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Let’s Begin by Giving Thanks for Our Military Forces

“Today, as we unite in eternal gratitude for the sacrifices of these extraordinary Americans, let us also offer a prayer for lasting peace.”

Link: Proclamation on Prayer for Peace, Memorial Day, 2019 on

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Stripping Away the Veils Sunday

A conversation yesterday on the Open Thread turned to observations on how America ended up where we find ourselves today. A faint shadow of the free people we became after throwing off the shackles of Britain and pioneering a new life in the New World.

We appear to have just avoided a point of no return outcome and now must not only fight out way back but engineer the safeguards to preserve that hard won place of restored freedom.

Most people do not understand the true nature of conspiracy. They will think “everybody knows everything, or nobody knew anything”. They have been made to think like CHILDREN by the Cabal.

— from comment where Wolfmoon points out we have been blinded.

The reply from Kalbo summed up so many important points, I’m quoting it all.

It’s a whole new paradigm being exposed, or some better word…perhaps as simple as TRUTH coming to LIGHT for all to see.

At the behest of Globalists, politicos with their adoring MCM have been feeding everyone well orchestrated BS for decades.

President Trump was drafted expressly to end the US’ slide into oblivion…but a memory or footnote in history.

MCM, Globalists, Uniparty knew this and tried to sabotage his campaign, and Presidency. Pure lies foisted on us from the highest levels. Truth comes out. MCM and Uniparty BUSTED. Half of America, seemingly shocked. But they now know the truth about muh Russia.

For three years President Trump has been extolling the sheer ignorance of trade deals forced on us by crooked complicit Presidents – Papa Bush, Slick Willy, Baby Bush, and hussein. President Trump blatantly calls out the STUPIDITY of trade agreements and climate BS…

The truth is obvious, we were sold a line of sh!t. And America was taking it all as gospel. America was sliding away…there is no magic wand, no more manufacturing, we’ll be a service economy…

Wars are not necessary to win. The US does not need to interfere militarily around the globe to gain positive results. Let countries take ownership and their fix their own issues to secure their future. Allow regional countries to leverage their influence.

MIC has been exposed and has lost great influence. Thankfully no name is toast. MS Lindsey and her ilk are throttled back a bit. No longer is the US footing the massive defense bill for countries we protect.

Globally, the US has the greatest leverage of all. Economic. President Trump is wielding that economic club with brilliance and precision. Winning across the spectrum of of the economy and broader issues.

More Internationally, countries around the globe are waking up to Nationalism and associated pride. Driving their focus to their roots. US, Britain, Australia, Italy… Many, many more countries. Nationalism is contagious.

The EU is thankfully disintegrating. Germany will be cast aside for the damage they’ve inflicted. France is waking up.

Inquiring minds may wonder…back home.

With all of the economic winning, in every category, why has the MCM not trumpeted (no pun intended), how utterly stupid and destructive trade agreements were. America First is the obvious answer.

Economic leverage the obvious answer to encourage other countries to behave, be fair…

MIC destroys lives, countries and is a perpetual self licking ice cream come of destruction.

Reply to Wolfmoon by Kalbo

The warning could not be more emphatic.


— from comment where Wolfmoon describes how our pride was used to blind us.

We must not miss this warning!

See to it that no one takes you captive
through philosophy and empty deception [pseudo-intellectual babble],
according to the tradition [and musings] of mere men,
following the elementary principles of this world,
rather than following [the truth—the teachings of] Christ.

Colossians 2:8, AMP

3 monkeys. See no evil. Hear no evil. Say no evil.

“‘And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

Matthew 6:13

Our protection against deception is to ruthlessly reject any and everything that is not 100% true. No matter who says it. Not even our favorite Christian leader. Not even our favorite governmental leader.

It’s something you set your mind to be. Choose to love the truth even when it leads where you do not want to go.

Dear Lord, I say yes, strip away the veils over my eyes. I say yes, grant me the grace to see with Your eyes all that is truly around me. I say yes, draw me ever more deeply into Your truth every day. In Christ’s Name. Amen.

When we choose to open our eyes and see the reality around us we will not be popular. It may become uncomfortable to be around us–even when we don’t open our mouths. And I say, bring it on.



524 thoughts on “Dear MAGA: 20190526 Open Topic

    1. Just re-read that thread!

      JasonD generated a wonderful discussion, with lots of insights which helped clarify my own pov.

      Among others, the distinction between “normal” versus “normal aberration” put into words some idea which has been rattling around in my mind searching for clarity. Just to see those words had the effect of putting so much into a cogent perspective.

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      1. That was a truly wonderful discussion! ❤

        The whole crew here was firing on all cylinders – it was utterly remarkable! I am so glad to see the many wonderful things we considered, being considered AGAIN, because it really is key that we NOT FALL for all these tricks previously used to ensnare us.

        Likewise, it is important that the "awakened" among not fall as well for the "inevitability mantra" that the oversimplifying left will try to make us accept – that we CANNOT ESCAPE the cycle of degradation – so WHY NOT JUST WELCOME THE WORST PARTS NOW?

        "Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss", under billions of watts of power, and an infectious beat, being SCREAMED by thousands of humans who PAID TO RECITE THE MANTRA.

        I really love this song, BUT…..

        The difference in how the song REALLY ends is not left up to the writers. It's left up to US, when WE TAKE CONTROL. Understanding beyond the message trumps the message.

        Music really is magic! Even the "new stuff", long after people stopped believing in muses…..

        Logical thinking. A GIFT to us. We can’t have too much. And the byproduct? Elevated civilization. Whether we’re talking about the glory days of ancient civilizations or the Best of Star Trek.

        There is a difference between UNDERSTANDING REALITIES and letting the worst parts of those realities dictate the future. There is a difference between the unchanging circularity of some things and their unchangeability per se. Understand all the things that can be done to a circle, and that can be done to those things, and beyond, and the possibilities are endless. The trick is figuring out what SHOULD be done.

        LOGIC, TRUTH, and TRUST in higher intelligence that does not demand our own “dumbing down” is key to both smart conservation and smart progress, and choosing CORRECTLY between them.

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        1. (The King’s message!!!)

          Prudence, wisdom, discernment … some folks care about it, others do not.

          Some people know they do not know everything (or even close), and some people know everything (so they think).

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  1. I wrote the following as an analogy of, well, a number of things but, generally, of Donald Trump choosing to leave his way of life to enlist himself in a fight to save our country. It’s one of my favorites.

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  2. The Journey

    A man looked at our country and saw the dark days;
    Liberty and justice all gone by the ways.

    Our spirit was smothered, our faith was put down,
    Our families suffered as the jobs left our towns.

    He knew hope remained, but soon would be gone.
    He knew he could help; a task he’d take on.

    “Our country’s been good to me. I’ll answer this call.
    I’ll stand in the gap and then rebuild the wall.”

