Four (4) Years Ago Today…

….this happened:

And the entire world began to change. For the better.

Happy 4th Trump Announces His Presidential Candidacy anniversary!!! 😎

Because no one else would…..

What were you doing that day?

What did you think?

Did you know profound, unprecedented change was happening?

What major wins really stand out to you since he took office?

Tell us your story.


27 thoughts on “Four (4) Years Ago Today…

  1. 2016 election night. On a road trip with family. All stayed up to the wee hours of the morning because we would not rest until we saw the results for POTUS 45. So much relief mixed with joy in the outcome!

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    1. I know what you mean by wee hours of the morning—I did not sleep until 9AM here in Germany.

      I was on the webcam with my Brother in Catskill, NY as the Florida results were coming in. My Brother was getting into a panic as he saw the numbers getting tight—“He’s gonna lose Florida!” I had to calm him by telling him no worries because the panhandle votes are still coming in because they are in a different time zone—adding that the panhandle is RED!

      I also told him we were going to take Pennsylvania although President Trump was trailing slightly at the time. I told him to carefully look at which districts were already counted vs those that were not. The advantage was team MAGA!!!

      Like Bill Mitchell—I love getting into demographics!!! And of course our very own Flep!!!

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  2. What did I think?

    I don’t think it made any impression on me. I never would have expected him to win at the time; I thought he was a blowhard.

    When it later became apparent he was likely to win the nomination in spite of everything, my common statement was that this election was going to be between “Oh, Shit!” and “Hell, No!” Hell No, of course was HRC, and Oh Shit was DJT. I couldn’t believe he’d be anything but an utter fiasco as a candidate and would be certain to lose.

    My thinking on this only began to change around August-September of 2016, and I am quite pleased to have been wrong about things before then.

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  3. And I love that his campaign workers’ motto was ‘Let Trump Be Trump’

    Donald Trump didn’t go places with his shirt sleeves rolled up like the typical candidate.

    He didn’t do anything like the typical candidate!

    He talked about ‘political hacks’ that were ‘all talk and no action.’

    Trump has been the polar opposite!

    Donald Trump actually signed a Contract with the American Voter!

    Click to access O-TRU-102316-Contractv02.pdf

    Donald Trump actually cared about the American people and Nation!!!

    “America First,” he said!

    Almost every speech he said this:

    I will be your champion!
    I will be your voice!
    I will fight for you!
    I will win for you!
    I will not let you down!
    I will never lie to you!
    I will be the best jobs President that God ever made!

    Together, we will make America strong again,
    We will make America wealthy again
    We will make America proud again
    We will make America safe again
    And we will make America great again,
    Greater than ever before!

    WOW – the crowds came.

    Trump broke records for crowds, donations, number of donors, Republican primary votes, and more.

    There has never been a candidate or President like Donald Trump!

    So glad to be alive for this!

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    1. I wish Trump would do this—I wish he would do that—blah, blah, blah…….

      Without Trump being allowed to be Trump—we would NOT have a President Trump right now. P-E-R-I-O-D!

      I absolutely LOVE that President Trump is destroying that status quo AND redefining what it means to be ‘presidential’.

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    2. Me, too, GA/FL – the second he came down that escalator and started to talk, I knew we had our man. I told my family, let’s give this guy a chance – he’s a businessman, NOT a useless politician – and I figured, as Trump likes to say, “what have we got to lose?” Grateful doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about this President.

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  4. What was I doing that day? Watching the whole thing from escalator ride to media freak out, in complete fascination.

    What did I think? He made too many politically risky statements to be lying.

    Did I know profound change was happening? That did not occur to me. But I knew something very special was taking place.

    I immediately signed up for Twitter so I could follow him. It’s been a Twitter party every day, ever since.

    Major wins? Too many to list. Every day is a winning day. His tariffs and trade wins are blasting to smithereens all the naysayers’ cries of gloom and doom.

