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This Shining Light Saturday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the KMAG world.

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For your listening enjoyment, I offer this composition from Twelve Titans Music, titled ‘Bound By Purpose’:


Visual Descriptions for our dear Zoe, and for anyone else who may find them helpful:

Top Image: Is a gigantic Tree reaching up into white fluffy clouds. Rays of the sun are emerging through the clouds and are streaming through the Tree’s leafy canopy and massive branches. There are wisps of clouds around the lower sections of the Tree’s giant trunk.

Second Image: Is a view of a winding stone path surrounded on each side by a thick growth of a variety of colorful flowers. The path leads to an arched doorway with double doors. There is an ornate metal gate as an outer cover for the doorway. More flowers and lush green ivy completely surround the doorway on all sides.

Third Image: Is a rounded open room-sized viewing deck, looking out over tree tops. There is a cushioned S-shaped seating console in the center of the room, with lots of throw pillows. Round cushioned ottomans are positioned against it, fitting into the concave sections of it’s S-shape. Towards the outer edge of the deck is a small fire pit in the center of a round cushioned bench. There is free-form railing around the outer edge of the deck.

Fourth Image: President Trump is sitting at his desk in the oval office, reading some papers. Sunlight is streaming in from one of the windows behind him, illuminating both him and the papers he is holding. An aide is standing beside the desk, and looks like he is waiting for President Trump to read what he is looking at.


514 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20190629 Open Topic

  1. And now for something really important…

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    1. I can’t EVEN pick the funniest one!!! But the cat kickin the duck across the room!!!! Giggling super hard right now Wheatie!!! LOVE YOU!!!!

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  2. digging around a bit this morning, looking for info on what to expect if/when USD reserve status ends….came across these two (I have NOT read them yet, just sharing the links)

    When Money Dies (apparently a once obscure book written in the 1970s about the Wiemar hyper)

    Click to access When%20Money%20Dies.pdf

    A paper from 2008 speculating that the Euro would overtake the USD (even more obscure, I think, lol)

    Click to access EuroVs$-IFdebateFeb2008.pdf

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    1. Ain’t touchin’ that Hahvahd PDF for all the money in the CIA drug funds! 😉

      Seriously, I remember all that “Euro-hope plus wishful America-fail” by the elite back then – and even a lot earlier.

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      1. I try to “be the bee.” Visit a LOT of flowers, but be selective about what you take from the various blossoms….

        You know, even a blind hog roots up an acorn now and then … and if the blind hog from Hahvahd happens across one in that paper and we can use it to better understand what’s going on – then I intend to get it.

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        1. Not necessarily. The seeding of toxic documents is a tricky and complex thing. For most people, most of the time, it’s not something to worry about. Although I ALWAYS recommend a separate computer for politics. It HELPS, but is not foolproof.

          I think it’s more important to just beware of the reality of toxic documents, particularly when sent by EMAIL. That is where most people need to worry about them.

          But it IS very instructive to understand that HARVARD and other elite universities are not just KGB-CIA playgrounds, but their MARKED TERRITORY – their CONTROLLED TERRITORY. Where they can LAY TRAPS WITHOUT CONCERN. Those universities should instantly raise suspicions in our political analyses.

          I view resumees in a whole nuther way than most people. I see a Harvard degree on a guy like Runcie, and I see COMPROMISE, INFILTRATION, and PROPAGANDA MURDERS (Parkland). That guy knows stuff that would send MANY to prison.

          But then, I see a Harvard MBA on somebody else, and I just see a potential for trouble if the CIA needs to go through them. Most Harvard grads are totally unaware of what they have walked through and what they carry with them as life baggage, if the CIA needs to use them.

          Interesting world, underneath the covers of normie delusions that “All is well, all can be trusted at face value”.

          CIA operations on American soil are MASSIVE. By extension, KGB-CIA operations are as well.

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        1. The power that the DS and other global darkness has is unbelievable. Weather, human psyche, nuclear arms, molecular engineering and more….we hardly can know what’s natural anymore.
          They want to be God

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          1. Yes, they do – but, they can never match God – He is still in control – and can thwart their attempts at any time – we know how this story ends – we must be strong – put on our armor – fight the good fight – look how much PT is winning under God’s wing! He is an example of what God can do against them!

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      1. Remember a few years back, there were news stories about several of the “tech giants” – Peter Thiel, Zuckerface, I think Eric Schmidt – they were employing doctors and scientists to figure out….


        They LITERALLY want to NEVER DIE.

        I said at the time, and I still believe this: they know the GREAT EVIL they’ve done and they do NOT wanna meet the Old Master.

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        1. mandy
          “Remember a few years back, there were news stories about several of the “tech giants” – Peter Thiel, Zuckerface, I think Eric Schmidt – they were employing doctors and scientists to figure out….

          HOW. TO. LIVE. FOREVER.

