Democrat Primary Debates – Evening #1

Okay, folks. Think of this as recon #101. We’re scoping our opponents, looking for good memes for the 2020 election season. Yes, in order to be informed citizens, we have to watch the debates. We KNOW the press takes comments out of context, on the left and on the right——– so let’s be accurate, at least.

And there’s the chance our President will be tweeting comments to keep life interesting. Keep in mind, however, he leaves for the G20 at 1:00pm today and might be over the Pacific or otherwise engaged.

Hey Treepers, do us all a favor while you are here. If you have info about a particular Dem Candidate, please drop the info into the thread below. We can then come back to this thread as a reference.

Should be a fun evening. No throwing television sets into the driveway! Put on your happy face and come to the party!

Love to all!, Daughn

Trump Twitter

PS – Here is your DRINKING GAME (h/t coosmama!)

507 thoughts on “Democrat Primary Debates – Evening #1

  1. Team Trump Statement on the Democrat ‘Debates’

    “This debate was the best argument for President @realDonaldTrump’s re-election and should really be counted as an in-kind contribution to the President’s campaign.”

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