Deep Dive on Justice Democrats

This morning, Grandma in Texas linked a tweet which had a video linked: The Brains Behind AOC, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez  which has been viewed over 2.5 million times. In sharing the link across other venues, I found another SECOND part to the video, also excellent…. makes correction to the first video, and is jaw dropping in it’s revelations.
Link is here: The Brains Behind AOC Part II

As is common in the age of Trump, we learn there is a great deal of subversion behind the scenes and most Americans are oblivious. Hence, the deep dive today. Can’t wait until the forum here, Q Treepers, begin to add information and plug in other data points. Please add data as you find it, and we will update. Thank you.

First, we need to know the players, the people and their organizations to track. While new spotlight has landed on Saikat Chakrabarti, the real top of the operative pyramid is Zack Exley.

Back in 2013, Zach had an idea he pitched called “Brand New Congress”/”Justice Democrats, which are really both the same thing. In a nutshell, it called for throwing out the establishment leaders and running “500 Elizabeth Warrens – as a slate” to accomplish their radical mission. Zack Exley explains it in his own words, starting at 4:45 in the video linked here: Link Important to note, Politico describes Saikit Chakrabarti as being the founder of “Brand New Congress” two years AFTER the Bernie campaign in a glowing puff piece found here Link to Politico , but we have Zack, on audio, talking about it in 2013.

Shocking, right? Oh, but that’s just the beginning. In fact, Zach has always talked about the same radical ideas. Take a look at his Wiki page: Link

Summary from Zack Exley’s background. Know this man and know him well.

  1. Zack Exley started as a Union Organizer and Computer Programmer, according to Neal, Terry. Nov 29, 1999, The Washington Post, p, A2
  2. In 2000, to protest BushV.Gore Exley used a website to allow citizens to self-organize more than 100 protests around the United States . Link  
  3. Exley was Organizing Director at during the group’s campaign to prevent the Iraq War, and during its controversial involvement with the Dean campaign.
  4. Exley moved on to the Kerry Campaign, Director of Online Communications and Organizing
  5. He also worked overseas, in the UK, to help the Labour Party in 2005. The Independent (UK), “No 10 in new dirty tricks row over role of US ‘garbage man’,” February 27, 2005.
  6. We lose track of Exley during the ’08 campaign cycle (which is very odd), but he shows up again in 2010 as Chief Revenue Officer for Wikimedia from 2010-2013, and worked in contracted fundraising consultation until 2017 (which means he has direct relationship with donors).
  7. Exley worked for Thoughtworks, IT consulting, based out of Chicago, 6000 employees and locations all over the world. Link
  8. Exley co-founded, with Judith Freeman, the “New Organizing Institute” which trained Dem activists in social media and tech platforms – dissolved in 2015 Link Donors were Open Society, Bauman Foundation, Ford Foundation, and Atlantic Philanthropies (worthy of another deep dive). Lot of activist names here worthy of tracking and the org was shuttered in a major controversy.
  9. In August of 2015, he joined the Bernie Sanders campaign, Politico reported, as a senior advisor responsible for digital communications.
  10. Exley is now associated with the Justice Democrats.

Interesting that Zack’s public persona never includes info about his family (wife/kids/parents/siblings = nothing). Well, our Coyote genealogy researcher, Aubergine, spent some time on Zack Exley. This is what she found.

Zack’s mom Alma is deceased. She was an educator; there is a scholarship for “persons of color” in her name in Connecticut.
His dad is Elwood “Woody.” I found a FB page for him. He just looks like an average liberal old guy. His father, also Elwood, was an architect in PA from what I can find.
Elwood owns a company called Exley Communications, LLC in Connecticut, est. in 2015. I can’t find out anything about the company. He is 79 now; that’s pretty old to establish a company four years ago, but who knows?
His sister Alexandra got married in 2007. She was at the time the director of information resources at the Young Survival Coalition, a non-profit dedicated to helping young adults affected by breast cancer. This was probably because her mother died of breast cancer in 1995 at age 52.
Zach also has a FB page. First thing on it was about Alex Rojas on CNN. Lots of lefties in his friends list, people working for Cory Booker, ACORN, Bernie Sanders, etc. I could spend a week looking at people from that list. I find it odd that his FB stuff is so accessible.
It looks like Zack grew up in the standard liberal family to me. Activism, scholarships for people of “color,” etc.

While Exley and others work on the “idea” of overthrowing Congress, Exley and Becky Bond wrote a book together called “Rules for Revolutionaries” in 2016. Becky heads an org called which is all about installing radical District Attorneys all over the country. The organization’s mission ( Link )  is to “Elect Prosecutors who will fix our broken criminal justice system.” Sound familiar? Becky is the FIRST person listed as part of the team for this PAC and here’s what they have to say about Becky Bond:


Becky served as senior advisor to the Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign and is the co-author of “Rules for Revolutionaries: How Big Organizing Can Change Everything.” She was formerly the president of CREDO SuperPAC and political director of CREDO Mobile. (The whole thing needs another deep dive) As BAM points out, the success of Becky Bond and the radical DA program can be found in San Antonio, where, according to the candidate, “It was just impossible to overcome a million dollars in NY money.” Link

Here’s Becky and Zack together.


Zach Exley and Bonds

Guess who else is on the team list for Becky Bond’s PAC. Wait for it……… Shaun King. Yeah, THAT Shaun King. The white guy who pretends to be bi-racial and went to Morehouse College, President of their SGA, and won the Oprah Winfrey Scholarship. We all thought he was half-black. But no….. He’s still very involved in “Civil Rights” activism. Harry Lime, our contributor found Shaun King yesterday…..

Praises Antifa Terrorist Willem Van Spronsen as Hero – Compares Him to Abolitionist John Brown Link

Shaun King

We haven’t introduced you to Corin Trent, better known as Zack Exley’s right hand man: Here’s Corbin Trent, the 31yr old from Tennessee.

Corbin Trent

We learn lots and lots about Corbin here  Link , such as his shoe size, he’s single, 5′ 9″ and 165 lbs, etc., and………. (warm and fuzzy narrative). He’s also the Communications Director for AOC.  Within this link, we also learn Ira Allison is the Exec Director for “Justice Democrats” And there’s Corbin, following AOC.

Corbin Trent and AOC

Corbin Trent is listed as the Co-Founder of “Brand New Congress” and Co-Director of Justice Democrats, here Link  The website is VERY visitor friendly and includes a “Blog” with radically slanted articles where all the reader has to do is push a button for sharing on Facebook. It’s all so easy………

In this video, Link    , beginning at about 10:10 minutes, we have Corbin on video discussing running Republicans, who are really Progressives (Neo-Marxists), and targeting districts which have historically low turnout. It wasn’t really Corbin’s idea, it was Zack Exley’s idea. Hear Zack talking about it here at about 12:30 in the video Link 

But we found another pic of Corbin, when he did his stylized photo shoot, in the same shirt, with these people. Oh my, who are these people? Let’s find out!!


The one in the middle is Alexandra Rojas. She’s the head of Justice Democrats and we have her on video at 4:05 minutes,  Link  talking about social, racial, and economic justice. Yes, it’s full blown Soviet Bloc Communism, with “justice” thrown in, favoring certain skin colors. They really don’t like white people, men, and especially Christians. Here, at 1:00 minute Link    Alexandra Rojas talks about how they recruited the bartender, AOC, to run for Congress, and BOTH AOC and Alexandra Rojas are on tape, admitting it. AOC is merely a figurehead.

To get into the deep weeds of policy, Alexandra Rojas does the 28 minute interview Link    here, rather than risking AOC talking for herself……… cuz Rojas knows the words far better than AOC…… because the words and policies belong to Rojas. Here, Rojas is polite, almost timid, young, fresh-faced…… carefully scripted. It’s the policies which scare the hell out of most Americans. She started as an intern in the Bernie campaign and worked her way up to national staff. She is now the Exec Director of Justice Dems. Alexandra is only 24yrs old and did a couple of years at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, CA.

Then we have Saikat Chakrabarti:

Saikat Chakrabarti

The guy on the right is Saikat Chakrabarti, Chief of Staff for AOC. He’s received a great deal of attention lately, which is fine with Zack Exley (who prefers the background). Saikat is often seen in the same green t-shirt with a meme of Subhas Chandra Bose….. who is a whole nother issue. Bose was the alternative to Gandhi in the quest for India independence from Britain. Gandhi advocated for peaceful return of rule to Indians and expelling the British. Bose argued for an armed overthrow and was STRONGLY influenced by Hitler’s Germany, actually MET Adolf Hitler, living in Germany during portions of WW2. Here is the Wiki page for Bose, one scary guy. Link

Even in India today, “anti-colonialism” sentiment runs strong among political parties. A push back against the USA in 2019, is often couched in language harkening back to that used by Subhas Chandra Bose. This political wing obviously does not like the British……. but they also identify America as an “Empire” …… which is pretty strange……. because we threw out the British before they did. So, why aren’t we kissing cousins with Saikit and his buddies? Because it’s not about resentment from India Independence in the 1940’s……. it’s about CONTROL of America in 2019. Bose is Chakrabarti’s idol.

Chakrabarti’s wiki page is found here:  Link   We learn more about him when we expand into the sources USED for his profile. For instance, Saikat is described as born and raised in Ft. Worth from a “Bengali” family. Were his parent His parents Indian Nationals, Bay of Bengal, this is the old Calcutta region and among the wealthiest regions in India. OR, were they from Bangladesh? Which is it? Why can’t he just say it? Bengali????? What the heck is a Bengali? I have 15 employees in India and no one uses this terminology. I’ve done biz in Bangladesh, no such thing as a Bengali. It’s odd and makes me wonder…… why?

ALSO, Bangladesh is one of the MOST polluted regions of the world. The mouth of the Ganges River, which drains into the Bay of Bengal is one of the 9 rivers responsible for 80% of ocean pollution. If Saikat wants to change the world and push Green New Deals, the best place in the world for him to start would be Bangladesh. Note: Biggest problem for Bangladesh today is China moving industry there for LOWER wages and CHINA acting as an overlord over the natives. Bangladesh GDP is about 275 Billion Link  but has almost doubled in the last decade. Saikat isn’t in Bangladesh or India though, he’s in the USA, blaming the USA for all the problems in the world.

Saikit graduated from Harvard with a degree in Computer Science, took off to Wall Street, then Silicon Valley, where he was involved in a number of startups. There’s a note in Saikit’s Wiki page which does not have a source. LOOK at this one: “founding a web design tool called Mockingbird”………. nah, it couldn’t be……. could it?

Saikit sounds like an American success story and VERY privileged. Yet, he joined Bernie Sanders campaign in the very beginning. Saikit became the Sanders Campaign Director of Organizing Technology and was part of the effort that created technology for grassroots supporters to collaborate on organizing events. Saikit also met Corbin Trent and Alexandra Rojas while working in the Sander’s campaign.

