunset anyway.

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        1. I suspect that Graham has been pulled into hair-curling levels of top secret stuff, and that is why his tune changed so strongly on things. Lord knows if I would ever want to know what he knows now. I think Graham has “seen the light” on things that had him working to hold down his lunch at McCain’s funeral.

          Epstein? Saudis? Huma? Military?

          All starting to make sense…..

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          1. I think that is part of some of the DC mess.
            In 2008 I do believe the Obama people either blackmailed &/or bribed numerous democrats, those not needed where throw under the bus like Edwards, Wright and many others….

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          2. I still don’t trust Ms. Lindsey Grahmnesty. Him and Rubio along with Schumer and the amnesty thing. Him and John Insane egging on the previous Nazi regime in Ukraine, and possible ties to Benghazi/ISIS with McCain. I think President Trump has leverage over him and he is currently forced to play along while President Trump is strong. Feel he would turn on a dime if he saw personal gain in it. Plus he’s up for re election, I think. He always acts conservative close to election time…

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            1. CM, exactly what I think of Graham. I still remember him from the Clinton impeachment mess. Still, not sure I believe Some of the rumors about him, just because he’s not married nor does he seem to have a girl friend, but I admit I can be pretty naive. But in that particular area, I feel kind of sorry for him, but not sorry overall, meaning he’s going to look out for himself first and always–my opinion.

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        2. IMO, I think Cruz realized there were some things in his (or family’s) background that he really didn’t want to be exposed and that’s why he eventually changed his goals. But, for me, his speech at the Convention forever tainted my regard for him.

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      2. I was for Trump the minute I heard his speech after coming down the escalator.
        Never wavered on President Trump. I never kew before he ran who he was since I do not do TV.
        Carson I liked and marveled his accomplishment as Physician. I liked him as person but not as President he was and did not looked strong enough. I hoped he would be in the cabinet.
        Cruz I did not like tree was something right away. That Beck supported him was entertaining to me.
        I felt embarrass for Kasich maybe because I live in OH.
        Christi was entertaining but not to be taken serious.

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        1. Me2. Not because I think I’m a great evaluator of people, but the candidates were mostly putzes. I dislike the sight of Cruz, and genuinely liked Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee but didn’t see them as President.

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        2. Carson’s problem is that is pretty much has been walking his Christian path for so many years not. Carson does seem to do more turning of the other check versus taking a hug bold stand.

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        3. I was for Rand Paul when he first announced. Was a fan of his father in elections past and had hopes for his son. He seemed to drop off the radar soon after though. Didn’t trust Cruz as a genuine Tea Party guy after his push for TPP. I watched President Trumps trip down the escalator out of pure curiosity, expecting some TV showmanship, but nothing serious. That speech had me hooked though and I was 110% on the Train ever since. He spoke the “common” man’s language and seemed to be the real deal. He has not disappointed!

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            1. I am going to boast. I NEVER stopped saying Merry Christmas, to anyone, at anytime. I watched as people cringed. Not that they disagreed, they were simply brainwashed.

              Merry Christmas, Wolf!

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              1. I’ll boast with you!

                I was genuinely aggressive with saying Merry Christmas to store personnel. especially if they said something stupid like Happy Holidays. And I said it loud, too.

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              2. And a Very Merry Christmas to you, Tonawanda, and to Wolf, and to all QTreepers!

                If you’re in the vicinity of Solvang, CA (just north of Santa Barbara, a few miles east of Buellton on Highway 246), there’s the Jule Hus, where it’s Christmas all year ’round! Each time we visit CA, we drive down to LA and stop at Solvang, a real bit of Denmark in the US. http://www.solvangschristmashouse.com

                Here’s a couple of pics, and a comment from yelp: ( https://www.yelp.com/biz/jule-hus-solvang )

                Store, from the outside:

                Display window, where it’s always Christmas 🙂

                Looks like Denmark, but it’s really Solvang CA:

                And an excerpt from a review on Yelp by Griselda S.

