News Roundup! Supreme Court Decisions, 1st Quarter GDP, China’s Infiltration of Big Tech, Merkel Is Not Well, Deaths At the Border Under BHO, Last Night’s Debate, PDJT Is Saving Lives & Reversing Trends…..

Today is the final day for the Supreme Court session. Republicans win a major 5-4 decision when it comes to gerrymandering.

From the article linked above:

In a decision with far-reaching implications for national politics, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday that federal courts do not have power to review partisan gerrymandering claims.

The decision was 5-4, with Chief Justice John Roberts writing for the conservative majority. Justice Elena Kagan led the liberal bloc in dissent.

The Liberals, Leftists, Democrats, MSM etc. can go pound sand! Elections have consequences. You will NOW live under those consequences for generations to come.

As for the Census decision, there are a lot of mixed messages out there. Did we get an ultimate win today? The answer to that question is no. Did we lose today? The answer to that question is no. Will the citizenship question be on the census in 2020? The answer to those in the know is yes.

The real deadline for printing the census is October 31st. Not June 30th.

We won the most important question before the court.

All that Secretary Ross has to do is state his reasoning differently. It could be as simple as stating the purpose of the census is to count U.S. citizens as per the Constitution.

The third and final estimate for the 1st Quarter real GDP rate was released earlier this morning. It finalized at a solid 3.1%.

From the article linked above:

Real gross domestic income (GDI) rose 1.0% in Q1 2019, up from a 0.5% gain in Q1 2018. The average of real GDP and real GDI — which is a supplemental measure of U.S. economic activity that equally weights GDP and GDI — came in at 2.1% in Q1 2019.

That compares with an increase of 1.3% in Q4 2018.

Our President and FLOTUS have landed safely in Japan.

Our President and his KILLERS are well aware of what China has been doing to infiltrate our technology corporations.

From the article linked above:

Over the past year, Western media organizations have published a non-stop stream of reports about “Operation Cloudhopper”: The Chinese government’s clandestine program to spy on and siphon economic secrets from some of the world’s largest tech companies.

China’s Ministry of State Security has worked with a shadowy group of hackers called ‘Advanced Persistent Threat’ 10 to infiltrate American and European enterprise tech firms using a very consistent MO: Hackers would infiltrate the cloud computing networks of ‘managed service providers’, then ‘hop’ from network to network’, gaining entree to the networks of these firms’ clients. Back in December, the US named some of the hackers suspected of working with APT10, and was backed up by Germany, New Zealand, Canada, Britain, Australia and other allies all issued statements.

Notably, the Chinese cyberespionage campaign continued even after Beijing and the Obama Administration agreed to a pact to cease all cyberespionage activities.

Under Trump, the DoJ has stepped up its efforts to punish China and individuals spies for their cyberespionage activity.

She can no longer hide the fact that she has some serious issues.

I love the fact that Don Jr. retweeted this.

From the article linked above:

Some of the women and young girls get hurt; an ankle gets sprained, a foot broken, or they simply get exhausted and can’t physically continue. They are then left to die by their coyote—and they often do. The county that the Falfurrias checkpoint is in is Brooks County. They have six deputies to patrol nearly 1,000 square miles. Forty-four bodies were found in the area in 2014 alone, with 129 found last year. Some are men, some are women, but all were left to die after an injury or the inability to keep up with the group they were traveling with.

Last night was so bad for the Democrats that one of their crazies had to tell the truth to the viewers on MSNBC.

Our President’s administration is truly saving American lives!

From the article linked above:

For the first time in decades, drug-overdose deaths in the U.S. are on the precipice of declining.

Authorities are still counting fatalities around the U.S. from 2018, but provisional data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are pointing lower. Those data predict there were nearly 69,100 drug deaths in the 12-month period ending last November, down from almost 72,300 predicted deaths for 12 months ending November 2017.

If the trend holds through December, annual drug deaths will fall for the first time since 1990, when overdoses killed about 8,400 people. December’s data will likely be available next month.

“I think we’re probably looking at a decline,” said Robert Anderson, chief of the Mortality Statistics branch at the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics. “We shouldn’t say oh, we’ve won and we’ve defeated the drug-overdose epidemic.”