    He has exposed the establishment’s evil intentions. Even losing the House has major upsides, as the Dems destroy themselves with their unhinged lunacy. The Swamp has no chance against him (and us).

    I’ve never laughed so much and so hard in my life.

    President Trump should be president for life! I love this man!

    Thanks, FGandC, for asking. An easy question, and fun to answer. Happy Escalator Ride Day to all!

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  5. His most major accomplishment is the one which seems to get the least attention:

    The judges.

    American will be a better place for the next 30-40 years. And they’ll set precedent that may hold for 100.

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  6. FG&C, Great article and great memories. Timely, me thinks:-)

    Four years ago, just into my NV home starting the retirement thing. the latter great concept and have never looked back…”gee sure wish I could be at work”. Not! While I truly enjoyed the work I did, moar happy to not be working:-)

    Didn’t initially buy into Trump, but did believe most of what he said. Didn’t know he could do everything he said he could.

    But, I did know virtually all elected politicians were screwing us. That we, as a Country, I thought were slipping on an increasingly slippery slope into oblivion. Drastic change was essential.

    Have never bought into PC, so his non PC ways nearly always embraced then. Now, ALWAYS.

    The real clincher for me, perhaps, some others, if they think about it was a very simple trump phrase. The phrase 100% not PC, but spot on, obviously true.

    On the surface the phrase intended for Black Americans, but applicable to ALL Americans.

    “What the hell have you got to lose”?

    Some time in the primaries I went in “all Trump” and never regretted it.

    MAGA! KAG!

    MOAR rallies, please:-)

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  7. 4 years ago today. If that doesn’t remind us how fast 4 years goes by, nothing will.

    I was not on the Trump Train from the very beginning. I did love that he drove the left/presstitutes nuts but didn’t think he was presidential material.

    I remember the moment it all changed for me. It was when the mobs blocked the highway when DJT was scheduled to speak in CA, so they stopped the motorcade on the highway and he climbed to the arena where he was scheduled to speak. That moment I knew NOTHING WAS GOING TO STOP THIS MAN and he EARNED my RESPECT.

    We stood in front of the podium when Candidate Trump came to CO for his first rally after winning the nomination. What you see on TV is what you get in person. A confident man, comfortable in his own skin, who has developed the skills and experiences that make him more qualified to be a US President than any since Washington.

    My biggest regret is that my father didn’t live to see him inaugurated, but one of the last things we did together was fill out his ballot so he was able to vote for Trump. I’m so grateful to be alive during this spectacular presidency, and also grateful to my father who taught me to love the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the flag, and America.

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  8. I may be the ONLY one…….. Maybe not.
    I thought back in 2012 with the Birth Certificate thing that Trump could WIN.
    And sincerely hoped that he would make a run .
    I know I am not the only one who was ready for a non-politician.
    A self made BILLIONAIRE had to know a thing or two about economics.
    Builders know how to navigate around obstacles.
    I’ve been on the Trump Train since 2012.

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    1. I realized early on that there were MANY people who had not voted in many years along with the many, many disappointed voters across america. The Donald was destined for this. I thank God for giving us a reprieve with The Donald.


  9. I believe in 2011 the Holy Spirit nudged me to listen to Donald Trumps upcoming press conference that year.

    I was only vaguely aware of Mr. Trump. I had not seen The Apprentice nor read any of his books, I only knew the man continuously prospered, no matter what. Also, he seemed to be the first Celebrity business man and I was very curious about that.
    I was kind of frantic thinking I had missed the press conference and was looking for video only to see it would be the next day.
    I am telling you, my spirit was excited and I did not know why, I didn’t even know what the press conference was supposed to be about.
    When he declared he would not run for president in 2012 because he did not think he would win, and that when he did run – HE WOULD WIN…. I knew then, when this man ran for President I would vote for him.
    So ,on “Escalator Day”…. I knew.
    And wow, friends thought I was nuts and my family did not think he would win. Constantly had to assure people, argue with some and un-friend and re-friend people on Facebook.
    It has been Glorious and still is,


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