                I think it should be Christmas all year round and they agree with me. This store sells Christmas ornaments , cards, nativity scenes and anything Christmas related you can think of. The staff is so friendly and they are all dress like Mrs. Claus. I love Christmas and literally upon arriving at this store I felt like I was in a Christmas town and I wanted to buy everything. All the ornaments are all really cute and well crafted. They have so many different ones and I was told by a staff member that if you bring a picture or you tell them how you want an ornament they can try and make it or find you one like it. Their prices are reasonable for the beautiful handcrafted and handmade ornaments. I definitely want to come back before Christmas and get a couple more ornaments.

                I asked the staff when it’s best to come and avoid crowds and they said that the best time to stop by is Thursday’s because it’s not as busy and that’s also when they get the new shipment of ornaments. So if you stop by then you get first dibs.

                (To paraphrase Al Borland, Yule better watch out for bargains on Thursday 🙂 )…

                So, in Solvang at the Jule Hus, you can say Merry Christmas! every day of the year 🙂

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              3. Indeed, Solvang is wonderful. I’ve never been to Jule Hus, tho.

                Well, now that I’m thinking about it, I haven’t been to Solvang in at least ten years. It’s only 30 minutes North of where I am.

                Sometime, I just don’t go places because I pine for what they were and how it was like when it was the 70s or 80s. My memories of favorite eateries and shops that’re no longer there kind of keeps me from going back and making new memories. If you don’t understand, you’ve got company. I don’t get it, either.

                Thanks for the post. It’s got me searching within.


              4. @CoffeeBreak,
                I know what you mean. I’ve been visiting Solvang since the 1960s, obviously less frequently over the last 35 years that I’ve lived here in Germany (and the real Denmark is much closer). Then again, sometimes the cities like Solvang are “more Danish than Denmark”.

                The only real problem with Solvang is the (faux Indian Tribe Chumash) Casino. Since that was put up, Highway 246, which goes straight through Solvang, has MUCH more traffic. Nonetheless, the town itself remains the same. There isn’t, perhaps, as much Danish spoken anymore, but the people are proud of their roots, and work to preserve their heritage. It’s well worth a visit, especialyl if you’re only a half-hour away. You can get some pastries from Birkholm’s bakery, some Danish or other goods from the various stores, some Æbelskiver from one of the Danish cafes, some Christmas deco and CDs from Jule Hus, toys from the Danish toy store (Nathalie’s Doll House?), and grab some Tacos from Taco Bell (often frequented by Michael Jackson), sandwiches from Subway, some drinkies from the liquor store next to the Subway, and then some Pea Soup, souvenirs, and memorabilia from Pea Soup Andersen’s in Buellton (on Highway 246) on the way back.

                Well worth the trip. Plus, you can look at the old Highway 101 bridge and train trestle nearby…

                (yep, I’m a train fan)…

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              5. Oh, Cuppa, thank you for reminding me of Birkholm’s (could not remember the name), and loved Pea Soup Andersen’s, and eating Danish food at one of the street cafes, and my favorite ladies boutique closed, but I have not been there at all for almost 20 years, and I miss that place a lot, even if it is pretty touristy, and I sometimes wish it were still More Danish, but you know how to find the Danish parts.


        4. I knew I was for PT but was talking to my then 17 year old debate champ grandson who was die hard Trump who sold me. This was way before the first debate even. He was a successful businessman and that was pretty much all I needed to know. Most of us over at I Own The World were for him also. We made mincemeat out of Cruz there, loved the doc, but knew he wouldn’t cut it in the race.

          By the time of the first debate, I knew PT would be the nominee and would win the general.

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          1. Nice to hear.

            We all must understand how this country stays sovereign, independent and true to defending God-given freedoms.

            Speeches and photo ops be damned. If one does not have a background in international business or economics, how the Hell can one lead this country?

            I defer to President George Washington, President Calvin Cooledge and President Donald Trump.

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            1. Agreed. It’s been obvious for far too long.

              Also, after reading two of his books, DH and I just laugh and know he’s got a plan when he riles up the press and others. He plain out and out knows what he’s doing. 🙂

              p.s. Really nice to see you here WSB

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              1. Yep. He reminded me of the TV evangelist that ripped off people. After my mom died I learned she was sending a little money to the guy that Cruz’ father was somehow affiliated with. He looked a lot like my father as a young man.

