Q-Treepers on Parler

WARNING – Parler is NOT “Parlor”

Yes. There is a DIFFERENT place called “Parlor” that the Cabal is trying to get people to go to instead of Parler. It even gets favored in search engines and app stores. I have no idea who is behind Parlor, but it’s probably GOOLAG, the CHICOMS, the WOCOMMIE SISTERS, or the KGB-CIA. *** AVOID ***

Only PARLER with an “E” is dedicated to FREE SPEECH.

By the way, I love saying WOCOMMIE SISTERS. It sounds like a BAD BAND.

Here is the REAL McCOY: https://home.parler.com/

WARNING – read this warning first

If you type your REAL NAME into any field in social media (such as “Gab” or “WordPress” or “Parler”) that says “Name”, you risk people seeing that name.

In fact, if you use your REAL NAME in ANY WAY in connection to a social media account, you risk being “doxxed”.

So if your email address is myrealname@company.com, then any HACKER of the site knows that YOU own the account.

You MAY or MAY NOT be comfortable with that.

On Parler (formerly pronounced “par-LAY”, now pronounced “PAR-luhr”) you can create an account that is “really you”, and you can get verified as being really you. But you don’t have to do that if you want to remain anonymous.

For POLITICS, I suggest you remain anonymous. To do that, don’t use your real name. Use a name like:

  • First Name: Joe
  • Last Name: Smith
  • User Name: joe_smith

It doesn’t have to be real. It could be:

  • First Name: MAGA
  • Last Name: CHICK
  • User Name: AwesomeMagaChick73

Then, use an email address that is not OBVIOUSLY you.

Are we clear about this?

If you actually associate your REAL NAME with an account, even if it’s “supposed to be hidden”, there is a RISK that – SOMEHOW – your real name, and not your USER NAME, will be released. It could be by hacking, by accidental release of the information (you check a box that says “Show my name” and it means your NAME and not your USER NAME), or just by you not understanding that when people go to your profile, they will see your name.

Please also note that Parler obeys AMERICAN laws about privacy, speech, and all that other stuff – not European laws.

If any of this is STILL confusing to you – the idea that if you put your real name into a social media product (meaning it’s on the internet) – that other people might see it somehow – then I suggest not doing anything new at this time.

Otherwise, I suggest that you NEVER type any personal information into a computer that you use for politics on the internet. NEVER. Using that rule, work out everything else, and only the intelligence agencies and who they support (such as the American communists and/or DNC) will know who you are. Because they have ALREADY stolen that information.


/ end warning

By the way, our VSGPOTUS Trump is not on PARLER yet, but I am starting to think it’s inevitable, so GET ON PARLER NOW!!!

Assuming that you understand this warning, I then suggest that you use the same handle (meaning USER NAME) you’ve been using on Twitter and/or Gab and/or WordPress, simply because it makes you easier to find for your FRIENDS.

However, if you want maximum security, then you can always use a completely different user name. The choice is yours.

NOW – finally – to the point of this thread.

If you are on Parler, please add your Parler handle (spelled exactly) in the comments. We are NOT using Parler for reorganization, because GAB is more robust and “commie-proof”. However, you are likely getting OFF Twitter and ONTO Parler, and we can share our Parler user names here.

Mine is the same on Parler as it is on Twitter and Gab: WOLFM00N with two zeroes in m00n.

SO – how do you GET onto Parler?

Go to this URL – https://home.parler.com

You can sign up there. Follow the directions – it’s all very easy. You ONLY NEED AN EMAIL ADDRESS. But I strongly suggest deciding things BEFORE you go there:

  • what email address you will use
  • what name you will use
  • what user name / handle you will use
  • what password you will use
  • how you will remember your password
  • how you will remember which email address

Don’t pick stuff you are going to forget. THE NUMBER ONE PROBLEM I see in users of social media is people picking obscure stuff and forgetting. DON’T DO THAT. Write stuff down if you have to.

Then start by going to my handle or somebody else you know. Look through my followers, and who I am following. You will see people you know. FOLLOW THEM!!!

And you are OFF TO THE RACES!!!


a.k.a. wolfmoon1776 on WordPress, wolf_moon on Disqus, WOLFM00N everywhere else.

149 thoughts on “Q-Treepers on Parler

    1. The story on how that name happened is extremely interesting, and deserves a chapter in a book. The problem with that chapter is that it’s filled with stuff that I either know is classified, or which I can reasonably expect is classified. So I literally cannot answer the question honestly. Any stealthy semi-answer to the origin of the name would be bullshit. So I won’t go there. You folks deserve the truth, and I can’t give it to you.

