News Roundup! The Democrats Are A Disaster, Foreman Mike, Judicial Armada, Deaths At the Border Under BHO Versus PDJT, AOC Is A Gift, 54% Of Americans Think the Democrat Party Is Too Liberal, Sarah’s Farewell, SC Will Hear DACA In the Fall, G20 Video Clips…..

The New York Post captures the reality of the Democrat Party on their front page this morning.


Our President couldn’t have asked for anything more. The Democrats have completely removed their masks. They no longer hide their disdain for our country and its citizens. The fact that all 10 BOZOS last night raised their hands when asked if they would provide healthcare to illegals says everything.

A majority of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. They are so grateful that PDJT has the Economy flourishing under his presidency. It allows them a chance to provide for themselves and their families. It also provides them hope that their kids and grand kids will have a chance to succeed later in life.

The last thing they want to be told is that their hard earned money is being used for illegal aliens. Blacks and Hispanics saw with their own eyes and ears how much the Democrat Party doesn’t give a damn about them.

Bret Baier is correct! Great tweet by Ronna McDaniel.

I enjoyed Richard Baris’ take on the two days of debates. He was right when he said the Republicans would lose the House because of the healthcare fiasco.

Our President took some time from his meetings to tweet out the reality that is the Democrat Party.

There were a lot of tweets similiar to these after last night.

You know it was bad for SleepyCreepy Joe Biden when Obama’s guy is saying this after last night’s performance.

Foreman Mike has a message for all Americans.

The Trump Judicial Armada is about to increase once again. There is absolutely nothing the Democrats can do to stop it.

This one is HUGE!

Daniel Bress will be the 12th Republican judge on the 9th Circuit! PDJT has had seven of those 12 judges confirmed. We still have a 13th and a replacement for an older Republican judge that is taking senior status. He will have placed 9 out of the 13 Republican judges on the 9th Circuit by the end of the summer.

More data is being released that shows the reality between BHO versus PDJT when it comes to deaths at the border.

This woman has replaced Nancy Pelosi as the greatest gift to our President, country and its citizens. She will single-handily destroy the Democrat Party.

I wrote this yesterday and completely stand by it. AOC is proving my point.

Here is a poll that just came out that proves my point!

From the article linked above:

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that just 25% of Likely U.S. Voters consider most of the announced candidates for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination to be about the same as they are in political terms. Fifty-four percent (54%) say most of these candidates are more liberal than they are, while only 13% think they are more conservative.

Today is Sarah Sander’ last day! She has a bright future in politics ahead of her.

I knew this was going to happen!

From the article linked above:

This morning the Supreme Court added another blockbuster to its docket for next term, with the announcement that it will take up the challenge to the Trump administration’s decision to end the program known as “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals,” or “DACA.”

Established by the Obama administration in 2012, DACA allowed undocumented immigrants who had been brought to the United States as children to apply for protection from deportation and (among other things) permission to work in this country.

Our President is meeting with world leaders at the G20.

He his also having some fun with the MSM!


93 thoughts on “News Roundup! The Democrats Are A Disaster, Foreman Mike, Judicial Armada, Deaths At the Border Under BHO Versus PDJT, AOC Is A Gift, 54% Of Americans Think the Democrat Party Is Too Liberal, Sarah’s Farewell, SC Will Hear DACA In the Fall, G20 Video Clips…..

  1. Donald Trump Airs ‘Rumor’ Democrats Ready to Change Their Name

    President Donald Trump was overseas in Osaka, Japan, during the second night of the Democrat primary debates on Thursday, but he did not miss the opportunity to ridicule them.

    “I heard a rumor that the Democrats are going to change their name from the Democratic Party to the Socialist Party,” he said during a meeting with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro at the G20 summit.

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    1. Why not just cut to the chase and call themselves “the anything BUT Americans first party
      Or the ffs don’t elect us-everyone not Trump will be a disappointment party.
      Or the coastal elites assisted suicide party
      Or the we only represent militant minorities party
      Or the back to the Stone Age party
      Or the party to kick off civil war 2

      Or. Has anyone else noticed that since AOC got elected that blond joke have decreased exponentially to her media utterances?

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      1. MAWA Party

        “Make America Whiney Again” – stressing the party’s deep connection to the now-fading Clinton/Soebarkah/Rodham legacy.

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      1. LOL. Those are funny tweets. At least funny to us deplorables. Wonder how many progs PT sends to the doctors for high blood pressure meds. Hee, hee.

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        1. I can see it now.

          They send in the “poor” triggered SJW snowflake, who (on Antifa-care) gets an MRI, a Cat scan, and various other tests.

          Afterwards, the doc presents the results to the still-melted snowflake…

          “SO, how’d I do?”

