Discernment 102: Seeding the Clouds of Smoke and Mirrors with Misdirectional Disinformation

I love to remind people just how powerful DISINFORMATION is by this little fact from Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov.

Watch the first few minutes, or skip straight to my summary.

According to Bezmenov, the KGB was roughly 85% about DISINFORMATION, DEMORALIZATION, and other “ACTIVE MEASURES” – and only 15% about “James Bond” espionage. Yuri clearly thought this was humorous, and though he predicted that many would not believe him, he could not suppress a smile when discussing it.

After everything I’ve learned, I not only believe Bezmenov was being incredibly honest about this bias toward “offensive psychological warfare” – I believe that 85:15 is a PROPER mix. Disinformation is simply too cheap and effective. It would be NEGLIGENT to fail to use it, or to use it enough.

And yet – well – I really despise disinformation. Because it is LIES.

So let’s look at some real disinformation I ran into recently, and maybe you’ll see why.

What happened can be summarized in a brief list:

  • Two of our fellow QTreepers brought a very interesting picture to me
  • The picture is a military unit patch very clearly connected to “chemtrails”
  • Searching for discussion of the patch, I found it FOR SALE
  • The site admits in a VERY gentle way to making fun of “conspiracy theorists”

NOW – this is where it gets interesting. but before I get to that part, I want to document what I just said, so that people can follow it clearly.

Here is where the conversation with boondocksaint1 and B.b.S.s.Saint began – or at least, where the conversation TURNED to the subject at hand.



June 29, 2019 at 19:51

We lived in MO for a while, went past clown airport, Evergreen Air was on the sign. There was also a town, full of high end homes that nobody occupied, called ‘Evergreen’. There was a ‘fortress’ built into the side of a small mtn. just outside ‘Evergreen’. The signs into the secured property surrounding that fortress had signs that said, you guessed it, ‘Evergreen’. The property was also marked as ‘US Gov. Reservation, no trespassing’, Before we left MO, the signs all switched to ‘Miranda Air’. ALL fronts for the Clowns. The patches on the aircrews read Don’t Just Spray ‘Em, Barium. The sum total of what is in those ‘chem trails’ is designed to kill us. I hope the ‘white hats’ do whatever they are going to do pretty soon, before it’s too late!

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June 29, 2019 at 20:09

Just in case there are any questions, barium is spelled correctly, it is one of the main ingredients in the chem spray.

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June 29, 2019 at 20:31

Barium is pretty toxic stuff, except as highly insoluble salts like the sulfate (used in contrast agents). Wondering what form they are using. I will bet it’s the sulfate.

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June 29, 2019 at 20:32


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Now – see what came next – the KEY to this thing….


June 29, 2019 at 20:41

boondocksaint1’s researcher here: here is what he is talking about the aircrew arm patch

Don’t Just Spray ‘Em….Barium #TeamChemtrailfrom flying

a close up of the patch


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June 29, 2019 at 21:17

Thank you! You do not know how cool this is.

This is beautiful. You have accidentally stumbled upon one of the most brilliant disinformation operations I’ve ever seen. This is, I believe, what Eric Schmidt based his “fake news” operation on.

Fake news was a seeded disinformation operation using bogus parody sites to “seed the clouds” on the internet, so that Google and the rest of Silicon Valley could justify censorship.

This is the same thing from the military world, though with a much different purpose – to OBSCURE THINGS.

They are hiding one or more of three things, IMO, all of which are highly classified.

What I can tell you is that this patch is phony. It is disinformation, and it is part of a disinformation operation masquerading as something completely different which does the same thing, in a kind of “double reverso”.

They are “making fun of” the same conspiracy theories they are INTENTIONALLY GENERATING.

Making fun of something unreal with the intent that the humor is missed, so that it generates the non-existent thing – it just leaves me in a kind of crime-solver awe.

We are dealing with professionals.

It is absolutely beautiful. And – in an even greater form of “dark beauty”, they are actually USING the same theoretical principles as cloud seeding. It transcends being HILARIOUS to being BEAUTIFUL. It is one of the most brilliant scams I’ve ever seen.

I am SO tempted to bust this, but if I do it wrongly, it risks bringing THREE highly classified programs closer to exposure. So I have to be very careful.

Annoying. But you’ve given me a REALLY GOOD NUKE. So I have to thank you. My own safety is now a little more assured.

SO – let me put it this way. If I lessened your belief in chemtrails, but increased your knowledge of REAL conspiracies and disinformation, but without telling you exactly WHAT they are hiding, would you be interested?

Post coming! 😎

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June 29, 2019 at 21:28

I will wait for your article, but those lingering, criss-crossing, spreading lines in the sky that change the weather and make me cough all the time are something. Silvery reflective skies that remind me of the old movie projector screens and make gray domes, I call them Hunger Game skies. My garden has not produced abundant or healthy produce for years now. I await your insights. I thin

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Now back to boondocksaint1…….


June 29, 2019 at 21:31

How do you explain seeing the patch in person? I DO NOT doubt what you say about the ‘conspiracy theories’, but an entire town & operation built on ‘disinfo’. The patch I saw said the same thing, but may have been slightly different, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole thing was designed to throw everyone off. these are, however things I have seen in person, & i guess it wouldn’t surprise me.

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June 29, 2019 at 21:36

Disinformation is cheaper than real weapons, in the same way that fake cellular phones in cars back in the ’80’s were quite affordable by any sleazy guy in a polyester suit, unlike the real McCoy, which were only affordable by “top dogs” like Donald Trump.

Even more beautiful (in a dark way) is how easy it is to get others to CARRY the disinformation forward.

Tonight, I am DISCERNMENT ITSELF, and I’m going to RAIN IT DOWN, to water the SEEDS OF UNDERSTANDING. 😀

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June 29, 2019 at 21:43

Can’t wait, i’m all eyes & ears! I don’t usually get fooled, but, it was quite an operation. be watching for your post.

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June 29, 2019 at 21:45

I have some hardware duties I have to attend to before posting – cannot guarantee a post before morning, but hopefully a.s.a.p.

Here is the picture that we were talking about. The key element is a military unit-style patch with “Don’t just spray ’em – BARIUM!” around the edges – with a picture of a jet laying two trails behind it, flying over a tombstone with a cross on top, and the tombstone is engraved with a typical periodic table entry for the element barium (Ba), including the atomic number (56) and the atomic weight (137.327).

The picture was obviously taken INSIDE a plane, with the cockpit instrumentation serving as the background to the patch being held up in somebody’s left hand.

NOW – here is the place where that picture came from – a discussion on reddit:

NOW – here is a very similar picture of the EXACT SAME patch being held up, but with a different background – the exterior of a plane. This is from the page I found online.

Note that it’s the same patch, held up in almost the same way.

So where did I find this patch? A site called “Team ChemTrail”

Here is the URL of the page:


Here is the URL of an ARCHIVE that I made of the page, in case it gets taken down.


It is even more instructive to look at the “about” page for the site.

To make sure people can read the text in text readers, here it is as a block quote:


Welcome to the world of our Southern California Chemtrail operation! We are happy to present to you the official TeamChemtrail website where we work hard to bring forth some of the most entertaining pilot products you can find. Deep in the Chemworks we are constantly working hard to bring you new and improved ways of enlightening and scaring all conspiracy theorists.

Our operation took off unexpectedly after creating our TeamChemtrail patch and selling it to a few friends. Before we knew it the worldwide web had created a firestorm of orders and controversy, and we realized we had to grow fast to meet the excitement generated!

Our team is built up from some of the most entertaining pilots found throughout the country. We have flight instructors, corporate pilots, airline pilots, and student pilots all who love spreading the good word on the truth about the chemtrails they spread. Our head designer Tom (aka Maverick) is the brain behind all of the great products that come forth from the Chemworks!

Follow us on Instagram @Teamchemtrail or our Facebook page! We are always looking for new pilots who are as excited about finally telling the truth about chemtrails!!


The link again:


And the archive:


SO – we have finally ended up at a website which sells these patches, and if we take this site at face value, then what we are seeing here is a site where pilots make fun of “chemtrails believers” and make some money selling humorous patches to other pilots.

And THAT is where the story is supposed to end.

But then that is the trouble with dropping disinformation in front of THE WOLF.

The WOLF doesn’t BELIEVE that stories ever end. They either GO DEEPER, or they turn into NEXT CHAPTERS.


To understand WHY The Wolf was suspicious of this whole story, but not in a way that was anticipated by the story, one has to go back to THE REAL HISTORY OF FAKE NEWS.

Before Trump started calling the Mainstream Media (MSM), a.k.a. the Mind Control Media (MCM), “fake news”, THEY had labeled much of what Trump supporters were sharing online on social media as “fake news”. Indeed, President Trump was SO SUCCESSFUL in re-labeling the MSM as “the fake news” or “the fake news media”, and what they were saying as “fake news”, that people tend to forget that HIS USAGE was actually a BOOMERANG of an MSM term used against Trump supporters.

After Trump deflected the MCM’s “fake news” attack, taking the term for his own use, the MCM moved on to “Russian bots” and other forms of Russia-related propaganda, and now they are going after what they call “misinformation” and the oh-so-scary (and very likely soon-to-be-released) “deep fakes”.

The MCM is certainly very PERSISTENT in trying to regain their FAKE credibility through censorship, so they can use it for MOAR censorship, but – OH WELL – it’s not working, and I’m certainly happy about that.

NOW – I need to tell you TWO important things about the original MCM “fake news” hit job on Trump supporters, in which they demonized us – SLANDERED US – for our allegedly sharing “fake news” online. As you will see, it was a CYNICAL set-up – EVIL to its core.

(1) Sharyl Attkisson traced the original fake news narrative back to former Google CEO Eric Schmidt (who I increasingly believe was just a FRONT for “Red Diaper Sergey”).

(2) I was one of the people who spotted “somebody” seeding the very beginnings of the “fake news” narrative, and I had WARNED the good guys what was going on.

The first point – Sharyl Attkisson NAILING Google – is the subject of THIS awesome TED talk. If you have NOT seen this amazing Sharyl Attkisson video, I highly recommend it. It will be among the top candidates for “best 10 minutes of your life ever spent”, as it will OPEN YOUR EYES to how “active measures” propaganda works on a MASSIVE, GLOBAL SCALE. The NEWS in America and the WORLD was literally manipulated for a couple of years by a HILLARY CLINTON PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATION.


Sharyl is telling you very clearly the overall story of “fake news”, and particularly the ENDING, where Trump REVERSED IT.

But *I* can tell you certain things she cannot – about the BEGINNING.

SO – I need to make that second point – how “fake news” was INITIATED – very clearly. In doing so, you will hopefully see WHY it’s so relevant to those “Team Chemtrail” patches.

