News Roundup! Immigration, Immigration, Immigration…..

I want to share the data above because you will be inundated with FAKE POLLS over the next few weeks now that ICE has begun to pickup and deport illegals. The data in my opinion has only gone up over the last year and a half.

Our President understands what the vast majority of Americans want. Those that came into our country legally will completely back our President at the ballot box. That is why our President’s polling numbers have gone up BIGLY from the 29% that voted for him in the 2016 Presidential Election.

The Democrats are continuing to show everyday Americans that they take a back seat to illegals. This MORON who has the worst homeless invasion occurring in his major cities proves once again what his priorities are.

I loved reading this article today! They will wonder after the 2020 Election why their Party was destroyed.

From the article linked above:

It is bad enough that Congressional Democrats refuse to fund additional border security, in many cases flipping 180 degrees from their position on border security in just the past few years. This can be explained though, by their unyielding hatred for President Trump.

But Democrats claim to care about the migrants who are entering the country in record numbers.

So, what explains the complete lack of action by the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives on a reasonable $4.5 billion request for humanitarian aid that the Trump administration made many months ago?

This is not funding for the border wall. It would allow the government to process individuals more quickly and house them in three new 500-bed migrant processing facilities. The $4.5 billion is separated into $3.4 billion for humanitarian assistance and $1.1 billion for border operations. It is a reasonable request.

The fact that the Democrat Presidential hopefuls are now pushing this, is absolutely great news.

Our President’s message this morning was loud and clear!

He discusses the ICE raids in the clip below.

For those illegals that thought they could enjoy Saturday before going into hiding knowing that Sunday was the day ICE was going to start picking them up, they guessed wrong.

There is another community that is beginning to speak their minds knowing that illegals have a devastating effect on their ability to find jobs and higher wages.

The WALL is continuing to go up both through private and government funding.


59 thoughts on “News Roundup! Immigration, Immigration, Immigration…..

  1. Our President just tweeted the following. For those that are nervous that he is backing down, this was the plan all along. He has given Democrats more rope to hand themselves. Plus by having the papers release the 10 cities, raids like the one above will continue to occur outside those cities.

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    1. I get the reasons for doing this: Make the Democrats look bad, let the open borders supporters look insane with their Holocaust comparisons, study reactions now to help formulate future plans, figure out if there are any leakers in ICE, yadda yadda yadda. But I’m still tired of it. The mass deportations should have began 20 years ago. I’m not convinced it’s ever going to happen, if I’m being blunt about it.

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      ‪Judge Jeanine is rightfully venting her frustration but listen to Mark Morgan explain exactly what I said in my post above. Nothing has been put on hold!‬



    1. Time to man all battle stations Wolf, we cant let them seperatePresident Trumps base, I have been a Trumper for well over 35 years and will go down fighting for President Trump.

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  2. This doesnt make sense. The deportations have to start. They dont belong here, period. Yes democrats have to work but theres no reason to not do this anyways. Theres enough rope and then some already.
    Anyone like newsom should be arrested for his actions.
    If the laws can be fixed in 15 minutes, WHY would he give them 2 WEEKS?

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  3. In light of the construct that Dimm leadership wants the chaos at the border to continue, these words are sufficient…Cloward / Piven. Overwhelm the system. Use the system to undermine itself.

    So keep hitting them with the facts. Dimms have nothing constructive to offer. Only destroy, destroy, destroy. Conversely, look what PDJT is doing for the economic reality of women and minorities.

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    1. I have been preaching Cloward and Piven for years. That is what is happening in Europe as well with same type of usual suspects supporting it.

      People who blow this off as conspiracy theory are either not paying close attention—or are part of the CABAL!

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  4. Somehow despite all the plastic surgery and botox, Pelosi blinked.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called President Donald Trump and asked him to call off planned raids to deport immigrants here illegally.