Saikit has received a number of puff pieces in the media, thank you to Michael H., contributor to this article. Here we see a full spread in ELLE magazine, by author R. Eric Thomas, who nicknamed him “Snack Saikat”, and openly discusses Saikat’s beard in a sexually appealing way, and how lucious his white button down is……. Who wrote this crap? The photos are staged and designed to be a “picture of America”……….. which would be a Communist picture……. but Elle doesn’t talk about that part. Link    Note: Elle Magazine is selling a new picture of the ideal sexy male — and it looks like Saikat, to young American women. It’s not the 6’3″ blond Harvard fraternity guy on the crew team  anymore. What’s even MORE shocking? The article is described as “Everything you need to know about Saikat” — except that he’s a radical Communist who wants to overthrow the American economic system.

Again, from Michael H, via Peter Hanson, Senior Reporter for Daily Caller Link

“The interesting thing about the Green New Deal, is it wasn’t originally a climate thing at all,” Chakrabarti said to Inslee’s climate director, Sam Ricketts.

“Do you guys think of it as a climate thing?” Because we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing,” Chakrabarti added.

Today, publicly, the founders of Justice Dems are listed as Corbin Trent, Rojas, and Chakrabarti. The others, like Exley prefer the shadows. These young activists push a message of “getting big money OUT of campaigns” and “anti-establishment” but it looks like they still rely heavily on traditional funding sources and only want to replace the current system with another system…….. which they control. What confuses me is….. why aren’t they all still working on Bernie’s campaign? No love for Bernie? Hey, I’m a Trump supporter, but Bernie’s supporters were completely screwed in 2016. Not fair to them at all.

One final word about Cenk Uygur, head of The Young Turks, which is probably the most popular youtube channel among young progressives/Neo-Marxists. Many people THINK it was Cenk’s idea to run these candidates. That’s wrong. Cenk was merely a media outlet who was used. Cenk is now disassociated with the Justice Democrats completely….. which would be strange if it was his brainchild…. given their success. Cenk was used.

Cenk Uygur

Yet, Cenk and the Young Turks are still the favorite propaganda arm for this political wing of leftists. And YES, Cenk still loves them… good for business. Maga Mom turned in this link: Watch closely, 7 minutes of pure propaganda: Link

We now more clearly understand their goal, which is to take over government of the United States, at every level of power. From your local District Attorney and Dog Catcher all the way up to Congress. This is no longer classical liberals who value individuals, rule of law, and free speech. Not your Daddy’s Dem Party anymore. Their idea works, but is dependent on those who don’t ask too many questions = naive voters. They are scaling up, will learn from their mistakes, and try again. Listen again to Zack Exley talking about how to USE Democracy to their advantage at 17:10 minutes, here. Link  They have no problem picking puppets as front men/women, people “of color”, which is odd because they’re almost exclusively white, for their ultimate goal. It’s even okay if they run Neo-Marxists as Republicans in historically low voter turnout districts. They’re organized and on the move.

Want to see what happens when they get together? Here’s Cenk Uygur interviewing Becky Bond and Zack Exley:

Are we ready to counter the effort?

Takeaway: I’ve been listening to their speeches for the better part of the day, in the background of the office. These people are slick, expert, trained in propaganda, highly proficient in creating a fluffy narrative. All their pics in the media, take a look, they are smiling broadly, no suit, no formal attire, they appear….. approachable and non-threatening. Yet, these are some of the worst bigots I’ve ever heard. They hate our side and most Americans. They recoil at the sight of us and think we are worthy of an untimely death….. and if only we would die……. everything in the world would be better, for their world/view/friends. It’s incredibly divisive and harmful….. the kind of thing any parent would shield their child from hearing……. and yet we send our kids to college and straight into the belly of this beast.


223 thoughts on “Deep Dive on Justice Democrats

  1. What is very concerning to me is that AOC has raised an amazing amount of cash for a congressional candidate (truly raised or diverted). I think I read that she had over $1 million on hand. I don’t think Angel Hernandez, the R candidate, has even cracked $10k.

    With that kind of money advantage, she will get re-elected without a doubt. Time to start following the money.

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      1. Separate issue that the FEC needs to check. But right now, she is unbeatable, contrary to what the media on our side are willing to admit. Forget the polls. Hernandez (R) can’t even make poster signs…not enough money.

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      1. “Where is the money coming from.”

        A sizable hunk of it likely comes from taxpayer funds. We, the people.

        Think ‘creative accounting’ by the Leftists. Funding for shovel ready jobs?
        Well….not there? Well then, we’ll use it over here.

        Q post #489:

        “US Taxpayers Funding the Scams
        7 Jan 2018 – 3:10:11 AM
        US taxpayers are paying for it all.
        Paris accord = scam (trillions)
        Red Cross = scam (billions)
        Foreign Aid = scam (trillions)
        WAR = scam (trillions)
        Who audits where the money actually goes?
        Who actually receives the money?
        The US taxpayer is funding the very people we are engaged in taking down.
        Slush funds everywhere.
        Think GS pays for Antifa out of his own pocket?
        The hole is deep.
        Feel sick yet?

        Justice Democrats = greedy vultures….for a cause

        Not so funny this time around:

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  2. Big round of applause Miss Daughn. Mockingbird, IT, the nonexistent offices, etc, etc. There is big money who trained these people and brought them together. If aoc doesnt get reelected they all need to be watched even more.

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    1. Daughn excellent thread as always well thought out and well researched. We are encountering a new wave of Marxists they are smart well educated in our Universities. We now opened the door to give thousand more foreigners green card who have been educated in our Universities. Many come from socialist countries that formed their views in formative years. Not all mind you but enough to change our culture our values and way of life. If this continues we will lose our Christian majority and our Christian influence on our culture. What will the influence bee? Marxism? Hinduism with its last system? Or Muslim with Sharia law?
      We need to keep the balance to keep a healthy culture , society and Government.

      Thank you everyone who contribute to this profound enlightening thread.

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  3. Daughn! You’re a treasure. I thought I knew about this group.. I knew exactly what they wanted people to know, the top layer.
    It’s not enough to fight the old guard deep state but now this bulldozing machine too…smh.

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    1. Molly, so glad YOU said it.
      You’re right. We only scratched the surface.
      More we dig, the more we find. AND the more we need to fix.

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        1. We need to find out the root of their activism. Not only who funds them but also where were they educated where were they born and their parents. Often I noticed meeting Immigrants the first generation seems to be drawn back to the old country. Many times parents send them back in summer to grandparents and family.
          Most people do not realize that and these people are stuck between two cultures.
          I purposely did not send my kids as children to Germany I did not wanted for them to be torn between two countries.
          This is really something to look into.

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  4. Great work, Daughn!

    The Justice Democrats have their own twitter account.

    This tweet from Jan 16th is the pinned tweet at the top:


    You should check out the header picture on their account…😬😳

    It is a monochromatic, commie-looking group photo of the 4 Harpy Sisters.

    In fact…the twitter account seems to be Dedicated to the Four Harpies.

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    1. ARGHHHHHHhhhhhhh, this is such a load of crap from their Twit feed.
      We know darn well they recruited her to run.
      There was NO MOVEMENT swelling around AOC encouraging her to run.
      She’s packaged like Velveeta.

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  5. Here are a few links that might help
    Justice Democrats give little actual money to candidates:
    They spend a sizable sum on their own salaries and seem to provide info and services to the candidates
    They seem to be spending as quickly as they receive

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    1. Who do they hire? Who do they spend their money on?
      Two examples: Brand New Congress – very leftist
      and this group –

      Who else is a customer of We Also Walk Dogs? (rabbit trail)
      MoveOn — yes, still a very active group
      Info on MoveON – they support Doug Jones and are good clients of facebook
      Who still supports MoveOn

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    2. “They spend a sizable sum on their own salaries and seem to provide info and services to the candidates”

      This is one of things I love about these Democrat organizing fronts. They’re so corrupt that they have a huge amount of overhead paying the salaries of the entitled elitists that run them. They think that b/c they have a college degree they’re worth being paid over six figure salaries for a non-profit. Actually, they whine about having to make “cuts” to their lifestyle to work in non-profit supposedly serving others!

      Huge amounts of money are simply wasted as a result. If the slightest little chink hits the money hose, they start feeling financial pain fast.

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  6. Dawn you’ll remember when I said that the “Green New Deal” was NOT about the environment, but about implementing economic policy?

    I have to say that even my jaw dropped when I realized how correct I was, and they put it out there for the world to see.

    AOC’s chief of staff comments just killed the Green New Deal
    by Philip Klein | July 12, 2019 11:56 AM

    Chakrabarti had an unexpected disclosure. “The interesting thing about the Green New Deal,” he said, “is it wasn’t originally a climate thing at all.” Ricketts greeted this startling notion with an attentive poker face. “Do you guys think of it as a climate thing?” Chakrabarti continued. “Because we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing.”

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        1. I tracked this and tracked it and tracked it.
          Ended up at a law office in Bermuda. Other side of the law office, a Russian hedge fund with lawyers from the law office on the board of the hedge fund
          They’re FUNDING the green movement, particularly METHANE burnoff from fracking.
          It makes sense for ACTUAL Russians to depress American oil production.
          And Steyer???????
          He was WAYYYYYYYYYYYy too cozy with the Russians to believe he has abandoned his old friends. Think about it. If you made your money selling sausage, you don’t kick the pig. If you made your money in grocery, you don’t stage a hunger strike. On and on.
          Steyer is dirty, I can feel it but have no specific proof as yet.

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          1. How she does it with her balky computer and borrowing her husband’s computer and tending to a farm, animals, etc… plain miraculous!!!

            Wish we could buy her a Super-computer!

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            1. I am working on it… But first I want A/C in my TRUCK!!!! These summers with high humidity and no A/C are killing my asthma.

              Speaking of having to budget. I wonder how many of these city folk LIKED their power outages?

              I wonder if they would LIKE the Green/Red Commie New Deal if they understood it meant they had DAILY power outages WHILE the corporations and the RICH did not?

              NO ENERGY = NO JOBS
              China and India figured that out and are building coal and nuclear plants as fast as they can. They know windmill and solar are just not going to hack it. The energy density and reliability means it is just not possible. The power companies in the USA are already installing smart meters so they can cut power to homes and small businesses and our few remaining big corporations can get what power there is.

              If you do not believe me see:

              How Smart Meters Work

              Once your meter has been installed, you will be notified when you will have access to BGE’s Smart Energy Manager…

              Can BGE use the smart meter to shut off my electricity?

              In 2013, the smart meters will enable BGE to remotely turn service on and off at customer premises. This feature will be used when customers move out of their current homes and start service elsewhere. This capability was mandated by Maryland’s Public Service Commission in their requirements for smart meters. This cost effective feature eliminates the need for a BGE field visit when customers move or start service. BGE’s policies for situations involving a disconnection will be the same as they were prior to the installation of smart meters. The remote connect feature will also enable BGE to place customers back into service more expeditiously.