          They LITERALLY want to NEVER DIE.

          I said at the time, and I still believe this: they know the GREAT EVIL they’ve done and they do NOT wanna meet the Old Master.”
          If they truly did not wanted to die because “they know the Great Evil they have done.” I say they are rather stupid.
          If they just had wear reading the Bible they would know that God Is All Forgiving.
          No one should ever fear death.
          I feel sad for them.

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          1. John the Baptist, Luke 3: 2 – 3

            Annas and Caiaphas being the high priests, the word of God came unto John the son of Zacharias in the wilderness.

            And he came into all the country about Jordan, preaching the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins;

            Christ, Matthew 4:17

            From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

            Saint Peter, Acts 2: 37 – 38

            Now when they heard this, they were pricked in their heart, and said unto Peter and to the rest of the apostles, Men and brethren, what shall we do?

            Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.


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            1. Lithium – yeah. Very interesting and more immediate, IMO.

              They are scrubbing Natural News for a reason. They don’t want THE PUBLIC consciously asking science questions. They want to CONTROL SCIENCE.

              Fuck the commies.

              Communists do a variety of things to control science. Oh, dang it. Maybe TONIGHT I’ll get that post done.

              Can’t do it right now. But I need to talk about this stuff. At least, what I CAN talk about. (KGB-CIA just did a big sigh there.)

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              1. We lived in MO for a while, went past clown airport, Evergreen Air was on the sign. There was also a town, full of high end homes that nobody occupied, called ‘Evergreen’. There was a ‘fortress’ built into the side of a small mtn. just outside ‘Evergreen’. The signs into the secured property surrounding that fortress had signs that said, you guessed it, ‘Evergreen’. The property was also marked as ‘US Gov. Reservation, no trespassing’, Before we left MO, the signs all switched to ‘Miranda Air’. ALL fronts for the Clowns. The patches on the aircrews read Don’t Just Spray ‘Em, Barium. The sum total of what is in those ‘chem trails’ is designed to kill us. I hope the ‘white hats’ do whatever they are going to do pretty soon, before it’s too late!

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              2. Barium is pretty toxic stuff, except as highly insoluble salts like the sulfate (used in contrast agents). Wondering what form they are using. I will bet it’s the sulfate.

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              3. How do you explain seeing the patch in person? I DO NOT doubt what you say about the ‘conspiracy theories’, but an entire town & operation built on ‘disinfo’. The patch I saw said the same thing, but may have been slightly different, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole thing was designed to throw everyone off. these are, however things I have seen in person, & i guess it wouldn’t surprise me.

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              4. Disinformation is cheaper than real weapons, in the same way that fake cellular phones in cars back in the ’80’s were quite affordable by any sleazy guy in a polyester suit, unlike the real McCoy, which were only affordable by “top dogs” like Donald Trump.

                Even more beautiful (in a dark way) is how easy it is to get others to CARRY the disinformation forward.

                Tonight, I am DISCERNMENT ITSELF, and I’m going to RAIN IT DOWN, to water the SEEDS OF UNDERSTANDING. 😀

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              5. Thank you! You do not know how cool this is.

                This is beautiful. You have accidentally stumbled upon one of the most brilliant disinformation operations I’ve ever seen. This is, I believe, what Eric Schmidt based his “fake news” operation on.

                Fake news was a seeded disinformation operation using bogus parody sites to “seed the clouds” on the internet, so that Google and the rest of Silicon Valley could justify censorship.

                This is the same thing from the military world, though with a much different purpose – to OBSCURE THINGS.

                They are hiding one or more of three things, IMO, all of which are highly classified.

                What I can tell you is that this patch is phony. It is disinformation, and it is part of a disinformation operation masquerading as something completely different which does the same thing, in a kind of “double reverso”.

                They are “making fun of” the same conspiracy theories they are INTENTIONALLY GENERATING.

                Making fun of something unreal with the intent that the humor is missed, so that it generates the non-existent thing – it just leaves me in a kind of crime-solver awe.

                We are dealing with professionals.

                It is absolutely beautiful. And – in an even greater form of “dark beauty”, they are actually USING the same theoretical principles as cloud seeding. It transcends being HILARIOUS to being BEAUTIFUL. It is one of the most brilliant scams I’ve ever seen.

                I am SO tempted to bust this, but if I do it wrongly, it risks bringing THREE highly classified programs closer to exposure. So I have to be very careful.

                Annoying. But you’ve given me a REALLY GOOD NUKE. So I have to thank you. My own safety is now a little more assured.

                SO – let me put it this way. If I lessened your belief in chemtrails, but increased your knowledge of REAL conspiracies and disinformation, but without telling you exactly WHAT they are hiding, would you be interested?

