Discernment 101: Weak Acids, Strong Acids, and the Kind They Are Taking In Portland

I almost cannot believe that I am writing this.

Forty years ago, I would have been writing this as a letter to the editor of my favorite science association magazine, AFTER the president of that association would have ALREADY said something similar PUBLICLY to the President of the United States, BUT – well – times have changed, and the heads of science associations don’t say things about leftist groups that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer don’t approve first.

So today WE THE PEOPLE talk about one of my favorite sciences – CHEMISTRY.

It turns out that CHEMISTRY is back in the news.

LINK: https://bigleaguepolitics.com/new-antifa-threatens-free-speech-rally-with-acid-attack-promises-to-blind-attendees/

Let’s talk about relative dangers – what is hype and what is not hype.

Remember the “Deplor-a-Ball” after the Trump inauguration, when those DNC-Creamer-Antifa types (whoever) were going to use BUTYRIC ACID to attack the ball?

LINK: https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2017/02/16/third-arrest-made-planned-arrest-attack-deploraball/

It’s time for some BRUTAL honesty for the sake of DISCERNMENT.

People on our side made a big deal about butyric acid being “corrosive” at the time, but the truth is, butyric acid is a weaker acid than acetic acid, the main stuff of VINEGAR. Pure acetic acid is not bad stuff – one could actually wash their hands with it, as long as they washed their hands thoroughly afterwards with water. Acetic acid, like butyric acid, is a WEAK ACID.

Weak acids give you TIME – maybe even INFINITE TIME – to wash them off. If they’re going into your STOMACH, where it’s already even MORE acidic, it’s not even a big deal.

That is why we put acetic acid – whoops, I mean vinegar – on our salads. We enjoy the MILD SENSATION of its WEAK ACID NATURE on our TONGUES. On our MUCOUS MEMBRANES.

Are you starting to see this?

Even when acetic acid is BAD, like when you cough a bit from inhaling some salad dressing, or when we use acetic acid to make cute little lab animals COUGH (but not too badly!) in tests of COUGH SUPPRESSION, it just ain’t that bad.

By the way, they teach this stuff in universities. Or at least, they used to.

Butyric acid, like acetic acid, simply isn’t that bad. It STINKS really, really, really badly, and THAT is what the evil Democrats were going to do – STINK UP that fancy party of uber-hip, good-to-be-bad, Trump supporters.

That’s it. It was a STINK ATTACK. But many on our side tried to make it sound worse than it was, because they could, because the LOSERS and HATERS had basically made a really dumb error in using a stinky stuff with the name ACID in it. The Democrats didn’t respect the POWER of psychology and information over actual chemistry.

Yeah, I know the feeling – the Dems who plotted that attack are indeed evil punks who deserve to go to jail – but it was still just a STINK ATTACK – not a corrosive attack. Even if Democrats had thrown that stuff on people, it would have been like throwing a mixture of RANCID BUTTER AND VINEGAR.

Yes, it probably says “corrosive” and “danger” on the label. Today, everything is OVER-LABELED, and we don’t have much DISCERNMENT of true chemical dangers. Everything is deadly in California for a reason – so that nobody has discernment. They WANT people to be like babies, utterly dependent on “experts” like me.

BUT NOW FOR SOME DISCERNMENT. Now for something discernibly different.


LINK: http://www.newsline.dot.state.mn.us/archive/07/oct/31.html

Fast forward to ANTIFA, and their threats to throw water balloons filled with “muriatic acid and wax” at conservatives. THAT, my friends, is a whole nuther beast. THAT is where CHEMICAL DISCERNMENT comes in.

Muriatic acid is – as you can see here – as much as 28% hydrochloric acid.

28% Hydrochloric acid is, for lack of a better term, concentrated hydrochloric acid.

People quibble over concentrations here, but it is frigging MEANINGLESS. As I will explain.

From Wikipedia:

Hydrochloric acid is produced in solutions up to 38% HCl (concentrated grade). Higher concentrations up to just over 40% are chemically possible, but the evaporation rate is then so high that storage and handling require extra precautions, such as pressurization and cooling. Bulk industrial-grade is therefore 30% to 35%, optimized to balance transport efficiency and product loss through evaporation. In the United States, solutions of between 20% and 32% are sold as muriatic acid. Solutions for household purposes in the US, mostly cleaning, are typically 10% to 12%, with strong recommendations to dilute before use. In the United Kingdom, where it is sold as “Spirits of Salt” for domestic cleaning, the potency is the same as the US industrial grade.[14] In other countries, such as Italy, hydrochloric acid for domestic or industrial cleaning is sold as “Acido Muriatico”, and its concentration ranges from 5% to 32%.


Even the toilet bowl cleaners based on HCl are shocking to me in their strength, and they are nowhere near 28% – more like 5-10%. I have ordered my wife NOT to buy those things. We had to air out the house the last time she used one. I smelled HCl everywhere and I did a MAJOR “WTF”.

I’m not saying this isn’t a damn good product. What I’m saying is that people need to be damn careful with it, and – well – my dear wife needs a more carefree product, let’s just say.