              From a NIMBY site

              “Smart” meter planning in the United States is related to the Energy Act of 2007 and administered by the US Dept of Energy, the FCC, and each state’s public utilities commission (PUC). However, in that Act, there was NO mandate to force all residential customers to accept installation of “smart” meters–only that they would be offered….

              Q: Who, then, does the “smart” meter benefit?

              Only the utility companies benefit. The utility can save itself money by getting rid of meter readers. Because the “smart” meter measures hour by hour, the utility can charge you more for electricity used during certain periods of the day of their choosing.

              Their story is that this device will save you money. But there are no studies, no evidence, to back this up. In fact, in the one study done so far (from Canada), customers’ bills went up, not down.

              Smart Grid System Report Annex A and B

              Smart-grid technologies will address transmission congestion issues through demand response and controllable load. Smart-grid-enabled distributed controls and diagnostic tools within the transmission system will help dynamically balance electricity supply and demand, thereby helping the system respond to imbalances and limit their propagation when they occur. These controls and tools could reduce the occurrence of outages and power disturbances attributed to grid overload. They could also reduce planned rolling brownouts and blackouts like those implemented during the energy crisis in California in 2000.

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              1. “Because the smart meter measures hour by hour….” This has been true for more than 30 years, long before smart meters. My sister lived in Derwood, MD and she was placed on “time of use” by her electric company. She did not choose time of use and could not opt out.

                Electricity during certain hours was almost double the price. She was home all day and was really limited as to what she could do during the day that used electric (example: her husband was an executive and it wound up being cheaper to send his shirts to the cleaner than trying to do them at home).

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              2. Ahhhhhhhh, NOOOOOOOOoonnonononono
                Don’t take away my washing machine.
                You know, this, more than anything, would cause me to protest at the Mayor’s office.

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              3. Daughn – actually back in those days it was the dryer and iron. His shirts had to be clean and crisp. I don’t think the washer was as much a problem – you would have been safe there.

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              4. Some people don’t need a washing machine because all their clothes are dry clean only… maybe that’s where the “New Green Deal” came from. Well they don’t call them the unwashed masses for nothing.

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            2. MOAR on ENERGY….

              (Again from my notes so this is older info.)
              DEATHS in the UK
              A quarter of Brits are living in fuel poverty as energy bills rocket

              Fuel poverty deaths three times higher than government estimates: Some 7,800 people die during winter because they can’t afford to heat their homes properly, says fuel poverty expert Professor Christine Liddell of the University of Ulster.

              FOLLOW THE MONEY
              The World Bank
              The World Bank’s Robert Watson was head of the IPCC. The Copenhagen talks broke down thanks to the Danish text leak: a secret draft agreement .. hands effective control of climate change finance to the World Bank

              The World Bank released a very inflammatory document: The World Bank 4 degree report in full here and summary for policymakers here.

              All the while the World Bank is lecturing the West on the evils of CO2 it has MASSIVELY increased its lending for Coal Plants! GRAPH may still work: It is a graph of World Bank spending on coal fired plants in the third world. Remember that is US TAX DOLLARS the World Bank was spending… (They stopped after getting caught.)

              World Bank: Record sums were invested last year in coal power

              More than 1,000 New Coal Plants Planned Worldwide

              Coal’s not dying — it’s just getting shipped abroad

              The goal of Carbon Trading was to set up a worldwide trade in Carbon Credits (CCs), designed around a standard market mechanism, so that greenhouse gas producers could be penalised while greenhouse gas consumers could be rewarded. The easiest way to ‘consume’ CO2 is with trees so now The World Bank is deporting farmers form their farmland.

              World Bank Carbon Finance Report for 2007
              The carbon economy is the fastest growing industry globally with US$84 billion of carbon trading conducted in 2007, doubling to $116 billion in 2008, and expected to reach over $200 billion by 2012 and over $2,000 billion by 2020.

              Remember carbon trading PRODUCES NOTHING OF VALUE! It just transfers wealth from ordinary people who have to work for a living to the ultra-wealthy who can afford to own vast tracks of forest… Forest stolen from indiginous people in Africa and South America.

              If there is anyone who knows wind power it is the Dutch. This is what they have to say in a peer-reviewed paper: Electricity in The Netherlands: Wind turbines increase fossil fuel consumption & CO2 emission.

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    1. Conversation about Drones with some interesting context… trimming the drone conversation down to the pieces that are interesting WRT “Green New Deal”:

      Thank you so much for this explanation FG&C. I’m not a pilot (I’m in cybersecurity) and didn’t have the details I needed to connect the dots.

      All I knew was that Amazon thought they could walk in to the FAA, propose a bunch of “common sense” regulations for drone space, and that everyone should just go along with it! They wanted to split the 500′ airspace into bands for different speed drones. It just smelled bad – like they were trying to do a land grab on the entire U.S. airspace. Amazon’s own private flight deck – you have to use their ATC system, and woe unto those who Amazon decides to evict. There are very few companies in the world that have the compute power and capabilities to build municipal and national drone ATC. It should give us pause that Amazon is precisely one of those companies.

      Now we know why AOC and the “Green New Deal” crowd want to eliminate air travel! The Brave New Drone World can’t be realized as long as the public believes that flights are at risk from drone traffic. Indeed it would be easier to build a completely new drone ATC ground up than try to work through the FAA in the present system and walk on eggshells to not be disruptive to the needs of the airlines.

      When you hear pols talk about “crumbling infrastructure”, one of the BIG things they’re talking about is the US ATC system.

      With population growth comes increased air travel and the number of planes in the air at any given moment. And the worldwide population is exploding.

      As it is right now, ATC in the US desperately needs upgrading. But as with all things in aviation, this is HUGELY expensive and time consuming. So what does DC do? Why, punt the problem and kick the can down the road, of course!

      Perhaps you’ve heard of “landing fees” or “user’s fees”. This idea has been kicked around a lot as a way to pay for the needed upgrades, but all it would do is dramatically increase the costs of air travel. And guess who would start crying to their pols about that? Voters, of course. It is a very complex, dynamic, and massively expensive problem.

      You see…air travel is responsible for HUGE amounts of money (think special events, hotels, rental cars, restaurants, etc). No air travel = > hotels, > rent cars, > full restaurants, > Uber, etc. Oh, wanna make all those people travel by car? Really? On our already congested roads and highways….which themselves have their own infrastructure issues??

      You pointed at private companies (broadly speaking). And you are exactly right. Wouldn’t Amazon just LOVE to get it’s greedy little “proprietary ATC program” hooks into/over airspace the PUBLIC owns?? But hey….you think Amazon just thought of that? Hell no! The airlines thought of that a LOOONG time ago and have lobbied the FAA and the gov’t for YEARS to allow them to privatize US ATC….for precisely the kind of commercial control and monopolization you speak of.

      The devil loves to sell his evil through two main conduits to the unwary…..#1 is convenience and #2 is safety.

      Our liberties and way of life are being attacked and degraded by these two things, in every walk of life. Thing is, you can’t sell #1 without #2 when it comes to transportation. Too much blood has been spilt to undo that pairing.

      The whole thing is a giant ball of tangled-up yarn.

      The one thing we can be grateful for, in this sense, is the FAA, DOT, and NTSB. Because like any GIANT gov’t agency, they will fight anything that threatens it’s mission and reason for existence. And if the pols were to privatize the PUBLIC’s airspace….the air over our heads….then the they would have less reason to exist. And THAT isn’t going to happen.

      Not in our lifetimes, anyway.

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        1. Passenger rail works best in the northeastern United States where there is plenty of infrastructure. But in the south and west there are not enough tracks in the right places to make it practical. I think if we had a well written infrastructure bill, backed by Republicans not in the RINO caucus, that used innovative funding mechanisms like private investment/tax shelter bonds/repatriation shelters, it could be possible. Beside that the biggest problem with passenger rail is that it is a government owned and subsidized monopoly at present. I’m sure the Soviets are proud of what Amtrack has accomplished. I imagine them having a platform much like the Justice Democrats to eliminate Pullman Cars from the railroads.

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          1. Amtrak – I’ve taken it to Chicago, but since the rail lines serve two masters, we sat outside of Alton for over an hour.

            Years ago…we still use all the old train stations here. Some of the old tracks have been repurposed. I guess having traveled in Europe, I got used to it.

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            1. Another place where if there was genuine financial incentive to restore passenger trains improving the infra would help. As it is, the rail network is at freight capacity, overloaded, and massive stretches are being upgraded in decades-long projects that have to be carefully coordinated due to them being major critical arteries that cannot be closed. I’d say it’s shocking how we let our rail infra get to this point, but I’m not, we all know the story. Don’t get me started on the problems with rail signalling – it truly frightens me.

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              1. One of my best girlfriends, Deb had a husband who was way high up in rail and in charge of Memphis freight yard.
                Needless to say, when Gunner was little guy, and Thomas the Train was big, I took him to the BIG ROUNDHOUSE. You would have thought he died and went to heaven. Happy kid.

                A LOT of what we do involved container shipping. Yet, I also have clients on all continents. I will take USA rail over any other. EU is a nightmare. Forget South America. And the Canada Vancouver railport, OMG, I had to sent the inspectors home made Chocolate chip cookies to get customer containers out of hock.

                That said, it’s time to upgrade the whole darn thing.

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              2. That must’ve been a hard choice for them – Benjamins, or Daughn’s cookies. Pretty sure I would’ve taken the cookies too.

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              3. Port of Vancouver drove me insane!!!!!!
                Did everything I could to sweet talk those boys.
                He said I was the first to actually send him cookies.

                Had a LOT of customers in Canada until the Chinese started to aggressively devalue their currency. Cost me about $50K a year.
                Nothing to sneeze at.

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            2. Across the river from me is KY and only 20 minutes from my home is a train station. The passenger train come through 3 am and one hopes it stops and they remember that passengers are at the station.
              This is third world stuff.
              My husband a train buff tells me the greatness of train travel inits hay day.

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    2. Thank you pheonixRising – you are the news now!

      Thank you churchmouse – you are the news now!

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        I don’t buy that crude references to bovine methane emissions were just “drafts”. Those “drafts” were very “drafty”.

        The whole thing STINKS.

        Heartland has the docs:

        FEBRUARY 8, 2019
        By Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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      2. There was a professor from a University on Tucker who was involved in the green deal.
        To me he looked as if his morsels were rearranged with to much Pot use.
        I do not remember the University he was at it was an east cost one.

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        1. I remember him. he was from Cornell.
          it was funny. First time on Tucker he had gray moppy hair. Second time, same moppy hair but dyed JET BLACK.

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    3. Thanks bflyjesusgrl – you are the news now!

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        I could’ve written a better Green New Deal in my sleep.

        While there are many things about the “Green New Deal” as described in the media that are absurd, spidey sense tells me that behind the embarrassing presentation, there is a much more ugly reality.

        If you have ever visited an Environmental Education Center, you’ll learn REAL FAST that what you think is absurd, they are DEAD SERIOUS about.

        It is worth the trip just to open your eyes to their propaganda, and what they expose schoolchildren to.

