You FREAKS in the Democrat Party, and you GLOBAL CRIMINALS “above” them – do you REALLY think you shut up Mike Adams?

Have some Mike Adams.


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#WeDoNotConsent – All elections are illegitimate until free speech is restored in America (and national voter ID is implemented)

by Mike Adams


July 12, 2019

(H/T duchess01: https://wqth.wordpress.com/2019/07/12/dear-kmag-20190712-open-topic/comment-page-2/#comment-198235

It should be an obvious point: Given the determined, coordinated censorship of conservative and libertarian speech by the evil tech giants, no future election that takes place under coordinated censorship is legitimate if it produces a Democrat victor. Democracy depends on the ability of citizens to engage in open, public debate about issues, candidates and policies, yet the tech giants in America today have systematically annihilated the voices of nearly all prominent conservatives in an effort to crush public discourse and steal all future elections for Democrats.

The actions of the tech giants have destroyed the very idea of fair and free elections. Without the freedom to speak, there can be no legitimate elections in America.

Thus, until free speech is restored in America by reversing the de-platforming and shadowbanning of conservative voices, #WeDoNotConsent to any Democrat winning any election, period. All such Democrats are illegitimate and should be removed from public office until fair and free elections can be held in an environment where Americans are free to speak (and publicly debate).

Until a national voter ID law is implemented every election will be stolen by illegal alien voters who are encouraged by Democrats to commit election fraud

Similarly, until a national voter ID law is implemented nationwide, no election can be considered legitimate because Democrats are allowing illegals to vote in local and national elections. This means that votes of American citizens are being outweighed by the votes of illegal aliens who broke to law to enter the country without legal permission.

California, New York and other states are deliberately recruiting illegals to vote, even handing them state driver’s licenses that grant them voting rights. This is blatant sedition on the part of local officials who are complicit in the attempted overthrow of the United States of America by an invasion of illegals who are also granted “sanctuary” status even when they are murderers and rapists. This is what the Left in America has become: Complicit in aiding and abetting illegal alien murderers so that they win elections by out-numbering the votes of real American citizens.

From this day forward, no Democrat elected to office in America is a legitimate representative of the American people. They may be removed from power by We the People to restore the rule of law. No elections must be held after speech is restored and a national voter ID law is implemented. Only then do we have “fair and free” elections in America.

Watch and share my video below, via Brighteon.com, which explains more. And tweet out #WeDoNotConsent at every opportunity.


Read More @ NaturalNews.com

So there you have it. They will not be able to shut Mike Adams up. And we will help make sure they can’t.

Oh – yeah. One more message for the fucking criminal globalist demons. Nice job on Gail’s computer. Timing is everything.

It won’t do you any good. You are going down. All you can do now is lengthen the list of crimes read at your tribunals.


78 thoughts on “#WeDoNotConsent

  1. “Oh – yeah. One more message for the fucking criminal globalist demons. Nice job on Gail’s computer. Timing is everything.”

    I love the sentiment…but I gotta say (and i apologize if it’s a nit-picky thing) but we’re not a Democracy. we’re a constitutional republic and i think it’s important to stress the difference. We are not a mob ruled country–or at least we’re not supposed to be. sorry, mini-rant over.

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    1. It IS a nit-picky thing…and it ISN’T.

      Our founding fathers understood the term “democracy” to mean both “direct” and “unlimited.” This was based on the historical example of Athenian democracy. The entire population of Athens voted on everything (direct), and there was no limit on what they could do (unlimited).

      Our system is not “direct.” We do elect our officeholders (mostly–many offices are appointed and confirmed by those we elect). In that sense, we are a democracy–a representative democracy, rather than a direct democracy, but a democracy nevertheless. (As for the electoral college, that simply renders the presidential election the weighted sum of fifty six [no, I’m not making an Obola joke–50 states , DC, plus one elector each chosen by majority vote in Nebraska’s three congressional districts, and Maine’s two congressional districts] different elections.)

      Our system is also not “unlimited.” An unlimited democracy could vote on literally anything, e.g., if we were an unlimited democracy we could vote to require Pat Frederick to shave herself bald. We, however, deliberately limited the scope of the government’s authority; it may NOT ban free speech no matter how many times it does so, and even if the vote is unanimous.