          “We x-rayed your head”…


          “We found nothing”…..

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      2. It’s for derps like Chuckie Schumer that “the name game” was invented…

        Chuckie Chuckie bo Buckie,
        Banana fanna fo ………..
        Fee Fi Mo Muckie


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      1. And, speaking of AOC,
        the other day she left her office, didn’t come back, and her staff had thought she’d gone missing…

        They sent out some young Commies and Antifa to look in the usual places, as well as stopping to pick up some Vegan and CO²-neutral (barely) eidibles…

        At long last, they found her in the frozen food aisle, by the juices. Standig there, not moving, staring intently at a small, fozen cylinder of what appeared to be Donald Duck Orange Juice.

        Relieved, but more than a little peeved that she had left them alone, to their own devices (i-things, etc.), they asked her, reprovingly, “Oh, gracious Queen, Whatever are you doing, and WHY are you standing there staring at that Orange Jioce?????!!!!!”….

        She replied, tersely, “Well, it says, CONCENTRATE!!!!! “

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  3. WOW! It is even worse than I though for Democrats. The Rasmussen Poll was taken before the debates.

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  4. Tone-deaf DEMONcRAT AOC just has no clue. Yet she is certainly doing the NAZI thought-control drill:

    Ocasio-Cortez says that she and her team have made sure to TELL Holocaust survivors that she is right for using the term “concentration camp”


    Ocasio-Cortez once again invokes “Never Again,” which is an explicit reference to the Holocaust

    Someone should make Ho-casio-Cortez walk through a few concentration camps, and look at pictures of the bones heaped upon bones in those camps. Maybe THEN she’d get a clue.

    Nah… don’t think even that would get to her…

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    1. AOC was specifically invited for personal tour of concentration camps in Poland….turned it down, Of course. Never allow facts to get in the way of propaganda.

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      1. Years ago, not long after I moved here (early 1980s), a colleague of mine (in the USA) asked me if I would visit Auschwitz, take some pictures, and get some literature to send to him, as he had some relatives who died there….

        I couldn’t do it; I couldn’t bear to do it.

        Now, for his sake, and for mine, I wish I had done it.

        For what happened to the Jews in Auschwitz and the other “Massenvernightungsanlagen” may well be our end, if the Antifa, the DEMONs (DEMONcRATs, et. al.) and the Moslems have their was.

        There was a great Jewish Scholar in the latter part of the 1900s who said, “Dear Christians, be watchful and careful. As you will likely be the Jews of the 21st Century”…

        May we NEVER FORGET!

        For their sake, and for ours.

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        1. When I was 15, my mom (a college teacher) sent me on a 30-day college summer trip to Europe. While on our Munich leg, we did a prearranged bus trip to Dachau.

          I have been to a great many places all over the world, but have never felt such a miasma of evil as has settled about that place. You feel it in the parking lot, before you have seen anything or read any of the exhibits. And it bristles the hairs up on the back of everyone’s necks and has them hunker down a bit — you can observe this in all the people around you. One man, a total stranger, had it overcome him before he made it into the visitor center, ran-off, and started vomiting next to the building.

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  5. No penalty if you cross the border illegally.
    You can say if you don’t commit another crime. NP.
    Given healthcare for all illegals, driver’s license, housing, all kinds of goodies.

    8 Billion people on our doorstep?

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  6. Scott Adams brought up a good point on immigration.
    WHO decides who gets to come into our country?
    Do we, the citizens of America get to decide?
    Cuz right now, foreign countries, NGO, and the UN are deciding who gets to live here.

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    1. That’s just your rational mind trying to make sense of the incomprehensible 😁

      The only thing deep undercover about AOC is her sense of self-awareness, lol!

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        1. I have a very difficult time believing she’s that good of an actress.

          You would have to be very smart to pull that off.

          And mentally very sharp.

          And consistent.

          Always ‘on’, always prepared for the next pratfall opportunity.

          Practically hyper-aware, and yet always playing the clown, with utter stone-faced earnestness.

          She need to be very well-informed and highly skilled, with a keen sense of irony, in order to conceptualize the exact wrong thing to say, and do it with a straight face and a comedian’s sense of timing.

          I just don’t believe she’s that good!

          Joanne Nosuchinsky might be capable of doing it, at least for a while, that was her whole shtick when she was on Gutfeld’s ‘Red-Eye’ TV show. But even she couldn’t prevent the mask from slipping occasionally. You knew that she knew exactly what she was doing, and appreciated her ability to play the ‘idiot’ all the more for knowing it.

          I don’t get that sense with AOC at all.

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          1. I suspect she’s someone’s intelligence agent where they’re trained for this kind of public performance. Or maybe she really is an idiot with very good handlers. There’s something to her than the “dumbass bartender somehow gets into Congress” narrative.