        Let me translate a few key points:

        “Rebuilding every building in the U.S.”
        Require LEED and LEED+ certification for all U.S. construction moving forward.
        Require inspections of “legacy” structures for environmental compliance
        Impose a ramp schedule for “legacy” structures to ensure they are either retrofitted for compliance or condemned
        Increase the environmental and safety requirements for single-family dwellings so that they become prohibitively expensive to built new or maintain existing.
        Push people increasingly into “environmentally sustainable” high-density housing.

        Eliminate automobiles:
        Yes, they mean eliminate automobiles.
        See above: Rebuilding every building in the U.S.
        Every building moving forward will be built in high-density “environmental impact” zones optimized for energy and travel efficiency, not for human persons.
        Reduce the “need” for automobiles through high density spaces and mass transity
        Increase CAFE regulations until traditional automotive technologies are no longer feasible
        Increase subsidies of electric cars (limited range)
        Discourage options for travel
        Discourage private operation of vehicles by limiting parking areas or garaging options, increasing policing for minor violations, reducing lanes on roads, engaging in heavy traffic control, congestion tolling (See de Blasio’s NYC for a shining example of the Brave New World)
        Discourage all private ownership of vehicles through taxation, tolling, high operational costs (high fuel prices, sky high insurance, tolls). Make alternatives like mass transit and ride-share seem easy and affordable. They won’t even notice when their freedom is gone.

        “Eliminate airplanes”
        Eliminate air travel – especially international air travel – except on a “need” basis. (It’s the Soviet way, comrade! Why should you impose a burden on the State’s transit system for your joyriding trip?)
        This includes Domestic air travel
        Return to train based inter-city travel – no automobiles. And by train, don’t think you’ll be riding in any Pullman cars either.

        “Eliminate cow farts”
        They’ve confronted Al Gore on his duplicity about eating steaks – if their patron saint isn’t above scrutiny, then precisely who is safe?
        The short version: Elimination of livestock and meat as a staple of the American diet.
        This will be a phased approach because most people will reject it if done too quickly.
        A lot of “diet” noise will help in this regard – leaving behind “red meat” as key to a healthy diet.
        Fat shame people who do not abide by standards.
        Require the printing of calorie counts on menus to enforce guilt mechanisms.
        Promote veganism and vegetarianism as new, trendy, healthy eating alternatives.
        Drive up the cost of livestock through special subsidies, herd culling, and herd disease. (Swine flu, foot and mouth disease, etc.)

        “Protect nature”
        More land grabs.
        Land not turned into parks – but into “preserves” or “forests” where ordinary Americans are prohibited from stepping foot or engaging in agricultural activities.
        Effectively force rural peoples to urbanize.
        Reduce the “suburban sprawl” with “small footprint” overcrowded cities. (People in small spaces are easy to control.)

        I could go on…

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      Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is economically illiterate—but what is Paul Krugman’s excuse?

      The “Green New Deal” Is a Fiscal Fantasy

      …Details remain vague, but some context on the AOC plan, and on the sleight of hand that Krugman uses to support it, is revealing.

      So far, the only concrete step Ocasio-Cortez describes to enact the Green New Deal is the formation of a House select committee to formulate specific goals. On the environmental side, these would include, among other things, expanding renewable-energy sources until they provide 100 percent of the nation’s power; building an energy-efficient “smart grid;” upgrading every residence and industrial building in the U.S. for energy efficiency, comfort, and safety; eliminating greenhouse-gas emissions for industry and agriculture; funding “massive” investments to draw down greenhouse-gas levels; and making the United States a leader in the use and export of green technology.

      To these ambitious goals, Ocasio-Cortez adds a long list of social objectives: providing training and education for the energy transition, including “job guarantees at a living wage for everyone who wants one”; diversifying the economies of regions dependent on fossil-fuel extraction; helping communities most affected by pollution; protecting the “sovereign rights of tribal nations”; mitigating racial, regional, and gender-based inequalities; developing universal health-care and income-support programs; and ensuring that organized labor has a major role in all these efforts.

      Achieving even a small portion of this to-do list would have enormous costs. At last count, there were some 136 million housing units in the United States. Upgrading each unit to high standards of energy efficiency would cost, conservatively, at least $10,000 per home, adding up to a total cost of $1.3 trillion. Doing the same for industrial structures would easily exceed that amount. The single-payer health-care part would cost another $3 trillion or more, annually. Stabilizing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would add another $1 trillion to $2 trillion to the price tag—and all these still only account for three items on AOC’s list.

      To be fair to Ocasio-Cortez, she does not downplay the costs. She did, after all, draw a parallel to World War II. She has also acknowledged that a 70 percent marginal tax rate would increase annual federal receipts by only about $225 billion—far short of what would be needed. For the rest of the cost, she would rely on debt, “printing money,” and government willingness to take an equity stake in some of the enterprises involved.

      AOC’s proposals to expand government ownership and take on more debt didn’t cause much of a media stir. What did get attention was her suggestion to raise taxes on the wealthy—in part because Krugman has taken up the fight on her behalf. …

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      1. Still don’t understand why ANYONE is taking the green new deal seriously.
        We know why…..
        Cuz it has nothing to do with the environment and it’s all about control.

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      1. AOC Linked to: Saikat Chakrabart (from Mahgdalen Rose reporting)
        Exposes AOC: Connected with Brand New Congress (BNC), +others (pls help expand other orgs exposed by Mahgdalen Rose)

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        The teenager this congress critter picked a fight with is none other than generation Z’s CJ Pearson

        “More from generation Z. Ms Rose digs deep.”

        Very interesting. Here is more:

        There is also a Muslim woman, Naureen Akhter, who was critical in raising her up earlier:

        View at

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      3. And the link to Nathan Phillips and the Covington incident…

        …because there are no coincidences…

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        “Within the Mahgdalen Rose Twitter thread was a post that led to this YouTube video …”

        Wolf says:

        Yes – GREAT STUFF. This shows that AOC’s RELATIONSHIP with the members of the Justice Democrats IS IN FACT EXACTLY what Mahgdalen Rose reports.

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        1. The one thing that seemed really clear is that AOC and the others have no fear of Pelosi or any of the rest of the Dems. They answer to their group not the fossils in Congress.
          I’ll never understand why Pelosi handed them spots on prime committees. Did she underestimate them or does she not care ?

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    5. July 14, 2019
      It’s Not Really a Climate Thing: It’s about Control
      By Clarice Feldman

      It’s always about control and the left thinks they should control all the levers. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ chief of staff admitted it this week, telling a crowd: “The interesting thing about the Green New Deal, is it wasn’t originally a climate thing at all. Do you guys think of it as a climate thing? Because we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing.”

      AOC Aide Admits the Green New Deal Isn’t About Climate
      Jul 12, 2019

      Ocasio-Cortez’s Chief Of Staff Admits What The Green New Deal Is Really About — And It’s Not The Climate
      July 11, 2019

      “The interesting thing about the Green New Deal, is it wasn’t originally a climate thing at all,” Chakrabarti said to Inslee’s climate director, Sam Ricketts.

      “Do you guys think of it as a climate thing?” Because we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing,” Chakrabarti added.

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  7. Hey Daughn…check this out. You will love it.

    These were her top contributors in 2018:

    Service Employees International Union. $10,100.00
    Columbia University $9,189.00
    Justice Democrats. $7,715.00
    Selendy & Gay $7,700.00
    Apple Inc. $7,174.00
    Skadden, Arps et al. $5,929.00
    Segal Ventures. $5,900.00
    Communications Workers of America. $5,537.00
    Antidote Films. $5,400.00
    Hart Group $5,400.00

    Antidote Films? Hart Group? Segal Ventures?

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      1. She raised over $2.8 million in the last cycle. For a nobody bartender. She got an Oscar award winning producer/director (Antidote Films) to fund her. This woman is a plant.

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  8. Corbin is the connection as to why they registered their org in Knoxville, TN.

    Some links I didn’t see you have in your article that might give a little more info (although your article is pretty complete)
    Justice Democrats web site
    FEC financials:

    basic info on the founding and platform of Justice Democrats

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    1. Hey, are you sitting down????
      Just had a thought, from you talking about Knoxville.
      Do you remember the Twitter account GOP in Tennessee, that was so hilarious? We all followed that account. He was in east TN, either KNox or Chatt.
      Later on when Muh Russia became a thing, GOP in TN was identified as a Russian origin bot………… by Facebook.
      I thought nooooooooooo, I remember seeing that guy at a protest in Atlanta at CNN.
      You know what I remember about him………. the dark moppy hair.
      Height, weight, hair, pale skin, bubba looking, ……….. looks just like Corbin Trent.

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      1. They are all about creating false flag Republicans who are really progs.

        Bet they are also buying whatever Republicans in office who are for sale.

        Do you think we can look for more Republican house and senate seats dropping out before the 2020 election to hand the election to the progressive Democrats?

        Wonder if PDJT has examined the spending/bank accounts/new lake house purchases/world cruises of the last batch of drop-outs. He sure ‘lit into’ Paul Ryan, didn’t he?

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        1. Fals GOP candidates. We seem to be eager for new faces but these people need to be vetted .
          KY has some pockets of progressives like Louisville.
          They are coming into the deplorable country we need to be more aware.
          I know the town I live in a Communist farm the University got a spot in town hall. Yes they are young well spoken and all have lots of psychology in their background.

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    1. Interesting concerning Knoxville, Knoxville has a large Ex Military population and also big Evangelist community and Catholic and other protestand churches.

      I used to have a friend in Knoxville and also spend many nights in Knoxville driving to Atlanta at least 2-3 times a year for about 10 years.
      I am surprised and wonder what has changed there? Are they having an influx of refugees? Knoxville was always conservative.

      Because of Hose culture of KY many Mexicans have found work their like Lexington KY. They have a big Gay community but also ex military retirees and is only 4 hours from Knoxville and two hours from Louisville.

      I am concerned now because of the targeting into the heart of America with radicals progressives.

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  9. As for Cenk Uygur, he may not be officially on the board any more but is absolutely still on board with them!

    He featured one of their new candidates, pushing Justice Democrats specifically as well as this candidate. Video only 5 days old. If Uygur was used, he was eager to be “used” as he was very angry with the Dem establishment and let it out beginning election night, ’16, as soon as Hillary lost. He was Eager to burn it down when it came to the DNC. I’m not sure he was “used” as much as he was a willing partner. And from this 5 day old video, he is still a willing partner and is happy to use them to bludgeon the DNC.

    He is far from “disassociated” with them as he is specifically promoting their candidates, their web site, supporting and donating to them, etc.He still seems like a media partner whether he is officially on the board or not.

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    1. This is a good spot, Maga Mom, when I can see the keyboard, I need to add it into the main thread on the Cenk part. Is that okay with you? Your attribution.

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      1. Of course. I posted a comment full of young Turks 2 or 3 night ago. I watched there Election Day meltdown video multiple times for fun but recently realized how much they have accomplished since then. Re watched the same video that had been funny, even somewhat delicious before, and now realized how serious they were and how determined. They quickly have accomplished much, big impact.