Before “fake news” was a thing, there were always “news wars” on social media – Twitter, Facebook, comment sections, etc. – where Patriots would share politics and news articles, and Libtards would shitpost, troll, argue, and generally be PESTS in response.

Social media was clearly stacked against us, but overall, WE WERE WINNING. WE were getting the word out, DESPITE their trolls trying to deflect, counter, discourage and demean.


The fact that we were posting and speaking THE TRUTH gave us extreme credibility.

One of the things that began to happen, however – correlating with the rise of fact-checkers like Snopes – is that certain articles would be called out – often with great embarrassment to the conservative poster – as BOGUS. Indeed, to prevent passing on misinformation, it became very important to VALIDATE almost any article passed on in social media. People needed to essentially do background checks on what they were posting. Citizen journalists really needed to be more like journalists, and less like citizens simply passing on hidden journalism.

I observed, with some dismay, that when conservatives would get caught passing on bogus news, they would often psychologically shut down, give up, and STOP PASSING ON NEWS. However, I also found that if a gentler soul like YOURS TRULY would investigate the bogus news, I could break it to the conservative poster more gently. Not only would that poster “stay in the game” – they would be more careful in the future. A clear WIN for our side. Right?

Thus, I began to research all kinds of dubious “news” being passed around on the internet, while educating fellow conservatives in how to spot the fake stuff. I became the kinder, gentler, HONEST Snopes. And therein I also began a roughly 2-3 year WAR with the DNC, the CIA, Brock and his trolls, and whoever else was creating the bogus information.

Some of the very first forms of fake news I discovered were articles taken from satire and parody sites. However, there was something really odd about ALL of these sites.

They weren’t funny.

Whether to liberals or conservatives, they were simply not funny. Yet these sites were OPERATING under the ideas of satire and parody.

It became obvious very quickly that the greatest EFFECT of these sites was to lessen any authority of conservative “media-sharing posters”.

Consider the following example – a Starbucks opening where people were supposedly invited to walk on a picture of Donald Trump.

It was a Photoshop job. Just a little bit of work found the REAL picture, which was in the news at that time.

Executives with Starbucks open the doors for the first time at the newest coffee shop in Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim.

Not only was the satire and parody unfunny – it seemed very much to follow a pattern:

  • believable, and based on reality, but NOT REAL
  • unprovable, or even provably WRONG
  • “too good to be true” from a conservative standpoint
  • seemingly designed to FOOL people
  • and I repeat, very important, NOT FUNNY

All in all, this stuff seemed designed to do exactly what it did – FOOL CONSERVATIVES into picking it up and repeating it.

Who would do such a thing? I mean, who would intentionally make conservatives look stupid, lying, untrustworthy, lacking credibility, and I repeat – STUPID?

Yeah, like one even has to ask.

Sure, one may counter that MONEY might be a motivation.

I will counter with my constant cry – that we must USE “AND logic”. The “self-propelled operation” is almost de rigueur any more. Expect any CIA-approved operation to make its own money.

SO – when it was finally revealed that HILLARY HENCHMAN Eric Schmidt of Google was behind this whole fake news narrative – WELL, THAT MADE A WHOLE LOTTA SENSE.

SO – now that you know the whole story on “Fake News”, where were we?

OH YES. “Team Chemtrail”.

There are 1000 reasons I am sure this is is an OPERATION. Most of them, I cannot tell you, because of something I call “reactive disinformation”. I have found that giving up my tells just lets the other side fix them, and – worse yet – deploy NEW and specially crafted disinformation, based on whatever I said. SO – what I encourage people on our side to do, is to STUDY this and other sites like it, as well as any of the old “fake news satire and parody sites” that are still around.

You will eventually spot the tells, and YOU, TOO, CAN KEEP THEM QUIET.

You will see – this one just SMELLS like the old fake news sites.

What I can tell you are some of the things that the other side cannot or will not change, because of the very nature of what they are doing. So NOTE these things about the Team Chemtrail site:

  • the denunciation of “chemtrails” and believers in them is gentle enough that various psychological processes in that audience are soothed, activated, or bypassed
  • it gives up very little risky information about the people behind it
  • it gathers information on people in relation to the subject
  • the overall package FEEDS THE CONSPIRACY THEORY rather than abating it

The last point is extremely important. They CANNOT CHANGE THAT. It’s a requisite feature.

DO NOT speculate on the motivation yet – going there is the first mistake of BUSTING AN OP. Just call the people behind it “them”, and their reasons for doing it “their motive”. We don’t have to know who or why YET.

What we now need to do is to RE-DIGEST everything we know in light of the new information.

This is the point that pops out the most to me:


This is the beginning of understanding.

What else do we know? Keep going from there….

  • the people stoking chemtrails are American, or operate freely on American soil
  • they are definitely connected to aviation
  • they are probably connected to the government and/or military
  • they stoke in a deniable fashion, meaning their PUBLIC position would be disconnected from any such stoking
  • their public position may be the opposite of chemtrails
  • they need the stoked conspiracy theory for some reason
  • they may have even STARTED the entire chemtrails idea
  • whatever social negatives come from the chemtrails conspiracy theory, there must be positives to the stoking which outweigh them, in the eyes of whoever is behind the feeding of the narrative

Based on this, I have some immediate CLASSES of candidates for the WHO and WHY of “we need chemtrails and a group of people who believe in it“.

I’m being very general here, so that many possible theories and motives can fit into the facts.

Here we go. Enjoy the show.

Adjacent Strawman: It’s not chemtrails, but it’s chemtrails.

One of the best ways to gin up cover and confusion about a thing, is to stoke up controversy about the THING ITSELF using disinformation.

Creating small, false VARIANTS – “adjacent strawmen” – is a great way to feed any disproofs. The “snopesing” of ideas is literally based on this technique. But it goes beyond just Snopes.

In the HANDBOOK OF DISINFORMATION, there is a picture of Jack Posobiec next to the chapter on this stuff.

The idea here is that “REAL CHEMTRAILS” may be a small and very advantageous subset of the entire chemtrails mythos, or it could be something VERY similar but completely unknown. Whatever it is, it works, it helps America get ahead, maybe saving the government billions of dollars in tax revenues, and we don’t want other nations to know about it. What do we do?

  • create a large, camouflaging controversy about “chemtrails”
  • feed a lot of strawman JUNK into it to hide the real stuff
  • make the whole thing believable enough to stay maximally viral, but unbelievable upon close inspection
  • make ourselves the bad guys of the myth, because that is “the interest on the truth debt”, and if the whole thing blows open, we don’t owe anybody anything on the lies, and we may even look like the good guys for protecting WHATEVER IT’S REALLY ABOUT.

To me, this is a strong contender. There is SOME TRUTH to the chemtrails mythos, but most of it is just COVER DISINFORMATION.

But wait – there’s MOAR….

Cover-Up: It’s not chemtrails – it’s a different conspiracy.

This is my favorite class of theories. Unfortunately, I can’t give you any REAL examples, all of which are excellent, because they are based on REAL classified operations which I’m not supposed to know about, but I do. Nevertheless, I can tell you that the smart money is here.

What I can do is illustrate using a ridiculous FAKE example.

Let’s say that we’ve discovered some really amazing way to increase military intelligence by leaving a bunch of trails at certain times and places in the sky. Maybe it’s not terrible chemicals – maybe it’s just WATER VAPOR from adding a lot of WATER into the exhaust of the jet engines. Let’s say it works like crazy. It adds a GOLD MINE of intelligence for Team America.

Well, we’ve got to cover this up. Now think of all the ways to do this:

  • add way more trails than we actually need, including useless distracting ones
  • distract from WATER VAPOR by making people think it’s something opposite like barium
  • add a bunch of really ridiculous ideas that serve as SHINY OBJECTS
  • name it CHEMTRAILS instead of WATERTRAILS

What should be EXTREMELY DISTURBING to you, RIGHT NOW, is that even my FAKE IDEA, which I literally MADE UP ON THE FLY, actually sounds extremely reasonable.

This is the power of disinformation.

So anyway, now you may be seeing why I think this is the strongest class of theories. We are dealing with professional disinformation. If so, CHEMTRAILS may be hiding SOMETHING ELSE.

And even worse, that something may be REALLY BIG.

Massive Cover-Up: It’s not chemtrails, it’s aliens.

How can I put this simply?

OK – let’s try this…

“We’re sprayin’ for bugs, folks!”

What I’m really doing here, is saying that, instead of merely distracting from some “normal” military program, “chemtrails” is actually covering up something so FAR OUT, shocking, or deeply classified, that suffering the negatives of “bad American military” is actually WORTH IT to hide whatever it is.

What could this be?

There are an infinite number of weird scenarios here. Let me just throw out one of them. ANDROMEDA STRAIN meets INDEPENDENCE DAY meets PREDATOR vs. ALIEN.

Let’s say that some race of pesky aliens is trying to steer humanity into ITS corner, rather than some OTHER group’s corner, and to change our minds – LITERALLY – is manipulating the flu virus for increased neurological payload, to keep people stupid, docile and manipulable. It’s all statistics. Every year, they scrooch human DNA a bit more toward where they want it. The infinite stupidity of LIBTARDS is a direct result.

(Hmmmm. Actually, I’m likin’ this theory already!)

Meanwhile, human defenders are busy fighting back with OUR OWN modification of the flu virus, and THAT is the truth of Chemtrails. It’s really DEMTRAILS. Biotrails. THEMTRAILS. Something like that.

OK. Maybe that’s not it. Maybe we’re dropping some element that turns out to be a nightmare for UFO propulsion technology, and they are unable to do their little flying-around thing when we spray for them.

Whatever. The idea is that there is some really deep, dark secret – probably involving aliens, that they are COVERING UP with the idea of chemtrails.

Now – let’s back up to REALITY.

All of these theories – all three classes – are speculation. I have no idea if it’s any of these things.

What I do know is this. Based on my experience FIGHTING American and foreign disinformation, I believe that somebody WANTS this chemtrails stuff. They want it enough to orchestrate deniable ops around it.

To me, that tells me that there IS a story.

We just don’t know what that story is.




158 thoughts on “Discernment 102: Seeding the Clouds of Smoke and Mirrors with Misdirectional Disinformation

    1. Thanks! It took me a while to get this all out, and it’s really just a fraction of what I wanted to say, but when I realized just how much these subtle patch sites resembled the fake news sites, it all clicked.





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      1. Disinformation Operations…allow them to ‘hide in plain sight’.

        Layers of disinfo to confuse us.
        All the while, our public schools have purposely omitted any lessons in Critical Thinking.