    He’d leave what he knew and set himself to the chore
    To restore our great country and do even more.

    He’d give of himself and not for power or fame,
    But all for our country, and our country’s name.

    He left his happy home, his children and wife
    To travel this road and fix our country’s strife.

    The Traveler strode along his road of fate,
    And saw a long wall and in it, two gates.

    The Gatekeeper stood, in a small narrow yard,
    His visage was grim and he was lean and hard.

    The Traveler spoke, “I’ve come a long way.”
    “Can you tell me which gate I’m to use today?”

    The Gatekeeper said in a gruff, gravelly voice
    “It’s your destination, so it must be your choice.”

    “But there are two gates,” the Traveler said,
    “I can’t see the road, or what lies ahead.”

    The Gatekeeper said “I can show you the road,”
    “But the choice will be yours, which way to go.”

    The first gate was grand, it was tall and wide;
    Set with pearls and gold, a monument to pride.

    An inscription above, not just one, but two,
    “Enter ye worthy men.” and “To thyself be true.”

    The Gatekeeper said “Come over and see.”
    “This way is beautiful. I think you’ll agree.”

    The Traveler approached and looked down the way
    At trees, a brook, and a long green fairway.

    A broad, smooth road wound lazily away,
    And a breeze, puffy clouds, made a beautiful day.

    The people, he saw, walked toward the low hills;
    The men dressed richly, women gaily, with frills.

    He saw on a table, to the side of the road,
    A huge feast was placed, a sight to behold.

    He wasn’t quite sure, but thought he could hear
    Soft music playing and calling “Come here.”

    The Gatekeeper spoke, with words rather gruff
    “You’ve seen what you need. You’ve seen enough.”

    “Come over this way, come over and see,”
    “Have a look where the second gate will lead.”

    The Traveler came near and peered close to look
    At a small dirty gate in a small dirty nook.

    The second gate was drab and really quite low.
    He must stoop down before he could go.

    Above the small door, a few words were spread;
    “The last will be first.” was all that it said.

    The Traveler bent down and peered through the door
    At a few dying bushes, dirty weeds, nothing more.

    The path was narrow with holes, mud and rocks,
    Further on, small bushes with broken off tops.

    The scene was so bleak and the sky was so gray,
    Yet a voice of hope whispered through the dismay.

    Three men wearily marched with two drums and a fife,
    One limping, two bandaged, barely clinging to life.

    Another came by, bloody uniform in rags,
    Cradling gently in his arms a muddy, torn flag.

    He was helped by two women; one’s torch lit the way.
    Another, blind, held scales; they trudged slowly away.

    A small family appeared, starving, almost dead,
    But a man shared his meal, a small fish, some bread.

    All were so weary, some rested, and some prayed.
    There were a few children, but none of them played.

    Then the Traveler spoke, “It’s this way I’ll go.”
    “The small gate’s the way. I can help, I know.”

    The Traveler passed through and looked all around.
    The Gatekeeper watched, but didn’t make a sound.

    The Traveler reached out; took the hand of a child.
    The Gatekeeper stood up, and then slowly he smiled.

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      1. I’ve given up knowing which is his best, as each one brings its own specialness – but I have to say, this one was very, very special. Fits Memorial Day too.

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    1. PSA…

      For those of us who fly our Flag daily, or on specific events and days, following provided.

      “Fly the United States Flags at Half-Staff From Sunrise Until Noon on Monday, May 27, 2019 for Memorial Day.”

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    2. Thank’s T3 ,

      I’ll just place my solemn , humble golden shovel Thoughts right here.

      May god bless all the Gold star families this Memorial day weekend as Americans honor their sacrifices .
      Thank you.

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    3. Worth noting this Memorial Day weekend…

      “The Sullivans” is the Yokosuka base elementary school.
      – “The Sullivans” in remembrance and honor of the five Sullivan brothers who died while serving onboard the USS Juneau.
      – Juneau was sunk by the Japanese during World War II.

      President Trump is scheduled to visit Yokosuka while in Japan.
      – Rather sure President Trump will helo to Yokosuka.
      – Places to land include, Seventh Fleet Flag Ship, USS Blue Ridge (LCC 2), USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) and a helo pad on Fleet Activities Yokosuka.

      Additionally, there are ~ten Cruisers and Destroyers home ported in Yokosuka.

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  3. Update from cousin Joe Dan Gorman!
    and the latest installment of Intellectual Froglegs!
    New episode expected Monday night!

    This Weekend! New Episode and a Cool New Experiment

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    …and the FIRST option that allows us all to watch together. On Show Night I will be in the chatroom too.

    It’s gonna be fun,and of course ITS FREE… so no more freaking out, lol.

    LINK to check out the Digital Drive-In.

    You’ll see a video player and a chatroom. Currently old episodes of Intellectual Froglegs will be looping on the video player until the new episode is unveiled—tentatively scheduled for Monday night.

    The Chatroom is open now.

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    Truthfully a little activity would help us test the page. so get your donkeys over there. lol

    We’re hustling… New Show soon. Watch for another alert soon.

    Thanks & God bless.

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  4. Howdy folks! Please pray for our family as we travel the next two days, for safety and protection on the roads during the drive. Pray that the trip will go smoothly, some severe storms are predicted on our route, pray that the storms won’t be a hazard for us or slow us down. Thank you.

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    1. Prayers for you and your family as you travel. May your time together be easy going and fun and praying that the weather will not be a problem for you!

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      1. I think many Dems and even some Repubs really do want the U.S. to fail. They don’t like the principles on which America was founded and want one-world government where countries exist in name only. A strong U.S. stands in the way of their goals. That’s why O wanted a fundamental transformation. It makes me smile to see that America is leading the way for people around the world to reject globalism.

        In my opinion, a lot of Dems don’t love the real America. They want a hybrid where we have certain freedoms that they can encroach upon when it suits them. They like America’s prosperity and opportunity but will destroy them with socialism and communism. They talk about love, helping the needy, values, working families, and the like while taxing people out of prosperity and destroying any opportunities they have to get ahead. Some claim to love everybody while perpetrating fake hate crimes that falsely accuse half the population. Some are greedy and want to control everyone. They claim to be for women but are allowing transgenders to destroy women’s sports. They claim to be for children while allowing them to be killed in the womb and, if they survive, robbed of their childhood with teachings about sex, homosexuality, and transgenderism. They don’t even pretend to support men; for example, men are to have no say in whether their children can be aborted. They destroy everything that is good. They can’t face their own shortcomings and failure to meet the standards set forth in our founding documents, and they don’t really love freedom, so they lash out at anyone who does.

        So yes, they want Pres. Trump to fail because he is trying to restore the country as founded and they don’t want that. They won’t admit this truth unless it becomes politically expedient; for now, they disguise their hatred for the real America as hatred for Trump. Thank goodness we have slowed their plans for complete transformation by electing him President.