        Yes, they didn’t do it by themselves. But it’s actually smart to imnediately partner with people and organizations you know are already working to do what you also want to do

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        1. Here you go, the comment I made on Sunday sharing my new perspective on Young Turks Election Night Meltdown.

          Yes Most of the were just melting down and considering all of the twisted news and outright fake news they serve up on their show, good and fun to see it. However, Cenk Uygur was “righteously indignant at his side of the uniparty and was determined to do something about it.

          I assume, due to his show and his many years active in the dem party, he already had contacts. He used his frustration and anger “productively” (I put that and righteous in quotes because of how far left he is and I think he is destructive v. productive and that his “success” is actually disastrous for the US).

          You gotta hand it to him –>> had been part of and very helpful to some Very significant change in the last 2 .5 years! He channeled his energies and the New Congress players upped their media game. Would seem that Cenk and his contacts would have played a roll in the increase media coverage and the filming, etc. but that is pure speculation on my part

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        2. The leader from Young Turks was he not born in another country and came here with his parents as child?
          I believe I saw and interview.
          Maybe we need to look into that a little how not American born change this country but foreign born.
          I know I am an immigrant myself but maybe I see things differently.

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    1. Glad to see Shaun is using his first amendment rights. I used my second amendment rights recently at the range. Still need to clean my weapons. I am not a sharp shooter but the grouping would fit in the chest cavity.

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    1. This is terrific stuff. We’re going to have to a whole blow up just on Zack with everything you found.
      Way to go Grandma in Texas.

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      1. I found Zack Exley in the election cycle of 2008. He founded a little thing for journalists called Off the Bus (the link for redirects to HuffPo now).

        Here’s a piece he wrote for HuffPo in 2008, which is quite long winded, but lays out how they train workers for their campaigns:

        Aw, thanks. You guys inspire me. Did you see he has a connection to Bernadine Dohrn?

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        1. If there is a connection to Bernadine Dohrn, then there is a connection to Bill Ayers, who connected to Barack Obama – the Manchurian Candidate they got in place.

          I’d like to know what POTUS knows which gives him cause to use the word “Treason” – it’s not just about the Spygate people.

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            1. The Weathermen, violent terrorist organization of the late 60’s and 70’s., of whom Dorn and Ayers were part. I meant that the new players Daugh is writing about; that the 4 Horsewomen of the Apocalypse and their backers are seeded from the same mindset.

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          1. No. I love to sail.
            After Big T and I were spooked in BVI we hung out at the villa for days.
            Pirates of the Caribbean was out but neither of us saw it, much of it was filmed in the area.
            We watched it 5 times a day but stuck close to home. Spooked.

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  10. What you show is the communist who run the show behind the scene, but these are large operations and need lots of money (in the billions I would guess) to be successful. The donors would want a very good return for the money.

    Lets see who are associated with this:
    “Move”, Young Turks”, “Open Society Foundation”, yes these are all SOROS funded.
    What is the bet that this Comu-Fascist is the real mastermind behind this.

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  11. Daughn, thanks for you hard work. Gotta run to work, so I haven’t had the time to read all the posts.

    Re: “They recoil at the sight of us and think we are worthy of an untimely death…” Just let me quote LTC Allen West,

    “YOU FIRST!!”

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      1. Yes, Bayer has always been German. It started out as a paint company, actually, and after the founder was no longer involved, there was a lot of consolidation and went into pharmas. Aspirin was their big seller. Heroin, as well, before it was outlawed.

        The whole topic is kind of mind blowing. The surviving company names are all mid-19th century in origin, and all trace lines to aristocracy. Well, except for Union Carbide. Not counting Monsanto since it’s essentially gone at this point.

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        1. Interesting about Union Carbide. Whenever I think about them I think about the Bhopal gas disaster. It’s thoroughly documented and researched. Last I checked the plant is still sitting there rusting away, ticking time bomb to cause a problem again.

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          1. Well, I don’t know if you read what I put in the open thread yesterday about du Pont and Mallinckrodt, but an anon has connected some dots with the du Ponts and the Epstein affair. Then, I looked up Mallinckrodt since it was the OTHER hometown chemical company and found out they’re the ones working with andrenochrome synthetics. Lupus and MS are the two diseases that are treated with it.

            Really mind blowing stuff.

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  12. Once again wonderful information from everyone @ the Q tree!!
    Will be passing on to relatives. The more you know……… once you see it you can’t un see it.

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  13. The Green New Deal and Cow Farts….

    This is NOT NEW AND it is WORLDWIDE!!!

    Rosa Koire a California Leftist gives us a look at the Justice Democrats ‘Brave New World’
    The Cornell foodshed link is now dead but it was there and I found it before reading this essay.

    3/13/2015 — THE FOOD GESTAPO

    This report was open for public comment for 45 days:

    NOW it is part of the US government Dietary Guidlines.

    The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) came up with the recommendation that America Should Adopt a ‘Plant-Based’ Diet. It recommends taxes on dessert, trained obesity “interventionists” at schools and worksites, and electronic monitoring of how long Americans sit in front of the television or computer. The new Food Safety Modernization Act and Obamacare will be used as the weapons to transform American dietary habits to a more sustainable pattern of eating.

    This load of Bovine Feces is straight out of the mouth of Maurice Strong:

    In 1992, As Chairman Strong told the UN conference at Kyoto…

    “It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class, involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work place air conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable.”

    The same propaganda was repeated by WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy…

    “climate change negotiations are not just about the global environment but global economics as well — the way that technology, costs and growth are to be distributed and shared… Can we balance the need for a sustainable planet with the need to provide billions with decent living standards? Can we do that without questioning radically the Western way of life? “

    It is being ‘presented as a health issue by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee as the excuse to ram radical changes down the throats of Americans. However it has nothing to do with health. There is certainly a lot of information in the scientific literature that shows humans need meat especially early in life if the brain is to develop fully.
    For example: Role of red meat in the diet for children and adolescents

    The US governments concern for the health of Americans does not play given the FDA has routinely over looked

    “…significant departures from good clinical practice, such as underreporting of adverse events, violations of protocol, violations of recruitment guidelines, and various forms of scientific misconduct…. or submission of false information… The FDA does not typically notify journals …nor make any announcement intended to alert the public about the research misconduct that it finds. The documents the agency discloses [FOIA] tend to be heavily redacted. As a result, it is usually very difficult, or even impossible, to determine which published clinical trials are implicated by the FDA’s allegations of research misconduct.” — Research Misconduct Identified by the US Food and Drug Administration

    In an article for Slate, study author Charles Seife said the FDA repeatedly hides evidence of fraud from both the public and trusted scientific advisers. In at least one case, falsified data in a trial comparing chemotherapies led to a patient’s death. — Medical Daily:

    Nor does concern for public health play given the USDA recent conduct. The Government Accountability Project – “Shielding the Giant, USDA’s ‘Don’t Look, Don’t Know’ Policy” report shows the USDA routinely hid the fact they KNEW Con-agra was shipping E. coli O157:H7 laced meats. It wasn’t until John Munsell forced the issue that the extent of the problem was finally disclosed to the public. Unfortunately the damage was already done to the reputation of farmers and the Ag Cartel dominated USDA/FDA and World Trade Organization got their much wanted Food Safety Modernization Act past Congress.

    So why are Americans suddenly about to be forced into a change in eating habits?

    A year ago the chair of DGAC told us why and it has NOTHING that so ever to do with health and everything to do with Agenda 21 aka Sustainability.

    “After 30 years of waiting, the fact that this committee is addressing sustainability issues brings me a lot of pleasure,” she began. Clancy went on to advocate that Americans should become vegetarians in order to achieve sustainability in the face of “climate change.”

    That statement certainly sounds like the DGAC is more concerned with Sustainability than with the health of Americans. The Chair goes on to say:

    “What pattern of eating best contributes to food security and the sustainability of land air and water?” Clancy asked. “The simple answer is a plant-based diet.”…

    Clancy said plant-based diets lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and have a “smaller ecological impact” on “drought, climate change, soil erosion, pesticides and antibiotics in water supplies.”

    Based on my past 20 years of experience I can say with authority Clancy doesn’t know what the heck she is talking about. Years of crop farming removed 2 feet of top soil from my farm until it was sold. There was nothing left but inorganic clay that produced weeds not crops. I have used it for livestock farming and rebuilt six inches of fertile black soil.

    Clancy goes on to say:

    “In terms of keeping a broader idea of food security in your minds it would be perilous, I would think, for this committee or anybody else to not be taking climate change into account in any of the deliberations about sustainability,” she said.

    Clancy said beef production is the “greatest concern.”

    Meat production is harmful to the environment because of manure runoff and “methane production by cattle,” she said, which has “a much stronger effect on climate change than carbon dioxide does per unit of methane.”…..

    So beef production, not the health of Americans are the ‘greatest concern’ Gee thanks for telling us that up front.
    The report was open for public comment for 45 days, and will be used as the basis by the government agencies to develop the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The guidelines are used as the basis for government food assistance programs, nutrition education efforts, and for making “decisions about national health objectives…
    DGAC proposed a variety of solutions to address obesity, and its promotion of what it calls the “culture of health.”

    DGAC called for diet and weight management interventions by “trained interventionists” in healthcare settings, community locations, and worksites.

    “Government at local, state, and national levels, the health care system, schools, worksites, community organizations, businesses, and the food industry all have critical roles in developing creative and effective solutions,”

    …policy interventions to “reduce unhealthy options,” limit access to high calorie foods in public buildings, “limit the exposure” of advertisements for junk food, a soda tax, and taxing high sugar and salt items and dessert.

    “Align nutritional and agricultural policies with Dietary Guidelines recommendations and make broad policy changes to transform the food system so as to promote population health, including the use of economic and taxing policies to encourage the production and consumption of healthy foods and to reduce unhealthy foods,”

    The amount of sedentary time Americans spend in front of computers and TV sets is also a concern to the federal panel…

    They recommended “coaching or counseling sessions,” “peer-based social support,” and “electronic tracking and monitoring of the use of screen-based technologies” as a way to limit screen time….

    “The major findings regarding sustainable diets were that a diet higher in plant-based foods, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds, and lower in calories and animal-based foods is more health promoting and is associated with less environmental impact than is the current U.S. diet,”…


    On top of that is this article: Hospitals to begin monitoring your credit card purchases to flag ‘unhealthy’ habits

    What you buy at the grocery store, where you live, and even your membership status at the local gym are all subject to a new data collection scheme by the American medical system. Reports indicate that hospitals and doctors’ offices all across the country are now collecting this and other personal information in order to target individuals deemed to have “unhealthy” lifestyle habits that put them at high risk of disease.

    Bloomberg reports that hospital systems in both North and South Carolina as well as Pennsylvania have already begun tracking people’s food-purchasing habits by spying on them through public records and credit card transactions. Carolinas HealthCare System (CHS), which operates some 900 care centers throughout the Carolinas, has teamed up with a data-mining company to compile and track this information for the later purpose of calling “high-risk” folks and urging them to make a change.

