Lynch Mobs – Modern Version


I’m having a hard time with the new lynch mobs. Doesn’t feel right. This looks all too familiar to me. How do you feel about the new model of “lynch mob” for 2019-2020 election season?

Note: The original term, “lynch” was a tool of the American Revolution. Charles and William Lynch were Virginia Quakers. Lynching became popular to HANG British Tories who mistreated blacks in America. In 1782, Charles wrote, he had administered “Lynch’s Law” against “British loyalists, who dealt with negroes.” in a malicious and foul manner. Imagine the irony….. and those who don’t understand the true history.    (Waldrep, Christopher (2006). “Lynching and Mob Violence”. In Finkleman, Paul (ed.). Encyclopedia of African American History 1619–18952. New York City: Oxford University Press. p. 308.)

Hey, my family moved to Mississippi in the early 60’s. My grandfather, a local exec, personally stood at the precipice and stopped the old-fashioned version of a lynch mob (story for another day). Even today, here, no, we don’t like lynch mobs. We’re cautious when emotions run hot. Those with a little bit of common sense and the perspective of history understand what happens when a lynch mob spins out of control. ALL people suffer when the rule of law is cast aside.

Of course, the Black community does not like lynch mobs, with due cause, but neither do the white/Hispanic/Asian/Gay/ZEE communities. We can imagine the Chinese/Arab/Euro/Brazilian, etc. communities also hate lynch mobs. In fact, any civilized society should recoil at the possibility of adjudication via a lynch mob. It’s why we have legal systems. Right? We all claim to be rational and compassionate people. Right? We’re civilized, educated, and we’ve evolved.

Okay, so who DOES like lynch mobs? Answer = The new Democrat party LOVES the new version of a lynch mob.

The Obama Administration brought back the lynch mob and updated the idea. No tree and rope but similar results….. silence the opposition…… suppress and keep people “in line” with new norms (THEIR NORMS) sold as a modern version of Jim Crow laws…… eventually a few people will die……. innocent people….. but that’s okay…. it’s all for the cause. And do it all while shouting for “Justice”. It plays with your mind, doesn’t it? It’s the “new lynch mob”, the bright and shiny version, the community organizer version. They advocated publicly and quietly, for the public to “act”, embraced and mentored people like DeRay McKesson in the old Eisenhower Office Bldg, beginning in February of 2011. Well financed, too, by friendly NGO’s. No need to wait for proper adjudication in a civilized society. It started with Trayvon Martin and exploded in Ferguson, Baltimore, and NYC for the Eric Garner case.

The media immediately jumped on board, sometimes staging interviews with their own crew members as “concerned citizens”, and pushed dramatic shots of violence. Hey, anarchy is great for ratings. In this way, news outlets openly advocated for more lynch mobs….. pushing….. anarchy. CNN didn’t report “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” was a lie until at least a year after they knew it wasn’t true.

Handsupdont shoot

Police officers were assassinated. People who were innocent. How is the new version different than a old-fashioned lynch mob? Remember the Dallas Five? Remember the two NYPD officers, Ramos and Liu, an Hispanic and an Asian, who were executed as revenge for Mike Brown and Eric Garner. The perpetrator, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, drove all the way from Baltimore to kill police officers…….. and Brinsley was wrong about his facts. Brinsley was the leader of a new form of lynch mob. Innocent men died. ( Link )

Hard to imagine any Dem leader would openly advocate for the killing of innocent police or anyone else…… That wouldn’t make sense. Yet, that’s what happens when a lynch mob gets out of control ……. that’s where we are…… that’s what happened. The “leader’s” hands stay clean but the goal is accomplished = intimidation.

The public cannot possibly know the all the details of each case to make sound judgement. We’re not experts in forensics, cross examination, and we don’t have access to the files. It’s why all countries have courts. The new lynch mob was wrong in the case of Trayvon, Ferguson, and Baltimore. So, why did we burn down the towns, trash local businesses, and loot a CVS which was needed in the community? The lynch mob ruined the reputations of innocent people. Yes, they did. Is it okay to falsely persecute the innocent? Apparently the Democrats think it’s a good idea. They are quietly and openly advocating for the new lynch mobs, demand immediate satisfaction regardless of facts, ignoring our process of adjudication, our legal system, in favor of…… anarchy?

