News Roundup! Impeachment Polling, Judge Jeanine, Rudy & Navarro With the Judge, Waters Interviews Anna Timmer, Rare Earth Minerals, Day of Prayer, STUinSD Weekly Wrap Up, Russia Supporting PDJT, Donation To Scott Presler & More…..

The Democrats, MSM, RINOs etc. are totally screwed! Americans don’t want to see our President impeached. Their crazies expect nothing less from them. Either direction they move in will alienate voters.

From the article linked above (PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE INDEPENDENTS):

The majority of American voters oppose impeachment, according to the latest Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll survey.

Of the 1,295 registered voters polled, only 37 percent support impeaching and removing President Trump from office. While 43 percent favor “no action,” 60 percent of Democrat voters believe Trump should be impeached and removed altogether. However, independents are not on board:

Thirty-seven percent support impeaching and removing the president. Sixty percent of polled Democrats say the president should be impeached and removed, but only 36 percent of independents are in favor. Twenty percent of voters say Trump should be censured by Congress.

Judge Jeanine’s powerful opening statement can be found below.

Judge Jeanine had Rudy Giuliani on her show last night. You can find it below.

Peter Navarro was on with Judge Jeanine explaining the tariffs that will be put on Mexico.

During a Grand Rapids, Michigan, town hall Ms. Timmer stood in a packed hall and let Amash know exactly how she felt after he called for impeachment proceedings against the president.

Anna Timmer was hosted by Jessie Waters on Fox News last night.

Excellent video from We Build the Wall.

God bless our President who stood to shake and salute nearly 1,000 Air Force Academy graduates the other day.

I absolutely agree with Kevin McCarthy.

Excellent weekly wrap up thread by STUinSD.

Russia is showing more and more signs that they are willing and able to work with our President.

From the article linked above:

Russia has been one of Maduro’s major supporters in its standoff with the U.S.

Russia has withdrawn key defense advisers from Venezuela, an embarrassment for President Nicolás Maduro as Moscow weighs the leader’s political and economic resilience against growing U.S. pressure.

Russian state defense contractor Rostec, which has trained Venezuelan troops and advised on securing arms contracts, has cut its staff in Venezuela to just a few dozen, from about 1,000 at the height of cooperation between Moscow and Caracas several years ago, said a person close to the Russian defense ministry.

While our President and FLOTUS are in the U.K., Ireland and Normandy, you can find updates and behind the scenes photos at Sarah and Dan Scavino’s Instagram.

Here is a visual of our President’s visit to the U.K.

Today was the Day of Prayer for our President!

Yesterday I donated to Scott Presler for everything he is doing to support our President and our country.

What an incredible time to be alive!

64 thoughts on “News Roundup! Impeachment Polling, Judge Jeanine, Rudy & Navarro With the Judge, Waters Interviews Anna Timmer, Rare Earth Minerals, Day of Prayer, STUinSD Weekly Wrap Up, Russia Supporting PDJT, Donation To Scott Presler & More…..

    1. Five-Eyes has always been a continuation of influence by British Spooks past the time the UK lost relevance — and mainly at a cost to the US. Just look at the members.

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      1. He’s a local guy. Amazing #MAGA supporter. I’ve met him. This is the first he is finally accepting donations – we’ve offered support before and he declined!!! But now that he is taking it to the next level – having gained good exposure over the past year for his work on POTUS’ behalf – he definitely could use some $$$ assist. This young man is someone I hope POTUS invites to the White House some day.

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  1. Felice, thank you once again. It thrills my heart to watch that wall being built. I am also so proud of the American ingenuity, power, and enterprise that has gone into the planning and execution of this difficult project. I wish I could give a hug to everyone involved. Thank you kindly for the updates.

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    1. And the cunning to outfox the dems, coyotes, crazy’s and drug smugglers. They kept such a big project under such tight wraps that they had a group of rifraf come over the hill expecting to stroll into the us only to be stunned by the sight of the wall. Suck shit fakeugees

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  2. Glenn Beck is having an eruption of Never-Trumpism today.

    Keep in mind, Justin Amash is a pro-CAIR/pro-Islam advocate, voted against the National Emergency and President Trump’s early immigration ban.

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    1. Beck back sliding was inevitable.

      Hoping Ms Lindsey 2.0 doesn’t revert back to 1.0. My guess is it’ll happen just after the November 2020 election. Ms Lindsey 2.0 will stand with President Trump coat tails…

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      1. I think Lindsey was being blackmailed and has been freed, so I don’t expect he will reverse course.

        As to Beck, I don’t see a reason to pay attention to anything he says.

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  3. News always appreciated Flep.

    News to me…
    “Russia has withdrawn key defense advisers from Venezuela, an embarrassment for President Nicolás Maduro as Moscow weighs the leader’s political and economic resilience against growing U.S. pressure.”

    With Russia backing down, I hope Cuba’s goons (hit men on motorcycles) and personal security for Maduro are also ending.

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    1. And to think some of our population has no clue as to how amazing our President really is.
      Scott Presler is a fearless lil lion as well.
      Gods working thru Donald J Trump to save mankind.
      There is really HOPE for all mankind.

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  4. California Democrat Convention booed every person and every word that wasn’t pro-radical socialism and for the impeachment of President Trump.

    Now they are passing a resolution to equate Israel with white supremacism.

    Øbominable and CAIR have done a number on California.