    The California Democrat called Trump on Friday night, according to a person familiar with the situation and not authorized to discuss it publicly. The person spoke on condition of anonymity. Trump announced a two-week delay with a tweet Saturday afternoon.

    Pelosi responded with her own tweet, “Mr. President, delay is welcome. Time is needed for comprehensive immigration reform. Families belong together.”

    The president had told Pelosi that he would consider the request, said the person familiar with the situation.

    3:30 p.m.

    President Donald Trump says he is delaying a nationwide sweep to deport people living in the U.S. illegally.

    He said in a tweet Saturday he would delay for two weeks to give lawmakers time to discuss border solutions.

    Three administration officials told The Associated Press the operation had been canceled because details had leaked in the media and officer safety could be jeopardized. The officials were not authorized to speak publicly on the operation and spoke on condition of anonymity.

    The operation was expected to begin Sunday and would have targeted people with final orders of removal, including families whose immigration cases had been fast-tracked by judges.

    Trump earlier this week tweeted that an operation was upcoming and said the agency would begin to remove “millions” of people.

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    1. Please use caution with the claim that “Pelosi Blinked.”

      The one who blinks is the one whose position changes.

      Pelosi was anti deportation. She REMAINS anti deportation.

      Her position did NOT change.

      POTUS said he was starting deportations.

      HIS POSITION CHANGED to ‘I talked to Nancy and now I’m going to wait two weeks.’

      It’s not Pelosi who blinked.

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      1. He’s put her in a kill box. She’s got 2weeks to agree to Potus border security, no anchor babies, no visa lottery etc. classic Trump. Lose lose for the dems

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    2. It is all about the moves and counter moves in this bigger than life chess game. Trumps actions are not without purpose. We may not get the purpose and get frustrated with “plan” and how it seems to move wrongly or slowly, but in the end I have to keep hoping it all works out Trust the Plan!

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  5. First phone call from an absolutely LIVID Trump supporter. Listened to him RAGE over this for about 5 minutes.

    When he finished, I just said…”Sir…I got nuthin.”

    Seriously, this is not playing well out there.

    Not seeing how this bodes well for re-election…

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      1. If you take a gander around the internet.. outside the exclusively ‘pro Trump’ sites – there are a lot of his supporters who feel they’ve already been run over…by POTUS himself.

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        1. And in 2 weeks when nothing is done in congress President Trump will hit a grand slam homerun as always.My support for my President is unwavering, he has my vote in 2020.

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          1. The problem, Rodney, is that a LOT of people do not feel the way you do. Good folks who supported him strongly have thrown in the towel.

            If they don’t come out to vote in 2020….with all the cheating the left will be doing, ANY decrease in Trump voters is not a good thing…

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            1. We’ve got a lot of work to do to get the message out there.

              Remember we’re up against the entire MCM complex.

              And Big Tech is on a censorship rampage.

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        2. Maybe you should step back a bit, lose your impatience, and read some Sun Tzu and “The Art of The Deal”.

          VSGPDJT is NO FOOL (although that is what you are making him out to be).

          If he is approving a delay, then he has a good reason. If only to force the DEMONcRATs to fund more of the wall, and the holding facilities.

          He has access to FAR more information than we or Coultergeist, or any of the MCM do. Indeed, he has access to information that neither Piglosi nor Schumer do.

          I’d think twice before telling him he’s wrong.

          Though, if you think he’s wrong, you can email/phone/tweet him and tell him so.

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          1. That’s what I’m advocating now – after all, those who feel he’s wrong here need to be LOUD and LET HIM KNOW IT! He can’t know that they’re upset if they don’t make noise.

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              1. Shame on you! Mandy is quite correct – there are many, many Trump voters who cannot possibly understand what is going on behind the scenes. They are simple, pragmatic people who don’t play such games in their every-day lives and have no understanding of it AT ALL!!!! They don’t spend their lives on-line or on FB – they spend their lives working, taking care of their property, raising their children, participating in the activities within their own cities and towns. They have absolutely NO clue as to all the undercurrents and shenanigans that go on behind the scenes.