      These are very important distinctions between our system and a direct, unlimited democracy.

      But…these days the term “Democracy” no longer connotes “direct” and “unlimited” so–as long as that is understood–it’s actually not an inappropriate term.

      The trap to avoid is when someone introduces a rights-violating, constitution-violating measure, it passes, and they simply assert, as justification, “majority rules.” Only in an unlimited democracy! The real rule is that “majority rules, provided the majority isn’t intent on violating the Constitution.

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      1. What you say is no doubt accurate; however, we must also acknowledge that there continues to be an all-out push to redefine words in order to gaslight the public. The vast majority of people have no clue as to the various types of democracy.

        I always prefer to say “Constitutional Republic, which is a FORM of democratic governance.”

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        1. Back in my blind days (pre-9/11), my excuse for not voting was the usual “well, my vote doesn’t count anyway.” There are huge numbers of people, with no understanding of how our government works (like myself at that time), who feel the same to this day. Education is desperately needed.

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              1. Indeed.

                A story I saw in some documentary about Stalin’s life: It was, I think, some sort of Communist Party congress. It was time to elect a new General Secretary, and Stalin actually had them use “Australian Ballot” (i.e., secret ballot.)

                He LOST. But as he was the vote counter and it was, after all, a secret ballot, he posted fraudulent results.

                Within five years every delegate at that congress was dead.

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              1. Yes. Experienced both. No more shame (knowing the extent of the matrix stopped that) but the anger hasn’t stopped.

                When we’ve won this iteration of the war between good and evil….then I won’t be angry anymore.

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        2. That works well.

          I’m just not going to jump down someone’s throat for using “democracy”–at least not until I find out they’re advocating for an unlimited one (or claiming we are one).

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        3. Putting forth a counter-opinion to him is useless. He is arrogant in his atheism and he is never wrong and you’re a peon for even thinking he might be wrong.

          Our country is not ANY form of democracy. We are, as you noted, a constitutional republic. The Framers merged Torah/Old Testament principles with the general design of the Roman Republic to form the starting point of the constitution. The Constitutional Convention produced the end result which then failed to satisfy several states until the Bill of Rights was added.

          By basing the govt on the rule of law rather than the rule of man, the Framers guaranteed that we would never be a democracy inadvertently. The lunatic leftists ratified the 17th amendment and took us off the gold standard in their quest to transform the US into a democracy so the big cities could rule the country the way that Rome ruled the world.

          Anybody who presents an opinion of USA as a democracy is not a patriot.

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          1. PGroup, just have to say thank you for your cogent post regarding our form of government. Having troulble just reading down the comments. So much harder than it used to be, and I am blaming WordPress. Would love to know wht they did to our Gail’s computer. Or have I perhaps forgotten–so much has been happening.


            1. YW. As far as Gail’s computer goes, it’s a mystery. I am reluctant to quickly give “credit” to dark forces when misfortunes happen especially with computers (which all hate humans). Suffice to say, until there is positive evidence about what happened to cause the computer to malfunction it is less stressful to simply say ‘things happen’.

              Side note on computers: I have friends who have crashed computers repeatedly by frying motherboards, RAM chips dying, hard drives refusing to drive any longer, etc. I dropped my notebook one day and the ram chip got fried because the metal on the inside of the cover got crushed against it. What idiot would design a portable with open metal near RAM chips anyway? I went through three replacement RAM chips in less than a year before one showed up that actually worked for more than 30 days. In my desktop computers (one XP and one Win 7) I am using harddrives ranging in age from six years old to about 20 years old. Everybody I know says harddrives are untrustworthy after about five years. Go figure. I just run stress tests on them about once a year and if they pass, they stay.

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              1. I’ve learned that creating stress for the other side magically reduces the amount of computer problems over the long haul. Not all of my attributions are correct – but enough are, to make interventions not worth their time.

                I have some great stories on that, but not today. 😉

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              2. I would strongly recommend that you change the operating system for your desktop computers. As soon as a security hole is discovered in software, it is secretly communicated to the vendor, who can issue a patch to fix it. After the patch is issued (or denied), the security hole is made public in a national database — potentially including sample exploit code. (example: https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2019-0708 ).