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      1. Orwellian, indeed! Can you imagine, Wolfmoon, if hillary had won the presidency? 😦
        Our country was already on a fast track to the new world order and I fear that hillary’s rule would have included everything from communism, islam, mass riots, mass murders, and utterly anarchy resulting in a form of population control. Our way of life, as we have known it, would be well on the way to becoming non-existent!

        Now we are gaining a foothold and with POTUS Trump, and other great patriots who have risen from the ashes, we have turned the left’s new world order dream on its head, and they are in a panic! They know that if they don’t win in 2020 they will never be able to move ahead with their plans to dissolve the USA and force us into a third world nation… Cali and NY are mini samples of what they will do to the world should they get their evil hands on it and rule over us all! This coming election is for all the marbles and we already know the liberals are going to fight dirty! Deadly dirty!

        We need prayers every day for our POTUS Trump and his administration! Also for our country, its citizens and the world!

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    1. That’s why I’ve had it. I was born in California and have lived here all my life. I feel like a Jew born in Germany in 1890. What a horror this place has become!!!!

      (And, before anyone gets weird about California not having any ovens…..things were plenty weird in Germany before Kristallnacht.)

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  5. Absolutely must watch!

    “Many of you may have seen that there was calls to, particularly on this Sunday, pray for our president. We don’t want to do that just on this Sunday. We want to do that continually, day in and day out. So I want to ask us to bow our heads together now and pray for our president.”

    “We know we need your mercy. We need your grace. We need your help. We need your wisdom in our country. And so we stand right now on behalf of our president, and we pray for your grace and your mercy and your wisdom upon him.”

    “So we pray that he would look to you. That he would trust in you, he would lean on you. That he would govern and make decisions in ways that are good for justice, and good for righteousness and good for equity, every good path.”

    “Please, oh God, give him wisdom and help him to lead our country alongside other leaders. We pray today for leaders in Congress. We pray for leaders in courts. We pray for leaders in national and state levels.”

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    1. Thanks for sharing this. I have heard a lot of people, even Christians saying that America will not survive because we are not mentioned in end time prophecy. I watched some videos this afternoon that were saying we will be destroyed. I have been through many very difficult times in my life. I have been built up and taken down many times. I finally turned them off and came back here. This video is a wonderful blessing.
      President Trump is once again walking into extreme danger. I have never seen anyone else stand up and face the danger head on. This is a very important time for all of us to pray for him and for America. I pray for him all the time since he came down the escalator and announced that he would run for President.
      The whole world seems to hate President Trump and they hate America.
      One thing I have learned beyond question is that if you don’t stand up and fight, you lose. By fighting I mean that you pray about everything, believe that God has a purpose and a plan for your life and that when he gives you something to do, you totally commit to doing it and losing is not an option.
      I have gone through so many times when I could not see how I could ever get up again and go forward. God lets me lick my wounds, whine a little, heal and then says, “It is time. Get up, stand up, speak up and do this now.” He has given me so many things to do that I have never done before. He guides me, teaches me, directs me and clears the path before me. I have had to take care of others. The interesting thing is that “I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me” Philippians 4:13.
      I trust Him, I get up and I try. I succeed. I have never failed at what He gave me to do. Times change, things change and once again I have had to start over.
      The thing that I have learned when I start over is that Christ does not let me bring money or power with me. What He does let me bring is total trust in His ability to take me through whatever He gives me to do.
      I said to my son before he died that I wished I could have maintained my success for his sake. He said, “Mom, when I failed, I would think that if Mom can get up and win again, then so can I and that was better than anything else you could give me.” When he was dying from a prolonged illness a Chaplin at the hospital said that it must be so terrible for you to be so sick and in so much pain and no one knows what is wrong or how to help you. My son, who was literally writhing in pain, stopped. looked the Chaplin squarely in the eye and said, ” I am sure that God has a purpose and a plan for everything that is happening to me.” The Chaplin said he wished that he had that kind of faith. I had just walked into the room in time to hear the exchange and it meant so much to me. I held on to those words so tightly when my son died and they comforted me.
      God has given us the opportunity to save America, to set an example to the world, a leader who believes that we can win and who is guided by God. It does not get any better than that.
      I am sure we will win if we pray, trust God and put everything we have into the effort. If we don’t win, then we get to go HOME. How bad can that be?
      God Bless President Trump
      God Bless America

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      1. Think deepest sympathies on the loss of your son. Your love and pride in him jump out from the page. You both blessed each other’s lives

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      2. .Elizabeth. Your Post touched me to the core. Your beautiful son with such truly faith inspired words! And that Faith came from YOU!!! ” I am sure we will win if we pray, trust God and put everything we have into the effort.” Amen SISTER!!! Hugs for your raw and honest post..

        God Bess President Trump

        God Bless America

        and..God Bless Elizabeth Carter

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      1. Very kind and thoughtful to bring your Awesome News Roundup to him!!! You are such a Treasure of fabulous upbeat NEWS!!! Thank you for all you do!!! And I will get over to Scot’s site to donate as well!!! Excellent idea!!😘😘

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  6. What the H3LL are the liberals thinking.
    These types attacks are & have been happening way to often at our southern border for decades now.
    EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Marine Reports Being Attacked on Border Surveillance Mission via @BreitbartTexas

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    1. Where’s that burning ray machine. May have to kill some to knock their confidence levels down. Snipers to take out the coyotes.

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    1. Julian has had so many charges dropped he’s had to have given up something VERY precious. Of course, statistically, he’s shortened his lifespan by decades if the deep state aren’t destroyed. Let’s hope he’s chosen wisely and well

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