Why Liberals Are So Angry

Ahhhhh Conan. One of the most oft-repeated movie clips of all time.

But it begs the question…if we got to ask Conan what the next best thing in life is, what would he say?

Well, he might tell us that it’s triggering easily upset liberal snowflakes. After all, it’s devilishly fun, isn’t it?

For one thing, it take so little effort.

Bless their black little blood-pumping muscles, they’ll freak out over just about anything (liberals don’t actually have “hearts”, you see. Any similarity is purely superficial <—— remember this for the “PS” at the end.).

Moreover, POTUS has turned the trolling of liberal reactionaries into a national past-time! In fact, he is such a master of it that just his name ALONE reaps devastation amongst the sheeple of the left…

The amazing thing is, it’s been YEARS now and this still works! Which begs a lot of questions, like…

Are liberals really this stupid?

Well, yes.


What I mean is, are liberals really that gullible?

Duh! Yes, of course they are! Just look at CNN. Leftists actually WATCH it like it’s real, FFS.

Here’s another one….

Are liberals really so self-UNaware?

We’ll put a definitive yes down for that one, too.

How about….do liberals care about being inoffensive as much as they care about NOT being offended?

Ok ok….settle down. Just settle down, now!

We’ll pause here to allow you to collect yourself before we continue…


Let’s try a different approach. Let us examine the liberal mind. Yes! That’s it!

Here is a good model….

Wait…..that’s no good either.

I mean, as accurately representative as this is, it’s still not getting to the core question I am trying to get at with this piece. And that question is:

Why are “progressives” so angry?

Well, if you look past their stupidity, their gullibility, their lack of self-awareness, the hypocrisy of their fake outrage, and the make-up of what constitutes their minds, there IS an answer. And here it is….

They are politically, economically, and socially losing the war they are imposing on America and the rest of the world….and while they can’t “see” it, they do SENSE it at an animal level (which is their norm, btw)…

….and sensing it (but not understanding it) is precisely why they are increasingly afraid and angry. Like this little guy right here…only worse…

What you have to understand is the “arc of history” and how liberals “see” it vs. how normal people see it.

And to do that, we have to go all the way back to when today’s liberal leadership were in their formative years…

…which is to say the 60’s…and the Vietnam war era.

See these two pot-smoking “free love” leftist hippies right here?

They and members of their leftist-minded, Marx-loving generation decided that THEY were the “enlightened” ones in America who would “lead” America into an “enlighten” (aka “woke”) future…

….whether America liked it or not.

This…the ‘60’s….is the time things began to change for the radical worse. Jimmy Carter was supposed to kick things off with a progressive bang, but all he managed to do is lead America into despair and despondency following the Vietnam war (which was started and escalated by democrats, btw).

Then Reagan was elected, turned the economy around, gave America hope for our future, delivered the final coup de gras to the Soviet Union, and became a national icon in the process…the first of MANY things that enraged the entitlement-minded left.

From here, dear reader, you know who was President and when, so let’s cut to the chase.

Ever since the 60’s….and ESPECIALLY after the Clinton hippies won the WH, the entitlement-minded left has believed that THEY were on the “right side of history” because of the “Vietnam protests” and the outcome there. Remember, they have always believed they were the SMAHT ones.

Thereafter, EACH GOP President was a “mistake” that needed correcting.

And after the Clintons, well THEN Bush “STOLE” the election from Al Gore, and he went to war. And this proved very key, because…

Bush 43 and the Iraq war ALLOWED THE LEFTIST HIPPIES TO RELIVE AND RE-CELEBRATE THEIR ANTI-WAR YOUTH. And it allowed the youth of the left to ideologically BRAND (and count) themselves as members of that tribe. Remember the comparisons? The daily news cast “body counts”?? The street protests? 2004-2007 was like the 60’s all over again.

Once again, liberals were “on the right side of history”. Then came Obummer and all of his corruption, and liberals felt they were back on track.

Ahhhhhhh, the Oblahblah years….the smooth-talking fake imposter formerly known as Barry Soetoro….

By the time this jackass (above) got elected, the entire liberal media had given up any pretense to objectivity. Their collective hatred for Bush 43 knew no bounds, and in the wake of that fiasco of an administration and the subsequent ascension of this POS, the leftist media LITERALLY worshipped this come-from-out-of-no-where Chicago marxist.