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        1. It also coincides with the addiction of kids to devices. Phones were first marketed and promoted as safety devices. Kids need those phones to be able to call parents . Then it was you know they need the upgrade for school..right..all that fact finding at their fingertips..then it was they love their harmless games and look how quiet they are. No roughhousing, no late for dinner out shooting the shit with friends.

          So they get little critical thinking or for a lot of them in suburbia they aren’t even outside enough to learn life lessons like crossing streets and avoiding pitfalls of the world.

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      2. You know what, the mention of the websites….

        Ever notice that when the protest groups pop up in various cities and there are organized events and there’s a website, they are all done on the same template? Three columns with portlets, or story headers, and simple graphics, no advertising, etc. That popped out in the BLM aftermath around here. No way in hell that was an organic movement. I have my reasons for saying that, too. There was big money behind that.

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  1. Wolfie, from one grateful screen reader user. I love this post. I admit to believing there are chemtrails, but I Want the truth, or as much of it as I can get. what you propose is starting to make sens,e, Wolfie. Thanks.

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    1. Thanks! Keeping an open mind here is all I’m saying! We know what we know, and we know what is speculation, and neither are wrong. Whatever is going on, there is more to it than most of us know, I believe!

      Sharyl Attkisson’s “Astroturfing” video is very helpful here, too.

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    2. I don’t go on the 8Chan much right now, but I do recall this was a VERY hot topic…passionately so…among the anons. I tend to think a lot of disinformation could be seeded right there.

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  2. I;m going to with awesome too.
    I like the way you seee it. Every single day I feel like we’re bombarded with so many layers of bullshit covered by horseshit.
    It’s almost as if ‘they’ are trying to herd people into a couple of groups. The ones who swallow anything mcm says..they’re easy and then there’s the ones that put thought and question the logic . For them they throw out the things you talk about so that it’s a confusing mess and they can continue expanding the “work” they’re doing..whatever that is..

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      1. I’m not sure that is talking. Sounds more like an advanced trig theorem that can’t be proved. The first hurdle is figuring out which letters stand for known numbers.

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        1. Yeah pretty much. That code is very much in plain sight. Most crawlers won’t know what to do with it.

          I don’t want to kick off a flame war and sow unnecessary division within our team. Disagreement is normal. We are on the same team. But the enemy uses disinfo to divide us, and frankly it pisses me off. I’m very sensitive to this. We may not agree on everything but we have a common cause, a common enemy, and a common threat.

          Thanks Wolf for helping illuminate the disinfo threat.

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  4. Interesting, but there is more here than just disinfo. The fact that all GMO plants are modified to grow in a high aluminum containing soil, 6.5+ PH. Normal, healthy soil is right around 5- 5.5 PH Aluminum levels don’t magically increase on their own, it is coming from somewhere & tests have shown, that as the chem trails increase the particulate aluminum increases-air & soil. They are not just spraying water. water vapor wouldn’t hang in the air & leave deposits everywhere. The actual contrails from jets dissipate behind them, water would do about the same, there are solids in the stuff we are being spayed with, you won’t convince me otherwise & no I don’t consider myself ignorant or believing disinfo for this. I’m not convinced it is JUST disinfo, more to it than that & I’ m not sure anymore who it is that is truly spreading the disinfo right now. I may not have been around here long, but something stinks right now & I’m not quite sure what it is.

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    1. At no point in the article is the conclusion that Chem Trails discussion is merely or solely dis-info.

      Quite the contrary the point is that the dis-info/disarray/FUD/negative trope-ing of Gov-Mil-Aviation/speculation and other related aspects of the conversation about Chem Trails is being cultivated and the purpose for it may or may not have any relation to the ideas currently trafficked about Chem Trails (with some favor to the idea that is doesn’t relate closely).

      But it is being purposely cultivated.

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      1. If you say so, believe what you wish, you can take it for what it is worth, but, geoengineering has been done, both privately & publicly to solve the illusion of ‘Global Warming’. DONE NOW, not going to get tangled in anymore silly arguments with those who believe if they don’t know it, it’s not worth knowing.

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        1. An EXCELLENT point how the global warming hoax is being used to push all kinds of radical “solutions” from the scientific community – things that seem far more disruptive to the environment than the alleged problem, and seriously WASTEFUL.

          All of these solutions have one thing in common. They are extremely wasteful of time, money, intellectual capital, and human effort FOR AMERICA.

          ChiCom/globalist/socialist/Soviet/whoever disruption of American Science has worked exceedingly well.

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    2. Boondock, the actual physical facts of spraying are easy to verify. Even the presence of certain materials as they increase in the blood levels of those tested. Including what appears to be weaponized biologicals. The real puzzle is WHAT FOR? And that’s where Wolf’s “expand your thinking” post fits in best for me.

      Thinking outside the box by asking how could this be disinfo to STEER me into missing what “they” want me to miss? Not disinfo as in the whole thing is fake. Disinfo as in it’s real, but not for the reason you are thinking.

      For example, what if biologicals are present in what they are spraying in a (possibly misguided) attempt to inoculate the population against some really nasty bioweapon “they” know is being deployed or is planning to be deployed against Americans? Or what if Wolf got close to it with his theory that the materials prevent certain hostile activities?

      The people who have breathing problems after spraying are the ones who are suffering the immediate effects, no matter what the motivation for what is being done.

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  5. What struck me about those Team Chemtrail pictures, the ones with their ‘barium/bury em’ patch…is that small jet aircraft they used in their photos.

    It looks to be an Eclipse 500 or 550…note the t-tail configuration:

    It is a rather small ‘light jet’:

    Not exactly the type of aircraft you would use to ‘spray chemtrails’.

    This video shows one of these at the 2:40 mark:

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    1. Agriculture – mining – ALL energy methods – these are ALL forms of geoengineering. But they have two great things in common. One, they serve the interests of humanity. Two, they are done openly.

      It is the hidden, secret, deceitful forms of geoengineering, and the stupid ones based on the LIES of “fake science”, that need to be rejected.

      Stated differently, all geoengineering isn’t bad. But forms of it that have to be HIDDEN from us almost certainly ARE BAD, or at the very least should be viewed with GREAT suspicion.

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      1. The universities have been saying this needs to be done. Specifically Harvard, UC & I may have seen presentations by MIT. It has been years since I saw them But they were trying to convince everyone there it needed to be done to “save us’ from ‘global warming’ & yes these are all forms of geoengineering,but in this specific context, it was about spraying the skies. They stated that the programs were already happening & They wanted to expand it & were looking for funding. this was sometime back in the 90’s & I couldn’t find the ones I had seen on the net. The ones I did find were the same thing rehashed with current propaganda about ‘global warming’.

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        1. Oh, the wacky solutions to CO2 were just mind-boggling.

          Not one bit of discussion about the bigger picture, nor any argument with the “settled science”, but anybody could propose any wacky idea about how to “deal with” the bad projections of the settled science – THAT was fine!

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  6. Came here in an effort to get away from the malign mischief that has become active o/t. Has anyone thought about how long before it becomes an issue here? There is a big downside to how much o/t has grown…they now present a more attractive target.

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      1. Some dude used to refer to the mascot from Red Dawn as a secret password in case of an assault. To my knowledge he never pulled that trigger. Sad because the assault o/t is happening piecemeal, but happening. All that on top of them eating their own.

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    1. I believe that if the current group here had been allowed to stay o/t, the situation you describe would not have happened. That site was purged of the people who kept it thought-provoking, hopeful, informative, and positive.

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      1. AMEN. Division was introduced at both TOP and BOTTOM OT – just like Beck describes the commie methodology:


        They studied SD just as well as they studied me. And I had people messing with me IRL, so I have no doubt that they messed with Some Dude BIG-TIME.

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    1. Good!

      In my opinion, CHEMTRAILS is THE roughest “conspiracy theory” one can delve into. I simply try to keep an open mind, between small bits of useful information providing small breaks in the case.

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  7. An important lesson I’ve learned over the years is to trust your own observations, intuition, and data. Observe and draw your own conclusions. If it’s an especially “fringe” idea like “chemtrails,” then any public detailed explanations are probably suspect. Whoever knows the real truth isn’t likely to share it on Youtube for Adsense pennies (and likely would be prevented from doing so even if they genuinely wanted to).

    Personally, I only call them “trails.” I don’t know what they are exactly or why they are in the sky, but I’ve seen enough with my own eyes to know that they aren’t “airplane contrails” like we’re told.

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    1. I can’t resist sharing this anecdote.

      On the afternoon of this year’s State of the Union, I observed that the entire sky in my neighborhood was covered in criss-crossed trails. I’m not exaggerating when I say “the entire sky”–it was the worst I had ever seen it in my life. When I checked the local news a few hours later, I discovered that the local National Weather Service station had issued a multi-state air pollution alert for “fine particulate matter.” The public was advised to stay indoors as much as possible for the next 48 hours. In all my years living here, I had never seen a “multi-state” alert. An air pollution alert in the winter is unusual as well. It rained for two days straight after that.

      I don’t the exact explanation behind all of this, but I know that none of this was normal and that “airplane contrails” simply doesn’t cut it as an explanation. The fact that it coincided with the SOTU makes me suspect that it was something related to national security (all of those powerful people concentrated in one building calls for extraordinary security measures), but that is pure speculation on my part.

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      1. Typical gov. op. Create the problem to create anxiety, push the problem to create a reaction, then come in to save the day by having the solution for the problem. Your Government at work. The Clown pattern, Problem, Reaction, Solution, works like a charm. Spray the poison so people can see it, next, blame it on pollution, gets you thinking, they must be trying to help,they want us to stay indoors for ‘our safety’, what they didn’t tell you is that, inside or out the stuff being sprayed will still get at you because the particles are on a nano scale, they stay airborne &flow with the air, one open door & a quick re-close can fill the place with enough particulate to do the damage it is intended to. the rain is natures response to upper atmosphere being particularly heavy with solids from the crap they sprayed. The other thing is, what didn’t they want you to see by keeping an entire city behind closed doors for two days. They truly are nefarious. As a matter of fact, even more twisted than me.

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        1. This is the pattern with persistent organics of every kind. Government forces something to be used for some reason. It bioaccumulates or “something else”. Now everybody who is using it is made to feel guilty. Punishments ensue. Researchers get kudos for finding new things – THOSE are forced on us.


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      1. LMAO! You’re not getting out of this that easy! HAHAHAHAHA! 😉

        Seriously, though, I think it’s much more likely that CT and ET are as close to separable problems as there can be, for problems on that level (planetary).

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  8. Perhaps I can shed some light on the topic of chemtrails. Then again, maybe not. Let the reader decide.