      What I can say is this. Some people think Wolf (or Wolff or Wolfe) is my real name. Some people think it’s just a handle. A lot of people used to think I was a woman, too. I never felt the need to get specific about these things, because to me they don’t matter – what matters is the truth, and that is something which is SELF-EVIDENT – a beautiful concept which the FOUNDERS understood deeply. I may be right or I may be wrong in what I think, but I TRY to state the TRUTH as I believe it at the time – even if it sounds crazy. I try to let the TRUTH speak for itself. My ERRORS will disprove themselves.

      I try very hard to avoid disinformation because I don’t like it. I have to rely on anonymity very strongly. Likewise with not answering questions, like now.

      And – in a way – that person BECAME the Wolf Moon that you know.

      My online personality is a bit amorphous, and I think that’s very cool – something which teaches us to be spiritual – about the importance of the spiritual.

      So in a small way, that is what it means to me, but not really – it’s very incomplete. I wish I could tell people everything, but I can’t.

      BUT I can say this. The Wolf that you know, and his personal relationships with people, are very important to me in a real and good way. ❤

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      1. Very intriguing – my ears are all perked up….and I’m sniffing around that answer like a seasoned PawsPatrol K9 officer! :8->

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        1. That’s why I keep myself fit—just in case. From this side of the big pond, there are not so many like myself talking the Truth as I know it—so I am easy to pick out.

          I may be only 5’9″ but I am 230lbs and bench over 400lbs. So if a Snowflake feels twitchy……..I will be forced to defend myself!

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          1. It would be nice to have such a hunk of man also have a Glock 9mm on his belt. But in Europe, I’m pretty sure that y’all can’t be trusted with proven self-defense tools.

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            1. They even changed the pepper spray and shocker laws here. Pepper spray is only sold for defense against “animals”. What does the President call MS13 types? I think I am covered.

              I was told directly from a polizist working VIP security that the law change was stupid. If someone was attacked and used their pepper spray for self-defense—no judge is going to allow prosecution for using pepper spray designed for animals.

              So I bought a nice one with easy to grip handle that shoots a nasty sticky gel 5 meters with enough capacity to take out several “animals”.

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              1. Nice.and does it sting.
                I have thoughts of a gel using the leaves of the itchy plant and platypus venom. People have killed themselves after contact with itchy plant leaves in sensitive places, add platypus venom and the grabby fakeugees in Europe would be chewing their own hands off to stop the pain/ itching. Teach them not to touch

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              2. The itchy plant is endemic to northern Queensland and Papuan New Guinea. If he’s very small fibres on the leaves which if touched penetrate the skin. The reaction and itchy ness s unbearable. Platypus venom , only the males have a spur/claw on their hind leg/flipper thing, has no known relief. The pain is extraordinary and opiates and other narcotics don’t work to relieve it. It appear to work on some different nervous, neural pathway. It’s a mystery to doctors science. Fortunately platypus are shy.
                I’ve though the combo would be formidable one touch-unbearable itchyness hen scratching and the venom enters the body. Those poor women could have used it in cologne and other places were they were mobbed and assaulted.

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              3. Holy Crap! You have done some serious research into this! But I like it! I LIKE IT!!!

                Seriously, bleeding heart libs world wide need to get their heads out of their 5th point of contact and finally see that their ideology is beneficial to nobody (including TRUE refugees who TRULY need sanctuary)—except their Elite Masters!

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              4. Just read about the itchy plant and ww2 soldiers being sent to far North Queensland to train to a custom them to tropical conditions. They had no idea about the itchy plant( local aboriginal name) and didn’t realise just brushing up against it could cause unbearable itching and a rash, that in tropical conditions, quickly became infected. Troops with a bad exposure sometimes killed themselves.
                Was also aware of the platypus venom thing as it’s a bit of a mystery to medicine. No known analgesic works.
                After the terrible assaults on women at New Years celebrations I started wondering if there was someway to combine the two, whilst protecting the wearer, and sending out “bait”. It would serve as both a marker for the assailants and a punishment.

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              5. “In 1991, Keith Payne, a former member of the Australian Army and recipient of the Victoria Cross (Australia’s highest award for valour), was struck on the hand by a platypus spur while trying to rescue the stranded animal. He described the pain as worse than being struck by shrapnel. One month later he was still experiencing pain in that hand. In 2006, Payne reported discomfort and stiffness when carrying out some physical activities, such as using a hammer.”