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  5. Fun on the house floor tonight. I’m sorry I wasn’t watching.


    Pelosi’s comments on Trump’s ‘racist’ comments ruled out of order, after floor fight erupts

    Escalating tensions on Capitol Hill erupted into a floor fight in the House of Representatives on Tuesday afternoon, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke in favor of a proposed resolution condemning “racist” comments by President Trump — and Pelosi’s words were eventually ruled out of order by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, a Democrat.


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  6. Yes, I remember that post! That was when I was still stuck in a job that it wasn’t advisable to even show any of my cards much less post anything in public…..too many TDS types thinking they were super smart, but really they are smug people….when your own manager (who was invited to the great Army/Navy game attended by then president elect DJT, by a niece who is serving, and that manager returns all proud of herself (when the announcement that the president elect was there and sitting behind her section in the box seats) for STANDING UP TURNING AROUND AND FLIPPING THE BIRD TO HIS BOX……this woman was mid 50s, old enough to act better but didn’t, and her own husband hissed for her to sit down and turn around, you are at an ARMY/NAVY game…but I’ll tell you I never looked at her with any respect after that. Oh, and she brought back some joke mints that were some lame ‘anti-trump presidency’ for the group…..

    TDS is a real thing folks. Can’t make this stuff up.

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    1. Great story – thanks for that. It REALLY shows the power of MIND CONTROL and VIRTUE SIGNALLING. One has to do a very strong self-analysis to self-observe the perverse psychology of virtue signaling. I actually TEST IT sometimes – fascinating results.

      Human psychology is very weird. Just sayin’. It goes back to the very roots of information itself.

      The left just keeps TRYING desperately to reach a critical public TDS level.

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      1. oh, yes….(and I’d love to hear more about your testing protocols…lol…..) here was an example of mine….

        same manager, I used to chat with her walking in and when she wanted to discuss the election (i remained NEUTRAL at ALL TIMES outwardly), and she brings up that she really really wants to donate to HRC’s campaign , as a women, she wants to support another woman and GET HER INTO THE WH. This was maybe a month until election day. Well our company, you had to get preclearance from Compliance to donate ANY money, as we were regulated by the SEC, so there’s some annoying hoops to jump through, and then you have to report it on the quarterly reporting….again annoying (and this includes if you want to volunteer time, ie to hold signs on an intersection), but doable.

        So I ask her, just curiously, wow it’s so late to do so, and she responds that it just makes her feel like she’s getting involved, And I broke my own ‘fourth wall’ to share my personal mantra….’well, you certainly can donate, but really, would you really want to donate to any politician? I mean she already has close to XXX millions of dollars, i’m sure there something more beneficial do to with your money like put it in your own 401k, instead. But that’s just me.’

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  7. It’s been my conjecture that Q is another kind and level of Trump Trolling.

    Some notable people may be taking up the trolling….In the last few days, Sean Hannity and the Acting ICE chief have been on TV with what looked like a Q flag pin.

    Lately, Q is more and more a topic of conversation and Q followers are on surprising comment thread.

    Like this:

    Check out the comments here:

    Is there any way to tell if the number of Q followers has increased recently and how many people follow the Q sites like Q Map?

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  8. OMG don’t let me off the Trump roller coaster even if I beg 😂😂😂

    I know longer tell Trump-puzzled-people to trust Trump… I just tell ‘ em to wait a couple days.

    On another note, we are in Colorado Springs for a few days and visited the US Air Force Academy. How many spires do you think the beautiful Cathedral has on it? 17 … isn’t that a Q number ??!!?

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    1. Hi Alison!!!! What a nice trip!!! Enjoy!!!! hmmm 17 spires!!! and tomorrow is……..A Q day too!!! Hope we get some drops tomorrow…Like the IG report? hmmmm

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  9. Right Scoop? Was one of my bookmarked sites for years, along with Drudge. Then Sooper Mexican posted daily poison against DJT, so I was gone before the election. Abandoned Drudge months before the election. Apparently, based on something I read today, Drudge is completely gone over to the dark side.