                Win XP is off support — they won’t get patches; and Win7 is close to dropping off support.

                If, instead, you run Linux, you can remain completely up-to-date. There are numerous ways of running Windows programs (VMs, Steam, Wine, etc.). And it’s free. Linux Mint is actually an easier transition from Win XP than Windows 8 is — things are pretty much where you expect them to be and work the way you’d figure they would.

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              1. All I know is that she got knocked off her own machine and had to get on her husband’s for a few days – right when all this stuff goes down, AND Trump has his social media summit, AND the vaccine skeptics get kicked off Google search. Perfect timing.

                Knowing nothing other than timing, obviously it could just be random bad luck, but I approach enemy action based on probability. They hide BEHIND probability, I fire a hail of accusations from the top of it.

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          2. Yes that is true. We’ve heard that we are a democracy for so long parroted by the propaganda news that “some” believe that it is true. Some ppl have forgotten that their ancestors would have bristled at that claim. It was a dirty word in my grandparents day.

            Just a FYI founding father Ben Franklin is the author of “Three can keep a secret if two are dead.” https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/benjamin_franklin_162078

            I love the Natural News guy!

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            1. Mike Adams is one of my science heroes for his fearless reporting of his own acoustic results for the Las Vegas shooting! He has the same tenacity as TWO Nobel Prize winners who also stood up to similar opposition and denial. I don’t have the same degree of skepticism as Mike on a lot of medical stuff, and I’m more “pro-vaccine” than he is, but I am 100% behind his right to free and uninfringed speech on the matter.

              We are both MEDICAL FASCISM DENIERS.


              And Adam Schiff is a MEDICAL FASCIST.

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          1. Glad, but you always contribute substantively, even your wise cracks are great, and you often intertwine the cracks with the meat and potatoes.
            Day of the month? Crack or you are awfully busy?? 🙂

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      2. Good explanation! I think this EXPLAINING BALM is very helpful in SOOTHING THE ITCH, and I’m going to SPREAD THIS SALVE. (See my post below!)

        We don’t HAVE TO REACT to the world “Democracy” – and THIS IS WHY. Great idea.

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              1. I do – but I also see WHO something is in response to in the notification. And because I get such a flow of comments, I tend to operate just off that information, and NOT double-check the indentation level in the conversation (which I have to do when I’m not the author, and don’t get a notification).

                I have noticed some non-sync notifications – very rarely. They are typically in stuff that is at max indentation level, and are usually intentional – people are forced to respond on the “wrong post” because they are not a party to the post, don’t get notifications due to cookie blockage, etc. So in those cases, WordPress is faithfully reporting where they replied. However, there have been a couple of instances where I didn’t think that was the explanation – where it looked like an “off by one” error in the indentation level, or somebody had just replied on the wrong post accidentally.

                Given that I have now experienced the weird phenomenon where I KNOW that I was replying on a post, but still got my reply thrown out to the outer level (and there was no deletion of the post I was replying to), I am of the opinion that there ARE some bugs in the system.

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    2. I agree with you completely about “democracy” and it’s dangers….


      Now it’s MY TURN to get “nit-picky about nit-picky”. 😀

      (Actually, I’m going to TEACH something about TRUMP here….)

      We have to be STRATEGIC in our thinking, and that means AVOIDING DISTRACTIONS



      They’ve trained us to focus on the shiny objects. They LAUGH at us because they’ve TRAINED US like seals.

      We can look into our own individual psychologies to see this. It was a REVELATION for me, when I saw how they distract us.

      I had to ask myself…


      (And note that I agree with you completely about this point, and it being VERY applicable to the current situation, where DEMOCRACY is actually being used AGAINST the Constitution.)

      I had to be very honest with myself, and I had to ADMIT that I was impatient. But then WHY am I impatient?

      Because the argument is a shiny object that distracts us from whatever we’re talking about.

      I actually worked with an almost-certain ChiCom spy who was *EXPERT* at derailing technical planning meetings. Master of the shiny object. Personally, I hope the guy spends decades in prison when this is all over. I would PAY for a vacation to GITMO to see him in the exercise yard.