    First off, I have lived and breathed all things aviation since I was a boy. And when it comes to aviation, there are a lot of things people don’t know. For example, if I were to ask the avg. person how/why and airplane can fly, they could not tell me. Then again…people seem to know very little these days. For example…


    – More than a third of those surveyed (37 percent) can’t name any of the rights guaranteed under the First Amendment;
    – Only a quarter of Americans (26 percent) can name all three branches of government.


    (NOTE: Good news…..
    ”people who identified themselves as conservatives were significantly more likely to name all three branches correctly than liberals and moderates.” 👍🙂)

    Here is what I’m getting at….and it’s a blunt truth…

    When it comes to aviation….people know VERY little (most cannot accurately say how/why an airplane can fly)…..but they LOVE to opine about aviation ad nauseum as if they do (just as they do about politics). The recent issue with the Boeing 737-800 is a perfect example of this truth.

    Uninformed, inexperienced, uneducated opinions were everywhere (and still are).

    It’s EXACTLY the same with opinions on gov’t. Only 26% of the US public can name the 3 branches of gov’t, but that lack of knowledge certainly doesn’t keep the other 74% from opining about it.

    Here’s why I bring this up…

    Recall one of my Weekly Wrapups when I spoke about landings, and how no one ever stops by the cockpit and says anything about a good one…..but they LOVE to talk shit about the hard ones (without realizing that all too often we’ve set the plane down hard ON PURPOSE!). Here’s the thing…

    If a person can’t tell me all of the various reasons WHY I would intentionally make a “hard” landing (and there are many), THEN THAT PERSON DOESN’T HAVE THE REQUISITE KNOWLEDGE TO GIVE ME SHIT ABOUT A HARD LANDING BECAUSE THEY DON’T KNOW IF IT WAS INTENTIONAL OR NOT.

    In point of fact, MOST people think that every landing “should” be gentle and easy, so therefore any that aren’t means the pilot must have screwed up, right?

    Not so.

    THIS is the ignorance of the public.

    THIS is the crap we professional pilots have to deal with on a DAILY basis. We rarely get the compliment, but we NEVER FAIL to get the gripes and complaints….MOST of which are based upon IGNORANCE and sheer stupidity.

    Now….hold onto that thought for a second. There is another, parallel dynamic at work you need to know about. And it’s just as easy to understand as the first.

    Aviation is a very SMALL community. In fact, it’s tiny.

    How small?

    There are (approximately) 350 MILLION people in the USA. Now, guess how many active, current AIRLINE TRANSPORT (ATP) licensed & qualified pilots there are in the US? You know what?

    We don’t need to guess.

    Here…..the FAA tells us….annually….here are the latest figures


    As of 2018, there are only 162,145 active ATP licensed pilots in the US (read: people who are QUALIFIED to be airline pilots). But that DOESN’T mean all of them are EMPLOYED as airline pilots….it just means they have an ATP license that is current. But I digress.

    So let’s do some math.

    What is 162,145 divided by 350,000,000?

    A: .00046327

    1/2 of 1% is .5
    1/4 of 1% is .25
    1/8 of 1% is .125
    1/2000 of 1% is .0005

    What this means is that there is 1 ATP licensed airman for every 2,000 people out there.

    Wolf, you wanna talk about DISINFORMATION??

    What do you expect to find when there are only 5 people out there who can correct the IGNORANT, INEXPERIENCED opinion and all-too-eager pontificating for every 10,000 people in America??

    A: Gross and inaccurate information, on everything from landings to “chemtrails”.

    Now, one WOULD like to think that non-pilots (you know….the 99.9996% of the people out there) would go and ASK a real pilot about chemtrails. I mean, hey, we’re people too….with families (and children) of our own that we want to protect and see grow up.

    But does anyone?

    Nope. Never. Not even when they have an opportunity to do so….for example, like anyone here could have of me for these past many months since I arrived here in the Q tree. Not one person has ever bothered to ask me my professional opinion about chemtrails.

    Now, given all the above…

    1. Ignorance
    2. No shortage of #1 opining on all things aviation when the topic arises
    3. The massive preponderance of #1 vs. the number of educated, experienced voices who could counter it
    4. The absolute LACK of questioning by #1 and #2 of those of us who can answer questions PROFESSIONALLY

    ….given all that, what do you think a very small group of aviation professional “think” about the uneducated, inexperienced opinions of non-pilots? What do you think our attitudes might be know that such people LOVE to make snide, jackass comments to us about hard landings, for example, but RARELY condescend to pay us a compliment??

    When they LOVE to throw shade and hate at us for a delay because of bad weather or maintenance issues rather than pay us the respect of looking out for their personal safety???? 😡😡

    Do you think we just MIGHT hold the opining, uninformed public in disdain when it comes to aviation????

    Lemme ask you this way…

    If you knew someone who could NOT tell you the three branches of US gov’t (you know, BASIC information) yet they wanted you to listen to their opinion and criticism of our Republic….what would YOU THINK ABOUT THEM??

    Would you mock them behind their backs? Would you make fun of their lack of knowledge given they don’t bother to ask questions (like no one here has of me) but think they know enough to opine about something because they “read it on the interwebbies”??

    We all know the answer to that, and aviation is no different than politics.

    Of course we make fun of ignorance. We’re people too! Especially when NO ONE BOTHERS TO ASK US.

    Here’s another coopala questions no one bothers to ask us:

    1) What would you…a professional pilot with a family to protect….DO if you discovered chemtrails were even remotely plausible?
    2) What would you and your peers do if you had proof this crap was real? Would you stay silent?
    3) Given that a majority of you guys comes from the military….and given the relative TINY size of your community….is it even remotely possible that you guys WOULD NOT know about “chemtrail conspiracy theories” and their validity or not??


    Wanna see some stickers we make and put on our flight bags as an inside joke amongst ourselves? Here ya go….

    So, to sum it all up….

    Do we professional flight crew make fun of people who believe in chemtrails? Yup. We sure do. Because…

    1. 99.9996% of people out there don’t know what they are talking about when it comes to even basic things about aviation
    2. Said percentage never bother to even ask us
    3. Said percentage OBVIOUSLY think that folks like me would stay silent if we even THOUGHT for a moment this shit could be true (they must assume we don’t have kids, families, friends, and neighbors we want to protect)
    4 Said percentage are more than happy to give their opinions about things they KNOW NOTHING ABOUT (just like politics and the 74% who can’t name the 3 branches of gov’t)

    And hey….what’s more likely….

    ….that people know MORE about aviation than they do about our branches of gov’t??

    Not likely. In fact, it a sure certainty they don’t. Which leads me to my final point….

    Aliens. Space ships.

    See this plane?

    This is the F-117.

    The technology demonstrator…it’s predecessor….was code named “Have Blue” and first flew in 1977….the same year that the first Star Wars film came out.

    FACT: Anyone who laid fleeting eyeballs on this plane without knowing anything about it at all would have said it was an alien spacecraft. And guess what? Many did just that!!

    I’ll leave off here, because nothing but argument lies beyond this point.

    All I ask is that people remember than we pilots are people too, we have families we want to protect same as others, we are a very small community that is only 1 or 2 people removed from someone else, and people rarely if ever ask us our professional opinions.

    In fact, it’s kind of funny, but I honestly think people are scared to talk to us….probably because they don’t want us to think they are asking a stupid question, when in truth we would be DELIGHTED that they had the courage to ask in the first place.

    Btw, wanna know the question we get asked the most when we actually do get a question??

    A: Can you tell me how to get to terminal “X” (or baggage) from here?

    #2 is…..do you think we’ll leave on time? (when we’ve announced a delay) (facepalm)

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    1. Great post, and sufficient restraint shown …

      Chemtrails and WEATHER “weaponization” – shaking my head …

      I posted late in that thread about cloud seeding in Tasmania for over 50 years and how poor the results are – they failed to fill the hydro power dams … There was MONEY to be made and they could NOT get significant results.


      1. Good point. But there have been major advances in computational power, and also in satellite-based met data collection in the past 50 years. So not necessarily conclusive.

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        1. Knowledge is always unfolding ..

          But, money is the great motivator, and Tasmania has been unable to harness cloud seeding, so …..?

          Does not mean it is not possible, but it is highly unlikely that the knowledge exists today


          1. Someone mentioned on Wolf’s sight some time ago that the Chinese said several years ago that they are working on weather control.

            US and China are now actively at war with one another. Cyber attacks occur every day. American military pilots have been blinded while flying by Chinese lasers based in various parts of the world, like Djibouti, Africa. Americans in China have been subjected to sonic attacks.

            It could die down, or it could ramp up to a full shooting war.

            My supposition is, if weather control exists currently, it is a cuttinge-edge technology, closely guarded. People are playing it close to the vest, to get every advantage in case that big shooting war does start.

            It’s like jet aircraft during WWII. They existed, but they were rare, and never advertised. Fake propellers were put on them in transit, so their nature would go undetected by any bystander or spy who observed them.

            10 years after WWII civilians were flying commercial turbojets happily. 10 years from now, maybe Tasmania will get its hydroelectric reservoirs filled.


            1. Covadonga, bet you’re familiar with HAARP. Not sure if it had a successor, do not know that it is still operational.


              1. Zoe, I’ve heard that acronym before, but I’m blanking out on what it means right now. High altitude advanced something?


    2. Well, I’m NOT a pilot nor do I play one on TV (funniest scene I ever saw about pilots was the co-pilot asking Clint Eastwood, ‘excuse me sir but do you know how to fly?’).

      I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to edumacate us. I’ll be waiting for your next opus on foreign pilots and their training.

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    3. So, What you are saying is that the ‘Aviation Community’ is so small that nothing like this could be hidden. Not sure I can believe that, there is too much evidence to dismiss it out of hand. Many operators fly that you know nothing of & I don’t know any of that particular group, but I have known some that did know of black budget programs, they tell me that the disinfo is so good, that those that have experience in certain areas would swallow the counter disinfo & tell everyone that might not agree with them that they are ignorant. The stuff in our skies is NOT contrails, they dissipate, there is more to this than just fantasy on the internet. Have you seen the joint Harvard & MIT presentations on geoengineering? I’ll let you search it for yourself, the last presentation I saw was almost impossible to find on line. This kind of stuff is designed to do 1 thing; DIVIDE; then they merrily pick us off one at a time. The garbage the internet has brought us is that which is mostly useless, I try not to take the research on the net too seriously because it may be telling enough of the truth in such a way as to get someone just like you to tell others of their ignorance for knowing something you might not know. Contrails DON’T hang in the sky & spread into a silver/gray blanket that blocks the sky, or at least they didn’t until about 20 to 25 years ago. You sited US Government info “proves’ something, not quite sure what, as we know, they would always tell us the truth about everything. Moon Landing Footage, anyone?

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      1. I need to do my post about FAKE SCIENCE, because it bears strongly upon how much is hidden, how it is hidden, why it is hidden, and what the many negative consequences of the hiding and the lying have been. All of which backs up what you are saying about hidden programs.