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    1. Heels-Up Harris…

      Talks about “deep undercover(s)”…

      Only the DEMONcRATs could come up witn someone to be Attorney General of California (which would be a very large country in its own right) who is fundamentally lying and corrupt (not unlike the highly-paid consultant Eric Holder of Fast and Furious and contempt infamy).

      And now she wishes to extend that Satanic continuum to the Presidency of the USA???

      To paraphrase VSGPDJT (and Ronaldus Maximus), “They’re not sending their best”…..

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  7. “Overheard while watching the debate just now: “I’m not sure I’m a Democrat anymore.” -Democrat next to me complaining abt how far left the party has moved”


    Welcome to the end of the thought process… glad you could make it… 🙄

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  8. Tapper asks Ocasio-Cortez why she voted against the Senate’s border bill, which passed 84-8

    AOC: “We passed a House version of this bill … and Mitch McConnell immediately smacked it down…”

    Tapper: “Didn’t you vote against the House version too?”

    AOC: “I did. I did”


    This is cruel. Someone should just hand her a lollipop and give her a puzzle to play with or something. Maybe a music box, or a doll house.

    She’s an intellectual 5-year old.

    Suffering from some kind of ‘arrested development’ issue.

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    1. Maybe a music box, or a doll house.

      AOC’s music box is a “pop goes the weasel”, with AOC the weasel that pops out. Endless entertainment for PLT – pompous little twit;-)

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  9. Moderate liberals (what’s left of them) are looking on in horror…

    Tim Pool is a center-left liberal much like Dave Rubin…both will probably never vote for Donald Trump but at least they have the integrity and honesty to recognize how crazy much of the Democrat platform is. Both Pool and Rubin are also strong voices for freedom of speech and have repeatedly condemned the Big Tech industry for censoring voices (mostly on the right) from both sides of the political spectrum. Both of them have been attacked by far lefties and have been censored by Big Tech.

    There used to be a lot of Dave Rubins and Tim Pools…people you could have a beer with…invite to your cook out…discuss issues and agree to disagree on certain things. But that reality is growing smaller everyday. I like Tim Pool and Dave Rubin and I subscribe to their youtube channels to show my support…even if I might disagree with some of their politics.

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    1. God Bless the BP. They are one of the most maligned groups ever and truly one of our best and most courageous. The crap they have to deal with on a daily basis must be overwhelming. I am so happy that our President gives kudos to them whenever he can.

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  10. Im scratching my head at this. A computer that costs 6000 dollars, for which they pay minimum wage to assemble, but in Texas cant find enough workers? So more to Chicago or use the prison reform workers but moving to China?
    This is pure greed and nonsensical.

    “Apple will manufacture its new Mac Pro computer in China, shifting away from a U.S. assembly line it had been using for that product in recent years, according to a report published Friday.

    The company intends to assemble the new Mac Pro in a factory near Shanghai, according to The Wall Street Journal , which cited unidentified people familiar with the plan.

    Apple issued a statement saying the new Mac Pro will be designed and engineered in California, but wouldn’t say where it will be assembled.

    “We’re proud to support manufacturing facilities in 30 U.S. states and last year we spent $60 billion with over 9,000 suppliers across the U.S.,” Apple said.

    Even so, moving Mac Pro assembly to China represents a retrenchment that underscores the challenges that Apple might face as it explores ways to avoid potential tariffs that the Trump administration may slap on the iPhone and other Apple devices already being made in China.

    Unlike most other Apple products, the $6,000 Mac Pro isn’t designed for the mass market. It’s a high-end desktop computer designed for companies and people who have specialized needs.

    Apple has been assembling Mac Pros in Austin, Texas, since 2013 as part of a $100 million commitment that CEO Tim Cook trumpeted in a national television interview.

    But the Austin factory, run by Flex Ltd., encountered problems finding enough skilled labor willing to work for minimum wage, according to the Journal. Then, as Mac Pro sales faltered, Flex began laying off workers in Austin, and by last year had a skeleton crew left in Austin, according to a former Flex vice president quoted by the Journal.

    Flex didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment Friday.

    Apple is still spending $1 billion on a corporate campus in Austin in an expansion that is supposed to create at least 5,000 jobs.

    At the same time, Apple is scrambling for ways to insulate its product line from the trade war the Trump administration is waging with China. The Cupertino, California, company recently sent the Trump administration a warning that the U.S. economy and its ability to compete would be undermined if the iPhone and other products made in China are hit by the next round of potential tariffs.

    Apple also is reportedly trying to figure out if it can move a significant portion of the manufacturing now being done in China to other countries in Asia.”

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    1. Wealth does not create intelligence. What a stupid idea – a letter can exempt the company from DJT tariffs.

