News Roundup! Expanding Health Coverage (HRAs), Saving Lives, McConnell Talks Courts & Being the Grim Reaper, Trump Carnival & Rally, Fake Polling Video, China Down, USA Up, Americans Support China Tariffs, Governor DeSantis…..

Our President is fixing Healthcare on his own for millions of Americans.

Yesterday, PDJT delivered remarks on expanding health coverage options for employers and workers through health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs).

Employers will now be able to provide their workers with tax-preferred funds to pay for the cost of health insurance coverage that workers purchase in the individual market. The rule will particularly benefit small businesses that face costs in offering a traditional group health plan and businesses that do not currently offer coverage.

From the transcript linked above:

President: And today I’m pleased to announce another groundbreaking action. We are dramatically increasing the ability of Americans to access more affordable health insurance through options and through their employers. We’re doing so by expanding Health Reimbursement Arrangements, or HRAs, as they are commonly known. HRAs will allow American workers to shop for the plan that’s right for them and their family, and have their employer cover the cost. And it’s a reasonable cost, and people are going to be getting tremendous benefits.

MR. KUNKEL: Three years ago, I actually spoke to the U.S. Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee about reinstating the Health Reimbursement Benefit Program that had existed previously. This was after the Obama administration had made it illegal for our business to help employees with their health insurance costs.

At the time, we had been helping our employees, some who had very serious medical conditions, including cancer. And after the Obama ruling we had to stop all reimbursements, and –which caused a great bit of hardship for our employees. And several of them I actually ended up losing because they had to leave us and go to other companies that offered a little better health benefits.

So I want to thank the President and the administration for supporting this new measure and all of his pro-small-business policies. We very much appreciate it in the small-business community.

So this new rule really allows small businesses to offer a benefit to our employees that will help our employees with healthcare costs, provide more and better options for them and also for employers.

So, again, thank you very much, Mr. President.

MS. BURNS: Hello, my name is Andrea Burns, and I’m a director at Richard S. Burns and Company, a family-owned and operated construction waste material recovery and processing facility in Philadelphia. We employ approximately 100 people.

And, right now, my brother and I — Allen — choose the healthcare plan for all of those employees. They don’t have the opportunity to choose the provider, the coverage, or the premium. This plan — HRAs — would allow us to give them the opportunity to choose the plan that’s best for them. Thank you.

Our President and his administration are saving lives!

Mitch McConnell can be a real POS when he is doing the bidding for the CoC. However when it comes to packing the courts with Constitutionalists, he has done a fantastic job. He promises that the remaining 130+ vacancies will be filled by the 116th Congress.

Nancy Pelosi gave Mitch McConnell a nickname that he approves.

With over 100K ticket requests for the rally on June 18th in Orlando, FL, our President and his team have decided to have a carnival for those that can’t get into the 20K seat arena.

From the article linked above:

  • Donald Trump’s re-election campaign will have a carnival outside his Orlando rally next Tuesday starting 10 hours earlier
  • Party band called ‘The Guzzlers’ will play sets near the Amway Center
  • A member who goes by ‘Dancin’ Dave’ says he has no idea how ‘a bunch of old rockers with day jobs’ got the gig
  • The arena seats 20,000 people; the president says 106,000 people have requested tickets
  • If 106,000 actually came, it would be nearly twice the size of the Disney World Maginc Kingdom’s average daily attendance 
  • The president and first lady Melania Trump will speak, along with Vice President Mike Pence and second lady Karen Pence

Our President reminds everyone that the FAKE POLLS got the 2016 Presidential Election completely wrong!

Our President’s approval polling remains strong.

Things are going from bad to worse for China!

From the article linked above:

China reported the worst-ever monthly sales drop in the world’s largest vehicle market on Wednesday, exacerbating concerns over the country’s economic slowdown and growing impact of an ongoing trade war with the United States.

Sales tumbled 16.4% in May from the same month a year prior, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) said. That marked the 11th consecutive month of decline and followed falls of 14.6% in April and 5.2% in March.

From the article linked above:

U.S. factory production bounced back in May after a four-month slump while the growth of industrial output in China fell to its slowest pace since 2002.

Data from China Friday showed that growth in industrial output had slowed to the weakest pace since 2002, indicating that U.S. tariffs are taking a toll on the world’s second-largest economy.

The U.S. factory data is an important sign that the U.S. manufacturing sector is more resilient to trade stress than many economists had forecast. Bolstering the case for a stronger U.S. economy was a separate report Friday on U.S. retail sales that showed better than expected gains in May and revised April and March higher.