God Bless Our Lion!

83 thoughts on “News Roundup! Supreme Court Decisions, 1st Quarter GDP, China’s Infiltration of Big Tech, Merkel Is Not Well, Deaths At the Border Under BHO, Last Night’s Debate, PDJT Is Saving Lives & Reversing Trends…..

  1. Most cops are carrying narcan now. Its for their safety bc of the dirtbags them deal with, but obviously for whoever needs it.
    Merkel and these others have been taking who knows what. Tremors among them once, maybe, but among several high profile people…thats a good conspiracy.

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    1. Yes, the Merkel thing is interesting. And your suggestion of an opioid connection (almost inadvertent or accidental, but let’s go there) is also interesting. We have no idea what repeated MK induction using older methods like carfentanil (extreme opioid) might do, but based on Merkel’s age, it makes sense that she would have been programmed during the late 70’s and 80’s using it.

      They sure hid Hillary Health BIG TIME. And NOW I’m seeing confirmation in MERKEL and let me explain. It’s more than just hiding Parkinson’s. There must be a DEEPER RISK on the Parkinson’s being revealed.

      WHAT IS IT? Is it a SIDE EFFECT of carfentanil inductions? HOLY CRAP. What a hands-off way to get orders to commie treason-bots.

      I am coming back to my old assertion that MK would become a problem before AI, but they’re in many ways the same problem – PROGRAMMING.

      Now about this video in particular.

      They used a specific type of disinformation (one of many, but a repeated one) to hide Hillary Health, that involved feeding conspiracy theories both to cover up and to discredit those who were watching her too closely. That is why they injected the entire “rigged lectern with hidden scrolling” thing on Hillary’s first debate, when it was actually her hiding a PILL ROLLING TREMOR – which NAILS DOWN PARKINSON’S.

      So now look at Merkel with her little HEART SHAPE. They threw all kinds of “Illuminati symbolism” very intentionally at that. YES – symbols are important, but they VERY OFTEN over-do the symbol thing as a form of PROTECTION – as a form of DISINFORMATION. Merkel does it, and shills play it up.

      See how sneaky that is? Part of Stasi Merkel’s schtick to hide HER pill-rolling tremor is to use exaggerated heart-shape hand-holding to DIVERT FROM DISEASE TO A DIFFERENT CONSPIRACY THAT CAN’T BE PROVEN.

      And now (completely different subject) I’m drawing a possible THYROID connection between missing eyebrows and sanpaku eyes (hypo vs. hyper). They HIDE a lot about HEALTH, and we have to wonder WHY.

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      1. Its clear that the people around her have been told not to help if this happens on stage.

        Have people looked at past footage of Merkel to see if its happened before?

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        1. Yes, and people here wondered why the Ukranian president didn’t do anything.

          She would not want anyone calling attention to it — just my thought:

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      2. With regard to thyroid issues, most Germans have an iodine insuffiency, and (I thnk because of the EU) salt used in processed foods (and in general) is NOT iodized (here Iodine is called Jod, so iodized salt is called Jodsalz). So she could have that, although it’s a worse problem in the Black Forest area.

        The heart gesture has been a “trademark” of hers for years, as have her hundreds of outfits that all look the same. Someone even made a Pantone color chart from them (it’s on the Daily Fail somewhere).

        I’ve also read that one of the rare side effects of “youth blood infusions” is tremors or uncontrolled shaking. Don’t know if that’s true, because then normal folks getting blood transfusions might also be affected, unless baby or toddler blood was meant, which I don’t think is allowed for normal blood transfusions… Scary thought that…

        Another point that’s troubling is that most of the leaders of the European countries HAVE NO CHILDREN. I think it’s either 18 or 23 of the (currently) 28…. Wonder about the G20 bunch’s make-up…

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        1. Cuppa – my son has pointed out the “no children” phenom to me many times. He says it explains a lot when you look at their lack of protectionist instinct towards their own countries. I think he’s right.

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        2. I have a slow thyroid and take low dose meds for it. I use sea salt that has iodine in it.
          Mine is in the family my brothers also have problems with thyroid but worse than I.

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        3. I had no idea that so many Germans have iodine issues. But again look what the EU does.