    “What we are looking to find are people before they end up in trouble,” stated Michael Dulin, chief clinical officer for analytics and outcomes at CHS, to Bloomberg. “The idea is to use big data and predictive models to think about population health and drill down to the individual levels to find someone running into trouble that we can reach out to and try to help out.”….

    And just to give you the warm fuzzies, Why Is the USDA Buying Submachine Guns with 30-Round Magazines? Are those bullets for our livestock or for us farmers.


    A list of the committee members is given in a comment by Not so silent on I Hate The Media

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    1. DANG IT!!! I thought I closed all the blockquotes and bolds… 😥

      BTW Daugh, an absolutely great article. I hope Wolfie pins it on the side bar so we have it as reference.

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    2. I’d think people aren’t going to be happy receiving Big Brother notices – once they’ become aware of how this data got out, there should be lawsuits regarding invasion of privacy and lack of permission to use personal data. It’s one thing to count sale of chocolate candy bars in general, another to say who purchased them.

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      1. Was my first thought – get it out there. Sometimes the campaign branches of POTUS’ team will take a peek. Jeff Carlson (Epoch Times) is a strong investigative reporter with wide reach.

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        1. Jeff Carlson is VERY impressive. The post is a goldmine of links in the comment section too. Most impressed by how the Treepers rose to the occasion.

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  14. Elizabeth Harrington, GOP spokeswoman, does a thread documenting the shocking pro-terrorist, anti-American sayings of the Sharia Stalinist Sisters:

    President Trump has noted how the establishment Democrats are strangely scared of these newly elected/selected ‘leaders’ of the Democrat Party.

    As soon as these young women arrived in congress, they began their brazen campaign of outrageous statements while ignoring, even disparaging the old guard.

    They’ve come to congress like bulls in a china shop – just as their overlords intended/directed – doing exactly what they were hired to do – as we have learned – thanks to Daughn and all the great researchers above.

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  15. Well, we’ve all met the bartender and the others of the Four Horses’ Asses of the Apocalypse.

    Now, thanks to Daughn, we get to meet the rest of the horse, and take a gander at the load of bull the horse is pulling.

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  16. The co founders of Justice Dems & leaders – Dec, 2020. He no longer officially counted himself as part of the org but I think he is still very much involved and incredibly suportive.

    It is not so much that they are a shadowing deal – it is that they are the head of their new party, setting the agenda and supporting their candidates just as the DNC and the Dem party leadership are the leaders/power behind elected Dems.

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  17. Well let’s get these suckers names OUT there so US citizen/voters can see/know the enemy 👹

    It’s be nice to see billboard along the interstate’s with their names and pictures and commie crap posted .. their power is in their covert operation … TAKE.IT.AWAY .. via billboards …

    Zack Exley
    Saikat Chakrabarti
    Becky Bond
    Alexandra Rojas
    Corin Trent

    Billboards across from college campuses too ..


    “You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve YOUR freedom. I hope you will make a good use of it.” John Adams

    “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” Thomas Jefferson

    If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”
    Samuel Adams

    “There is nothing so likely to produce peace as to be well prepared to meet an enemy.”
    George Washington, Letter to Elbridge Gerry, January 29,1780

    “In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    Great post Daugh, I’m so glad you did and I appreciate the time and effort you put into it …. AWESOME ‼️


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  18. This guy says AOC is nothing put an actress, a puppet —>> but he is missing the point. That is part of the appeal. The org, the new Party, publicly looked for non experienced people who agree with their platform and their stance on the issues who will then run and that they can support. Yes, they are initially non politicians and That is part of the mission, part of the appeal! Outsiders, committed to an agenda, to drain the swamp and make real change.

    Same idea – that AOC didn’t just come up with all of this on her own but again, that is not the point. They very much advertise their methods and their methods are one of their selling points. It is not a secret that these are non politicians who all working toward *their* parties platform and are supported by *their* party – the Justice Democrats

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    1. He was terrific. These are the first two links in the thread above.
      GrandmaInTexas posted the first one, which I followed. Then, I found the second one, which I followed. Kept following links until here we are.

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      1. Sorry – didn’t realize it was a repeat. But the point its that the power behind them is not a secret – it is an advertised, well known, admired by their supporters Feature.

        The fact that they are coming to together to lift up outsiders (to elected politics) who are insiders to their own group, part of the support and activism of Justice Democrats, is a Feature. “Anyone of can do it” & “we are all in this together” kind of thing.

        AOC is being a puppet to secret bosses. She is thrilled to follow the program put out and supported by her party, her leadership, in a group she believes in. She isn’t being used – she volunteered to be the public face, to be a candidate and then be a worker on the Hill and within the Dem party for her party.

        Same as the Tea Party – but better organized and not as hunted by the media and their own party. This is grassroots coming together to support a party/platform/agenda and some run for office. Not a secret, not damaging and not embarrassing to them. Its something they are proud of – to be an outsider, pure, not corrupt, ordinary American who can run on the issues of this group and then win.

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        1. I’m thrilled you made the comment and put the whole pic/link in again.
          I had to do “link” otherwise the darn thing would have been 43 pages long.
          You right about not being hunted by the media, as well. They are free to operate and admit their subversion openly.
          Like Wolfie said in HIS post today, it’s time to openly chastise these people, shame them, ridicule them.

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    2. The kicker she said in that short doesn’t matter if they’re a one term ..the inroad has been made.
      That’s a little scary. It’s a borg. All parts of the machine, one part fails and another will take it’s place.

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  19. Note: I am not a Young Turks fan. I just happened to find their meltdown in ’16 so funny I watched it multiple times…until I stopped laughing at their ridiculous left wing rants and their complete disconnect from reality as shown by their true surprise at President Trump’s strong win and started listening to what they said, matching it up with what they did and the down stream results from their passion that night.

    A video from 7/13 showing Cenk Uygur recognizing the Uniparty.
    He is attacking the DNC side of the Uniparty, wanting the Dems to be big $ free and true to their leftists foundations, sentiments and voting base.

    Young Turks immediately after their loss in ’16 saying they need to completely clean house on the DNC and in the Dem leadership. Very obvious direction that they are going and easy to see how they were working behind the scenes to do exactly what they say they are going to do.

    Dec 17, 2016
    Cenk Uygur interviews Becky Bond & Zack Exley
    They were already friends, already thought alike and already agreed on the problem.
    Uygur had a platform and the others had an org with activist working to make “change”.
    Yes, he was in contact and knew this whole crowd and their leaders and future plans

    Jan, 2017 – Justice Dem launch update
    He sees this as a separate political party on the left, challenging the Establishment Democrats. This video encapsulates what they are doing – finding leaders in the communities/districts and then run them for congress, taking recommendations from their audience, key position is not taking big donations and PAC money

    March, 2017 –
    Announcing partnering with Brand New Congress

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      1. But they are PUSHED by big money.
        There is a law, unsure of details, if a staffer makes less than $80K, he can receive funds from other sources. AOC painted it as “I’m treating all my people fairly” thus her campaign staff lowers salary —- but picks it up elsewhere.

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        1. Well, then, we need to find the big money. One of many reasons: their supporters expect no big money. Showing big money, showing any connections between big money and agenda items or voting patterns would be determinable to their message and core follower #s. Plus, show their own use of the big money for salaries and perks above and beyond their followers and show their own donations against their followers donations and average income….eye opening to their followers.

          yes, mostly followers v. supporters. followers are supporters in the sense that they literally support them with time & $ but followers in the idea that they did not all have these ideas independently and then decide to support the org. Their followers are “educated” by the org to a great degree. Another roll Cenk plays – not just promoting, advertising and amplifying the org but education the audience/potential supporters to be ready to support them and to want to support them


  20. Great article DNW. Great posts from Q Tree peeps. My regret is that I can’t find time to read all, digest it, remember it all, and spread the information. But, thank you for giving me the opportunity to try to learn as much as possible.

    I say this also to Wolfie, Flep, and all you terrific bloggers here.

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  21. Hi Daughn. Great article! I don’t know if it adds much to the convo, but I found a few things.

    Zack’s mom Alma is deceased. She was an educator; there is a scholarship for “persons of color” in her name in Connecticut.

    His dad is Elwood “Woody.” I found a FB page for him. He just looks like an average liberal old guy. His father, also Elwood, was an architect in PA from what I can find.

    Elwood owns a company called Exley Communications, LLC in Connecticut, est. in 2015. I can’t find out anything about the company. He is 79 now; that’s pretty old to establish a company four years ago, but who knows?

    His sister Alexandra got married in 2007. She was at the time the director of information resources at the Young Survival Coalition, a non-profit dedicated to helping young adults affected by breast cancer. This was probably because her mother died of breast cancer in 1995 at age 52.

    Zach also has a FB page. First thing on it was about Alex Rojas on CNN. Lots of lefties in his friends list, people working for Cory Booker, ACORN, Bernie Sanders, etc. I could spend a week looking at people from that list. I find it odd that his FB stuff is so accessible.

    It looks like Zack grew up in the standard liberal family to me. Activism, scholarships for people of “color,” etc.

    That’s what I’ve got, for now.

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    1. Aubergine, I could kiss you. you have the Coyote glasses on again!
      NOTHING in his wiki info talked about his family.
      Thank you!
      Weird thing about his dad
      You’re right. NO one starts a communications company at age 79, the year before a Presidential election.

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    2. Exley Communications, LLC in CT, under registry of Daddy, would be the perfect company to run disinfo “Russian bots” during a presidential election.

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  22. Daughn, FYI, not enough discussed. Bangladesh is a corrupt disaster. Corrupt corrupt corrupt. Makes India seem like a first world country. They’ll do the dirty work (environmentally toxic) that India turns away. I’m sure others have better insight into this.

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    1. Yes, completely agree.
      I tracked down a hand made clay tile a customer wanted. It was made in Bangladesh. Sent one of my Indian employees to take a look. I could buy 24 hand made tiles = $2.00USD. They were gorgeous, but not consistent measurements, thus a disaster to try to install on any field. The pictures of the “factory” and the people turned my stomach. I couldn’t do it. Talked the customer into buying elsewhere.
      Poverty and conditions like we could never imagine.
      And I thought Indonesia was bad…..

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      1. Good for you! Basically I just tell people don’t buy anything that says made in Bangladesh. I heard an immigrant story once and the family basically said the same thing point blank and with moral emphasis.

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        1. Manufacturing is not as easy as building a plant.
          All about tolerances – It makes me crazy.
          Building materials have to be made to spec.
          If tile is too thick, the doors won’t shut.
          If it’s not the same size, it can’t be laid in a course.
          If the tiles are different thicknesses, you trip when you walk across it.