Americans back our President and the 25% tariff he has placed on $250 billion dollars worth of Chinese imports.

From the article linked above (PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE INDEPENDENTS %):

Fifty-eight percent (58%) of voters favor having the United States impose new tariffs on goods imported from China. A national survey found that 42% oppose such tariffs. These totals include 22% who Strongly Favor the tariffs and 14% who are Strongly Opposed.

These numbers are virtually unchanged from a month ago. In between the two surveys, President Trump threatened to impose tariffs on Mexico before reaching a last minute agreement with that nation. Mexico agreed to provide additional help in fighting illegal immigration. Voters are evenly divided as to whether or not the tariff threat led to a better agreement for the United States.

On a partisan basis, they are supported by 80% of Republicans and 59% of Independents.

Governor DeSantis understands the importance of Promises Made, Promises Kept.

God bless this little boy!

We are absolutely WINNING!

75 thoughts on “News Roundup! Expanding Health Coverage (HRAs), Saving Lives, McConnell Talks Courts & Being the Grim Reaper, Trump Carnival & Rally, Fake Polling Video, China Down, USA Up, Americans Support China Tariffs, Governor DeSantis…..

  1. President Trump is the American citizen/conservative/voter’s TRUMP CARD!!!

    The left have their race cards, special interest donors cards, identity politics cards, ideology cards, etc.

    American citizens, conservatives have PRESIDENT TRUMP – THE TRUMP CARD!!!

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    1. Who in their red blooded American male mind wouldn’t vote for 4 more years of the opportunity to look at -THAT? The fact that the guy to her right is restoring sanity to what was an insane government hierarchy is just a bonus.

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  2. As always, thanks Fleporeblog….
    The clip about the drugs was amazing and how totally irresponsible the MSM is for not reporting it. I just copied and sent to 11 people and know they will do the same…it’s up to Citizen Journalists, like us !, to spread the positive news…so get busy, folks.

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  3. The Daily Mail calls the Trump MAGA/KAG RALLY a carnival – I call it a huge FESTIVAL – a massive TAILGATE PARTY!

    It’s a CELEBRATION of all our President and his team have accomplished!

    Nothing carnival, clownish, masquerade, debauched, decadent about it!

    Trump and his supporters mean serious business – the restoration of our Great Nation!

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  4. Oh, my! Deja vu vis-a-vis the short convo between myself and Wolfie on this subject. The abortion bill in Vermont is even worse than I realized!!!! And it completely went right over my head that this pos is a REPUBLICAN!!!!

    “Vermont Gov. Phil Scott, a Republican, has signed a bill into law that declares abortion a “fundamental right” and denies parents a right to be notified if their daughter is seeking an abortion.

    The denial of parental consent for a child seeking an abortion contrasts sharply with the state’s health code, which says non-prescription medication — such as ibuprofen — cannot be administered to a child in school without permission from a parent.

    “Like many Vermonters, I have consistently supported a woman’s right to choose, which is why today I signed H.57 into law,” Scott said in a press statement. “This legislation affirms what is already allowable in Vermont – protecting reproductive rights and ensuring those decisions remain between a woman and her health care provider.”

    An amendment known as Proposal 5 would also make Vermont the first state to enshrine abortion in its constitution. Proposal 5 would need approval again by the General Assembly in 2021–2022, and then by the state’s voters in 2022, in order to amend Vermont’s Constitution.

    In addition to declaring abortion a “fundamental right,” the new law blocks state oversight of abortion clinics and removes protections for women seeking abortions, obstructing their ability to claim malpractice in the case of a failed or botched abortion.”

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    1. And then there is this: “Vermont continues to shift further leftward as a recently proposed rule would also allow children and teens who claim to be transgender to obtain taxpayer-funded sex reassignment surgeries without having to wait until they are 21 years old.”

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      1. Ffs kids and teenagers don’t even know what job they want to do when they grow up and now we’re offering them a selection of which sex? There are gonna be some bad decisions made

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        1. I hate to say it. I hope these people abort and transgender themselves out of existence!

          This is almost all media and education (indoctrination) system doing. Too many parents not enough involved in their children’s lives—many of the parents themselves victims of the brainwashing.

          These ideas certainly did not come from conservative parents. Using logic, if conservatives have more babies than liberals—this evil ideology should not be growing. So where is it coming from?

          Knowing that they could not be honest about who they are—the Left (communists—McCarthy was RIGHT!) infiltrated all of the right places—schools and universities—news media/film/television—politics—even churches!