                Post coming! 😎

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              6. I will wait for your article, but those lingering, criss-crossing, spreading lines in the sky that change the weather and make me cough all the time are something. Silvery reflective skies that remind me of the old movie projector screens and make gray domes, I call them Hunger Game skies. My garden has not produced abundant or healthy produce for years now. I await your insights. I thin

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              7. I will wait for your article, but those lingering, criss-crossing, spreading lines in the sky that change the weather and make me cough all the time are something. Silvery reflective skies that remind me of the old movie projector screens and make gray domes, I call them Hunger Game skies. My garden has not produced abundant or healthy produce for years now. I await your insights. I have heard it called Geo-engineering or stratospheric injection for climate control to block out sun rays to slow global warming.

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          1. Interesting side bar to that. Iodine and potassium iodide was once commonplace in antiseptic use and use as mitigant for thyroid issues. Fell out of favor…but interestingly, occasionally there is mention of importance of iodine in protecting against ravages of nuclear fallout.
            Apparently iodine is used in manufacturing Methamphetamine so gvmt. monitors large scale use.
            So an element that is critical to overall health is not only sidelined but turned to wicked use. What’s new?

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      1. I never heard about cloud seeding but I always was fascinated with clouds.

        I used to lay on the meadow and make picture books to of them.
        I never see clouds here where I live the way I did as a child. The clouds close to the North sea are moving fast and real puffy and natural changing.
        We have such different clouds here.

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      2. Wolf, I have lived 12 years in Tasmania, which gets some 90% power from hydro. They have a lot of dams, and they never have enough water. They have been doing cloud seeding since 1964, and stopped in 2016.

        They were never able to fill up the dams, and in 2016 they happened to seed clouds just before a major flooding event, and have stopped the program as a result.


        Weather is weather and we do not CONTROL it, IMHO. Humans do AFFECT the weather, no question. When we cut down forests, and asphalt over nature, we affect the hydrological cycle. But WEATHER is driven by the sun, whose energy is VAST when applied over large AREAS – we have nothing comparable on a human scale, except for the A bomb. So our affect on the weather is limited to LAND USE CHANGE. This may change in the future, but that day has not yet arrived, again, IMHO.

        To recap, Tasmania has a direct interest in controlling rainfall. They tried for over 50 years. THEY FAILED!!! All they could say is that they think they increased rainfall by marginal amounts. But each cloud seeding effort was stand-alone. They had no reference cloud for comparison. Each cloud is different. Tasmanian dams remained unfilled ….

        We may want to be God, but God is a tad more powerful than anything we can do.

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        1. Able Danger: Field McConnell has been whistle blowing on this for awhile. He has an YouTube channel, he can be difficult to watch due to some antics and language, but his message is always frank, honest, and true.

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      1. When talking about airplane crashes, there are generally an entire chain of things that went wrong, and just one had gone right, the crash wouldn’t have occurred. In general, the pilot makes multiple mistakes, not just one.

        But it doesn’t mean other factors external to the pilot don’t contribute as well.

        Any time a good pilot successfully fights a bad aircraft and lands safely–is still a failure. If that had happened here…it would still have been a failure.

        The pilots needed to be better trained AND the software needed to be better written.

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        1. My husband who worked 26 years in Aero Space has much to say about what happened with Boing.
          He was in Quality assurance for part of the time and this crap would never had happened but the company he worked for did away with it.
          He said “it sounds the bean counters at Boing got hold of the company and against advice of engineers shipped the computer component oversee for more profit.”

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          1. The bean counters are definitely in control. About 2 1/2 years ago, they were shuffling and rearranging some of the engineering depts. My brother was shuffled off to the side to “help” with all that, and they definitely did not understand engineering. He saw the writing on the wall, they were not interested in why certain people needed to be on tap (specialists), so when they “offered” early retirement, he took it. They were only looking at short term bottom dollar.

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            1. There are bean-counters and bean-counters and bean-counters. Years ago, I was VP of Finance for a privately-held technology company. Our pen-plotter had crapped-out and the engineers tried to look virtuous by buying a $4000 replacement to our previous $5000 plotter (knowing that I had a reputation for being cheap). They just about plotzed when they got to my recommendation — a $25,000 laser plotter. I had often observed how all four of the draft/layout/plot guys wandered around with coffee during the 1/2 hour a plot would take…..the laser plotter could bang-out the same plot in just over a minute. Back-of-the-envelope, the laser plotter could pay for itself in about eight months.

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          2. I wish I would have been more red-pilled when I was younger. My uncle and now some of his sons work in the Aero Space engineering industry. I would love to question them now with the information I have. But, alas it will be questions to be unanswered by them as I no longer have contact with them.