          Funny story, I got a phone call from a Turkish company, who had the contract for a LARGE mosque in oil-rich Astana, Kazakhstan (and here I am sitting in rural Mississippi). Surrrreaaalll.
          the big Imam was coming in to dedicate the mosque and the place was huge. They had a problem with their order for green marble tiles. They were following my guys all over India to figure how I did what I did.
          Finally, running out of time, they just called me – in Mississippi.
          The guy the Turkish company sent to India was inept, met a girlfriend, playboy…. long story.
          Anyway, it’s not easy to get to Kazakhstan, from anywhere, let alone India — cuz the Himalayas are in the way. China manufacture would have been easier and more precise, plus no problem with time push. Yet, they had crappy material.
          The mosque guys wanted dark green from Kerala, India. Guy who owns the quarry is old friend of one of my guys, so no problem pulling blocks of marble for cutting…… yet precise production in India was huge problem.
          Ended up splitting the order between 4 factories – a Raj came to my rescue with a BIG factory. Called in all kinds of favors, delivery was WILD.
          Product had to shipped north to Karachi, Pakistan, be driven west, through IRAN, Caspian Sea, north and then east again.
          As far as logistics, FedEx ain’t got shit on me. had to travel with armed guard…..
          You should have seen me trying to explain it all to my girlfriends in garden club.
          Interesting though…….
          …….. when it came to the nut-cutting, the American was the only one who could deliver correct material and on time.
          USA, baby!!!!!

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    2. I did add a little bit about Bangladesh up top.
      Good idea. Thanks, MichaelH
      Proud of the QTreepers, this has turned into a collaborative effort.

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  23. Wow, there is a comment in moderation from Ask De’Marie, who claims to have worked in the Bernie Campaign.
    I would LOVE to talk to this woman.
    Valuable insight.
    If you can see this comment, please know, we were with you, just to be heard. I’ll never forget the night at the convention when the DNC/Hillary crew put up the white noise machines to drown out your protests. Unforgivable.

    And agree, we need to keep digging, MUCH higher up in the food chain.

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    1. I can’t approve her comment, but this is what she said:
      “Pretty accurate, but they need to fix the typos on Exley’s name. Several times they refer to him as Axley.
      I worked on Bernie’s campaign. I worked as a professional campaign field organizer for six years. I am telling you without a doubt that Bernie’s 2016 presidential campaign was the worst organized campaign ever. Bernie filling stadiums was NOT a result of these people, I believe the Democratic Party was responsible for filling the auditoriums. I believe that Bernie was asked to run as a sheepdog to rally the populists and then turn them over to their horrible candidate HRC.
      Alexandria Rojos sat in my living room and made all kinds of excuses as to why we could not campaign effectively for Bernie in California. I am telling you there is more to this story than we are being told.
      These people either sunk Bernie’s campaign deliberately or they couldn’t organize a shelf of paper bags. The success of Justice Democrats is not due to these people…there is someone or some group higher up the ladder that are using these people as their face to the public. We need to dig deeper.”

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      1. Yes, Exley has been around a long time, focused on political activism on the far left.

        2009 Zack Exley – same tune, activism on far left

        June, 2016 Zack Exley – creating a vision 6 months before partnering up with Cenk

        2 other Zach Exley videos….
        raising funds internationally – is that even legal? Must be…

        who is this guy? Completely Radical socialist

        Zack wrote a book called Rules of Revolutionaries, 1/20/17
        Video starts slowly, skip to 2:17

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        1. Brand New Congress —>> Early video, very amateur but the mission was there

          Older Brand New Congress (2016) – young, enthusiastic, passionate, organized
          Absolutely looney left —>> the Dangerous Dems

          Corbin Trent and Zack, Brand New Congress, Dec 8, 2016, just before they joined together with others forming Justice Democrats

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  24. The co founders of Justice Dems & leaders – Dec, 2018. Cent no longer officially counted himself as part of the org but I think he is still very much involved and incredibly supportive.

    It is not so much that they are a shadowing deal – it is that they are the head of their new party, setting the agenda and supporting their candidates just as the DNC and the Dem party leadership are the leaders/power behind elected Dems.

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    1. The screen grab on the beginning of the video is not what it is about – it is the 3 leaders of Justice Dems.

      Cenk keeps saying “we” and totally identifies with them as part of their group.

      No corporate $ to campaigns, medicare for all, at least $15 for all, ending deportations, Green New Deal as a frame work for racial/social/economic justice. Says we need to equate Green Deal with mobilizing for WWII.

      they don’t use the term Uniparty but they are sick of the Dems playing the DC games. Very focused on PAC, business/corporate and large individual donors and staying away from them to make the candidates freer to vote and advocate for their true positions once elected. They call them Corporate Democrats.

      They are confused – they think that the attacks on AOC don’t stick. Nope – that is true of POTUS but the attacks are AOC work.

      They are focusing on Dem districts, where they can go farther left. They specifically have said that women of color have good success in already Blue districts, going farther left in the primaries against incumbents and Corporate Dems.

      14:16 – tells how to give money and volunteer
      Saying that they are building a way for working class people, like AOC, to be able to run and win

      15:04 discusses the “nomination” process that is grassroots, for people to be nominated to the party, to the Justice Democrats, grassroots, uplifting working class people to power. They get everyone involved in the nominating process and then support their nominees – just like the DNC/RNC but a more grassroots and open nominating process.

      AOC was nominated because she was a working class leader who dropped everything to go protest at Standing Rock

      First, the people are nominated by the public and then they are selected/chosen from the nominees. Then they support the nominees. The nominees are part of the party/org.

      They are activating and organizing working class leftists and letting them make a difference, empowering them to get involved at many levels.

      Very young staff, very young activists, very young nominees, very young volunteers. I think they will get stronger.

      Remember the low numbers of Justice Dems are nation wide v. in their own district.

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  25. So, in my mind, we are not really doing sleuthing as in researching hidden things and bringing them to light but only discovering them for ourselves, discovering what was in plain site, what was advertised, what is public knowledge and even promoted…but we weren’t listening to the far left or keeping an eye on them.

    This is new to us but far from unknown. (except some of the deep money supporting them and some of the deep connections they might not have been up front about)

    This is the left’s version of true grassroots. It came from individuals who have a far left vision working, beginning to network, finding others with a common vision and developing more and larger organizations, skills, experience, contacts and knowledge. Streams coming together making rivers kind of thing – but it happened somewhat organically even if encouraged through propaganda, hiring into orgs/campaigns and through some direct donations. But still grassroots in that these people are passionate, came up with ideas and are working to get leftist things accomplished.

    What they didn’t have was the involvement of large numbers of every day people. While the right more spontaneously comes together and independently act (us crowdsourcing right now, people deciding to make blogs, to research, to publish, many MAGA voters deciding to make signs, decorate their yard, etc. v. being paid to, ask to, given the materials pre printed by large donors, etc.) the left need to be lead and “activated” or community organized.

    That is what these leaders on the left did while still outside of the uniparty Dems/DNC. They decided to make a difference and then activate, organize leftist voters. It is all Very public – we just aren’t the public to whom they reached out and we had no interest in following them. They have activated and organized left followers, esp. young leftists, running on their donations, volunteerism and populating the organization with ordinary people from throughout the US, uplifting them to positions of power, proving they are of and for the people.

    Yes, the org is behind it – but they Never hid that. We just weren’t aware of it. No conspiracy, just their methods. They even advertised for campaign staff and management. Its a Feature, not a secret, of their methods to uplift ordinary people of the local communities to power. They created excitement and buy in by taking applications for who they would work with in campaigns and who could be the candidates. It became a group nomination, grassroots involvement feature.

    Justice Democrats are a new party working within the Democrats/DNC to revolutionize from within, drain their side of the swamp and break the Uniparty from their side. They are their own party and AOC knows she is part of an org and volunteered to play that role and expects to have their support and wants to be the spokesperson for their talking points. This is different than being a puppet. It is a group effort and she brags about being the groups representative in her district.

    Only this weekend, did I really listen, for the first time, to what Cenk said during meltdown ’16 and put it together with what he did immediately after and the results we are now living with. And, no, he did not do it or even begin the movement from scratch. He merged with existing groups and individuals, synergized making them each more powerful, amplified and effective as they all brought their own vision, skill sets, contacts, etc., to the table/group.

    They are doing exactly what the tea party and now MAGA voters have done on the right – go after the uniparty, the corruption and the bought DC actors but on their side of the aisle.

    And they are doing a good job to a great extent.

    We are not discovering secrets (mostly) but are getting to know them, which is different. And we know they are Far Left, outright socialists and anti the US Constitution, without a deep love of what America is, has been and our history, economic system, traditions and culture. They only see what they want it to be which is a very different country!

    This is why President Trump is calling them out and is clearly defining them as unAmerican and absolutely, unapologetically Socialist.

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    1. VERY well said.
      I keep going back to Nellie Ohr, different things we’ve seen from the autists.
      Open source research was Nellie’s specialty for C_A.
      95% is available on line – we just have to find it and know where to look.

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      1. And they have been publicly telling whoever would listen, promoting their agenda and asking one and all to join in and be part of it – very open. We just weren’t their audience so weren’t paying attention. Cenk said election night what he would do and he has done it what he said and been a part of a left wing insurgence. Many others have been very open to one and all, gathering strength and reaching ever larger audiences – including those who have established and lead Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats.

        We need to know what they are doing and take them very seriously. They are who they say they are and they plan to do what they say they plan to do.

        The good news seems to be that people see them for what they are and are seeing the results of even a few of their group on power and don’t like what they see. They seem to have more room to grow but the cap seems relatively low. More good news seems to be that they limited appeal will actually harm the Dems as the activists pull the Dems farther and farther left. They message is repulsive to most 3rd+ gen Americans and many 1st & 2nd gen + new immigrants, all who love America for who she is and see her potential v. hating her for what she is and wanting a full revolution, rejecting America that we love.

        I have learned over the last several days that I need to look at what the opposition is up to and their followers response more often. Wisdom dictates that we know our political enemies. I laughed at Cenk et al many, many times watching that video…I should have listened and take him and his crew + their audience and the far leftist company they keep both on and off the show, very seriously

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  26. Hey Maga Mom, I think you had a comment come in as a miss-type as “Maga Mome”
    I can see it but I cannot free it from moderation.

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    1. probably me – seems like something I could/would easily do. if the ending of the email is the same. Everything after the @ ought to be the same as MAGA Mom. Anything with that ending ought to be me.

      Wasn’t trying to change my screen name. again, if email same – its me

      This thread was something already on my mind and I wanted to contribute + learn more myself. Spent so much time that running behind in the rest of life.

      multi tasking and sorry to cause extra work for our admins!

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        1. PS – stuff like this is part of why you have had so many successes, friends and great experiences in life. You’re obviously sharp, high IQ, but your relational skills … off the charts! Posts like the one the other day, highlighting the many gifts and ways of contributing from qtreepers, your life stories, your thoughtfulness letting me about the post, etc. all point to exceptional relational skills that make your life rich and full…and successful.

          I wouldn’t even think to do the thoughtful things that you do much less pull them off so well. Its the glue and its the whipped cream on top – both the functional and the sweetness that makes it all that much more enjoyable.