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              6. Moral of this story. No good deed goes unpunished. Seriously that was a brave man who knew what pain was and it floored him. I think it should be weaponised.
                OTOH who’s the poor sod who gets to collect the venom?

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              7. He got 15+ Years of pain out of a scratch. Not even a true impalation.
                They may look comical but mess with them at your peril.(males only)

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              8. There is a beautiful shellfish thing called the conefish and it’s venom will kill you too. Both it and the box jellyfish have venom being investigated for use in cancer treatments

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              9. Poor stupid tourists pick them up not realising the thing is still alive and has sealed its shell whilst it’s out of water. After a while it will poke its thingy out to check on its environment and if it finds itself in enemy hand will sting. It’s not painful. It just stops your heart.
                Because Australia was isolated so long it developed and retained wierd animals. Ie the platypus is a monotreme-lays eggs, warm blooded, produces milk.when the first skins were sent to England for science they were convinced it was some sort of hoax. The poisons are very different to others around the world and are being investigated for lots of medical uses

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            1. I thank the Lord every day that I still live – and only by His Grace! I will not be shy in praising Him!!!

              Psalm 146

              1 Praise the Lord.
              Praise the Lord, my soul.

              2 I will praise the Lord all my life;
              I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.

              3 Do not put your trust in princes,
              in human beings, who cannot save.

              4 When their spirit departs, they return to the ground;
              on that very day their plans come to nothing.

              5 Blessed are those whose help is the God of Jacob,
              whose hope is in the Lord their God.

              6 He is the Maker of heaven and earth,
              the sea, and everything in them—
              he remains faithful forever.

              7 He upholds the cause of the oppressed
              and gives food to the hungry.
              The Lord sets prisoners free,

              8 the Lord gives sight to the blind,
              the Lord lifts up those who are bowed down,
              the Lord loves the righteous.

              9 The Lord watches over the foreigner
              and sustains the fatherless and the widow,
              but he frustrates the ways of the wicked.

              10 The Lord reigns forever,
              your God, O Zion, for all generations.

              Praise the Lord.

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      2. Makes me think of the A-Team – order of the Wolf, where Murdock and Face Howl together…

        Then again, there’s Order of the Arrow, Akela, and the Wolf, way back when…

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        1. Chuck Norris? Never heard of him . – mick fanning meme.
          (He was the surfer who punched the living shit out of 3 sharks that were attacking him at the Jouberg surf tournament)

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  1. Well, my Parler thingy went sideways. Everyone I had followed has now disappeared. I have edited my profile and added pics, just like here and twitter, gab, etc. Any, here’s the info:


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    1. There are TWO critical places under “Settings and Privacy / Preferences” for notification settings.

      The first and BIGGEST is under “Privacy”, and it’s a binary switch under ‘Notifications” called “Email Notifications”. If you turn it ON, you will get email notifications for everything. That is OFF by default. I will definitely KEEP IT OFF. I don’t want CLUTTER. The notifications will thus appear in Parler and not email.

      The second area is called Notifications, and lists individual notification switches. Most are ON, but some POSSIBLE notifications are OFF by default.

      I think the defaults look good, and I recommend keeping them for now.

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  2. Wolf, thanks for providing lessons to those of us who aren’t tech-savvy. I will sign in to parler & come back here with my info.

    One question, i understand you are telling us we should have a physically separate computer for politics and for ‘real life’. What confuses me is why? If I have both computers accessing online sites (using one for social media/politics and the other for ‘real life’) but they are both connected to my one and only wi-fi modem in my home, aren’t BOTH computers readily identifiable because they have the same ISP?

    In other words, once ‘they’ identify my ISP via my social media computer, can’t ‘they’ easily identify what other computers exist at that same ISP?

    Or am I confused about how ISP and/or multiple home users on wifi work as identifiers?

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    1. Browsers are fundamentally insecure. If you use the same browser (meaning the same installed browser on a computer) two places, there are things the places can learn about each other. If you use the same browser (meaning the same model, i.e. Firefox, Chrome, or Brave) on different computers, they cannot.

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      1. What if you use one browser to access, say your e-mail account, but a different browser like brave to view political stuff, like here?

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        1. In my experience two browsers helps, and is BETTER than one browser.

          Two different USER ACCOUNTS on the same computer is even better than two browsers.

          Two different COMPUTERS with everything separate (emails, social media, etc.) is better still.

          The more that is separate, the better. But you do get some benefit from even just different browsers.

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          1. Thanks for the info. I’m waiting on a video card for another computer that hasn’t been used for a while, so when I get that installed, will do some re-organizing.