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        2. Able Danger has and has had for years that there is a part called F.A.D.E.C. Full Authority Digital Engine Control or “uninterruptible auto-pilot” installed on the planes. The airlines, mechanics, or pilots are not aware of it at all and since it has FULL AUTHORITY or is UNINTERRUPTIBLE (not yelling, emphasis intended) the crew can do nothing to regain control of the plane. This is his, Field McConnell’s, latest discussion of it. It will be approximately 47:05 minutes into the interview that Good Dog did for his Q Bits Show on June 28, 2019. There is something up and wrong with Boing and he has been fighting them since 2006.

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          1. I knew things were not good when they moved to Chicago. That was a few years after Boeing bought McDonnell Douglas, and they moved a lot of those execs into Boeing management. I’ve always wondered why companies that buy out other struggling companies move those execs into influential positions in the more successful company. You know that those guys are going to bring the same crappy ideas and attitudes with them.
            Boeing’s execs used to be pulled from the engineers. Now, they are bean counters.

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  3. OMG!!!!! Miss Wheatie!!! 😍😍😍 That is THE BEST TREE EVAH!!! THE FLOWERS!!!! 🌸🌹🌺💐🌼🌻🌸 BUTTERFLY HEAVEN!!! 🦋🦋🦋🦋🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🦋🦋🦋🦋 😘😘

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        1. Can I visit you there with my big cats, horses, and Cockatiels? I am in north heaven in my mountain side cabin. You and all are welcome to flit on in anytime! There is a hot spring outback for nice long relaxing soaks.

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          1. And it’s very difficult to see due to the bright glare, but there art two cub in the Maple tree, one about halfway up and the other at the base. And the cabin occupants must be boiling maple syrup outside with a large bonfire and kettle.

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          2. B.b.S.s.Saint
            What a beautiful picture. I could live there very easily in the mountains. I love mountains and the cabin does not look bad either.

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            1. Me too! I have seen some, been in the MT or WY mountains at Christmas or on Spring break and I just love it, I feel so good when out on the mountains. Now, our escape is to the heights of Mt. Rainier in WA.

              I had an experience in 1997, after a stint with the Salvation Army Red River Flood fight, I was exhausted, functioning only on the adrenaline coursing through my body. A resort owner, not affected by the flood, opened his facilities to us volunteers/SA employees. I was housed in an A-Frame cabin right on a lake shore, not in mountains, but wooded and remote. I could not sleep for the ear ringing from the adrenaline in my system, so I stepped outside to worship and pray. I said thank you for the rest and taste of heaven. I know that I know, that I know, God answered me and said “Yes, only a glimpse and a respite more beautiful, but like this is waiting for you.” Years before that hubby and I bought a different print of a mountain cabin saying that is our dream home, it hangs above our headboard. Little did we know I would have that experience.

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  4. WOW!! Listen as Candace describes “Club ICE”. 🏰☎️💻⚽️🍱🍹🏐🏝🎨🎮🤾‍♀️🎠⛹️‍♂️🏀💈🛌🎱💇‍♀️

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    1. Love it, they let Candace Owens in to do tours, but not Melissa Alyano! LOL. Great reporting C.O.! It is a sad state of affairs that our schools are in worse condition though. But, White hats running border facilities and Dims running education and big citiies. Hmm😕🙄

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    2. Fed run or not, if we’re talking Broward County, then allow me to assume that they managed to hide the Progressive Activist Indoctrination Classes from her.

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  5. I found this to be a rather funny article, although I’m sure most women won’t. To me, the funniest aspect of this app would be using it on certain Demonrat political candidates, then publishing the pictures on the internet at XXX rated sites. After all, there have been some very disgusting Photoshopped pictures of President Trump placed on the internet.

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    1. I find it hard to believe such an app could get many crucial details right. The effect would be the “target’s” head pasted onto someone else’s body–a body that would fit the same clothes, to be sure–but it’d just be another form of “celebrity fake” albeit, perhaps, harder to detect.

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    1. Yeah, I had just finished watching a DVD rental movie late last night well after midnight PDT and one I switched off the DVD player, the TV defaulted to Fox News and there was President Trump in Japan taking questions from the press corp that flew over with him. I tuned in just in time to see Abilio Acosta trying his level best once again to insult and trick President Trump into something CNN could use for their broadcast news tonight. But, of course it didn’t work. He’s always too smart for those imbeciles.

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        1. It was titled “T-34” about Germans vs Russians in WWII, based upon a real set of events.
          It was excellent, IMO, but then I love watching movies with lots of military battles. Had a discount email from Redbox so it only cost $1 to rent.
          I normally don’t care much for movies in foreign languages with subtitles, but this one was well worth reading them. And the fact they used their native languages, German and Russian added authenticity to the movie. I think it was produced by a Russian movie group. They sure did a great job.

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        1. Hopefully, he doesn’t get to travel on AF1. If so, I hope it is in the baggage or debris holding compartment! I love that Trump asked about his book, talk about de-toothing the bite that was intended.

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    2. Wonders if this was part of it.