Now, I’m not gonna delve into all the things that were wrong about this commie-Muslim sock puppet, but I DO want to harken back to a reply I made to the Wolf yesterday in recounting the US electoral history from the time this America-hating poser was elected. QUOTE…

Here is the record:

2008 – Obama is elected and democrats control both the House AND a have a super-majority in the Senate

2010 – Democraps lose control of the House

2012 – At the Fed level, the result is a status quo “push”, but dims are CRUSHED on the downballots

2014 – Dims lose control of the Senate; Obama politically isolated

2016 – America completes it’s rebuke of the left delivering the WH and both chambers of Congress to the GOP

2018 – dims win the House by slim margins after a record number of GOP reps “retire”


So let’s summarize things from an early 60’s American commie’s POV…

First, Carter is a joke and Reagan defeats Soviet communism. 🥵 Then following the Clintons….who GREATLY benefitted from, and took credit for, the longer-term economic policy outcomes of Reagan….Bush “STEALS” the election from Gore. 😡😡 Then Bush goes to war. 😡😡😡 Then Bush “unfairly” “Swift boats” John Kerry, costs Dan Blather his anchor job (remember…we’re thinking like a liberal here), and wins re-election. 😡😡😡😡

Then came their Messiah….Obunghole….along with a sycophantic leftist media that wasn’t about to investigate or call attention to any of what was a PLETHORA of scandals, irregularities, and outright illegalities of that Administration.

And finally….at long last….their true blue wet dream! A 2nd coming of the deeply corrupt Clintons…..their fellow 60’s journeyman flower power couple!

And what’s more, they were TOLD by what had by then become a lying, sycophantic, completely unrealistic and totally unobjective liberal media that THIS time Hillary could not possibly lose…

….the ultimate PROOF they were right all along….the first female president following the first “black” president!

Ahh glory!

But remember….

Obama had lost the House. 😡 Then the state legislatures and governorships. 😡😡 Then the Senate. 😡😡😡

America had been signaling since 2009…when it got a taste of the coming leftist socialism via Obummercare and “you can keep your doctor if you like your doctor” lie of the Obama administration….that it was REJECTING the Obama/Clinton left.

See…the liberals saw this. They knew….just as they know now…that America is REJECTING THEIR COMMUNISM (currently disguised as “socialism”). But they wanted to believe….SO BADLY…in the “dream of their fathers”…..a “socialist” America…that THEY are history’s sweepstakes winners.

So when President Trump defeated Hillary…when they hadn’t even considered the possibility, not for even a MOMENT….

…..they went completely berserk. Insane. Unhinged!


It was a full on, total and complete mental breakdown…😭😭😭😭😭

Followed by pure, unhinged, delusional hate and vitriol…🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Here….this video is a pretty good representation of what happened….

In short, liberals are so angry because they have allowed themselves to believe in an “arc of history” that doesn’t exist, but they think it does.

They actually believe that America can and will give up the things that make us Americans. And that, if we won’t, they have the power to force us to do so.

They also swallowed the lies the sycophantic Obama media pumped out at them every hour of the day for almost a full DECADE. They gave in to the worship of a fraudulent messiah….instead of the real one….and they are bound and determined to be proven “right”….that THEY are on the “right side of history”….no matter what it takes.

No matter what it costs.

Having been played for the stupid fools they are, they are now fully invested and cannot stop themselves from going over the electoral cliff. Their anger….which in part should rightfully be directed at their own media….(for, among other things, not pumping the brakes and setting some realistic expectations….ie. That Trump could win)…..and also themselves for being WHO they are (which is to say, total idiot FREAKS)…is instead directed at normal, sane America.

Remember….they are NOW saying Trump SUPPORTERS are what’s wrong with America!

If I’m right…..and I can assure you I am (…you know this yourself, dear reader, as you could very easily have written this had you set yourself down to do it….)…then POTUS’ re-election is all but assured.


Hey, I don’t have time to show you right now how the liberal media has lost most of it’s credibility and no one who matters is listening to them anymore. And the economy. And jobs. And unemployment rates. And global trade resets that will stretch out the US economic expansion until well after the 2020 cycle. And etc. And etc. etc. etc. etc etc ad naseum.

And I haven’t even mentioned AG Barr. Whew!

So for anyone who was wondering why today’s leftists are so angry and unhinged, the answer is 3 generations of them are seeing a lifetime of belief and hope crushed before their very eyes.

All that work, sacrifice, and effort is getting turned around and defeated. They suspect…but don’t realize…they have bought into an “arc of history” that is total bullshit…one which is unraveling for them as you read this. (Oh yeah….and they know that if AG Barr is for real…and he is….then most of their party leadership is headed for prison, and their national election hopes go into the shitter for a very, very long time right along with them.)