        *Climbing down off my soapbox now…*

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    1. Thank God for Japan. Without falling again for nationalistic militarism – and without giving in to phony globalism – they kept the lights on for SANE nationalism – a key to global success. The world owes them a debt of gratitude, and to the Americans who realized long ago that the Japanese nation needed to be preserved!

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      1. Oh yea. Everything about Japan is, Japan First!

        “Japan” is in their DNA, psyche, every day Japanese life style…

        Anyone from another country, as wonderful as that person may be, they cannot gain Japanese citizenship. Simple immigration is incredibly difficult to accomplish. Recent years the Japanese have warmed to importing labor from outside Japan.

        The Japanese are incredibly supportive of America. Surely, supporting America is in Japan’s best interest. But, I also firmly believe they admire America and the goodness America stands for.

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  5. Has anyone seen Wheatie tonight? Looks like Oklahoma has a bunch more tornadoes coming in.

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    1. We’re okay, thanks!

      A tornado hit just west of us, in El Reno…it was bad…at about 10:30 last night.
      Some fatalities, so far.
      I hate night time tornadoes!

      Waiting for the sun to come up, for more info on extent of damage.
      It hit at an intersection of I-40 and State Hwy 81…starting just below I-40, then crossed and continued on N of I-40.

      It took out a mobile home park and a hotel…and also some businesses.
      Happened so fast, there was no warning.

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      1. oh no!!

        last night we were watching Third Rock from the Sun–and in the episode Dick (and fellow stranded diner patrons) sing Oklahoma to cheer Mary up (she loves show tunes). I jumped up and said that’s where wheatie’s from…hubby looked at me like I was an alien…LOL

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            1. Thanks for thinking of me, Syl.
              Yeah…it’s been really wet here lately, which is unusual for OK.
              Interstate 40 was flooded out a few miles from us and was shut down for awhile, this past week.

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  6. Thanks T*3 …. I find that I can’t stop thinking (great handle you have) – “soonish” it will be time to act.

    The notion of coherence seems to offer a means to chart a course worth following. We ALL have weaknesses, blind spots that are too easily missed. Coherence offers a means of self evaluation – does your stated/articulated world view (belief system as consciously understood by you) cohere with your actions/calls for action? If not, some introspection serves to learn something about what lurks beneath. I think all here acknowledge that none of us are perfect – nor does anyone much like criticism.

    So I find that a coherence test applied to oneself can be really useful.

    The left are currently fully incoherent – and their world is accordingly in chaos. It is up to those who are standing on solid ground to show the way. The problem is that we are all too fallible. The America that was SO good got misled ALL TOO EASILY – meaning that SOMETHING was not quite right before. There is something valuable to be learned by figuring out what was missing.

    Re communism …

    That little bird has truly flown the coop, and is tweeting its evil little message ALL around the world. No point blaming Russians or Chinese – you HAVE to look at yourselves, your own communities, to ward off this evil. The WORK has to be done at home – sort yourselves out, as it were. Then they can tweet away to no avail. If YOU are successful THEY will be forced to re-evaluate their belief system. BE the example to follow – but make sure it is the RIGHT example ….

    Sorry if it is a bit preachy.

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    1. Good preachy!

      Your last point is really strong. “Straight out of Bezmenov.”

      This is why I’m always asking myself – “What percentage communist am I being lately?” (Way more than I like to believe, before reflection!) We are continuously transmitting memes – WHOSE memes are they, what agendas are they fulfilling, and do we really want to transmit them? Even more subtle, can we change some of them from degrading to introspective? Can we turn them from dark to light? Or are we deceiving ourselves?

      Keep asking questions. To me, that is the key. This is why I think the Q paradigm is so smart – too smart to simply be a LARP.

      One of the things which is really amazing to me is the realization that story itself cannot escape a kind of “moral drag”. Degradation tempts us in part because of the appeal to REALITY. ART which becomes purely ennobling becomes brittle IN THIS WORLD. And yet we delude ourselves to think we are NOT COMPROMISING when we ARE COMPROMISING. Some stories simply shouldn’t be told. And yet the freedom to tell them is essential, so that every truth that must be told, is able to be told.

      All in all, I think that the goals of the liberal arts education, BEFORE TAKEOVER by the sneaky left – a time when we demanded people be able to think clearly and deeply – is our salvation.

      PC + activation of illusory biases (a pincer operation) was used to degrade standards in ALL WAYS in the general public. This was key to gutting the middle class – diminishing its thinking – degrading it.

      DERESTROIKA – WRECKING – that was the prescription for the West, which began before PERESTROIKA in the Soviet Union.

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      1. The remedy is sure counter-culture to what has been dished up lately.

        Finally, believers,
        whatever is true,
        whatever is honorable and worthy of respect,
        whatever is right and confirmed by God’s word,
        whatever is pure and wholesome,
        whatever is lovely and brings peace,
        whatever is admirable and of good repute;
        if there is any excellence,
        if there is anything worthy of praise,
        think continually on these things
        [center your mind on them, and implant them in your heart].

        Philippians 4:8

        We live in a culture that uses a term for violent sexual assault as a filler in every sentence.

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        1. ….and as every part of speech from noun to verb to adverb to adjective to pronoun. One movie I tried to watch had that word coming so fast it was like automatic weapon fire.

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          1. I picked up a package of no-name/other-brand Choc chip cookies for a chocolate snack fix just the other day,

            .. didn’t miss anything..

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        1. I’ve never been a fan of Chips Ahoy – not very good IMO. They seem oblivious that their products aren’t necessities, and they are easy to replace. Homemade cookies are way better.

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            1. I was in my teens when the chewy chips ahoy came out. I decided that if my tummy got sick after eating ten of them that they weren’t very good.

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    1. here’s my public apology to Nebraska Filly: you were totally right–Gillette is not trying to make amends for their past mistakes. they are continuing their vile anti-military, anti-male, let’s support all the whackos beliefs and throw them out into the atmosphere to offend as many normal people as they can in search of SJW approval.
      I was wrong. Gillette sucks.

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      1. I find it incredibly bizarre that the market that overwhelmingly buys their product is the one they can’t seem to stop offending. Did these people never take Marketing 101? In business, rule number 1 is that you don’t offend all your customers.

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      2. No apology needed, Pat. We all want to see the best in people and that extends to corporations. Again, I approach pretty much EVERYTHING with extreme skepticism. All to often, I just react only to find out I was wrong all along. Saves me from a LOT of going back and deleting or editing my posts. I used to have to do that far too often. I have to literally force myself to be patient, probably my weakest trait.

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    2. Sooooo Gillette want’s out of the shaving business?

      The comments are telling.

      Honest question if ‘he’ is transgender then ‘he’ was a ‘she’ …. so why the need to shave unless the testosterone replacement therapy kicked in….