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  7. Fascinating interview between Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard. Between the two of them, they absolutely destroy the “neo-con”/Stalinist BAIT-WAR position on Iran.

    Tulsi is clearly deluded about the reality that the progzi Stalinists in her party WANT the neocons to drag America into these wars – or at least she doesn’t have the GUTS to call them out as Stalinists on it. But she NAILS the neo-cons for it, and that is half the story, so good show.

    Tulsi has intuition like Trump, but she doesn’t have BRAINS like Trump. She has so much PC dumbing-down that she simply cannot SEE the intrigues and deceptions that Trump sees. But her GUT says “WHY?” and she acts on it.

    No discussion of the ZIT, which in my mind is actually the bigger story. No pun intended!

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    1. Both Tulsi and Tucker are anti-war and against the use of military power overseas. I think since Tulsi saw so much human carnage in the emergency rooms in Iraq American military bases she is anti-war. I suppose that’s understandable, but she wouldn’t make a good president IMO due to that bias.

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        1. And that reminds me how very, very disappointed I am with Jimmy Carter. At his age you’d think he would not criticize a sitting President. But then, what can we expect from a nuclear engineer who still pronounces the word as “Nucular”. 🙂

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    2. I think Prez Trump should get her a job somewhere in his administration or at the state department, under someone he trusts, and try to get her under his wing, so to speak. Gabbard has some good instincts

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    1. In 1989, San Francisco passed the “City and County of Refuge” Ordinance (also known as the Sanctuary Ordinance). The Sanctuary Ordinance generally prohibits City employees from using City funds or resources to assist Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the enforcement of Federal immigration law unless such assistance is required by federal or state law.

      Oct 05, 2017 · California’s new sanctuary state law has been hailed as part of a broader effort by majority Democrats in the California Legislature to shield more than 2.3 million immigrants living illegally in …

      Question: Is California still part of the United States of America ?

      IF CALIFORNIA CAN IGNORE FEDERAL LAW, is that a violation of the US Constitution?

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    1. Sorry, don’t know why tweet didn’t appear (except that it comes up with entire thread of comments, if copies in another window)…. C-3C-3’s tweet reads as follows:

      Anti-American activist Judge in CA rules Trump cant use military funds to build the Wall to protect Americans from the invading army of military aged males waving their home country flags.

      But theres no such thing as “Obama Judges”?

      Trump should tell the activist to Pound Sand.

      9:10 AM – 29 Jun 2019

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      1. from comments to tweet:

        Pat F posted ristvan’s comment (from OT) wrt CA Judge’s ruling below

        Also, reminder that Mitch has filed cloture for confirmation vote on additional nominee from POTUS for 9th Circuit, to be voted on after 4th of July week holiday for Senate… if Appeals Court does not overrule this activist judge, it will go on to SCOTUS…

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      2. Thank you for the reprint. I did try the copy and paste into browser address bar and got the same error. I also see the 2nd post you did, thank you. As Col. Klink says, very interesting, very interesting!


  9. The Red Sox and Yankees are playing in London this weekend. Hopefully none of the starters will get stabbed or attacked with acid. Play Ball!!!

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        1. It would make their uniforms sticky and smelly eventually, I should think. But then they’d have a good reason to head for the showers and cool off, so maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all.

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  10. ristvan’s take on the judge ruling against using defense funds for the wall:

    ristvan says:
    June 29, 2019 at 2:23 pm

    RB, nope. Stay calm and think clearly.

    1. Ignoring this injunction provides Dems a new grounds for impeachment, as would be expressly a violation of A2§3 take care clause.

    2. As previously commented some time ago, PDJT was relying on two possible defense money pools: 10USC284 and 10USC2808. The judge is plainly wrong about 10USC284, but arguably right about 10USC2808. The enjoined $2.5billion is pure 10USC284. That part of his ruling (only) should go on expedited appeal to the 9th Circuit (ugh) because the law is crystal clear. Those anti narcotics defense funds may be used to build barriers, roads, lighting wherever DHS determines a corridor is being used for drug trafficking and/or international criminal activity (human smuggling) and then formally requests Army help. That is by definition anywhere we also have high illegal alien crossings.

    Just dot the i and cross the t legally. Perhaps that wasn’t yet done by DHS. Plus, the Sierra Club argument about taking and environmental impact is bogus. DHS has the right to waive any and all environmental considerations in order to build wall. That was legally hashed out already in the San Diego wall challenges.

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    1. as would be expressly a violation of A2§3 take care clause.

      Although true, this would pretty much be the first time in ages anyone cared about it.

      Double standards–because the Left loves standards so much they want two of them.

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    2. Judicial orders are not laws. The section does NOT day take care that judge’s orders are faithfully executed. Ergo, no grounds for impeachment. One could argue that every time the POTUS obeys one of those junk orders it is an impeachable offense.

      He has already determined how to “take care to faithfully” regarding the law (statute) and then he turns around and deliberately does not follow his own “faithful” determination.