        Sadly, the effects have been so strong, I can make these arguments without actually revealing ANY secrets whatsoever. It’s shocking.

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      2. “Moon Landing Footage, anyone?”

        When I was a boy, I was close to some adults who knew some of the NASA engineers well who worked on the Apollo project.

        Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and it would take a real doosy of a bundle of evidence to make me think the engineers could have worked on a fake without realizing it. Or that they were in on it, and for each one of them his whole life was a lie.

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        1. I didn’t say anything about any of which you speak. The fact is, the claim they have lost all of the footage on the ‘landing’ as well as all of the ‘telemetry’ on all of the flight. Just knowing someone that worked in the field doesn’t tell me anything. The point is that whenever bureaucracy is involved EVERYTHING turns into propaganda, there is RARELY ANY truth in anything they have to say about anything. Loosing all the info on what some people consider the greatest event of the 20th century while giving, at best, flimsy excuses as to why they can’t show the data on the event is what I am referring to. The idea that any of it was actually was accomplished then becomes the question, not the integrity of those working in the field. I f you can find it, look up ‘A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The moon. The film is from before the time of digital photography & has pretty much been completely scrubbed from the internet by our ‘friends’ at google.I didn’t look long, but I couldn’t find it & I really don’t have anyone to prove any thing to. Take it for what it’s worth.

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          1. Sorry, boondocksaint. I misinterpreted the thrust of your comment.

            I’ve known for a long time there are no surviving blueprints to the Saturn 5 rocket, but I didn’t know video and telemetry were also missing.


    4. You know, I just had a thought. I have an idea, and my bet is that it will go NOWHERE.

      If every one of those patches was, instead, something like….


      Not making fun of it, but inviting open-minded discussion FROM BOTH PARTIES – as in TAKING IT SERIOUSLY…

      ….I am betting that the reaction would be very different.

      But my bet is that such an idea will go NOWHERE, for exactly the reasons I’ve stated.

      Now consider this!

      If pilots who had such stickers were actually given instructions in how to reason GENTLY with people, not by ridiculing, but by getting them to think about it….


      – I’ve never left a chemtrail myself
      – I’ve never seen an abnormal trail that might be chemical
      – I can’t tell a contrail from what others call a chemtrail – so I really have never seen a chemtrail
      – If there are chemtrails, they have to be less than 1% of what I see
      – I’ve never seen any kind of delivery mechanism in any plane I’ve been in
      – basically, just the FACTS of never personally witnessing such things

      And THAT is it – no assertions about what they don’t know – only what they do know….

      No ridicule…

      Then what happens is this. People BEGIN to correctly gauge the reality. The more pilots that all say the same thing – “maybe there are such things, but I’VE NEVER SEEN ONE – then people will think critically.

      – it’s not commercial planes
      – it’s not private planes
      – it’s not everyday military planes
      – it has to be kinda rare
      – etc., etc.

      You see where that reasoning goes, surely, It concentrates scrutiny EXACTLY WHERE IT’S NOT WANTED.

      In my opinion, there are people who like things just the way they are – with many people BELIEVING that commercial planes spread chemtrails that do stuff that automatically discredits the believer.

      Thus, I think it’s very doubtful the conspiracy theory is going away. It’s too damn useful. It SPREADS the inquiry to where it’s ridiculous – commercial flights – ON PURPOSE. It keep scrutiny away from other places ON PURPOSE.

      The current state will be maintained, IMO.

      And as far as discreditation – for a while, nothing beat chemtrails. Now? Now, it’s actually gaining a lot of people, and leaving FLAT EARTH to be the most discrediting thing out there.

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      1. Grew up close to active air base in the 60’s & 70’s. a contrail dissipates, in all cases behind an aircraft, If you see one that spreads, it is NOT a contrail, or at least that’s the way it WAS or I’m just the stupidest dupe here, I’m not ,despite what you might all believe. I have seen more in my years than I have cared to, especially in the area of government evil. I will not back off on the fact that this whole thing is NOT a fantasy. You say you have never seen a chemtrail. I say you must not know the difference between chem & con trails . My mind can’t be changed by those who do not know what I know, or have seen what I have seen. I’m sure this will make me the court jester around here. that’s fine,I promise not to say I told you so when you find out your crazy friend was really right all along

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        1. I am an AirForce brat (50’s/60’s ) and my hubby is retired Air Force (1997)! We have lived around Air force bases all over the world and I know a con-trail when I see one! Look at old pictures taken between 1950 and 1985 and you will not see these trails in the sky(home photos/Photobucket)! Actually, they truly weren’t prevalent until around 2009 or 2010! It was at that time that something kicked into high gear!

          The below photo is not normal for skies where there is no military base or a very large airport…and not normal even then! And I would need some very heavy convincing that these are contrails that hang in the skies for hours and spread out into a cloud cover that actually blocks out the sun! Seen it with my own eyes, many times! Something is definitely going on!!


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        2. I think Wolf is saying that the current patches make you think in the wrong direction and miss the most likely hypothesis that they are being sprayed from planes we aren’t thinking about. And I’ve read that something like that. Spraying is at much higher altitudes than commercial flight routes.

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        3. In the 11 years since Soebarkah was elected president, I’ve seen far too many things that a younger me would have laughed off as crazy rumors or urban legends turn out to be completely true and documented for me to laugh at chem trails now. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one myself, but others here claim to have seen them.

          And if I interpret Wolfmoon correctly, he hasn’t landed with all four paws on a claim that they exist or don’t exist. His theme is only that the evidence points to an ongoing attempt by hidden forces (presumably of the Clown persuasion) to sow dissension in society, to camouflage one or more of their black projects, and to discredit anyone who gets too close to their, err, trail.

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      2. “Not making fun of it, but inviting open-minded discussion FROM BOTH PARTIES – as in TAKING IT SERIOUSLY…”

        I don’t know, Wolf.

        If people believe in chemtrails, wouldn’t it be more effective to keep their mouths open with a prop, pour molten lead down their throats drop by drop, and simultaneously slowly insert barbed wire into their rectums?

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      3. Just want to say I’ve never believed commercial pilots are doing such things, and I don’t know what I really believe is happening–just that I wonder if Something is, and If it is, I don’t know the purpose, or whether it is for good or ill, and I appreciated very much For God and Country’s post. I do wonder about the aluminum, and it concerns me. Of course all the flat earth stuff is silly. Also give no credence to those who claim we didn’t send men to the moon. I also wonder if “UFO’s” are military, and those conspiracy theories are seeded in order to hide military programs which perhaps protect us. I do think our military has far more advanced technologies than we realize. I’m glad if they do.

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        1. ‘I also wonder if “UFO’s” are military, and those conspiracy theories are seeded in order to hide military programs which perhaps protect us.’


          I think about this every time UFOs are discussed, whenever there is evidence of an actual object being involved.

          I don’t like the term ‘UFO’ to be used in any other sense, which it commonly is. There are far too many rare but documented meteorological effects, astronomical effects, and combinations of the two for even most professional pilots, meteorologists, and astronomers to be trained on all of them. And some are so rare they have been documented only poorly, and are not fully understood. So ‘UFO’ should be reserved for sightings that have been investigated, and where there is probable cause to believe one or more unexplained objects were present.


    5. Didn’t AOC straiten all this three ‘chambers’ of government is all about. I know it just knocked it out of the park for me. Never have to crack another book about it again. { snorting heard as this is posted}

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    6. Fantastic post! I asked hubby about the chem trails and weather stuff the other day and he said no and explained a little. He was an Army pilot, fixed wing and chopper, and has B.S., but also has at least 40 hrs of other science subjects, including chemistry beyond his basic degree. Later, as It’s real early here, I’ll see if he’s got anything to add. BTW, he HATES dealing with computers which I find funny in an oxymoron sort of way!

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    7. Yes, this is what Catholics think when people who have never read the Catechism or attended a single Mass tell us what are faith is all about.

      As a child of an aerospace engineer, I do know that take off and landing is into the wind, and fighters going off carriers are on the cats which take the place of a long runway, and they land on a hook for the same reason, but beyond that….

      No, really, I’ve been watching the skies around here, and contrails tend to stick around mainly in cold weather. I haven’t seen anything that resembles what is described as a chemtrail anywhere close to here in over a year. Tampa, yes, but not here.

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    8. I personally THANK the pilot EVERY time the plane i was riding on lands safely (Hard or not). In fact, on one flight to NY (November 2011, Worst snowstorm ever they say), after landing…. Most if not ALL of the passengers gave the “flight crew” a STANDING OVATION!

      I may not be as “Important” as YOU, but I can name the 3 branches of our government!
      and Judicial!

      ps I know things about construction and mechanics that MOST “Pilots” do not.
      I also know why planes fly…. Thrust and lift physics of the wings?

      Sorry for your chip and I apologize for those that do not appreciate your great work to keep us SAFE.
      I for one DO appreciate your work.

      Nobody is saying ALL pilots would know about “Chemtrails”…..
      If True, it would be a very small group of your “small group” that knows.

      “My” rant is over

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  9. Interesting. Not a single question for yours truly, which only backs up the comments in my post that is waiting in moderation doe to the number of links in it.

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            1. Forgot to mention in all the ‘fun’ I almost fell off my chair when I saw the DIHYDROGEN MONOXIDE sign at the top of the article. Flippin’ through Youtube the other day I saw a video on this very subject. It was about a kid at a science fair that was taking votes from anyone willing to vote as to whether or not said chemical should be banned. Out of 50 votes, 43 voted to ban. At first I laughed, later I thought how sad it was that this is what we have come to as a society.

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              1. Yes – DHMO. Had many a laugh about that, back in the day. Indeed – sad now.

                Regaining discernment as a society is goinna be rough. We’re up against Fake News, Fake Entertainment, Fake Science and Fake History. They are fighting back HARD. And even then we can’t be sure of all the stuff outside of their fakery, because they’re worked hard to pelt us with disinformation.

                It’s rough, but we will WIN. But we have to FIGHT BACK every inch of the way, just like Trump.

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            2. On the other hand, if it was necessary to explain what hydrochloric acid is even to a group like this, then parsing the name “dihydrogen monoxide” and figuring out “two hydrogens, one oxygen…H2O…oh, water!” is probably beyond the ken of even fairly intelligent people with little chemical background. So I wouldn’t be too hard on the general public in this case.

              But that whole thing IS an excellent example of how to stampede public opinion through deceit.

              “Found in every cancerous tumor!”
              “Billions of dollars of property damage every year!”
              “Thousands die every year from inhaling it!”