Note that the PRINCIPLE here is the same as what ANTIFA is doing with added “wax”. The “gel” is a way to make it STICK. They’re just talking about even stronger acids.

Check out the warnings on this gelled 5-10% acid. Seriously. READ THEM.


Trust me, these differences in high (>5%) concentrations only mean a few seconds MORE or LESS before it does the SAME NASTY STUFF TO YOUR BODY. These are all STRONG CONCENTRATIONS OF THE SAME ACID – a substance known as hydrogen chloride.


LINK: https://sciencing.com/muriatic-acid-same-hydrochloric-acid-5779671.html

If we are brutally honest, then the reason that they CALL the commercial, industrial-grade stuff “muriatic acid” – an older name that NOBODY uses in the laboratory any more – is simply because it DOESN’T SOUND AS BAD.

Oh, they’ll give you some industry jargon history blah-blah-blah excuse, and technically it will be true, but FUCKIN’ A THIS SHIT IS JUST CONCENTRATED HYDROCHLORIC ACID.


I know this sounds harsh, but I personally think that police need to SHOOT anybody throwing balloons, once strong acid has been identified. They need to END THE THROWING IMMEDIATELY.

Here is why I feel this way.

I have DEALT with both butyric acid and muriatic/hydrochloric/whatever acid. I KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.

Hydrochloric is one of the ones they WARN PEOPLE ABOUT in the lab. Nobody warns you about butyric acid, even if you can find a bottle.

In contrast, chemistry students in laboratory are going to use concentrated HCl a LOT, and they need to respect it. Nothing will FREAK OUT a chemistry department head faster than hearing that some freshman spilled concentrated hydrochloric acid all over themselves.

The first thing that will be asked is HOW FAST the stuff was washed off. SECONDS COUNT.

Imagine a pint of the stuff in THE FACE.

Hydrochloric acid can blind, or if inhaled deeply as a liquid, mist, or concentrated vapors, KILL. A strike in the face, like Andy Ngo of Quillette got with the concrete “milkshake”, would likely blind or kill him, if it was con HCl instead of concrete.

He would have been in WAY worse shape than what you see below.

That, my friends, is the result of NORMAL weaponry. ROCKS, basically.

HCl in the hands of ANTIFA is a CHEMICAL WEAPON.

When we are in the laboratory, we ventilate butyric acid for STENCH, but we ventilate hydrochloric acid for DANGER.

Inhale a little bit of water, and you are on the ground coughing. Inhale concentrated hydrochloric acid, and your lungs are burned from the inside.

Are you starting to see why I am basically thinking the feds need to send in the troops and restore order to the whole bloody left coast? This stuff is ridiculous. This isn’t America. This is the frigging Russian Revolution.

By IDIOTS who scream about RUSSIA? Seriously?

It’s literally INSANE.

I think I’ve gotten every kind of concentrated acid on me. Every one of the “strong acids” is horrible in its own way. Sulfuric burns through clothing and skin, but it’s slow. Nitric is faster and oxidizing and does interesting things to clothing, but it’s not super-volatile. You can get a fuming version of either sulfuric or nitric acid. Those are a bit nastier. Nice, fresh, highly concentrated hydrochloric acid fumes on its own, just a bit, and the fumes have a very seductively pure but deadly look, kinda like the railroad crash above. Hydrochloric is the most like a chemical weapon. It’s volatile, searing, fast, and strong.

The idea that these ANTIFA people want to make it even worse – more like napalm on human skin by adding the wax – that is just sick. It’s like our “yippies” went from protesting ABOUT napalm to MAKING IT.

I’m pretty sure that ANTIFA is Robert Creamer’s work, because he said he likes to use mental patients, and these people sure seem like mental patients to me. They are – quite literally – criminally insane, thanks to PC and antisocial socialist brainwashing.

Antifa has gone too far with hydrochloric acid. In my opinion the plotters need to be arrested now, or the police need to use DEADLY FORCE once these people start throwing concentrated strong acid.

Have we ever had people like this in America before? Certainly not that I can remember. This is UNAMERICAN. What is WRONG with Oregon? What is WRONG with their governor? What is WRONG with Portland? What is WRONG with their mayor?

Are they taking LYSERGIC ACID DIETHYLAMIDE – a.k.a. LSD – a.k.a. “acid”? (Which is not even an “acid” at all, by the way.)

Or does PC actually have the power to make people mentally unbalanced?

Whatever is happening, Q is right. These people are SICK.


169 thoughts on “Discernment 101: Weak Acids, Strong Acids, and the Kind They Are Taking In Portland

    1. I spend a couple of hours reading this one when it first came out. It took me that long to see EXACTLY what Wictor was describing, and YES – the guy he describes taking out the threat is a real pro. It’s very hard to see, but once you see it, you can see how he spots the threat and neutralizes it almost unseen with utter determination and smoothness of operation.