Who does anarchy help? Answer = those who want to gain or maintain power. The people are being used in pursuit of power by a handful of “leaders” who maintain clean hands. We’re being used.

Yet, here’s the kicker, the really concerning part. We now have Presidential candidates openly advocating for new lynch mobs.


Take a look at what Eric Swalwell did last night. He’s a Presidential candidate, a vocal Congressman from California. Swalwell called for breaking the law, persecuting an innocent person, “You’re the Mayor, you should fire the (Police) Chief”. He did it. Swalwell eagerly stepped into the role of leader of a new lynch mob for political gain. ( Link )

Pete Buttigieg is the Mayor of South Bend. A black man was shot by a white police officer, which has led to an investigation. Buttigieg quickly faced “concerned citizens” in South Bend, who formed a new lynch mob, demanding satisfaction immediately……. ignoring the formal process of adjudication. In effect, they have NO time to wait for necessary facts, interviews, lawyers or juries, because the lynch mob wants an answer NOW. Do you suppose the concerned citizens of South Bend see themselves as a new lynch mob? It’s what they are. They’re not peacefully protesting or inquiring about the details of the case, …… they’re loud and threatening. Big difference.

At the Dem debate last night, Swalwell carried the flag as leader of the lynch mob and attacked Buttiieg for political purposes. Incredibly deviant behavior to attack an opponent, using the death of another man, while ignorant of the facts…… but Swalwell did it……. because Swalwell has no ethics, no integrity…… and Swalwell made a conscious decision that it was more advantageous for HIM to score a political point on a national stage…….. than respect the honor of a dead black man……

Oh my, how far the Dem party has fallen.

Swalwell demanded Buttigieg to fire the police chief…….. with no clear cause…… which would be illegal on its face. Again the lynch mob chooses to punish an innocent person, and certainly delay or obstruct the actual fact finding in the case. Swalwell didn’t care. He’s the leader of the lynch mob. Does anyone think Swalwell actually cares about a dead black man in South Bend? Nah…..

His name was Eric Logan and he was 53yrs old. I care, but I am a Republican. My small voice doesn’t matter to the media because I’m supposed to be racist. Yet, I will closely follow the legal case to see what happens. I respect the rule of law.

It’s interesting to note how the new lynch mobs of today have grown and morphed. In retrospect, take a look at the Kavanaugh hearing. A nominee for the highest court in our land was smeared with wild accusations and no proof. These were baseless charges. Later on, we learned most of the charges were completely false. Other accusations were unprovable. Kavanaugh was cleared  —– exonerated. Yet, Michael Avenatti led the charge and the media pushed the smear. MOAR lynch mobs! The lynch mob believed the smears and pounded on the door of our Supreme Court, demanding satisfaction. They were wrong, yet the irony is not lost. We were nominating a high judge……. and anarchy was the answer from our political opposition. Meaning, there was no legitimate argument to oppose Kavanaugh’s nomination. Again, the people were used to deliver power to a very few…… the Dems.

The tech revolution has also helped the lynch mobs of today. Now, we can have a virtual lynch mob. At the drop of a hat, 10K phone calls can be placed to an arbitrary CEO……. ensuring corporate America bends a knee and bows to the new lynch mob.

College students love the new lynch mob. It’s a perfect way to persecute professors at Evergreen College or other students, speakers, with whom they disagree. College Activists have developed their own Jim Crow laws…. you can only speak if you agree with the narrative. How is this different than the effort to keep southern blacks “in line” during the 1950’s? Looks eerily familiar to me.