      We need to watch Trump to see how he avoids simple shiny objects, which are usually presented to him as FAKE NEWS AGENDA QUESTIONS. Trump, instead of focusing on the shiny object, points a laser at SIMPLE NEW BREAK POINTS which will beat his enemies. He IGNORES THEIR DISTRACTIONS WITH GREAT INTENTION, even though you don’t see the mental gears making the shift (although sometimes he breathes a certain way when he “reformulates” past a distraction).

      So let me repeat…..

      Democracy vs. Republic is a DISTRACTION.

      We understand this, and need to educate OCCASIONALLY – BUT – we need to avoid it, too.

      What is the RIGHT simple thing here?

      – our elections are now ILLEGITIMATE

      All sorts of WINNING can come from following this NEW SIMPLE IDEA.

      What is the WRONG simple thing here?

      – the DISTRACTION

      Just think about it. Think it possible to SOOTH THE ITCH of the implanted idea. There is a reason that I believe all of these are true – that they are all connected via a mental programming model:

      – certain psychotropic medications can be used for itching

      – those same medications are used to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder

      – I believe that drug/hypnosis MK works on the same principles as OCD

      – I believe that mass media MK works on the same principles as OCD

      – shiny objects likely work on the same principles


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      1. I see the truth in what you say, but I hate the hypocrisy part. if we give into the “just accept the word” and not be distracted by it, it sets us up as hypocrites. if we accept “democracy” then it’s mob rule and the electoral college is meaningless which we can no longer argue for as we are a democracy…
        and conceding the word democracy is allowing the left to take another inch and allowing them to define who we are.

        this is why no one buys my book (The Art of the Stomping Foot) and everyone buys POTUS’s.

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          1. I worked for a PhD sort who advocated for the abolition of the Senate. He was the one who insisted that Annapolis was east of Baltimore and went to get a map of Maryland to prove it to me. I lived in the state for three years, and knew darn well and good Annapolis was due south. I even swam in the pool a the naval Academy.

            Neutering the states has always been a goal of the left. Always. Which is why I’m hesitant to get on board with a national voter ID law. Elections are supposed to be local, even the one for president. Yes, it is a collective of 50 state elections, but that the people even vote for president is a courtesy. The states really don’t have to do that.

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            1. All very fine points.

              I can go with a national voter ID law if it specifies MINIMUM standards for guarding against fraud (some of which has little to do with voter id, so maybe it should be a “Honest Elections Act.” Requiring the purging of rolls, setting up a system whereby states can inform each other “Hey Job Lowe just moved here from your state, you should scratch him off the rolls there”, that sort of thing.

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              1. I like the idea of national voter ID..
                When I became a citizen and had my driver license renewed they ask for my citizen papers the US passport was not good enough.
                I did not like that they made a copy of my citizen paper. I told them “if someone steals my identity because you copy then you are responsible .” They were not happy .
                As legal immigrant I had to jump through all kind of hoops and it bothers me that these people who break our law are reworded.

                Maybe if everyone has to go through citizen test then no one will call our form of government democracy.
                What we need to watch when we speak of democrats not to say democratic that will be confusing for many people. I learned that from POTUS 🙂
                Today was brilliant how PTrump defender Pelosi it makes her look small 🙂
                American like fairness boy was POTUS was fair by example.

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              2. The citizenship test! Yes.

                Hazard: who writes the test? If AOC like people get a hold of it, people wanting to become citizens will learn some very different “facts” from the actual facts you did learn.

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        1. “this is why no one buys my book (The Art of the Stomping Foot) and everyone buys POTUS’s.”

          LMAO!!! 😀

          OK, I actually think we need that book!!!

          Nevertheless, I love Steve’s idea that the word itself, at a general level, includes restrained forms of it, like the constitutional republic, and that we can now use the term that way.

          These are very important distinctions between our system and a direct, unlimited democracy.

          But…these days the term “Democracy” no longer connotes “direct” and “unlimited” so–as long as that is understood–it’s actually not an inappropriate term.