          As for the no kids thing. Yes and no. I mean look at certain ones that have kids and they are still trying to screw this country over.


        1. I have seen people on drugs shake like her also alcoholics and the stop if they get an alcoholic drink.
          If Merkel is sick she knows what it is.
          Funny we see it in Merkel and Hillary?

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  2. They know they lost! The MSM are preparing their crazies for what will ultimately happen.

    From the article linked above:

    Despite a favorable ruling for opponents of the census citizenship question on Thursday, the Supreme Court did not definitively decide to exclude citizenship question from the 2020 census. Indeed, I expect that the Trump administration’s Commerce Department and Department of Justice could well be back before the Supreme Court’s next term begins in October arguing for the question’s inclusion, and they could well win and include the question.

    Chief Justice John Roberts wrote Thursday’s decision in Department of Commerce v. New York in a way that put him in the driver’s seat. Joined by the conservatives on the court, Roberts agreed that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross had broad discretion under the Constitution’s enumeration clause (which requires the counting of all people in the United States every 10 years), various acts of Congress regulating the census, and the Administrative Procedure Act to include a census question. The conservative justices, who otherwise question broad agency power (including in Wednesday’s decision in Kisor v. Wilkie) saw Ross as having essentially unfettered discretion. There are five votes for this position on the Supreme Court.

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    1. The conclusion of the article says it all!

      So we may see a rare September argument where these issues will be back before the Supreme Court, and John Roberts, who gave the Republicans a green light to gerrymander to their hearts content in Thursday’s Rucho case, may give them yet another tool to solidify their grasp on power despite demographic forces moving against them.

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      1. Flep – I really appreciate hearing your take on the Roberts’ decision today, because he is getting slammed in the conservative media. Joe DeGenova, Ed Rollins, Lou Dobbs – they are all pretty upset with him. I hope your view of things proves correct. Seems logical to me!

        Liked by 3 people

        1. I recommend optimism as to the citizenship question. I think we’re in good shape.

          Joe Digenova, Ed Rollins, Lou Dobbs – I think they are CORRECT to be upset with him. He’s creating new rules out of thin air, requirements for the Commerce Dept to meet, that in this case will be a non issue.

          BUT, that only means that the Executive won’t challenge the Supreme Court’s addition rulemaking in this case b/c the Executive will get its way.

          MEANING, this idiotic requirement making stands as a minor precedent statement.


          IANAL!!! but that is frankly my read, and I think there is reason to be pissed here… I feel like someone is setting up a trap.

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    2. IIRC. ristvan noted that on the “long form” Census Questionnaire, the citizenship question has always been there, i.e. it was never removed.

      So, if they have it on the long form, why isn’t it on the short form?

      I expect that VSGPDJT and Wilburine have prepared for this…

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    1. So, is this a family affair? Pun intended?

      Omar married to her brother, IIRC. Then divorced. Now ex-husband (also her brother) marries Omar’s sister.

      Guy jokes about sisters aside, did I miss something? (Sorry, I couldn’t, or wouldn’t refrain on that one.)

      Liked by 11 people

      1. Kenya….hmmm where have I heard that before.

        As in “I Ken Ya”….

        Their theme song should be “Begin the Consanguine”…

        (as opposed to “I’m My Own Grandpa” 🙂 )…

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      2. It is permissible in Islam for a step-brother to marry his step-sister. Both of them must be a step-sibling (the biological mother and father must be separate individuals). It is NOT permissible in Islam for blood-related brothers and sisters to marry each other (direct blood relations from the same parents, or half-brother and half-sister).

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        1. And from what I’ve been able to find, it’s not clear AT ALL if this Elmi person is OMAR’s full brother, half-brother, or step-brother. It also appears that BOTH of her marriages were performed first as “faith-based”, meaning a Muslim ceremony, then later on performed with a civil ceremony.
          In any event, it would appear that OMAR has flouted the marriage laws of the United States in addition to the tax laws.

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        2. OK. Logic in there. Not blood relatives.

          Not intending to be argumentative.

          Not a fan of Islam, at all. Fundamentally evil, to me.