      True original intent is for the POTUS to do his job and to NEVER acquiesce to either Congress or the judiciary.

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  11. In my continuing observations of how the Democrats/Left keep using stripe symbols (three red bars seem to be the most common version), the latest one is this ANTIFA poster from Washington DC. Note the three red bars over Tucker’s face.

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    1. antifa’s bars are arrows – see the protests in portland oregon (not portland maine who is bending over backwards for the congolese and angolans who will soon be turf fighting with the muslim somali’s)

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        1. It was reported on the local evening news that Portland Police said Antifa mixed chunks of concrete in those “milkshakes” they threw on non-violent Patriot Prayer people today.

          Goes to show how nasty those idiots are.

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              1. It’d be hilarious to see them show up in my town. Doubt anyone carries rocksalt loads around here and it might get ugly real quick. I don’t end up in crowds like that but any gathering in America should be able to maintain civility unless your rights as guaranteed by our Constitution are blatantly being violated, which antifa”s aren’t. They’re so ironic 🙄

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          1. If you click on that imgur, you’ll see that it was quick dry cement mix, so they made the ‘milkshakes’ into concrete blocks in a cup, apparently…..

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            1. …and this “innocent” milkshaking has been winked at by media and others because it’s so benign…really? In what civilized society do we smile about being physically attacked with food ? Is it any wonder at all that milkshakes just weren’t enough..step it up to other substances or hardened cement in a cup for max pain.
              Months back it was urine being thrown on people.

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    1. He goes to those events to video record the violence of the radical left antifa aholes. It’s very risky as anyone can see in the videos and he really should have some big dudes providing security for him. Notice antifa always gets violent when the odds are extremely on their side. They are cowards and attack single innocent people.

      Liked by 6 people

    2. Andy Ngo is a very brave videographer who records events where Patriot Prayer and Antifa get together. IMO, he’s very courageous and risks his life every time he records these skirmishes so we can see the truth about what happens. These violent clashes are always started by Antifa groups who usually vastly outnumber Patriot Prayer as they did in this one.
      And of course the Portland Police never seem to be around to intervene and protect innocent people. Andy Ngo doesn’t catcall or otherwise egg Antifa to do violence. They always come to events ready to fight and destroy property.
      I highly respect people like Andy Ngo.

      Liked by 8 people

  12. fashion tips for the ladies going to a riot

    There are a number of stylish ways to cover up your hair in order to avoid being identified. Hoodies, hijab, and

    balaclavas are among the most popular, but beanies and wigs can also fulfill this purpose.

    You’ll also want to make sure that you choose an option that you won’t need to remove in order to put on a gas mask or respirator, if those are things you intend to carry and potentially use. Ideally, it should be compact enough to conceal in the event that you need to change your outfit in order to make a safe and speedy getaway.

    You’ll want to choose an outfit that allows you to blend into the crowd around you, doesn’t restrict your movement, and, most importantly, covers distinguishing features such as scars, birthmarks and freckles, piercings, and tattoos.

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    1. o.k. another left loony contradiction in this article: they want the hair and face covered and disguised to protect the identity and/or gender identification, BUT wear waterproof mascara to make your beautiful femmes eyes pop along with glitter on your cheek bones to show off your beautiful bone structure. They so often contradict themselves!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. It’s insane that these people actually have a platform and have been praised by politicians and their lapdogs in the media.
        Upside down world.
        BigLeaguePolitics has an article out saying that antifa is planning muriatic acid in balloons for their next outing. They’re emboldened because police have been ordered time and again to let them rage

        Liked by 4 people

        1. ohkaayy, they are going to use the tactics that have been used in “gun free” zones

          by jealous small individuals

          when will they be stopped? Patriots fight!
          Andy posted a thread about a Videographer that was attacked in Portland, OR by antifa. Putting quick dry cement in milkshakes now!
          Yet, law enforcement stands down as it is their right to protest!

          Liked by 2 people

          1. All joking aside, I don’t want to see the fight come, but we have to prepare, or should I say we have already prepped. I fear the backlash that may come will be so violent & overwhelming that it may destroy more than just those who have it coming.

            Liked by 2 people

  13. All those personality tests where there are more questions about your credit score than a bank asks before giving you a loan should have been a clue.

    Church of Scientology Faced With Bombshell Lawsuit: What Its A-List Members Know

    Kidnapping. Abuse. Human trafficking. These are just some of the allegations an anonymous plaintiff is making in a suit filed on June 18 against the Church of Scientology and its current leader, David Miscavige, 59. Jane Doe, who’s believed to be around age 40, is suing the church — which boasts a host of famous members, including Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Kelly Preston — for kidnapping, stalking, human trafficking, false imprisonment, libel, slander, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

    “The Church of Scientology presents a facade to the outside world to disguise what, in reality, is nothing more than a cult built on mind control,” the lawsuit alleges. The controversial church denies all allegations of abuse. In response to Jane Doe’s suit, the church’s lawyers tell Us, “We are confident the lawsuit will fail. The church will vigorously defend itself against these unfounded allegations.”