    Being a Queens’ girl, I never had any problem understanding Trump, though Cruz had been our first choice in this family.

    DJT is the only one who could have beat Hillary – the MSM would have destroyed all the other candidates put together. DJT is the only one who could have survived what they’ve thrown at him since being elected – but that’s because he’s genuine and sincere in his beliefs. Once that is established – either one has earthly success, or martyrdom. Either way, it’s Win Win for the person with a righteous moral compass – as DJT has shown.

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    1. “Being a Queens’ girl, I never had any problem understanding Trump….”

      I never had a problem either, but then I was born in NYC. (I do love President Trump’s sense of humor.)

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      1. I married a Southern boy, and it wasn’t until I met my mother-in-law that I understood just how much was different about the South and the North. I’m “mild” compared to most New Yorkers, but I do understand how people might view them. What I like about DJT, (and likely we have similar characteristics) is that he is bluntly honest and doesn’t mince words. He doesn’t sugar-coat things – and sometimes, certainly in politics if our side is to make progress, we needed someone who FIGHTS.

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          1. He’s half Scottish. A lot of Southern attitude, at least the mountain parts where I am from, comes from Scottish ancestry.

            There are places up in the Appalachians where Scottish music can be found that is unchanged from hundreds of years ago. It is different even in Scotland, but not up in the hollers.

            A lot of my family’s ancestry is from Scotland. Hell, I might even be related to the President!

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      2. I lived in Queens for a while and my husband was born and grew up in Queens. I understand them and love people from Qeens I like their whole approach to people.
        If they do to like you they do not bother with you I like that . On the other hand if they like you you have great friends. Thee is no phoniness like I have experienced in some other part of the country.
        I like the directness one knows exactly where one stands no waisting of time 🙂

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      3. Originally from the Nw (before the Communist invasion!) and believe me when I moved to the NE, it took quite awhile to “appreciate” the personality, the humor, the rudeness, etc. of the typical resident there.I think all the TV shows and other exposures made a difference, eventually.
        Married into a loud, argumentative Italian family and my young nieces and nephews, when visiting from the NW, asked after having dinner with the Italian side…are they always mad at each other?
        I totally understand the Queens humor and way of addressing issues NOW, ( and get a kick out of it) but it was a lesson learned over time.

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      1. Didn’t realize that Sooper had taken over, but it was clear that he was filled with irrational hatred toward DJT – even after he got the GOP nomination. Never made any sense.

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          1. Yes, Right Scoop himself didn’t appear to be the rabid anti-Trumper Sooper Mexican was/is – but it destroyed their credibility as a go to site for conservatives.

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    1. “….the damnfools in the House just passed the “condemn POTUS for his racist remarks” resolution…..”

      Oh Good Grief don’t those JACK ASSES have something better to do than play MEAN GIRL Bullying games…. Like take care of the INVASION at our Southern Border?

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      1. My Congress critter had this funny tweet today…

        (not sure how I feel about his # tho) LOL!

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  10. I never had any doubts about President Trump or what he is doing.

    I looked at all the Repubs vs the most important items to me (2nd Amend, No TPP, No Paris Accord…) and settled on President Trump as THE ONE! Then I watched him demolish the other Repubs, Hitlery AND the Fake News.

    Dr Steve Pieczenik + General Paul Vallely convinced me there were those behind the scenes helping President Trump and they KNEW what they were doing. Then came Q. So I have settled back to watch the Greatest Showman of our generation pull MAGIC out of his sleeve.

    Has this been a hazardous journey? Of course. NOTHING is for sure. However since I realized politicians were actively working to DESTROY the USA, this is the first time in a long time I have had HOPE for the future.

    Liked by 11 people

    1. Amen Gail!
      I (and many, many American PATRIOTS)….
      were sick…. (and tired)
      Of Poly Ticks and the LYING Media
      Many just didn’t VOTE anymore…
      Why bother… it was (is) a RIGGED system!

      Along came VSG Trump.
      We had :Hope” once again…

      2020 will be ANOTHER Landslide VICTORY.

      “Most” American Patriots will turn out AGAIN to vote for Trump.