          I have a lovely friend from Louisiana who is similar. What is that French phrase encapsulating the zest for life when it shared with family and friends, taking time to let those times be both the highlight and the motivation that colors all the rest of life? Well, whatever it is, you seem to live it or have it…not being French, Cajun or from LA much less that zesty I don’t have it – but I sure admire it and enjoy being around those who do!

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          1. Why thank you, MAGA mom.
            Are you ready for rally day?
            I’m excited.
            Might even have to give Epstein a rest for the day.
            Gotta make BBQ!!!
            Priorities, ya’ know.


          2. See you like already…do you ever sleep or am I correct in my suspicious that you are really a compilation of people, a group all using the same screen name?! ha

            I have no more time for this topic today or for the next few days. No more deep dives for me for a little while. However, I look forward to bigger brains than mine analyzing and synthesizing the info and wondering what insights will be shared.

            Campaign fraud still seems like a great tool to use against these groups as they are sneaky and doing stuff on the down low.

            However, that is not a long term solution. If these guys loose credibility they will still work behind the scenes (see Cenk and his continued work for/with Justice Democrats post scandal) and the others will reform with new public partners, new orgs doing the same thing if not even better from what they have learned.

            Doesn’t mean don’t take them down for campaign fraud, etc. We need to do that, absolutely.

            But long term win is in the hearts and minds, love for America which comes from understanding and knowledge of her. Education, education, education is the only way we will win long term. Not enough people educate their own children so we must take a vital interest in our country’s children and retake education as well as encouraging promoting family’s education their own children.

            By the way, when I say “family’s educating their own children” I do not only mean homeschooling. You have shared many ways you have educated your child outside of his actual academic education provided by schools. What parents do, say, read, watch examples to their children. What parents do with their children, say to their children, read to their children (and have on hand for their children to read or even require their children read) and watch with or allow their children to watch –>> all educating their children. Comments and explanations made when the child discusses homework and school events, happenings and subjects –>> all make a huge impact.

            Evenings, weekends, holidays, summers, early childhood – all times that the parents are educating their children through purposeful teaching, exampling and living life together. Holiday traditions, the emotions of the parents on patriotic holidays, the news on in the background, comments, attitudes –>> children are sponges!

            Homeschooling parents often do all of the above in addition to the actual hours spent on purely academic activities involving curriculum. And so do/can non homeschooling parents. You are a great example of that, Daugnworks24/7 … and that 24/7 is more than a screen name from evidence I see here this blog! 🙂

            But now matter how great we do with our own children and no matter how many conservative families have a wonderful, rich, educational family life/home life … it isn’t enough to save our country because their are too many families not doing these things, leaving their child to be molded and formed by pop culture, media, social media and our leftist infested public educational system with its often far left curriculum or are purposefully teaching their children the opposite of love of country and her true beauty, accomplishments and potential as designed.

            We need to fight our political war by fighting such current battles as re electing President Trump, primarying RINOs/GOPe, securing our borders, etc., prepare for the next political battle (such as Justice Democrats) even as the skirmishes begin (never clean breaks between political battles and political enemies do not wait politely on the sidelines!) but we must fight the long term political war by training the next generation to take our place on the battlefield.

            The War between Socialism v. US Constitutional Gov and our Free Market economic system will be won/lost in our classrooms, in the hearts and minds of our upcoming generations. The seeds for victory are being planted right now in classrooms across America and in the next generation of teachers in colleges and universities across our nation.

            We can not afford to let our public educational system be the commons in which we tragically loose our country, slowly, slowly, and then faster, faster over the decades.

            Education, education, education….

            Speaking of…my own will be up soon and another day of doing my part in my own little circle of influence!

            This post went longer than anticipated. passionate on the subject of our Country, our Children and patriotism .. and anti socialism

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Woke up about an hour ago. Painful, stayed up too late lat night excited about the rally, getting thing situated to watch this evening.
              We have a company which deal in many time zones.
              I have to talk to people all over the world at different times. Thus always plugging in to update, check specs/photos/exams/shipping etc.
              It’s why I became 24/7.
              Education = agreed.
              Probably would have been my first choice as a career. Maybe they would take me as a substitute? I could try.
              Education is all about ethics and expectations. Children astonish us at their ability to absorb. FEED them the good stuff.


  27. Fantastic article Daughn. And so many contributors adding since your article posted. Amazing effort one and all!!!

    Took all day for sloowww here guy to get through it all.

    Amazing and mind boggling is an under statement.

    Off the wall thought…

    – This article contains an amazing amount of factual information, collated logically, documented with references. Eye opening, an understatement.
    – Is it possible, is it desired / acceptable to post the article on Wiki for anyone to search for the it with key words or otherwise stumble on it?

    Thought is spreading the word. Just as some of the information posted here WQTH is then copy / pasted into TW and FB, is Wiki another venue we can use to pass information?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Good idea.
      I’ve been editing and adding most of the day
      Spread it all over Facebook.
      Reaction has been over the top.
      LOTS of interest.
      Kind of blew me away.
      People want to know about who these people are and what we are facing.
      We NEED more information.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Heartened to hear the interest many have. This is important as they are gaining power. We must know who they are, how they came to be, how they achieve success, what attracts people to them, how do they involve and “activate”/community organize their community of believers/supporters/followers and what their goals are.

        Yes, the globalists & the Uniparty are our political enemy now – but who is rising next?

        Significant that they are in their early stages, electing young (for elected positions) candidates and fueled by youth in leadership and volunteerism. and their FAR left positions are frightening.

        Our next political enemy while we continue to attack our side of the Uniparty and they attack their side…. and then the two stronger, actual non uniparty/globalist/non Big $ sides will met and we must be ready to politically fight their ideology.

        Education is the battle ground. For them to have so many 20 and 30 somethings ready to go all out for socialism is probably the most terrifying thing about them. They are winning in our classrooms and that makes it a matter of time, a matter of their movement staying focused through several more generations.

        Also significant that we see so many immigrants in this crowd because it further demonstrates our educational systems flaws. many children of native born US citizens pick up love of country including her economic system, culture, traditions, admiration for Great things accomplished and general history via family and home life (stories, celebrating holidays, books, conversations, etc.).

        Children who immigrate and 1st, 2nd gen children of immigrants don’t have that in their private life in many cases – esp. if illegal immigrants who come to our great country but don’t celebrate it and appreciate all we are.

        Also, many socialist run from their own country blaming specific people for their country’s downfall, blaming corruption or weakness of an individual, thinking the flaw was not actually socialism but people. They run from people but bring their ideology. they do not realize it is our ideology that makes us who are and available for them to come to and it is the ideology of socialism in all of its forms that made their country/gov fail.

        Education, education, education

        and yes, media & pop culture. But those with a proper education will not be as easily swayed and manipulated.

        Liked by 1 person

  28. When ever I hear/read Exley’s name I think of this guy Sheck Exley (April 1, 1949 – April 6, 1994) — American cave diver. And yes I knew Sheck. I wanted to check if there was any relation but Sheck was from Florida.

    Aubergine does a family history…
    “His dad is Elwood “Woody.” I found a FB page for him. He just looks like an average liberal old guy. His father, also Elwood, was an architect in PA from what I can find…”

    Never forget that Bill Ayers (or was it Saul Alinsky?) was slipping Russian Agents into the USA using the birth certificates of dead kids. They would go through cemeteries and find graves of babies & young children and steal their identities. I went looking for a source for that knowledge. (Upon reflection I think it may have been in Dinesh D’Souza’s Hillary’s America.)

    Anyway, while looking for the source I found THIS!!!

    Playboy Interview with Saul Alinsky
    A Candid Conversation with the Feisty Radical Organizer


    PLAYBOY: Were you right?

    ALINSKY: Absolutely. Our tactics have to vary according to the needs and problems of each particular area we’re organizing, but we’ve been very successful with an overall strategy that we adhere to pretty closely. For example, the central principle of all our organizational efforts is self-determination; the community we’re dealing with must first want us to come in, and once we’re in we insist they choose their own objectives and leaders. It’s the organizer’s job to provide the technical know-how, not to impose his wishes or his attitudes on the community; we’re not there to lead, but to help and to teach. We want the local people to use us, drain our experience and expertise, and then throw us away and continue doing the job themselves. Otherwise they’d grow overly dependent on us and the moment we moved out the situation would start to revert to the status quo ante. This is why I’ve set a three-year limit on the time one of our organizers remains within any particular area. This has been our operating procedure in all our efforts; we’re outside agitators, all right, but by invitation only. And we never overstay our welcome.

    PLAYBOY: How does a self-styled outside agitator like yourself get accepted in the community he plans to organize?

    PAY ATTENTION TO THIS‼️ ➡️ ALINSKY: The first and most important thing you can do to win this acceptance is to bait the power structure into publicly attacking you. In Back of the Yards, when I was first establishing my credentials, I deliberately maneuvered to provoke criticism. I made outrageous statements to the press, I attacked every civic and business leader I could think of, and I goaded the establishment to strike back. The Chicago Tribune, one of the most right-wing rags in the country at the time, branded me a subversive menace and spokesmen for the meat packers denounced me as a dangerous enemy of law and order. Now, these were the same forces that were screwing the average Joe in Back of the Yards, and the minute he saw those attacks he said, “That guy Alinsky must be all right if he can get those bastards that pissed off; he must have something or they wouldn’t be so worried.” So I used what I call psychological jujitsu on the establishment, and it provided me with my credentials, my birth certificate, in all the communities I ever organized.

    But over and above all these devices, the ultimate key to acceptance by a community is respect for the dignity of the individual you’re dealing with. If you feel smug or arrogant or condescending, he’ll sense it right away, and you might as well take the next plane out. The first thing you’ve got to do in a community is listen, not talk, and learn to eat, sleep, breathe only one thing: the problems and aspirations of the community. Because no matter how imaginative your tactics, how shrewd your strategy, you’re doomed before you even start if you don’t win the trust and respect of the people; and the only way to get that is for you to trust and respect them. And without that respect there’s no communication, no mutual confidence and no action. That’s the first lesson any good organizer has to learn, and I learned it in Back of the Yards. If I hadn’t, we would never have won…


    1. paragraph that beings “Absolutely…” describes what I think the Justice Democrats are doing. They go in and support locally. take away the unknown of “how do I get started”, etc. facilitate. agitate to even give the idea in the first place. provide wording and policy beyond the educational experience of the person who is willing/wants to run but that the person volunteering to run agrees with. Rest seems applicable as well.

      Good thing is that for now, Justice Dems are focused on attacking the DNC half of the Uniparty. But when they are through the DNC/Dems/leftist will be leaner and stronger, more agile and more true to their party line, more unified and much less corruption as they will be filled with true believer socialist elected officials who have not taken PAC & corp $. They will be beatable but formidable.

      Will America have enough people still faithful to our gov, history, traditional values/ethics/culture, economic system when these far left dems have consolidated their power to fight this coming fight against socialism?

      education of our country’s children is vital to both sides as that is where the longterm victory resides


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