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      1. Can’t seem to do it. TW shows them using trench clubs-a stick with a spring and a square metal club, also proves that they are using stun grenades not fire works. There was another that showed a team unmasking, collecting evidence, photographing etc. There was no eye contact. Subtle thighlevel hand signals from the boss. No apparent relationship between them but worked like ballet. These are NOT the woepons lying around the home. The courts proved useless-see Eric Clapton, the bike lock professor. Cops don’t roll like this. These are pros.

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    1. This is from 2017 – why has this group not been abolished????

      “The Department of Homeland Security has finally declared Soros-funded far-left group Antifa a domestic terrorist organization.

      On the DHS website, the so-called “anti-fascist” group is described as a “subset anarchist movement” who focus on issues “involving racism, sexism and anti-semitism,” by inciting violence across the United States.”


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          1. My only concern, beyond the obvious is are they willing to accept casualties ‘cuz I have a feeling the backlash will be deadly. No threat to anyone, I don’t threaten. I am, however looking into strategies to protect,even preemptively, myself & lovedones. Just a thought.

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              1. That is ONE good method, but it does leave such a smell, but most methods eventually do. This would at least be instantaneous, gets past the smell faster. Yes, I have thought about it.

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              2. If there’s no water and you don’t have a hog in your possession, you have to bury. There’s always a pesky walker out there

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  1. Great article, Wolf…thank you.
    Double thumbs up!

    Continuing on with the topic of Discernment is a very good thing.

    We are swimming in deceptions and bullshit these days…so discernment of what is Real and what is Not, has never been more essential to our survival.

    I think you’re right about Bob Creamer being behind the Antifa mobs.
    Organizing mobs is his specialty.
    Scot Foval is probably involved in it as well.

    I’ve used Muriatic Acid before, for cleaning our hot tub.
    Toxic stuff.
    I always used industrial grade rubber gloves, when using it…and since the hot tub was outside, the wind did a good job of dissipating the noxious fumes.

    Seeing firsthand how quickly the stuff will eat through mineral deposits on a vinyl surface gave me a pretty good idea of what it would do…to skin.

    If these Antifa pukes use Muriatic Acid as a weapon…then they will be engaging in ‘chemical warfare’, which is a serious crime!

    It is time to officially declare Antifa a terrorist group.
    And since Antifa is international…they are more than just ‘domestic’ terrorists.
    They wear masks!
    It’s time to go full federal prosecution on these assholes.

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    1. Thanks, and AMEN!!! These ANTIFA are NASTY. Very much like the people (KPD thugs) who ginned up Hitler’s Brownshirts into existence! VERY dangerous. And I keep warning people that ANTIFA are MORE DANGEROUS because of the REACTION they are TRYING TO CREATE than the damage they can do themselves.

      That it why the leftists HOLDING BACK THE POLICE is a very cynical kind of political action designed to BAIT AMERICAN SOCIETY INTO ERROR. Just like their BAIT WARS that get BLAMED on the Neo-Con “sucker complex” (Bill Kristol Trotskyists at the top, Bullwanker thugs below) who TAKE THE BAIT ON PURPOSE.

      These people are truly evil.

      Imagine some criminal who takes a guy’s wife hostage, then holds the police at bay by blackmail, so the husband thinks he has to rescue the wife himself, and can then be killed by the criminal. THAT IS WHAT THESE EVIL LEFT-COAST LEADERS ARE DOING.

      They take our freedoms hostage.

      They handcuff the police.

      They bait us in to protest.

      They sic their Marxist THUGS on us.

      They accuse us and ignore their THUGS.

      It’s a SCAM!!!

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      1. I first learned of the term for this – “bird-dogging” – from the Project Veritas video on Creamer.

        The dog, gets the bird(s) to panic, and they leave the safety of the bushes and fly into the air … where the hunter can (now) see and target them.

        Everything about these events is staged.

        However, I STILL cannot get over how the police cooperate in this scam – my only idea is that they are each individually so fearful of being fired, that they won’t unite (“You’ll have to fire us ALL!!!”) into a bloc of strength.

        Divide and conquer.

        Thanks Wolf – great article, very informative! (Remember “Alien”, the blood of which was described as *molecular” acid? Does this “acid” even exist?)

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        1. Great points about bird-dogging and the frozen cops.

          I think the “molecular acid” idea of the movie franchise is actually based on some interesting concepts in real acid chemistry that are worth explaining sometime – the IDEA of “super-acids” and how they are created in a test tube – but there is no such thing like what was in the movie.

          Could there be such a thing? I would not rule it out.

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        2. However, I STILL cannot get over how the police cooperate in this scam – my only idea is that they are each individually so fearful of being fired, that they won’t unite (“You’ll have to fire us ALL!!!”) into a bloc of strength.


          Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland (Broward County), Florida…


          When LEOs are given an order, they obey.

          Just one example.

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      2. “And I keep warning people that ANTIFA are MORE DANGEROUS because of the REACTION they are TRYING TO CREATE than the damage they can do themselves.”

        Have not yet seen anyone (like a Wictor, for example) describe and analyze the role of a certain aspect of the organized leftist violence involving confrontations with normal people.