      How dumb does one have to be to not have figured out DJT in 3 years of dealing with him? I think we’re talking atomic stupidity here.

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    2. Two things. If Flex is “Flextronics”, they have been a sweat shop for YEARS, considering that when I was a wee bairn, they were hiring high-school kids to be assemblers. Not too long ago, they basically took over mfg. operations for a former division of HP. And quality fell through the floor.

      Second, with all the censorship and Silly Valley advocacy going on, I see Apple, etc., digging in to go toe-to-toe with President Trump.

      I hope HE SHREDS THEM.

      As a side note, (sir) Jonny (Johnny?) Ive has left Apple, but will consult to them.

      If he told them to pi$$ of, it would be a HUGE problem for them…

      A big problem that is not talked about much is the fact that most of the supply chain for the electronics industry is in Asia.

      That didn’t happen overnight.

      It’s been going on since the Carter years. As soon as the Vietnam War ended, things started going offshore for the electronics industry (through “Foreign Trade Zones” (read: Asia Investment Zones) ).

      I lived through that, and it’s not been pretty. Asia living high off of OUR HOG…


      N.B. One graffito in the Qume (San Jose) restroom was “Be careful about what and who you are training. For they may well be your replacement”. And THAT was in 1978!!!

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    3. Hope Apple assembles the MAC Pro in China…and pays >25% tariffs. Apple can burn through some of their cash stashed overseas. Consumers won’t pay a 25% surcharge.

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        1. POTUS not rolling over, we know that.

          Crystal clear message consistently from President Trump.
          – America First.
          – Make it in America.

          Apple is simply trying to do both Xi’s bidding and Apple doesn’t give a shit about America. Apple is Globalist schmucks.

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    1. And here’s another leak (and not only vendors, but their CUSTOMERS, too):

      And here is a sobering thought about e-books.
      Which is why I always prattle on about the advantages of the dead-tree versions:
      Read it and weep…

      A few sobering thoughts:

      Be warned
      The fact that it decided against all these options and to simply kill the whole thing off should be a very big warning sign to anyone who has bought, considered buying, or will consider buying an ebook in the future.

      The truth is that most ebooks come with some degree of DRM. Amazon and its Kindle ebooks are the biggest in the market – nearly all of them come with Amazon’s DRM system. Some don’t – like free books or books out of copyright – but Amazon doesn’t provide you with a way to know whether DRM is added to a book or not. Another big ebook seller, Barnes & Noble also has DRM.

      It is worth noting that there are simple guides online for breaking both Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s DRM system but that’s not really the point: as a consumer, if you choose to buy a book, you also expect to be able to view it whenever you want.

      Microsoft’s decision is a painful reminder that the system companies have developed to deal with the fact that digital goods can be shared incredibly easily and cheaply ends up completely changing the longstanding relationship that consumers have with products they purchase. You are no longer buying the products: you are licensing them, and that license can be ended whenever the company chooses.

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        1. IIRC, there was a situation where Amazon was selling an ebook of — turn down the gain on your irony meter — Orwell’s 1984. Except that it was still under copyright in the US. So, one fine morning, all US customers found that their copies had disappeared down the memory hole.

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          1. Speaking of the total farce of US copyrights…. In 1976, and again in 1998, you were robbed of a substantial portion of your birthright. Copyright (and patent) are not “gifts” of the government — you put works into public domain some time in the future in return for the government’s assistance in gaining royalties now. It is an explicit bargain.

            And in 1976 and 1998, the Federal Government gave away your rights that had been bought and paid-for years before.

            The running gag in Hollywood is that these were the “Mickey Mouse copyright acts” — they both retroactively extended the copyright on Mickey Mouse cartoons just enough to keep the originals protected.

            The amount of “dollars for statutes” BS in the IP area, coupled with the outright theft overseas, leaves US citizens, as usual, paying the most and getting the least. Copyright terms should be returned to their pre-1976 status because that was when America was prospering most and before the nation succumbed to perpetual sellout.

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  11. And the Dali Lama says,

    If we have to go the full extent of training these illegals they should be trained on how to over throw their corrupt nations.

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  12. FLEP, how did I miss this President Trump interview with CNBC from 2 weeks ago?
    WOWWWWW, President Trump is totally on point, sharp as a razor when it comes to China, trade, Fed Policy currency devaluation, AND THE US Chamber of Commerce.
    Completely different than any other President we’ve ever seen.
    WOWWWW, just wow.

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    1. The contrast the last couple days is he’s working his butt off impressing other leaders and dealing with China while the domestic clown show of the dnc gets all the press, and its BAD….. so POTUS coming home is like having had to stay overnight at the crazy aunts house while dad was on a business trip and youve never been happier to go home. 😁

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