Today, social media’s big tech firms help the new lynch mobs. “Machine Learning Fairness” is a new term we learned from James O’Keefe. Yet, Google goes further, and likes to promote protest for only one side of the political aisle:

Lynch mobs have been used throughout history to stoke fear, snowball the worst of human emotions, and the patterns are almost identical. Think of the women burned as witches in Salem, the Spanish Inquisition, Jews and gypsies in WW2, etc. I’m a redhead and many of my ancestors were burned at the stake for an irrational fear of their hair color….. is that so much different than an irrational fear of skin color? The Ox Bow Incident? The similarities to what the Dems are doing today, the patterns of irrational behavior and disregard for law, are striking to me, a common citizen.

Tell me again, who does this benefit? Oh yeah, those who seek power or who desire to maintain power. The ignorant public, consumed by emotion, driven by fear, provides the means to their end. And it always hurts the people the most.

When cooler heads prevail, the truth is, most of us prefer………

jobs not mobs

Be careful how you vote in 2020. Think for yourself. Don’t be used by another with malintent.


Make sure your voice is heard at the voting booth.


92 thoughts on “Lynch Mobs – Modern Version

  1. PHC, Patrick, I see you there. I know it’s hard for you to write. Understood.
    Yet, I’m going to keep writing little “luv” notes to you for a long time.
    We’ll see you soon.

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    1. She’ll be writing love notes forever. Just the later ones won’t be on the computer.
      I’ve heard that someone is not gone till they are forgotten.
      You are going to be damned near immortal

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  2. Great article Daughn….

    Thanks for all you do… for your time and energy, and your excellent taste in men. Hubby Big T is a real ‘keeper’ – as they say these days. Appreciate his views on legal issues which you so kindly bring to us once in a while (I would not mind if the frequency were increased !).

    Liked by 18 people

    1. Be careful what you guys wish for, DH has been known to get thrown out of Facebook groups and finally left it altogether. Patience is not his strong suit. Might be a little better if I translate.

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          1. You mentioned a few days ago there was a “Washbag” law firm (C&B?) that made your hubby go incandescent…

            Somehow I remember that same firm being mentioned with regard to the founding/early days of NXIVM,
            in an article that explained about a fellow (a lawyer) who didn’t work DIRECTLY for NXIVM, but basically worked as a facilitator or deal-maker.

            I’m still trying to find the article… sorry. I though I’d set a link aside for it (or downloaded it), but I didn’t….
            Maybe someone else remembers…

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            1. You’re right, Covington and Burling will light him up.
              Whole laundry list of DC/NYC/Boston firms.
              They’re incestuous.

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        1. Yep. But they have to wear those huge, inflatable Sumo Wrestler outfits that were popular in the 1970s for “teamk-building” exercises…

          Maybe fill a pool with jello, and serve jello shots to go along with it…

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          1. I’m in
            We few, we lucky few…….
            Be like being a spectator at st crispins day(agincourt). D day, etc.
            There could be movies
            Alien vs predator is taken but we’d think up something

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  3. i think that’s why there are the sensational headlines–the vitriol in reporting–keep the populace angry, bitter, divided–it keeps the fires stoked so they can be ignited (into a lynch mob) quickly.
    and yeah, the lynch mob is taking many forms as you adeptly pointed out!

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  4. Daughn, this is a favorite of your articles. The Left has been agitating for violence for some time now as you enumerated.

    We really need to be reminded to be aware. The world is very dangerous right now. One can feel the tension in the collective conscious.

    This reminds me of the historical polarization that occurred during the Civil War. I really hope our White Hats have studied how to keep the pot from boiling over. So far so good.

    We simply must defeat the Fake News. Too many people are still in thrall to the mind washing.

    Thank you.

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    1. Wolves
      A common enemy unites a flock.
      If it can be proved that there are Judas goats in the flock the big issue will be saving THEM for justice.
      “It won’t be safe for them to walk the streets”

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          1. Speaking of hard scientific facts,

            I had occasion to visit a research hospital that was (and is) also a worldwide center of expertise on Mitrochondrial Myopathies.

            I was just passing through, but in the waiting area were quite a few people, mostly families, indeed LARGE families, with children with horrible disfigurements and other problems. It was TRAGIC!