        The good people are baited in some outrageous way (stolen signs, sucker punch, name calling, egg in the face) by someone wearing a mask. The natural reaction (at least my reaction) would be to chase the motherfucker down and beat the leaving daylights out of him.

        But you will notice that when this happens a small group of highly trained communists step forward cool, calm and collected with highly practiced hand gestures and almost unemotional statements the OSTENSIBLE BUT FAKE translation of which is “don’t be violent,” but the statements are in fact further provocations and incitement to violence. Have you ever had some asshole tell you to “calm down” when all you want to do is act?

        IMO these are the “innocent victims” who have volunteered to be the object of retaliatory violence. They catch people at a moment of extreme anger/fury in hopes of getting attacked for the cameras. Meanwhile, the masked guys who started it all are long gone.

        It is beyond extraordinary that patriotic Americans have kept their composure and not retaliated.

        But the point has long since arrived where the communists have to be unmasked and dealt with when no cameras are present. They have been asking for it, and they will not stop until they get it. They just should get it in a way completely unexpected.

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          1. Watch these violent confrontations and you will always see a small army of the agents of provocation, pretending to do the opposite of what they intend. It is very evil, but psychologically brilliant.

            They have other purposes, too (like distraction to help the masked asshole to get away).

            It is bear poking. The communists are ALWAYS looking for that image of a father and daughter washed up on the river bed, so Fake News can use it to inflame the masses.

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            1. They know that MEDIA MAGNIFICATION of the dog’s tail can turn it into whatever they want.

              The reality on the ground can be all leftist provocation and violence, but controlling the media let’s them magnify any contrary truth into what amounts to a giant lie.

              And then they act like this is some kind of justice. It’s PERVERSE.

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      3. A coopala points to make (in no particular order)….

        1. No one in the history of ever believes the GOOD GUYS are dressed in black & wearing masks.


        2. ANTIFA members are NOT normal people

        3. NORMAL people will NOT think people dressed in black, wearing masks to conceal their ID and who are anti-police are “good guys”

        4. Reread #3 again

        5. If we should stop calling “progressives” “liberals”, then we DAMN sure should not refer to “ANTIFA” as anti-fascists when they most definitely are PRO FASCISTS

        6. I’ve got $100 says POTUS and Q Team know precisely who the leaders and cells of the PROFA goons are

        7. I’ve got another $100 that says these same groups have been infiltrated by pro-Trump, pro-LEO, pro-USA people working with law enforcement/military/intelligence which is why #6 is true

        8. I’ve got yet another $100 that says POTUS already has plans on how “we” (ie. The normal people) are going to deal with this PROFA slime

        9. POTUS wiped out ISIS in a year (give or take a month or two). I’ve got still another $100 that says these PROFA goons are going down in less than 1/2 that time.

        10. Note how these PROFA goons are LIMITED to idiot cities like BerSERKley, CA and Port-a-potty, OR? These scumbags don’t have the stones to pull their shit in a place like Texas because the politicians, the law, and the citizenry would descend upon them like baptists on a free BBQ…and the PROFA cowards know it.

        11. Let them march in their black outfits, ski masks, and Satan signs. Fringe gonna fringe and they are NIGHTMARE public relations for democrat pols

        12. Watch and see…..these goons will be as good for dem elections as Obamacare was…which is to say, ROTFLMAO

        13. Relax er’body. POTUS has this. He kicked the ever-lovin’ CRAP out of ISIS, and THEY were 100x more deadly and fearless than these soft, US-bred, Satan-loving communist vermin.

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        1. I’ve provided a link below to Q-posts specifically referencing “antifa” – there are only 18, and they’re worth a read (“Re-read crumbs!”).

          What I couldn’t find was Q, or the anons themselves, talking about the infiltration you cited. I remember reading about it, though – it was in the context of the CLASSIFIED blanket-pardoning that Obozo putatively signed just before leaving office, forcing the White Hats to BAIT the cabal-members into MOAR criminally chargeable acts, post Inauguration.

          And yes, the infiltration of what I call “Fa-Anti-Fa” (again, the original name is the OPPOSITE of what they’re about – like the “Patriot” Act, and the “Affordable Care” Act) was discussed, and generally accepted as true.

          They are REGRESSIVES, not “progressives”. They are AGAINST freedom, not “liberals”. This upside-down branding has really done a job on lofo normies, who still place their trust in what they’re told by the lying YSM.

          I wouldn’t take ANY of your bets! lol

          Hope you’re well, FG&C!

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          1. Just looking at the eyes at Antifa many do not seem American s they might even be illegals. To me they look hispanics maybe middle east ?
            I assume some American kids are mixed in. Most seem college students but their leaders are failed University drop outs.
            I cannot imagine that US citizens raise barbaric kids like that? Except if they are on drugs. Maybe we see a drug culture kids early on Pot an other meds acting out violentley.
            I have no proof but just my observation.