If they applauded when Obama went on his world tour apologizing for America…and they damn sure did…. then it’s easy to understand why they would be enraged by a genius who is Making America Great Again, crushing the leftist hopes of at least 4 decades +.

That, and Kubler-Ross model. 😉

PS – Odd, isn’t it, how the alt-right media NEVER talks about this….the “arc of history” and how liberals view it? Here’s a question for you…

Is that just missing the big picture, or something else? If you’ve seen this idea presented before, I’d like to see the source. Please and thanks. And if it has, why hasn’t it been spoken of more often?

PPS – That dem debate tonight? Yeah…about that…








108 thoughts on “Why Liberals Are So Angry


    “Liberal” implies they believe in freedom, and the current Left has no interest in freedom, liberty, or free thought. Call them Leftists and Communists, which is exactly they are.

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            1. Yes, I was.

              As soon as I saw ‘liberal’, I saw red.

              We should all be using ‘leftist’.

              ‘Liberal’ has an entirely different definition. In France, for example, it refers to capitalism rather than politics. Elsewhere, it refers to free thinking.

              The Left hijacked ‘liberal’ for their own purposes. Like Sadie, I won’t be playing along.

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              1. My compliments on your honesty, CM. And I also appreciate that you can see your way to using “leftist” as opposed to automatically labeling everyone on the left a “communist”. There IS a distinction you know, and I feel it important to leave room for the easily fooled and gullible who unwittingly support the left without truly realizing how far left the democrat party has gone. Like some family members of mine, who are most assuredly NOT communists, whatever else they may be.

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              2. Thank you, FGaC.

                ‘There IS a distinction you know …’ Absolutely agree, which is why I won’t be calling leftists Communists, either.

                That said, I have no qualms about calling Democrats leftists, because, these days, that’s what they are. That wasn’t the case in the past, but it is now.

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        1. Hmmm.

          I have a different take on it….one which you, Sadie, clearly haven’t considered in your rush to sound SMAHT and mouth off at someone you don’t know.

          First off, lemme just say….in the immortal words of the great Steve Martin….

          THAT is the first thing that comes to your mind? A complaint??

          Secondly, I don’t know you. And you don’t know me. So don’t speak to me like you do, because you sure as fuck don’t.

          You’re new around here, and IF you were a friend of mine I’d tell you that when I use the term “liberal” it is NOT in reference to a political ideology or party. It’s merely an acronym…which are widely used in my profession…a shortcut to typing out all of this…

          L aughable
          I ll-informed
          B laming
          E ntitled
          R ace baiting
          A nti-capitalist
          L oudmouth

          Thirdly, I can’t help but wonder…after reading your post…if you can spot the supreme and amazing irony of making an impetuous DEMAND….just like an angry liberal dictator…IN ALL CAPS no less….while opining about freedom and other people’s lack of respect for it.

          I mean truly jaw-dropping irony…

          In point of fact, this is EXACTLY the kind of lack of self-awareness and hypocrisy commonly found in LIBERALS that I was directly referencing to in the piece above. Irony abounds!!

          Thirdly, I react poorly (and I suspect you do too) when ANYone comes at me like a liberal does. I’m wide open to well intentioned suggestions and ideas politely offered…always…but I usually tell someone who demands something from me…like a liberal would…to GO FUCK THEMSELVES REPEATEDLY with a badly splintered broomstick handle, regardless of which side of the political aisle they are on (just like you would I suspect, eh?). In fact, there are ONLY three people I will accept a demand from….POTUS, an FAA or EASA inspector while I’m on the job, or my wife…and you ain’t any of them, new poster person.

          Fourth, I strongly recommend, when you offer some kind of criticism to any author on this blog (or anyone else here, ftm) that you find something nice to say to them to offset said criticism. You know, just like any normal person does who truly understands politics, human relationships, isn’t ruled by their ego, and seeks to get along with everyone in the schoolyard.

          Lastly…and that all said being said…by way of letting bygones be bygones and reaching a mutual respect and understanding, like normal people….if you offer a sincere apology to me for what I see as both a disrespectful and demanding post directed at me and how I choose to write articles for this blog then I, in turn, will edit the title of this post and change it from “liberals” to the word equivalent of your choosing. I’m willing to see this…once…as a misunderstanding and a lack of awareness on your part, but I want to read you say it.

          You give a little and I’ll give a little, like normal people, and we can be friends and never speak of this again. Otherwise, the broomstick is right over there, and you know what you can do with it!

          Choose wisely.

          One last thing….