            Most of the women there were wearing Burkahs, if not full-body Burkahs. And the people were noisy and restless (pity the non-Moslems there, who had to wait paitiently while the others pushed ahead, regardless of their place in line)…

            Consanguineous “conjugation” (or something like that). Not only does it injure the “parents”; it ruins the children, the future generations, and the society (that would be US) which is left paying for, taking care of, and dealing with the hideous, indeed Satanic SIN foisted upon society and us by that pervert and idiot Mohammed…

            As I often say or think: “Welcome to the 21st Century. Now go home.”…..

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            1. In Islam a disabled child is accepted as a gift from god. It’s a fucking gift from the taxpayers in western nations too.
              Repeated cousin marriage over generations means cousins are as closely and often more so, related as siblings from non co sanguious marriages


          1. You got that right, my fiancee showed me a video of one of these peaceful muzzies raping a goat in broad fucking daylight right next to a housing complex.
            Someone took the video from a tall building overlooking a courtyard that was overgrown with vegetation and sure enough some African looking piece of shit was raping a damn goat right in the middle of the courtyard.
            Slug to the head is the only way to fix this shit.

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        1. Next door (Muslim), married their eldest son to Mrs sisters eldest daughter and their eldest daughter to her sisters eldest son.
          So niece and nephew marry niece and cousins and spouses.
          Note. Not legal in Australia so had to marry overseas in Lebanon and then bring them in on spouse visa.

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  5. These are Communist tactics straight out of Mao’s cultural revolution. Everything that holds America together is bad and wrong and racist, so we must destroy everything and turn the most oppressed into our new heroes.

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      1. I’ve started using the term “Maoist apology” to describe forced capitulation to the Leftist mobs. The social media hate mobs are the digital version of Mao’s struggle sessions.

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    1. One of the biggest MEMES of Maoist Cultural Revolution is designed to activate family-penetrating division, like Hitler did with the Hitler Youth, but the Maoists are more subtle.

      Look at how they ginned up youth in China to destroy their elders.



      It is MAOIST, it is CHINESE, it is CLINTON/BIDEN, and it is DEADLY.

      And OBAMA and GILLUM are signed on with the MAOIST tactics, TOO.

      Liked by 14 people

      1. …the Leftist mobs taking over college campuses like Evergreen because the students know better than the professors.

        …the removal of statues and murals and art because everything in American is “wrong” and “racist.”

        …demonizing everything about American culture from old Christmas carols to Kate Smith to John Wayne and so on because everything is “racist.”

        …rewriting Atticus Finch to be a massive racist because it conflicts the current Maoist narrative that everything American is racist.

        And so on. Everything that is happening is now is stuff that already happened under Mao, but most people can’t even see the parallels because the Communists have taken over the schools, textbooks, and media and don’t teach it anymore.

        Liked by 16 people

        1. AMEN.

          Social media provided a PATH around the communist-controlled media, and from it we SAW what they had done.

          Now we see how the red diaper sent in to take over our social media have tried to correct the problem, using “socialist-leaning globalism” as a shill for the real goal of global socialism.

          Really starting to see how the Q team understood this stuff deeply. It really helps to see how this stuff all works to bring the world back under monarchic-style DYNASTIC control.

          Trump gets it, but despises the old status quo, where elitists use their dodo-headed “fake socialism” (Marxism, bluntly) to control the masses, and actually take AWAY power from the people.

          It’s a very interesting and powerful perspective.

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    2. Why don’t we TEACH people this?

      We have become great analysts, recognizing Alinsky tactics, Mao tactics, etc., but it’s like recognizing the model of Smith & Wesson you’re about to be shot with.

      What good does it do to KNOW, if we can’t disseminate that information to general public?

      If the public understood the basic tactics, so that they could recognize them when such tactics were deployed against them, it would render those tactics useless.

      So how do we do that?

      How do you make learning a relatively simple subject either compelling, or entertaining or interesting enough that people will interrupt their busy lives long enough to DIGEST it?

      Liked by 12 people

        1. When I was a kid we played computer ‘text adventures’, because PCs didn’t have the processing power or memory necessary for graphics, at least not for a ‘world’ as big as necessary for the equivalent of playing a ‘character’ in an interactive ‘novel’ was concerned.