      You know what I’m over thinking this.

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  7. Sending everyone the best wishes and prayers on this Sunday. We are heading out to meet a friend traveling in our area and then to go up into the Alps for a drive. Seeing the mountains and the huge vistas reminds me of what God has given us. Prayers to all, stay joyful and stay strong! ❤️🙋🏻‍♀️🇨🇭

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  8. This fits TTT’s discussion about conspiracy and deceptions. The NYTimes isn’t ignorant, nor was it an oversight on the editor’s part. Their purpose is to rewrite history by distorting and outright hiding of truth. Then they massage narratives – all part of the Leftists’ plan and efforts to take down America.

    Jason Buttrill tells us what happened. I’m not going to read the Times’ article but you’ll get the picture from his commentary. No surprise. John Walker Lindh was never a “simple American foot soldier” as the NYT states. Remember folks, that’s how they brainwash and propagandize the majority of people in this country. (Other countries have their own version of the NYT.)

    i consider John Walker Lindh not only a traitor who should at the least be serving life in prison, but he remains a danger to America. The fact that he can walk free shows how upside down our sense of preserving National Security is. His plea deal should have only been between the death penalty or life in prison. Then he wouldn’t be out on the streets now.

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  9. Waved flags on an overpass today as a funeral procession made its way underneath. The deceased was a longtime friend of one of our tea partiers and was a decorated veteran. The response of the traffic to our waving flags was great – car horns tooting and truck air horns vibrating the overpass and motorcyclists standing attention at 60 MPH to salute our flags.

    It’s the little things. We didn’t know the man who passed away but we provided a whole lot of comfort to those in the procession who saw us. God has blessed us richly and may His face shine down on y’all.

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    1. In the vestibule of my bank yesterday was an elderly man selling poppies. He had on a tee shirt which said World War II Veteran.

      Another man, about my age, bought a poppy and said to the vet: “I want you to know I think about you every day.” The vet thanked him, and I thanked him too for his thoughtfulness.

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      1. I remember a similar meeting…a veteran selling poppies–I gave him $20 and told him to keep the poppy…he said I have to give you something…I said Sir, you already gave me something…

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    1. Why Calculus is beautiful …

      Features Herman Wouk first up, with the Feynman story.

      Maxwell’s equations feature a bit and how it was discovered that light was an electromagnetic wave …

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      1. Funny thing is Maxwell dropped (set to zero) the longitudinal part of the waveform equations for electromagnetics (EM).

        A fluids physicist would never do that as they can observe that part in fluid waves. Turns out that even if you can’t observe the longitudinal (scalar) part of EM waves, it’s be shown experimentally to be present.

        I wonder why THAT meta science was left hidden?


    1. Well they just better hope, especially in the case of taking your child away, that someone with a CCP doesn’t pull a gun or others have a heart attack while chasing/being chased.

      Lots of exposure…hope they think the risk is worth it.

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    2. I am reminded of an old joke.

      A very overweight guy sees an ad for “lose ten pounds in one day.” He calls up and gives them the money. The next day, a gorgeous woman shows up at his front doorbell and says, “If you can catch me, you can f— me.”

      So he chases her around the house for half an hour, catches her, and after they are finished, he asks, “So what was that all about?”

      Her answer is simply, “Step on your scale.”

      Sure enough, he had sweated off ten pounds chasing her around.

      He goes back to the ad and sees there were 20 and 100 pound options. He orders the 20 pound option. The next day, sure enough, an almost completely nude woman shows up on his door step. She’s wearing nothing but track shoes and a sign around her neck with the same message, and if anything, hotter than the one from the previous day.

      He has to chase her all afternoon but sure enough, he’s lost twenty more pounds and enjoyed the process a lot.

      He’s still a hundred fifty pounds overweight. So he calls again, and orders the 100 pound weight loss plan.

      The next day the doorbell rings, and it’s NOT a beautiful woman; it’s a gorilla with a sign around his neck reading, “If I catch you, I’m going to f— you!”


    1. Normally I hate to see any Potus take a bow… that being said, OUR VSGPotus nailed it. Exactly the same time as the valiant sumo wrestler, a symbolic bow, just a tiny bit more than a nod…. So it was great….

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      1. Well, there is a very specific protocol for bowing in Japan. As I understand it, there are degrees of bowing. How far down you go is key. There are a lot of rules.

        President Trump is respectful of Japanese culture. I love it. I’m sure they do, too.

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        1. You are correct about the degrees of bowing,,,(wonder what Obama was telling us when he almost kissed his knees bowing). I thought POTUS was perfect in his response and please notice he did the same as he faced the Japanese spectators before he left the arena.
          BTW, I’ve stayed in many Japanese homes and observed that even spouses often bow to each other when one returns home….and always to parents/grandparents from adult children. (On the other hand, I’ve never seen kisses or hugs as you often do here.)
          Not speaking as an authority, just my observations of several years and Japanese family life experiences. I’ve done a lot of bowing in Japan! ⛩🎎

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      2. He really did NAIL IT – short, curt, man-to-man respect for a worthy opponent. That’s how it was meant.
        Love it. He did well, and he wore slippers too.

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      3. It wasn’t a bow of submission (if it was, I’d agree with you). It was the standard Japanese bow that is part of protocol for saying “Hello” (or some similar role in their culture).

        If I understand correctly, even the Japanese emperor would give a bow like that.

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  10. the family doesn’t want to press the issue further, I think I would have…
    Jeremy Gebhart says that he and his friend wore their “Make America Great Again” hats during Littlestown High School’s “Spirit Week” back in October of 2018. He told Fox affiliate WPMT-TV that he believes President Trump is working to help the country and that he wanted to show his support.

    The photo of the two friends ended up in the yearbook, but with a noticeable difference. Gebhart said he was surprised to see that the image had been photoshopped. It now looks as if he and his friend were wearing plain red hats. The MAGA logo has been cropped out.

    Gebhart says he felt that the edited photo violated his freedom of speech. “Everybody has First Amendment rights… they are allowed to think what they want and say what they want but they aren’t allowed to take that away from other people.”

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  11. I shared this OT,, but I thought y’all might like to see this video..
    In honor of our service men and women… John Michael Montgomery “Letters from Home”

    Thank you one and all for your service. Heroes, plain and simple.

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  12. WTH? The WH hasn’t responded, but Brennan still HAS his security clearance????
    President Trump never revoked former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance.

    The president announced in August that Brennan’s security clearance was being stripped due to “erratic behavior” that disqualified him from having access to sensitive information.

    But the White House never followed through with the complicated bureaucratic process of revocation, a source told the New York Times.

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    1. “… a source told the New York Times.”

      Hmm…yeah, the NYSlimes wouldn’t lie to us, would they.