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    1. Hey – you can’t say “chemtrails” without “chem”, but nobody asks my opinion – and I did study quite a bit of that stuff! 😉

      Nobody asks me about “chem” – nobody asks you about “trails”. 😀

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    2. Just read your post above, and rather than scroll ALL the way back up to it to comment, I will here.

      1) Thanks, FG&C, for flying the planes! I personally always thank my pilot if I see him after the plane lands! P.S. Flying scares the shit out of me.

      2) If they are not “chemtrails,” those lines in the sky I have seen, what are they? Normal aviation doesn’t seem to account for the criss-cross, completely covering the sky patterns I and others have observed.

      3) Is it possible that the trails are left by military or government aircraft you wouldn’t know about?

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      1. You know what? We need some PLANEFAGS (as they are called, I believe) who are constantly monitoring all flights in areas.

        We need a “dynamic duo” – a PLANEFAG and a TRAILFAG who live in the same area, who can work together to figure out which flights leave which trails and record it all. THEN analyze the hell out of it.

        My money says we would discover the following (my predictions):

        – modern planes leave more trails for some reason – possibly engines, fuels, altitudes

        – weather is what controls which days turn into cloudfests and which stay clear

        – areas regularly crossed by flights out of AFBs which host experimental stuff will have the most “odd” trails

        – most chemical contamination will turn out to be something not tied to planes

        – some chemical contamination WILL be connected to planes, and will surprise us

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  10. This is a great article, Wolf.

    When I saw those patches, I thought there is no way a branch of government, or even a non-governmental entity, would brag about “poisoning” the population. If chemtrails were real, and they really were doing something nefarious, they would not flaunt it but would keep it secret. The theory that chemtrails are a cover for something else makes a lot of sense. Our attention is directed to the shiny object so we won’t see the truth.

    I’ve always wondered, if chemtrails were detrimental to the population at large, then how do those perpetrating the scheme on us escape the effects of something released into the air that they breathe, as well.

    At any rate, it is clear that we need to be careful and discerning about what we believe and disseminate because some of it is disinfo. (I place the idea that RBG was dead in this category. That was a HIGHLY improbable scenario, given the number of people who would have had to be in on the plot — including her grieving family and other SCOTUS Justices — and the huge risk they would have been taking.)

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    1. You’re awfully sure government ‘good’, don’t be too sure of that. They might flaunt it for the division they cause, with that same information they go out of their way to debunk. You need to read ‘Rules For Radicals’,It’s a good primer on basic knowledge as to how those who would destroy our freedoms would do such things to destroy those same freedoms we wish to keep & those we have lost in the last 25 or so years.

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      1. Once the radicals get IN the government, it becomes a real mess. At that point, one has to be very discerning.

        History is a real friend there. But then one has to question THAT, too. Watergate, as recorded by the Left and their Fake News. became Fake History.

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      2. “You’re awfully sure government ‘good’, don’t be too sure of that.”
        Not at all, and there is nothing in my post that indicates I think government is good. What gave you that idea? I am very familiar with Rules for Radicals as well.

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    2. I really wish I could talk about some of the “Class 2” theories I mentioned, because if true, they would vindicate EVERYBODY – just not in the ways they expected. Believers would be “wrong about what, but right about something”. Skeptics would be wrong about nothing, but right about what.”

      Add to this the penchant of adversaries to always make the other side sleep badly with their own lies (which I think we’re seeing a LOT of in chemtrails), and the whole thing becomes a toxic dump.

      “That’s a nice cover story you’ve got there. Let me just see if it’s flammable….. OH, MY! Who would have thought? Better put some BARIUM on that – here, let me help!”

      Yes – the RGB thing was – just facepalm. We should not have fallen for that one!

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      1. never claimed to be a chemist, just someone who knew just enough to really get in deep. I can only go by what I’ve been told as far as ‘chem’, but the rest is fairly solid,may be cracks, but, I’m only human, not saying I can’t be wrong, but know enough to know certain aspects build enough of a case to prove it beyond doubt. I do insist on real facts, can get fooled on some but not enough to discredit, besides who was testing who?

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        1. The idea that TRAILS THEMSELVES have changed over time cannot be dismissed, because ENGINES and FUELS have changed over time. To me this is an extremely interesting idea, and it may be in part a psychological thing, that we observe more and different planes flying higher over time and THIS is changing what we see.

          Much of the change in FUELS could presumably be driven by the same factors as automotive fuels – motor technology, economics and environmental concerns. Any changes in combustion and dispersal will affect the trail, just like changes to a car engine, fuel and exhaust system changes the trail left behind a car or truck.

          And all of THAT is independent of everything else about the subject. It doesn’t negate anything else.

          The question of ALUMINUM is interesting “because planes”.

          Do planes shed aluminum? Do MORE planes now shed MORE aluminum? Do CARS shed more aluminum? I don’t know – I just ask those questions.

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      2. “I really wish I could talk about some of the “Class 2” theories I mentioned”
        So do I!

        “Yes – the RGB thing was – just facepalm.”
        Thank you for stating that plainly. And if you don’t fall for the ridiculous theory of the day, some people will begin to suspect you instead of putting on their thinking caps and realizing there might be something going on, but it’s not THAT particular thing (which is the most implausible of any theory). Alternatively, sometimes there is really nothing going on. RBG was ill and took a while to recover enough to work, and now she is back on the job.

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        1. I will bet that “her scandal” at that time was very typical of a person her age.

          – not getting the right medicine, food, treatments
          – worrying, decreasing mood, ready to pack it in
          – depressed about Trump, future, etc.
          – not wanting to fight pains, mobility, age problems

          And THEN what happened is that some liberals with influence basically intervened, just like a family might after a few “bad incidents” with an old person falling, going to the hospital, etc. They came in with money and a plan and said “LISTEN YOU JOKERS – every day we keep this lady alive is a day we don’t have a 6-3 court, so you start LISTENING TO US because WE HAVE THE MONEY TO RAISE HER HEALTH BACK WHERE IT SHOULD BE – and you will be NEGLIGENT if you don’t take it, because our P.I.s tell us she is getting substandard care right now.”

          And that was that. They took her off the map, had people like Brock plant conspiracy theories for a few grand, and started giving her all the attention she needed. Competent doctors gave her the right drugs, gave her the right therapies, and BOOM – she’s back in business.

          I have seen FAR TOO OFTEN how MIRACLES happen with old folks, when they go from SUB-STANDARD CARE to OPTIMAL CARE.

          That’s all it was. THE USUAL MEDICAL STORY for old folks, but on a FAMOUS PERSON, plus 10 grand for some quality disinformation from a small group for a few months.

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          1. I complained about how ridiculously implausible it was–no one was ever to explain satisfactorily why Gorsuch and Alito and Thomas would cover for RBGs death…they just insisted it had to be true somehow. Never occurred to them they were begging the question.

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  11. Whatever it is, it is almost always more complicated than we know or imagine, or sometimes is simple but just completely different from what we thought we knew. Sometimes those most in the know are least in the know, and the ideas which are widely regarded as absurd are the right ones.

    And that is without evil motherfuckers messing with people’s minds.

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  12. I’m up early. Clicked on Drudge to see what the MCM think is worthy of my purview.

    Headlines (2) about AllOutCrazy and her stupid spewings. Both of them fit right in with this thread. Apparently there were hecklers at AOC’s presser after one of her Wonderland tours. What those hecklers were quoted as saying was so unbelievable to this Trumpster that I LoL’d. To me, they were obvious planted agents/actors intended to show us in a bad light. Their purpose was obvious – this entire “play” was scripted with AOC in a starring role and the custody aliens in supporting role. The hecklers were brought in at the end of Act 2.

    What a bunch of crap. Just for a glimmer of hope, a couple of reporters seemed to be willing to be journalists by inserting themselves into the ‘play’ and speaking unauthorized lines. Not much but I noticed.

    AND logic, right?

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  13. Well isn’t this a hoot! This is Alexa answering the question, “What is a chemtrail?” !

    🇺🇸TruthMatters45 🇺🇸KAG 🇺🇸 Retweeted
    💥 Dan p 💥 📚‏

    23 Oct 2018

    Hi guys I was finally was able to get my recorded version of Alexa on here for you. 3 weeks later amazon changed her. Please click the vid to hear this info. This was the only way to get it off my phone to you. @potus @lbox327 @wanderinganimal @AzSkyWatcher @OpChemtrails

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  14. Theories vs Facts and Scientific theories presented as “Facts”. Hubby has gone off for years about scientific theories presented as Facts. Trying to teach students real scientific research isn’t always easy because the student wants to get the “right” answer. When doing REAL research, there is no “right” answer.

    For example, the acidic soil question. Has the soil been tested for aluminum? Yes or No. If yes, where is it coming from? Possible source; man made fertilizers such as Aluminum Potassium Sulfate. (For a full investigation, you would have a “tree” with a lot of yes/ no branches on it.)

    Now I’m going to give 2 links. The first one is an article talking about eastern Washington state farms’ soil becoming acidic (in western Washington state, the soil is naturally acidic). The conclusion is that it’s from manmade or “chemical” fertilizers. BTW, Hubby gets all upset about fertilizers being called chemical fertilizers because to him all fertilizers are chemical whether natural or man made since they all have a chemical makeup. Chemistry is one of the nuts and bolts of our world and how it works.


    The second one is an article that has nothing to do with farming but it does talk about the the acidification of the ocean, particularly Puget sound, affecting farmed oysters. The article just states that the acidification is due to global warming. No facts, no indication that it is a theory, just stated as if it were a fact. Now knowing that man made fertilizers are a likely source that could be causing acidification of soil, and knowing that those same fertilizers appear in water run off, water run off goes into streams, streams into rivers and rivers into oceans, isn’t it possible that acidification of oceans occurs from using man made fertilizers? Or is at least a contributing factor?


    Granted the second article is not related to the first article or the acidic soil question, but it does show the fallacy of global warming in the second article, found while I did a very brief look up about acidic soils. The first article could be used to show a causative effect of acidification of Puget sound if paired with water run off data as a working hypothesis.

    Just a small and very abbreviated example of how the scientific method is supposed to work.

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  15. I learned a lot from the first video of the KGB defector. I have lived my whole life growing up under those tactics. I now have a pin point reason for leaving the public school teaching profession. I always thought is was because I could not support the “Goals 2000” initiative put forth by then President Hound dog. http://www.4president.us/issues/clinton1996/clinton1996education.htm
    NO, it was I would not be party to the indoctrination that initiative had hidden in it and thus be part of the Marxist indoctrination!