          Long posting experience informs that a poster like you will most definitely will see this response. Don’t pretend you don’t see it and not reply like a chickenshit liberal. You sounded off…now answer for it so we can take a true measure of what kind of poster you are and intend to be here in our treehouse.

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          1. 1) I’ve been posting here since November 2018. I’m not “new.” Proof can be provided if necessary.

            2) I posted the exact same comment 3 days ago in the open thread with no complaints.


            3) I did not post “STOP CALLING THEM LIBERALS!” with anger or malicious intent or looking for a fight. I simply believe that calling them “liberals” instead of “Communists” has aided their infiltration of society, and I take every opportunity I can to make this point.

            4) I’m not going to apologize, but I will let bygones be bygones because I’ve got no interest in fighting here.

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            1. 1) who cares?

              2) who cares?

              3) A ridiculous, insulting answer. Even children know all caps = “shouting” on line, and the truth is in a moment of on-line omnipotence you decided to vent your demand at me and lecture at me. You could have easily written “I don’t know about anyone else, but I wish people would use the word communist rather than liberal because….” But that’s not what you did. You made a demand IN CAPS and tried to lecture me on what I meant when I used the word “liberal”. Everyone here knows what CAPS means and HOW you said it. Stop trying to add insult to injury by feigning innocence while calling us stupid at the same time.

              4) Of course you won’t. That was a sincerity test. Only a prideful person will make the kind of post you made, and if your ego wasn’t involved you would simply offer an apology because it wouldn’t cost you anything. But no….this is a pride issue for you. You just don’t have the guts to come right out and say “you’re damn right I made a demand and I’m not too ashamed to pretend I didn’t.” Which proves every point I made about you. Congrats. You passed the test, but not in the way you thought.

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              1. “Who cares?”

                You, apparently, since you felt the need to say “You’re new around here” even though that statement is objectively false. If anyone here is owed an apology, it’s me, since you either accidentally or deliberately spread wrong information about me.

                Moving on, I’ve already explained that there was no malicious intent behind my words. If you want to stew in anger and carry a needless grudge, that’s your business. I’m not interested. I’ve said everything I need to say to you and am done with this exchange.

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              2. Yep. Just like a liberal, you’ve now managed to pretend YOU’RE the victim in this sad exchange. And for the record, I never said you had any malicious intent or were looking for a fight; so much for that strawman. But you were very clearly perturbed when you posted your illiberal demand, just as Churchmouse was. So you are a liar as well as a hypocrite who behaves just like a leftist. And now that that is settled, I am done with you, too.

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            2. The term ‘Liberal’ was hijacked as so many terms were, to HIDE THE FILTH that the DemonRats are.

              What used to be called a ‘Liberal’ now HAS TO BE CALLED a ‘Classic Liberal’

              It is like the word Fascist. as in Hitler and Musollini. Since it is very slightly right of straight up communism (ANTIFA) it got LABLED as RIGHT WING! And The left’s newest iteration of fascism got relabled “The Third Way’

              Messing with our language is a way of herding the population and conditioning us to being subservient to the fabian/communist army of screaming imbeciles on the left.

              Look at the POLITE WORD N—o, derived from the Spanish word for black, that I was taught as a child.
              We got BASHED over the head for using it so we switched to ‘Black’
              Well a few years ago I got BASHED over the head for using ‘Black’ instead of African-American.

              So at this point I see no up side to using the POLITE WORD N—o or Black so I might as well use nasty terms, right? After all if I am going to be punished I might as well do the deed….

              AND this is WHY we Love President Trump. He will not let the PC crowd push him around like they have the American public for the last six decades.

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              1. And now the correct term is “People of Color” (but not “colored people” because that’s racist). Gotta force all minorities into one giant blob because there can’t be distinct ethnicities and cultures in the globalist utopia where everyone is raceless and genderless. It’s what they did to whites a long time ago where the generic term “white” replaced whatever ethnic heritage a person came from.

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              2. Sadie,

                I prefer the term AMERICAN!

                Of course that is nasty and xenophobic and INSULTS those here in this country ILLEGALLY who of course are our superiors.

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            1. Not really.

              I just don’t cotton to people I don’t know or have any connection with attempting to force their world view on me or demand I say or don’t say something they want, then pretend they are a victim when they are called out on it.

              It’s no biggie in the grand scheme of things, and it’s good everyone knows who Sadie really is.

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            2. Personally I’ve never heard that acronym for liberal. To me a liberal is someone who believes in liberty, equality and freedom. What the revolutionary war and the civil war were fought over. It’s a travesty that the term liberal has been hijacked by the left in a way very reminiscent of Orwell’s doublespeak.
              We need to keep our focus on the enemy. It’s not over until every drop of venom in drained from this sacubus and it’s fangs broken. This is a cunning and increasingly desperate foe who will gladly fan the flames of discord between us.