                You are bringing the nastiness from OT to this blog now????


              2. Might be time to re-read this:
                “Free Speech is practiced here at the Q Tree. In fact, our host Wolfmoon encourages us to use it…and Enjoy it. “Use it or lose it”, he tells us.
                “But please keep it civil.”

                Please don’t think my silence on your “comment” is acquiesce.

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              3. And I would reply that there are a number of people for who having it done yesterday is even too late.

                There is much more going on that we know, and I don’t give a RIP about social media. VSGPDJT himself uses social media, and it is not that hard to follow someone via the internet, or to hunt down threadreader unrolls.

                Judging by all the people walking around with phones or tablets stuffed into their faces, it must not be all that difficult to find or learn.

                There is a creeping pessimism that resembles OT, and it is relatively new. I’ll leave it at that. Look up Overton’s Window, bookends, and their purpose with regard to that. Pointman and chiefio, among others, have wrtitten about that.

                As I said in another comment, and others have noted as well, there are always strategic reasons for President Trump’s actions: whether we see or regard them as such, or not.

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              4. I think you are right to call out this.

                Here’s why. A key part of the power of the Q Tree is that we are aggressively pushing back against the defeatist attitude ATTACKING our MINDS to break our WILL and WEAKEN our resolve to STAND with our Lion and his team.

                While I could see how someone might not understand. Might take it as a personal attack (which I don’t believe it was). Might carry a spirit of offense about it. I believe you called it right.

                We are in a time of #WAR and as anyone that’s been in the military knows, keeping up morale is no small part of a winning strategy.

                Only question is, why would anyone take what you posted as calling a specific person an eeyore? Perhaps the wording left that open as a possibility, but who would read it that way and why?

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    1. Mandy – I think this is “stealth Trump” in action. He never announces precisely what is going on, just lots of innuendo and suggestion. Now, he has done with the dimms what he does elsewhere in his negotiations – given them “time” to come to the table – given ICE agents “cover” to be able to work safely – and when the dimms still oppose any meaningful reform in two weeks, Our President will be able to blame EVERYTHING – including the deportations, on them. It’s brilliant, if you ask me.

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          1. TBH, no, “most” people DON’T know this by now!!!! Only those of us who are passionate about this and who have the time to pursue the facts behind the “news.” The vast majority of people have far too much to do in their regular, every-day lives to spend the time necessary to do so.


    2. Yeah. It’s disappointing. I don’t think it’ll hurt his chances of re-election when you consider who the competition is and the good things the President has done right, but it’s disappointing. I don’t blame people for being angry.

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  6. Love Love Love how you back up All THE WINNING! With ALL THE FACTS and Numbers!!! Perfect timing too! Just when The Fake News basically reports “POTUS CAVES”… Your brilliant News roundup pops up to remind us that President Trump Always has a Plan!! Thanks again Flep!!

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  7. Via Flep… Gavin’s tweet:

    “CA will always defend the rights of our immigrant communities.

    If ICE agents show up at your door, know your rights:

    -You do not have to open the door—you have the right against unlawful searches.

    -You have the right to speak to a lawyer.

    -You have the right to remain silent.:

    Is Newsome trying to get peopled killed? If the police say they have a warrant, you do have to open the door, or else they have the right to break the door down.

    Apparently California now has a shit-house lawyer?

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    1. Nuisance is a huge idiot. This video was laughable. Anyone with half a brain can see he is not logical in his thought process. Pathetic, pandering drivel.

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        1. It does make one wonder about “being his own man”, because it would be very difficult to be that ignorant regarding the state of crisis California is in. He comes across as a smarmy snake oil salesman, eh?

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    1. Thing I love about this picture,NONE of these fools will EVA be President.
      This is gonna be better than any movie script Duchess,Gods behind the wheel with President Trump as his co pilot.

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