    Those cheap but effective propaganda tools were the foundations of my life:
    I was Born in 1963, many years of Project Mockingbird being in place, TV “programming” in full swing, the 1960’s hippie revolution and Vietnam War are going to be the foundation of my memories, the Cuban missile crisis fallout, and finally the a$$ination of J.f.K. being the “crisis” needed for the cementing of and acceleration of the propaganda war waged during the Cold War. I was raised in “The Matrix” of the Communist-Marxist C_A making with their psychological and social engineering methods. The ongoing “info” war and now Obama gate players were the ones laying the foundations of the bull$hit in which I was educated. The plug has been pulled and I am learning, but I am still blind sided by the false seeds of the disinformation. It got me and I posted it here. It made for a very teachable moment of which Wolf took full advantage.

    You copied and pasted my posts. Yes, I understand they are open to the public and to commentary. Then I saw this statement after seeing all of my and my husband’s comments reposted.

    • The site admits in a VERY gentle way to making fun of “conspiracy theorists”

    Wolf, I have to admit I was cut to the quick when I first saw this. My past history is full of me trying to express an opinion and it being ridiculed or put down by people as they laugh at me. So, after I stepped back and let the old wounds that this article ripped open seal back up. I know sunlight is a great antiseptic and that is what you are intending. I reread the post, listened to the videos, and read the comments that followed, including my husband’s.

    Wolf’s article continued:
    The WOLF doesn’t BELIEVE that stories ever end. They either GO DEEPER, or they turn into NEXT CHAPTERS.
    Yes, the stories do go deeper, and make for more chapters. Yes, I grow ever more suspicious each day. Yet, I trust too soon I guess. I have to rely on others as I learn and grow into the “Neo” I can be. I don’t want to be the guy that sells out for a steak meal and betray my fellow shipmates.

    I offer the following:

    I stand by this post and do not regret or recant one word (other than the misspellings I wish I would have caught).
    June 29, 2019 at 21:28
    I will wait for your article, but those lingering, criss-crossing, spreading lines in the sky that change the weather and make me cough all the time are something. Silvery reflective skies that remind me of the old movie projector screens and make gray domes, I call them Hunger Game skies. My garden has not produced abundant or healthy produce for years now. I await your insights. I thin
    I really appreciate the following series of comments and would like to add a few further observations:
    Sadie Slays
    11h ago
    An important lesson I’ve learned over the years is to trust your own observations, intuition, and data. Observe and draw your own conclusions. If it’s an especially “fringe” idea like “chemtrails,” then any public detailed explanations are probably suspect. Whoever knows the real truth isn’t likely to share it on Youtube for Adsense pennies (and likely would be prevented from doing so even if they genuinely wanted to).
    Personally, I only call them “trails.” I don’t know what they are exactly or why they are in the sky, but I’ve seen enough with my own eyes to know that they aren’t “airplane contrails” like we’re told.

    Sadie Slays
    11h ago
    I can’t resist sharing this anecdote.
    On the afternoon of this year’s State of the Union, I observed that the entire sky in my neighborhood was covered in criss-crossed trails. I’m not exaggerating when I say “the entire sky”–it was the worst I had ever seen it in my life. When I checked the local news a few hours later, I discovered that the local National Weather Service station had issued a multi-state air pollution alert for “fine particulate matter.” The public was advised to stay indoors as much as possible for the next 48 hours. In all my years living here, I had never seen a “multi-state” alert. An air pollution alert in the winter is unusual as well. It rained for two days straight after that.
    I don’t the exact explanation behind all of this, but I know that none of this was normal and that “airplane contrails” simply doesn’t cut it as an explanation. The fact that it coincided with the SOTU makes me suspect that it was something related to national security (all of those powerful people concentrated in one building calls for extraordinary security measures), but that is pure speculation on my part.
    Reply 9 Likes
    wolfmoon1776>Sadie Slays
    10h ago
    Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating. No answers, but many hypotheses.

    I whole heartedly agree with Sadie Slays, our own observations, intuition, and data are important items to use when drawing our own conclusions. Many “fringe” ideas prove to be true several years down the road and our observations that were considered conspiracy prove out to be true. See subsequent post I will make to support this statement. Powers that be seek to hide and distort information for the intents as stated in the KGB agent’s interview.

    Some personal observations that turn into questions that I would pose to God and Country, a professional pilot, Wolf, the resident chemist, or anyone else that would have reasonable anweres:

    A. I grew up around airports. My grandfather was a bulk fuel distributor who delivered to local airports, my father worked as a civilian at the Minot ND Airforce base all during my middle school to adult age, a life long close family friend was the highest ranked civilian employee on MAFB, and I worked at an airport gift shop. I grew up in awe of the B-52 flying overhead, thought they looked like dragons. Much jet activity as Class A nukes and decoys were transported or training hours were logged. I loved to see them zip by so fast and was totally gob smacked by the straight up trajectory the F-15’s could take right after take off. My father worked on the cement maintenance of the airfield, tells of the different interesting craft landing at night. He worked the overnight shift in the winter for snow removal and summer was cement repair/maintenance. ND skies are great for test flights of experimental craft as it is a sparsely populated area and a practice bombing range was there not too far from AFB. What “they” don’t count on is full moons and teenagers out partying on Summer nights or adults working outside jobs overnight. The F-117, B-1, and B-2 all observed in silhouette against the full moon years before released to the public. Yet, we are “crazy” for telling of the unusual shaped craft that were seen in relief. Then !viola! Several years later there the “UFO” craft sits as a static display at the MAFB Norther Neighbors Day airshow as a new reveal to the public. Yet, never have seen one satellite in relief, not even with magnification, against the full moon. There is supposed to be thousands of them in space between us and the moon. But I digress and that is another can of worms. All of this during the height of the Cold War, and the Minot ND AFB was very active. Grew up going to airshows civilian and military. Seen the sky writers, colored smoke plumes for aerial display, trick flying, and the military precision teams fly. No, I am not an expert, but I have watched, observed, and listened to the adults talk.
    Questions for Wolf and God and Country: If by your proposition Wolf, the airplane fuel composition changes or aluminum sluffing off the more numerous planes over the years are causing these lingering, changing, dispersing in a falling like manner trails that change up the sky and weather…. Why do the passenger planes coming and going from airports not leave these same trails? Why do the “trails” stop and start? Does that mean the aircraft are shutting the fuel supply on and off? Why do the trails used at airshow display or sky writing just vanish and not seem to fall, widen, or change the weather? Why do military craft or civilian aircraft always fly in the same direction and not perpendicular to each other? Touch and goes are done in large wide ovals like running tracks, formations are in wedge type shapes with all units traveling in the same direction, and other flights all seem to be parallel and at differing altitude. I only see flying at or crossing flight paths done by the precision military demonstration groups. Yet, the lines or “trails” that linger, spread, and change the color of the sky are every which way crossing each other, what would cause this?

    B. Have lived next to Olympia, WA’s civilian local airport that usually only handled small private craft . Then one day watched military style drones land there…hmmmm???? Again, an yearly airshow is held there with much review of past war’s aircraft. Not much modern, so when a military style drone showed up at an airport mainly used by private corporate jets, it was an eye catcher. Husband is an avid hobbyist/observer of military style aircraft. He identifies and studies them like some people know their classic cars, types of wood for woodworking, or which acid is which, etc. I have had to learn to identify the craft to carry on intelligent conversation.

    C. Now, I live directly adjacent to JBLM, WA or old name Fort Lewis Army base and McCord Airforce Airfield. We watch the military flight trainings for touch and goes, see the cargo planes take off for destinations unknown, mainly Alaska, and see many helicopter flying formations as well as lone flyers. Also, currently living under a SEATAC airport approach pattern (terminology is crap God and Country I know) but, we watch the airplanes daily (when the skies are clear enough) and nightly. Nighttime or early evening the best time for observation. We see multiple passenger planes lined or ‘stacked’ up for approach to SEATAC. They are lined up (always travelling in the same direction), usually at different descending altitudes, and at a distance from each other. Question: Are other aircraft allowed to fly across the approach path? I would assume not, never observe any cross traffic to the approaching aircraft. The passenger planes have “trails” but they disappear quickly, do not stop and start, and do not turn the sky gray. Why does it disappear quickly? Why is not made in a broken pattern? How does it differ from the “smoke” used for sky writing or aerial display plumes? Would a passenger plane pilot willing stop and start fuel supply to make a break in the “trail” behind the plane? Would an airline pilot fly in a path that would intersect another plane’s flight? What is aerosol injection or dispersion? Much discussion in “green” agenda documents including congressional hearing transcripts of stratospheric aerosol injections. Which is a topic that highly interests John Brennan.

    D. I look up to the sky a lot, as that is the only view I have in the city. My main observation is this: the perpendicular lines in the sky are to either side of the SEATAC approach, never directly in the approach area. The resulting clouds and lingering grayness drifts into the flight path, but is not generated there. The planes that make the lines in the sky are large planes, not the Leer or Gulfstream jets as pictured in the patch picture or subsequent pictures posted in the comments. When the “lines or trails” are done heavily, the subsequent mist or falling agent burn as it hits my face or skin, why? I know dust or other particulates in the air causes the red sunsets and red or orange harvest moons. Why are sunsets pink? That color is not in the light spectrum. What color does barium, lithium, or aluminum give off when heated? Do they reflect light and if so what color? Why is the light at sunset reflected or brighter in the east rather than the west? Why do skies look like the silver that was on the screens on which family movies were projected? Yes, I agree with Sadie Slays, and my son observes too, that the “trails” that cover the sky seem to happen before an “event.” Do they want people indoors to watch TV for more programming? Or do they not want us to see what is going on outside? Are they “medicating” the masses as some of the chemicals claimed to be in the “trails” are similar to ones compounded in mental health drugs. God and Country and another commenter brought up an important question, Why would “they” knowingly poison the air thus the ground and water leading to the destruction of the earth on which their families live? Is it part of the population control agenda as outlined by the Communist/UN agendas? Do “they” have safety net plans in place that are not to be shared with the sheeple? These are questions my wondering mind ask as I watch the skies, planes, and weather.