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            1. I live in Washington state, I wish you were right about the US citizens not raising kids like that. Not only do they raise them, they ARE them & they all gather at Stalin’s memorial, in Shitattle every Mayday to honor him & his beliefs.

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        2. Great points! Especially #10. They do this for the optics, like Tona described earlier. They have to stick to their lefty enclaves because normal people will not tolerate this crap in the normal areas.

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        3. Here’s the question on wearing black: are they mourning while on earth in anticipation of their own deaths?

          Oh, wait, that’s why priests wear black.

          These anarchists are definitely not representatives of God on earth.

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        4. Right you are Wolf in spades, which is probably the reason it stays holstered & un-fired, for now. I can’t imagine ANYWHERE putting up with this ‘behavior’ other than the coasts, and it is just as bad in the Shitattle area 7 down the I-5 corridor as in SoCal. & by the way, I resemble the Baptist remark. I grew up Baptist, but I’m better now!

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  2. Btw, Wolfie…about Harmeet Dhillon.

    I noted that she is referring to Andy Ngo as her ‘client’.
    This is good.

    Harmeet is the attorney who sued the City of San Jose, on behalf of the injured Trump Supporters who were brutalized while the San Jose police stood by and watched.
    The police dept were under a ‘stand down’ order…similar to the scenario in Oregon.

    So I would imagine that the City of Portland is going to be hearing from Harmeet Dhillon soon.

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      1. Oh yeah, I’m sure she’s already on it.

        I’m hoping she has sent people in to try to recover Andy’s Go-Pro unit and any other footage of the attack on him.

        She is probably also gathering evidence of the police ‘standing down’ and just watching while the attack took place.

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          1. Oh they’ve already been after her.

            She is a regular on Fox, though…very visible, very vocal.
            She’s on with Lou Dobbs quite a bit too.

            Harmeet is also a chairwoman in the Rep-party of California.

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  3. Hydrochloric is bad stuff. We use it for cleaning tubes on chillers when they scale up from lack of water treatment. It will copper plate your tools. Have used nitric cleaning heat exchanger sheets befor. It came in a big keg and smoked a lot. Had to use chemcal aprons, gloves, glasses and face shields. They used to put sulfuric in industrial strength drain cleaner…melted the sole of one of my shoes by accident when I stepped in it.

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    1. Oh yeah, forgot that we used to use a type of hydrofluoric (sp?) For cleaning ac coils. It was nasty to get on your skin. Imagine spraying down a coil outside when the wind picks up. You don’t notice it right off the bat, but do feel it a few minutes later when your skin starts to itch and blister.

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        1. And the latest refrigerants that the greens are pushing on us, in particular for automobile A/C, when involved in a fire (say, car accident, or for some reason, short, etc.,the motor goes up)…

          HF is produced. And when fire responders got to wash down the fire… it only makes things worse. I’ve heard the same about fires with electric cars, Teslas, etc. HF.

          This Antifa crap has to be put down. Swiftly, strongly, and permanently. This isn’t free speech: this is first-degree murder.

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            1. Thanks CM, for giving us the benefit of your real-world experience.

              I don’t know of anywhere else, where people – like you – offer freely what they’ve learned through decades of work, and thought … on topics so esoteric to others.

              Diversity of experience … UNITY of perspective.

              You’re awesome – thanks again!

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            2. IIRC, Freon (DiChloro-DiFluoro Methane) was designed (over a period of years) to be safe, but fell victim to the “Ozone Hole” lie. R134a and following (like the explosive 630a compound in my freezer) were stopgap measures, at best.

              George Gobel (not the comedian) of Purdue University has done an enormous amount of research on this, but has basically been ignored…. methings “Big Money” is involved…

              Ironically, Mercedes-Benz are using CO² now as a refrigerant. The greens are NOT happy 🙂 (and that makes ME happy…).

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              1. True. The newer blends are usually more harmful to people and are less efficient than the old CFC’s. R134a is somewhat corrosive and some of the new types, like what you have in your freezer actually have propane blended into them.

                Not all of the older freons were safer though. Take R717 for example, used in refrigeration applications. It is basically ammonia and is particularly lethal.

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              2. Gobel was the one who, with his buddies, lit a BBQ with LOx (and a cigarette butt as an ignition source) in 3 seconds(!) to nicely grey/burning coals. It inspired Dave Barry to write a hilarious column about it. His work in the refrigerant field is less famous, but a good deal more useful.

                From Wackypedia (apologies for the source):

                “Charles (Boss) Kettering, vice president of General Motors Research Corporation, was seeking a refrigerant replacement that would be colorless, odorless, tasteless, nontoxic, and nonflammable. He assembled a team that included Thomas Midgley, Jr., Albert Leon Henne, and Robert McNary.