          Same religion that figures all non-Izzies are Infidels? Not that I figure being an Infidel is bad. Badge of common sense more likely, or at least points in that direction. Same bunch that figure deception justifies whatever actions to achieve the goal…islam domination. Women can be beaten? Women second class folks, at best. Marry children. Toss LGBXYZ folks off of buildings…

          AND, worst of all, (tongue in cheek, joking;-), they DON”T LIKE BACON!!!

          Seriously, if I mixed up islam stuff with muzzie stuff, no biggie. Don’t care for either group as they fundamentally hate America. The same America I unapologeticly will always defend.

          Not meant to be offensive, but these are my thoughts and I am not much for PC BS. there will be ample PC BS during the D-Rat yammering later this evening;-)

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    2. Liked by 7 people

      1. She’s too young. I talked to my (German) wife about that, and it’s all but impossible for Merkel to be Hitler’s daughter. For one, she’d have to be 15 years older (at least).

        OTOH, she’s pwned by the deep state and the globalists. So is Schauble, after the assassination attempt that left him paralyzed. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d said to him “next time, we won’t miss”, and copied Merde-Kuh on the message…

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  3. This right here is why Trump went with KAG….

    Love the decision on gerrymandering. Why? Because the DEMOCRATS ARE IDIOTS. The SCOTUS just protected DEMOCRAT GERRYMANDERING and they’re too stupid to realize it. Perfect example of EVIL making itself STUPID.

    Democrat gerrymandering is always the most cynical and ridiculous. They should be OVERJOYED! IDIOTS!

    But seriously, it was SMART THINKING by SCOTUS on how to keep POLITICS out of GOVERNMENT, and the COMMUNISTS are NOT HAPPY!

    Well, tough luck. AMERICANS ARE HAPPY!


    Love the census thing, too. OH MY.




    Excellent round-up!!! 😀

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    1. You are right! They won their case in Maryland. We won’t be able to flip the 6th district. However, they realize that they are screwed when you look at the national map. Far more RED than Blue.

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      1. Most anyone would but yes you look divine.
        Lions are big cats and they do what cats do.
        I was visiting a zoo once, when they still had netting& bars and we saw a small notice on the wire netting of the lion enclosure. I stepped to the safety railing to read it and discovered , to my alarm, that the male lion was territorial and marked his turf with urine and that in cats it sprays out backwards. I was alarmed because he was backing up to the fence. My husband, stroller with daughter and I quickly relocated. Sadly(hilariously) another woman walked up to the fence and bent over to peer at the sign. She copped a fire hydrant to the face of …. cat piss. This is one of the reasons I’m gonna need a little wiggle room with getting into heaven
        There but for the grace of god…..

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  4. 100% support Lawrence O’Donnell’s denial of reality, that no D-Rat on that stage could beat President Trump.

    And, may O’Donnell’s ignorance infect every D-Rat.

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  5. Mexico and her citizens should sue the democrats for all the deaths on the border, just like blacks should sue democrats for everything they done to the black population.
    As a white man I demand lol reperations from dems for all their bullshit put on the working mans shoulders.

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  6. Liked by 13 people

    1. Been up to the camp since Monday morning and the first thing I see ( only broadcast TV no internet) is the YSM saying children being tortured by POTUS prisons for immigrants.

      I just turn on the boob tube just to see what crazy crap is going on and almost threw the TV in Lake Erie!

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  7. Days like today is why I stand with Mitch McConnell. I am not blind and realize he has his tendencies to be a POS but he also destroys the Democrats far more than us.

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    1. Mitch McConnell is a god-send compared to the man who preceeded him as SML. Yes, he has his bad points, but like you say he has his good points too…..Judiciary appointments being just one.

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      1. Completely off topic FG&c I believe you are a pilot? Either large commercial or military?
        If so, and I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of theories, I read yesterday that an awful lot more is known about the missing Malaysian aircraft than Malaysia are admitting. That not only was it tracked to a perfect, kill all passengers and crew behind the cockpit door manoeuvre but for a lot further by military radar. Wtf wouldn’t they ,at least, narrow the enormous search zone? I mean, yes everyone onboard is dead, but it’s the uncertainty that kills loved ones.
        Do you think it feasible that Malaysia would have the radar coverage to do this?