          Btw, this is throughout the entire Western Culture! Some are fighting back—others not so much. Have no doubts…….

          This IS war.

          Think what you want about Alex Jones—but he nailed it with “this is a war for your MIND! InfoWars”! Perhaps the most dangerous of all types of war.

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          1. Yes they are pushing the whole lefty ideology on the young BUT, and it’s a big but, in the main, it’s failing. Generation z , now teens, the most heavily indoctrinated ever are the most conservative generation since ww2. They are completely contemptuous of the whole gender fluid bullshit and even cast a side eye on homosexuality. My, son, 16, refuses to recycle as it’s a scam. Etc. I think the gender fluid thing is a cry for attention. Either from the simply needed or the unloved child. Bit like being a goth or a metal head. It will pass unless you screw up your body permanently. I see lots of suicides ahead

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          1. I see it as Gods way of cleansing the evil sickness from his wonderful world, after all the devil has already been beaten. We all have the same chances to adhear to Gods words and laws.
            I have a feeling the days of judgement are closer than any of us realize.

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    1. NEVER FORGET – Ø was behind the spying and dossier – with the help of McCain and probably Ryan… and I bet Romney had a hand in it too.

      Hillrotten was supposed to be the Øbomination’s 3rd term – Øbama on steroids unleashed and unhinged!

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      1. With obumma and valjar running things from the shadow White House down the road. ( though that may have only become a necessity once Potus won)

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          1. Yes, saw that. Hope the bastard has fisa warrants out on him and the old police song applies.- every you make, every breath you take I’ll be watching you.

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    2. I do not know the motive behind the tweet—but it sure is backfiring on the people who on 13 June thought that this was a blast against the President. I just trolled one of the idiots—kinda therapeutic.

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      1. Hello JW, I bet it was fun! I have a question for you , was you that posted a few days or week ago about Vitamin D for inflammation? If so, could you repeat the information or provide a link please? I forget to copy and paste the original link. Thank you so much .

        Liked by 3 people

        1. Vit d is important to prevent osteoporosis (yes men get it too) inflammation and is often low in cancer sufferers (cause or effect not known)

          Liked by 2 people

          1. So true, I ask as my hubby has all 3 issues going on. I thought it was JW who posted some recommended intake levels that were quite high and I do not remember them.

            Liked by 2 people

              1. If it was you, I am sorry I did not remember the name, would you be willing to share the intake levels that you shared a while back please? woulld like to help hubby start to beat this b@st@rd of a demon attacking his body.

                Liked by 1 person

              2. It wasn’t me but it should be determined by a simple blood test as to what his level is. Have also heard large doses of vit c can be helpful. Fortunately you can’t do on vit c as it is readily excreted by the kidneys.


  5. That McConnell is a slick piece of shit and needs to be handled with care especially when the coc is involved but as far as the judiciary confirmations go he’s not just a slick piece of shit running rings around the dems but a fucking rock star. We may yet forgive him his perfidy- he is atoning for his sins

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I get it…I’ve felt all along that turtle has used his stellar performance on judges as a buffer for not supporting Potus on virtually everything else. He’s a weasel but VSGDJT knows how to deal with him.

      Liked by 5 people

        1. I have a bad gut feeling turtle is going to drop out close to 2020 as a big fuck you to Trump and America,we really do need a MAGA person to replace him.

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    2. He is in bed with the COC – and probably does not want to lose his extra benefits – remember – there are trillions of dollars at stake – these Congress-Critters are up to their necks in profiteering from whatever!

      Liked by 1 person

              1. That’s why he’s working his but off for the
                I can’t copy it. Go to fb and search slick turtle.

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              2. Not on -In-Your-Face-Book – but, I have heard him speak at times – most times out of both sides of his mouth – can’t like him, ozzy!

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  6. Scumdance good on China being on the horns of dilemma this am. They are in a fucked/fucked situation. ( may not have used that exact terminology)

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  7. Thanks for another Great News Roundup, Fle!

    Thank you for All of them.
    I really appreciate all the work you do for us!

    It’s irksome to me to see people calling it “Trump’s trade war with China”.
    They’ve got it backwards!

    China has been waging a trade war against us…for nearly 40 years!
    Our previous leaders just didn’t fight back!

    So Pres Trump didn’t start this ‘trade war’ — he is just the first President to fight back for us.

    The other countries have also been waging their own trade wars against us.
    They all have been doing it.

    Thanks again, Fle, for these News Roundups!
    It can’t be said enough.

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