                From 1930 to 1935, they developed
                dichlorodifluoromethane (CCl2F2 or R12),
                trichlorofluoromethane (CCl3F or R11),
                chlorodifluoromethane (CHClF2 or R22),
                trichlorotrifluoroethane (CCl2FCClF2 or R113),
                and dichlorotetrafluoroethane (CClF2CClF2 or R114),
                through Kinetic Chemicals which was a joint venture between DuPont and General Motors.[7] ”

                I used to top up my car’s A/C with the cans (actually a can) of R-12 on the low side of the system. Not recommended even then, without profi equipment. I shudder to think what the results of that little white can on the high side would be… ahhh, the 1970s…

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              3. Yep. It kind of scares me that my freezer instruction/installation manual has a spec for the minimum ventilation and m³ area in which it can be installed “safely”. Also recommended distances from potential sources of ignition, e.g. Furnace or Water Heater.

                Never thought I’d have to make my Furnace room airtight, vented to the outside… nor did I ever think the latest refrigerant for a freezer could cook my food rather than cool it. There’s actually a video of someone “stress testing” the various fridges and freezers with this new crud in them. And, to add insult to injury, the coolant properties are NOWHERE near that of R12.

                Of course, no one mentions that the Ozone hole is more related to solar activity and cosmic rays (inverse proportion) by far than any fluorocarbons in the atmosphere. Nor have they said from where there baseline came (out of thin air, I suspect). I really think that that was a dry run for the current CAGW scam, and Greta-the-Greenhearted is just a regurgitation of Rachel Carson of the “Silent Spring” lie(s) about DDT…

                Hard to believe “SS” was over 50 years ago. Just think how many needless deaths have occured because of no effective (and safe) means of exterminating mosquitos exists…

                Interesting too, that Greenpeace pushed this dangerous (R600a, Isobutane) refrigerant on us, to wit (or wiki):

                Refrigerant[edit]Isobutane is used as a refrigerant.[10] The use in refrigerators started in 1993 when Greenpeace presented the Greenfreeze project with the German company Foron.[11] In this regard, blends of pure, dry “isobutane” (R-600a) (that is, isobutane mixtures) have negligible ozone depletion potential and very low global warming potential (having a value of 3.3 times the GWP of carbon dioxide) and can serve as a functional replacement for R-12, R-22, R-134a, and other chlorofluorocarbon or hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants in conventional stationary refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

                As a refrigerant, isobutane poses an explosion risk in addition to the hazards associated with non-flammable CFC refrigerants. Substitution of this refrigerant for motor vehicle air conditioning systems not originally designed for isobutane is widely prohibited or discouraged.[12][13][14][15][16][17][18]

                Vendors and advocates of hydrocarbon refrigerants argue against such bans on the grounds that there have been very few such incidents relative to the number of vehicle air conditioning systems filled with hydrocarbons.[19][20]

                Yeah. Right. It must be safe because no-one’s been killed TODAY with it (that we know of…wink wink)…
                Then look at freon. Non-toxic, non-flammable, soluble in many solutions (so can be diluted if there’s an issue (no pun intended))…

                Da$%ed Greens… can’t do math, can’t do logic, can’t do science…

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  5. Wolfie, thank you for so carefully breaking down these issues for us with care and discernment. There needs to be a law against wearing masks. My liberal friend even agrees with me on that.

    Liked by 12 people

        1. I’ll try it! I do get mildew under the tank lid and inside the tank (southern humidity) and the bleach diluted a bit, gets that out for a while.

          Liked by 3 people

          1. Borax takes out the worst stains in the toilet. Bad stains, let it sit over night. Borax is a deodorizer of terrible smells. Works remarkably well in the bathroom.

            Liked by 3 people

    1. At first glance I thought I was looking at a concrete popsicle…and that these criminals had found a new weapon to throw at their innocent victims.

      By the way, Portland is a toilet bowl that will take some pretty powerful detergents to ever get clean.

      Liked by 5 people

  6. that guy…the one who is blatantly threatening the acid balloons at the DC Rally….goes by the user name..

    POUND YOUR BOY …needs to be ARRESTED.

    Liked by 6 people

      1. But, first he needs to be introduced to a LOOOONG set of STAIRS. I’m sure there will be volunteers to ‘help’ him down them & every time he ‘accidentally’ falls, he would be ‘helped’ up to’try’ again. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

        Liked by 2 people

  7. I saw some tweets last night that warned of “Antifa Acid Attacks” planned for the July 4th crowds in Washington, DC.

    If they are stupid enough to do that…then let’s hope that is the final straw, and AG Barr unleashes hell on those Antifa punks.

    Liked by 11 people

      1. I agree!
        It’s going to be like an all-day Rally.
        There will be video coverage of it, from all angles…a lot happening simultaneously, at once.

        Liked by 11 people

      2. Let one of these pantifa fags come to our tree fuckin around,I will drag em to the swamps for some swamp justice.Homie dont play that shit….

        Liked by 5 people

      1. Definitely that rally, but will ANTIFA extend attacks to the July 4 celebration, too? Some of the left’s biggest violent outrages were the AFTERNOON and NIGHT of the inauguration. There was the Women’s Pussy Hat March after that, but ANTIFA wanted to RUIN the inauguration as much as they could, before that, as well. I’m suspicious of the same thing here.