      Look at his Rally’s

      I THank GOD for giving “us” one more chance to turn to him.

      If we don’t…… it’s over.
      Lift up your Heads……..

      Liked by 6 people

    1. The guaranteed normal public REALITIES of the Tesla history (as in, totally reject all “conspiracy theories”) are fascinating already.

      Now Tesla was a bit of a “showman” as he got older. His fascination with electromagnetism, his unfortunate rejection of relativity, and his playing up of “initial new suspicions” into “this can definitely happen” all led to his coming to be regarded as “grandiose” and “overly hypothetical”. He frequently asserted the imminent arrival of groundbreaking things which would have in reality needed a decade or two of young geniuses like Tesla to work out fully.

      Trump’s uncle’s “official report” on Tesla’s papers was basically to say the above – in other words, no beautiful mathematical theories – no ray gun – no teleportation. The report was “kind” to Tesla in not calling him a crackpot.

      Assuming the TRUE report was what we were given.

      Now – the “no ray guns, no time machine, no specifics” is what the public has been trained by FAKE SCIENCE to believe is actually important. Trust me – it’s NOT. That stuff is the CHUMP CHANGE.

      It’s the insights – principles – generalities – stray ideas – that revolutionize things. It’s the stuff that points dozens of young geniuses in the RIGHT DIRECTION for decades that changes everything.

      And TRUST that disinformation of such a level exists as well, and that AMERICAN FAKE SCIENCE has been fed such things.

      I don’t know if Trump ever got a copy of the Tesla papers, but I do know that he had a family member who saw them enough to understand them like I might understand them, as far as basic content. The question, however, is whether that Trump uncle saw the papers with “real science eyes” or “fake science eyes”.

      If he saw them with REAL SCIENCE EYES – well, who knows? And NOW, Trump is surely privy to much more.

      Someday there will be amazing books written about this story, I’m sure. The collapse of FAKE SCIENCE.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Wolf, here is where I rudely interrupt and ask if there is any voracity to this link I stumbled on somehwere. Frightening and pecular, in that the transcript reads cleanly. However, when one listens to the audio…it sounds as though the female is reading a script.

        Is this another person reading answers, so the identity of the real person is masked? Or is the entire thing bogus? It is not about Tesla but about Schmidt.


        Liked by 3 people

      2. Oh I certainly hope so Wolfie. The corruption of science breaks my heart.

        Take Away Your Billion Dollars…
        Lead Vocals: Everett W. Hall, Head of the Philosophy Department.
        Song by Dr Arthur Roberts Astro-Physicist 1947
        [audio src="https://ww3.haverford.edu/physics-astro/songs/roberts/dollars.mp3" /]

        MORE Songs by Dr Arthur Roberts

        “These recordings were made in 1947 by faculty and students of the “State University of Iowa” (now the University of Iowa). Prof. Arthur Roberts (of the physics dept.) wrote all the music and words, except as noted below….”

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  11. I was hoping to find this guy’s broadcast from this morning, but alas, they seem to put those up the next day. Anyway he, Trey Ware KSTS 550 AM radio morning show guy is always atop things and this is the next best thing, his transcript from this morning concerning the latest dust up between Trump and the four stooges and Pelsoi. Hasn’t quite seen it said as such so here it is following right in place with the four stooges pushing the envelope to give Pelosi breathing room and Trump having none of it.

    Trey Ware:

    “Why would President Trump jump into the Democrat’s civil war with a tweet he must’ve known would be perceived as racist?

    The answer is quite simple really.

    Last week we were all talking about how Nancy Pelosi was at war with the “Squad” of socialists/communists within her party. Nancy may be nutty, but she is politically astute, and she was trying to create some daylight between the overall Democrat party and the radicals who call themselves the “Squad.”

    Last Thursday, some in the media were actually beginning to describe Nancy Pelosi as a “moderate” for the way she was battling the radicals who were trying to take over the Democrat party. Nancy Pelosi a “moderate?” HA! Nancy was using her “war” with the “Squad” to reposition the Democrat party to the center of American politics. And it was all political kabuki.