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          1. As I think about it some more, I realize that “democracy” (and “Republic,” but I’ll focus on “democracy” here) is a PERFECT example of the fallacy Ayn Rand called the “Package deal.” The adversary gets you to accept an argument based on one definition, then claims you’ve accepted some other definition as well.

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            1. Steve
              About the citizen test, I had to pledge my loyalty to the United States of America. I read someplace,that Obama allowed exceptions for Muslims for religious reasons. They can only pledge to Allah.
              They did not have to say the pledge of the legion .
              I think they all should have too otherwise what is the use? I could say also I only pledge to Christ?
              I see this all as double standard and Muslims use our laws to get their way.
              I need to dig into it and find out if we already have two different standards?
              Mine was in English and is requirement but wonder if they make exceptions?

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              1. Agree 100% with the concerns.

                Or you could do it the easy way, be born here and not give a damn and be a citizen, too.

                And (slightly different topic) I note that most immigrants legally here tend to agree with you which is why “they” have to paint Republicans as “anti-imigrant” rather than “anti-illegal-alien”

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              2. Steve
                I looked up about requirements for citizenship. I do not know how to copy with my new computer.
                I googled exemption or waiver for citizenship
                There are waivers and I am ticked off because I had to do the whole thing .
                There also is a waiver for the cost of $750 plus $80.
                If one does not pass one has to pay all over again.
                Tomorrow when I am on my Apple I post the URL


      2. Super Eye Opening Wolfie—And you are right!! We are All guilty of –The Distraction reaction! I’m going to go watch the Presser with this very thing in mind…BBL!

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        1. Yes – the presser is amazing. You can see how POTUS judges the questions and just ignores agenda, distracting, loaded, or shiny object questions and informs on the subject in his limited time.

          They don’t give him fair coverage – so he uses THEIR TIME for HIS MESSAGES.

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          1. Thanks for helping us “SEE” that!! and the Press will NEVER SEE that!!! (giggle) HA!–These off the cuff pressers are even better than formal ones cuz you barely hear the question…Brilliant Genius!!!

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      3. We are an overmedicated population – imho

        How Do Psychotropic Medications Work?

        Illustration showing dramatization of how psychotropic medications work in our bodies

        Psychotropic medications act on the brain and central nervous system. They change the way chemicals in the brain called “neurotransmitters” send messages between brain cells through a synapse or crossing. Each psychotropic medication is used to treat certain “target” symptoms.



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            1. These people are EVIL – the drugs COULD enhance the experience, but they are not necessary – they are into satanic rituals/sacrifices – drinking blood of youth for immortality – the children are mind-controlled – and get passed from one predator to the next – yes – they are KIDNAPPED – also come from Foster Homes – in the system – CPS – another culprit – wait until that hits the fan – two women were murdered because they looked into CPS – Schaffer and Collins –

              This is a network – Chandler – ‘Child Handler’ – she is a solicitor – gets the young girls – fake modeling agencies – and someone else gets the boys – we do not have a name for him/her, yet.

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              1. Not if we can help it…we will remain a sovereign nation! Parents need to refuse the nonsensical physician (psychological programming ) – children are not hyperactive – they are normal – normal children need fresh air and exercise not (6) hours sitting in a chair bored to tears!

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  2. It’s interesting about Gail’s computer.

    Recently, as I was doing some research, I had a lot of computer problems. This has happened before, like “someone” could tell I was looking for “unapproved” material. Usually it is really slow searches, the internet dropping in and out, web pages not loading, etc. So far, the computer itself has not exploded, but time will tell, I guess.


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    1. And you-who-tube is now saying videos are not available, but if I leave the window up it acts glitchy for about 60 seconds before “finding” the video and starting to play it.

      Am also having to use different cities with my VPN to get proper internet flow.

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  3. My technique for not engaging in the “Democracy” versus “Democratic Republic” argument is to just use the correct term repeatedly and correctly in discussions. I repeat back their sentences using the correct term until the “Democracy” idiot gives up.


    Liberal Idiot: “We live in a democracy, so everyone’s vote should count the same!”

    Me: “We live in a Democratic Republic, so everyone’s vote is counted, and the Electoral College determines the winner!”

    If you don’t feel like you can just let the language go, don’t engage, just be a broken record.

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