        Liked by 10 people

        1. there was a Rolling Stone article ab the inauguration “protests”…just saying…Rolling Stone journalist mentioned in above article as pound on yr boy…

          could be any of several…remember the anti NRA reporter…he’s one…2 others also kinda fit the bill…

          Liked by 6 people

        2. Antifa wants to psychological intimidate Trump’s supporters for the 4 July rally.
          Fear is the intimidation and if fear controls us then we are captives of Antifa. Sadly at my age I easily am a victim of the thugs 20-30 years ago I could defend myself very easily. I had years of jiujitsu training.
          I hope there are going be many Vets at the rally who can beat the crap out of them if they start trouble.
          I also hope the park has enough security and does not let mask people attend the festival specially if POTUS is there. Security has to be first and I am sure it will be.
          Now what happens away from the 4th July festival is another thing. Side streets might be thug fest not letting people go to their destination and the usual car burning.

          Liked by 8 people

        3. also wondering what POUND ON YOUR BOY might refer to…

          maybe it’s the alt-right Proud Boys founded in 2016 by Gavin McInnes…who took the name from the song Proud Of Your Boy from the Disney film Aladdin ?

          just sayin

          Liked by 5 people

    1. I REALLY WISH to be there.. a “Disabled” ONE-ARMED, Older, (grey-haired) Semi red-neck Trump Supporter.. DAMN! I wanna so.. be… there!
      ATTACK ME! 😉 😉
      I’ll play the part..
      In interest forALL OF US ….
      Teeee Heee!

      Liked by 8 people

      1. Yep.

        It’s the same group NOW as it was THEN: They’re Communists.

        Look at what they’re doing in our country: DESTROYING HISTORY (pulling down statues, painting over George Washington at that school in … Cali, I think?) so that the people LOSE THEIR ROOTS.

        It’s what they do at the beginning of their TAKEOVER, it’s a set pattern….

        Liked by 5 people

    1. Mandi the 1933 communist party created a lot of havoc.
      My mother told me that there were street fights between communist and others on the street. Apparently it was a violent time.
      The people falsely were glad when Hitler promised he would bring order. I think people crave order and rule of law and in that wish one needs to be careful who one elects. We saw the outcome very sad for humanity.

      Communists in East Germany promised law and order also . Streets were save even to walk at night but the cost was oppression no free speech and political opposition silenced.
      The cost for freedom seems to tolerate Antifa in measurers enforce law but allow them to exist for freedoms sake. A free society will always have questionable props active the failure is when the law against violence is not enforced. These groups need to held in check for the good of all in society.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. Terrorism is NOT freedom of speech. Insurrection, sedition, and treason must be PROSECUTED and PUNISHED to the full extent of the law. And that includes capital punishment, when warranted.

        The Nazis were the “synthesis” of the Hegelian Dialektik betweem communism (thesis), and facism (antithesis). Positioning itself as a “reasonable alternative” to the other two, it was barely different. What really set things off were the draconian restrictions put in place after WWI. Seems the globlists wanted to destroy Germany, at the benefit of France (sort of like what is happening now with Macaroon).

        And then along come Bolshevik Bernie, Bonehead Beto, Heels-up Harris, Fauxcahontas Liarwatha, NewAge Nitwit Williamson minimizing the damage caused by Antifa (indeed, some praising them), and promising free healthcare, free college (that we get to pay for), and pixie dust, unicorns, and moombeams for the “Department of Peace” that Williamson so ardently promotes. Her pink color scheme hints at what they all are: a buncha Maroons (to quote Bugs Bunny)…

        Liked by 5 people

    1. QUOTE:

      ABOUT US
      It’s Going Down is a digital community center from anarchist, anti-fascist, autonomous anti-capitalist and anti-colonial movements. Our mission is to provide a resilient platform to publicize and promote revolutionary theory and action.

      “Movements”? Yeah….

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  8. HCL – brings back bad memories of chem lab. I think we dissolved magnesium strips in it or something.

    I had more experience with chlorine, anyway, as a lifeguard. Back then we used chlorine gas, and if there was ever a leak people had to go to the hospital. The fire department would bring big fans to air out the building. The guys who changed the tanks had to wear gas masks. It’s not the liquid acid form, but still, it took calcium carbonate in hundred pound bags to even out the Ph in the pool. One time the pool techs got their signals crossed (alright one of them didn’t bother to look at the log book) and twice the amount of soda ash went into the pit where the filtration tanks went out to the pool. It turned pea green and it was two days before it was blue again.

    Man, those were the days. Really, it was too dangerous then, but the state clamped down on that kind of chemicals in public pools.

    Liked by 5 people

  9. I’m getting really fed up with these terrorist types. Even more so that our government has not so named them as terrorists. What will it take? Not willing that our patriots should be targeted in such a manner.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Nice that the motor mouth AOC was harping and haranguing about domestic terrorists recently. I can’t remember who she was lecturing in the guise of asking questions… so good that she’s ready to talk about this issue. No doubt her handlers are already preparing the slant she’ll take to deflect.