    The shocking suit has the potential to bring down the controversial religion and its seemingly untouchable leader — and expose the secrets its A-list followers may have been keeping for years. “Tom [Cruise] undoubtedly knows the stories about the church,” a source tells Us of Scientology’s celebrity golden boy. Another insider says that with the actor, 57, employed as Miscavige’s right-hand man and best friend, “there’s very little he doesn’t know. He and David are like brothers united in their religious devotion. If David is ordering this kind of harassment on people trying to leave the church,” adds the insider, “Tom would likely see it.”

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Leah Remini, who left Scientology in 2013, has since made it her mission to expose the church’s “physical and sexual abuse practices,” she’s said in August 2017 Opens a New Window. . In an episode of her Emmy-winning A&E docuseries, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath (on which Jane Doe appeared after she left the church in 2017), it was revealed that former Scientology exec Debbie Cook — who was sued by the church for violating a nondisclosure agreement — had been sent to “the hole” (a double-wide trailer used by the church for solitary confinement purposes), where she was allegedly forced to lick a bathroom floor clean.

      DPcomment: I’ve watched Leah Remini’s show. She’s a brave one, and good for her.

      Liked by 9 people

  14. Donald J. Trump‏
    Verified account @realDonaldTrump

    I had a great meeting with President Xi of China yesterday, far better than expected. I agreed not to increase the already existing Tariffs that we charge China while we continue to negotiate. China has agreed that, during the negotiation, they will begin purchasing large……

    2:22 PM – 29 Jun 2019

    Donald J. Trump‏
    Verified account @realDonaldTrump

    …..amounts of agricultural product from our great Farmers. At the request of our High Tech companies, and President Xi, I agreed to allow Chinese company Huawei to buy product from them which will not impact our National Security. Importantly, we have opened up negotiations…

    Donald J. Trump‏
    Verified account @realDonaldTrump

    …..again with China as our relationship with them continues to be a very good one. The quality of the transaction is far more important to me than speed. I am in no hurry, but things look very good! Their will be no reduction in the Tariffs currently being charged to China.

    Liked by 10 people

    1. This sh!t can be posted on Fasict Book but not conservative events or opinions. got it! thanks for the heads up. Love ya Andy, but not coming to OR, Portland anytime soon to visit. I wanted to come to that large used bookstore and some eats, but nope not gonna, can’t make me!

      Liked by 3 people

        1. Although she has formally resigned, until another PM is elected she is filling the role….lame duck. After all, who would the UK send to represent them, if not her? Very awkward for her, actually.

          Liked by 11 people

          1. Very awkward for her, actually.

            I’m gonna hold my tongue on that one………………

            My question was rhetorical, but given the replies, I am triggered to respond…

            Surely she has an assistant, a deputy ?

            It’s an insult for her to be there… an insult to not only the US, but to the world. What she did, participating in the coup against POTUS is an act of war. It’s an insult to me, personally, to see her standing so close to our POTUS, as it was an insult for her to be part of the group meeting him in London.

            The Brits will drag their feet replacing her… just as they have dragged their feet with Brexit. The Cabal runs UK, or another of putting it is, the nuts and bolts of the Cabal is the UK, the still existing British Empire. But I guess we’re still supposed to believe the “Emperor is clothed” ———– ?

            Some are fearful the US will become a “police state” ——– nonsense, the entire planet is run by the C_A and MI6, for the benefit of the Cabal, and the planet is a “police state” — — and one man, Donald J. Trump, is trying to destroy the Cabal. And most of his supporters are whining “when are the perp walks coming”, and his opponents are doing everything possible to destroy him.

            [end of rant]

            No, not the end. One more thing…

            Theresa, Angela, and Hildebeast…. the 3 witches…………………….. were supposed to bring down western civilization. Clever of the Cabal to make women the villians, doncha think? Well, Hilda LOST… Angela has proven to be “stupid” (great role model for women, right ?) and Angela is being humiliated in public with her “instability” (word has it she has been poisoned, not once, but twice, enough to humiliate her).

            [I’ll have you know my tin foil hat is the best available]

            Liked by 9 people

              1. Thanks T3………………

                Unfortunately for others, I have a tendency to “empty” when I “fill up”

                Liked by 6 people

            1. I don’t disagree, however,in the end wasn’t our decision that she attend…i don’t Pretend to know the British government. And, I do think the elections to replace the PM are a set date…could be wrong…to take place before the Oct 31 BREXIT. Don’t follow it closely, but isn’t Boris running on the promise of leaving the EU by Oct 31?