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    2. Somewhere along the line I read an American Thinker piece on McConnell that claimed he has a mean streak. I’ll believe that. And his wife’s China connections aside, they were threatened. That’s not a good idea when dealing with a man with a long memory and a mean streak who happens to have one of the highest positions of power in the land.

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      1. Yes, getting threaten by the Commie Mob is a major wake up call that YOU are not immune to their plans for the Deplorables.

        Also his wife, Elaine Chao, was born in Taiwan in 1953. There is certainly no love loss between Taiwan and Communist China.

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    3. Chalk up another WIN for our President!

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  8. The Supreme Court decision on Ross’ desire to include the question comes very close to conflicting with its decision on gerrymandering. If political acts are beyond the purview of the courts, then Ross should articulate a political rationale for his question to be included AND CITE TO THE GERRYMANDER CASE AS AUTHORITY.

    Only Roberts makes me think twice about such a bold move.

    In an unnoticed case, SCOTUS held that taking a blood draw from an unconscious person can be done without a Fourth Amendment search warrant. This frees up a lot of doors that can now be slammed shut regarding what circumstances require a search warrant in order to gather evidence.

    Allow me to point out that taking a blood draw from a person (unconscious or otherwise) is an easy way to get a DNA sample without consent or additional probable cause beyond the basis for the blood draw.

    Last let me say that the best way to prevent donkey party gerrymandering is to never allow it to be the majority party in any state legislature. IOW, conservatives, tea partiers, and concerned GOPers need to get off their asses and beat the bushes (nice pun, pgroup) for votes and converts.

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    1. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes! The Democrats in the House will learn the hard way.

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    2. Thought the same thing, pgroup. Like a little lightbulb went off.

      On one hand, SCOTUS conservatives “ruled hands off” for how a state decides their congressional districts, then Roberts – no surprise – twists himself into a pretzel (again) to bring politics into the citizenship question – “intent” – it’s not SCOTUS’ job to decide the Commerce department’s “intent.”

      Typical Roberts’ nonsense when he invents a tax to uphold the ACA, even though the Dems themselves said it wasn’t a tax. Still, what was more egregious was Robert’s burning the Constitution by deciding the government could force you to buy healthcare. He moved the entire country into a fascist state at that point, and the Lefties have been mowing us down every since… until DJT.

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  9. Our President took time out of his G20 visit to tell Americans that we will WIN the census debate.

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  10. For those that think Xi can wait out our President, he can’t! The Chinese are in serious trouble. Their economy is teetering if not already in a full blown recession.

    From the article linked above:

    China’s factory activity is expected to have pulled back for a second straight month in June, according to a Reuters poll of analysts, as domestic business conditions worsened and the protracted Sino-U.S. trade war hit demand.

    The official Purchasing Manager’s Index (PMI) for June is expected to have edged up to 49.5 from May’s reading of 49.4, according to the median forecast of 20 economists. However, that’s still below the 50-point mark that separates expansion from contraction on a monthly basis.

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  11. Thank you, Flep. I came here as soon as I had a chance because I knew you’d have the “real” explanation behind that SCOTUS census ruling.

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  12. I knew they were going to go crazy on Nancy! Grab your popcorn because the next few days are going to be fun.

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  13. “Behold Donny Deutsch and Lawrence O’Donnell engage in quite the cage match after Donny says he didn’t see ANYONE in tonight’s #DemDebate that could beat @realDonaldTrump right now”


    Well… ‘cage match’ is pretty strong… more like to old disgruntled hens clucking at each other.

    Lovely of the person dressed as a woman (can’t assume even the most basic things with Lefties) telling Donny that he’s in a ‘safe space’ there… LOL!

    For any grown adult to require a ‘safe space’ in order to express his views is not even juvenile, it’s infantile.

    These people are intellectual infants.

    They’re babies.

    Don’t be a baby, Donny…

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  14. Liked by 6 people

  15. Liked by 6 people

    1. Should make watching the debate tonight all the more interesting but I won’t hold my breath thinking the dems and their commie media pals will be able to catch up to the news today.

      Ikes… Biden will need more time for this one….

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  16. Flep – I don’t think First Lady Melania Trump is on this trip.

    I have looked everywhere, but haven’t seen any photos or fashion reports at all!

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