      I’m giving the side-eye to that one.


      And here again, I’m giving the side-eye to the Washington Examiner.
      They’ve got some nevertrumpers there, like Fred Barnes…who went there after Bill Kristol’s blog closed down.

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      1. agreed…unless POTUS instructed someone to revoke it and THEY never did it…hopefully POTUS will call out the lying media or fire whoever dropped the ball (if someone did)…

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        1. And it was a Public Revocation of Brennan’s clearance.

          It was not done behind the scenes.
          It was very public.
          It was in the news for days.

          So…anyone who lets Brennan into a SIF to view classified info, or shares anything classified with him…will be guilty of Violating a Presidential Order.

          Who would do that?

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          1. i would hope no one, but there have been rats exposed in POTUS’s administration before…perhaps there’s a lingering one?
            I really do hope this is a case of the media being slimeballs and lying again tbh

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            1. True…there probably *are* lingering rats and snakes slithering around within the agencies.

              Let’s hope they’ve got Brennan under surveillance.
              And watching his every move + whoever he is talking to.

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    2. If that story made you spit, the same story in the NY Times will make you spit again.

      This was in their story:

      “By moving forward with the review, Mr. Barr is bolstering the president’s unfounded claims that his campaign had been spied on.”

      Sorry NY Times but we are way past the point of unfounded claims and are just waiting patiently or not so patiently anymore for those working in the Circumlocution Office to catch the heck up before we burn the freaking thing down!

      Found the whole article to be very seditious and untrustworthy.

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  13. wow such hypocrisy!!! 6 illegal children die in gov’t custody–how many aborted children die every hour??? (Someone estimated crowd size at 1,500–and a commenter (some of these are very funny) said there’s more than that in line for the bathroom at a POTUS rally…
    She said organizers claimed it was the largest event they’d ever had, and perhaps the biggest gathering of Democrats in the state’s history.

    Hillary denounced heartbeat bills in Alabama, Georgia and other states, claiming they would penalize women and doctors “more than rapists.”

    She admitted that there is a “humanitarian crisis” on the southern border and it has been unfolding “for more than a year.”

    Clinton lamented the deaths of children dragged through the desert by adults who may or may not be their parent — but said nothing about kids who die at the hands of migrants illegally in America.

    “Six children that we know of have died in our government’s custody. And what is being done to ensure that never, ever happens again? And what’s more, why are we only learning about this eight months after the fact?” she said.

    “What else is being hidden from the American people?” she accused.

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    1. Abortion advocacy, especially federally funded abortion, is all about the right to scr-w without cost or consequence, all about facilitating human trafficking and all about people who do not have a high value human life – who see nothing wrong with killing and marketing their blood, tissue and organs for $$$.

      Abortion has become a federally funded mega-business.

      The vast majority of abortions are elective.

      Florida statistics:

      Link –

      National statistics – also vast majority are elective

      Which means the vast majority of Americans choosing abortions:
      – have a low value and respect for human life
      – greatly lack personal responsibility
      – place pleasure and personal concerns above everything else.

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      1. Well, I was just going to post this link – perfect place here regarding the selling of tissue and organs:

        EXCERPT: “China’s policy of executing prisoners for their organs “began in earnest in the 1990s, when the Buddhist sect known as Falun Gong were being arrested by the hundreds of thousands,” he said. “We began to get horrific first-person testimony of how some prisoners were being taken out and executed specifically for their organs.”

        “In the early days, it was done rather crudely,” Mosher explained. “They would force the prisoner to kneel down, shoot them in the back of the head, and then they would have an emergency vehicle right there with an operating table, and they would extract the organs — the heart, the corneas, all of the valuable organs that could be sold for tens of thousands of dollars.”

        The organs were then put in cold-packs and taken to operating rooms where they could be transplanted, he said.

        Mosher explained that, more recently, China has moved to a “more advanced version” by simply paralyzing their victim. “The victim is still alive and breathing but can’t move because the muscles are paralyzed, and they extract the organs while the individual is still living — the heart, the liver, the kidneys, anything you can imagine that has monetary value is being taken out.”

        “There is a tremendous amount of money, of course, in organ transplants” he said, “and China does more organ transplants than the rest of the world put together.”

        Why the low wait-time?

        Mosher noted that there has always been “something peculiar” about the organ transplant industry in China. In the West, he said, “you can wait six months or a year or forever for a tissue match for a kidney or a heart.” But in China, “you are tissue typed as soon as you arrive” and “generally within the week and sometimes as soon as 24-48 hours you have the heart the kidney the liver that you’ve been waiting for.”

        “The only way that can happen is by having a million people on death row in China who’ve already been tissue typed,” said Mosher. “They put the tissue of the prospective buyer of the organ into the computer and when a match comes up that person is executed, and their organs are taken out and immediately transplanted into the buyer.”

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  14. POTUS tweets:

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  15. Genocide of Christians is real – in Middle Eastern countries – even in Egypt – where, as I heard on the radio last night, FGM is also practiced on all little girls – with no anesthesia.

    Quote: “”The persecution of Christians is perhaps at its most virulent in the region of the birthplace of Christianity—the Middle East & North Africa.”

    “In countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia the situation of Christians and other minorities has reached an alarming stage.”

    “The eradication of Christians and other minorities on pain of ‘the sword’ or other violent means was revealed to be the specific and stated objective of [Islamic] extremist groups in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, north-east Nigeria and the Philippines.”

    “[T]here is mass violence which regularly expresses itself through the bombing of churches, as has been the case in countries such as Egypt, Pakistan, and Indonesia.”

    “The single-greatest threat to Christians [in Nigeria] … came from Islamist militant group Boko Haram, with US intelligence reports in 2015 suggesting that 200,000 Christians were at risk of being killed… Those worst affected included Christian women and girls ‘abducted, and forced to convert, enter forced marriages, sexual abuse and torture.'”

    “An intent to erase all evidence of the Christian presence [in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, north-east Nigeria and the Philippines] was made plain by the removal of crosses, the destruction of Church buildings and other Church symbols. The killing and abduction of clergy represented a direct attack on the Church’s structure and leadership.”

    Whenever barbarian cult Islam dominates a country, it becomes a violent oppressive, deadly environment.

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    1. Speaking of the Barbarian Moslems, here is a video from Lauren Southern (which YouTube keeps fighting, so download it if you can). It’s called Borderless, and is wonderful information, albeit scary. It’s an hour and a half long, but it’s time well spent. They’re making DVDs of it, but I don’t know when they’ll be out…..

      How people can say “there’s no problem” or “they’re Kulturelle Bereicherung” (cultural enrichment) is beyond me. They’re either threatened, delusional, paid-off, part of the Coudenhive-Kalergi scam, or all four (e.g. Merde-Kuh).