  15. Hey there Gang at Cheers,

    Has anyone seen or heard from Elizabeth Carter recently?

    I noticed that I hadn’t seen any of her posts in a while, so I did a quick check, and searched the last 15 or so articles here on the Qtree, back to “The St. Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra” on June 24th, and I haven’t found any of her posts.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I think I may have seen her last post here – and it was a while back. I also noticed that there was a long gap BEFORE that one, too. I don’t recall her saying why, but she may have said something on one of those last few posts.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. I have tried the ‘search’ function before, but it won’t isolate on a particular member’s name for search results.

        The only way I know how to search is by going to each individual article, and searching each page of comments separately, which of course is very time intensive.

        Is there a better way to search a WordPress forum?

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Yes – you have to go outside to a search engine, and then go back in using tricks like this:

 “joe blow says” “big ugly”

          Note the use of “site:” and quotation marks around spaced words. Works like a charm.

          Liked by 5 people

          1. Thanks Wolf, that works great!

            MUCH better than searching each page of each article individually 😁

            The most recent post I could find of Elizabeth’s was on May 29. I checked a bunch of others too, and didn’t see anything saying she would be ‘leaving’ in any of them.

            So I clicked the ‘like’ button to a couple of her replies and wrote her a quick message after one of them, hoping she’ll see it via email notification and be curious to check 👍

            Liked by 4 people

          2. Wolf, speaking of missing persons, I have not seen Garry Schmidt in a while, did we lose him to extreme vetting? He was at PHC’s for a while too. He asked me how to change screen names, I emailed the steps I used. Did he change his screen name and I did not catch it?

            Liked by 3 people

              1. Thanks Bfly! I have seen HoofHearted posting, I will have to greet him then. My WP linked email got locked down by Outlook, I guess I have been naughty and broke some rules! That is why I haven’t been able to see his responses to email.

                Liked by 2 people

  16. Soros-Backed Group Demands Financial Blacklisting Of Conservatives

    June 29, 2019
    from True Pundit

    “As if censorship isn’t enough, leftists have decided to ramp up their demands that those who have a different political view be financially blacklisted. A coalition of far-left political activist organizations known for peddling smears about conservatives held a protest at Mastercard’s annual general meeting (AGM) today, demanding that the international credit card giant financially blacklist wider sections of the political right.

    Fortunately, Mastercard didn’t cave to the tyrannical demands of the George Soros-backed groups. According to Breitbart, at Mastercard’s AGM, the far-left groups SumOfUs and Sleeping Giants circled the venue with a mobile billboard stating: “Putting hate groups out of business? #Priceless.”

    The groups’ proposal to form a “human rights committee” did not sway shareholders, who voted the measure down. According to a press release published by the two organizations, this was coupled with a speech from Sleeping Giants co-founder Nandini Jammi,“addressing the need for Mastercard to take swift action by cutting off its services to these hate groups.”

    Liked by 6 people

  17. Center-Left liberal Tim Pool with another interesting video on what moderate liberals are saying…

    (They haven’t learned a gosh darned thing from 2016) Yay!

    Liked by 7 people

  18. Wolf, could you check the De Blasio meme I tried to post and release it from WP meme prison, please?

    Unless, of course, it’s a problem somehow…I mean, beyond the fact that it is from my gab feed…

    Liked by 2 people

  19. so test test test at Wolf’s my last response to Wolf was blocked, failed. In regards to the “chem trails:”
    I will wait for your article, but those lingering, criss-crossing, spreading lines in the sky that change the weather and make me cough all the time are something. Silvery reflective skies that remind me of the old movie projector screens and make gray domes, I call them Hunger Game skies. My garden has not produced abundant or healthy produce for years now. I await your insights. I have heard it called Geo-engineering or stratospheric injection for climate control to block out sun rays to slow global warming.

    Liked by 4 people

      1. Yes, yes he can. A simple prayer we pray is “Lord, protect us from all that is not of your creation or your will.” Amen We pray this as we go out quite often. There is is power in prayer and it can turn weather events. Personal and friends experience. Psalm 19, 33, 144, and Isaiah 40, all speak of nature and God’s control of it. I like speaking them out and saying they can happen in today’s time if it is God’s will. , Mark 4:39 speaks to Jesus having control over the weather. The WORD is the Truth, not what man says. Thanks for the reminder Think*3 that we need to speak the Word of Truth to nature to bring healing.

        Liked by 4 people

  20. Well, hello everybody. Missed all of you.
    I have 30 minutes to finish tomorrows Open. I think I know what I’m writing about…
    May be a little late going up.

    Just ducking in to post this (probably a repeat, but it bears repeating)…

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Great to see you, and thanks ONCE AGAIN for handling the daily! I am struggling tonight! I want to do a special post, and am fighting the curses and joys of UPGRADE BLUES.

      Love this meme!

      Liked by 3 people

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