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        2. It should be noted that we’re pretty darned close to disposable computers. Take, for instance, https://computers.woot.com/offers/dell-wyse-d90d7-amd-thin-client?ref=w_cnt_lnd_cat_pc_8_4 — $65.

          AMD G-series dual core, 2G DDR3 RAM, 16G SSD, Gigabit ethernet…… Surf all the teen lesbian dwarf porn you want on it, and if you feel someone has taken an interest, you can dump it in a nearby lake. Alternatively, and somewhat more risky, you can write conservative letters to the editor on it, use VPN or TOR to obscure your ISP, and maybe you’ll be able to have a dinner at a nice nearby restaurant without harassment. Mind you, I’m not specifically endorsing this unit — I’m just illustrating what sorts of things are out there.

          And, BTW, I’d run Linux on any of these boxes we’re talking about.

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      2. This whole thread brings few questions to mind. Is the whole idea to remain totally anonymous while doing “political stuff”? If so, shouldn’t the state (VA TX TN) be left off as an identifier? It would narrow the window to 1 of 50 states (mostly). If you use the same name on CTH, QTH and Gab wouldn’t it be easier to identify who you really are? Especially if you have mentioned identifying information in any of your posts?

        Until now I have never been interested in who “Sundance” was. Apparently his name has been out there since March of 2017. Since it was so easy to find, I checked yours. I did not look really hard but I just wanted to see. The only thing I found was a license plate in Virginia registered to a Jeep. So if someone was looking for you – the person in Virginia would get doxxed I guess. I didn’t look any further than that. I was hoping to provide examples.

        I used to have to do number scrambles as part of my job, way before computers were a thing, everything was done manually. Computers make things so much easier and I am a rookie.

        Brings one more question to mind – if the list of old/new names is listed on here, wouldn’t it be easy for someone to do a backtrack of who’s who? Notice I use my real name so I am already screwed. I wouldn’t know how to remove all the information out there with my real name.

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        1. I think it’s more of a problem for some people, depending on their background, business, occupation, etc. I’m in a blue state, and if we get our business going again, we don’t want to display our politics for business reasons. One thing that is good about our particular business, people in general underestimate our overall capabilities, sometimes by quite a bit.

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        2. I suspect there was an incident of being outed a couple years ago. But I didn’t bother trying to verify the information I found either.


    2. It’s all about UNCERTAINTY. The good guys have an advantage there. Don’t worry if the NSA knows who you really are.

      It was very interesting to watch how long it took different places in Silicon Valley to figure out who I am.

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      1. I suspect the various Pho and noodles houses were the first up 🙂

        (heyyyy, wait, what about Colonel Lee’s Mongolian BBQ??? )

        (meaning some of those hole-in-the-wall companies are more than they seem…)…
        (and, yep, I used to live and work there)…

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        1. Those operations can be very aggressive, and they used to operate with seeming impunity. I sometimes think that the recent proliferation of their massage parlors is an indication that Trump and Wray have turned up the heat on the WiFi ops, and they’re going back to old-fashioned compromises.

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      2. A synonym for “uncertainty” is “plausible deniability”. When anything may become a thoughtcrime at any moment, it helps to be able to say, “must’ve been the bum in the alley who was poaching off my Wi-Fi”.

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  3. I’m now on Parler with user name ‘AlisonSmith’ which is my GAB name, too. I hope I followed all of you from Wolfie’s Parler account. If I missed you, message or follow me on Parler and I will follow back.

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      1. Okay…figured out all my faux info….but do have a question. What is the difference between DISPLAY name and USER name? (Din’t think you addressed that) Also, if you want to change something, how do you do that?

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      1. Sadly, it takes a few clicks if they’re not in a list somewhere.

        Clicking on the username takes you to their profile where you can click on the follow button. Then you have to go back to your feed or wherever you want to go.

        Extra clicks! Hope they FIX!

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  4. Handle: Deplorable Linda
    Username: @OregonLinda

    I just went to Wolfie’s account and followed everyone. Hopefully, I’ll get everyone who comes later as they come in.

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    1. In the search button, type in Wolfm00n – that is two zeros in m00n, not o’s.

      You should see Wolfie’s photo & be able to click on his ‘wall’. Then click on his ‘follows’ and you can follow each of us 😊

      And I will go follow you now – that’ll show as a message to you, so you can follow back and or click my link to follow the Qtreepers.