      (delete the asterisk in front to watch/download [I know that’s obvious, but…] )

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  16. Another new tweet…Good News:

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    1. POTUS said earlier he would see if he could help, when he heard this trip would be their last.

      Guess he “fixed” the problem… 😉

      Our ESGPOTUS !!!

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      1. Promises Made. Promises Kept. 🙂

        Very thankful Rolling Thunder will continue!

        <24 hours to fix that.

        Visually seeing the picture President Trump with narrative inserted…

        That was easy. Bring me some more sh!t to fix!!!

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    2. Thank you, Mr. President. Thank you very much. There is absolutely no excuse for the group not being able to get permits. None. Even those of us who choose to observe the remembrance in other ways respect the effort the group makes annually to remember and respect the fallen and missing.

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      1. Read elsewhere that the Pentagon was charging $200,000 for parking and the group couldn’t afford it…if true, i’m sure it took one phone call by POTUS to resolve that little problem.

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  17. glad the FAA is looking into this.
    The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating Texas’ San Antonio International Airport and New York’s Buffalo Niagara International Airport over allegations of religious discrimination following the exclusion of fast-food chain Chick-fil-A from their premises, according to a new report.

    “The Department of Transportation has received complaints alleging discrimination by two airport operators against a private company due to the expression of the owner’s religious beliefs,” the agency’s statement to Fox News read.

    Chick-fil-A has faced nationwide backlash and calls for boycott because of its continued charitable donations to faith-based groups such as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Salvation Army, which has outraged pro-LGBT groups. Chick-fil-A gave $1,653,416 to the fellowship and $150,000 to the Salvation Army in 2017, per tax filings released earlier this year.

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    1. It was only a matter of time. Discrimination against people because they PRACTICE their faith.

      The Left has been slowly, insidiously suppressing our right to practice our faith for several decades. How? By using political correctness to coerce people into behavior that only the Left deems acceptable. Not only does the Left hate Christians, they’re desperate to end our presence in the Public Square, and then they’ll take us on in our personal lives and homes.

      Besides violating the Religious clause of the First Amendment, they’re violating freedom of association – who one decides to spend time with, and where and how one chooses to donate their money.

      I’ve also thought that violation of Interstate Commerce Act might come into play.

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  18. wow…I think I like this guy–shot by snipers!
    Muslim terrorists are wont to shout “Allahu Akbar” (Arabic for “God is greatest”) in the act of committing terrorism.

    The mayor of Venice declared that anyone who shouts “Allahu Akbar” will be shot by snipers. Alas for Americans, it’s not Venice of Los Angeles, California, but Venice, Italy.

    Citing an article in The (UK) Times, which requires a subscription to read, the Mirror‘s assistant editor Stephen Jones reports that Venice’s “right-wing” mayor, Luigi Brugnaro, told a conference in Rimini in northeast Italy that he had ordered police to shoot on sight anyone who shouts “Allahu Akbar”, especially in tourist spots like St. Mark’s Square.

    Brugnaro said: “If anyone runs into St Mark’s Square shouting ‘Allahu Akhbar’, we will take him down. A year ago I said within four paces, now within three. I will say it in Venetian: ‘Ghe Sparemo’ (We will shoot him).”

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  19. what nonsense…Dens want Nadler to subpoena National Archive records to get Kayannuagh’s writings (if any) on Roe vs Wade. They are so sacred of a case going before SCOTUS, they are hoping to be able to pressure him to recuse himself. If that’s the case, every SCOTUS member would have to recuse themselves for ever having an opinion on anything—gees these people are idiots.

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    1. Then they need every Justice’s writings on Roe v. Wade. They might all have to recuse. I mean, what if RBG has said something to indicate her mind is made up before she even hears a case? *snicker*

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  20. for Sylvia…too good not to post most of the short article:
    In an effort to look like she’s on the cutting edge of Climate Change for the left and to get that coveted AOC endorsement , Big Chief Elizabeth Warren just tweeted out something absurd.

    She writes “I’m proud to have signed the #NoFossilFuelMoney pledge. Our campaign isn’t beholden to Big Oil or any corporate interest—our campaign is by the people and for the people.”

    I’m proud to have signed the #NoFossilFuelMoney pledge. Our campaign isn’t beholden to Big Oil or any corporate interest—our campaign is by the people and for the people.

    — Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren) May 24, 2019

    Rep. Dan Crenshaw from Texas saw her tweet and dropped a truth bomb on it.

    He writes: “Is that so? But I’m assuming your campaign is happy to drive cars, travel in airplanes, use electricity and air conditioning, or use ANYTHING plastic? You know, all those fossil fuel and petrochemical industry products? Stop trying to fool people with virtue signaling.”

    Is that so? But I’m assuming your campaign is happy to drive cars, travel in airplanes, use electricity and air conditioning, or use ANYTHING plastic? You know, all those fossil fuel and petrochemical industry products?

    Stop trying to fool people with virtue signaling.

    — Dan Crenshaw (@DanCrenshawTX) May 25, 2019

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  21. Liawatha has more problems

    First, Warren represented corporate America against the ‘little guys and gals’. Warren represented that her legal work for large corporations was to help individuals. I demonstrated based on court records that in several key cases Warren has misrepresented the nature of her legal work, that in fact she was working against consumers and individuals. See this summary page at, Legal Representation of Major Corporations, and these posts here from October and early November 2012:

    Elizabeth Warren issues incomplete list of cases
    Elizabeth Warren represented large utility seeking to liquidate rural electric cooperative
    Elizabeth Warren’s implausible Dow Chemical claim
    Elizabeth Warren held asbestos workers hostage to inter-corporate fight
    Documenting another Elizabeth Warren fib — Fairchild Aircraft case
    Second, Warren’s newly disclosed extensive legal practice raises more questions about her lack of a license to practice law in Massachusetts. Warren ran her law practice from her law school office in Cambridge, MA, and represented to various courts and the Texas bar that that office was her office for the practice of law. She did so over the space of almost a decade, handing dozens of cases. But she wasn’t licensed to practice law in Massachusetts.

    Many Warren supporters try to confuse the issue by asserting that she always obtained pro hac vice admissions in various courts. That’s comparing apples to oranges. Lawyers need to be admitted to practice in each court in which they appear, but they also need to be licensed in the states in which they establish an office or other systematic and continuous practice of law. Maintaining a law office, and representing to courts that such office is your office for the practice of law, would seem to trigger the requirement for state licensing. [Note added – The restrictions on practicing law without a license were more stringent for the time period in question; this linked standard was a loosening to allow multi-jurisdictional practice of law provided it was not through an office or systematic and continuous practice in the state. Thus, the rule change, which followed the ABA standard, actually is worse for Warren because she didn’t even meet the subsequently adopted relaxed standard.)