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              1. When this topic comes up in the past, I’ve heard people use the term “classic liberal” to distinguish from the modern identity and use of the word “liberal”. Personally, I think if people want to charge this hill I say go for it, just don’t demand other people waste their time and energy on it. I believe there are FAR more important fights to wage than the usage of a single word co-opted LONG ago by the left. I’m pretty sure a moderate voter who has voted for both Obama and PDJT doesn’t care one iota about this molehill. You really quite right….we need to keep the focus on the enemy…not insist on the usage (or not) of a word that doesn’t matter to swing voters. Of course this is just my opinion….I make no demands on anyone in this regard and never will. You say potato and I say potatoe….we both mean the same thing.

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            3. Yes, I noticed, too. Hope they can cool off, and quickly arrange a truce, or at least a ceasefire.

              It is only a misunderstanding, and they are both essentially right.

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              1. Tried to pour oil. Firmly believe what I said. We need to fight them on the beaches etc. take back everything they stole

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          2. First off, FG&C, thanks for the laughs this morning! This post was great! I sent the link to a “moderate” friend, which I almost never do. Lots of them have no sense of humor at all, not even the “cell” in the brain you posted above.

            I just had an issue similar to what has happened with you here with a “stranger” myself. My son made a political comment on FB, which I responded to (he is a bit “liberal,” so we often disagree). In the middle of our back and forth, some guy he knows, but I don’t, jumped in to challenge me! I, of course, clapped right back at him for a few comments.

            But then, I thought about it, and commented to my son how RUDE it was, that this person, who I don’t know, jumped in to challenge my thoughts in a conversation. And I asked, “would this happen if we were sitting in Wendy’s having lunch, and your friend overheard my comments to you? Would he come over and challenge me to my face? People have become so rude online.”

            And even AFTER that comment, the guy continued!

            The point being, the internet has made people rude. If you are not confronting a “real person,” you are pretty much free to say whatever you want. To YELL (yes, that is what all caps usually means, although I do use it for emphasis on single words or short phrases). The rules of civility are non-existent on the internet. And nobody ever seems to feel the need to apologize for their comments.

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              1. One thing I’m taking from this great awakening movement is we need to adjust our attitudes. We are not on defence anymore. Looking around let’s take a page from the enemy’s playbook. Did you know that Muslims consider any place that was ever Muslim to be theirs in perpetuity. (This is another reason that Israel pisses them off). Why should we leave our losses on the field of battle? Maybe it’s swinging the pendulum too far back but I think we need to challenge them on stuff. Keep them off balance if they think nothing is set in stone, that all the ground they’ve won over the years is now shifting under their feet.
                By perverting/ inverting the language. They own it. I wanna take that off them too. I want them to lose everything they’ve gained over the years when we were too polite to answer back. Or did we not realise the stakes? That incremental retreat has brought us to the brink of oblivion.

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  2. I’ve had enough red-pilling experiences that I believe that they are literally physically incapable of processing any thought that challenges their belief in the “arc of history” outlined above. It’s like there’s a filter in their brain that senses information that disturbs their worldview and unconsciously forces the body to treat it as a literal threat. The anger is a literal “Fight or Flight” response meant to shut down a threat. It’s why they resort to insults, hysterics, shouting, and violence when you don’t conform to their beliefs–they are trying to stop a threat. I’m not convinced they have conscious control over these reactions.

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    1. The only thing worse than seeing a child throw a tantrum…is seeing an adult throw a tantrum.

      Did these Leftists get positive reinforcement for throwing tantrums when they were children?
      Did they ‘get their way’ when they threw tantrums?

      They seem to expect that they will get their way if they just scream and yell and engage in depraved, childish behavior in public.

      I probably shouldn’t call it “childish behavior”…because all children do not behave this way.
      I never threw a tantrum when I was a child and my children didn’t either.

      ‘Hysterics’ is a better word for it.

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      1. My father was a kind and very smart man, but even he had these awful reactions when I tried to very gently red pill him. I can assure you it wasn’t his upbringing that caused it, and it seemed to get worse as he got older. If Q revealed that there was some sci-fi mass brainwashing program involving mass signals being beamed into people’s heads, I’d honestly believe it. It would explain a lot.

        I am still very bitter that he went to his grave genuinely believing that Donald Trump himself personally handed uranium over to Vladimir Putin. I tried talking to him, but it always ended in a shouting match, which was VERY uncharacteristic of him. The only times he ever yelled at me as an adult was over politics. He wasn’t like this in any other part of his life. It was so strange.