          Later on, graphics were added as ‘cut scenes’, like a cartoon intermission, but used to advance the story in some direction before your player/character took over again.

          Much later, first-person ‘shooters’ like ‘DOOM’ came along, and today I don’t even know what computer games are like. I know from experience they are addictive, and like a good novel, you can find yourself unable to stop, unable to put it down, and suddenly the sun is coming up… so I stay away from the computer games.

          But a simple interactive ‘game’ is an idea for teaching about Mao, about Alinsky, about the Cabal, MSM brainwashing/mind control techniques, etc.

          Have it start like the scene in Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, where the ‘elites’ are at a party, and everyone is wearing a mask. One of the ‘tasks’ for the player/character is to figure out or ‘unmask’ each of the main characters.

          The main characters would be all the Usual Suspects, to include the Clinton/Hussein Crime Syndicate and all their hangers-on, at least 15-20 Hollywierd goofs, all of the main MSM talking heads, and then the ‘extras’ who will be ‘new’ to most of the audience. Functionaries, architects and puppet-masters like Tom Donohue, Cloward & Piven, Soros, etc.

          The trick is to keep it simple enough to digest, but cover enough territory to hit all the major themes, and do so in a way that facilitates the player/character in tying it all together on his or her own by the end of the ‘game’.

          Each ’round’ could be a ‘level’, where a specific Alinsky or Maoist/Communist tactic is taught or demonstrated. At the end of each level you fight a ‘Boss’, unmasking him or her, before going to an animated ‘cut-scene’ to advance the story, before beginning the next ‘level’ of the game.

          Add plenty of humor, because it has to be fun or people won’t stick with it. There would necessarily be a limited number of ways you could interact with each non-player character (NPC), most of which advance the narrative in some meaningful direction, but some are just for fun.

          Suppose you’re confronting an NPC and you suspect it’s Sick Hillary (they all have masks until you unmask each one at the end of each level). Each NPC is programmed to drop hints about who he or she is during interactions with the player.

          You should be able to figure it out with some basic knowledge, but you could also do things to the NPCs, like a Three Stooges routine where smack ’em in the forehead, poke them in the belly and when they look down give them an uppercut, etc. If you aggravate any NPC enough, they’ll reveal who they are.

          After your player has completed a few levels and ‘unmasked’ a few main characters, the player could begin going on ‘missions’, infiltrating various elements of the Cabal.

          One level would constitute seeing how the ‘narrative engineers’ pass the day’s ‘talking points’ to the major MSM outlets who then dutifully all repeat the exact same ‘lines’… but from the player’s perspective, he or she sees that it’s all ‘fake’, that the entire MSM is like a scripted ‘reality’ show, with the ‘actors’ and ‘producers’ and network executives and owners all working from the same playbook.

          Another level would look at how NGO’s and tax-exempt ‘Trusts’ like the Clinton Global Initiative are just shells for laundering vast amounts of money in pay-for-play schemes, and how nearly the entire political system is ‘owned’ by various interests who have paid them off.

          Another level would look at the nexus between Health & Human Services, Foster Care, corrupt religious organizations and child trafficking.

          Another level would examine the population displacement/replacement strategy.

          It’s not a matter of not having enough material, it’s the opposite; a matter of choosing the most important points and then distilling it down to what is essential to create a coherent ‘story’ within which the ‘player’ could explore and uncover clues at their own pace, while being entertained at the same time.

          The working title is Illuminati Jones and the Temple of Doom 😁

          The only problem is… I don’t know how to CODE!!!

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            1. What, were you standing over my shoulder while I wrote that?!?

              I posted at 23:55 and you saw it, read it AND replied at 23:56… in under a minute, LOL!

              I don’t know what “a Dennis Prager video” means. I know how Dennis is, but I don’t understand the reference…


              1. Timing = Either I am the master of the universe, hear all, see all — or it was a coincidence.
                A Prager video, tuned up a few notches would be a great idea to explain the principle and they have wide distribution. Makes sense to me.

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            2. “Timing = Either I am the master of the universe, hear all, see all — or it was a coincidence.”