    Why was Nancy attempting to create that perception? New polling from Axios shows just how unpopular the “Squad” is with Democrats AND Independents. Nancy knew the best way for her and the rest of her party to be seen as “normal” and moderate was to put the “Squad” on an island. She knows that if the Democrats are perceived to be radicals they will lose to President Trump, and possibly hand the house back to the GOP next year.

    And she was well on her way….until Trump said, “Oh no you don’t.”

    For his part, President Trump wants to run against the party of the radical “Squad” next year, so he had to find a way to reunite them.


    With his tweets about the “Squad,” President Trump forced Nancy and the Democrat party to embrace the four radicals of the “Squad.” He tied them together once again, and today Nancy and the Democrats will introduce a resolution condemning President Trump for, get this, his tweets.

    Here’s a tweet from President Trump last night: “The Dems were trying to distance themselves from the four “progressives,” but now they are forced to embrace them. That means they are endorsing Socialism, hate of Israel and the USA! Not good for the Democrats!”

    Double whammy, he endeared his base to him by telling radicals to “leave if you don’t like it here,” and he forced Nancy and her party to once again embrace the radicals.

    Will it work? Who knows? But one thing is for sure, Nancy and the Democrats own AOC and the “Squad,” and that’s a good thing….for Donald Trump.”

    Liked by 8 people

  12. I do believe that God’s hand was/is in this presidency.
    It would be too long of a story to really tell on here.
    Short version I got the verse ◄ 2 Chronicles 7:14 ►NIV about 6 months into 2016.
    “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”
    Was on my knees so often that year praying. For the last month it just kept coming out in so many places, forums, FB, Tweeter, Church, & just too many places to mention. The last week the verse for the day at church was 2 Chronicles 7:14.
    The night of the election i cried myself to sleep, praying “thy will be done” I asked why many times and prayed I thought you promised us. Woke up a couple hours later and could not get the urge to turn on the TV out of my head. The last thing I wanted to see was Hillary gloating at America from the TV set.
    I was shocked and singing praises to the Lord when I saw Trump and his family coming on stage to give his victory speech.
    We need to keep praying for Trump, his administration and their families, for the Lord has given our Country another chance with a very special man. Trump may not be perfect but he is God’s choice for the job.

    Liked by 11 people

          1. He is so much stronger than most would be in his shoes. I think I would have been running for the hills by now, especially with the kind of money he has.

            Liked by 8 people

  13. 🤗 this is been up ALL afternoon and I’m just now seeing it…..what a day.

    The Roller Coaster Post……my very favorite evah. both you and fle helped me realize that not only had I made the right decision, but that I should speak up myself. so I posted, online, for the first time, and I wrote…..and they banned me after 6 weeks 🙄 still don’t know why, till this day….but I don’t hold grudges. I still read SD, but I’m happier here (my posts don’t wait through moderation)

    note: this was may 2017, so nothing to do with “Q”

    I’ve thought about trying to go and pull some of my stuff, believe it or not….relevant still today (MSM stuff especially), but I can’t bring myself to do it (got a computer virus right after I left….lost everything). I’ll just write new stuff 😉

    Liked by 5 people

    1. I just went and checked…..you posted the Roller Coaster post on 4/11/2017…..I made my first small post on 4/13/2017. I did a much longer one 3 days later, Easter Sunday late in the day……fle saw it and pulled it to the first page for Monday’s thread. you inspired me, and fle introduced me……………why has it taken me so long to come over here?

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  14. “Justice” John Paul Stevens has died….
    Momma always told me:
    If you can’t say something “good” about someone….
    don’t say anything at all.
    Well…. Good RIDDANCE JPS!

    Liked by 2 people

  15. I was prepped, ready and eager for President Trump from day due to already being in the treehouse and SD’s perspective/opinion. Ready because already knew about the Uniparty/GOPe, the rules, the splitter strategy, etc. I was primed, pumped up and thrilled….so hopeful!

    And its been a roller coster ever since.

    Liked by 3 people

  16. I remember that post and loved it then and now.

    Honestly, after 8 years of Obama I thought the country was done and expected that the next election would usher in the catastrophic events leading to Armageddon.