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          1. Everyone has their pet theory about Q’s mysterious “the truth would put 90 percent of people in the hospital” comment. The above is my take on it. Some people are literally physically incapable of handling the truth for the reason you mentioned.

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            1. From Q, “the truth would put 90 percent of people in the hospital”

              ^^^ President Trump had a like statement.

              IIRC, at a Q&A and the subject of decals and releasing docs came up. President Trump said something very close to or exactly, “It would scare the hell out of Americans.”

              My thought then and now is, transparency. Gotta see it to fix it. Reality is President Trump knows this, it will all come out.

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              1. I think we need to look into the abyss. Like the cal Germans were marched through the camps and the camps themselves and the prisoners were photographed and the documentary evidence seized so as to provide truth when people denied it. Whether it was malicious or just “looking away”

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        1. Sadie, A challenge to a ‘world view’ is emotional. When the emotions kick in the reasoning side of the brain shuts down. Our enemy KNOW THIS and USES IT.

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  3. I have never anywhere found a truly interesting, thoughtful, or insightful story that tells the story of how someone who was conservative shifted and became more leftist. For years I have searched in vain.

    I have, however, found many times where a former “liberal” tells the story of how they became conservative. In fact the experience is so common that those stories are practically a dime a dozen.

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    1. When ive seen conservative to lib, its usually peer pressure, family rejection, or mental illness…or a combo. Lib to conservative is thoughtful and intellectual and an economic red pill.

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    2. I was a democrat years ago, but I don’t even recognize this party anymore. Don’t forget that before Obama was elected, there was such a thing as Blue Dog democrats, and democrats who were pro-life. There were conservative democrats. They all got purged during the Obama years. All that are left are the insane ones from the blue states who are automatically elected every cycle.

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    3. I know former conservatives who turned liberal. Essentially, they put their faith in Republican led governments, and were disappointed when what they were promised did not happen. Then they started watching MSNBC and were influenced by the commentary and placed stories on that network, etc.

      In the end, though, those people still wanted something for nothing and didn’t get it.

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  4. God has prepared Donald J Trump for this day,he has been groomed to save Gods creation.
    Hillary was not sposed to lose,even Piglosi said you could take it to the bank Donald Trump will never be president.
    The world was praying and God was listenin.
    Love your stories FG&C.

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  5. Great article …one thing that seems strange is the extreme Leftists now are a combination of the ideological ones described above… and the others. The others are normal people that have become so brainwashed by the 24/7 propaganda.
    I say this because I personally know people that used to be average fun loving people, good sense of humor, thoughtful and kind…now they’re crude and hateful toward anything but the narrative and attitude of the Democommies. AND they can’t have a coversation without at least some jab at Trump or us.
    Never thought I’d see it but it’s real.

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  6. So if the loony leftists have a debate we don’t get an open thread? What kind of BS is that?

    It’s not my fault y’all made a drinking game out of it.

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  7. I never understood in the bible how people would turn against God – so he gave them over to the reprobate mind and hardened their hearts… Well it dawned on me this is what is happening…. With abortion, etc.. Opened my eyes

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  8. Have you not heard of the morlocks and the eloi?
    Deplorables are morlocks. Stupid but strong enough to do work not suitable for robots. Expendable. You only need x amount and they need to be dumbed down with beer and circuses. (Sport)
    The eloi are intelligent, cultured, and more aesthetically pleasing even to look at. Slender and pretty and so infinitely superior to the lumbering smelly sweaty morlocks.
    Every thing was going so well . The stupid morlocks didn’t even know they were being tied down like gulliver.
    All the glossamer thin strands to disempower and demoralise. The onerous taxation to fund their goals, the two tier justice system. The degradation of everything morlocks adhered to. Religion, scouting and many pursuits, traditional womenly behaviour.
    They almost had it all in the bag. The voting was so corrupt that they couldn’t possibly lose
    And then the motherfuckers woke up.
    And all the ties that keep us slaves are being shredded.
    BIGLY in fact

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    1. I’ve expressed this badly. Yes the morlocks woke up but they were helpless. Then q and Potus showed up and not only engineered our deliverance but showed us that the eloi aren’t smart and they aren’t more cultured or moral to us. Quite the opposite in fact. They have been educated to a level of mediocrity that make clams look smart.

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        1. It was The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. H.G. Wells was a Fabian Socialist. In the Fabian window he is the guy thumbing his nose at the stupid useful idiots.