              I knew it!

              By process of elimination, it was the only answer that made sense.

              Coincidence could explain seeing the post notification almost instantly, but getting back to the thread, finding the post (or waiting for the screen to stop jumping around, as it always does for 10-15 seconds on my Firefox browser), reading it, and replying, and having the post register, all in the span of a minute?

              That’s definitely ‘masters of the universe’ stuff — a slip-up, and I caught ya 😁

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      1. Amazing catch. I completely missed the stripe connection to Epstein’s temple until now.

        Why are they so obsessed with stripes???

        Liked by 10 people

        1. Blue and blue stripes are deeply tied to Jewish theology, and one sometimes sees “bent menorah” art forms like the pattern around the door of the Epstein temple. Curious to note that one of the OLDEST Jewish synagogues in the New World is very close to Little Saint James (Epstein Island) – on the main island of Saint Thomas. So my thinking is that Epstein riffed off the notoriety of the famous temple and passed his off as his personal temple – NOT satanic. I have never seen anything like it, and can find NOTHING online that looks anything like it, although Satanists ARE fascinated with stripes.

          That seems to be a pattern with these folks – something that has scary powerful symbolic value to “those in the know”, but a cover meaning to those who don’t. They like FOOLING PEOPLE.

          The whole blue stripe thing gets you into the subject of prayer shawls, which gets you into the significance of stripes to Jews, but Christians generally take stripes in a different direction – its use as a term for flogging.

          The whole Epstein temple thing is weird to me. I would LOVE to know what he told visitors to the island. I simply cannot imagine somebody who was as brutally callous with teen girls as Epstein having the audacity to have a REAL temple on his island, but pedos ARE just incredibly bold in their chutzpah.

          Liked by 9 people

          1. It was a temple to his perversions. To celebrate them and enjoy them risk free with like minded degenerates. To them WE are ignorant, uninformed etc. key point…. they are proud of what they are and what they do.

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  6. And as insidious as the “lynch mob’ is…there is also that strange phenomena all too prevalent now that can be considered a sort of “reverse lynch mob”…think Jussie Smollett, the Awan brothers, the Seth Rich case, Hillary, Podestas, etc…where no matter what the crime or how much evidence there is the Dems and the Media (same) will high tail it in the opposite direction…

    Leftists ruin everything they come in contact with…equal and fair justice is one of the biggies…

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  7. Meanwhile no one on that stage last night got close to Bernie in calling on the mobs… This guy is the real deal red and rest are either disingenuous, clueless or a combination of both. I’m thinking maybe because the frustrated fossil sounded so demented that no one took his white knuckled threats seriously. What a hoot.. glad I watched. 🙂

    Liked by 9 people

      1. Reminds me of a comment made by H.R. on Chiefio’s blog (in jest, of course):

        @xyzzy – I would, but the obnoxious neighbor (you know… there’s one in every neighborhood) who mysteriously disappeared without a trace 8 years ago is taking up too much room in my freezer.

        Hey! Not my fault. He ran into my house because some other neighbor was after him for a piece of his hide, so I said, “Quick! Hide in here. He’ll never find you.”

        Well, gosh darn-it! All this time and he never once has asked if the coast is clear to come out. Not once!

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  8. Yes, agree with the talented writers and ideas… this piece proof!

    My brain is on idle after today but definitely going to share it around once the synapses start firing again

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  9. Lynch mobs, indeed…

    We even had the former Attorney General encouraging their orcs to go out and cause blood in the streets:


    And her last name is even ‘Lynch’!

    This video should be called “Lynch’s Address to the Lynch Mob”.

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  10. I bet that prick Smollet rues the day his team (Kamala, Booker, obamas et al) convinced him to pull his lynching stunt. Yeah I know he’s gotten away with it but everybody knows it was a fake. Everybody knows he’s a liar. Evrybody knows and for an ego maniac like him hoping for icon’s gotta stiing bad

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Package a lie and sell it…hay, Obama did, why not Smollet? It’s just that Smollet’s packaging was sooo bad & to top it off he succeeded in pissing-off the Chicago PD.

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