    How I longed for my side to speak up and address the evil that I saw so clearly! They seemed to be cowed, people-pleasing wusses.

    When I heard Donald Trump on the escalator, a man I had heretofore dismissed as a shallow playboy (I never watched “The Apprentice “) truth hit me in the chest and excitement and gratitude towards God filled my heart. That hasn’t changed,

    I felt that God’s hand had stayed our destruction and given us a champion like Patton……my favorite General. I was blown away by God’s answer to prayer and saw His hand at work.

    My President is a miraculous answer to prayer and I have never forgotten that.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. The roller coaster is one of the best things I ever read online Wolfmoon! I have read it out loud to people, and sent people to read it. I LOVE being on this roller coaster with all y’all, and I will never have too much WINNING!

    Give me MOAR!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The key to your post Aubergine–‘with all y’all”!!! It’s one thing to be behind POTUS and hanging on the roller coaster ride of our lives! ANd still another to be on the SAME roller coaster with my beloved Patriot friends!!!! High Five!!!! And it’s still a bit mind-boggling how we all got HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Thanks WOlfie!!!😍😍

      Liked by 2 people

  18. Also, I read the funniest thing ever in a comment over on CTH about the the fiasco in the House today.

    Clivus Multrum (@ClivusM) says:

    …And now the democrats are being hoist by their own retards.

    I almost peed my pants, I laughed so hard.

    Liked by 3 people

  19. Awww, Thank You So Much Wolfie!! Was pining for your Trump gravity post a few days ago but did not want to go you know where to find it. God does answer prayers. Luv Ya!! 💕💕

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  20. I was a Cruzer too, till the escalator. I remember both those posts as well wolf, epic! Matter of fact, IIRC, local talk legend Peter Boyles talked about (I’m pretty sure) one of your posts on his 710 KNUS show. I tuned in at the very end of his discussion but I remember thinking “wow, Pete read Wolfm00n on cth and commented” I’ll have to see if I can find the podcast, it was cool.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Been going through the podcasts from the days following Sundance’s article 4/11/2017 to find it boss. 4 hrs a day so might take me a minute. The roller coaster post had to’ve been what he was talking about unless there was another post about Trump that you wrote which was highlighted OT.

        Liked by 1 person

  21. Wasn’t much interested in US politics until I dived into the climate investigation and found my way to Cruz.
    Next thing I knew Trump was going in to run. Conservative, vocal on issues I was interested in, I started to research, watch videos from last 30+ years.

    I was hooked and everyone around me thought I was crazy.
    They still do, oh well, redpilling some.

    I recall that his father said he had a great instinct for business and was driven for success.
    He doesn’t drink, he has been amongst the elite of the world and knows stuff!!
    He has a team of intelligence experts who are patriots supporting/implementing a plan.

    This Epstein deal is a big deal and possibly the keystone in all of this. Ties to human trafficking, guns, drugs and Clinton’s. Combined with the Russian Hoax deep state collusion being exposed (with some going to jail), the calling out of the dem communists and the immigration debate coming to a head, this is going to be a wild ride to the elections…made more intense if you follow Q!

    You all are the news now.
    This is going to be great!
    I’ve got plenty of popcorn in my bungalow.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. When Trump announced I immediately decided to vote for him as a big F.U. to all the politicians. As things peogressed I began to love him for all the right reasons. We think alike. We’re both from Queens so I “get ” him


  23. Sorry but I am a skeptic when it comes to determining how people will vote in Congressional races based on opinion polls a year and a half before the election.

    I like what POTUS is doing but I want our side to raise an obscene amount of money and force the Dems to play defense with fewer assets. It is like 400 separate races (like herding cats) and many of our guys will refuse to follow the President’s lead. Like John James (who is running again) did in the Michigan Senate race. Or like those 3 Republicans who voted for Grandma Pelosi’s “statement.” I love that POTUS knows exactly how to position these people.

    In the 2018 cycle, Dems got money into the hands of their candidates very, very early. So follow the money.

    Oh and they cheat. So there’s that too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. NY guy, you are so wise, and then there are the dems that are going to run as repubs–wolves in sheep’s clothing. Cheat? You bet they cheat.

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