      Liked by 5 people

        1. Right?!
          It’s coming to a boiling point it seems.
          Antifa has crossed the line many times already but the fact they have stepped up to mooslem tactics using caustic chemicals…. might I add, at the behest of Dem leadership who have called for confrontation, called for stamping out free speech. Their paid junkyard dogs are obeying.


          Liked by 4 people

  10. Quick questions….

    Are both the July 4 and July 6 events in DC?

    Does the DC mayor have the power to order the DC police to stand down?

    Didn’t a DC judge let all the inauguration rioters off without punishment?

    Liked by 3 people

      1. One thing I notice is that the sucker punch attack begins, they use their makeshift weapons, bloody the victim and then some of their own swoop in to “help” the vic get up…I think it’s a deliberate strategy so that the victim isn’t hurt bad enough to be knocked unconscious (although there’s no way to really tell that)…plus no way would I accept a towel from them to wipe my face. No way..could have something on it

        Liked by 4 people

        1. There was a guy who helped with a red beard but he was jumped also. Frankly this is the job of the police and city. The minute antifa got out of hand the police should have stepped in. The mayor and chief of police should be out.

          Liked by 5 people

          1. yeah the red beard also got beat up. I saw him in other clips.. The bloody heads aside..they must be so bruised. Being kicked by jackbooted hyenas has to leave some marks.

            The thing that kills me is that this isn’t the first time. I used to watch hours of this crap at NoThiefsAllowed…they’ve beat people senseless, bloodied and left in the curb and yet here we are talking about it again. Nothing changes

            Liked by 6 people

  11. Liked by 8 people

    1. I hate to go eyeore on the room but..these things have been well documented for the last couple of years. Reams of video evidence..real video of brutal beatings by individuals but as a part of the collective organization.
      Have the Feds done anything? Have any busts happened from undercover agents infiltrating meetings? as far as I can see they operate with impunity short of a few dumbasses that get arrested and IF it goes to trial..a slap on the hand

      Liked by 4 people

      1. The courts and local politicians were very compromised so…. they were taken out of the equation. Same as the Antifa troublemakers. Many of whom will trouble us no more. Unless you are a cop in missing persons

        Liked by 2 people

    2. Those old fat bastards are not your average old fat bastards. They are bait. And they are the retired fbi ,driven out by coney but reinstated under sessions. Remember they were offering work to retired Leo’s? To help with staff shortages. Dropped out of the news cycle like a penny into a dunny?

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  12. I grew up in Kingsport, TN and my dad worked for Tennessee Eastman. OMG – the smells that could come out of that place!! A couple of times my dad came home with something on his clothes – he called it “cat acid” – and my mom just threw the clothes away. She did NOT want to put them into her washing machine!! There was also a paper plant in town – I knew it as the Meade company but it’s had a couple of name changes since. Between these two industries, the whole town stunk!! We joked about the “Kingsport smell” and older people called it “the smell of money.” Both industries are still there but have really worked hard on environmental cleanup – but there is still danger. Eastman has a daily alarm drill at noon when a major siren goes off. They give out a LOT of information about what to do in case of a chlorine gas leak or other disaster. This is nothing to mess with – and the thought of deliberately using it on any living thing is terrifying!!!!

    Liked by 6 people

        1. From what I can see, Zyklon B has no relationship to chlorine whatsoever. (Cyanide is a carbon-nitrogen or -CN group; hydrogen cyanide is HCN.

          Nevertheless, Antifa sure seems willing to create better killing through chemistry.

          Liked by 4 people

    1. The trick is timing. The balloons will have a certain half-life when filled. Know that, and you have an operational capability. I suspect they are planning to fill these “behind the lines”.

      Liked by 3 people

  13. The more I think about it, it seems ridiculous for them to advertise their intent on SM. Are they that stupid?

    It’s like with the cement milkshakes..they were making them in the open, while being filmed…was it really dry cement in there? Surely by now Andy Ngo ‘s atty would have a lab doing some testing. I think there should be lawsuits if there was any substance that wouldn’t normally be in a milkshake even if it wasn’t cement.
    If there is any kind of chemical in it there should be lawsuits but is it some kind of fake?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. We’re dealing with communists, and with both Stalinist and Alinsky thinking. THE FEAR OF THE THING is what they are concerning themselves with, and what they MUST GAIN. They CANNOT generate the fear they need, without putting forth all aspects of the idea “We pretend to throw milkshakes, but we are really throwing concrete, and the police will stand by and do nothing, and you will not be able to punish us for what we did.”

      They think in terms of what they can get away with. They think in terms of what they achieve through fear, minus the costs in reality.

      “Milkshakes” camouflage rocks. “Water balloons” camouflage acid or “something”. They reduce the chances that anybody ever pays for their fear-inducing actions.

      We are left to prove what the VANDALS did. But what THEY get out of it is an attack on the very idea of freedom of speech, achieved through FEAR.

      The less free speech gets PRACTICED, the more likely that we as a society will GIVE UP DEFENDING IT.

      They create uncertainty by this. They know what they are doing.

      Liked by 2 people

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