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    1. “Warren represented that her legal work for large corporations was to help individuals.” – THIS DOES NOT COMPUTE!!!! Am I the only one questioning this stupid statement??? Did she work for individuals of the Corporation??
      So tired of them saying things that don’t make sense, and continuing on as if they do. And of followers that lack critical thinking and can’t figure out this hogwash! Grrr!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬

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  22. saw someone worth repeating on facebook:

    if English is a requirement for becoming a citizen, why are ballots printed in other languages?

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    1. The same could well be said about the Drivers’ License written exam…

      (on a related note, why do they call it “Common Sense” when no one has it anymore? )

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      1. Except in my state you don’t have to be a citizen, or a legal resident, to get a driver’s license. They let anyone, absolutely anyone in and give them everything. We finally made it official and the douche of a Governor has declared us a Sanctuary State.



        1. I have no problem giving a legal resident a driver’s license. They’ve as much right to be here as you or I (though it’s easier to revoke that right), and in many cases are trying to become citizens; not expecting them to use their home country’s license would be an encouragement.

          But that license should clearly show they are not a citizen, even if only on the back. (In most cases, you don’t need to have the notification at all; it should still function for things like being carded for alcohol, or validating a check, but a government official that you would hand the license to should be able to tell.)

          Non-citizen? Hell NO.

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          1. One of the things that has annoyed me totally is our state has been providing illegals with DL’s for several years and refuses to identify on the DL that they are not a citizen.

            So, that means our DLs are useless as ID for crossing the border, getting on a plane, going into a federal building. We can fix all of that by buying an “upgraded” DL for an additional fee, of course, that will contain an RFID chip that indicates we are citizens.

            A backdoor tax on top of everything else.

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              1. I’ve got the federal ID covered, and I don’t have any foreseeable plans to leave the country, so I’m pretty much okay. Mostly irritated at being inconvenienced and having to pay money because my state values illegal aliens more than it does me.

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              2. Ahhh, but if you’d vote DEMONcRAT, those problems would all go away 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

                [JUST KIDDING!!!]

                (don’t want to meet Sylvia’s flying shovel over here in BDD 🙂 )…

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  23. “After the SUMO Match, the two couples went to dinner.
    Here’s the menu for the evening. Do YOU massage your cows and let them drink beer?
    President Donald Trump will dine on potatoes, Wagyu beef and vanilla ice cream when he sits down for dinner with Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo Sunday evening.
    Wagyu beef is one of Japan’s most renowned delicacies, and is prized for its tender, melting texture. Wagyu cattle are often massaged, played classical music, and given beer to drink to improve the flavor of their meat.
    This steak is so hard to find that only 5 cows of its kind come to America per month to make this $180 sandwich”

    Me to husband Sugar Bear: Hey honey, if you my shoulders every now and then, and I drink an occasional beer, does that make me worth $180/lb?
    Husband: Yeah, you’d be a tasty morsel…… to a cannibal

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    1. Here in the US, there was an uproar when the Obama Admin proposed to outlaw the practice of breweries essentially giving dairy farmers their spent mash for the cows to eat. Not only do the cows LOVE the mash, but it is hormone free and increases milk production. I wonder if the Japanese do this.

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    2. I remember during Obama’s first campaign, Michelle and friends ate lunch at the Waldorf Astoria and (if memory serves me correctly), had a hideously expensive lunch of Wagyu hamburgers. Anyone else recall this? I remember seeing a copy of the bill. (Lesson learned…none of that was ever allowed to be shown again for the next 8 years!).
      I remember reading Kobe and Wagyu beef are favorites of the Obamas, often on the menu when they went on their taxpayer paid Xmas trips to Hawaii (his childhood home, you know…therefore perfectly justified.)

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    1. June 2nd… That’s the day before POTUS is supposed to go to UK…

      no coincidence there, right?

      Still praying POTUS does NOT go to UK…

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      1. Will be praying on June 2nd… and every day.

        Marica had suggested that we Qtreepers pray everyday at 5:17 p.m. EST

        wherever two or more…

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        1. Praying Medic is asking for prayers for our President. Scary tweet today.

          Praying Medic
          ‏ @prayingmedic

          This is an incredibly important time to be praying for the President’s safety.

          I’m not able to provide more details.

          Just pray.

          Thank you.
          8:58 AM – 26 May 2019


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  24. On an earlier thread a few days ago, I posited the theory that Papadop was operating as a double agent from the time he first got suspicious that he was a setup patsy for forces unknown.

    I believe he confirmed that my theory was fact when one of his recent tweets said that he (GP) “outed” Downer. That is a word that is generally understood as revealing what has been covertly known. IOW, he could not have “outed” Downer unless he already knew that Downer was an intel operative. And if that is accurate, then the white hats were told by Papadop and they told him to stay in place and pretend to be taken in by their temptations. He agreed and the black hats (vermin) never suspected a thing which resulted in the FBI being convinced he had $10K on him on an overseas flight. They grabbed him at the airport and realized instantly they had been played because he did not have $10K.

    I love this whodunit, except for the fact that my country hangs in the balance. The biggest game of Clue EVAH.

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  25. Tonight, the President of the USA and FLOTUS Melania will be guests of honor at the Imperial Palace in Japan. President Trump will be the first world leader to meet Japan’s new Emperor.
    What to wear to such an occasion? Gotta admit, I would be terrified by the choice. Well, we know MELANIA will have it figured out.

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    1. I’m sure she got advice from Akie long before the trip … the have become good friends. I think this is their 3rd or 4th time together… right?

      Ironic, isn’t it … that Japan is helping to keep our POTUS and First Family safe…………

      Praying for their safety and well being.

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  27. “A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.”
    – Herm Albright (1876 – 1944)

    A great MAGA principle – nothing ever gets VSGDJT down! No one can change or influence his attitude!

    And it drives them CRAZY!!!

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  28. Okay, I’m in all my glory.
    The bunting is out and the flags are up.
    Besides visiting the graves of loved ones, to dress them with a little flag, Memorial Day, in our family, began the argument amongst the women about POTATO SALAD.
    Who made the best potato salad, Aunt Margaret, Grandma Della, or Aunt Dot?
    They would all bring their own versions to the family meal. AND all the men had to take a healthy portion of each —- to not offend the ladies.
    The matriarchs are gone but the importance of perfect potato salad is an ageless quest!
    Well, this year, I have NAILED the potato salad.
    Unpeeled red potatoes, Zatarain’s mustard, caramelized onions, red peppers and celery, hard boiled eggs and Hellman’s light mayo, and the secret ingredient, Claussen DILL pickles. Served with crisp bacon sprinkles.
    I stand PROUD, with my YUGE tupperware bowl, and ready to defend the family honor!

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    1. I discovered Claussen DILL pickles decades ago… grandboys won’t eat if they’re not on the table !

      Your salad sounds divind Daughn… will have to try your recipe… Zatarain’s mustard ! who would have thunk !