    No matter the composition, frequency, or reason for the “trails” in the sky they are different than “trails” left by passenger or cargo planes. Maybe they are a shiny object distraction. Maybe there is some truth of a little bit of chemical dispersed in vapor trails while mixed with the false act of a lot of water vapor. Maybe it is meant for harm. Maybe I need the “programmer” to lock my mouth open while dripping hot lead down my throat while barbed wire is shoved up my ass. Maybe my brain is not squeezed too tight by my foil hat and years from now we will have the truth.
    We are fighting an information war. Not all the soldiers in the fight are as experienced as others. The inexperience mistakes are lessons to be learned. It is the ongoing propaganda war objective to take over a country without firing a shot. Many people in our government are Communist and it is sad to see they continue to engaged in the tactics the KGB agent warned against. Thank you Wolf for hammering that home and giving the enemy a name beyond FAKE NEWS. Do I dare say that USA today is more like the Soviet Regime and Russia today is more like what America used to be? What is the next crisis they want to manufacture to emotionally cement their tactics on our psyche?
    The GREAT AWAKENING is the beginning of the undoing of the programming he said needs 15-20 years to complete. The programming and social engineering has worked. We are suspect of our neighbors. We do background checks on them and would rather take pictures of activities than socialize or help. No more block parties in the summer, no more gaggles of children riding bikes through the neighborhood checking in with and using facilities at any of the homes with parents at home. No more going alone with friends to the city swimming pool or lake to explore. No more going out with BB gun or .22 to varmint hunt. Now it is “see something, say something.” So, we are suspect of anything or anyone around us, We are treated as suspect by aircrews, police, bureaucrats, teachers, and medical professionals. The saying “the walls have ears” is more prevalent today as we now have eyes and ears everywhere via the surveillance cameras and electronic devices everywhere. We willingly consent to be monitored by use of the electronic devices, agreeing to searches whenever we enter group venues or fly, and wear id tags and move in regimented groups. I was appalled at the method in which students were moved through the hallways at my last visit to the grandchildren’s school. I was dismayed at the manner in which the principal and teachers treated new and returning students during the back to school event. We were “policed” and “herded” rather than greeted and welcomed. They are messing with our minds and changing our behaviors little by little. They keep moving the fence and most do not notice the entrapment happening. That I realize is what Wolf is a howling about loud and long. Learning logic and reasoning is a new trick for this old pup.
    I agree Wolf, with your following statements.
    To me, that tells me that there IS a story.
    We just don’t know what that story is.
    To God and Country:
    Pilots and air crew are an under appreciated profession. If you are a passenger plane “bus” pilot, you are hauling an ungrateful, selfish, demanding lot. I, as another Qtree occupant states, compliment the pilot and crew when or if I ever have contact with them. Flying is a convenience and necessity, not necessarily a fun thing. I thank you for your hard work, long hours, and attention to detail to ensure the safety of your passengers. I understand the physics of flight. I understand the need for “hard” landings, and am very grateful for them. Soft landings are an amazing and wonderous experience. Yes, I know the 3 branches of our government, and very few of those in them serve WE THE PEOPLE anymore.
    Prior to 9-11 pilots used to leave the cockpit and “mingle with” or check on the passengers, would make site seeing observations along the flight to be seen out the windows, and children were given the clip on plastic wings. My son was head over heels amazed when the pilot gave him his set of wings as a toddler. Now, Post 9-11, passengers are treated as suspect, flight crews remain locked in the cockpit, and the host staff are too harried and also treat passengers as suspect. It is not a pleasant experience to fly any more. The airlines in the name of economy have shrunk the seating accommodations so that even the skinniest of people find the seating uncomfortable. We have been illegally searched, had our possessions taken or rifled through, and probed before the flight using parameters that are not even reasonable or understandable. This all makes for grumpy passengers. Pilots and aircrews are overworked, underpaid, and often have unreasonable sleeping accommodations, again all in the name of making a buck and that can make for an unpleasant day at work.
    Many specialized professions are a small group of people. They all ‘know’ each other and tell outsiders that it’s o.k. they know and what they do will be the right thing for the people. Yet, some do participate in activities that are not good or right. Then behind the outsider’s backs make fun of those outsiders. I have been in teacher lounges, discussion about students and families can be quite unflattering.
    I question what I see, it’s different and it’s not seemingly right. Clouds, skies, and plane flight patterns are way different than they were 10-15-20-40 years ago. Something is up and my Mom intuition tells me it is not good for me or mine. I am tired of my head being messed with and the ongoing re-education either way gets stressing. I am in for the long haul, but am in the early stage of the awakening. I try not to fall for the latest conspiracy of the day. Again, I say there is something going on in the skies. I don’t like it and am seeking answers. I appreciate the patience shown here by fellow Qtreepers. Thank you for listening.

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    1. WOW – what an awesome post. I think the most important thing I can say should be said right up front, so that you and boondocksaint1 understand it completely.

      Alerting me to that picture, so that I could find the source, is possibly the BEST tip I have ever gotten toward figuring out what is going on with “chemtrails” – EVER. It’s the best tip I’ve gotten in months.

      I’m still not sure exactly what is going on, – but I think I’m closer.

      What happens here when people bring information, is that EVERYBODY and ALL THEIR DIFFERENT THEORIES AND BELIEFS ADVANCE. We don’t always agree – even in the interpretation of a single incident. BUT ALL OF OUR THEORIES ADVANCE JUST THE SAME.

      I think that’s really beautiful, and that’s why we’re here. We don’t have to all agree – we just have to agree to learn independently, yet together. I really don’t want everybody, or even a majority, to agree with me. That doesn’t help me.

      People who challenge my beliefs to make them smarter and stronger are the ones who help me. That’s why YOUR comments turned into a post. They were a BREAKTHROUGH for me.

      You will also notice something that I do. A lot of times when people are “proven wrong” – and that includes ME – they want to just end it there, say “I was wrong, mea culpa”, walk away from it in mild but forgiven embarrassment, and look no further. NO! Like I said, the story doesn’t end. There is always more. That’s why I cracked those satire sites and eventually figured out the entire CLOWN NARRATIVE – how they PRIMED THE PUMP of the “fake news”. I persisted, and didn’t just say “those conservatives were dumb”.

      NO! Those conservatives were NOT DUMB. They were HONEST, but they were FOOLED. And there was a REASON FOR IT. I dug deeper and I found the reason. Somebody WANTED to fool them.

      One of the most beautiful ideas I’ve ever found is the general rightness of both sides or multiple positions in disagreements. PEOPLE ARE LOGICAL. BOTH SIDES SEE TRUTH.

      Looking for the complex truth that hides in the middle is ALWAYS REWARDING! And that is how REAL SCIENCE works, too! We are going to get it back.

      BELIEVE IT!!! ❤

      Liked by 6 people

      1. Thank you and you are welcome, I get it. I am glad the picture was a breakthrough for you. That is a great moment, like finding the missing last jigsaw puzzle piece! The picture is not complete, understood, but not complete without it.

        I am loving the learning process and the coffee table type discussions that goes on here. In fact, I can spend all day researching and writing for here or my personal blog before I want to engage in my online college “indoctrination” lessons. That’s what makes it hard to do college, I know what it is! Even online based college is UGH! I (I should say Hubby) paid for it too, all in the name of bettering the family and self improvement. 😬🙄🙃😒. I will think long and hard about re-enrollment at the end of the semester. A degree is not necessary for life goals, but life long learning is needed to grow. Yes, I may be dumb and fooled, but I AM NOT STUPID! Yet, that is what the “programmers” want us to be asleep and stupid.

        I believe and know that I know after all the B.S. God and His people win! ♥

        Liked by 4 people

    2. Loved this post. I think you changed your handle again lately, right? I think you wrote the post on vaccines that I am still saving to read–sorry I haven’t gotten to it yet. I once spoke with a material sciences engineer, a professor, and older gentleman, who told me it wouldn’t hurt the earth or us if aluminum were applied to the earth. I was shocked. I remember Dr. Katherine Albrecht saying every blade of grass, every tree, and we ourselves would all become trackable, antennas. It sounded so horrible, but I wonder if that is what is happening. I thought she was talking about chipping, and maybe partly she was. I do not know the purpose of hwat is being done, but I think something is, and I don’t want gmo food, either. Do remain a strong warrior. We need people like you. The sad thing about you retiring from teaching is the children need those like you. honorable and responsible and caring human beings. Thank you again.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. Thank you, Singular Zoe, I was kalbren2r1.
        I am pretty sure that I did not write the vaccine article that you saved. It could have been my husband, He is now boondocksaint1, we split off id’s. We were sharing an id. I have not been too vocal here, until about a month ago and today. The aluminum thing and trackable antennas. That is all part of the internet of living things that big tech wants in place, I had a brief introduction to it in my Introduction to business course for online college. I am not well enough versed on that topic to opine further.
        The thing about teaching, I realized within the first 6 months of teaching. I had chosen the wrong age level of student and specialty. If I had chosen older age of student and a different specialty for teaching I may have remained regardless and tried to offset the indoctrination.

        Liked by 5 people

        1. Sorry for the mix-up, bbsssaint. It was the comment you said our Wolf made that reminded me of something he said regarding another post on vaccines, at least I think he did, but do not want to put words into his wolf’s mouth. Plus in some ways you do remind me of the other poster, but I will say no more–might get myself into trouble.. Lol. Anyway, I agree about what they are wanting to do. and I think it is horrible. I also think they want to lower fertility and in other ways lower childbirth.

          Liked by 6 people

          1. AMEN on them wanting to lower fertility and childbirth. AND YET they are not happy about zero population growth countries, and think those countries need Muslim “rapefugees”.


            Liked by 3 people

          2. SingularZoe,

            I was the one who wrote the vaccine post. I have been very busy and have missed posting comments for the last week or two. (Hated to miss this discussion and the Acid discussion)

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Hi, Gail. I’m not on here much rught now. I did remember it was you who wrote the vaccine post—I just mistakenly thought you had changed your name, then I was corrected. I didn’t mention you by name–I get funny sometimes worrying about saying the wrong thing. I’m not very good on social media, not having been on it much. I’ve learned a ton from your posts and thoughts. Hope you’re having a good summer with the lambs, Etc.

              Liked by 1 person

  16. A note to “chemtard-haters” who come onto this old thread to post:

    I would have LOVED to have approved your excellent comments with scientific links about cloud formation and the like, but you wasted your time because you insulted our membership.

    If you’re going to call people “chemtards” and ramble on in heated tones about their “paranoia” and whatnot, I’m simply never going to let you in here. Stay away. You are – how shall I say this – “worse than the chemtards”. You inhibit the kind of teaching discussion that we enjoy here.

    Now, you “educated person”, you. I want you to think about two words: classified operations. Very smart people get put into those. Sometimes they talk a little bit about them after they are declassified, but maybe not too much. Sometimes they hint about them around the nonclassified edges when they’re still classified. Sometimes other smart people can put things together and see both the reality and the disinformation necessary to protect the classified operations. Sometimes they see WHY the – COUGH – “chemtards” – end up believing what they do.

    Maybe those who might know what I’m talking about, or be able to figure out what I’m talking about, should take a little bit of responsibility FOR the “chemtards”,

    Just a thought.

    This is part of why throwing stones at them is worse than pointless – it’s evil. WE MADE THEM.

    I am happy for these classified operations, but I think we need to be nice to the fools we made to keep them classified.

    Anyway – yeah – planes make clouds and it’s pretty cool. And….. well…. there’s more I’d love to say, but better not.



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