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      1. Dang, Teagen, don’t listen to me 🙄🙄🙄 I can’t figure out how to ‘find’ people. I can’t find you or @Citizen817.

        Wolfie must have followed me first! Wait till HE clues you in!

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      2. Thanks, Alison. I see your post is 3 hours…but I never got a “follow”. Also, where in the heck is the search button? I typed in the search box. Got Wolf’s name but didn’t see “wall”. I can’t believe i’m So dense about a simple thing. I’m operating in an IPad but that shouldn’t make a different in the website page. A lot of the “right click directions, like for photos, etc. don’t apply to pads.

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        1. Yeah, Teagen, I’m on I-Pad too. And I couldn’t find you on Parler. See more comments to your earlier comment (above).

          Sorry I led you astray. Let Wolfie find you on Parler & he can help you 😳😳 He WILL find you!

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  5. I finally was able to log in to Word Press – but can’t seem to change my user name. I have posted here and on Patrick’s site as CindyP – but I guess this will be my user name now. I’m on Parler as @chpet1. I don’t find Parler particularly user friendly and don’t know how to filter some of what comes in my feed. I’m not too impressed yet – but I do check in there.

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    1. Parler is a work in progress for sure. I find Twitter the most user-friendly, but the most censorship. Gab is the least user-friendly, but not very good for conversation. Parler will probably be in between, once it gets enough software smoothness.

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  6. It’s abit wierd. Got a lot of people using Arabic writing following me on Parler. Very odd. Their pictures/avatars don’t look very Arabic-no burka or even head covering

    Liked by 3 people

    1. There was a video of an interview posted here on today’s open thread of the creator of Parler. He talked about 200,000 Saudis signing up for Parler, and how awesome it was. Very interesting, you should watch it.

      I think I will let whoever wants to follow me have at it.

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      1. Not worried about the camels nose getting under the tent? If they try to come here and they aren’t legit wolf will give them the bums rush

        Liked by 4 people

        1. Yup!!!

          We have free speech here. Very few Muslims are OK with the postulate that Mohamed was an agent of Satan, which people are perfectly free to state here. Likewise that Christ was a fraud, or that all Jews will burn in hell.

          When I say free speech, I mean it. But not in a way that others can’t discuss, or that drives our REAL core membership away from here in a huge way. That qualified rule about driving people away accounts for the tactic of “fake exodus censorship baiting” – a common leftist tactic.



          I’ve learned a lot about the FAKE population games played by the left, since coming to an understanding that fake refugees loading up American cities and the KPD filling up the Nazi membership rosters were really the SAME TACTIC, as well as what Hillary was planning with neo-Nazis here. Create an opening and FLOOD IT TO CONTROL IT.

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    1. I haven’t seen a way to ‘translate’ on Parler yet…not like the way it is on a tweet.

      On twitter there is usually a clicky to click on that says “Translate this” and it automatically translates it to English.

      Liked by 3 people

        1. I’m getting some Arabic accounts following me.
          Are you getting some of those?

          Haven’t followed back on any of them, though.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. I suspect it’s only a matter of time before random bozos promoting their businesses start following everyone in creation.

            On Gab, I could kick people out of “following” me, but I can’t see any way to do that on Parler (and I did look where someone upthread told me “mute” was).

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    1. Hopefully save some ppl some digging and typing…

      grandmaintexas @Gigi333
      RedLegLeader @ProfitSOUTH

      Daughnworks @Daughnworks247

      singingsoul1 singingSoul

      Alison AlisonSmith
      JW in Germany @JWinGermany

      CMinTN CMinTN
      mot2gurls @ECAG

      SteveInCO SteveInCO

      Handle: Deplorable Linda
      Username: @OregonLinda

      Citizen 817 is on Parler!


      chpet1 @chpet1

      Marica! Marica!
      BB @Gab4me
      Brave and Free @Raider

      holley100 holley100

      Aubergine Aubergine

      Handle: Sauce
      Username: Sauceybrewer

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  7. May I propose running some test posts both on Parler and Gab with the entire list of @ to see if everyone sees it. The problem on Parler and Gab (at least for me) is that going back in the feed is difficult.

    How to find the important messages in the milieu might not be easy…


  8. Hey all , I just went to Wolfies handle and followed everybody I recognized after reading this thread.

    My handle (username) on gab And Parler: Crystaline.

    WINNING !!


  9. Ok question on Parler-
    How does one get a badge without giving out all kinds of identity info, seems without a badge you can’t post media.
    They want verification id and a selfie
    think I will stick with GAB
    With all that is going on now I am not giving that type of info to a social media site

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