          “…The Fabian Society window was commissioned by George Bernard Shaw as a statement of intent. It shows him and Sidney Webb hammering the world into their chosen shape by manipulating the The Left.

          At the bottom is Shaw thumbing his nose at the fools worshipping books on Socialism….

          ….. H.G. Wells who, after quitting the Fabians, denounced them as “the new Machiavellians.”….” link

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          1. Thanks Gail. I couldn’t are remember. Both the time machine ,1984, animal farm were considered unthinkable when written. No one factored in the incremental gains by pc, shaming the long march through the institutions. What I was saying up thread to fg&c. We can’t just stand our ground, we’ve got to recover lost ground

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              1. Oh year, I feel it. We got 1984 and animal farm.
                Sad thing was we thought it was fiction whereas it was the history of the future

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  9. Great post FG&C.
    Arch of history for the left/communists/Marxists.
    Chicago, NYC, Seattle, San Antonio,late 50’s early 60’s……. and then Hawaii.
    We should have seen it coming.

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    1. You know, the truth is I’m very split on that notion….”we should have seen it coming”.

      On the one hand, you’re right.

      On the other hand, hindsight IS 20/20, and until quite recently who among us really understood how/why the GOPe was betraying us all along through these many decades?

      Now that the GOPe faction of the Uniparty has been exposed and revealed, suddenly the “how did we get here?” question makes a lot more sense. Betrayal and sell outs!

      Took me a while to realize that truth…in part because I simply didn’t want to believe it…the implications so horrible!

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      1. Good point FG&C.
        And I apologize again for dumping random comments on your article. Late at night, I thought this was the main thread. I’m so sorry.
        Back to subject.
        In retrospect, maybe we need to look closer as to how the Trotsky folks invaded the Repub party.
        Not sure.
        Great article by you though. Loved it. And you’re right, I’ve never seen it presented that way before.

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      2. FG&C ,
        Another great post !
        I always look forward to them.
        Love the humor .

        I read thru all the comments before posting and thought this was a good spot to place a question, as it falls within the “How did we get here question” and Daughn’s ? , how did the Trotsky folks invade the Repub. Party?

        I welcome all treeps to help me answer these questions

        Who were those house republicans who retired ?

        What public explanation did they give for abruptly doing so?

        Were they blackmailed?.. by Who?
        Where are they NOW and what are they doing?

        Were they really republicans?. Or were they dims in disguise all along, ready to flip a vote on an issuue either way when needed? (as I suspect and assumed) .

        I do not recall ever seeing a legitimately sourced explanation but may have missed it .

        Any info out there treeps ?

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        1. forgot one,
          WHO funded them??
          I’m sure there is a story in there somewhere.
          Probably part of the puzzle..
          As ozzytrumpster says above,, follow the money !

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  10. Trouble in paradise?

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  11. One of the things that is missed when talking about liberals is the human side of them. For many, I honestly think the need for attention is in play. Most liberals you see at rallies, etc., are not the most attractive people (and they generally don’t do themselves any favors in that regard), and throwing a fit is one way to get attention. It’s also a sign of depression, to an extent, that could come from any number of fronts including diet. All the vegan and vegetarianism may feed into that. On that same concept, the more of them that look and act the way liberals do, the more they gain acceptance in a social group which is probably what they are craving.

    Then there is the matter of the human urge to be, shall we say, lazy. Not everyone has work from dawn to dusk in the DNA. They just don’t. And at this time in American history “what do I get out of it” is asked of every detail of life. What do I get out of not weaving in and out of traffic which satisfies the need for speed? What do I get out of doing my face every day which can get to be expensive, and besides it’s not the real me being presented to the world? What do I get out of dressing in something other than jeans and a tie-dyed shirt. That covers the body just as well as a dress would. Basically, the casualness of American culture plays into that, and really, that is a core liberal tenet.

    By the same token, these are also people who don’t want to follow rules both formal and informal. Societal rules are informal. This is why there are Americans who have no use for knowing how to set a table properly (not in my house, but there are those). Legally, there are humans who want all the pleasures that earthly life gives without having to deal with the grown up consequences of them. Peter Pan is definitely their hero. That’s a direct manifestation of social pathologies we see on a daily basis.

    And most of us want something for nothing. There’s a reason the words CLEARANCE SALE are a Pavlovian call to women everywhere.

    Really, the issue, I’ve believed for quite a while, is manipulation of base human desire. Liberals have not figured out that the deadly sins really are deadly, and not just in soul and body, but in mind. They’ve been steeped in satisfying lusts for flesh, money, baseness, and all the things that really are the anti-social aspects of human interaction.