      Go Gal…

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    2. in my family, we had “regular” potato salad fans on one side (potatoes, mayo, celery, onion, eggs, and extras) and on the other side “German” potato salad fans (potatoes, onions, vinegar and oil and extras). Mom always made both for every picnic.
      Me? I’m the family renegade–don’t like either–i brought the macaroni salad…lol

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          1. What the term “black sheep” means now is quite different than what it originally meant. Black was exceptionally difficult to achieve in the days before aniline dyes (1800’s). It meant doing a several step process using other dyes such as indigo, Lady’s bedstraw, and madder in succession to make a color so dark it read as black in most lights. This of course would not be colorfast long term, so washing was often not an option. Which meant that it really wasn’t a favored color for most people.

            The other option was a black sheep. Black sheep are rare, and because the wool is actually black, it doesn’t fade. Therefore you can wash it. This made it extremely valuable. Only the rich could afford true black clothing items. A black sheep was a coveted, valuable sheep.

            I guarantee a black sheep wasn’t going to be mutton until it was quite elderly and the quality of the wool was gone. Or until the black faded out to grey naturally as in Cotswold sheep – the lambs are often black but as they get older it turns to various shades of steel grey and silver.

            Black sheep: valuable difference. 🙂 And there’s your completely unsolicited and Jeopardy worthy history lesson for the day.

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            1. Forgot to add that black sheep became worthless to farmers after black aniline dyes were developed. Mills wanted WHITE wool so they could dye it whatever color they wanted. THAT’s when black sheep became the despised different one.

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              1. Actually, I think it is something else.

                Sheep are really dumb. If a mother sheep has a black one, often she will reject it. Won’t feed it, nothing. It’s too different for her.

                Hence, the outsider in the family is called the “black sheep.”

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              2. Depends on the breed. I have a lot of friends who raise sheep but they’re all heritage breeds so they have color variations and no issues. But I could potentially see that happening with a merino for instance. Or a Targhee.

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      1. I don’t remember eating potato salad before I got married (although I must have at some point) and had definitely not even heard of macaroni salad!!. My husband asked for macaroni salad. Macaroni salad???? What goes in it? He tells me you make it like potato salad – boiled eggs, celery, onions, pickles, mayo and mustard. Well, I thought okay, I can do that, but that sounds, weird?. It sure did taste a lot better than it sounded!

        I don’t remember my mother ever making potato, macaroni or egg salad. She would rarely make deviled eggs. I remember discovering egg salad sandwiches when I was visiting at a family friend’s house and there were egg salad sandwiches for lunch. I discovered a whole new world! Yes, and now I make all of those things!

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        1. BAM, did you grow up in an ethnic family? My hubby’s family, immigrants from Europe at a young age but never really “left the farm”, so to speak, never ventured out from what they and their elders always prepared. For one thing, neither went beyond grade school (as was common in those days) and had poor reading/writing skills. I doubt very much if MIL ever read a recipe…just copied what her mother and older relatives cooked, never attempting anything unknown to them. Rarely ate in a restaurant, for that same reason…overwhelmed by ingredients, descriptions of foods they never heard of.

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          1. No, my Dad’s family were Texans. My maternal grandmother had Scandinavian parents, and maternal grandfather was from a farming family, central mid west. My mother was very health conscious when it came to food, and wasn’t interested in cooking until she married, even though as a youngster she was tasked with preparing food to be cooked when her mother came home. She mostly cooked with recipes, although there were a few things she made without a recipe. She did enjoy trying different recipes out.

            There was very little candy at home, mostly at holidays, few crackers (usually saltines or oyster crackers), and chips as I recall were mostly party food. Snack food was popcorn. She would usually have some kind of simple dessert, canned fruit with cookies, with a limit of 2; pie or cake, but it was metered. (I turned into a midnight cookie jar raider later on!) When we’d visit my Dad’s people, there was always some “junk” food available. Not a lot, but there would always be some, and it wasn’t metered, but nobody gorged either.

            Your question has really got me to thinking about another aspect of food consumption – how peoples’ families backgrounds, attitudes, and economic situations have affected what people eat, aside from “advertising” and trends pushed by conglomerates.

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    3. Oh yes, the great Potato Salad Wars! Surely every family has these??? In my family the critical dividing line was whether the pickles in the salad were sweet or dill. No one was neutral on this. Fierce partisans on each side. Made for interesting picnics all summer long!

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  29. NASCAR remembrance

    Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race cars will display the name and title of selected fallen service members on the windshield to celebrate the heroes in front of a crowd, which will include 5,000 active military members, veterans and their families.

    A majority of the service members who are paired with drivers are assigned through an organization called “Honor and Remember” and the rest are chosen by the teams on the basis of personal connections, said Amanda Ellis, NASCAR’s Director of Racing Communications.

    On January 9, 2002, Winters, 25, was killed in the crash of a KC-130 refueling plane in Pakistan along with six of her crew members.

    She was the first female member of the U.S. Military to be killed in combat since the 1991 Gulf War.

    During the #CocaCola600, @KyleLarsonRacin will carry the name of #Marines Sgt. Jeannette Lee Winters, who was killed in the crash of a KC-130 in Pakistan on Jan. 9, 2002. She was the first female member of the U.S. military to die in combat since the 1991 Gulf War. #KnowYourMil

    — Coca-Cola Racing 🍊🍦 (@CocaColaRacing) April 29, 2019

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  30. This morning at Mass, the Franciscan giving the homily said something that we all have to remember being pro-life. We have to be willing to help women in need. “I’m pro-life. How can I help you?” is how he put it. I have a friend (helped her 15 year old basset hound over the rainbow bridge on Friday) who is heavy involved in the local crisis nursery. There are support groups out there.

    That being said, this morning another friend posted this piece that appeared in National Review. The writer presents the arguments in a way I think is worth considering when verbalizing support for the cause.

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  31. Love this picture of FLOTUS!!!


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    1. I saw video of this museum visit and my first thought is how creative this display is…and how we don’t have anything like it here. I think Asians often get a bad rap for being “copiers”, but those of you who travel overseas to Asian countries know the incredible architecture (Shanghai, a perfect example) and the magnificent, clean and well-run transportation systems (Japan, an example) that is missing in our country. Their major airports are beautiful and breathtaking in design (Singapore, Beijing)…the best hotels in the world are in Asia.
      Returning to the US, you immediately see how old and crumbling our infrastructure is, how boring and tired our public buildings are, etc. We Americans have much to be proud of, but IMO have fallen very far behind in many areas.
      Second thought, as I saw the video…I bet First Lady picked up some ideas for future WH Xmas displays! LOL

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      1. Excellent points.

        Indeed, is it not possible that some of the FALSE POSITIVITY memes we have been subjected to by the cabal are in fact PACIFIERS?


        MAGA. Let’s just do it!

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