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    1. This post can easily go hand-in-hand with GT’s post below, DP.

      Both of them point to why the left believes the end justifies the means.

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  12. Nice post. I would go even further and say that the deep anger is caused by a daily violation of the Natural Law imprinted in our hearts.

    In short, sin.

    When I was young and getting in trouble it was a great comfort to surround myself with others who were in trouble, and to assist others to get in trouble.

    The problem is that one always runs into people who are not in trouble and who will point out your shortcomings.

    This awakens the slumbering Natural Law, the still, small voice within. One can only drink and medicate oneself so much to deaden it.

    The Left believes they can stamp out the Natural Law if they can only get enough of us corrupted.

    The Natural Law is God’s trump card. The rage and anger is a symptom of the Natural Law opposing the disordered intellect. Poor Leftists.

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    1. Oh wow, GT. How insightful. This MUST be true. I did not consider the pain of unwanted guilt and shame as a causation factor in trying to cover it all up and pretend it isn’t there. And your last para. says it all!

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      1. Any Rand called it the ENVY of the Good for Being GOOD.

        …“Envy” is not the emotion I have in mind, but it is the clearest manifestation of an emotion that has remained nameless; it is the only element of a complex emotional sum that men have permitted themselves to identify.

        Envy is regarded by most people as a petty, superficial emotion and, therefore, it serves as a semihuman cover for so inhuman an emotion that those who feel it seldom dare admit it even to themselves. . . . That emotion is: hatred of the good for being the good.

        This hatred is not resentment against some prescribed view of the good with which one does not agree. . . . Hatred of the good for being the good means hatred of that which one regards as good by one’s own (conscious or subconscious) judgment. It means hatred of a person for possessing a value or virtue one regards as desirable.


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    2. For the law is written on our hearts, whether or not we choose to acknowledge it (cf Proberbs, and Romans and Colossians, and elsewhere).
      Romans 2:

      2 Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things.

      2 But we are sure that the judgment of God is according to truth against them which commit such things.

      3 And thinkest thou this, O man, that judgest them which do such things, and doest the same, that thou shalt escape the judgment of God?

      4 Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?

      5 But after thy hardness and impenitent heart treasurest up unto thyself wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God;

      6 Who will render to every man according to his deeds:

      7 To them who by patient continuance in well doing seek for glory and honour and immortality, eternal life:

      8 But unto them that are contentious, and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness, indignation and wrath,

      9 Tribulation and anguish, upon every soul of man that doeth evil, of the Jew first, and also of the Gentile;

      10 But glory, honour, and peace, to every man that worketh good, to the Jew first, and also to the Gentile:

      11 For there is no respect of persons with God.

      12 For as many as have sinned without law shall also perish without law: and as many as have sinned in the law shall be judged by the law;

      13 (For not the hearers of the law are just before God, but the doers of the law shall be justified.

      14 For when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves:

      15 Which shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another; )

      16 In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel.

      17 Behold, thou art called a Jew, and restest in the law, and makest thy boast of God,

      18 And knowest his will, and approvest the things that are more excellent, being instructed out of the law;

      19 And art confident that thou thyself art a guide of the blind, a light of them which are in darkness,

      20 An instructor of the foolish, a teacher of babes, which hast the form of knowledge and of the truth in the law.

      21 Thou therefore which teachest another, teachest thou not thyself? thou that preachest a man should not steal, dost thou steal?

      22 Thou that sayest a man should not commit adultery, dost thou commit adultery? thou that abhorrest idols, dost thou commit sacrilege?

      23 Thou that makest thy boast of the law, through breaking the law dishonourest thou God?

      24 For the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles through you, as it is written.

      25 For circumcision verily profiteth, if thou keep the law: but if thou be a breaker of the law, thy circumcision is made uncircumcision.

      26 Therefore if the uncircumcision keep the righteousness of the law, shall not his uncircumcision be counted for circumcision?

      27 And shall not uncircumcision which is by nature, if it fulfil the law, judge thee, who by the letter and circumcision dost transgress the law?

      28 For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh:

      29 But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.


          1. I just have to tell you that your handle tickles me to no end. My Dad loved that old drinking joke about Hoofhearted. I can see him telling it to us now. He was a Marine back when his buddies caught him with it! 😀

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  13. “… Odd, isn’t it, how the alt-right media NEVER talks about this….the “arc of history” and how liberals view it? …”

    Not at all! (It was American Thinker and Breitbart that GOT ME BANNED!!!)

    The Banksters BOUGHT control of the media in 1915. link

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